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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 9/14/09

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Janet: I mean, she's seen how I've struggled my whole life being a single mom, having a child so young, and she doesn't want to go through that herself, and I get it. I don't blame her. Father, I know that it's a sin, but my daughter, she doesn't think that way. I mean, she's a really good girl, but she's just not religious.

Father Farley: There are alternatives to abortion here.

Janet: I know, and I've told her that, but she can't imagine carrying a baby around for nine months and then having to give it up. I get it. I don't blame her either. I mean, what should I tell her? Sweetheart, hi. This is Father Farley from St. Joseph’s. He works with some of the kids in the neighborhood. Do you want a cinnamon roll? They're still hot.

Liberty: No. I don't want a cinnamon roll. I want to know what's going on.

Janet: Nothing. We were just having a chat. We were just chatting about your options, you know, because we haven't quite --

Liberty: This is not a chat, Mom. This is an ambush, and I don't like it.

Jack: Hey, Parker.

Parker: Hey. I was just on my way out.

Jack: Well, it's a great thing I caught you, then. So, where are you going? I know you don't have school today.

Parker: How do you know that?

Jack: Liberty's off, too. So, where are you headed?

Parker: I was just gonna see if she wanted to hang out?

Jack: She's probably busy with her mom right now. I thought the two of us could grab some breakfast.

Parker: Oh, I already ate. Why are you really here?

Jack: What? A father can't come by and say hi?

Parker: Sure, he can, but I get the feeling that that's not what this is.

Jack: Okay. I heard about what's going on with Liberty about the pregnancy, and I wanted to see how you were dealing with it.

Parker: Well, I mean, I'm just trying to be there for her as a friend.

Jack: That's great. I'm sure she could use a friend right now. And as much as I feel for what's going on with Liberty, I just wanted to make sure --

Parker: Dad, if you're gonna tell me to stay away from her, don't, because I'm not going to.

Liberty: I'm sorry. I really love my mom, and I respect her beliefs. I know that you're older and wiser and think you know what's best for me, but that's just not true.

Janet: I told you she was a good kid.

Liberty: But you need to respect me, too, and please just let me do what's right for me.

Father Farley: As a catholic, your mother can't condone an abortion.

Liberty: No offense, Father, but I'm not asking her to condone anything. I'm just asking her to stay out of it.

Father Farley: You were baptized catholic. With that comes certain responsibilities.

Liberty: I'm trying to be responsible. I'm just not religious.

Brad: Neither am I.

Janet: What are you doing here?

Brad: But I am still her dad. Excuse the expression, Father, but there is no way in hell that I'm letting anyone force my kid to do something she doesn't want to do.

Damian: What is all this?

Lily: Holden's life.

[ Sighs ]

Lily: I'm trying to put it all together.

Damian: It's a big job.

Lily: Yeah, well, I figured it was better than wallowing in grief. I was gonna go to the bank and close his account, but then I just started going through all this financial stuff.

Damian: Lily, Lily. Give yourself a break. You can't force these things.

Lily: It's all here, the trust funds we set up for the kids, savings, stocks, bonds. Everything in order in case something were to happen, I'd know exactly what to do, but I don't know what to do.

Damian: Shh, shh, shh. Let this go. Let it go for now.

Lily: There are even notes about his trip to Kentucky, about the horses he was gonna buy. Is that what he was thinking about when his truck went off the road?

Damian: Lily, Lily, don't do this to yourself.

Lily: I know he's gone. I know it. But every time I walk in a room, I expect him to be there, and when he isn't, it's like losing him all over again.

Maeve: Want some more oatmeal?

Eb: No. What I want is steak and eggs, a big, juicy sirloin steak, and that's what I'd be having, too, if I could get my hands on that money. Where is it? Where's my money?

Holden: I told you, I don't know.

Eb: You lie. What are you doing?

Maeve: Eb, he's never gonna be able to tell you where the money is if he doesn't have the strength to talk, now, is he?

Eb: You know what I said. We're starving him till he come clean.

Maeve: What are you gonna do if he goes in to a coma? That's what happens when people don't eat, you know.

Eb: Fine. That's all he gets for the rest of the day.

Maeve: How about a beer?

Eb: I thought we were out.

Maeve: I picked some up this morning since I'm not gonna be here today. Here you go, Sweetie.

Eb: Who said you could go anywhere?

Maeve: I have to run over to Paducah to visit my cousin Loretta.

Eb: Why?

Maeve: Eb, you know she's gonna have a baby any day now, and I promised to help her set up. You want to come?

Eb: For that woman stuff? Hell, no.

Maeve: Suit yourself. Why don't you go out on the porch and enjoy that beer while I clean?

Eb: Don't mind if I do. Don't go sneaking him any more food than I said, either.

[Door closes]

Maeve: I'm gonna do it today. I'm gonna take that letter you gave me and go to the bank and get that money.

Holden: Thanks, Maeve. We'll both be better off.

Maeve: Don't I know it. For luck.

Eb: What are you all dressed up for?

Maeve: You know how snooty Loretta is, and she's always telling me how Leroy’s buying her this and doing that for her. I just want to show her that you can do it for me, too.

Eb: You got that right.

Maeve: Mm-hmm.

Eb: When you coming back?

Maeve: Oh, sometime after dinnertime, I suppose.

Eb: Yeah, I'll bet. You and Loretta, I know the two of you. You'll be fighting like junkyard dogs five minutes after you get there.

Maeve: Maybe it'll be different this time. See you later.

[Door closes]

Eb: Is there something going on with Maeve I don't know about?

Holden: How would I know?

Eb: I don't like it. She's too excited about going to visit that cousin of hers when I know good and well she can't stand her. Maybe I'll go call Loretta and see what's up.

Holden: No, no, you can’t. You can't do that.

Eb: Now, that's real interesting. You telling me I can't check up on my own woman. You know what time it is, Holden?

Holden: No, I don't, Eb.

Eb: Time for you to tell me about what you and my wife have been keeping secrets about.

Father Farley: Maybe you should all talk privately for now.

Brad: I think that is an excellent idea, Padre.

Janet: I'll show you out, Father.

Father Farley: Thank you.

Brad: Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me?

Liberty: I was just so ashamed.

Brad: Okay. This guy who did this to you, what's his name?

Liberty: Tony.

Brad: Now, you listen to me, he's the one that should be ashamed and afraid, very afraid.

Liberty: Dad. Listen to me, Dad. It was my fault, too. Just don't ask me how I could do something so stupid, 'cause I really don't know.

Brad: Okay. There's only one thing I want to ask you. What do you want to do now?

Liberty: I can't have this baby.

Brad: Okay, okay, okay. Okay, we'll work on that.

Liberty: But Mom --

Brad: Don't worry about your mom. I'll handle your mom.

Janet: Oh, great. How are you planning on handling me, Bradley?

Brad: Will you just give us a minute?

Liberty: Yeah, sure.

Jack: I don't want you to go off the deep end to protect her, okay? It's just gonna cause you and Liberty more trouble. [Sighs]

Jack: Do you understand what I'm saying?

Parker: Yeah. I understand.

Jack: Are you sure? Because until there is a decision made as to how we are gonna handle this, I think we should leave the debate to the grown-ups. So, please, just stay out of it? Are you listening to me?

Parker: Yeah. Dad, no, I heard you. Look, I'm sorry. I have a thing. Are we done?

Jack: Sure.

Parker: All right. I'll see you later.

Eb: What does Maeve talk to you about when I'm not around? Where's she going today?

Holden: I only heard what you heard. She's going to her cousin's. That's all I know.

Eb: No, no, no. She's acting funny, all dressed up. I just want to know why is all.

Holden: Maybe she just wanted you to notice her, to tell her that she's pretty.

[Eb laughs]

Holden: What are you laughing at?

Eb: You. You're sweet on her.

Damian: Put these back in Holden's office, and you can deal with it next week, or next month, for that matter. Whenever you feel better, okay?

Lily: No. I need to do this today.

Damian: Why?

Lily: He's not coming back, and Holden would want me to tie up these loose ends.

Damian: All right. You know what? I could go with you if you want. I mean, I've spent most of my life talking to bankers.

Lily: I wouldn't want to impose.

Damian: Lily, this is not an imposition. You have to know that. It will make me feel useful.

Lily: Then, yes, I'll take you up on it. I think I'd feel a lot better if you were there.

Damian: I'm at your service. Come on. Let's get this done.

[Knock on door]

Lily: Jack, it's good to see you.

Jack: I've been worried about you, wondering how you're getting along.

Lily: Trying to make it through the day.

Jack: Damian.

Damian: Jack, hello.

Jack: Well, I've got the morning free. Is there anything I can do for you?

Lily: I was gonna go to the bank to take care of some of Holden's financial stuff.

Jack: Okay. I'll go with you.

Lily: Actually, uh --

Damian: I've got it covered. I'm going to help Lily get started in closing Holden's accounts.

Jack: Bad idea.

Parker: So, what's going on?

Liberty: Are you sure you want to hear about it?

Parker: I'm here, aren't I?

Liberty: It's kind of gone from bad to worse. When I woke up this morning and went into the kitchen, there was a priest there.

Parker: A priest?

Liberty: Yeah, Father Farley. Mama brought him to brainwash me.

Parker: Did he at least give you a sermon?

Liberty: No, he didn't get the chance, because then my dad showed up, and he and Mom started fighting about what to do with me.

Parker: How'd that turn out?

Liberty: I left, actually, before it really heated up. It is just so awful, Parker.

Parker: Yeah, it sounds like it.

Liberty: If I get the abortion, my mom hates me, right? If I don't get the abortion, I hate myself, and what I hate more than anything is that I'm just mad all the time at everyone, at, like, Teri and Jack and my parents.

Parker: Why?

Liberty: Because they're making this whole thing about them and what they think that I should do.

Parker: Okay, well, what are you going to do?

Liberty: I have no idea.

Parker: Well, I mean, I've got a solution if you're up for it.

Liberty: Oh, Parker, I am up for anything right now.

Parker: Marry me.

Liberty: Parker, wow. Do you remember how horrible it was when we were married before and it all fell apart?

Parker: Yeah.

Liberty: It's not even your baby.

Parker: What's the difference? I mean, Jack isn't my biological father, but he still acts like he is.

Liberty: This is way over the top. I'm whining to you about my life, and you offer to marry me?

Parker: Well, it wasn't a spur-of-the-moment thing. I mean, I've been thinking about it for a while.

Liberty: You have?

Parker: What just kills me is how crazy all of this is making you, Liberty.

Liberty: Why would being married help that?

Parker: Well, I mean, if you loved Tony and he was a great guy, would you even consider having an abortion?

Liberty: Yeah. That's not a fair question, 'cause Tony's a complete jerk.

Parker: But would you?

Liberty: Do you still have feelings for me or something?

Parker: Liberty, you're completely missing the point.

Liberty: What? We're talking about marriage. I mean, shouldn't love be the whole point?

Parker: I mean, I do love you as a friend.

Liberty: I love you, too, Parker as a friend, but --

Parker: Liberty, just think about it. This will solve all of your problems.

Liberty: Okay. I will marry you if you can tell me one thing.

Parker: Name it.

Liberty: Parker, we couldn't make it work when it was just us. What makes you think we could handle being married with a baby?

Parker: I've got it all figured out.

Brad: She's already told you, she does not want to have the baby. She wants to go to college. She wants to have a career.

Janet: She can have the baby.

Brad: How, how, how?

Janet: It's called adoption, Bradley. Then she can have the future she wants.

Brad: There you go. I mean, you just make it sound like it's just so easy.

Janet: A million girls have done it that way.

Brad: Well, this is Liberty we're talking about here. She has a huge heart. You mean to tell me she's gonna be able to carry around a baby for nine months, you know, and just be able to give it away to some stranger?

Janet: Do you really think that she could have an abortion and not feel guilty about it?

Brad: This is her decision, Janet.

Janet: I am here to make sure she makes the right one. I am not throwing her out of this house. I am not turning my back on her like my parents did me. I'm gonna be with her every step of the way.

Brad: Okay, okay. So, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do if she does, if she decides to have it? What are you gonna do, then?

Janet: Well, I won't love her any less.

Brad: You're just like your parents.

Janet: I am not.

Brad: You didn't call that priest here for her. You did it for you.

Janet: What are you talking about?

Brad: Because if she goes and has this abortion, if she does this, you're gonna be the one that's gonna feel ashamed and guilty.

Janet: I don't think I'd ever be able to forgive myself.

Damian: We're just closing his accounts. It's standard procedure at a time like this. You can't possibly think that I'm trying to benefit from it.

Jack: Not monetarily.

Lily: That's enough, Jack.

Jack: Someone has to state the obvious, Lily. I guess it's gonna have to be me. Holden wouldn't have wanted you anywhere near his money, Damian, or his wife.

Damian: Holden would have wanted his wife to be taken care of.

Lily: Stop it, both of you. Okay, stop pretending like you know what Holden would want. You don’t.

Jack: I'm sorry, Lily. I didn't mean to upset you.

Damian: My apology, as well.

Lily: Damian, there's a briefcase in Holden's office. We can use it to carry the papers to the bank. Would you get it, please?

Damian: Certainly.

Jack: You still want him to help you with this?

Lily: Yes.

Jack: Even though you know Holden wouldn't like it?

Lily: He certainly wouldn’t.

Jack: Then why don't you just let me help you? Why would you ask Damian and not me?

Lily: You want the truth? You remind me of him, and Damian doesn’t.

Jack: I miss him so much.

Lily: So do I. Help me miss him a little less today, okay? Let Damian go with me.

Jack: Okay, all right. Just, in the future, can you please find something that I can help with?

Lily: Of course I will. I promise.

Jack: Call me anytime.

Lily: I will. Thanks, Jack.

Janet: I'm afraid for her, Bradley.

Brad: 'Cause you think she's gonna commit a sin, but from what I hear, God's pretty forgiving.

Janet: Our little girl won't be the same if she goes through with this. If she only just has the baby.

Brad: She shouldn't have to go through that. She shouldn't have to suffer.

Janet: No. No, it won't be at first, but what about later on down the road? What about when she starts wondering, "What if?"

Brad: You don't know she'll do that.

Janet: Bradley, this baby is already a part of her, whether she wants to admit it or not, and if she can only just understand that, if she goes through with this, our Libby will never be the same.

Eb: You got a thing going with Maeve, don't you?

Holden: She doesn't want me. She's too in to you. Besides, how could I possibly get anything going on with her when I'm chained to this bed?

Eb: Yeah, it doesn't keep you from running your mouth, though, does it? We're gonna fix that. We're gonna put a stop to that right now.

Holden: You want your money, Eb? You want your money that you think that I hid? You hurt me, you're never gonna see a dime of it.

Eb: I'm not so sure about that. See, where I went wrong is I've been too easy on you. Maybe it's a good thing Maeve took off today.

Holden: Yeah? What are you gonna do?

Eb: Get you to tell me where the money is. But we're gonna do it the old-fashioned way.

Banker: And we'll need Mr. Snyder's death certificate.

Damian: Did you bring it with you, Lily?

Lily: Yes. I have it. It's in here somewhere.

Damian: Would you like me to find it for you?

Lily: Excuse me.

Maeve: Hi. Good morning. I'm here to make a withdraw from the account of Holden Snyder, and this is my authorization.

Damian: No, don't cry. Everything is gonna be all right.

Teller: Ma'am, I need your I.D.

Maeve: Isn't that paper enough? 'Cause the money's not for me. It's for Mr. Snyder, and I'm his -- I'm, like, a messenger, I guess you'd say.

Teller: Did you see poor Mrs. Snyder over there? She's all broken up because she's closing her husband's account.

Maeve: She is?

Teller: Mm-hmm.

Damian: You want to leave?

Lily: Maybe we should.

Teller: We have a situation.

[Eb is holding Holden’s head in a bucket of water]


Eb: Tell me where the money is.

Lily: Are you telling me that that woman that just ran out of here was trying to withdraw money from my husband's account? Who is she?

Teller: She wouldn't give me her I.D., only this.

Lily: That's Holden's handwriting.

Damian: Are you sure?

Lily: Absolutely.

Damian: It could be forgery.

Lily: Well, even so, who is she, and what is her connection to Holden? Do you have cameras? Can I see the security tape?

Banker: Right away, Mrs. Snyder.

Damian: Don't worry, Cara. I'll help you get to the bottom of this.

Janet: Thank you.

Jack: I take it the meeting with the priest didn't go very well.

Janet: What was your first clue?

Jack: The look on your face. I got to be honest with you, Honey. I didn't think it was such a great idea to begin with.

Janet: Why didn't you say anything?

Jack: I did.

Janet: Why didn't you say it louder? Liberty practically insulted the priest, and Brad told me I was being selfish.

Jack: Brad was there?

Janet: Yeah, just what I needed.

Jack: Okay. He had no right to tell you you were selfish, but come on. At what point did we let these kids make their own decision?

Janet: You think I'm wrong about this?

Jack: No. I think you need to listen to what Liberty wants.

Janet: And let my little girl make the biggest mistake of her life?

Jack: You don't know that.

Janet: Honey, I know my daughter, okay? I know that 20 years from now she could be walking down the street and she could see a kid and say, "Gee, I wonder what it could have been like.”

Jack: Okay. She can wonder the same thing if she gives the baby up for adoption.

Janet: No, no, no, no, no. Not necessarily. Not if it's an open adoption. That way she can actually have a part of the child's life. She can see photos.

Jack: That would be kind of tough watching the child grow up from afar with no say in how it's raised.

Janet: Who's to say what would hurt her more?

Jack: I don't have the answer.

Janet: I don't need the answer from you, Jack. I just need to know that you're behind me.

Parker: Where we made our first mistake when we were married was that we never had a plan.

Liberty: What's our plan now?

Parker: Well, we'll live together at my house with my mom, when she gets back, of course.

Liberty: Okay. And what if your dad kicks us out like he did before?

Parker: She won't let him do that again, all right, and she'll let us take care of the baby. You can do this, Liberty, and you can keep your baby.

Liberty: Oh, Parker, we were married before we fought all the time.

Parker: Yeah, but this time it'll be different.

Liberty: And you're not in love with me anymore, and I'm not in love with you. What kind of marriage would that be?

Parker: We'll make it work.

Liberty: One problem.

Parker: What?

Liberty: I still don't want to have a baby, and being married would just make me feel trapped, and it would make you feel trapped.

Parker: No, it won’t.

Liberty: Maybe not at the beginning, but it would eventually, and I would hate that, Parker. I can't marry you, but it means so much to me that you care this much. Really, it does. Dad --

Brad: Don't try to dis-- don't, don’t. Don't try to distract me. I want to know what's going on between you two right now.

Lily: I've never seen that woman before in my life.

Damian: Make sure all of Holden Snyder’s accounts are closed and any and all money transferred into Mrs. Snyder's account, quickly.

Lily: What about the police?

Damian: They're on their way. First order of business, find that woman.

Lily: Well, her fingerprints must be on that letter Holden supposedly wrote.

Damian: Don't worry, Lily. We'll find her. Can I get you anything? Lily?

Lily: I need something else.

Banker: Yes, Ma'am?

Lily: I need a copy of that letter that woman brought in here.

Parker: Liberty was very stressed out. I was just trying to come up with something to tell her to make her feel better.

Brad: By asking her to marry you? That is insane.

Parker: I know. That's what she told me, okay. That's why she turned me down.

Brad: You turned him down? Oh, okay. Good, okay. That's good. That's good. That's excellent.

Liberty: You know, I'm capable of making a decent decision. You know, I know I was stupid enough to get pregnant, but that doesn't mean that I'm an idiot all the time. God, everyone's just telling me what they think I should do and what I need, but no one knows how I feel except for me.

Brad: Can you give us a minute?

Parker: Yeah, sure. I'll be right over there if you guys need me.

Brad: He cannot give you what you need right now, not even close.

Liberty: Dad, he is just trying to be my friend, and I really need a friend right now.

Brad: Okay. Okay. I'm gonna ask you something. No pressure, no judgment. If you had no one else to please but yourself, what would you do?

Liberty: I'm not sure anymore. If it was a few days ago, I would have gotten the abortion if Mom hadn't stopped me, and this would all be over.

Brad: And now?

Liberty: I can't even think straight. Did you and Mom get in a big fight?

Brad: No. I mean, well, you know what she thinks about all this.

Liberty: What do you think?

Brad: That you having a baby at your age is not what I wanted for you and that I wish I could get my hands on the guy that did this and --

Liberty: Dad, just tell me, please.

Brad: That, yeah, you wanted to have an abortion, that I would have no problem with it, that I would be with you all the way.

Liberty: Now, I want you to tell me something, no pressure, judgment.

Brad: Anything.

Liberty: If Mom would have come to you when she was pregnant, would you have wanted her to get rid of me?

Jack: Hey, Janet, I'm always on your side, no matter what.

Janet: But you think I should back off.

Jack: This is Liberty's pregnancy.

Janet: And you think I'm being too pushy.

Jack: It's not about whether you're being pushy or not. There's nothing you can do. It's out of your hands.

Janet: Nothing. Yeah. Maybe nothing is the best thing.

Jack: I'm not following.

Janet: If I can keep Liberty from going to that clinic, right, if I can just keep her from going, if I can just do nothing --

Jack: What are you saying?

Janet: Okay. There's a certain window of time for you to get an abortion, right?

Jack: And the longer it takes Liberty to make her decision --

Janet: The decision will be made for her, and then she'll have no choice. It's out of her hands.

Brad: There is no way that Janet would even have considered it.

Liberty: What if she had? You two slept together just like me and Tony. You weren't in love. I mean, I don't know, maybe Mom was a little bit in love with you, but if she would have come to you and would have asked you, would you have told her to get an abortion?

Brad: I don't even know how to answer that question, because, I mean, I'm looking at you, and I love you so much.

Liberty: The answer is yes.

Brad: No. That's not what I'm saying, which is Janet did what was right for her, and, I mean, you just happen to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Liberty: Do you mean that?

Brad: With all my heart. You don't have to do what she did, baby. I mean, there's no telling how it's gonna turn out for you, but whatever you decide, you are not alone. I'm gonna be with you there every single step of the way.

Liberty: Thank you.

Parker: Is everything okay now?

Liberty: Yeah. I feel better.

Brad: Except that we have some unfinished business here. Okay, I know that you, you're just trying to be her friend, but marriage --

Liberty: Dad, we explained to you --

Brad: Okay, no. I'm just asking you guys, please, please, please, please, that, just before you decide anything, that you will talk to one of your parents first? Can you please promise me that? Please?

Liberty: Yes.

Parker: Yes, we promise.

Brad: Okay. Look, you know where I'll be if you need any help. I mean, if you just need to talk, okay?

Liberty: Thanks, Dad. Thank you.

Brad: All right. I love you.

Liberty: I love you, too.

Parker: Well, at least you know your parents love you.

Liberty: The really sad thing about that is, that it's what makes everything so much harder.

Damian: What are you doing?

Lily: I need to find some more samples of Holden's writing.

Damian: Is that why you wanted a copy of that letter?

Lily: Yeah. I think he wrote it, but I need to be sure.

Damian: Lily, you will be sure once the police will verify it.

Lily: No, I can't wait for the police to investigate. I need to do this myself. I need to do it now. Look, look. I think this is his writing, but I can't be sure. I can't tell.

Damian: Lily, let the police handle it.

Lily: No. He could be alive, and he could be waiting for me to find him.

Damian: Is that what you think, that Holden's alive?

Lily: Yes. If he wrote this note. I need to find some more samples, just to be sure.

Damian: Lily, Lily, this isn't healthy. I know you want Holden to be alive, but it's just not possible.

Lily: Don't say that, all right? We need to find that woman and find out when she saw Holden and where.

Damian: Lily, that woman is probably a scam artist, okay, that found out about Holden's death from a newspaper and is trying to take advantage of it.

Lily: No, no. He wrote this letter.

Damian: Think about it. Think how much Holden loved you. If he were alive somewhere, conscious enough to write this letter, he would have at least tried to get in touch with you.

Lily: Maybe he was conscious and then he got hurt.

Damian: Even if he was in a hospital, you would be contacted, Lily. If he was alive, Holden would never let you suffer like this. He would move heaven and earth to come home to you, wouldn't he?

Lily: Yes.

Maeve: Eb, what are you doing? Leave him be. Let him go.

Eb: You ready to tell me where the money is?

Holden: You're gonna have to do better than that to break me.

Eb: You asked for it.

Maeve: No, Eb. Stop messing around. He's not going anywhere. I missed you, baby.

Eb: Did you, now?

Maeve: Oh, yeah. Come on. Let's make up for lost time. Come on. Come on, baby. Come on.

Liberty: You know, I wish I could have just gone to Chicago and gotten the abortion, and no one would have ever found out.

Parker: You still can.

Liberty: No, I can't, 'cause my mom knows. Now everything's changed.

Parker: You really think your mom will be mad at you forever if you don't have the baby?

Liberty: Worse. 'Cause I'd have to see the disappointment in her eyes every day. I don't think I could handle that.

Jack: Thank you very much. Don't start.

Brad: I'm not going to. I came to tell you that I talked to Liberty and I told her that I was gonna stand behind her no matter what she decided to do.

Janet: Did she say what she was gonna do?

Brad: She's not sure.

Janet: Well, that's to be expected, I guess.

Brad: Yes. Yes, it is. I mean, here's the deal, okay. In spite of our differences, we need to be there for her. Okay, fighting about it is not gonna help. We're family, and we need to work this out together.

Janet: I agree 100%.

Lily: What's that?

Damian: Something to help you relax. You have to get some rest, Cara.

Lily: No, no. The kids are gonna be home soon. I need to be here for them.

Damian: Luciano will take care of the kids. You haven't slept in days, Lily.

Lily: I'll take a nap. I don't want to take the pill. I'll be fine.

Damian: Cara, your children have already lost their father. Are you trying to kill their mother, too? Now come on.

Lily: Satisfied?

Damian: Immensely.

Lily: Damian, even if Holden -- if he's not alive, I need to find out who that woman is and how she got Holden's signature in the first place.

Damian: We'll find out everything about her, I promise. Now, please, lie down, and close your eyes.

Lily: Why are you being so bossy?

Damian: Because you're being so stubborn. Close your eyes. Sweet dreams, Cara. Okay.

Maeve: Hey. Eb passed out.

Holden: Thank God you showed up when you did. Eb probably would have drowned me.

Maeve: I had to get him away from you.

Holden: You're a good person, Maeve. So, tell me what happened at the bank. Why didn't you get the money?

Maeve: I made a mistake. I went to Oakdale.

Holden: Wait a minute. I thought you were gonna go to a bank around here.

Maeve: Well, yeah, I started to, and I probably should have, but then I got to thinking, "What if I go to our bank or the bank two towns over and somebody knows who I am or, worse yet, somebody knows Eb?" So I couldn't take that chance. And then I got to thinking it would probably be a lot easier to get the money directly from your bank.

Holden: Okay. So what happened?

Maeve: They asked me for I.D. I got all jumpy, and then things just got worse. Your wife came in.

Holden: You saw Lily?

Maeve: Yeah. I heard the bank people talking about how she came in to close your accounts. I just had to get out of there.

Holden: How did she look?

Maeve: She was with some guy, talked with an accent or something.

Holden: Damian.

Maeve: I don't know who he was, but he was all over her, like he owned her or something.

Holden: Lily didn't see you?

Maeve: No. I hightailed it out of there.

Holden: Oh, my God. I can't believe that you saw her, that she doesn't know. She doesn't know that I'm all right.

Maeve: She seemed kind of busy with other things, like that guy she was with.

Holden: Maeve, I got to get out of here.

Maeve: I know, I know. We got to get you out of here.

Holden: How? How in God's name are we gonna do that?

Maeve: Shh. Shh. Don't worry. We'll figure out a way to get rid of Eb. It'll be just you and me.

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