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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 10/12/09

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[Alarm beeping]

Katie: Come on, Vienna! Okay. Okay.

[Katie coughing]

Katie: Yes, I'm at Al's diner in Old Town. There's a fire here, and there's a woman that's hurt. I can't move her. Oh, come on, Henry. Please answer.

[Cell phone ringing]

Barbara: Where's the fire, Henry?

Audrey: You're making me nervous.

Ralph: Oh, you're easily unnervable.

Audrey: No. I just thought maybe you'd be freaking out about Henry and those payments because, well, he isn't dragging his feet, Ralph. I swear. Henry's -- Ralph.

Ralph: Audrey, listen to me. Your son is young and easily distracted, but as soon as somebody lights a fire under him, he's really gonna hop to it and get his priorities straight.

Teri: Oh, whoa. Excuse me.

Ralph: Whoa. Whoa. Is that what I think it is?

Teri: Yes. It's your favorite, Uncle Ralph.

Ralph: Oh, that's so nice of you! Hey!

Parker: I can't find it. One second. Excuse me. Here you go. It's that one right there.

Rosanna: That's great, Parker. That's -- wow. I think, you know, this is the one that we can use to market to the teen demo.

Craig: Yeah. What she said. Good call, Parker.

Rosanna: Yeah.

Parker: I'd look at that ad, even if my face wasn't on it.

Rosanna: Absolutely. It's the best photo from the shoot.

Parker: Great. I really appreciate you guys letting me give you my input on it and listening to it.

Craig: Are you kidding? This whole campaign's a family affair. Why wouldn't we care? What do you got there, buddy?

Johnny: It's the ad for the kids.

Rosanna: Well, look at that. That's perfect.

Parker: It is, isn't it? Can you use that?

Craig: You know what? I think we can. Tell you what, I'm gonna get another pizza. At this rate, if we pull an all-nighter, we'll have all these ideas worked out by morning.

Johnny: Another sleepover? Cool.

Brad: Oh, my God! Katie, we got to get you out of here! Come on, come on, come on! Vienna! Vienna! Can you walk?

Katie: Yeah!

Brad: Okay, go, go, go. I'll get Vienna

Katie: No! I called 911!

Brad: Listen to me, I'm not letting anything happen to you or the baby! Go, go!

[Cell phone ringing]

Henry: Great. What?

Audrey: Hey, that's the mouth you kiss your mama with.

Henry: Oh, for the love of -- not now.

Audrey: Are you progressing with Barbara?

Henry: They were.

[Cell phone beeps]

Henry: Hold on, Mother.

Barbara: You can't be serious.

Henry: Katie, this is not a good time.

Katie: No, Henry -- fire!

Henry: I'm sorry?

Katie: There's been a fire. Vienna's hurt. There was so much smoke. I tried. I really tried, but we have to go to the hospital.

Henry: Wait, Katie. Katie, what happened to Vienna? Katie? Katie? Katie?

Barbara: This is not the way I usually close a negotiation, Henry.

Henry: Where's my other shoe? Where's the shoe?

Barbara: Would you like to tell me what's going on here or shall I guess?

Henry: Look, Katie is not an alarmist, okay? I've heard Vienna's hurt, hospital, fire. How much more explanation do you need?

Barbara: You know, I wasn't born yesterday.

Henry: Whatever it is you're thinking, Barbara, I don't have time for it.

Barbara: Tell me, Henry, how long did you tell Katie to take before she called you with an emergency?

Henry: Barbara, this isn't about you, okay? This isn't about you, this isn't about this, this isn't about me and the money. This is about Vienna, and if anything happened to her while I was here with you --

Paramedic: Hey, Doc. We've had her on high flow o2, and she's awake and alert. No visible burns. B.P.'S 136 over 70, and her respirations are stable.

Doctor: Take her to two and check C.O. levels for me.

Brad: Doctor, my wife was in a fire, and she inhaled a lot of smoke.

Katie: I told you, I'm fine.

Brad: I want you checked out.

Katie: But I'm okay.

Brad: Will you -- please just don't argue with me? I mean, obviously you can tell that she's pregnant. I just want to make sure that she's okay.

Doctor: Absolutely. We'll run some tests just to make sure, all right?

Brad: Thank you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for yelling at you.

Katie: I'm sorry that you're worried about me.

Brad: I still am.

Katie: I know, and I love you for that. The EMT said that Vienna was alert. That's good, right?

Brad: I think so. Did you get a hold of Henry?

Katie: Yeah.

Brad: He's gonna take care of her. My priority is you now.

Ralph: Audrey.

Audrey: Hmm?

Ralph: This is gonna taste a lot better than your finger.

Audrey: Oh, no, thank you. Not hungry.

Ralph: Something wrong?

Audrey: No, not at all. Nothing's wrong. But, you know, if I were you, I would probably ask myself that question.

Ralph: Why is that?

Audrey: Guy at the bar. If looks could kill, Ralph, you'd be dead.

Teri: Hey, do you know him, Uncle Ralph?

Ralph: Never seen him before in my life.

Teri: Whoa. He's coming over here. Uncle Ralph.

Dusty: Looks good.

Teri: Whoa, hey. Hey, what are you doing?

Dusty: Relax. It's okay. Sharing his dessert is the least the old man can do for me.

Teri: Who the hell are you?

Dusty: We used to be in business together, right, Ralph? You've gotten better at sharing. You and your buddies weren't so good about that back in Chicago, were you?

Rosanna: Well, this is great! You know what? I'm gonna give this to the P.R. people. I'm sure they're gonna love it.

Craig: Yeah?

Rosanna: Yeah.

Parker: Johnny, that was very good. What were you saying about a sleepover earlier?

Craig: Oh. Oh, that. That was the other night when he fell and hit his head.

Rosanna: He had a concussion.

Craig: Yeah. So, we made a game out of the whole thing.

Rosanna: And we stayed up all night. It was an all-nighter!

Craig: An all-nighter, right. Yeah.

Rosanna: You know what? Johnny, this is so great. You worked so hard. We're so proud of you. You deserve a reward. How about some ice cream?

Johnny: Rainbow sprinkles!

Craig: You know what? Double. Hey, Parker, would you take him?

Parker: Yeah, sure.

Craig: Thanks.

Rosanna: Great.

Craig: Great.

Rosanna: Awesome.

Parker: You guys want anything?

Rosanna: No, I'm good.

Craig: Nope. Fine, thanks, but you know what? Get whatever you want, and get whatever he wants.

Parker: Okay.

Rosanna: Bye.

Craig: Bye.

[Door closes]

Rosanna: Oh, my God. He knows.

Craig: No, Parker does not know.

Rosanna: No, he knows. "Another sleepover," Craig?

Craig: It was Johnny rambling. Johnny's a kid. Kids ramble. It went right over Parker's head.

Rosanna: No, it didn't! He asked! He asked for further clarification!

Craig: But he didn't get any. Now, please, just calm down, okay?

Rosanna: No. Unh-unh. No. Okay, look, I'm not doing this. No.

Parker: Why'd you call that night a sleepover, Johnny, if nobody actually went to sleep?

Johnny: Is there really a man in the moon, Parker?

Parker: No. No, there isn't, Johnny. It's all in your head.

Henry: Excuse me. Vienna Hyatt, she was hurt in a fire?

Doctor: Are you family?

Henry: Yeah. No, I'm not. She's my girl, okay? Please, please. Oh, my God. Is she gonna be okay?

Doctor: Yeah.

Henry: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. She means the world to me. She really does. Um -- my friend called me, Katie. Katie Snyder.

Doctor: Yeah, she's right across the hall. We're just checking her out.

Henry: Okay.

Brad: She inhaled a lot of smoke.

Katie: Brad.

Brad: The doctor said that people are gonna get a fetal heart monitor in here to make sure that the baby was okay. Today would be nice.

Katie: Brad. I'm sorry. He's just very nervous.

Nurse: I'll get a doctor in here, but you're fine, and lucky to have him.

Katie: I am lucky to have you, but you're a wreck. I need you to calm down, please.

Brad: I'm just really glad that you called for help.

Katie: Me too. I just hope it got there in time. `

Henry: I can't believe they don't know what started the fire. I mean, accidents happen, sure, but this is -- this is different.

Dusty: The lakeshore redevelopment project. I raised the money. Your people signed on to build it. Very ambitious project. People looked forward to it. Then this crazy thing happened. All the money I raised just suddenly disappeared.

Ralph: Well, that's a shame. I'll bet you took a lot of heat for that.

Dusty: Oh, yeah. Mostly from your people.

Ralph: My people.

Dusty: The ones who are supposed to make sure people like me don't make trouble. Anyway, by the time I got my cast off -- well, let's just say nobody could ever find the fake stationery you guys used to make it look legit.

Ralph: Listen, buddy, I'm sorry that the redevelopment project didn't work out for you, but that kind of thing, it happens all the time.

Dusty: When there's money and muscle, right?

Teri: Hey, that's enough.

Dusty: I understand. You're sticking up for family. I don't know you, Theresa, but your uncle's got one thing right. You sure can cook.

Nurse: Oh, you can give these to Ms. Hyatt yourself.

Henry: Excuse me?

Nurse: I assumed they were from you.

Henry: "The circle of life is a beautiful thing. Don't break it."

Craig: Come on. We didn't plan this.

Rosanna: I know we didn't plan it, but we did it and we're doing it.

Craig: You know, this isn't a game for me.

Rosanna: Carly is in rehab, okay, and we're --

Craig: And we're figuring it out.

Rosanna: Yeah, we're figuring it out by sleeping together?

Craig: I thought we were okay with this.

Rosanna: I'm not okay with this. I'm sleeping with my sister's fiancť.

Craig: All right. You know, you got really spooked out there before with the kid.

Rosanna: Spooked?! I felt like the whore of Babylon in front of a teenager and a kid!

Craig: Again, they don't know anything. Rosanna, it's your guilt talking to you.

Rosanna: Yeah, it is. It's my guilt. I'm guilty. Sue me. What does your guilt say?

Craig: Oh, you don't want to know.

Rosanna: Yeah, I want to know. Trust me.

Craig: It says I'm the man that everyone thinks I am. A conniver, a liar, a cheater. And then I remember the smell of your hair. And even after everything that's happened, all I can think about is being with you. And I know what that says about me.

Rosanna: It says the same thing about me.

Craig: Rosanna, if you don't want this to ever happen again, you're gonna have to tell me right now. Is that what you want?

Parker: Oh, okay. I see how it's gonna go.

Craig: Where's Johnny?

Parker: He's upstairs eating his ice cream. Good thing, huh?

Rosanna: Parker, I can explain.

Parker: Explain? Really? You know, I knew it. The second that Johnny said that thing about you guys having a sleepover, I knew it, but I told myself that there's no way. It's not possible. Not my mom's sister. Not even you, Craig.

Craig: Okay. Parker, we're gonna calm down. We're gonna sit down, and we're gonna talk this out.

Parker: Oh, yeah. Like that's gonna happen.

Craig: Parker, you need to understand.

Parker: Understand how you two sent my mom away so that you could hook up?

Rosanna: No, no! That didn't happen. You know that's not true.

Parker: Have you guys been doing it the entire time that she's been at that clinic?

Craig: No, no!

Parker: Oh, great! So this is really hot and new for you guys right now? That's great!

Craig: Parker, Parker. I know you're upset, but you will not disrespect your aunt.

Parker: I stood up for you to my dad!

Craig: I know you did, and I'm sorry.

Parker: Good, now get the hell out of my house!

Rosanna: Parker, this is not just Craig's fault, okay? He's not the only one to blame.

Parker: Oh, I know. Believe me.

Rosanna: So what are you gonna do? You gonna throw me out, too?

Parker: I probably should. Who would do this to their own sister?

Rosanna: I'm so sorry, Parker.

Parker: And who would do this to someone that's killing themselves to get better for them? What are you guys gonna do about my mom? I guess I knew that, too.

Audrey: Oh, Henry. I am just beside myself. You know, I talked to Ralph, and he seemed deadly calm, which made me very nervous. So, then I decided I needed to take a walk, so I walked by Al's and I saw the fire trucks, and then I heard that Vienna was taken away in a gurney, and then I saw Katie and I saw Brad and I didn't know what to do, so I -- I brought chocolates. Will that help? Son, please speak to me. Henry? Oh, no. Oh. I -- I thought you and Ralph sort of had an understanding.

Henry: What I understand is that all of this is your fault.

Audrey: Okay. Okay, look. I know that you need to place blame, and that's okay. I get that. But, hey, at least nobody was seriously hurt. Come on. Mmm. Have a chocolate, but don't eat the truffles.

Henry: I don't want a chocolate. I want your little friend Ralph out of my life, okay?

Audrey: Yeah, but it's a little late to the fair on that one, cookie. So, how's it going with Barbara?

Henry: I was with Barbara when the fire started, and that is why Vienna is in the E.R. right now with an oxygen mask on her face and two charred lungs to boot. I can't -- I can't -- I can't do this.

Audrey: Wait, wait, wait! Can't do what? Can't do what?

Henry: I can't keep on lying to a woman that means more to me than my own life.

Audrey: Oh, no, no, no, no. You're saying you have a case of the guilts?

Henry: Yeah, Mother, that's what I'm saying. Yes.

Audrey: What? So it's gonna make it all better if you just confess?

Henry: No, but lying and playing like some kind of male escort is not really that fun, okay?

Audrey: Okay. So what are you gonna do, just waltz in to Vienna's hospital room and tell her everything?

Henry: Yes!

Audrey: Oh, boy. That is just beautiful. Classic male idiocy.

Henry: You're the one who told me to do this in the first place!

Audrey: Yeah, but you're the one who did! You actually did it! So, now you're feeling so terrible about it and you have guilt and you want to unburden your soul? Oh, classic. It's also stupid, and you have no idea. It never, ever, ever works. So, what are you gonna do? You're gonna tell her so you feel better, right? And then Vienna will hate you for the rest of your life while you feel better for ten seconds.

Henry: Crap!

Audrey: Yeah, and then some. And don't forget, you know what, this little thing of telling Vienna the truth may hurt her a lot more than just a broken heart.

Henry: Meaning?

Audrey: Meaning, Ralph -- if Ralph knows that someone else is knowing who he is, then -- you get my drift?

Henry: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Audrey: Look. You know, son, I'm just saying, that's all.

Teri: What kitchen runs out of fennel in the middle of a dinner rush?

Ralph: You had a run on fennel? Really?

Teri: No. Just means really poor planning. Now I have to go to the green market before they close.

Ralph: No, no, you donít. Now just stop it, and stop blaming your mood on a fennel shortage. That's so silly. You know very well that that Donovan character, he's the one that got you madder than he got me.

Teri: He is awful. It's just that, like, machismo, macho strut, those slurs. That's what that was, Uncle Ralph.

Ralph: Water off my back. Here's a guy that's walking around with so much anger that he's jealous of everything that he sees that he doesn't have. He's jealous of my success. He's jealous of my beautiful niece. He's jealous of absolutely everything, and the best he can throw at me is that I'm a crook?

Teri: He's so wrong.

Ralph: But it's meaningless. You really need to believe that, Teri. What isn't meaningless is you and me and Janet and Liberty. A la famiglia.

Teri: A la famiglia. But I don't care what that creep says. You're still the best man that I know.

Bonnie: What are you doing here? I was just on my way to Metro to meet you. What? Are you mad at me because I'm late?

Dusty: No, no. No. I'm sorry. It's not you. I just needed some air.

Bonnie: Should I ask?

Dusty: Here.

Bonnie: You're sending me out to buy a pack of gum?

Dusty: Consider that your retainer.

Bonnie: You're hiring me. Dusty, what happened tonight? Did you get in to some sort of fight or something?

Dusty: Did you ever hear the name Ralph Manzo?

Bonnie: I think so. Why?

Dusty: What did you hear about him?

Bonnie: I don't know. He's, um, in construction in Chicago or something.

Dusty: He's a big-time crook.

Bonnie: Okay.

Dusty: I want to nail him.

Bonnie: Well, you're gonna need a cop, not a lawyer.

Dusty: No, I don't think so.

Bonnie: Yeah. What aren't you telling me, Dusty?

Dusty: Let's just say I have unfinished business with the guy. I never said I was a saint.

Bonnie: I never said I wanted one. Listen, I've got an idea.

Dusty: I like your ideas.

Bonnie: Yeah. I think that you need more than dinner. You need more than that. I'm thinking that you need a long vacation away from here for a while. So, do you think you can put this Manzo thing away for a few days?

Dusty: How fast can you pack?

Barbara: You still have it going on.

Henry: Does it hurt?

Katie: How's Vienna?

Henry: Resting. They say she'll be fine, thanks to you.

Katie: No, thanks to Brad. He's the one that carried her out.

Henry: Okay. Well, I'll thank him later. Are you -- are you okay? Is the baby okay?

Katie: Yeah, fine.

Henry: Thank God.

Katie: It was scary as hell, though, Henry.

Henry: I can't imagine. I'm so sorry, Katie. I'm sure this fire was an accident, but if it's not, I want to get to the bottom of it. I promise you that. I'm really relieved that you and the baby are okay.

Katie: Oh, give me a break, Henry. Get back here. I know where you were tonight. Have you gone mad?

Katie: "The circle of life"?

Henry: Mm-hmm. That's Ralph's colorful euphemism for "Money laundering."

Katie: Translate, please.

Henry: "The circle." I give him money for his "Charity," and then he distributes that money to his people, all illegal, of course.

Katie: Naturally.

Henry: Then he makes a profit, and he funnels the money back to me through Metro. I think in Ralph's book it's called "Symmetry."

Katie: No. In his book it's called "Dollar signs." So, Barbara's involvement in all of this?

Henry: There's a whole mess with the estate. She's frozen the cash flow from it.

Katie: So your solution was to unfreeze Barbara?

Henry: No, no. No. I never would have come up with that idea.

Katie: Who did?

Henry: My mother.

Katie: Ew. Ew, ew, ew, ew!

Henry: You don't know the half of it.

Katie: What?

Henry: It's the biggest disaster ever, okay? First of all, I did something that I never in my life would have thought dictated by my completely out-of-control mother, whose is who thing is I don't even know if Barbara's gonna release the money so I can pay Ralph and get him to stop following us.

Katie: This is ridiculous.

Henry: It's true!

Katie: No. I mean this whole "Woe is me" act you're pulling here. So you made a couple bad choices that led to something really bad almost happening, but listen, you're still here. Vienna's okay. Where's your plan "B"? You're smarter than this.

Henry: I'm having sex with someone so that I can get my evil father's money. Is there a lower floor?

Brad: Hey, Henry. How's Vienna?

Henry: I think she's gonna be fine, and I heard what you did, and I really owe you one, buddy.

Brad: Yeah, well, okay. I'm just glad everybody's okay. I saw the doctor, okay. He showed me the test results. He said to get you home to bed.

Katie: Good. I want to go. Oh, Henry, listen, please tell Vienna that I love her and I'll call her tomorrow.

Henry: Yeah. I'm just glad you and the baby are okay.

Brad: We all got lucky today.

Dusty: Are you stalking me? Nice cover, by the way.

Teri: Cover?

Dusty: Innocent, new chef about town? Nobody would suspect you're on your uncle's payroll.

Teri: You are so miserable, it's actually amazing.

Dusty: What do you do with all that fennel? It's kind of a weird herb to be stocking up on, isn't it?

Teri: What are you doing loitering outside of a woman's of dress shop, Mr. Donovan?

Dusty: Well, I'm outside the dress shop -- I prefer Dusty, by the way. Because my new girlfriend's there buying a new dress for our weekend out of town.

Teri: That's great. You're going away? That's a really great idea.

Dusty: I can tell that you really love your uncle.

Teri: And I can tell that you are a real jackass.

Dusty: Well, my approach may be a little out there, but the facts are real.

Teri: You want facts, Mr. Donovan? My uncle is like a surrogate father to me. He has always taken care of me, and he's never ask for anything in return.

Dusty: Yet.

Teri: No. See, you're wrong again. Iím a chef because of him, because he told me I could be whatever I wanted. He's the rock that I lean on. And, you know, I don't take too well to people who accuse him of things that he would never, ever do, especially when those people look like their picture's in the dictionary under "Con artist."

Dusty: Theresa.

Teri: Whoa, donít. Don't call me that. Actually, don't call me anything, and don't call my restaurant again and make a reservation. Is that clear?

Craig: Did that help?

Parker: Bite me.

Craig: Okay. I want to talk to you like an adult about this, Parker, but that's not a very good start.

Parker: And I want you to get out of here.

Craig: Will it change anything?

Parker: Yeah, it'll change the chances of me walking in to my kitchen to find you making out with my aunt!

Craig: But you did see it, and now we have to deal with it.

Parker: Tell me something, Craig. What was this? Was it love? Lust? A supposed accident? I mean, were you not looking for it, it just happened?

Craig: Look, I'm not gonna talk to you about it if all you're gonna do is jump to conclusions.

Parker: Do you love Rosanna?

Craig: I have no idea what this is, and neither does she, but she's worried. She's worried you're gonna make the biggest mistake by pulling your mother into this.

Parker: Of course she is!

Craig: No. It's not about being found out. It's about Carly's recovery. Now, you may not want to believe it, Parker, but it's the truth. The worst thing you could do would be to call her right now or go over there first thing in the morning and dump this on her. It wouldn't do anything to help her. For the record, you're right. We didn't go looking for this. It did just happen, and neither one of us are feeling lighthearted about it right now.

Parker: Well, what am I supposed to do now that I know about this?

Craig: I'm sorry you know n about it, and I'm sorry about the way you saw it. And now that you do know, I'm gonna ask you to back off and let us figure out the next step.

Parker: This affects me and J.J., Sage, and Johnny.

Craig: I know. But the next step, the next thing to do, that is completely between me and Rosanna.

Parker: I'll back off.

Craig: Thank you, Parker. Thank you.

Parker: If you do, too.

Craig: Excuse me?

Parker: I won't tell my mother, but you don't go anywhere near Rosanna.

Katie: Oh, that feels good. Ah, yeah. I guess I'll have to remember to bend my knees the next time I'm trying to pull an unconscious woman from a burning building. Oh, it's too close. I'm sorry. You're right. I'm sorry.

Brad: I just can't shake it. I will. I just haven't yet. I wonder, how'd it start?

Katie: I bet it was a grease fire. That's why there was so much smoke.

Brad: Well, whatever it was, I want the fire marshal to deal with it.

Katie: I'm sure he will.

Brad: You know, Henry needs to be more on top of things. I don't want something like this to ever happen again.

Katie: None of us do.

Henry: Are you hungry? Do you want me to order in or go out and get you something?

Vienna: You know, I'm really fine, Henry. I mean it. Yes, it was scary at first, but its over, and I'm okay.

Henry: It could have been a lot worse.

Vienna: Yes, but it wasnít. So, please, let's not dwell on this. I mean, in the big scheme of things, it wasn't so terrible.

Henry: It was a lot worse than you think it was. Anyway, if Brad and Katie hadn't been there to help you, I don't -- I don't want to think about it.

Vienna: Oh, come on. Please stop feeling guilty that you weren't there, okay?

Henry: Vienna, you know that I love you, right?

Vienna: I'm pretty clear about that, and I love you, too. So much. Okay?

Henry: I don't deserve it.

Vienna: Oh, Henry, you are my hero every day, every single day.

Henry: Oh, Vienna. Vienna.

Vienna: You know, like when you gave up all the money so it wouldn't come back and haunt us. That's my idea of my knight shining armor.

Henry: Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Vienna: I bet those are my flowers.

Henry: Youíre what?

Vienna: Beautiful flowers you brought me. I asked the hospital to send them over. You're so thoughtful.

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, that's me.

Barbara: Hello, lover.

Henry: Are you for real?

Barbara: I apologize. I realize I'm a little insensitive, but I really do care. Kiss and make up?

Henry: Barbara!

Barbara: It's okay. Relax, all right? So, is the lovely Vienna in one piece?

Henry: Do you think this is funny?

Barbara: Seriously, is she all right?

Henry: Yes, yes. She is all right, no thanks to me.

Vienna: Henry, is that my flowers?

Barbara: Oh, aren't you lovely? Flowers.

Henry: They weren't from me. I'll be right there!

Barbara: I think this is a bad time, isn't it?

Henry: You think?

Barbara: No reason for snark, Henry.

Henry: I'm sorry. It's just its a little noisy up here right now, okay?

Barbara: Oh, that's all right. Now, you tend to your patient, and then we have one more thing we have to deal with.

Henry: Just one?

Barbara: Yes, that negotiation that we were working on when you were called away, it hasn't closed yet. So, after you tend to your patient, you know where I live.

Teri: Bonnie?

Bonnie: Teri, hey. Did you guys meet?

Teri: This creep is your boyfriend?

Bonnie: Uh, okay. Um, what did I miss?

Teri: It's just I never thought when he said his girlfriend was inside that it would be you.

Dusty: You guys know each other from Metro.

Teri: You know, Bonnie, you make a really great martini, but your taste in men is, like, terrible.

Bonnie: Okay. Um, did you guys date or something?

Dusty: You got to be kidding me.

Teri: Gross. Um, we met at Metro, and he was a total jerk.

Bonnie: It's been known to happen, but you know what? He happens to be my jerk, so maybe we should get out of here?

Dusty: Yeah.

Bonnie: Yeah.

Dusty: Fun meeting you, Theresa.

Bonnie: You're gonna explain all of this to me in the car, yes?

Dusty: Yes.

Rosanna: Hey. Uh, did Parker call Carly?

Craig: No, no. And he's not going to.

Rosanna: Are you sure?

Craig: I am, yes.

Rosanna: How did you get him to do that?

Craig: He doesn't want to hurt her. He heard me when I told him that nothing would come of it that's positive if she found out.

Rosanna: Well, that's good. Thank God. I really want to stop this, just not yet, okay?

Craig: It'll be easier to do now.

Rosanna: You think so?

Craig: It has to be.

Rosanna: Why?

Craig: Parker agreed not to tell Carly about us if I agreed to stay away from you.

Rosanna: Oh.

Craig: That's the deal.

Rosanna: Craig.

Craig: I know. I wish it could be different. I wish -- goodnight, Rosanna.

Brad: I just want you to know that I'm watching you like a hawk from now until the baby is born. Actually, now and forever. Because coming this close to something terrible, it just makes me insane, I mean, in case you haven't noticed. You know, all the stuff that I used to care about before I met you, just none of it means anything next to you and this baby and the family we're gonna be.

Audrey: You never were subtle, Ralph.

Ralph: It's a terrible thing, isn't it?

Audrey: Yeah. Someone could have been hurt. So you gonna stop now?

Ralph: What? I don't even inhale.

Audrey: Listen to me. Point taken, all right?

Ralph: I have a point?

Audrey: My son, Henry, is not an idiot.

Ralph: No, I don't think he is. He's a little manic and he's a little confused, but I don't think he's an idiot.

Audrey: He's working on those payments, okay? He knows what has to be done, and he has a plan.

Ralph: That's a good thing, Audrey. That means he's a really smart guy, just like you said.

Barbara: Henry, what a surprise.

Henry: You told me to come.

Barbara: I know, but I thought you'd be tending to Vienna. Come.

Henry: No, no, no, no. I can't stay. I got to get back to her.

Barbara: Somehow I don't think I'm gonna like the direction this is going in.

Henry: I just want to be perfectly and completely honest with you, okay?

Barbara: Always a good jumping-off point.

Henry: When you, uh, asked me about us, about what we did, you asked me if it was all about the money.

Barbara: Yes.

Henry: Mm-hmm.

Barbara: And about that --

Henry: What?

Barbara: Why don't we forget we ever talked about it?

Henry: We canít.

Barbara: Why not? It's all about the timing of it. I asked you about that before we made love.

Henry: We had sex, Barbara.

Barbara: I see. You need the distinction.

Henry: Yeah, I do. That's what I'm trying to say, okay? I'm madly in love with Vienna, madly in love. In fact, we have incredibly satisfying sex, as well. Vienna, she's -- she's everything to me.

Barbara: Go on.

Henry: So, having sex with you, even as passionate as it actually was, that would not as have happened organically.

Barbara: So it was non-organic sex?

Henry: Yeah. No, no. Barbara, it's about the money, okay?

Barbara: I see.

Henry: I need that inheritance. I desperately need every last dirty red cent of that, and not because I want it or because I think I'm owed it in some kind of way. I need it because if I don't get that money, I am going to die and so is Vienna, and I'm exaggerating to make a point here. I'm not. Please. Please give me access to the inheritance or our lives are over. We are done, dead, literally.

Barbara: Henry, I had no idea.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. So, what I was hoping was, since we did in fact have sex and that we did in fact have passionate, uninhibited sex, I was hoping at we had made a connection, you know, that we bonded.

Barbara: Bonded, yes.

Henry: And I know it's not the normal way for people, at least not me, to go about making new friends, but I am begging you, Barbara. Please, I am begging you. No please, please let me have that inheritance. Please let me have it so I can get out of this incredibly dangerous mess that I got myself into.

Barbara: You sound so desperate, Henry.

Henry: I'm beyond desperate.

Barbara: Yes, but the thing is --

Henry: Yeah?

Barbara: I'm not.

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Parker: I should have known you two are just a couple of liars.

Craig: I wonder if it's time I can be a little less restrictive when it comes to your trust fund.

Parker: Is that a bribe?

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Maeve: It's McBride now.

Holden: Maeve.

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