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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/14/09

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Paul: Honey, I'm home. Emily? Liberty?

Emily: Where have you been?

Paul: Hey. Okay, I went to three markets, 'cause they're not called stores anymore, but I finally found organic, grass-fed, hormone free, antibiotic-free soy ice cream.

Emily: I don't care! I don't care! I don't care about the ice cream, I --

Paul: Hold on a second. Wait, wait, wait. They call it soy cream.

Emily: I can't find Liberty! She was supposed to be home a half an hour ago, and she's not answering her phone!

Paul: Okay. Well, what's the big deal? Em, look, you can't treat her like an employee or she's gonna take the baby and she's gonna go.

Emily: What if she already has? I mean, she was so mad at me this morning when she found out I was the one who turned off her alarm.

Paul: You -- I don't blame her. And, look, before you start breathing fire at me, you know that you're a little overprotective, but can we stop? Look, what's the big deal? She took the SATs today. She's probably out with her friends. She's blowing off some steam.

Emily: No. No, no, no. Listen, that's just it. I called the school to make sure she wasn't in any trouble, but it was too late. She missed the whole test. By the time she got there, it already had started. She missed all of it, and it's all my fault!

Paul: Okay. Well, what's done is done. There's really no reason for you to blame yourself.

Emily: Oh, God. She's gonna hate me. What if she doesn't come back?

Paul: She will.

Emily: She will? Well, I wouldnít. I would never want to see me ever again.

Paul: Well, it's a good thing that Liberty's a better person than you are.

Emily: The whole idea is that she doesn't figure that out. What are we gonna do? How are we gonna get her to give me another chance?

Paul: We'll show her that we can fix this, but first we need to find her.

Emily: Okay. Let's go. I'll drive.

Parker: You want some water?

Liberty: No.

Parker: I'm sorry.

[Liberty groaning]

Liberty: Please don't do that, Parker. My world already is spinning.

Parker: If you want to throw up, that's okay.

Liberty: The only one thing that can come out now are my tonsils.

Parker: Are you sick because of the baby or because of the booze?

Liberty: No. I'm sick because I'm a loser and soon I'm gonna be a really big, fat loser.

Parker: You're not a loser.

Liberty: Parker, I got pregnant in high school, I slept through my SATs, and I tried to drown my sorrows in grain. Oh, God.

Parker: Do you want some black coffee?

Liberty: I can't have caffeine. I can't have anything.

Parker: I'm sorry. I forgot, okay? Do you want me to get you some orange juice?

Liberty: Stop talking about food. I'm gonna barf on your shoes.

Parker: Well, I don't know what to do to help you, Liberty. I'm sorry.

Liberty: No, no. I am. I know you're trying to help, but right now I just really want to crawl in to a hole and die.

Parker: Well, that would make me kind of upset.

Craig: So I understand you correctly, you're giving us prime placement in all of your stores?

Mr. Swanson: I admit, I came to the meeting thinking the market would never support another energy drink, but you found a genuine niche.

Rosanna: Well, that's good to hear. Thank you so much.

Mr. Swanson: Don't thank me. You did it. You guys make a great team.

Craig: Thank you. Thanks very much.

Rosanna: Bye.

Craig: He said it. I didnít.

Rosanna: Well, we really shouldn't get too pleased with ourselves.

Craig: Not too pleased? Do you have any idea how many convenience stores Swanson owns?

Rosanna: Yes I do, 1,438.

Craig: That many. Wow.

Rosanna: You're going to have to stop flirting with me, Craig.

Craig: Fl-- where's all this hostility coming from?

Rosanna: Carly is in rehab killing herself to get better so she can come home to her kids and you. How is she gonna feel after all of this effort she's making to get sober when she finds out that I have betrayed her?

Craig: But that's not gonna happen.

Rosanna: How can you do that? How can you constantly be so sure of yourself?

Craig: The only people who know what happened between us is us and Parker, and Parker's not gonna say anything. We've come to an understanding.

Rosanna: How did you manage that?

Jack: Oh, hey, guys. I'm glad you're both here. Saves me having to do this twice.

Craig: Do what?

Jack: I talked to Carly today.

Rosanna: Oh.

Damian: Meg, I'm sorry. I know I hurt you, and I wish things had been different.

Meg: Well, maybe they still can be.

Damian: I don't know how much more clear I can be, Meg. I don't want to be with you, and I can't handle any more of your drama.

Meg: I just want to talk.

Damian: No. That's what you say, but it always ends up the same. So, please, if you feel compelled to tell me what a louse I am, send me an e-mail.

Meg: I want to apologize. I shouldn't have lashed out at Lily. These past few months have been a roller-coaster ride, and I just let my emotions get the best of me.

Damian: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Meg: I miss you, and I really do want to be your friend, especially knowing how hard this must be on you. I mean, one minute you're standing at the altar, promising to spend your life with someone, and then the next minute you find out that --

Damian: No, wait. No, wait, wait. Meg, see, you have it all wrong. I'm Lily's husband, legally and in every other way.

Lily: Holden?

Holden: Lily, this is Maeve Stone. Maeve McBride. Maeve, this is my -- Lily.

Maeve: Holden's told me so much about you. I feel like I already know you.

Lily: Oh, my -- oh, my God! You -- you were married to that man that broke in to my house and nearly killed my daughter! What are you doing with my husband?

Holden: Lily, stop, stop. You're overreacting.

Lily: This is the woman that tried to empty your bank accounts when you were missing. She -- she was married to that monster! He -- he held a gun to faith. My God, if he wasn't killed, who knows what he would have done? She was his accomplice. I -- I'm calling Jack. I'm gonna have you arrested!

Holden: Lily, Lily, stop, stop. You're overreacting. Maeve was Ebís victim in all this, just like me.

Lily: No. I saw the security tapes. No one was holding a gun to your head when you walked in to that bank.

Maeve: I only went to the bank for Holden, so he could pay up Eb so we could go free.

Lily: You never thought about going to the police?

Holden: Well, as it was, Eb found out that Maeve was in Oakdale that day.

Maeve: And he hurt me really bad, and I had to go along with him or else he would have hurt Holden even worse.

Holden: Yeah. He locked us up in a root cellar. He left us there to die. The roof ended up caving in on me. Maeve, she saved me. She took me to the hospital.

Maeve: We saved each other.

Lily: Thank you for helping my husband.

Maeve: A good husband's hard to find. Of course, some people are greedy, take more than their share.

Lily: That's a nice outfit. Looks like your days of suffering are over.

Maeve: Yours, too. I only say that because usually widows don't wear such an outfit, but I guess you moved on.

Lily: My husband isn't dead, but yours is.

Holden: All right. You know what, that's enough. I'll walk you back to the hotel.

Maeve: Okay.

Lily: Oh, you're staying at the Lakeview?

Maeve: That's right.

Lily: Well, be sure to give them my name at the front desk if you need anything. I own the hotel. Holden, wait. Do you think you could stop by the house later? The kids really want to spend some time with you.

Holden: I'll be there.

Maeve: Still got it bad, don't you?

Damian: See, when Holden was declared legally dead, Lily was free to marry, and that marriage is binding. It would take a court order to change that.

Meg: Well, that's good news for you.

Damian: It's what's fair.

Meg: What about Lily? How does she feel?

Damian: She's conflicted. Of course, who wouldn't be? As you said, the past few months have been a roller coaster, and when she starts finally to put her life back together, Holden turns up alive.

Meg: Which is a miracle.

Damian: Yes, it is a miracle, but things have changed since he disappeared. I mean, nobody expected Lily to be mourning forever.

Meg: No, not forever, but -- I'm sorry. So, you're saying, as far as Lily is concerned, her marriage to Holden is over?

Damian: Well, she feels guilty, of course, and she wants to do right by him, but once the shock wears off, she'll know where her heart lies.

Meg: Well, I hope it works out for you and for Lily. I want you both to be happy.

Damian: You really mean that, don't you?

Meg: With all my heart.

Brad: I almost forgot, the SATs are today. She's been studying for months.

Janet: Yeah, you're telling me.

Brad: Well, we should celebrate, don't you think?

Janet: What do you mean? Like, with a party?

Brad: Well, I mean, we don't want to embarrass her, but we can get everybody together at Al's, just family. You know, do you think you can get her there without her suspecting?

Janet: I'll do my best.

Brad: Okay, good. Okay. I'll take care of everything else, all right? Just call me on my cell.

Janet: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: Hello?

Emily: Janet, its Emily.

Janet: What do you want, besides my daughter's baby?

Emily: No, I was -- I was just calling to see if Liberty had checked in after her SATs?

Janet: I was just about to call her. How'd she do?

Emily: Our Lib? How do you think?

Janet: She's not your Lib, and sooner or later she's gonna see through you and your pathetic husband, so don't get too comfortable.

Emily: Look, I was just calling to be nice, okay? I don't have to take your abuse.

Paul: Let me guess, Liberty's not there.

Emily: No, she's not, and mommy dearest has no idea that she missed the test.

Paul: Okay. Well, there's still plenty of other places to look for her.

Emily: All right, just wait. Let's start with all restaurants that make chocolate milkshakes.

Parker: Any better?

Liberty: I don't feel like I'm gonna hurl, but my life is still over.

Parker: Right. Well, I brought you some aspirin so that you don't get a hangover. If you can keep it down.

Liberty: Thanks. You know, I'm starting to sort of kind of feel like myself right now.

Parker: That's good.

Liberty: I'm just so sick of everyone telling me what I need to do all the time, when I need to sleep and eat and how hot I should keep the shower even. And the thing is, when it was just me, they could have cared less, but now that I have this thing growing inside of me, suddenly I'm so valuable.

Parker: How does your mom think that it's gonna be okay for her to adopt your baby? Wouldn't it be torture for you to see it every day?

Liberty: Humiliating. Everyone would know, and I might as well just keep it, just give up now, work at Al's for the rest of my life.

Parker: Could I get some discounts? Maybe unlimited sides, free refills for eternity?

Liberty: Stop. My mom was always telling me how she wanted me to go to college because she couldn't, but now it's like she wants me to turn into her, like she's somehow validating her life or something.

Parker: For whatever its worth, I think you're getting a pretty raw deal.

Liberty: I know, right. God, you're the only one who gets it really.

Parker: My Aunt Rosanna would be cool with you staying the night. I mean, in fact, it would probably make her feel better. She still thinks it's her fault that you got caught by your mom in the clinic in Chicago.

Liberty: I can't stay at your house, Parker. Emily and Paul would freak out, and there's only so much guilt that I can take.

Parker: You sure? Okay. I can give you a ride over there if you want.

Liberty: No. You've been so great really, but I think I just need a time-out right now. I just need to sit here by myself for a little while.

Parker: Okay. Well, call me if you need anything, okay?

Liberty: Yeah.

Parker: If you need these.

Jack: Carly hadn't been able to make phone calls until, you know -- something about it being easier to understand what someone actually means when you're face-to-face.

Craig: It's not always that way.

Rosanna: Yeah. It really depends sometimes on who you're dealing with.

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Jack: What's wrong with the two of you? Oh, I get it. You're wondering why she called me instead of one of you.

Craig: Yeah.

Rosanna: You got us, so stop torturing us and tell us what she said.

Jack: She asked about the kids. I did most of the talking. Then she had to go to group.

Craig: The kids? That's the only reason she called?

Rosanna: Of course. Of course she asked about the kids. I'm sure she misses them like crazy.

Craig: Well, how did -- how did she sound?

Jack: Good, I guess. Better.

Rosanna: Good. Well, it's, you know -- did she say when she's coming home?

Jack: No, she didn't mention anything about the program, but I got to tell you, she sounded a lot more peaceful than when she left.

Craig: Peaceful. That's a good sign.

Rosanna: Yes, it's a good thing that they, you know, let her call if she has phone privileges. Then that means that she must be improving.

Jack: Yes, I hope so. She's been gone far too long. The kids are ready for her to come home.

Rosanna: I bet. Well, boy, so am I.

Craig: We all are.

Jack: That's good to hear, Craig, 'cause I was beginning to think that you were enjoying this setup a little too much.

Craig: What the hell do you mean by that?

Meg: Misplace one of your husbands? Damn, I hate when that happens.

Lily: I don't want to fight with you, Meg.

Meg: Lily, wait. I don't want to fight. You and Damian are still married in the eyes of the law, so --

Lily: How do you know that?

Meg: He told me. You just missed him, actually.

Lily: Why would he tell you?

Meg: We're friends. I do admit I wanted more, but he chose you, and I want him to be happy, so --

Lily: That act might work with Damian, but I'm immune.

Meg: It's not an act, but I can understand why you would jump to that conclusion, so I forgive you.

Lily: For what?

Meg: For letting your frustrations out on me and for breaking my brother's heart.

Lily: Don't go there.

Meg: You know, I can't even imagine being in such an awkward position.

Lily: It's not awkward. I love Holden. As far as I'm concerned, we're still married. This legal issue is just a technicality, and as soon as it's taken care of, Holden and I will be together again.

Meg: So, by "Taken care of," do you mean divorce?

Lily: Or an annulment. Whatever it takes.

Meg: So, where does that leave Damian?

Lily: Not with you.

Damian: Holden. You look much better. Have you managed to get some rest? If you're here to see Lily --

Holden: No, no. I'm here to wait for my kids, to see then when they get back from school. What's your excuse?

Damian: All right, listen. I'm sorry we got off on the wrong foot when you got back.

Holden: We did that years ago.

Damian: Fair enough. Still, you're been through a horrible ordeal, and I'm sure your homecoming was not what you expected it to be.

Holden: Not even close.

Damian: That's understandable, but the fact is that Lily and I are now husband and wife.

Holden: No. Lily's still married to me, so that means that your marriage is illegal.

Damian: So we all assumed, wrongly, as it turns out.

Jack: Why so defensive, Craig? Well, I must have hit a nerve.

Rosanna: Don't be silly. We just had a big business meeting, and there was a lot riding on the outcome.

Craig: Yeah, nothing a dry martini won't cure.

Jack: Well, what's gonna happen when Carly gets back, huh? Do you expect her to sit and sit on a Shirley Temple while you indulge in a liquid lunch?

Rosanna: Now, that's not fair. Carly's not here.

Craig: Well, come on, Jack. You have something to say, you might as well say it.

Jack: You love the control, Craig. The bar, the company, Carly's power of attorney, even the kids. I mean, having her back's gonna put a serious crimp in your style, right?

Craig: Must be nice to have all the answers.

Jack: Oh, I don't, but being a cop, I'll keep looking.

Rosanna: Well, that was close.

Craig: I told you, Parker's not gonna tell Carly.

Rosanna: Right, yes, because of this mysterious understanding that the two of you have.

Craig: That's right.

Rosanna: Craig, we can't just wait for the ax to fall. If Carly's gonna find out, we should be the one to tell her.

Craig: But only if we have to.

Rosanna: We cannot keep the truth from her forever. She's already reaching out to Jack. It's just a matter of time before she turns to Parker. Look, I need to be the one to tell her. I can't hurt her any more than I already have.

Craig: How do we tell her when we don't understand this ourselves?

Janet: Hey! Parker, hi! Have you seen Liberty? We're kind of planning a surprise dinner for her to celebrate knocking the SATs out of the park!

Parker: You haven't talked to her, have you?

Janet: No. Is she okay?

Parker: She woke up late. By the time we got there, they'd already started the tests, so she couldn't go in.

Janet: They wouldn't let her take the test?

Parker: No. It's against the rules.

Janet: I don't get it. She's been studying for months. She was so ready for this. It's not like her to go this far and then drop the ball.

Parker: Well, it's not really her fault. Emily turned off her alarm.

Janet: What? She did what? I just got off the phone with her. She made it sound like everything was fine! Oh, that conniving --

Parker: You know what? Honestly, she's really not doing anything worse than you are. The two of you just want Liberty's baby, and the fact that her life is hanging by a thread right now seems to mean nothing to the two of you.

Brad: Hey, where's the guest of honor?

Liberty: Thank God.

Emily: Liberty. Liberty, where have you been? I've been calling your cell for over an hour.

Liberty: I turned it off.

Emily: Paul, Liberty's here! What's the matter? Do you have a headache? Are you okay?

Liberty: I do now.

Paul: Hey, Liberty. Look, we know you're upset about the SATs, but -- you all right?

Emily: Don't worry about the test, okay? You'll get another chance somewhere else. I promise.

Liberty: Actually, all the schools are giving it on the same day.

Paul: Well, we'll find some place that'll give you a makeup test. We'll fly you out of the state if we have to. Everything's gonna be just fine.

Emily: Are you okay?

Liberty: Yeah. I'm just gonna go to bed. What?

Emily: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Have you been drinking? What about the baby?

Liberty: Don't start.

Emily: How could you put the baby at risk like this, 'cause you missed a stupid test?

Liberty: I said I was sorry!

Emily: Did you not read the pamphlet I gave you on fetal alcohol syndrome?

Liberty: Please, please, just back off, okay? I'm not your pet incubator. I'm important, too. I'm just as important as this kid.

Paul: Absolutely, you are. Emily doesn't mean otherwise. She just worries, that's all.

Liberty: Stop pretending like you're worried about me, because I know you could care less. It's really lucky for you guys that I haven't signed the adoption papers yet, because you're better off without me and my damaged kid, and we're sure as hell better off without you.

Emily: No, don't --

Emily: She's drunk. We have got to stop her before something worse happens!

Paul: Stop. Will you look? She's not our prisoner.

Emily: Well, then do something. Call the police. She could endanger the life of a child, Paul, and I am partly responsible!

Paul: No, you're not. You didn't make Liberty pick up a box of wine, and there's no way you could have known that today was the SAT day. I didn't know that, either.

Emily: You know what? It doesn't matter. None of this matters because she's never gonna sign those adoption papers now. Oh, God. There goes the baby, just like that.

Paul: Hey, she's gonna come back. She's coming back. When she comes back, we will prove to her that she is as important to us as the kid.

Emily: That's her.

Parker: Hey.

Paul: Hey, Parker. What's up?

Parker: I just wanted to talk to Liberty. Where is she?

Emily: Did you give her the alcohol?

Parker: No! She's pregnant!

Paul: Parker's not like that.

Parker: I just want to talk to Liberty, and then I will leave.

Paul: Yeah, she's kind of a mess right now.

Parker: Yeah, I wonder why.

Emily: Look, I'm sorry. I made a mistake. If Liberty really wants to go to college, I swear to you, we will make sure she gets to go.

Parker: You can't get in to a good school without SAT scores, and if you don't take them in time, you'll have to wait an entire year.

Paul: Well, we'll figure something out, but right now Liberty's out there and she's feeling like she's all alone. Could you please just -- could you find her? Could you tell her that we're sorry?

Emily: Yeah, yeah. And tell her that I'm sorry that I yelled at her for being drunk.

Parker: You sound really broken up about it.

Emily: Look, I'm sorry, okay? I didn't mean for her to sleep in. I didn't mean to turn off the alarm and blow her SATs. Look, I'm sorry. I'm not -- when I found out that she was drinking, I just -- I panicked. I'm not used to dealing with teenagers, especially pregnant teenage girls.

Parker: Her mom isn't that great at it either.

Paul: Well, then find Liberty, please, and tell her to come here. Tell her that this is her home as long as she wants it to be.

Parker: Why do I get the feeling that the only thing you guys care about is getting her baby?

Brad: She missed the SATs? How the hell did that happen?

Janet: Because Emily doesn't know what she's doing. She turned off the alarm clock so Liberty could rest. If it were you and me, we would have made her a power breakfast, and we would have had her at that school with plenty of time.

Brad: I would have sharpened her pencils, for crying out loud. What the hell is wrong with these people?

Janet: It's a business arrangement. They don't care about Liberty. They just care about that baby. Once they get that baby, they're gonna drop Liberty back off in our laps. Heck, they probably won't even slow the car down. They'll just open the door and let her roll out.

Brad: Let's not get carried away here. What we need to do is just think about what's gonna be best for our kid, right?

Janet: Exactly. That is why Jack and are the --

Brad: We're back to you and Jack taking the baby.

Janet: It's the best thing for everybody.

Brad: You said that you weren't gonna pressure her.

Janet: Do you have a better solution?

Brad: You know I do.

Janet: Don't say that, Bradley. Come on. Please. Jack and I can take care of this baby, and then someday when Liberty's ready to become a mother, she'll be there. She'll --

Brad: She's made one mistake, one mistake. She shouldn't have to have her nose rubbed in it for the rest of her life every day.

Janet: Once this baby is born it'll be a person not a mistake. Jack and I have this under control. Please, Bradley, it's not just the best solution, it's the only one.

Brad: What about Liberty's future?

Janet: I'm gonna take care of that.

Brad: Yeah, you've been doing a great job until she got pregnant, and now you're so consumed with baby lust, which is fine, okay. Whatever. Get your own kid, one that doesn't break your daughter's heart every time she's gonna have to see it.

Woman: Yes, big yawn. Please get sleepy, Cupcake, because mommy's exhausted. Please?

Meg: You know, if you divorce Damian, you don't have a say in how he chooses to spend his time.

Lily: He's over you, Meg. Why can't you accept that?

Meg: And why can't you really admit what's going on? You say you want Holden.

Lily: I do.

Meg: Really? 'Cause that ring says otherwise.

Lily: My finger is swollen. I tried to get it off, but I canít.

Meg: Really? I could help. It might hurt a little.

Lily: I don't need any help from you, Meg.

Meg: Yeah, well, you should. Theoretically, I should be your best friend in the world right now. You see, we both want the same thing. You want out of your marriage with Damian, and I want you out of it every bit as much.

Lily: No matter how much you love Damian, he'd rather be alone.

Damian: As far as the state of Illinoisí concerned, you died, and as soon as your death certificate was issued, Lily became a free woman.

Holden: The coroner never should have signed off on that death certificate without proof.

Damian: Maybe so, but it happened, and Lily's life went on without you. Now, would you rather have had her suffer, not knowing what happened to you or where you were?

Holden: No. I'd rather the police in Kentucky have done their job and come looking for me.

Damian: Yeah, well, all that matters to me is that you know that you're no longer Lily's husband. If you won't take my word, then I can point you to my lawyer.

Holden: You're pretty smart for a guy who spent his wedding night in a hotel without his wife.

Damian: Lily's still in shock, but she'll come out of it, and when she does, I'll be there.

Holden: Maybe she doesn't want you there.

Damian: Lily married me of her own free will. She said her vows in front of your children, and she meant every word of it. That's why I don't mind giving her the space she needs, because I know she'll always come back to me.

Holden: What if she doesn't need you there anymore?

Damian: I'll take my chances. Now, you stay. Spend time with your children. I can wait to see Lily, as long as it takes. I have all the time in the world.

Jack: Hey, it's Jack. You need to get down here, now.

Craig: Don't worry. I'm not coming in. But if you're gonna confess everything to Carly, you better be sure what it is exactly you're confessing.

Rosanna: Well, it's pretty simple, Craig. I slept with her fiancť. That was wrong.

Craig: Only if it was just sex.

Rosanna: Well, wasn't that all it was for you?

Craig: Which answer makes you feel better?

Rosanna: Parker, hi. Craig is absolutely not staying, okay? He's just -- we had a business meeting, and he dropped me off at the house.

Parker: Save it, save it, okay? I was gonna come find you anyway. I've decided to accept your offer.

Rosanna: What offer?

Parker: Oh, he didn't tell you?

Rosanna: What offer, Parker?

Parker: Well, if I don't tell my mom about the two of you, I get access to my trust fund.

Rosanna: Oh, no. Over my dead body.

Craig: It's his money, Rosanna. He's responsible enough to handle it.

Rosanna: No, no, no. The last time that he had control of his own money he bought himself a sports car!

Craig: He's learned a lot since then.

Rosanna: Apparently, like how to profit from blackmail.

Craig: It's not blackmail if it's my idea.

Rosanna: I don't care whose idea it is. You're paying him for his silence.

Parker: No. It's cool with me.

Rosanna: No, Parker. It is not cool. Do you really want to lie to your mother for the rest of your life?

Parker: Do we have a deal or not?

Craig: Yes.

Rosanna: No!

Craig: I'm the one who has a say here, not her.

Parker: Great. So, when do I get my cash?

Rosanna: Are you seriously going through with this?

Craig: As soon as the bank opens tomorrow.

Parker: Cool. Oh, and by the way, my mom's no idiot. As soon as she gets back, she'll see right through you two. It's what I call a win-win.

Craig: The more I learn about that kid, the more he reminds me of me.

Rosanna: Well, God help him, then.

Janet: Oh, my poor baby!

Brad: Janet, Janet. Will you please just leave her alone?

Janet: She needs her mother.

Brad: Listen, you have been all over her for weeks, okay? It doesn't look like it's doing much good to me.

Janet: So what? We're supposed to just leave her there?

Brad: No, no, no. Of course not. But the last thing that she needs right now is more pressure about the baby from you.

Janet: She needs me.

Brad: And you know what? I'm her father. When it comes to the baby that she's carrying, I don't have an agenda.

Janet: My only agenda is to make sure my daughter gets the support she needs.

Brad: Do you know what she needs right now? She needs to feel like what she thinks matters.

Janet: You do not know my relationship with my daughter.

Brad: Okay, well, vice versa.

Jack: Come on, guys. This isn't a competition. Liberty is sad and she's scared and she's trying to do the right thing for all of us, which is an impossible job. She doesn't need a shrink or a priest or any kind of lecture right now. What she needs is her parents.

Brad: That would be us. You be good cop. I'll be bad cop.

Janet: No. We'll both be good cops. She just needs our love.

Liberty: Mom.

Janet: Libby-loo.

Brad: Liberty, we love you.

Liberty: Why?

Brad: Why?

Liberty: I am such a mess right now.

Brad: Why? I'm so proud of you. Okay, we both are. We always will be.

Jack: Let's go home.

Emily: If I could put Liberty in a bubble until she gives birth, I would. This is my last chance at the mom thing, you know? Is that terrible? Because I really feel like --

Paul: Feel like what?

Emily: I feel like this baby's gonna make up for every bad thing we've ever done.

Paul: You know what I think? I think the baby is a miracle, and God knows we're due one soon.

Holden: Go, go! Okay, rodeo's over. Mommy's home.

Ethan: No. Why?

Lily: Oh, I don't want to spoil the fun. I know how much you missed your daddy.

Holden: Not as much as I missed him. Tell you what, why don't you go get us a couple of fudgsicles, okay?

Ethan: Yeah!

Holden: Good boy.

Lily: Seeing the two of you playing like that, it was as if --

Holden: As if I never left. Damian came by. Turns out that you are legally his wife.

Lily: I don't care what the law says. It only matters how we feel, Holden.

Holden: Tell Ethan I'll take a rain check on that fudgsicle.

Lily: You're not even gonna say goodbye?

Holden: Last time I said goodbye, I almost didn't come back.

Lily: Holden, I know that you're angry now, but you won't always feel that way.

Holden: Lily, the only thing that brought me back was knowing that I had you to come home to, and now that I'm here, I won't settle for anything less than all of you, and if I can't have that -- give Ethan a hug for me.

Craig: Damn.

Rosanna: Go away, Craig! Go away!

Craig: No.

Rosanna: Please, please donít. Please, I want to be a good sister. I want to be a good person!

Craig: You are.

Rosanna: No, I'm not. I'm not! I just want things to be different, and every time I try, you're always there!

Emily: Maybe we're not supposed to have children. Maybe that's why things never work out for us.

Paul: I promised you a child. Maybe you're right, maybe this is our chance to get it right -- a new life, new little soul to share it with. I'm not gonna disappoint you, Em, not this time.

Jack: I was so proud of you and Brad today that you pulled it together when Liberty needed you.

Janet: You know, when I was putting her to sleep just now, she looked so small and scared, and her eyes, it was like they trusted me again, you know. It was like she could fall asleep and be safe because she knew I would be watching over her. It was like I had my little girl back.

Jack: Oh, Honey, she's always gonna be your little girl, but you can't force her to have one of her own.

Janet: Shh, shh, shh, shh!

Jack: And the harder you try --

Janet: No, no, no. Stop, stop, stop. Just hold me.

Parker: Liberty?

Liberty: Parker, Parker. Hey, hey. Keep your voice down 'cause my mom and your dad are right outside.

Parker: No. I know they are. Are you doing any better?

Liberty: A little, I guess. My mom hasn't mentioned taking the baby since we got back. She and my dad, they're trying to be, like, super mom and iron dad all of a sudden, and it's so annoying.

Parker: Yeah, well, don't worry about that, because you shouldn't have to put up with that for much longer. If everything works out the way I want it to, you won't have to listen to your mom or Emily or anyone else again, really.

Liberty: Why? What changed?

Parker: Everything.

Liberty: Shoot. They're coming inside. You got to go.

Parker: Okay.

Liberty: Parker, you're the best friend that I have ever had.

Maeve: Well, hello there, neighbor. Can you spare a little ice?

Damian: Still can't get it off.

Lily: The jeweler said if I couldnít get it he could cut it off.

Damian: Is that what you want? Lily, listen, I know it's confusing for you, but it's not complicated. The simple truth is you and I belong together. I know it. Even Holden knows it. And when you stop fighting it, you'll know it, too.

Lily: Maybe. But until then, you better take this.

Damian: You keep it.

On the next "As the World Turns," --

Paul: This is our child! Nothing is gonna change that!

Ralph: I'm gonna change that.

Janet: If that's the way you feel, then get the hell out!

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Bonnie: Knowing that there's a possibility of something more than a beach vacation in the future might be nice.

Henry: I have got another plan to get Ralph off my back, and it doesn't involve cheating on Vienna.

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