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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 10/16/09

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Janet: Hey, baby. I went for a walk. I thought some fresh air might clear my head. I'll be back soon.

Liberty: Where's Mom?

Jack: She went for a walk.

Liberty: A walk? Now? Wow.

Jack: Something wrong?

Liberty: Everything.

Jack: Care to be more specific?

Liberty: Paul just texted me. He stopped by with the adoption papers and a check for me, but my mother failed to mention it.

Jack: Maybe she forgot, Liberty.

Liberty: Jack, I'm in the house. I was upstairs.

Jack: There's got to be a reason she didn't mention it.

Liberty: Oh, the reason is that she's controlling and crazy and neurotic.

Jack: Okay, stop. Enough, right there. Stop it.

Liberty: Do you really think it was okay for her not to tell me?

Jack: I think maybe you should give her a chance to explain, 'cause right now the only side of the story you have is Paul Ryan's.

Liberty: I am so sick of hearing that!

Jack: I'm just saying.

Liberty: You and my mom have made it very clear that you do not want me to give the baby to Emily and Paul, and I thought I made it very clear that I don't have to care what you think!

Jack: Well, your mother's not the one who let you sleep through your SATs.

Liberty: So, that means I should automatically hand her the baby?

Jack: That's not what I'm saying, whatsoever.

Liberty: Tell me something. Would you rather come home to a screaming baby or a beer and a ballgame? Hmm?

Jack: I think you and your mother need to come to an agreement.

Liberty: Oh, strong nonanswer there, Jack.

Jack: Listen, your mom's gonna be home soon. Where are you going?

Liberty: Anywhere but here. Sorry.

Parker: Hey.

Liberty: Hey.

Parker: Hey. What's up?

Liberty: Your dad is, like, scared of my mom.

Parker: I can't say I blame him.

Liberty: You're scared of her, too?

Parker: Absolutely. Look, why don't you back up and tell me what's going on?

Liberty: Paul stopped by, and he's trying to get me to sign the adoption papers, and my mom is trying to get me not to so that she can raise the baby herself.

Parker: Can you really blame my dad for not wanting to be in the middle?

Liberty: I don't want to be in the middle, but I have no choice.

Parker: Right, right. I mean, it's -- you're the one with the baby.

Liberty: My mom won't leave me alone, Parker. I don't know what to do.

Parker: Why don't you just get away from it?

Liberty: Oh, yeah, what? And live in a cardboard box in old town?

Parker: No. Move in to your own apartment.

Katie: Oh, is that your fantasy football league again?

Brad: I wish. I'm looking for decent colleges that don't require SATs.

Katie: For Liberty?

Brad: Yeah. Well, you know, some take this other test, the ACT, which she can still take, and some don't require standardized tests at all.

Katie: Well, are any of these colleges she actually wants to apply to?

Brad: No, but some seem pretty good.

Katie: Don't you think you should tell her about this?

Brad: I already e-mailed the links to her.

Katie: Did she respond?

Brad: Sort of. She unfriended me.

Katie: What?

Brad: She's really upset about missing the SATs. You know, this pregnancy's wrecking everything for her.

Katie: Well, she could have thought about that possibility when she didn't make that guy wear a condom.

Brad: She's a kid, Katie. I mean, she made a mistake. Should she have to pay for it for the rest of her life?

Katie: Listen, I think it's really great that you care and you're such a devoted father, but I think you need to concentrate on your other child for a minute.

Brad: Okay. Okay, all right. I'm gonna go get the car. You get the overnight bag, the video camera, and your shoes. Don't forget your shoes.

Katie: I'm not having the baby.

Brad: It's not time?

Katie: No, not right now.

Brad: Are you sure? Are you sure?

Katie: I'm positive.

Brad: You really had me going there.

Katie: I thought you were gonna be Mr. Cool when the time came.

Brad: Look, I will be.

Katie: Uh-huh. I see that.

Brad: Hey. I admit, okay, it was a panic, just a moment of panic, but I was about to take total command of the situation.

Katie: Right, right.

Brad: You're gonna see when the time comes.

Katie: Well, I hope so. In the meantime, we need to get to the hospital for my doctor's appointment and checkup.

Brad: I knew that. I knew that. All right, let's go.

Katie: I'm so excited. Maybe we'll see on the sonogram if it's a girl or boy this time. I can't wait to find out!

Brad: Well, I don't think I want to know.

Henry: Say, Ralph, I can explain.

Ralph: Oh, I'm sure you can.

Henry: I thought it was a friendly card game. I didn't know those were your boys.

Ralph: Yeah, I'm sure you didn't.

Henry: It had nothing to do with our deal.

Ralph: Of course it doesn't.

Henry: You believe me?

Ralph: Of course I don't.

Henry: I swear to you --

Ralph: Hey, Henry, you're not gonna try and insult me now, are you?

Henry: No, no. Absolutely not. No.

Ralph: Then why are you lying to me?

Henry: I'm not. Okay, look. Let's just start the whole thing over, okay, and let's be completely honest here.

Ralph: I hope so.

Henry: When my mother suggested this arrangement, I thought I could make it work. I thought I would get my inheritance and I would give you the money and you'd funnel it through Metro and then bada-bing, bada-bang, you know. It's all good.

Ralph: "Bada-bing, bada-bang"?

Henry: Yeah, isn't that how you --

Ralph: No, I don't.

Henry: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Anyway, I was wrong, and I can't get the money, and I've tried everything I can think of, including some things I never want to think about again, trust me, and including trying to get a big stake in a card game that I cheated on.

Ralph: So, you admit it.

Henry: I admit it all. I screwed up, okay? I made promises I couldn't keep. I got in way over my head. I'm losing everything. So, whatever you want to do to me, do it. I welcome it. Do your worst.

Audrey: Hey, excuse me. Sorry to bother you, but I'm looking for my little friend. She was in the waiting room. She was here for tests.

Nurse: Everyone's here for tests.

Audrey: Oh, right. She's 30-ish, pretty long hair, very overdressed.

Nurse: You mean Vienna Hyatt?

Audrey: Bingo, yes. Have you seen her?

Nurse: She left.

Audrey: Oh.

Vienna: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I must be in the wrong room. I'm so -- I'm so sorry. No, wait. But this is my room. You're the one who's in the wrong room.

Barbara: You're right. You're right. I -- and I am sorry.

Vienna: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. You won't believe what I thought when I saw you laying on there. I was thinking, "Oh, my God! Oh, no! Henry's cheating on me in my own bed!" But then I realized it was you and how ridiculous my thoughts were.

Barbara: Really? Why?

Vienna: Well, you know, you and Henry. Henry would never cheat on me with someone like you.

Barbara: What do you mean?

Vienna: Well, you know what I mean. You're -- you're old enough to be his mother.

Barbara: You're wrong.

Vienna: No, no, no. I mean you look -- you look much younger. You look amazing.

Barbara: Thank you very much. No. I mean you're wrong about Henry and me, because we are having an affair. An intense, passionate, meeting of the mind, body and soul kind of affair. In a word, fabulous.

Vienna: You're funny. Do you really expect me to believe that Henry would go out for a not-so-fresh hamburger when he has steak at home served with different spices every night?

Barbara: Did it ever occur to you that perhaps Henry desires a woman who has a little more depth and intelligence than a Swedish meatball?

Vienna: I know my Henry. He would never betray me with anyone. Especially not you.

Barbara: Really? Then why am I here like this? Do you think I got lost?

Vienna: I don't know what an old, desperate, lonely woman would do for some attention.

Barbara: You were supposed to be gone all day. I decided to surprise my little boy toy, and he is really good, isn't he? Especially when he does that trick.

Vienna: Oh, no, no! Please don't! Don't say it. I don't want that hideous image in my head.

Barbara: Because you know I'm not lying, don't you? You see, Henry and I are lovers. So why don't you, little girl, for the first time in your life, do something a little classy and disappear?

Ralph: You're a pistol, my friend.

Henry: You're not mad at me?

Ralph: Why should I be?

Henry: Well, I cheated. I lied.

Ralph: Yeah, but you admitted it. I admire that. It took guts.

Henry: What about your boys? Aren't they gonna come back here and break me in half?

Ralph: They're only messing with you.

Henry: I don't know about that.

Ralph: What do you think we are, a bunch of gangsters?

Henry: No.

Ralph: We just get a little rough around the edges sometime, but that's 'cause we're in construction. We build things. I mean, we don't sit around with our heads up our computers all day.

Henry: No. You know, actually, I work at a diner, and I have great respect for a hard day's work for a hard day's pay.

Ralph: See, exactly. See how alike we are? We are the proud working men and women of this country, and when we make a promise, we keep it.

Henry: Yes, yes. I so respect that. You mean me, don't you?

Ralph: I mean all of us.

Henry: I'm doing my best.

Ralph: I know you are. That's why I'm gonna give you another 24 hours.

Henry: 24 hours?

Ralph: Yeah, I know it seems overly generous, but what can I tell you? That's the kind of guy I am.

Henry: I'm not sure I can do that.

Ralph: Henry, you have very low self-esteem.

Henry: You know, I've never been told that before.

Ralph: You should have the same kind of faith in yourself as I have in you.

Henry: I am trying.

Ralph: I know you are. You need to try even harder than this, because guys like us, we pull out all the stops when it comes to protecting our loved ones. Am I right?

Henry: Absolutely.

Ralph: That's why we make such good partners. That's why we're friends.

Audrey: Hi. Have you seen Vienna Hyatt?

Clerk: She came in a little while ago.

Audrey: Oh, goody. Barbara Ryan, do you know if she's here?

Clerk: I believe I saw her come in, as well.

Audrey: Oh, goody. Could you maybe just ring her room for me?

Clerk: I'm sorry. There's no answer.

Audrey: No answer? Oh, where could she be?

Clerk: You might try the lounge.

Audrey: Thank you. Good idea.

Ralph: Hey, Audrey!

Audrey: Hey!

Ralph: What a coincidence.

Audrey: Why?

Ralph: I just had a nice conversation with your son.

Audrey: In his room?

Ralph: No.

Audrey: Where?

Ralph: What's the difference?

Audrey: No difference.

Ralph: What matters is that he's gonna honor his commitments with me.

Audrey: He is?

Ralph: Yeah. I'm giving him another day to come up with the money.

Audrey: A day?

Ralph: Yeah. I know it's a lot, but I think he deserves a chance.

Audrey: What if he needs more time?

Ralph: Audrey, you're a pistol! You're exactly like your son!

Katie: This is it. I can feel it. We're gonna find out today if it's Brad junior or baby Katie.

Brad: Are you sure you want to know?

Katie: I can't believe you don't.

Brad: I just think it'll be more exciting to find out when the baby actually gets here.

Katie: That will be exciting enough as it is. This way we can prepare. We know what color onesies to buy.

Brad: Onesies?

Katie: Yeah. You know, the little outfits that infants wear.

Brad: I thought they were called teddies.

Katie: You have so much to learn.

Brad: Yeah, that I do. That I do.

Katie: So, do we find out or not?

Doctor: Okay, let's see what we got here.

Liberty: Parker, I would give my right arm for my own place, but my income right now is, like, zero.

Parker: Mine isn't.

Liberty: You've worked hard for your money. I can't take it.

Parker: No, no, no. I'm not talking about using the money from the vitamin water thing. I'm talking about my trust fund.

Liberty: You're still underage and --

Parker: Yes, but Craig said that I could use the money for whatever I wanted.

Liberty: Why?

Parker: Let's just say that we reached an understanding.

Liberty: Really? So, does your dad know?

Parker: Craig's still alive, isn't he?

Liberty: So your dad doesn't know. No, Parker. I can't let you do this.

Parker: Well, I already did. Look, I saw this great sublet on Craigslist and I --

Liberty: You saw it already?

Parker: Yes, and I checked it out, and it's great. It's perfect for you, Liberty. It's a great price. I knew it was gonna go really fast. I mean, there were people coming to look at it while I was there.

Liberty: Well, then, it's probably already rented.

Parker: No. Well, it is. To me. I put down a deposit.

Liberty: Why would you do this?

Parker: Because it's perfect for you. It comes furnished. It's walking distance from your school. If you wanted to, you could pack up your clothes and move in today.

Liberty: My mom would go ballistic, and so would Emily and Paul and your dad and --

Parker: That's just one of the added bonuses.

Liberty: Oh, my God. Just thinking about getting away from them all --

Parker: All you got to do is say yes.

Jack: Hey, Buddy. I thought I heard you out here. What are you doing here?

Parker: We're just hanging out.

Jack: What's going on?

Liberty: I'm moving out.

Jack: Back to Fairwinds?

Liberty: No, to an apartment.

Jack: Okay, listen, I know things are tense around here, but you can't afford your own place, Liberty.

Parker: Yeah, maybe she can't, but I can, and I already did it.

Jack: That is so not happening.

Jack: Liberty, this -- okay. First of all, this isn't something you can decide on your own.

Liberty: What is? Because I can't have a meal without five people telling me what to eat.

Jack: Darling, that's just temporary.

Liberty: Then, Jack, tell me the time table for when everyone's gonna stop running my life.

Jack: Honey, you just need to calm down.

Liberty: I'm sick of being told what to do, Jack!

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. Not until we talk.

Parker: I just want to go and make sure that she's okay.

Jack: Liberty's fine. Where's this coming from?

Parker: She just needs some space.

Jack: I thought you two were past running away every time someone said something you don't agree with.

Parker: No one's running away.

Jack: Is Craig behind this, by any chance?

Parker: No.

Jack: Rosanna, maybe?

Parker: No, no. Neither of them have anything to do with this.

Jack: Where'd you get the money to get your own apartment?

Parker: I make good money doing the vitamin water thing.

Jack: Really?

Parker: Yes.

Jack: I see. Okay. So, when did you and Liberty get to the living together stage?

Parker: We're not at any stage.

Jack: Because the last time you guys lived together, it was like a crash-burn situation, and if you're living with her to get her to be your girlfriend again, not a good idea.

Parker: No, no, I'm not. Dad, Dad, we're not gonna be living together.

Jack: But you got the apartment.

Parker: Yes, for her.

Jack: But you're not gonna be -- not for the two of you?

Parker: No. Dad, that's not what this is about.

Jack: Can you please tell me? Parker, what is this about?

Parker: She is my friend, and I'm worried about her. She can't breathe because there are a ton of people in her life that all want something different from her. She's being pulled in a million different directions, and if they don't stop, I don't know what she's gonna do.

Brad: Wow, can you hear that? You hear how fast the heart's beating?

Katie: So everything looks okay?

Doctor: It looks great. Oh, and the secret's out.

Katie: You know what it is?

Brad: Are you sure you want to know?

Katie: Yes, I really want to know.

Brad: Okay, all right. Tell us.

Doctor: It's a boy.

Brad: It's a boy. Are you sure?

Doctor: Oh, yeah, I'm sure.

Brad: Of course you're sure. That's my boy we're -- that's my boy we're talking about! Wow. Our boy.

Katie: It's a boy.

Brad: Oh, Honey. Oh, we're having a boy. Oh.

Audrey: I am so disappointed.

Ralph: You're disappointed in me?

Audrey: Yeah, 'cause I thought you, deep down, were good.

Ralph: I am good. I'm good to the people who are good to me and vice versa.

Audrey: Haven't I always been very, very good to you?

Ralph: Very, very good, and that's why I wish you'd stay the hell out of the middle of this.

Audrey: I just can't. 'Cause he is my son.

Ralph: Audrey, please. Just do what you always do, and that's take care of yourself. There is no reason for you to be paying the price for your son's mistakes.

Vienna: You think I don't know why you're lying?

Barbara: I am not lying.

Vienna: You can't stand it that Henry's giving away James Stenbeck's dirty money to charity.

Barbara: Oh, please. I don't care about that.

Vienna: Of course. That's why you're saying all these ridiculous things and hoping to blackmail him into just giving you a part of the money.

Barbara: What is the Swedish word for denial?

Vienna: Oh, my God. It's so sad, and it won't work. I will never believe that Henry let you seduce him.

Barbara: You know, that thought never crossed my mind, because he came to me.

Vienna: Bull.

Barbara: And I even know why. He's after James' money.

Vienna: Oh, yes, because he wants to give it away.

Barbara: Vienna, Vienna, Vienna. Can we be adults here, all right? I don't expect Henry to leave you and move in with me, and I do understand why you want him all to yourself, 'cause that man is a genius.

Vienna: Oh, can you please stop saying all these ridiculous things?!

Barbara: Where did he ever learn the thing with the feathers?

Vienna: What? The feathers? The feathers? I hate you!

Barbara: Get off of me!


Henry: Wait. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What the hell's going on here?! Come here!

Vienna: She said that you were sleeping with her!

Henry: Barbara!

Barbara: Henry, tell her it's true!

Vienna: No, but it's not true! Right, Henry? Tell me it's not true!

Henry: You need to get out of here.

Vienna: No, Henry, answer my question!

Henry: We all need to calm down, okay?

Vienna: Henry!

Barbara: You know what? She already knows the worst of it. Just put her out of her misery.

Henry: Why are you doing this?!

Barbara: Because it's true!

Henry: You need to get out of here. Get out of here! Come on! Are you out of your mind?!

Barbara: She attacked me!

Henry: Did you come here dressed like this?

Barbara: I needed to see you.

Henry: You have a phone!

Barbara: I was having a really bad day.

Henry: Oh, but not half as bad as mine now, thanks to you!

Barbara: I didn't know Vienna was gonna be here!

Henry: She lives here!

Barbara: Your mother said she was gonna be at the hospital the entire day!

Henry: My mother?

Barbara: Yes. I thought the timing was perfect, that you could restore my equilibrium, bring back my joie de vivre.

Henry: What are you talking about?! I can't believe that you did this!

Barbara: I need you to rekindle my flame.

Henry: Your flame?!

Barbara: My flame.

Henry: Your flame has burned down my whole damn house!

Audrey: Really? New Zealand? Okay. You know what? That's perfect. When does it -- two hours? I can do that. Okay. Wait, wait, wait. Hold on, please. Hold on, hold on. Just a second. Just a second. I'm coming. Oh, come on. Okay. I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, I'm here. You know what? Never mind. Cancel that. I can't leave right now. My, um -- my little boy needs me.

Henry: I don't understand this. How could you do this to me? Did you actually think that there was something between us, Barbara? I slept with you in the hopes that you would change your mind and give me the money, but you couldn't even do that. You got what you wanted, and then you ruined my life!

Barbara: That's not true.

Henry: You know it's true! That's why you told Vienna! After years of sexual deprivation, you get your fix, and then you don't want to give it up. Listen, I love that woman, okay? I love that woman. I have no interest in you now or ever, and I never want to see you again!

Barbara: Well, that's your loss.


Brad: Now we have to name him. Okay, what's a good football player's name?

Katie: Oh, I hate to break it to you, but what if he's into math or science?

Brad: You think?

Katie: Stranger things have happened. Would you be so disappointed if he wasn't a full-on jock?

Brad: Are you kidding? Well, I think he could be both. I mean, I don't care what he does, as long as he's happy.

Katie: Really?

Brad: I just love him so much. Already. And if he turns out to be a she, I would feel exactly the same way.

Katie: You mean that?

Brad: Oh, yeah. You'll see.

Katie: Let's concentrate on one kid at a time.

Brad: Are you kidding? No, no, no, no. We're not gonna stop until we have a beautiful little Katie. I think we might even have, um, five boys until then.

Katie: Five?

Brad: Yeah, a basketball team, or a band. The Snyder five, which could also include a couple girls.

Katie: Let's just go celebrate this little guy for now.

Brad: Absolutely. After scoring the super bowl winning touchdown, Bull Snyder presents the football to his parents so they can put it on the mantle next to his Nobel prize for men.

Parker: She can't live with Paul and Emily. They're driving her crazy.

Jack: I'm sure.

Parker: Yeah, and her mom is doing the exact same thing when she's here.

Jack: I understand that. But Liberty's pregnant, okay. What if something goes wrong and she's all alone? You yourself said that you're not gonna be there all the time, right?

Parker: No, I am not gonna be living with her.

Jack: Okay. All I'm saying is it's complicated. Maybe you should have thought about this a little more first, hmm? Talked to your parents first?

Parker: Well, we are talking right now.

Jack: I mean that Liberty should have talked to Janet and Brad.

Parker: They would have just said no.

Jack: And maybe they would have been right. But regardless, they all need to talk about it first. Don't you think that makes sense?

Parker: Fine, if that's what she wants.

Henry: Please let me explain.

Vienna: No, you don't have to.

Henry: You know I love you.

Vienna: Can you stop lying?

Henry: I do, I do.

Vienna: You cheated on me.

Henry: I know that, but --

Vienna: You know what? I don't want to hear your excuses. God, I have been such an idiot.

Henry: No, you're not an idiot.

Vienna: No, you know what? I trusted you. I loved you, and I believed everything you told me, even when you pretended to be that crazy Geneva swift. I believed that you would never, ever deceive me, at least not with something like this. But, boy, was I wrong. I am such an idiot!

Henry: You're not! I told you you're not an idiot! I am a miserable, lowdown, sleazebag. I don't deserve someone like you!

Vienna: Please, do not try to make me feel sorry for you.

Henry: I'm not.

Vienna: Okay, because, yes, and you are right. You are a miserable, lowlife, sleazebag, and you do not -- you do not deserve me.

Henry: I know. I know I don't, sweetie. I -- uh, things got out of control.

Vienna: Oh, yeah, in your pants.

Henry: No. Listen. Please, this is not about Barbara.

Vienna: Oh, you could have fooled me.

Henry: No. In a very small, insignificant way, it is, but this is about Ralph.

Vienna: Ralph, the guy who runs the charity?

Henry: He doesn't run a charity. He's a gangster.

Vienna: So why are you giving him money for the children?

Henry: I'm not. I'm helping him launder money through Metro.

Vienna: That's a crime, Henry.

Henry: And he's a criminal, so there's a certain symmetry. But Barbara put a stop on the inheritance money, and then I couldn't pay Ralph back for the money he put in to Metro, and then he set fire to the diner.

Vienna: Ralph set the fire?

Henry: Yeah, he wanted to make sure I didn't cross him.

Vienna: I could have gotten killed!

Henry: That was -- that was sort of the point.

Vienna: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! So, you just didn't -- oh, my God, Henry! You're -- you put my life in danger!

Henry: I know, and that's the last thing I wanted to do in a hundred, billion, trillion years, and that's why I had to sleep with Barbara, you see? I had to put an end to the madness to save your life!

Vienna: Oh, my God, yeah, because you are a real hero.

Henry: Baby, please. Baby, please, please listen to me. There is one reason and one reason only that I slept with her, and that was to get the money to keep Ralph from doing God knows what to God knows who, and that is the only reason! I swear to you! Please, you have to believe me!

Vienna: Yeah, I do.

Henry: You do?

Vienna: Yeah. I thought you were only cheating on me.

Henry: Yeah, but I wasn't.

Vienna: No, no, no. You were not. You -- you -- you were -- you were lying about the money you were gonna give away, but, in fact, you were the one who was laundering the money to hide it from me, huh?

Henry: I know. I know this sounds bad. I know.

Vienna: Oh, can it get any worse?

Henry: Please give me another chance. Please?

Vienna: No. Not only did you get involved with gangsters, and lie to me about the money, and nearly got me killed, and you were unfaithful. I've given you too many chances, Henry. This is the last time you get to break my heart.

Henry: Look, I -- uh, I know it's gonna take a long time to forgive me.

Vienna: Why don't you try never.

Henry: No, don't say that. Please. We have our whole lives together.

Vienna: What makes you think I want to stay here for even ten minutes?

Henry: You know what? I don't want to stay here either. Come away with me.

Vienna: What?

Henry: Let's just go.

Vienna: No, no. Why would I want to go anywhere with you?

Henry: Um, first of all, our lives are in danger.

Vienna: No. I have nothing to do with this, Henry.

Henry: Sweetheart, Ralph came after you once, and if he finds out I'm not gonna get him the money, he's gonna come after both of us.

Vienna: Why did you do this to me?

Henry: I never wanted this to happen, okay? Um, but -- you know what? Think of this as a new beginning. We could go to Sweden, right? You could be with your family. I could learn the language. You'd be safe and happy.

Vienna: Oh, no. I don't want to go anywhere with you, Henry.

Henry: Don't do this.

Vienna: No. You did this, Henry. You chose the money over me.

Henry: No, not for myself. For both of us.

Vienna: No. I told you, I don't want the money, and there is no us. I never want to see you again, Henry!

Henry: Vienna.

Vienna: No!

Henry: Vienna, Vienna, Vienna.

Vienna: No. This is over, Henry, forever. Good-bye.

Henry: No. Sweetie.

Audrey: Oh, hey. Listen, sorry to bother you again. I just had a quick question. The doctor prescribed this for my mother, and I can't remember how much he told me to have her take. I thought he said the whole bottle. That can't be right, can it?

Nurse: No, absolutely not. That would kill her.

Audrey: Oh, wow. That would be awful, huh? Oh, thank you so much. You know, I'll check with the doctor and get the right dosage. Thank you. Oh, Henry. Don't worry. Mama, to the rescue. As usual.

Brad: Oh, this has been a crazy week. First, Holden comes back from the dead, and now there's gonna be another Snyder dude. I can't wait to tell Jack.

Katie: Why don't you go tell him now?

Brad: No. I'm celebrating with my wife.

Katie: I know, but I know how important it is for you to share that with him.

Brad: Well, maybe later we'll go together.

Katie: I think you should go alone.

Brad: I am not gonna leave you alone.

Katie: I'm not alone. I'm here with two beautiful sundaes.

Brad: Is that all it takes to replace me?

Katie: Pretty much. Go tell Jack.

Brad: All right. You have made me the happiest man in the world. Oh, Katie's got some good news!

Vienna: What news?

Katie: We're having a boy.

Barbara: Dr. Hern.

Dr. Hern: Ms. Ryan, you missed your appointment.

Barbara: I know. They told me that you had an emergency and that I shouldn't wait. I -- I know, I know. Um, I'm a little apprehensive about hearing the results. I mean, there's nowhere to hide, right? There's nowhere to find the strength except inside yourself. You come in to this life alone and you leave alone, and no matter what life throws at you, you're the only one you can really count on, right?

Dr. Hern: Okay.

Barbara: So, um, please tell me the truth. How bad is it?

Dr. Hern: Ms. Ryan, the truth is you're cancer-free.

Barbara: I'm cancer-free?

Dr. Hern: Absolutely. Every test came back negative.

Barbara: Oh, my God. Thank you. Oh, thank you, Doctor. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Parker: I talked to my dad, and he thinks that you should probably bring up the whole apartment thing with your parents.

Liberty: Of course he does.

Parker: Maybe you should.

Liberty: Parker, like I don't already know what they're gonna say.

Parker: Well, they could surprise you.

Liberty: We both know that they have a million practical reasons why I shouldn't do it. Like, "Oh, Liberty, you're pregnant. You shouldn't live alone. What if something goes wrong and no one's there?" What?

Parker: Sorry. It's just that's exactly what my dad said.

Liberty: Yeah. And that's exactly what my parents are gonna say, and it's gonna sound logical and reasonable, but it's just their way of having control over my life.

Parker: I don't think that that's totally true.

Liberty: Parker, whatever they say, that's what happens.

[Cell phone beeps]

Liberty: Oh, it's Emily. Fourth text today. "Please come back so we can talk." See?

Parker: You know, it wouldn't hurt to talk to your parents. I put down a deposit. The apartment's not going anywhere. Worst comes to worst, you'll just move in a day later, if that's what you decide.

[Cell phone beeps]

Parker: It's my mom. "I'll be home soon. Let's talk." Parker, I see your point, but I think if I have a talk with someone now I will either shoot myself or shoot them.

Parker: Okay. Well, then, why don't we go somewhere? Java, Al's?

Liberty: Can you please take me to just look at the apartment?

Parker: Why not?

Liberty: Okay.

Vienna: Barbara Ryan? Can you believe it? He cheated on me with Barbara Ryan?

Katie: But doesn't that sort of prove that he wasn't really cheating on you?

Vienna: What?

Katie: If he was gonna have an affair, why would he have it with her?

Vienna: No. It's still cheating.

Katie: Of course it is, but he felt like he had no other choice.

Vienna: Why are you taking his side?

Katie: I'm not. I'm just trying to figure out why he would do it.

Vienna: Because he's a liar, and a sneak, and a thief, and an adulterer.

Katie: Maybe he was trying to protect you. Think about it. If the guy he owes money to is the one who started the fire here.

Vienna: Why would he be involved with someone like that in the first place?

Katie: Oh, you know Henry. He's always been involved with shady characters.

Vienna: No, no, because he told me that he had changed, but he didn't.

Katie: Well, you could look at it that way or you could see that what he was doing, he was doing out of love, out of fear.

Vienna: Oh, my God. You knew about this.

Katie: Only for a couple of days.

Vienna: And you didn't tell me?

Katie: I was waiting for him to work his way out of it.

Vienna: Why, so you didn't have to tell me his lies?

Katie: No. I knew he would tell you the truth eventually.

Vienna: No, no, no, no. Not until he was caught. And you helped him betray me!

Katie: No. No, I didn't.

Vienna: Yeah, you did! You know what? I've had enough with all of you guys!

Katie: No, no. Please, Vienna. Don't say that.

Vienna: No! Good luck with your baby.

Katie: Vienna, no. Wait. Vienna, wait!

Brad: Hey.

Jack: Hey. I was actually just gonna call you. We seem to be having a problem on our hands, and I wanted to know how you --

Brad: Having a boy.

Jack: Really?

Brad: Yeah, man!

Jack: Oh, man, that's great! Congratulations!

Brad: Yeah, I just found out, man. Wow. I mean, can you believe it? We're gonna have another Snyder, man.

Jack: That's awesome. We got to tell Holden.

Brad: I know, I know.

Jack: Come on. This calls for a beer.

Brad: Okay.

Jack: I'm proud of you.

Brad: I haven't really done all that much.

Jack: No. I mean, your whole life. You got married, you got a job. You're a great father to Liberty, and I know you're gonna be a great dad to this little guy.

Brad: Well, if I'm half the father that you are, I'll be thrilled.

Jack: I appreciate that.

Brad: I mean that, man. Coming back here, that's the best move I ever made.

Jack: It was good for me, too. I never would have met Janet.

Brad: I'm glad that I can give you back just a little bit for all you gave me. So, what did you want to tell me?

Jack: You know what? It can wait.

Liberty: Parker, oh, my God. It is so perfect.

Parker: You like it?

Liberty: Yes! I always dreamed of having my own place. I just never thought it would be so cool.

Parker: It's not too small, right?

Liberty: No. It's definitely big enough. It's perfect, and you are the best friend ever for setting it up, but I just -- I think it's kind of expensive. I just hope you can afford it.

Parker: Well, Liberty, when I tell you my trust fund is huge, it's pretty big.

Liberty: I know, I know, but you should be spending that money on yourself, Parker.

Parker: I can't even spend the money I make in the midday sun campaign, so --

Liberty: Oh, poor you.

Parker: I know. Life is tough as Parker.

Liberty: No. But really, I don't know how I can ever pay you back for all of it.

Parker: You don't have to. I mean, I know you'd do the same thing for me if you could.

Liberty: Like that's ever gonna happen.

Parker: Liberty, you're gonna be a monster success.

Liberty: Yeah. At what?

Parker: At whatever it is that you do.

Liberty: God. Parker, you really are the only person I can trust that's not trying to get something from me. I would be so, so lost without you.

Parker: Yeah, well, don't worry, 'cause I'm not going anywhere.

[Vienna sighs]

Vienna: We were happy here, Henry. I thought things would last forever. I thought you wanted the same thing, too.

Henry: I'm a vile, loathsome blight on the face of the universe.

Katie: Don't be so easy on yourself. Do you want a drink?

Henry: I don't deserve a drink. I don't deserve your friendship. I don't deserve the slightest human kindness.

Katie: No arguing here.

Henry: I should just let that gangster do whatever he wants to do to me.

Katie: And what about Vienna?

Henry: I'll -- I'll tell him that we broke up and that, um -- and then he won't go after her. And then, besides, he'll never find her because she's going back to Sweden, and I'm gonna go away, too.

Katie: Where are you going?

Henry: I don't know. Someplace really far, far away, where they accept the scum of the earth.

Katie: You're just letting Vienna go?

Henry: She's letting me go! She's letting me go! She's done. You didn't see her, Katie.

Katie: Yeah, I did. I did. I just saw her at Al's, and she is destroyed, but she loves you still.

Henry: No, no, no, she doesn't. You're wrong about that. You're wrong. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter anyway, okay, because I don't deserve to have a woman like that in my life. I want her to go to Sweden and find somebody else.

Katie: Oh, Henry, come on. You're giving up? You don't do that!

Henry: I know what you're doing, and I really appreciate it, I do. You're the best friend I've ever had. I don't deserve you, either.

Katie: Henry, enough.

Henry: No. I mean it. I mean it, okay? I'm done here. I came here to say good-bye -- forever.

Audrey: Oh, Henry, I sure hope you appreciate this, but I can't have Ralph harming an adorable hair on your adorable little head, can I? Okay. Hi. Wait! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Barbara: What the hell do you want?

Audrey: I just came to see how you were doing.

Barbara: You know how I'm doing. You pimped your son out so you could set me up.

Audrey: I was talking about the cancer.

Barbara: Hoping I only have a few weeks to live?

Audrey: Of course not! Do you?

Barbara: Unfortunately for you, I'm clean as a whistle.

Audrey: Oh, well, that is absolutely wonderful.

Barbara: Oh, don't pretend you even care, Audrey.

Audrey: Okay, okay. I know you're a little ticked off, and I don't blame you. But you know, there's no difference in us, really. You would go to any extreme to protect your son, and that's all I was doing.

Barbara: I have never done anything this bad.

Audrey: Really? Well, I can't really say that, can I? But, listen, let's forget all that. Let's not drag up those details. You, me, let's drink to the good news. This is great! Let's share a drink about it. Come on!

Barbara: Why should I want to have a drink with you?

Audrey: Because, we have a lot in common, and I truly am very happy for you. Please? One little drink? Please? Please?

Next week on -- "As the World Turns."

Lucinda: Somebody's got to get your parents back together again, and I have elected us!

Barbara: I will never see Henry again. I'm not gonna give him one cent of that inheritance.

Ralph: I want the money, Henry. You get it to me now or your friend dies.

Brad: Where's my wife? Where's my son?

Ralph: You'll be joining them very soon.

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