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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 10/22/09

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Margo: You know -- as much as I want to wring every little bit of truth out of you right now, my sister loves you. So for the sake of Katie, I'm just -- I'm just gonna say don't talk and -- and get yourself a lawyer.

Henry: I don't want a lawyer.

Margo: No, no. You got to do this. We're gonna find Katie. But, uh, if I let you incriminate yourself, she will never forgive me.

Henry: You can throw the book at me. I -- I don't care. All that matters is that we get your sister back. Look, I -- I did this, okay? And I'm gonna help Bubbles, even if it means landing in prison for the rest of my miserable life.

Margo: Oh, yeah, fine.

Henry: You're not hearing me, okay?! This is not a game! Katie isn't misplaced! She and the baby are in serious danger! I may not have time to dig up a lawyer!

Margo: You realize that you are putting yourself at great legal risk?

Henry: I do. I realize that. But I -- I need to tell you everything, okay? The only thing that matters is finding Katie. And she and the baby have to be okay.

Katie: Oh, no! This can't be happening now. Okay. Katie, you know what to do. Count between contractions, how long they last, just like in class. [Groans] Oh, it's gonna be fine. It's gonna be fine. I'm sure help is on the way. And first babies take a long time to be born, anyway. Isn't that right? Isn't that what the doctor said? Yeah. Yes. Ow. Ow. Oh! [Groaning]

Henry: You know I have a tendency to get mixed up with the wrong kind of people -- uh, my mother, my father, my father's money.

Margo: Oh, damn it, Henry! Who has Katie?

Henry: Have you heard of a Ralph Manzo?

Margo: No.

Henry: Okay. That's -- that's good, I guess. I -- I guess he's not on a "Ten most-wanted" list, at least not by his real name. I wonder if Manzo is his real name. Then again, Teri and Janet have known him for 20 years, this Manzo.

Margo: Focus, focus, focus. Sit down and just -- just start at the beginning.

Henry: Okay, the beginning. It all goes back to the circle of life.

[Knock on door]

Teri: Uncle Ralph, its Teri. Are you in there?

Ralph: Hey, Teresa. Just hang on for a second. I'll be right there. Hey!

Teri: Ah, thank God. I haven't heard from you in so long, I was starting to get worried that you're sick of my cooking.

Ralph: Not in a million years.

Teri: Are you going away?

Ralph: Yeah, just for a couple of days. I got a business trip. It seems that one of my colleagues -- he kind of screwed up, and I have to -- [Gasps] -- I have to take care of it personally.

Teri: You're hurt.

Ralph: No, no, no. It's nothing.

Teri: No, it's not nothing. You're limping. What happened to you?

Ralph: Uh, yeah. I tripped going up the -- the stairs. I fell flat on my face. I -- I guess I had too much wine with dinner, huh?

Teri: Well, why didn't you call somebody? Why didn't you call me, for instance?

Ralph: I was -- I was too embarrassed, you know, to let anybody see me. But I -- I appreciate your concern.

Teri: I'm not talking about your hangover. You're having trouble breathing. That can be really dangerous.

Ralph: I'm good.

Teri: No, you're not. I can see it in your face, how much it's hurting you. You need to see a doctor.

Ralph: Will you knock it off?! I hate doctors! Don't! Just don't. Just leave me alone.

Finn: You want to hurry up and sign off? We got to get over to Madigan's.

Sal: Doesn't what we did for Ralph bother you at all?

Finn: Listen, a job's a job.

Sal: Not this one. We could rot in hell for what we did.

Dusty: What are you two characters doing in church, robbing the collection box?

Sal: Can't a man talk to his God without being harassed?

Dusty: It depends. What did Uncle Ralph have you do that led you to prayer, huh? What was that all about?

Parker: Are you okay?

Liberty: Yeah, definitely. I just -- I just want to get this over with.

Parker: You know, I -- I don't believe that, okay? I mean, the entire way here, you -- you didn't say a single word. And -- and now you're shaking. You don't have to do this right now if you're not sure.

Liberty: I know. Parker, I'm never gonna be sure. And I can't keep putting it off, because it's gonna be too late, and --

Parker: You don't have to do it this very second in time.

Liberty: I know. It's not gonna be easier in an hour. And then my mom's probably gonna find out what's going on and try to stop me.

Parker: Okay. I -- I can't tell you what to do.

Liberty: You're the only person who's actually said that. Everyone else thinks that they know what's best for me, but they don't even -- they don't even know how I feel, you know? They only -- they only care about their own lives and -- and what they want or what they did or what, I don't know, the church tells them to do.

Parker: Well, I've never really been able to relate to the whole church thing.

Liberty: You're very lucky.

Parker: But -- but in your mom's defense --

Liberty: Parker, you're not taking her side?

Parker: Look, I -- I just don't think you should be so mad at her, okay? I mean, she's deluded, yes.

Liberty: Yeah.

Parker: But she has a really big heart.

Liberty: Yeah, bigger than her brain.

Parker: Okay. F -- fair enough. But she's not here right now, okay?

Liberty: I know.

Parker: It's just you and me.

Liberty: I finally, finally feel like I can breathe. When I think about going in there --

Parker: And I'm not saying that that's the wrong thing to do. That's up to you. But you shouldn't just get this abortion because you're trying to spite your family.

Liberty: I know. It's weird, Parker. I'm kind of getting attached to whatever this is inside of me. And that's why I have to do this today -- because -- because it's just gonna be harder. And then I'm not -- I'm not gonna have a choice. You know, I don't have a choice.

Parker: Yes, you do. Keep the baby, and we'll raise it together.

Nurse: I'm sorry for the wait, Mr. Snyder. Ms. Tenney's on a day trip with some other members of her group. Can I give her a message?

Jack: Uh, no. No, I think she needs to hear this from me.

Janet: Just call me as soon as you get this, okay? It is important. It's an emergency. Anything?

Brad: No. Liberty's not answering her phone. Neither is Katie. Both of my girls are missing. I -- I don't even know where to start looking.

Katie: 37 -- 38 -- oh! Under a minute. Just what I thought. False alarm, Braxton hicks. Thank you. Oh, thank God. All right. Let's get out of here. Help me! Somebody, help me! Oh, my God! Oh, God! That's what it feels like to have your water break. No, definitely not a false alarm! Oh, my God! This baby wants to be born. Oh no. No! I'm having a baby now. Oh, so it's just you and me, Honey, okay? We can do this. We can get through this. Things could be worse. The sprinklers could be on. Lights could go out. The walls could be coming in on me. I'm never gonna get out of here. Help me! Somebody please help me! Ow. Oh, the room -- please, room, stop spinning. Oh, I'm sorry I said I was alone before. I'm not alone. We are together in this, and we're gonna make it through together. And then one day, when you graduate from college, your daddy and you and I are gonna have a big laugh about this, right? Ow, ow, ow, ow! Ow! Oh, I can't do this! I can't do this alone! Oh!

Brad: You don't have to. I'm right here.

Katie: Am I dreaming you?

Brad: Maybe. Maybe I'm dreaming about you. Either way, we're gonna get through this together.

Katie: Okay.

Brad: You're totally overreacting with Paul. I mean, no matter how bad I wanted to hit him, I should never have done it in front of Liberty.

Janet: Hey, it's not your fault.

Brad: No, I acted like an idiot. I was so worried about Katie that when he started going off about taking Liberty away, I just -- I don't know. I just couldn't help it. I just found my fists heading towards his face. How -- how -- how could she miss her own baby shower?

Janet: Sweetheart, she didn't even know about it. You came up with the idea this morning. It's supposed to be a surprise.

Brad: Right. Right, right. Maybe she went to an early movie or something.

Janet: Does she -- does she do that?

Brad: No, no. I mean, but she could. You know, that would explain -- that would explain why her cell phone's off. But she says she hates going to see movies during the day because it's like a waste of sunshine. She is the sunshine.

Janet: Oh, Bradley. Come on, man. She's a tough cookie, okay? In fact, she's probably somewhere, planning a surprise for you.

Brad: So why isn't she answering her phone?

Janet: [Gasps] That's got to be Liberty. Hello.

Jack: Honey, it's me. What's going on?

Janet: Didn't you listen to my message?

Jack: I saw that you left like 11 of them, so I -- I assumed it was an emergency. Would you please tell me what's happening?

Janet: Liberty came back. Parker couldn't get the apartment.

Jack: Right. I know about that. Craig rescinded his offer to give Parker access to his trust fund.

Janet: Things turned bad real quick. The kids came back, and then Paul and Emily showed up, and they started talking about how they wanted to take Liberty and the baby and move to California.

Jack: California?

Janet: Yeah. I mean, I couldn't believe it. And so then they wouldn't let up on this whole idea thing, so Brad and I got into a fight with them. And by the time I knew what was happening, I turned around, and the kids were gone.

Jack: To where?

Janet: We don't know. They're not answering their cell phones. We have no idea.

Jack: I'm on my way.

Liberty: Parker, no. We -- we could not raise a kid, 'cause babies need things, and I wouldn't know what to get past, you know, pacifiers, a truck full of diapers.

Parker: People do it all the time, okay? I mean, we'll figure something out.

Liberty: No, that's the thing. I don't want to. I don't -- I don't want to.

Parker: But, I mean, two seconds ago, you said you were starting to feel attached to it.

Liberty: Just meaning that every once in a while, it becomes like "He" or "She," and not just an "It." But that doesn't mean that I'm ready to be a mom. We are completely unqualified.

Parker: You mean broke.

Liberty: Well, yeah.

Parker: I don't want you to let money influence your decision, okay? I mean, I'll figure out a way to get some. It can't be that hard. I mean, look at all the stupid people we know who ended up rich.

Liberty: Be serious. Don't make me laugh. Come on.

Parker: I am being completely serious, okay? We'll graduate, we'll go to college, and we'll take care of the kid. We can do this, Liberty, all right?

Liberty: Parker, I love you for offering. It's really sweet.

Parker: Look, and -- and I'm not implying that we need to get married or -- or even be together, like boyfriend or girlfriend. That has absolutely nothing to do with this. I -- I just want to help you do what is right for you, whether that is, in fact, getting rid of the baby. That -- that's okay. Or if it's giving the baby to Paul and Emily.

Liberty: No. I don't want to do that.

Parker: But the good news is that you have time to decide about that, okay? And in the meantime, I will not let them hassle you, and I will back you up 100% when you make your decision. But I -- I don't want you to decide to do something today that you can't take back, especially if you're not sure about it.

Liberty: Come here. You're the only person in my life who doesn't have an agenda.

Parker: Well, actually, I -- I do, and it's making you happy. So, what do you say?

Liberty: I'll think about it.

Man: Heads up!

Liberty: Aah!

Ralph: I'm sorry, Sweetheart. I didn't mean to snap at you. It's -- it's this business trip. See, this colleague I told you about, I trusted him, and he betrayed my trust. And there's nothing in this world that makes me more angry than disloyalty. I mean, it pains me very deeply.

Teri: I bet it does. I bet it does. You're such a loyal guy, you know? And I'm sure it's hard when people don't show you the same respect in return.

Ralph: You have no idea.

Teri: Well, I'm not gonna let you down, Uncle Ralph.

Ralph: I know you won't, Teri. You're a good girl. Betrayal's not in your nature.

Teri: That's why I'm not gonna let you snow me. You have taken care of me my whole life, and now it's my turn, okay? Come on. We got to go to the emergency room. Let's go.

Ralph: There's no time.

Teri: How are you gonna go anywhere when you're doubled over in pain? Come on. You got to let the doctor just check you out. You could have a broken rib.

Ralph: There's nothing they can do about that.

Teri: Well, they can give you something for the pain so you can travel. I mean, how do you plan to carry that suitcase feeling the way that you are?

Ralph: Okay, maybe you have a point.

Teri: So you'll go?

Ralph: I'll go. But only because I have this wonderful niece that's so concerned about me.

Teri: Well, it's like you always say. Family's all we have in life, you know? You got to do whatever you can to keep them safe and happy. Let's go.

Henry: I tried, I tried. I tried everything I could to get the money to pay off Manzo. Some things I'd rather forget. But Vienna's life was at stake, and I couldn't let her suffer for my stupid, stupid --

Margo: Stupid, stupid. Yes.

Henry: It worked. That's the thing, all right? I got the ransom money thanks to Barbara. And so we went to a bank, and we got a certified check that will work anywhere. And then I brought it to Manzo, and, uh, he didn't know where Katie was.

Margo: What?

Henry: He, uh -- he lost her. His goons messed up or mutinied or whatever it is goons do when they go bad. And -- and when Manzo told me this, I shoved him down, and I took the check, and I got out of there, and I came here straight to you.

Margo: Straight to me?! This has been going on for weeks! Straight to me!

Henry: I -- I know. I thought I had it under control, sort of. And this Manzo -- what kind of criminal is that? How do you kidnap somebody and then misplace the victim, especially Katie! She's as big as a house by now.

Margo: Oh, God! She's gonna give birth any minute. This is the worst possible time for something like this to happen.

Henry: I know, I know, I know. And -- and if one hair on that beautiful head is misplaced, I -- I will -- I don't know what I'll do. But I just want Bubbles to be okay. Say something, shoot me, do something. I deserve it. Just don't give me the silent treatment.

Margo: How? How could you be so selfish and greedy as to let my pregnant sister take the fall for you?

Henry: You can't call me any names that I haven't called myself, okay? Just save the flogging until we get her home. The important thing is now how do we find her?

Margo: What I wouldn't want to do to you right now, but I can't, 'cause I need your help.

Henry: Human sacrifice isn't out of the question.

Margo: I'll keep that in mind. Yes, this is Hughes. I need an APB put out on Ralph Manzo and another one put out on my sister, Katie Snyder. You can take the picture of her off of my desk. And be sure that you specify that she is very, very pregnant.

Katie: I know you're just in my head, but please don't go anywhere. I can't do this without you.

Brad: You are stronger than you know.

Katie: No.

Brad: You married me, didn't you?

Katie: [Laughs] A lot of people thought that was really dumb.

Brad: But not you.

Katie: No. I would do it all over again right now if I could.

Brad: See? You stood up to everyone and became Mrs. Brad Snyder, even though the odds were against you. It was a very brave thing to do.

Katie: I knew you wouldn't let me down. Ow. Ow, ow!

Brad: Breathe. Breathe, breathe.

Katie: Ow! Oh, the contractions are so close now, Brad! I don't want to have this baby here! Please help me!

Brad: I am right beside you. I'm not going anywhere.

Katie: Ow, ow.

(Lawnmower buzzing)

Katie: Oh. Oh, God. Brad, the baby -- its coming. It's -- Brad, Brad.

Brad: I'm right here. I told you, we're in this together, all three of us.

Katie: We should have paid more attention in that birthing class. And we never watched that disgusting video, 'cause we were too scared. But this is so much scarier!

Brad: Don't think about that now.

Katie: I can't think about anything else. And neither could you if you were having labor pains that were off the Richter scale!

Brad: I'd be screaming for drugs if I was you.

Katie: I would be, too, if anyone could hear me! Oh, my God! This hurts so bad! I can't believe that things ever hurt this bad!

Brad: Breathe. Breathe, Honey. Come on, breathe. Remember your breathing. Breathe. Breathe. Oh, that's good, that's good, that's good. You're doing great. Okay, just -- okay. Be careful not to push.

Katie: I have to!

Brad: Not yet. Not yet. It isn't time.

Katie: Yes, it is!

Brad: Listen to me. It's very important. Whatever you do, don't push.

Katie: Ooh!

Margo: Any words on the whereabouts of Katie or Manzo?

Cop: No, but the APB just went wide. We'll find your sister, boss.

Margo: I want everyone out on the streets. I want foot patrols, squad cars, undercover units. Just -- just call in anybody you can get a hold of.

Cop: Are we talking overtime?

Margo: Yeah. And double if they're on vacation. And if the mayor has a problem with that, wait till his sister goes missing.

Margo: Henry, Henry, Henry, where are you going?

Henry: Uh, look, I got Katie into this, okay? So I'm gonna go out and look, or die trying.

Margo: No, no. You're gonna stay right here with me.

Henry: Why?

Margo: Because "A," I don't trust you, and "B," you're more useful to me here.

Henry: Useful how?!

Margo: Because you are gonna convince Audrey to tell me everything she knows about her old pal Ralph.

Henry: Forget it. There's no way my mother's gonna talk.

Margo: Well, you'd better find a way, or else you'll be wearing mother-son jumpsuits courtesy of the state.

Liberty: What happened?

Parker: Well, this jerk ran into you. Look, you should -- no, no, no, no. Stay there. You could be hurt.

Man: Dude, I'm sorry. I yelled at you to move.

Liberty: I -- its okay. I just got the wind knocked out of me. I'm -- I'm okay. Everyone's staring at me. I, uh -- I want to go. Let's go.

Parker: Are -- are you sure you're okay?

Liberty: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine. I've taken worse hits at my family football games. It's okay. Let's go.

Parker: Okay. Whoa.

Janet: Oh.

Jack: Hey.

Janet: Oh! Thank God you're home.

Jack: Have you heard from Parker and Liberty? Okay, listen, maybe it's a good thing that she's with Parker right now.

Janet: Not if they ran away or if he took her to that abortion clinic. I don't know which one is worse.

Brad: I do.

Janet: Hey, you never wanted her to have the baby in the first place.

Brad: I wanted her to have a choice.

Jack: How you holding up, Brad?

Brad: Not too good. None of this would have happened if I hadn't tried to wring Paul Ryan's neck.

Jack: Yeah, well, that's not your fault. He does bring that out in people.

Janet: Yeah, I'll say.

Brad: Liberty's not the only one missing. Katie is, too.

Jack: What?

Brad: Well, she never showed up at the baby shower, and I can't get in touch with her.

Jack: What do you mean she never showed up?

Brad: Well, I mean, you know, Henry was supposed to bring her there, and he showed up alone. It was some stupid story about her being on her way.

Jack: But she never got there?

Brad: No, no. I mean, what is it, like, you know, national don't answer your cell phone day, and we're the only ones who don't know about it?

Jack: I'm sure that Katie's fine.

Brad: Well, I'm not so sure about that. Something is wrong. I can feel it, okay? The only thing I'm doing here is driving myself crazy.

Janet: Well, where are you going?

Brad: Well, I'm gonna drive around until I find someone.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Wait. It's Parker. Where the heck are you, Parker?

Parker: Dad, we're in Chicago. Liberty's had an accident.

Teri: Hey, slow down. This isn't the Olympics.

Ralph: Listen, Teresa, I don't need a doctor.

Teri: Well, let's just see what the doctor says about that. But I have this feeling --

Ralph: If the doctor says okay, I'm out of here.

Teri: You're on a jet plane. I know. Thank you for humoring me. Oh, excuse me, Miss. Hi. My -- my uncle had a really bad fall, and he's having a hard time breathing.

Ralph: I'm not having a hard time breathing.

Teri: Even though he won't admit it, he needs to see a doctor.

Nurse: All right. I'll -- I'll need some information first. Was the accident work-related?

Teri: Uncle Ralph.

Nurse: Do you know if your uncle hit his head?

Ralph: I'm fine. My head is fine. I'm only here to make my niece happy.

Nurse: Sir, did you trip, or did someone push you?

Ralph: What difference does it make?

Teri: I think she's just asking if she should call the police?

Ralph: I fell. Since when has tripping over your own two feet become a crime?

Teri: She's just doing her job.

Ralph: Hey, I don't care. I'm not answering any more questions.

Teri: I'm sorry.

Ralph: Don't apologize for me.

Teri: Well, then, give the poor woman a break. Listen, he's in a lot of pain. If you could just get the doctor.

Nurse: Right this way, Sir.

Teri: Go.

Dusty: When a man won't answer questions, it means he's got something to hide.

[Katie groans]

Brad: Oh, that's it, Honey. Oh, that's it. Oh, just push. Oh, oh, you're doing great!

Katie: I can't. I can't do it anymore. I can't. I'm done.

Brad: I promise, okay, just a little bit longer. You are a natural, all right?

Katie: I can't. I'm too tired.

Brad: Just need a little more.

Katie: No, I'm too tired!

Brad: You can do this. You can do this! Look, I would do it if I could. I would do it. But our son is dependent upon you. Okay, one more push. Just one more big push.

[Katie groans]

Brad: Oh, oh, yes! Oh, oh! That's it! Oh, that's it, oh, that's it! Got him! I got him, I got him!

[Baby crying]

Katie: Oh. Oh, my God. Oh, he's so beautiful. That's not exactly sterile, but babies are born in bus stations and taxi cabs, all over the place. Oh, that's why God makes you so tough, so you can survive your parents, right? [Laughs] Look at you. You understand what I'm saying, don't you? Look at him, Brad. Isn't he just the most perfect little person you've ever seen? Yeah. And he has all his fingers and all his toes. I counted. And that beautiful little face, just like your daddy. You have the best daddy in the whole wide world. I never could have done this without him. Let me tell you a little secret. He's not too excited about excruciating pain, so you really did need both of us to help bring you into this world. Right, Brad?

[Baby cries]

[Siren wailing]

Parker: Hey, hey, it's okay. It's okay. You just passed out for a few seconds. We're in the ambulance on our way to the hospital.

Liberty: Parker, the baby --

Parker: Everything's gonna be all right, okay? Just put the mask on. Everything's gonna be all right.

Brad: I'm gonna go with you.

Jack: Why -- why would you? Parker said that she was conscious after the accident. I'm sure she's at the hospital.

Brad: Well, why hasn't he called back yet?

Jack: He -- he will. Listen, Janet and I will go, be there in less than an hour. We'll call you with a full update.

Brad: She is my daughter.

Jack: Yes. What about Katie? Aren't you worried about her? Wouldn't you rather be here when she gets home?

Janet: Jack's right. Jack's right. Listen, you find Katie and then meet us at the hospital in Chicago, okay?

Brad: Okay. All right. You call me the minute you hear anything.

Jack: You got it.

Janet: I'm so scared for Liberty.

Jack: Honey, don't be. I'm sure she's gonna be fine.

Teri: You really got to stop stalking me.

Dusty: Don't flatter yourself. I stopped by Metro to warn you, but they said you were here with your so-called uncle.

Teri: Warn me about what?

Dusty: I don't know.

Teri: Oh, gee, well, thank you. That was so helpful.

Dusty: I know Manzo's up to something.

Teri: What is it gonna take to get through to you, a sledgehammer?

Dusty: You're the one who's not listening.

Teri: You're bitter! My uncle aced you in a business deal. You've got to get over it.

Dusty: Is that how he put it?

Teri: Maybe. I don't know. I don't know the details, and I don't really care. All I know is you're being ugly and prejudiced --

Dusty: I went to church today, and I saw your uncle's sidekicks. I followed them inside.

Teri: Did it burst into flames?

Dusty: Are you interested in what I found out or not?

Teri: No.

Dusty: I got the impression that they're no longer employed.

Teri: So?

Dusty: So whatever Manzo had them do got one guy so freaked out, he started praying.

Ralph: Yeah? I'm listening.

Teri: Okay, for the last time, my uncle is a legitimate businessman. He was on his way to a legitimate business meeting when I dragged him here.

Dusty: Where is the meeting?

Teri: I don't know. Somewhere out of town. You know, it's really none of your business.

Dusty: I'm making it my business.

Teri: What? Wait. Hey, you cannot go in there.

Henry: I -- I told you my mother wouldn't crack. When it comes to saving her skin or saving mine, her skin comes first.

Margo: It's just disgusting.

Henry: Well, welcome to my childhood, and my adulthood. Being raised by wolves would have been better.

Margo: You know, Katie is gonna be a mother, too, and she never thought that was gonna happen. But she finally got her miracle, and she is doing everything she can to make sure that she has a normal, healthy, happy baby. Katie deserves that. She has earned that. So please, Henry, would you please use your mind for something other than making jokes and help me find her before its too late?

Katie: You don't even have a name yet, do you? It's okay. There's plenty of time to figure out who you are. Plenty of time, right? Phew. If I could just stop this bleeding. I don't know how to do that. Oh, don't get so dizzy. It's okay. It's gonna be okay. I just hope someone finds us soon. Phew, dizzy. Mind over matter. Okay. It's okay. I know you need me. I know you do. I need you, too. I've been waiting for you my whole life. [Gasps]

Jack: Parker.

Parker: Hi.

Janet: How's Liberty? How's the baby?

Parker: The doctor said that they did everything that they could. It's not Liberty's fault, though.

Jack: We know that. We know that, yeah. We all know that, right? Let her -- let her go, Parker, please.

Parker: No, no. I need to be in there. Liberty's upset enough as is. If Janet jumps all over her --

Jack: She's not going to.

Parker: This is nobody's fault, Dad.

Jack: I know that and Janet knows that, okay? They need time together. It's gonna be all right, I promise.

Janet: Libby --

Liberty: I'm so sorry, Mom. Please don't hate me. Please don't hate me.

Janet: Sweetheart, we could never, ever hate you, not ever.

Brad: Katie? Honey? Where are you? Henry, its Brad. What happened? You promised you were gonna bring Katie home. Where the hell are you?

Henry: Brad. [Sighs]

Margo: Whoa. That was fast.

Dusty: I'm an upstanding citizen. When the police call, I come running.

Margo: There's no need to yank my chain. You're not in any trouble, Donovan.

Dusty: Then what am I doing here?

Margo: I ran a name, Ralph Manzo, through the database, and your name came up as a known associate. Why is that?

Dusty: We used to do some business back in Chicago.

Margo: Oh. Didn't go so well?

Dusty: It depends on your definition of "Well." I still have all my toes and fingers. That's doing pretty well when you're dealing with Ralph Manzo.

Henry: I know the feeling.

Dusty: I thought you two were business partners.

Henry: It depends on your definition of "Partner."

Margo: All right. So, anything else you can tell me about this guy -- address, place he's liked to do business?

Dusty: Well, I ran into, uh, a couple of his goons in church, of all places.

Margo: Church? I'm not even gonna ask.

Dusty: Seems like they had a little falling out with their boss. And when I tried to follow up, Manzo pulled a vanishing act.

Henry: Oh, my God. I hope not. I hope not.

Dusty: What aren't you telling me?

Margo: Telling you? We're not telling you anything about an ongoing investigation. Thanks for getting down here on short notice, and I'll call you if I have any other questions.

Dusty: In other words, you don't trust me.

Henry: See, this is a matter of life and death. If you know anything --

Margo: Henry, we're fine.

Dusty: Well, if you find the two bozos who used to work for him, you'll find Manzo.

Margo: Any other physical description besides "Bozo"?

Dusty: You ever hear of a guy named Madigan? I overheard them saying they were headed over to Madigan's.

Margo: And they were talking about this in church?

Dusty: Yeah, that's right. 'Cause whatever they did for Manzo is bad enough that they needed the forgiveness of the almighty himself.

[Katie gasps]

Katie: Oh, don't sleep. I can't go to sleep. No, not till someone finds us. Okay. Oh, Brad, Brad, please come. Come back. You got us this far. Come meet your son. Oh, come home with us. It's so cold. Brad -- oh, come on. Henry -- Henry, please, come. Come back. You got us into this. Come get us out of it. Please, please, help us. I can't hold out much longer. Anyone, anyone, please. You don't even have to be real. Just come help me through this. I'm so scared. I'm sorry. Oh, my gosh. I am so sorry, Sweetheart. Here you go. Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. Oh, I'm just not strong enough.

[Baby cries]

Henry: How hard can it be to find a crook like Madigan? Uh, don't you guys have databases that go all the way back to Capone?

Margo: There are a lot of names in this database. There are two Madigan's in Boston. There's one in Seattle, one in Phoenix, all of them small-time offenders. None of them with the clout to run a crew.

Henry: Well, keep looking, please. Katie's life may depend on it. Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad.

Brad: No more double-talk. Where is my wife?

Henry: That's what we're trying to find out, Brad. Listen, um, Katie's been kidnapped, and I'm responsible.

Margo: Brad, let him go! I'll explain everything.

Henry: Uh, Brad, look, I know you want to kill me. It's perfectly reasonable that you want to kill me. But look, we can pick this up later on if you want. But right now, this is not gonna help us find Katie.

Brad: Tell me how to find my wife, or you're a dead man!

Teri: Uncle Ralph?

Dusty: The cops don't know where he is, either.

Teri: Oh, God. Well, maybe, you know, he hit his head. He could have wandered off from the hospital. Something must have happened to him.

Dusty: Or happened to someone who got in his way.

Teri: I am not gonna listen to you bash my uncle. He's hurt. And he's not himself. At least when he is, he's a lot nicer to be around than you are. So if you will excuse me, I need to --

Dusty: Face it, Teresa. Whether he banged his head or not, Uncle Ralph is still very much himself. That's bad news for all of us.

Jack: Even though you and Liberty took off for Chicago without telling anyone --

Parker: Dad --

Jack: Let me finish. I want you to know I'm proud of what you did today? You stood by Liberty when she needed you.

Parker: No. Dad, I let her down. I was supposed to protect her, and I was supposed to protect the baby. But I didn't. And -- and now the baby -- we shouldn't have been in that park to begin with. It was my fault. I -- I just wanted her to take some time and think about what she was gonna do before -- we were just there, and then this happened.

Jack: You listened to her, Parker. And I'm glad you did. It's not that the rest of us didn't care or anything. It's just that we didn't do a very good job of hearing what Liberty was saying. She's lucky to have you in her life. We all are.

[Voice breaking]

Liberty: I know how much this baby meant to you. And I never said it, but it was starting to really mean something to me, too. It was -- it was becoming a baby and not just a problem. And -- you were right. I started to love it, more than I ever thought that I would. I didn't think that that was gonna happen. And I don't know what to do now.

Janet: Shh. Okay, all right. I'm not gonna say that it was God's will or that it was meant to be, because really, who knows? But what I do know is that I love you, and I am so grateful that you are all right.

Liberty: Mom, I love you too.

[Door opens]

[Baby cries]

Katie: Brad. Oh, tell me it's not another dream. Say it's really you.

[Baby cries]

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