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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 10/7/09

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Lucinda: Oh, Honey. Oh! Faith has just told me the most preposterous tall tale -- that you're getting married to Damian. I mean, just please tell me -- tell me that she's lying.

Emma: I was picking some pretty wild flowers. I dropped some off at Holden's grave.

Meg: I haven't been since the funeral. And I -- I know I should go.

Emma: Its okay, Honey. I know. I understand. Very hard for me, too. But then, you know, I -- I kind of miss my boy a lot today. I don't know why. I don't want to neglect his grave just because it's painful for me to be there.

Meg: Mama, I -- I know I let it go too long, but I -- I promise I will help you from now on.

Emma: Its okay, Sweetheart. You know, you've got the baby. You've got Eliza. And it's not good for a child to be around all the sadness, for her sake. You know, you have to just move on.

Meg: You know I miss Holden a lot. But even when I'm at my loss, Eliza always finds a way to make me happy.

Emma: Isn't that wonderful? You think that little sweetheart holds the future of our family in her little heart? Oh, look at that! Look at that pretty smile. It's good to see you smile. It's been so long.

Meg: Well, Mama, I am starting to feel like things may be turning around for me.

Emma: Good. Thought it was gonna take you a long time to get over that Mr. Damian.

Meg: Well, that's just it, Mama. We finally talked, and we got a lot of things out in the open. And now I don't think it's over after all.

Damian: I know you're still in shock over Holden's death. You've suffered a great loss, and your whole family has.

Luke: Look, Damian, I know that might be kind of hard for you to understand.

Damian: Please, let me -- let me finish. You know I love your mother very much, and I want to be there for her for all of you.

Luke: Well, I think that you proved that yesterday. Look, I know it might be hard for Faith and the others to see you and Mom together, but me -- I get it. I mean, my dad -- my dad was my dad, and I loved him, and I always will. But you and my mom are -- are my parents, too. So it's not that much of a stretch for me to see you guys together.

Damian: Well, thank you. I just -- I worry about your little brother and sisters.

Luke: Well, give them some time. They'll come around.

Damian: Well, I hope so, because your mother and I have decided not to put this off any longer. We're going to get married today. And, uh, I'd like you to be my best man.

Noah: Hi. Oh, um, didn't realize. Uh, should have knocked first. Um, I'm sorry. I thought I was meeting my adviser, Professor Jarvis. Didn't mean to barge in on you like this, Professor Gruen. Am I at the right room?

Mrs. Gruen: No, I'm your new thesis adviser.

Noah: Did Mason get fired? Uh, I don't understand. Uh, we've been working together for months, and I was supposed to start working on my final project this week.

Mrs. Gruen: I have a few notes on your screenplay.

Lily: Faith is telling you the truth. I'm marrying Damian today.

Lucinda: Oh -- have you completely lost your mind?

Lily: I don't need your approval. I spoke to the children, and they are fine with it.

Lucinda: I do not believe that, not for one minute. They've lost their father, they're afraid of losing you, and they will go along with whatever you do.

Lily: Whose children are you speaking of? Faith is fully capable of telling everyone how she feels.

Lucinda: Faith has internalized her anger! She's turning against herself! Uh, she -- she's cutting herself off. Of all your children, Faith is the one that needs your attention the most right now.

Lily: I am not abandoning her, Mother. On the contrary, I am providing this family with more stability.

Lucinda: With him? With Damian Grimaldi?

Lily: He makes me feel better.

Lucinda: Honey, that's the kind of feel good that's gonna get cold fast.

Lily: I have to look beyond today. When I think about my future, even -- even a month from now, there's no joy in it. I feel like all the happy parts are left in the past.

Lucinda: But, Sweetheart, that's the grief. That's what grief is. It -- it will get better. I can promise you that.

Lily: I don't know if I can do it without Damian.

Lucinda: Oh, yes, you can. You can. You -- you don't need a man to make you feel that life is worth living. That's what Damian wants you to think. Actually, it's he that needs you more than you need him. I wouldn't be surprised if he engineered this whole thing just to get you dependent on him.

Lily: How could you say something so ugly?

Lucinda: Because if the shoe fits --

Lily: I don't want to hear it! You have hated Damian from the beginning for God knows why!

Lucinda: If so, it's because he broke your heart.

Lily: Well, get over it. I'm marrying him today.

Renee: Welcome back to the land of the living.

Holden: Have I been sleeping since yesterday? I guess I was pretty out of it, huh? But I, uh -- I feel better. I'm weak, but I'm feeling better.

Renee: Maeve told me what happened to you.

Holden: Are you the, uh, nurse friend that Maeve told me about? She told you about Eb? Listen, Renee, you got to help me out. My wife -- she has no idea that I'm in here. I need a phone, and I need to call her, and I need to tell her that I'm coming home.

Lucinda: Don't you feel that Damian's behavior is a bit dodgy?

Lily: What are you talking about?

Lucinda: I'm talking about, I mean, the way he pretends to do things, or he lies to you. I mean, he was -- he was so interested in the handwriting business, and then he didn't do anything about it. I think that was just the tip of the iceberg. I think that -- I think that he would like Holden's memory sealed up in the box, along with the rest of him.

Lily: Mother, he explained all of that to me. He had nothing to do with it. How could he?

Lucinda: I don't know, Dear, but if you give me a few moments, I'll come up with something.

Lily: You know what? I have a lot to do to get ready for this wedding. I want you to be there with me, if you can support me. Now, if you don't love me enough to do that, then you are not welcome here. The choice is up to you.

Emma: Damian left you. He left you. He's not interested in you any longer. And he was very, very unkind to you. I mean -- this obsession is just prolonging this agony.

Meg: Okay, you know, I don't want to talk about this anymore. You obviously don't understand.

Emma: I'm afraid I do understand, Meg. You bet I do.

Meg: Well, you know what? Do me a favor and keep it to yourself from now on. I -- I have a few errands to run, and Eliza is taking her nap. Would you mind listening for her while I'm gone?

Emma: Sure, it's fine. Yes, I will. I will.

Meg: Mama -- don't worry. Things are gonna work out for me this time. I know it.

Damian: Fate brought me back to Oakdale for a reason.

Luke: I thought you came back to Oakdale to reconnect with me.

Damian: And I did. But then I couldn't bring myself to leave. And I think it's because it's my destiny to be your mother's husband. Luke, I don't want to let you down, not again, if you'll give me a chance.

Luke: I -- I don't even know what to call you. I mean, "Damian" -- that just -- that sounds weird now. But "Dad" -- no.

Damian: Whatever makes you feel comfortable, son. Although if you could in some way bring yourself to call me your father --

Luke: I'll think about it.

Damian: So -- do I have a best man?

Luke: I guess so -- Father.

Holden: I couldn't do it. I started to dial the number, and -- kept thing about everything that my family has been through, and I -- I just -- I can't call them and just spring it on them like this. My wife -- she probably wouldn't even believe that I'm alive unless she saw me with her own two eyes.

Renee: Yeah, you're not strong enough yet.

Holden: I don't care about that. I'm going home to my family now.

Lucinda: Darling, if -- if this romance is so fated, as both of you think or whatever, it will be good. It will still be there a month from now, or even a year.

Lily: A year?

Lucinda: Yeah.

Lily: We could both be dead tomorrow, Mother. We know what we want. Why should we wait just to make other people happy?

Lucinda: Yeah, but what if this -- this romance is just -- misplaced grief? What then?

Lily: I know my heart. I know what I need.

Lucinda: Okay. There's nothing more I can say, is there, to make you change your mind?

Lily: I'd like to hear that I have your support.

Lucinda: No. No. I can't. I can't watch you make this terrible mistake. I can't. I guess I can't -- I can't come to this wedding.

Damian: Luke said yes. He's going to be my best man.

Lily: That's wonderful.

Damian: Hey. What's the matter, Cara?

Lily: Things didn't go as well here. My mother won't be coming to the wedding.

Damian: Oh. I'm sorry.

Lily: Why would you be? The two of you are like oil and water.

Damian: All right, I promise you once we're married, I'll do my best to make peace with Lucinda.

Lily: Thanks. Don't be hurt if it doesn't work.

Damian: We're doing the right thing here, Lily.

Lily: Are you sure? I just think it might be too fast.

Noah: Let me guess she hates my script.

Luke: Why?

Noah: She thinks I bit off more than I could chew.

Luke: Oh, that's stupid. You can totally rock this movie.

Noah: Yeah, well, Mason can't even stand to be in the same room as me because of my magnetic powers of attraction.

Luke: Well, you are very magnetic.

Noah: Well, that doesn't get you into Sundance. You need actual film for that.

Luke: Well, then, take Mason back.

Noah: You were the one who suggested that I get a new adviser in the first place.

Luke: Well, maybe I was wrong. It seems that you need Mason for this film. Just don't let him touch you. And then afterwards, come to my parents' wedding with me.

Noah: Sounds like a full day.

Luke: Well, get used to it. 'Cause from now on, we do all big life things together.

Lily: Emma.

Emma: Oh, Lily. Hello. Come in, come in, come in. Would you like some tea? I was just about ready to have some.

Lily: No, no. I'm good.

Emma: You look a little pale. Have you been taking care of yourself?

Lily: These are really pretty.

Emma: Yeah. Fall wild flowers. They're my favorite. I, uh, dropped some off for Holden's grave.

Damian: Well, Lily and I are getting married tonight.

Lily: Damian cares about the kids. He -- he has been there ever since we got the news about Holden, keeping us safe, making sure that we stay together.

Emma: I don't think Faith would agree with that.

Lily: No, Emma, she has changed her mind about him.

Emma: You came here to tell me what's happening. Okay. You've done your chore. You told me.

Lily: You're welcome at the wedding.

Emma: No, thank you, Lily.

Lily: All right. I -- I just wanted to tell you what's happening. I wouldn't want you to hear the news from somebody else. You're still my family.

Emma: Oh, Lily -- Lily, I -- I would really like to wish you all the happiness, but I really don't feel like that now. I don't. You know, I never -- I never expected that you would spend your whole life alone, without a man to love, but -- Lily -- Lily, this is too soon. I mean, I -- I feel Holden's spirit still here, all around us. And I know that you feel that, too.

Lily: That's just it, Emma. I don't. I feel where he should be, and it hurts so much. I can't go on without him, not alone.

Emma: I think that you are underestimating yourself, Lily. I think you have more strength than you give yourself credit for.

Holden: I heard those police asking about me.

Renee: Yeah, they're after Maeve, and they heard she brought you in.

Holden: I -- if I talk to them, they're just gonna take me down to the police station. They're gonna ask me a bunch of questions that I can't answer. And I'm not gonna help them pin this on Maeve. And I don't want my wife to find out from some cop that I'm alive -- someone that she doesn't know. Renee, I want to go home to my family. You've got to help me. You've got to help me get out of here.

Renee: Okay, um, a red sedan in space 24.

Holden: I promise you, I will have it returned to you as soon as I get to Oakdale.

Renee: Are you sure you're strong enough for a long drive?

Holden: I have to be. Do me a favor. Will you see if the coast is clear? Thank you. Thank you so much. In a few hours, I'll get to see my family again.

Lily: Hello, my love. I guess wherever you are, you already know what's happening. God, Holden, I hope you understand. I know Damian would never be your choice for me, but -- you're not here, and no one will ever live up to you. So I guess it comes down to this. I can't be alone. I know that must be hard for some people to understand, but not you. You know that in so many ways, you were my strength, especially when it came to the kids. They need more care and protection than I can provide for them, and Damian is ready to give them that. I know that he comes with baggage, but -- he loves me, Holden, and he loves our kids. So I've said what I came to say. There's one more thing, and I hope you hear it, because it's the most important. I'm moving on with my life, but I will never stop loving you.

Damian: I told you I proposed to Lily. I mean, you know that.

Meg: Yeah, but you said it was up to the kids!

Damian: Well, the kids have accepted me.

Meg: That is -- there is no way! They hate you! They don't want you around, much less living with them in their father's house!

Damian: Things have changed, all right? I mean, we had our differences, especially Faith and I, but we worked them out. She knows now I'm not an ogre, much as you'd like to think so.

Meg: I never said that. It's just that you're not my brother, either.

Damian: I'm not trying to be Holden. This is a new marriage, a new beginning for all of us.

Meg: Well, then, that's wonderful. Congratulations. Um, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Damian: Well, thank you. That means a lot to me. But if I don't get these errands done, there's not gonna be any wedding.

Meg: No, I don't want to keep you. Go, go, go.

Noah: That was some trick you pulled. Passed me off to another adviser.

Mason: It was the right thing to do.

Noah: For whom?

Mason: For you, for me, for the university. Noah, I shouldn't have said what I did, but now it's out there, and I certainly don't want you to feel uncomfortable.

Noah: Well, did it occur to you that I might be more uncomfortable with an adviser who doesn't know anything about me or my work?

Mason: She will read the script, and she'll get up to speed.

Noah: She read it, hated it, ordered me to do a page-one rewrite. And if I didn't, she wouldn't sign off on it.

Mason: Gruen?

Noah: Yeah.

Mason: I'm sorry. She may not have been the best choice for you.

Noah: I -- I don't want your apology. I just -- just fix it.

Mason: It's too weird. I'm sorry. I mean, maybe if my feelings had changed, but they haven't. Noah, I'm not gonna go on denying them.

Noah: Can you just ignore them? Because if I'm gonna shoot in the quarry, I have to lock down my location by the end of this week.

Mason: All right. I got a little time right now. Let's head over there and lock down this location right now.

Noah: Uh, I -- I kind of have plans. I'm -- I'm meeting Luke.

Mason: It won't take long. Look, if for any reason the owner's got a problem with this, you're gonna have to find another location quick.

Noah: Wait. You think he'll say no.

Mason: Gruen did. Come on. Let's just get this over with.

Luke: Looks like it's gonna storm. I should probably go in and check on the kids. Ethan is terrified of thunderstorms, and Natalie likes to make fun of him.

Damian: Hey. Where are your shopping bags? I thought you went out to get a new dress for the ceremony.

Lily: What's the point? Nobody's coming. The weather seems against it. Maybe it's a sign we shouldn't get married tonight. I don't want to get married in the middle of a thunderstorm. It feels like bad luck. And I've had more of that than I can take.

Damian: Well, then itís a good thing that your husband to be is from Malta, because in my country, rain on your wedding day is a good omen.

Lily: Really?

Damian: It is, yeah, if you marry me today. Of course, if the sun should suddenly come out, then that's American luck. So we've got it covered, Cara. Nothing to worry about.

Lily: You're making all of this up.

Damian: Hmm-mm. No.

Lily: Somehow, I believe you. I'd better go upstairs and pick out a dress. Did you do all this yourself?

Damian: Uh, no. Luciano helped me. Uh, we've also got champagne, cake, and -- oh!

Natalie: Mom, why aren't you dressed yet?

Luke: Well, here they all are. They took their showers, and they brushed their teeth, and they brushed their hair. But, uh, you should get a good look, because I don't think this whole clean-pressed thing is gonna last too long.

Lily: You girls look so beautiful.

Ethan: What about me?

Luke: Ethan, you -- you look handsome. You look like me.

Lily: Whoa there, buddy. Here, come to Mommy. You look just like your daddy. Thank you.

Damian: You're welcome. I wish I could take all the credit, but actually, that goes to Lisa. I told her we needed, uh, wedding outfits head to toe in a hurry, and this is what she came up with.

Lily: Do my maids of honor want to come upstairs with me and help me pick out a dress?

Faith: Let's go.

Lily: Don't start the wedding without me.

Damian: I wouldn't dream of it.

Lily: Come on.

Meg: Mama -- you're not gonna believe this.

Emma: I know. I know, Meg. Lily was just here.

Meg: What is wrong with her? How can she do this?

Emma: Meg, she's in a very vulnerable state. And Damian is using it for all it's worth. I mean, I would like to say that it's out of character for him --

Meg: Uh, uh, what about Lily? She swears Holden was the love of her life!

Emma: He was, and she was his.

Meg: Oh, you know what? How -- how perfect. You know how competitive Damian can be! How can he resist such a challenge? Lily used Holden's death as bait. I think that's sickening.

Emma: Meg -- Meg, my little sweetheart, you know I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul. But, Sweetheart, it's wrong for you to think like this. You know, you have got to stop lying to yourself.

Meg: I'm not the one lying here!

Emma: Meg, you are pretending that you're upset about this wedding because of -- of Holden, but you're really upset because of your obsession with Damian.

Meg: Damian was in love with me.

Emma: No! He wasn't! And I hate to say this so bluntly, but he was using you! He was biding his time with you so that he could make a play for Lily, okay? He is not a good person. You deserve better.

Meg: All I want is Damian.

Luke: Mom -- wow.

Damian: You look so beautiful.

Lily: You clean up pretty well yourself.

Damian: Well, the judge is ready for us. Will you marry me, Cara?

Lucinda: Uh, am I too late? Oh, Honey.

Damian: We were just about to start, Lucinda.

Lily: I thought you weren't coming.

Lucinda: You're my daughter. You need someone to watch out for you.

Damian: I'm glad you could make it, Lucinda.

Lucinda: And I'm hoping very much that you prove me wrong about you, for my daughter's sake.

Damian: Your daughter's the most important thing in my life, Lucinda. And this time, I intend to do everything in my power to be worthy of her love -- and yours. The fact that you are willing to let me be a part of your family means more to me than you'll ever know.

Judge: Are we ready?

Luke: Noah should be here by now.

Damian: We can wait.

Luke: No. No, it's okay. Start. He'll -- he'll be here as soon as he can.

Lily: Faith, do you have my flowers?

Faith: They're in the fridge.

Lily: Oh. Well, letís go get them, girls, Mother. Can't have a wedding without flowers. Oh, Faith, are you coming?

Noah: Uh, why are we stopped? I'm already late for Luke's parents' wedding.

Mason: Yeah. Uh, the car just died on me.

Noah: Well, what's wrong with it?

Mason: I don't know. I'll tell you what. I'll call roadside service.

Noah: That will take forever. You don't want to look under the hood?

Mason: I wouldn't know what to look for. But hey, if you want to sneak a peek, go ahead and be my guest. In the meantime -- oh, great. We got no bars. We're in a dead zone.

Noah: Did you do this on purpose?

Damian: What are you doing here?

Meg: I don't understand why you're doing this!

Damian: I don't know how else to explain it to you. I'm in love with Lily. I'm in love with her. It has nothing to do with you and me.

Meg: How can you even say that? We're supposed to be in love, you and me. It wasn't that long ago!

Damian: Meg, you are a wonderful woman.

Meg: Oh, but I'm not Lily, right?

Damian: I am not the man for you.

Meg: That is for me to decide! This is wrong, Damian. I mean, we belong together.

Damian: It's over, Meg. I'm marrying Lily, the woman I love.

Meg: No.

Damian: Yes. I'm making Lily my wife, and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Now you must go.

Meg: I am not going anywhere.

Damian: Meg, it's over I said. You'd better go before you make a fool of yourself.

Judge: Shall we begin?

Judge: Faith, Luke, do you have the rings?

Damian: Just a minute, Judge. There's something I'd like to say. Lily, Mia Cara, from the moment we met, you've been the center of my life. Uh, I've made many mistakes in order to keep you there. I thought that I could mold fate to my wishes. But you don't belong to me. It's taken me many years to finally learn the lesson you've been trying to teach me. I can only offer you my love freely. And if you choose to do the same, well, then I'm blessed. You and Luciano have taught me the meaning of family. And now Faith, Natalie, Ethan. I promise to love you and protect you forever. I promise you, Lily, I will spend the rest of my life learning to make you happy till death do us part.

Lily: I have something to say, too.

Mason: Get over yourself. I'm not in love with you, Noah. You came to me because you were desperate to lock down your location, and I agreed to help you. Thank you very much. Now I got a broken-down car that's probably gonna have to be towed into town. You know what? In hindsight, I probably should have left you with Gruen and called it a day.

Noah: Sorry.

Mason: What? Couldn't quite make you out.

Noah: I -- I apologize. I just can't believe this is happening. Luke's parents are getting married today. We just promised each other we'd be there for all the important stuff from here on out, and it's the first thing that's happening, and I'm missing it. I -- I can't even call him to explain.

Mason: I'm sure he'll understand. It's not your fault, right?

Noah: I don't care about whose fault it is. I'm not there for Luke -- again.

Lily: I'm standing here. We've been brought together again out of a terrible tragedy. I'm sorry.

Damian: Take your time.

Lily: You helped me through the hardest part of my life without asking anything in return. You accept me the way I am, with all of my conflict and confusion and flaws. And there are so many. You protected me and my family even when we didn't make it easy. Without you, I would have lost so much more. You literally saved my children's lives. So speaking not just for myself, for my children, you mean more to me than my whole life. I trust you to love and care for us through the good times and the bad. We've all suffered a tragic loss, but we're together, and we're strong for it. We can't forget, but we can move on. Holden would want us to live and love again. So, Damian, you're not just marrying me. You're marrying my whole family, if you'll have us.

Emma: Where have you been so long?

Meg: Got caught in the storm.

Emma: All wet there. Better get out of that wet thing before you catch the death of cold.

Meg: Did, uh, the thunder wake Eliza?

Emma: No, no, not a peep. She was fine. Now, listen, uh, here's some candles. You know where the matches are in case of a power out.

Meg: Where are you going?

Emma: Well, I'm going on a church trip. Gonna see the fall foliage. I wasn't gonna go at first, but there was a cancelation at the last minute, so I thought it might be a very good idea for me to just get out of town, with all these weddings and things happening here.

Meg: Right this minute?

Emma: Yes. Uh, they're waiting for me. I told them that I was, uh, babysitting for you, that I would come as soon as you got back. You gonna be all right, Meg?

Meg: Yeah, yeah. I'm -- I'm fine, Mama. Go. Uh, just drive slowly, okay? The rain's really coming down.

Emma: I will. Now, you take care of yourself. You -- you take care of that sweet little baby.

Meg: Yeah.

Emma: I love you very, very much.

Meg: I love you, too, Mama.

Damian: I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. And with all that I am and all that I have, I honor you.

Lily: Damian, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love. With all that I am and all that I have, I honor you.

Judge: With the power vested in me by the state of Illinois, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

[Holden opens up the door and stares at them]

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