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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 9/22/09

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Paul: Mrs. Ryan? What, are you gonna spend the whole day in bed? Where are you? Honeymoon over already?

Emily: Did you think I'd forgotten? Never. Oh, especially not today.

[Paul sighs]

Paul: Cell phone's off. What did I do?

Lily: Damian, who was that on the phone?

[Damian remembering]

Grady: The DNA results came in on the body we found in Snyder's truck. The man in that vehicle was not Holden Snyder.

Lily: Damian? Are you all right?

Damian: Yeah. Yeah. It was nobody. Wrong number.

Lily: Why do you look like you've seen a ghost?

Eb: You just head back to the car like it was any other day. I'll be right behind you.

Holden: Let's just wait. The cop's on his way out.

Eb: No, no, no. This whole ransom business was a mistake. I knew they were watching me sure as hell. I never should have left the house, much less take you up on your stupid plan.

Holden: Lily's home. I told you, as soon as we get through to her --

Eb: I said no.

Holden: Look, the cop is on his way out. He's gonna get back in his car, and he's gonna head down the road.

Eb: Just keep walking. You don't listen, do you?

Jack: Here you go.

Meg: You know, Holden should be right here, drinking with us.

Jack: Yeah, I know.

Meg: I miss him more every day. You know, I really don't understand why Lily doesn't feel the same way.

Jack: I don't, either. You should have seen Grimaldi, sitting on Holden's couch like he belonged there. I wanted to punch him in the face.

Meg: Why didn't you?

Jack: 'Cause it would have driven Lily into his arms. Meg, she's gonna have to learn how to deal with this on her own.

Meg: How? Damian's not gonna give her the chance. I mean, before she knows it, she's gonna be whisked somewhere on his yacht.

Jack: She's not gonna abandon her children.

Meg: There's got to be something more you can do, Jack? I mean, file for temporary -- custody.

Jack: Lily is the mother of those kids, and unless there's any kind of danger, a court is not gonna sanction dividing up that family. And Holden would not want us dragging Lily through the mud.

Meg: Those kids are the only thing that is left of Holden. I'm just trying to make it easier.

Jack: Well, that's great, if that's what you're doing. Because if you're hell-bent on punishing Lily for taking Damian away from you, trust me, you've got to let this go before you make it even worse.

Lily: I wasn't gone five minutes. What could have happened? Why are you upset?

Damian: Uh, I'm not upset. But I have to go away for a while.

Maeve: What happened?

Holden: You're overreacting, Eb. If you don't call Lily, you're gonna end up with nothing.

Maeve: You didn't make the call?

Eb: Cop showed up. Same one that was here the other day.

Holden: He didn't see us. We should have just stayed put and finished what we started.

Eb: He tried to run for it. So much for not taking any chances.

Maeve: Does that mean no ransom?

Eb: What do you think?

Maeve: I don't know what to think. You left me here tied up. Since I can't reach my crystal ball with both hands tied behind my back, I'm asking you what happened.

Eb: Those ropes cutting off your circulation?

Maeve: Yes, yes!

Eb: I'm sorry. I -- I just wish I could trust you enough to untie you.

Maeve: The cop really not see you?

Eb: No, no. If he had, he'd have been here by now. Luck was on my side for once. No thanks to our friend here. What are we supposed to do with you now?

Maeve: We can't just give up. There's got to be another way to get the money.

Eb: No. You just listen. Even if I get the money and let prince charming here go, I'm gonna be watching you. So don't get any fancy ideas about him coming to your rescue. At the first sign of trouble, I'll shoot you just as sure as I'm standing here.

Holden: Why don't you just stop threatening?

Eb: Why don't you shut your mouth before I decide you're more trouble than you're worth?

Maeve: Yeah, Holden, shut up.

Eb: What, you don't like him all of the sudden?

Maeve: No. He used me. He wanted me to help him get away, and he got me all confused.

Eb: You ran away with him.

Maeve: Got stars in my eyes for a minute, Eb. But you're my husband. I made a vow to stick with you.

Eb: So?

Maeve: So I made a promise to God, and that means something to me. I'm with you, baby, and nothing's ever gonna change that again.

Eb: I'm not gonna untie you, Maevey.

Maeve: I know. I did wrong, and I got to take my medicine. I was just thinking that maybe when this is all over, we could get away. You know, take a vacation. Go someplace hot where they put those little umbrellas in those drinks. Then I can put one of those umbrellas in my hair when we're done, and we'd never have to think about anything except making each other happy.

Eb: You really mean that?

Maeve: Of course I do. Come on, Eb. We fight. We make up. And making up's the best part. Don't you know how much I love you?

Eb: I used to, before this mess.

Maeve: It can be better than before. Come on. You can make that call. We can get that money. We can go places. We can do things, yes.

Eb: No, no. I can't risk getting seen with this one.

Holden: You can get a disposable cell phone. They can't be traced.

Maeve: He's right. I -- I saw that on a cop show.

Holden: You can get one in any convenience store. Make the call here. Once Lily hears my voice, she'll do whatever you want. I promise you, Eb, she'll move heaven and earth to get me back.

Eb: That's nice. Will she move her bank account?

Holden: If she doesn't, you can kill me. Either way, you wind up happy.

Maeve: Come on, Eb. This is our chance to start over, just the two of us. Come on. It will be like when we first got married. Don't you remember? Come on.

Lily: You're leaving town?

Damian: Uh, not permanently, no. But, uh, well, your family's not happy with me being here, obviously.

Lily: It's not up to them.

Damian: But it makes things more difficult for you, Lily, and that's not what I want to do.

Lily: You're the only person I can talk to.

Damian: Well, that's not true. Come on. Luciano will be staying here. Jack clearly wants to be more involved with the family.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: What I do is none of Jack's business.

Damian: Yeah, well, he can be a bit overprotective.

Lily: He tried to take my children away from me.

Damian: Because of me, Lily. But he cares about you, and he misses Holden. What happened with Faith, losing her father, is bad enough. I don't want to cause her any more pain. Trust me, this is for the best. I shouldn't be here right now.

Lily: You don't have to leave town, though.

Damian: Look, I -- I have business in San Francisco. I've been putting it off because I was worried about you. But the company needs my attention.

Lily: How long are you gonna be gone?

Damian: Just -- just a day or two. No more.

Lily: This is because I said that we couldn't sleep together anymore, isn't it?

Damian: No, not at all. Cara, I told you already, you're worth waiting for.

Lily: I don't know how long that's gonna take.

Damian: I'll be here when you're ready, when your children will be comfortable having me in their lives.

Lily: You may be able to wait that long, but I don't know if I can.

Damian: A bit of distance may make things easier on both of us.

Lily: I don't want you to go.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: Damian has to go to San Francisco for a couple of days for business.

Luke: I didn't hear anything about a business trip.

Damian: Oh, Luciano, you're doing a very good job with the company, but you have a long way before you're C.E.O.

Luke: What is that supposed to mean?

Damian: That I don't tell you everything. Take care of your mother while I'm gone, okay? Call me anytime you need me, Cara, all right? You too, son.

Luke: Well -- I'm not gonna miss him.

Meg: Unfortunately, I fell in love with Damian, Jack, and I'm not a machine. I can't turn off those feelings because you tell me to.

Jack: Meg, Lily's clinging to Damian because she's sad, and she's alone, and he's familiar. And -- and P.S., why would you want to be with someone like that that makes you feel this way about yourself?

Meg: Damian and I were fine before Lily got in the way.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: What do you expect the family to do here, huh? Are you gonna force us to choose sides in a relationship that didn't mean that much in the first place?

[Meg laughs]

Meg: Oh, poor, pathetic Meg. She just can't pick the right guy to save her life, right?

Jack: I'm not judging you, Meg. I've fallen in love with the wrong woman before -- more than once.

Meg: True.

Jack: But this isn't bringing you peace. It's making you spiteful and angry. And that's not you.

Meg: Okay. So what do I do about it?

Jack: You know what Holden would tell you to do? He'd tell you to forget Damian. Let it go.

Emily: How did you know I was here?

Paul: I looked at the date. I can't believe it's been three years since we lost our Jenny.

Emily: I should have taken better care of her.

Paul: You know I have an on-again, off-again relationship with God. But, uh, I think he got it right when it comes to children. I think he sends them to us so we know what goodness looks like, give us something to strive for.

Emily: What lesson are we supposed to learn when God let the best part of us die, hmm?

Paul: I don't know. I haven't figured that out yet. But Jenny was taken from us because it's a cruel world. It had nothing to do with you. It is certainly not your fault.

Emily: Thank you.

Paul: When I woke up this morning and I couldn't find you, I started thinking maybe you were having second thoughts about marrying me.

Emily: No. I come here every year on this day -- Christmas, Easter, and other days.

Paul: Well -- you know, can we come here together?

Emily: That sounds good.

Paul: Happy birthday, Jenny. Uh, we have some good news.

[Emily laughs]

Paul: Your mommy and daddy got married.

Emily: My life is almost perfect.

[Thunder crashes]

Emily: There's just only one thing missing.

Luke: You didn't end it with Damian, did you?

Lily: I never said I would.

Luke: Mom, when I left to get my stuff, you admitted that sleeping with Damian was a mistake. Now you don't think so? So what, you're just on hiatus?

Lily: That's enough, Luke. You need to understand I make my own choices. I live my own life.

Luke: Yeah, but you're making the wrong choices. And what am I supposed to do, just sit back and watch you ruin everything?

Lily: Luke -- I miss your father, too, every second of every minute of every day. No one is ever gonna take his place in my heart -- no one.

Luke: I know that.

Lily: Thank you for trying to take care of me. I'm gonna take these in the kitchen. Can I get you anything?

Luke: No thank you.

[Luke sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Luke: Snyder's.

Eb: I need to talk to Lily Snyder.

Luke: Well, this is her son. Can I help you?

Eb: I want 100 grand, cash, small bills today, or she'll never see her husband again.

Luke: What?

Eb: You heard me. I got your father. I'll be in touch.

Lily: What's wrong, baby?

Luke: Someone just said --

[Luke clears throat]

Luke: No, never mind. It's -- it's too weird. It can't be true.

Lily: What? What did they say?

Luke: That Dad's alive.

Lily: What?

[Lily gasps]

Luke: It was some guy who was asking for money. He said that he had Dad, and he wanted $100,000 if we wanted to get Dad back.

Lily: Oh, my God! Did he say where he is?

Luke: Mom, do you seriously think that this could be true?

Lily: We need to call Jack before we do anything else.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Hello. Uh, I'll be right there.

Meg: What was that?

Jack: It was Luke. Lily just got a ransom call for Holden.

[Meg scoffs]

Meg: What? That's impossible.

Jack: I got to get over there.

Meg: I'm coming with you.

Jack: No, I -- I don't think that's a good idea.

Lily: The kidnapper said he would call back, right?

Luke: Yes, yes, yes, definitely. He said that he wanted $100,000 in small bills and that he wanted it today.

Lily: Did he say anything else? What else did he say? Concentrate, Luke! Did -- what did he sound like?

Luke: I'm trying to remember, Mom. I don't know. He might have been on a cell phone.

Lily: Did he have an accent?

Luke: I -- Mom, I don't remember. It all happened so fast. I just don't remember.

Lily: You know what this means? Your father didn't die in that crash.

Luke: Mom --

Lily: I knew it, Luke. I knew it. That's why I've been seeing him, right in front of me, like he was so real. It's because he's out there, and he's trying to reach out to me.

Luke: Mom, Mom, please, don't do this to yourself. Not yet, okay?

Lily: Why? Why? W -- what's wrong with that?

Luke: You know what's wrong as well as I do. This could all just be a hoax.

Holden: Are you really planning on running off with Eb once he gets the money?

Maeve: Who knows? Maybe Eb with money would be an improvement. He's got good in him. You just haven't seen it.

Holden: These chains make it hard to get a good look.

Maeve: The important thing is you get away. And until that happens, I've got to make him believe that I'm with him. And after that, maybe I can make a run for it.

Holden: Cops might catch up with you first.

Maeve: I hope not. Cops plus Eb equals bye-bye Maevey.

Holden: Maeve, I told you, I'm not gonna let him do anything to hurt you.

Maeve: Don't worry. I'll write you letters from prison. Let's face it. No matter how this pans out, I'm done for.

Holden: I -- if you get a lawyer --

Maeve: Where am I gonna find a lawyer? How am I gonna pay for a lawyer?

Holden: I'll help you out. You saved my life. I won't forget that. I told you, I'm gonna do everything I can to help you make a fresh start away from Eb.

Maeve: I don't -- I don't know what I'd done if I hadn't met you. Nobody's ever been this nice to me.

Holden: Let's just take it one step at a time.

Lily: This all could have been a mistake. Your father could have been held captive. He is just waiting for us to find him.

Luke: Mom, they found his body. The car exploded. Damian talked to the police. They identified the remains.

Lily: Don't say that!

Luke: Look, Mom, I know it's hard, but you have to face reality. Jack, will you please help my mom come to grips with the reality that this guy, whoever he is, that it can't be real.

Lily: It could be, Luke! The police could have made a mistake. Isn't that possible?

Jack: Of course it's possible, Lily.

Lily: Well, I -- I need to go to the bank. I -- I've got to get the money.

Jack: No, no, no. That's not how we're gonna play this. What we're gonna do is we're gonna play this by the book.

Lily: What? First you want to honor Holden's memory by taking my kids away from me! Now that he's alive, you want to take your time?

Luke: Mom, Jack knows what he's doing.

Lily: You're right. I'm sorry. Jack, Jack, what should we do?

Jack: Calm down. If this is real -- if -- we're not gonna give in to their demands. We're not gonna pay a ransom. That's just gonna endanger Holden. But right now, you got to understand, he -- he is their most valuable bargaining tool.

Luke: So what do we do?

Jack: I'm gonna go to Kentucky and talk to the local cops, see if I can round up some new leads.

Lily: We'll take my mother's jet. We'll be there in an hour.

Jack: No, no. Not we. You're gonna stay here. The guy who called -- he's gonna call back with more information. And when he does, we may be able to get a lead on who he is.

Lily: I don't have to be here. He -- he talked to Luke before.

Jack: Yes, Honey, you do need to be here. Your kids need you here now more than ever.

Lily: Jack, they're gonna take one look at me, and they're gonna see that something is wrong.

Jack: No, they won't, Lily. You're a good mother. We'll figure something out.

Lily: Thank you for saying that.

Luke: I want to go with Jack. I want to do anything I can for Dad.

Jack: Yeah. That's a great idea. And on the way, you can tell me what the caller said.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: Luke, don't give up hope. Your father could be out there somewhere, alive. And if he is, bring him home to me. Please.

Grady: Mr. Grimaldi, you sure didn't waste any time getting down here.

Damian: Of course not. It's a matter of great importance to my family.

Grady: Talk about a shocker. When I got the DNA report that said "Not a match," I had to pick my jaw up off the floor.

Damian: Listen, is there a chance there could be a mistake here? I mean, could the DNA have been damaged in the fire in any way?

Grady: If that happened, they wouldn't have been able to run the thing. Nope. Pure and simple, we don't know who burned up in that truck, but it definitely wasn't Holden Snyder, which makes this a whole new case.

Damian: What happens now?

Grady: Me and the guys are gonna go back to the scene. Maybe we missed something that will help us understand what happened to Snyder.

Damian: What do you think happened?

Grady: It could be anything. If he was in the truck when it crashed, maybe he got thrown clear. Brush is real thick in that area. He could have died of exposure. Animal could have gotten him. Chances are, he's dead one way or another. But we won't know for sure until we get a much closer look at that ravine.

Damian: All right. You do what you want. Just don't tell Mrs. Snyder anything just yet.

Grady: You want me not to tell the guy's wife that she buried the wrong man?

Damian: No. I want you to wait until we know more. Mrs. Snyder has suffered enough since the accident. I'd like to spare her your theories about her husband getting devoured by wild animals.

Grady: Yeah, I can understand that.

Damian: Look, once we find Holden's body, she's going to -- she's going to be forced to relive the whole tragedy all over again. We must not give the woman any false hope.

Grady: She has a right to know.

Damian: She will know. But I'd like to present her with answers rather than mere speculations.

Grady: If you say so.

Damian: I know Mrs. Snyder very well. This is for the best.

[Doorbell rings]

Lily: What are you doing here?

Meg: I heard the news. Is it true? Could Holden possibly be alive?

Lily: Yes. Luke thinks I'm getting ahead of myself, but I can't help it. I'm not gonna give up hope until I have a reason to.

Meg: Well, neither am I. As long as Holden could be alive, I am gonna pray for a miracle. Well, I guess you and Damian jumped the gun, didn't you?

Eb: Pretty soon, you and me are gonna be rolling in the dough. 100 grand, Maevey. Do you know how far that money will take us?

Maeve: You've been promising to take me to California since the day we met.

Eb: First stop, Californ-i-a. Oh, things are gonna be different from here on out, Sweetie. I promise you that.

Holden: Nothing is gonna be different if you screw this up. I promise you that.

Eb: What are you so cranky about?

Holden: Don't you think it's time you called Lily, work out the drop-off location?

Eb: Who's in charge here, you or me?

Holden: Look, it's in both our interests to make sure this goes smooth. I'm just trying to help you out.

Eb: I didn't talk to your wife, anyway. Some guy said he was her son.

Holden: Luke.

Eb: No, I didn't catch a name.

Holden: Did he say anything about her? Did -- did he say she was okay? What about him? How did he sound?

Eb: I don't know. How am I supposed to know what the kid sounds like? It -- it wasn't a social call. I told him what I needed, and I hung up.

Maeve: Eb, Eb, come on. Just do it. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we'll be dipping our toes in the Pacific Ocean.

Holden: This time, I want to talk to her. I want to make sure that she's okay.

Eb: I need you to keep your mouth shut while I do this. One more word out of you, and the deal's off.

Lily: Holden may be alive, and you come to my door to say mean things about me and Damian? How can you be so callous?

Meg: I am not being callous. I love my brother, and I want him to come back to us. But if he is alive, and I hope with all my heart that he is, well, that kind of puts you in an awkward situation, doesn't it? Or maybe not.

Lily: Why don't you just come out and say what you really mean, Meg?

Meg: You're with Damian now. It's gonna be a little inconvenient for you if Holden comes back.

Lily: Holden is my husband. I want him here with me and my kids, where he belongs, more than anything! I would do anything to make that happen!

Meg: Even lose Damian?

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Hello.

Eb: Lily Snyder.

Lily: Yes. This is Lily Snyder. Is this the man who has my husband?

Eb: I'll ask the questions.

Lily: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Eb: You got my money?

Lily: Yes, I have the money. Please, Sir, I -- I'll do anything that you want. Just -- just I need to know that this isn't some kind of trick. Is -- is my husband really alive?

Eb: Oh, he's alive, all right. Driving me right up a tree. You can take my word for it.

Lily: Can -- can I please talk to him, just for a second?

Eb: No, let's just get this over with. Then the two of you can talk all you want.

Meg: Is he alive?

Lily: Yes, I think so.

Eb: You need to write this down. Here's where you're gonna deliver my money.

Lily: Okay.

Paul: You know, I sometimes wonder if maybe Jenny wasn't meant to be, because we weren't ready to be parents yet, and she just would have been caught in the middle.

Emily: No. No, I think she would have forced the two of us to grow up.

Paul: Could be. Well, we're here now, where we belong, right? Everything's changed. Jenny's just a part of that, I guess.

Emily: I'm so happy we decided to get married on her birthday. It's not just a sad day anymore, you know? I love you.

Paul: And I love you. You know, we're not just playmates and bedmates and co-conspirators this time. We are husband and wife.

Emily: Where are you going with this?

Paul: Well, maybe we still can have a baby. It's not too late.

Emily: Uh -- yeah. Yeah, it is.

Damian: I'm going with you to the crash site. I'm sure an extra pair of eyes wouldn't hurt.

Grady: Stay out of our way. And if you find anything that's evidence, you keep your hands off of it until one of us can get it bagged and tagged. Are we clear?

Damian: Absolutely, Officer. I wouldn't want to jeopardize your investigation.

Keeler: Grady, I need a word.

Damian: Please, if you find out anything more, let me know.

Keeler: Got a call from a detective, Oakdale P.D. there's, uh, been a ransom call. The hostage is your dead guy, Holden Snyder.

Holden: What did Lily say, her exact words?

Eb: I don't remember.

Holden: How did she sound?

Eb: She sounded real sweet.

Holden: Was she scared?

Eb: I don't know. How often do you get held for ransom?

Maeve: Give him a break. He's worried about his wife.

Eb: She said she's coming. She's bringing the money with her. She seems to want you back pretty bad. Can't imagine why.

Holden: I've known her since we were kids. We've been together most of our lives.

Maeve: I just hope she comes through.

Holden: She will. She won't let me down.

Eb: You hear that, Butter Cups? Maybe you ought to take notes.

Maeve: I can't. You got me tied up.

Eb: Oops.

Maeve: Come on. Please? My wrists are falling asleep. I'm not gonna run off! Please, just let me out of this thing.

Eb: No, no. I don't want lover boy there talking any more funny business while I'm out getting the money.

Maeve: I earned my share. You think I'm gonna leave before I even see it?

Eb: Sorry. No can do. Say good-bye to poor Eb, Sugar Plum. Next time you see me, I'll be $100,000 richer.

Maeve: I'm scared.

Holden: It's almost over.

Maeve: I hope so. Just Eb has a way of screwing things up.

Holden: Lily won't let him do that.

Maeve: You have a lot of confidence in her.

Holden: Maybe one day, you'll know what that's like.

[Car approaching]

Maeve: It can't be him. It hasn't been enough time.

Holden: No. Not even close.

[Knock on door]

Grady: Stone, you in there? Mrs. Stone, anybody home? State police.

Maeve: Help! We're back here! Here, here!

Holden: Officer --

Grady: You're Holden Snyder. I can't believe it. I figured this kidnap thing was just a hoax, Stone wanted some quick cash to get out of town because he was being followed.

Maeve: Thank you.

Grady: Stone keep a key anywhere around?

Maeve: Yeah, in his pocket. Wait, I know where there's a spare.

Grady: How did you get here? We had you figured for dead when we found your truck in the ravine.

Maeve: Try that.

[Maeve gasps]

Eb: It's a good thing I saw Officer nosey before he saw me. He could have ruined everything.

Maeve: Is he dead?

Eb: Not yet.

Maeve: Eb, no, no, no. You don't want to be a cop killer, too. Come on!

Eb: I can't just leave him here.

Holden: Eb, he's out cold. You have time. Get the money and get out of town.

Maeve: He's right. He's right. We can get a head start. We can get out of here. Please, we can do it.

Eb: I got to tie up some loose ends first.

Luke: The clerk says that Grady peeled out a while ago. He hasn't been back since.

Jack: Probably got a radio call.

[Jack sighs]

Luke: Straight to voicemail. You all right?

Luke: In the plane, I finally had time to think, and I was thinking about what it would be like if my dad actually was alive. And it would be amazing. These past few weeks, I've been thinking about all the stuff that I'm never gonna be able to do with him again. And it's like I get a second chance. I can apologize to him about all --

Jack: Luke, you don't have to apologize. Your father loved you. That's the important thing. Not all the little day-to-day things.

Luke: Yeah, but that matters to me. I -- I want to make it up to him for that. Well, what's the point in pretending? I mean, if my dad is out there, that's fantastic. But I -- I can't let myself go there.

Jack: I know. I feel the same way. That's why I'm focusing on the job, the investigation, until we have answers, you know?

Luke: I almost hope that we don't get any answer, because this time, it means it's final.

Jack: I have been through enough to know that life takes a lot of crazy twists and turns. But we got to keep ourselves open to the possibility of anything.

Luke: Yeah, but I just wish we could get started. I mean, if Dad is out there somewhere, we need to find him before something worse happens to him.

Jack: Where the hell is Grady?

Emily: So, when I decided to have my tubes tied, I realized that I wanted a baby after all. So I went after my donor eggs. They had been in storage ever since my mom had Ali.

Paul: I forgot how Alison arrived. That's amazing.

Emily: Yeah. Well, what wasn't so amazing was that her father had -- well, he stole my eggs, and he gave them to this close personal friend. So instead of a newborn -- yeah, it's funny -- I got 20-something Hunter.

Paul: Yeah. I wondered how that happened.

Emily: It was a real shock. So now, I have two sons, and I'm gonna be a better mother to both and be content with that.

Paul: Why didn't you tell me about that?

Emily: I don't know. I guess I'm still working on the contentment thing. And you have a baby. You have a beautiful baby girl. I didn't even think this issue was on the table.

Paul: Well, it's on the table if we want it to be on the table. Look, there's lots of ways to have a baby. With my DNA, maybe the biological route isn't really the way for us to go.

Emily: Are we seriously talking about adopting?

Paul: I don't know. Are we?

Meg: Should I call Mom and tell her what's going on?

Lily: No. I -- I think we should wait till we have proof. I -- I couldn't stand to break her heart a second time.

Meg: You know, she always thought the two of you were the perfect couple.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: Me? I was the one who couldn't stay married, always picking the wrong guy. But you, despite all evidence to the contrary, were golden. Holden even felt that way. My beautiful big brother.

Lily: Is it helping you somehow to make me feel guilty?

Meg: I just want to know what you're planning on telling him about Damian. That his funeral was barely over, and the two of you decided to jump into bed?

Damian: All right, Holden. If you didn't die in that car, where are you, huh?

Eb: You the man Ms. Snyder sent?

Damian: Excuse me.

Eb: Lily Snyder. She said you'd be here with a package for me. So where's my money?

Emily: Theoretically, I'm -- I'm okay with adoption.

Paul: So theoretically, so am I. Let's just leave it at that and see if it sticks.

Emily: We can't replace Jenny. You know that.

Paul: I know that. Losing Jenny is something that we shared, right? And so now that we have another life together, I hope we share many more things. I love you.

Emily: I love you.

Paul: You know, theoretically, I'm still on my honeymoon.

[Emily laughs]

Paul: Care to join me?

Emily: Already there, baby.

[Emily laughs]

Lily: I am sick or your insults. They're not about Holden. You are angry at Damian for abandoning you.

Meg: Well, of course he did. I can never compete with you.

Lily: Why would you want a man who's never gonna love you, Meg?

Meg: You don't know that.

Lily: Yes, I do. If he wanted you the way you want him to, he would be with you, not me.

Meg: So in other words, you won.

Lily: No, no. This isn't a contest. It's not personal. I would say this to you even if it were another woman.

Meg: Oh, please. Who are you kidding?

Lily: Meg, I don't want to have this fight, not again. It's been a long time since I've had even a glimmer of hope, and I will not let you ruin it, all right, so let's call a truce. If not, you should leave.

Meg: Are you kicking me out?

Lily: If you can't be civil, yes.

Meg: Fine. I'll go. But I know how worried you are about what Holden's gonna do when he finds out how faithless you are, and that's not gonna be pretty.

[Lily sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Hello.

Jack: It's Jack. Luke and I are in Kentucky. We're waiting for officer Grady to show, but he's late, and I can't reach him by phone. Any news on your end?

Lily: Not from the police. But the man called who called before. He -- he asked if I had the money. I -- I told him I did. He wants me to leave it at the spot where Holden's truck went off the road. I said that I would. Jack, I -- I don't like lying to him. If I don't show up, God knows what he'll do to Holden.

Jack: Lily, he won't get the chance. Listen, sit tight, okay, and call me if you hear from the kidnapper again.

Lily: I will. Jack, find my husband. Bring him home to me.

Jack: We're done waiting. Let's go.

Maeve: How long do you think before Eb gets back with the money?

Holden: I wouldn't count on that happening.

Maeve: You said your wife was gonna bring the cash, no questions asked. What aren't you telling me?

Holden: Well, it's just I think that the cops are probably already involved.

Maeve: How? Eb took the cop with him. I'm sure first chance he got, he threw the radio out the window. The cop can't call for help.

Holden: No, but I'm sure that Lily already did.

Maeve: Eb told her not to, or he'd shoot you.

Holden: Of course he did. What are the odds of him actually letting me go once he gets the money? I'm sure Lily is so scared. She's having to look out for the family. She's probably put on a brave front. I just hate to see her suffering like that.

Maeve: You can't wait to get back to her, can you?

Holden: No, I can't.

Maeve: This is gonna sound crazy, but I got to ask it anyway. Does that mean there's no chance for you and me?

[Holden laughs]

Holden: I'm sorry, Maeve. I love Lily with all my heart. I'm gonna love her until the day I die.

Lily: I know I don't deserve this, but please, please let Holden be safe. I don't want to live without him. Please, please bring him home to me.

[Lily sighs]

Damian: What package? I don't know what you're talking about.

Eb: Oh, come on, Buddy. I heard you. You said something about Holden when I walked up behind you. Now, I could have shot you dead before you even knew what hit you. Still might, unless you fork over my 100 grand before I lose my patience.

Damian: Put that away.

Eb: Make me a rich man, I'll think about it. Now, come on, Frenchie. I don't have all day.

Luke: Damian.

Jack: Hey, take it easy.

Eb: Yeah, this better not be some kind of trap, because gentlemen, I don't have much to lose.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Lucinda: Where did you get these?

Meg: Damian's room. But there was no report. I don't think he ever got the handwriting analyzed.

Lucinda: If there was a conclusive match, then Lily might think that Holden was still alive.

Maeve: What are you doing?!

Holden: Getting us out of here.

Eb: The kid dies.

Damian: No!

Jack: Stay back. Stay back.


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