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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/28/09

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Janet: Can I fix you a plate? Jack --

Jack: I want it to stop. I just -- I want time to stop. I -- I want to go back in time.

Janet: Jack --

Jack: I want to be nowhere near today.

Janet: I understand.

Jack: I want it to be this morning, or yesterday. I want it to be five years ago. I want it to be anything except what it is -- which is that Brad is dead.

[Kettle whistles]

Jack: How's Liberty?

Liberty: I -- I didn't tell her.

Jack: Why?

Janet: Because she was asleep when I -- when I got home, and it's the first real sleep she's had since the miscarriage. Just didn't -- I didn't have the heart to wake her and -- tell her that her father's gone.

Paul: Hi. What a nice surprise.

Liberty: Hey.

Paul: We were just thinking about asking you guys to come out here.

Emily: Yeah. We -- we were -- we were actually just talking about it. We feel really bad about pressuring you about -- about moving and the baby and -- and, you know, pretty much everything.

Liberty: That's what I wanted to talk to you guys --

Paul: Yeah, I'll bet. Look, we're not gonna put any more pressure on you. We're gonna back off. You make whatever decision you want.

Liberty: Paul --

Paul: But just so you know, the -- the offer for the Malibu house still stands. All you got to do is say the word.

Emily: We -- we want anything you want, for you and the baby. What -- whatever you want is cool.

Liberty: There's no baby. I lost it.

Dusty: Barbara --

Barbara: Hi, Dusty.

Dusty: What's wrong?

Barbara: Brad Snyder's dead. He was shot.

Dusty: I thought he'd make it.

Barbara: Well, he didn't.

Dusty: Is Katie and the baby okay?

Barbara: I -- I think they're okay.

Dusty: Did they get the guy yet?

Barbara: [Chuckles] You mean Ralph Manzo? No, they haven't.

Dusty: He's got nine lives.

Barbara: You know him?

Dusty: Yeah. I know him.

Ralph: That's very good of you, Sweetheart, to take care of me like this.

Teri: You threatened me with a gun to help you escape.

Ralph: This is just a necessity. That's all.

Teri: I was such a fool believing you. When all this is over, I never want to see you again.

Ralph: I'm really sorry to hear that. That makes me very sad. But I promise you, when my buddy Sal shows up, I'm just gonna take off, and you'll never see me again.

[Knock on door]

Ralph: See? Go on. Hey, Teresa, if it isn't Sal --


Cop: Police. Open up.

Ralph: Be smart, Teresa. Be very, very smart.

Janet: Uh, I don't think that's such a smart idea.

Jack: I need to work, Janet.

Janet: Jack, there -- you shouldn't go on duty tonight. Nobody's expecting you to be there. I mean, isn't there some sort of protocol where you go, and you sit at a desk for a week or something?

Jack: I'm not gonna sit around here. I'm not sitting at a desk. Okay? I'm gonna go, and I'm gonna check on the investigation. Then I'm gonna go find your uncle.

Janet: Oh, no. You are in no shape to go look for anyone --

Jack: Ralph has to pay for what he's done! My brother's dead because of him. My brother's dead.


Teri: I'm sorry. We're closed for the night.

Cop: Are you Ralph Manzo's niece, Teresa Ciccone?

Teri: I am. Is there -- is there a problem?

Cop: There's been a shooting. The victim died.

Teri: Brad Snyder died? Oh, my God. Um, you think my uncle was involved?

Cop: If he contacts you, will you call us?

Teri: I will. Good night. Oh, my God.

Ralph: Teresa, I did not kill that boy.

Teri: Brad was only there because of you.

Ralph: He shouldn't have been there in the first place. He was collateral damage. He was there in the middle of a business transaction. I am not letting you put that death on my head.

Teri: You actually believe that.

Ralph: I believe it 'cause it's true.

Teri: A human being is dead because of you.

Ralph: It was not my fault, period.

Teri: I got to get out of here. I can't -- I can't even breathe the same air that you do.

Ralph: Teri, where are you going?

Teri: You go. You wait for your friend Sal. You go away. Go away and never come back! I need to go to Janet and Liberty and people that I love.

Ralph: You used to love me.

Teri: I used to think you were a good man. But I was dead wrong.

Ralph: Teresa, don't test me. For both our sakes, don't test me.

Dusty: Murder was not on Ralph's resume when I knew him, but who knows? Maybe this is just the first time he's gotten caught.

Barbara: He hasn't exactly "Gotten caught" yet.

Dusty: Is that right?

Barbara: No, it's not right. If there's something that you know, you need to go to the police.

Dusty: Barbara, how long have you known me? I don't deal with the police.

Barbara: Go to Margo.

Dusty: There's nothing I can do to help her.

Barbara: You seem to know something about this guy's track record.

Dusty: The cops are on their own. It's not my problem.

Barbara: What is wrong with you?

[Cell phone rings]

Barbara: Hello. You've got to be kidding me. I -- I'll be right there.

Liberty: I'm sorry. I really am sorry.

Parker: It wasn't Liberty's fault.

Emily: Fault? Oh, baby, you don't -- you don't think anyone blames you for this, do you?

Liberty: I don't know. I just -- I feel awful, Emily.

Parker: We were just standing around. This guy -- he wasn't looking where he was going, and he ran right into her. I mean, it all happened so fast.

Emily: Oh, God. Oh, baby, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Liberty: I just keep thinking if I were three feet away or if I wasn't there at all, then -- none of this would have happened.

Emily: No, don't. Don't. Please don't do that to yourself, okay? I -- I know what it's like to go through this. It was different for me and Paul, but, the loss is the same. It's a very empty sadness, I know. It's -- it's different from anything else.

Parker: Do you want me to give you a ride home? I mean, I know you still seem pretty upset.

Liberty: Yeah. Okay.

Paul: Listen, you two, thank you for coming here to talk to us.

Liberty: You guys are gonna be amazing parents, and, um, I'm very sorry that it's -- it's not gonna be -- you know what I mean.

Emily: Yeah. Wait. Just -- if there's anything you need, okay, we're here?

Liberty: Thanks.

[Emily sobbing]

Emily: Oh, no.

Janet: Hey. If you were watching another cop go through what you just went through, right? Um, if you saw another cop holster up and run out the door after --

Jack: Janet, I know what I'm doing, okay? You got to let me do this my way.

Janet: No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I -- I really want you to be here with me when I tell Liberty about -- about her father. I can't do it alone.

Jack: What -- what help am I gonna be to her now? She's got you.

Janet: No, listen to me. It would be great. You -- you and I will tell her together. And then -- and then we'll go down to the church, and we'll pray.

Jack: What?

Janet: Yeah. We'll light a candle, and we'll pray for Brad.

Jack: Pray for him now?

Janet: Especially now.

Jack: Because praying for Brad to be spared worked out so well at the hospital last time, didn't it?

Janet: Jack --

Jack: Yeah. Well, you talked me into praying for God to save my brother's life, and the next thing I know, Bob's in the room, saying that he's done everything he can and that Brad's not gonna make it. Between the doctors and your God, Janet -- I don't think Brad stood a chance.

Janet: Okay, all right. I know you're upset.

Jack: Upset?

Janet: But don't take this out on me, and don't blame God for what happened to Brad.

Jack: I know who to blame! So before your uncle crawls back out of that rock he came out from, I'm gonna find him and make him pay.

Janet: Don't try and be a hero, okay?

Jack: Yeah. Believe me, hero is the last thing I think I can be.

Janet: Come on, Sweetheart. The whole police department is on this, okay? Everybody. You shouldn't be on this case. You -- you cannot be on this case.

Jack: It's not a case. It's my brother. Don't ask me to stop. I can't.

Jack: Bridges? Bridges, come here. Why is there nothing in my inbox on Ralph Manzo, huh? Why wasn't I copied? I know Margo sent out, uh, an internal memo on the guy by now. She -- she must have checked out his last known address, which is most likely Chicago. Which means the Chicago P.D. was contacted. If Chicago P.D. was contacted, then there should be a status report on my desk. Why isn't there?

Bridges: No one thought you'd be here, Detective Snyder.

Jack: Yeah, but -- but I am. But I am here.

Bridges: I'm sorry for your loss.

Jack: Just give me the memos on Manzo. And stop tiptoeing around my desk, please. Thank you. Think you can do that?

Parker: Dad, hi.

Jack: Parker -- you didn't have to come looking for me.

Parker: Well, I wanted you to hear this from me.

Jack: Hear what?

Parker: Liberty wanted to tell Paul and Emily in person that she lost the baby, so I went with her.

Jack: That's why you're here?

Parker: Are you okay?

Jack: Have a seat.

Parker: What -- what's going on? Is Janet mad at us for -- for going to Chicago and the accident?

Jack: There's been -- there's been a shooting.

Parker: What?

Jack: Earlier today. There was a shooting, and your Uncle Brad was -- he got caught in the middle, in -- in the cross fire.

Parker: Are you saying Uncle Brad was shot?

Jack: He didn't make it. They -- they operated. They did everything they could, and we thought he was gonna pull through. But, uh --

Parker: He's dead? No. No, this is nuts. There's no way that this happened, Dad.

Jack: I know.

Parker: Was it just a fluke? I mean, was it random? Was he just walking down the street, a -- and then there was a robbery, and he just got shot? I mean, Dad --

Jack: Katie was kidnapped.

Parker: What?! Why?!

Jack: Janet's uncle was -- it's a mess. It's a long story. Anyway, Brad went out looking for her.

Parker: That's when he got shot.

Jack: She was in a warehouse, and it was -- it was dark, Parker. It was -- it was so dark, couldn't even see your hand in front of your face, right? And he shouldn't have gone in there alone, but he had to save Katie, and he had to save his -- his baby that was just born.

Parker: Oh, my God.

Jack: He did save them both. He died a hero.

Parker: Dad, oh, my God. Dad, I'm sorry. Why -- why did this guy -- why did he want to kidnap Katie, and then why did he shoot Brad?

Jack: He didn't.

Parker: There was someone else? Dad, who shot your brother?

Jack: I did.

Janet: Oh! God. I panicked when I saw your bed was empty.

Liberty: Mom, I'm sorry. I know. I should have told you when I was going out, but I -- I didn't want you to stop me.

Janet: What, did you go for a walk or something?

Liberty: No. To see Emily and Paul.

Janet: Liberty, you should not be driving a car by yourself.

Liberty: Mom, I didn't, okay? I got Parker to take me. And it felt like I really needed to tell them in person what happened with the baby and everything, okay? And I -- I knew that if I told you, you wouldn't let me go, so --

Janet: I think that was a very adult thing to do, and you're darn right. I would not have let you out of this house.

Liberty: I just -- I felt like I really owed it to them, Mom. Are you mad at me?

Janet: I'm not mad.

Liberty: Thanks.

Janet: Um, you know, it's kind of cold. Why don't we go inside a little bit?

Liberty: Mom, I'm not cold. I really -- I love this weather. And -- oh! The moon -- it is so bright, isn't it?

Janet: Yep.

Liberty: That is a waxing gibbous moon, FYI.

Janet: What?

Liberty: Yeah. Dad taught me all the names of the phases of the moon. And that one is a waxing gibbous, so it will be full in a couple of minutes. He -- he calls it his "Useless information." He's such a dork. We have, like, lists of them, probably enough for a book. It's silly.

Janet: No, it's not.

Liberty: Mom -- Mom, I know you're sad about the baby. I am, too, even if you don't believe me. But I just feel like if I think about normal things, like Dad's useless information, it will make getting through it a little bit easier, you know?

Janet: Come sit down. We need to talk.

Liberty: What?

Janet: Oh -- it's about your father. He --

Emily: I knew this would happen. I just knew it.

Paul: There's no way you could possibly know this was gonna happen.

Emily: No. I thought Liberty's baby would be our baby, and I could just erase everything that happened.

Paul: You can't erase things that happened.

Emily: I know, and I think somewhere deep inside me, I -- I told myself I could. I think that's why -- that's why I pushed so hard. 'Cause I believed that if Liberty gave us our baby to raise it, I could stop feeling the pain of losing Jennifer. 'Cause I feel it. I feel it every day. [Sobs] God, it was so stupid to think that.

Paul: No, you're not. Stop it. Look at me. You're not stupid. You are an incredibly beautiful human. Okay? And we'll-- we'll do it again. We can do it again.

Emily: Do -- do what?

Paul: We can adopt. We can.

Emily: No. I couldn't go through with it again, ever.

Paul: Emily --

Emily: I just couldn't do it.

Paul: Em --

Emily: Don't do this, okay? Don't -- don't -- don't try to fix this. Don't make any calls. Just don't bring it up again. I'm -- just begging you.

Paul: Mother, really, truly terrible timing.

Barbara: Even for this? There's been a development.

Ralph: You're late. [Groans] Okay, okay. All right. There's a change of plans. You get me to the back alleyway over at Yo's, I'm gonna let you go.

Teri: So I'm an accessory?

Ralph: You're not an accessory. Just tell the police that I forced you to help me, which is true.

Teri: How do I know I don't get you to the back of Yo's and you don't shoot me in the back just to shut me up for good?

Ralph: Don't be so cruel, Teresa. Whether you believe me or not, I still care about you so much.

Teri: You are a liar, and you broke my heart!

[Knock on door]

Ralph: All right. Go. Go answer the door.

Dusty: Don't ask me what I'm doing here.

Teri: This is not a good time.

Dusty: I know you don't like me, so I won't say I told you so about your uncle. But I think what he's doing to you really sucks.

Teri: He hasn't done anything to me yet.

Dusty: Brad Snyder is dead because of Ralph Manzo. I'm worried about who's next.

Teri: I'm sick to death about what happened to Brad. I can't imagine what my sister and her family are going through. I'm afraid to go there. You know what I'm saying?

Dusty: Is that why you're here after hours?

Teri: Yes. I can't imagine facing Jack and Janet. My God, Liberty. My uncle being responsible for everything, that he's here because of me --

Dusty: You should have listened to me when I warned you.

Teri: Oh, so now it's my fault, too? You know, I half wish that my uncle would just show up here, even if he had a gun to my back. At least I could tell him exactly what I thought of him before he killed me. Get the hell out of here.

Ralph: Why didn't you just write him a postcard and tell him I'm here?

Teri: Like I said, you're paranoid.

Ralph: "You're paranoid." We're getting out of here, Teri. Too many people are knocking on the door, and none of them are gonna be as dumb as Donovan.

Dusty: I guess Donovan's not so dumb after all.

Parker: Have you been here all night?

Jack: No.

Parker: You know what? You should go home. I'll drive you. You shouldn't drive yourself.

Jack: No, you know what? I was home -- I was home already. I -- I've got to be here.

Parker: Dad, you can't.

Jack: I have to.

Parker: It was an accident. Dad, it was an accident. Everyone knows that. If Brad was still here --

Jack: He's not, though. Parker, he's not. And I'm a cop, and I got to find out who's behind this, who started this whole thing -- who kidnapped Katie, who -- who was responsible for Brad going all commando and -- I got to be here.

Parker: Janet would want you home.

Jack: Not like this she wouldn't. You should go. She's probably told Liberty by now, and she could use your support.

Parker: Dad, you shouldn't be here all alone.

Jack: Oh, come on. I'm not here alone. Look at this place.

Parker: That's not what I mean, Dad.

Jack: Would you just go? Just go there for Liberty, okay? I need -- do it for me. Tell her -- tell her I love her.

Parker: I'm sorry, Dad.

Liberty: Dad told me I was gonna have a little brother. He was so excited. Mama, how could this happen? Tell me how it happened. Because you just said Katie got kidnapped and it was Uncle Ralph. But it's insane, Mom. Mom, Uncle Ralph didn't kill Dad, did he?

Janet: He's responsible. Jack went to go find him. Once the police get him --

Liberty: It doesn't matter. Nothing will bring Dad back.

Barbara: Well, yes. Ultimately, this comes from bad. But you know what they say. One door closes, and another one opens.

Paul: Well, that's cold, even for you.

Barbara: Look, I -- I know you're upset about this baby, and I know that Brad Snyder's death is a tragedy for many people in this town.

Paul: How big of you.

Barbara: But listen to me. Your father's will isn't binding. This is yours. This is all yours.

Paul: No, this is not about me and that money. This is about you and that money.

Barbara: No, no, no. I don't want this money. This is yours, Paul. It's for you.

Paul: Okay, as usual, Mother, you have no idea what it is that I want or what it is that I need. You have to go. I don't want Emily anywhere near it.

Barbara: No, no, no. You have to stop being so pigheaded for once in your life. Paul --

Emily: Barbara, what's going on?

Barbara: Our Paul is being intractable.

Emily: Our Paul.

Barbara: Yes. I think it's time that we work together in his best interests, and yours. Don't you agree?

Jack: Stupid idea.

Bridges: Sure it was Manzo's guy?

Jack: Yo's? Ralph's guy's at Yo's? Bridges, let's go. Come on. Come on, Bridges, now! Let's go!

Barbara: I know this has been a really terrible day. Paul told me about Liberty losing the baby. And the news about Brad Snyder is just --

Paul: Mother, stop.

Emily: What about him? What about Brad?

Paul: Katie was kidnapped, and Brad went to try and help her, and someone shot him.

Emily: Oh, my God. Is he okay?

Paul: No.

Emily: Oh, my God. Liberty -- Liberty was here with -- with Parker this whole time, and she -- she didn't know that? Oh, my God. Oh, my God. That poor -- what is this?

Barbara: That's Paul's inheritance, which he is shunning again. Emily, now, I want you to feel this, okay? I want you to feel this. I want you to feel the power of this money. There is so much good you could do with this money. Don't you understand that? So much good. Feel it. It's right here in your hands.

Paul: Oh, for crying out loud!

Barbara: I am serious. Feel this. There's so much you could do for your future. You and Paul -- you could adopt.

Paul: Okay, no, no, no, that's enough. That's enough. That is enough. You need to take your sack of cash and just -- get out.

Barbara: No, I am not! I am not taking that. You think about it, all right? And you too, Emily.

Paul: And people call me crazy.

Emily: What are you doing?

Paul: This money has done nothing but bring grief and misery to anybody that's been anywhere near it. It ends now.

Emily: Wait.

Paul: Game is over.

Janet: Who told you?

Parker: I went to see my dad at the station.

Janet: I'm so sorry, Parker.

Parker: I just -- I can't believe this happened.

Janet: I know. Me neither. How's your dad?

Parker: Um, he's -- he's a little out of it. But I -- I couldn't get him to come home.

Janet: Well, at least he's at the desk, you know, and he's -- he's not out there somewhere. I tried to get him to stay here, but he wouldn't have it. And then I, um, told Liberty, and all I can think to do is cook. Isn't that ridiculous?

Parker: Um -- how is Liberty? Can I go see her?

Janet: Oh, Parker, she's, uh -- she's really upset. She's upstairs, crying her eyes out.

Parker: I'd like to see her anyway. I mean, if she doesn't want me here, I'll -- I'll go.

Janet: I don't know.

Parker: My dad asked me to take care of her. She's my friend.

Janet: Maybe you can help her.

[Knock on door]

Parker: Okay. I'm sorry. Liberty, I'm very sorry.

Liberty: How could this have happened?

Parker: I -- I don't know. It was an accident. It must have been crazy when it happened. Not that that makes it any better or brings your dad back. I'm sorry.

Liberty: I just hate how much it hurts.

Parker: I know, I know. I really do. I mean, my dad's falling apart right now, and he's trying to pretend that he's not.

Liberty: He must be so upset right now.

Parker: I have no idea how he's gonna get over what he did.

Liberty: What did Jack do?

Parker: You don't know?

Liberty: Did Jack have something to do with what happened to my dad?

Parker: It was an accident. Liberty, it -- it was completely an accident.

Liberty: Oh, my God.

Parker: No. Liberty --

Liberty: Jack shot his own brother? Jack killed my dad.

Jack: Okay, alley's in there. The guy either made us, or he's inside. No. I got this covered.


[Baby crying]


Henry: Jack, what's going on?


Teri: If you knew what I was doing, why didn't you call the police?

Dusty: 'Cause you're a hostage, and he'd start spraying bullets like Butch Cassidy.

Ralph: Excuse me? You know, if I thought you were dumb before, I was wrong. Because if you knew I was armed and you showed up here anyway, unarmed, you're not dumb. You're an idiot. What the hell are you doing here, Donovan?

Dusty: Put the gun down, Ralph.

Ralph: Why in the world would I ever put this gun down?

Dusty: You want out or not?

Ralph: Excuse me?

Dusty: You need an interpreter? I'm here to help you escape.

Janet: Oh, thought I heard a car drive off. Did Parker leave?

Liberty: Yeah, he -- he did.

Janet: Did it help talking to him?

Liberty: A lot.

Janet: Oh, good. I wasn't sure if you were up to it. But, uh, he kind of insisted. He really cares a lot about you.

Liberty: I know. One of the things that I love most about Parker is how he always tells the truth about everything. He -- he never leaves anything important out.

Janet: Well, that's good.

Liberty: How long were you gonna wait to tell me that Jack is the one who shot my dad, Mom?

Janet: Liberty, I was trying to protect you, okay? You lost your baby. You lost your father. I thought this was one little piece of information --

Liberty: That could wait?!

Janet: That could wait! I don't know! Liberty, I'm not making any sense right now! I guess -- I guess it's a good thing that Jack told Parker the truth.

Liberty: How could he not?

Janet: I was just trying to spare you this one little piece of terrible information, anything. Liberty, I have never felt more lost in my life than I do right now.

Liberty: Mom -- I do not know what to do next.

Janet: I think Jack feels exactly the same way.

Jack: I changed my mind. Go back around the alley. I'll cover the door in case Manzo's inside. Go, now. [Breathing heavily]

Bridges: Police, freeze. Hands where I can see them.

Emily: I don't know. Maybe seeing -- seeing all the loss around us today, I'm realizing how easily everything can just be taken away in an instant, how the things you care about most can just go away. So if -- if you burn this, what is the point? I mean, are you -- are you trying -- are you trying to prove something to yourself, to your mother, to me? This money isn't cursed. James was. And the man is dead.

Paul: I don't know, when my mom says it, it doesn't sound so reasonable. But when you say it, it kind of makes sense.

Emily: Um -- I'm glad.

Paul: You have a really nice effect on me.

Emily: You know, earlier, when I let myself grieve about the baby, I -- I realized that if you don't take risks, you never love. So me saying that I don't want to risk -- I don't want to risk being hurt again trying to have another baby or trying to get -- to adopt a baby, it's like saying no to love. And -- and then I realized I have you. And I took a really big risk loving you, didn't I?

Paul: Yeah, well, people would agree with that, yes.

Emily: So I came down here earlier to tell you that I had this big life-changing moment, and I saw you standing here with your mother, holding this bag of money you were getting ready to burn, and I thought to myself, "Maybe the money's a risk." Maybe this money is a risk, and we have to take it. Because you have me, I love you, and I will always be with you. But what if we can use this money to -- to love a family, to have a family? Can we say no?

Paul: Anything's possible, right?

Emily: Yeah. With you and me, I'd like to think so.

Paul: You're right. You're always right.

Ralph: You want to help me escape?

Dusty: Yeah.

Ralph: And why is that exactly?

Dusty: The sooner you're out of Oakdale, the better it will be for everybody. So I'm stepping in to help.

Ralph: Well, given our very colorful past and present, why should I believe you?

Dusty: I'll give you a passport and a private jet to anywhere you want. Or you can stay here with a couple of hostages.

Ralph: Or I could shoot you.

Dusty: Oh, then you'd be facing murder and manslaughter charges. They'd be chasing you around while you're trying to find a safe house, with her around your neck.

Teri: What, are you insane? Do you want to cut him loose?

Ralph: She does complicate things.

Dusty: I know. So let's handle it.

Teri: Whoa! What are you doing? Stop.

[Muffled shouting]

Dusty: What are you standing there for, Ralphie? Get behind the bar and find some tape. Go ahead. Sit here and be quiet. [Whispering] It will be a lot easier.

Ralph: You want to make the rules now? What, I leave her here, and I just go with you? Here.

Dusty: You're the one with the gun, Ralph. I'm just driving.

Ralph: Why should I trust you?

Dusty: Here are the options -- kill me, kill her and run, take one or both of us and run, or you let me help you get away, which works for all of us. You're gonna stay here until somebody finds you. It's your call, Ralph.

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