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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 9/4/09

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Rosanna: Are you kidding me?

Craig: Top of the morning t you, too.

Rosanna: What am I gonna have to do to convince you I don't want you coming around here anymore?

Craig: Trust me, you've already done that. And I'm not here to get slapped again, either, delightful as that was. I'm here to see Parker.

[Rosanna groans]

Rosanna: Why?

Craig: Parker, are you up there?

Rosanna: Craig, I asked you a question.

Craig: All right. Our personal differences aside, we need to work together on Midday Sun until Carly comes home. Parker!

Rosanna: All of the sudden, you care about work.

Craig: Oh, I never stopped.

Rosanna: Really?

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Rosanna: That surprises me, considering how many hours you've spent canoodling with your Oakdale Lolita.

Craig: There you are. We have a meeting at the ad agency. They want to present us some new ideas, and they'd like us all to be there.

Parker: Well, that's too bad, 'cause I'm not going.

Janet: Happy college day.

Liberty: Who told you?

Janet: Oh, I got about 16 e-mails from the school. Every college you're interested in is gonna be at this fair.

Liberty: Yeah.

Janet: That's a good opportunity for you to make an impression on the recruiters.

Liberty: And how am I supposed to do that, Mom?

Janet: Okay. Come prepared, ask questions that show your interest in the school, and let them know what a special person you are.

Liberty: You're such a dork. Where did you get at from?

[Janet laughs]

Janet: A website for parents whose kids are thinking about going to college.

Liberty: Well, you're not one of those parents, 'cause I'm not one of those kids.

Jan: What are you talking about?

Liberty: I'm just not ready to start thinking about it yet.

Janet: Honey, a few days ago, you couldn't wait to go look at colleges with Mackenzie. It's all you've been talking about for months.

Liberty: I know, but now that it's happening Ė

Janet: I know, I know, I know. It's a big decision, right? You got a lot choices. And this is a decision that could affect your entire future.

Liberty: Thanks, Mom, for making it worse than it already is. Please.

Janet: Honey, you are more than ready to handle this.

Liberty: I doubt it.

Janet: Oh, come here. It's gonna be great. This is gonna be one of the best years of your life. Mm!

[Car approaching]

Janet: Who's that?

[Liberty mumbles]

Janet: Is somebody picking you up?

Liberty: Not that I know of.

Janet: Hi.

Teri: Hey. I need a favor.

Janet: Sure.

Teri: Do you have a spare bedroom?

Janet: Why?

Teri: Rosanna fired me.

Parker: I could hear you two going at it from upstairs, and I really don't want any part of it.

Rosanna: Satisfied?

Craig: No. If you heard us talking down here, then you also heard me tell your aunt that we need to put aside our differences so we can focus on business.

Parker: Which neither of you can do.

Craig: I certainly can.

Rosanna: Parker doesn't trust you anymore.

Craig: Is that true?

Parker: I just don't want to get caught in the middle of this.

Craig: Oh, it looks like someone -- it looks like somebody has already put you there.

Rosanna: Well, he had a right to know that you were using him to cover your tracks.

Craig: How did I do that?

Rosanna: The mythical photo shoot with Parker that he didn't know anything about!

Craig: Sorry about that, Parker. I never meant for you to be involved with them.

Rosanna: Oh, well. But here we are.

Craig: There is an explanation. I just can't tell you what it is.

Rosanna: That certainly puts it to rest.

Parker: You know what? I really don't have time for this.

Craig: You're right. We have a meeting to get to.

Parker: There is a college fair at school that I told Liberty I'd go with her to, so you'll just have to hale the meeting without me. Have fun.

[Door closes]

Craig: Is there anyone you aren't trying to turn against me?

Katie: I got your message.

Vienna: Oh, my God. Thank you for coming.

Katie: I was on my way to checkup, but you sounded so upset.

Vienna: It's Henry.

Katie: Was he arrested?

Vienna: No, not yet.

Katie: I figured the lawyer would have told the police by now that Henry and Audrey tied him up in the boiler room.

Vienna: Katie! Do you want the whole town to know?

Katie: They're all gonna know. They're all gonna find out when they see him in handcuffs.

Vienna: Well, they have not been handcuffed yet.

Katie: Maybe the -- the lawyer decided not to talk.

Vienna: Henry doesn't seem to think so. He thinks that James is keeping him quiet for some reason.

Katie: Has Henry talked to a lawyer of his own?

Vienna: No, he doesn't want to talk to anyone about what happened until he finds out what James is going to do.

Katie: Maybe he's right. Maybe the lawyer won't talk.

Vienna: You know, and that won't matter if James has something worse planned, and it's all Audrey's fault.

Katie: I hope Henry's staying far away from her.

Vienna: Oh, God, I hope so, too.

[Knock on door]

[Audrey sighs]

Henry: How is he doing?

Audrey: I don't -- I don't really care.

Henry: You fed him yet?

Audrey: I tried, but he started screaming for help.

Henry: Hey, are you hungry? If I take that tape off your mouth, will you promise to keep quiet?

[Audrey sighs]

Henry: That was the wrong answer.

Audrey: I don't really think that his growling stomach is our big problem right now.

[Cell phone ringing]

Henry: That's not mine.

Audrey: Not mine.

Henry: That's -- that's great.

[Audrey gasps]

Henry: Somebody's missing him already.

Audrey: Well -- see. See who it -- see who it is.

Henry: You're right, Mother. We do have bigger things to worry about.

Audrey: What? Who is it?

Henry: It's James Stenbeck.

James: Hansen, where the hell are you? You have to sign that revised will. I mean, I have already told Paul he's my only heir and Henry Coleman gets nothing. Don't make a liar out me, Counselor. I don't have much time.

[Henry listens to Hansenís voice mail]

Hansen, where the hell are you? You have to sign that revised will. I mean, I have already to Paul he's my only heir and Henry Coleman gets nothing.

Henry: Well, I guess he didn't reconsider.

[Audrey sighs]

Audrey: Did you really expect that he would?

Henry: No, no. I guess not.

Audrey: Are you ready to do what has to be done?

Henry: Uh, if you are talking about what I think you are talking about, then you need to stop talking about that.

Audrey: Well, it has to happen.

Henry: No. What did I just say?

Audrey: Look, if James doesn't die, then he's alive long enough to sign that new will!

Henry: Enough, enough, enough.

Audrey: Listen to m we need the money. We'll get the money when he's dead, and I can pay off Ray, and you will get millions!

Henry: I -- I don't care about any that!

Audrey: Yes, you do! Of course you do! You want millions and millions!

Henry: No, I don't! I do not. I donít care, okay? I may be a Stenbeck, but I am not a killer.

Audrey: You can be.

Henry: You're wrong.

Audrey: Look, Henry, if you do not kill him, then you are killing both of us.

Craig: You actually told that boy your paranoid fantasies about me and Teri.

Rosanna: Please. Not in any detail.

Craig: I'm engaged to his mother.

Rosanna: Carly is going to know everything.

Craig: Why would you do that?

Rosanna: Because my sister deserves to know what kind of man she's really dealing with.

Craig: If I were doing the things you think I am, sure. But I'm not. So how does it help Carly's recovery to make baseless accusation against me?

Rosanna: I don't think my accusations are that baseless, Craig.

Craig: Oh, well, let's see. Uh, Teri's not pregnant. Teri and I aren't sleeping together. And Teri and I intend to keep it that way. So --

Rosanna: Guess what? I don't believe you.

Craig: You just don't want to.

Rosanna: No, I just know you too well.

Craig: Mm-hmm. What about Teri?

Rosanna: You know, I don't know Teri. I don't care to, frankly.

Craig: So, you got all your bases covered, then.

Rosanna: I sure do. And guess what I care more about my sister than you certainly do.

[Craig laughs]

Craig: You don't care about your sister.

Rosanna: You bet I care about her. How dare you say that I don't?

Craig: You're just looking for a way to get back at me. Your sister needs love and support, not to be dragged into a war over the past!

Rosanna: Oh, you'd like it to be past, wouldn't you?

Craig: You should want that, ok! Hasn't it consumed enough of your life?

Rosanna: Don't need life lessons from you!

Craig: I think maybe you do.

Rosanna: You know, maybe -- maybe you're right. Maybe we all need to get over the past, including me.

Craig: Thank you.

Rosanna: But I think the best way to do that is to get rid of you.

Janet: Why did she fire you?

Teri: I'm not really sure myself.

Janet: I'm surprised. It seems so out of the blue, right?

Teri: Right.

Liberty: I got to go.

Janet: Oh, right, right. Oh, it's -- it's college day. Listen to me. I want you to come home right after school, 'cause I want to hear all about it, okay?

Liberty: Mm-hmm. I'm so sorry about your job.

Janet: So, what did she say when she fired you?

Teri: Uh, she said that she didn't need me now that the kids are going back to school. I mean, maybe she's right, you know? They're gonna be busy, and Carly's gonna be back soon, so --

Janet: And she won't let you stay at the house?

Teri: The deal was I could stay there as long as I was working.

Janet: Yeah, but still, I'm surprised at her.

Teri: Don't be.

Janet: Well --

Teri: I mean, she's got a lot on her plate.

Janet: Yeah, but she doesn't have any issues with you.

Teri: Yeah, anyway, I -- I need to find a place to stay until I figure out my next move.

Jan: Okay, okay. I'll -- I'll ask Emma and Jack, of course.

Teri: Oh, I don't know. Maybe that's not such a good idea. Maybe it's time for me to go.

Janet: No, no, no! I don't want you to leave. You just got here.

Teri: I'll keep in touch.

Janet: Honey, you still have your job at Metro, don't you?

Teri: I think so.

Janet: Okay, then. What's the problem?

Teri: Uh, I guess there isn't one. What?

Janet: Why do I get the feeling there's something you're not telling me?

Henry: I'm getting really tired of drama, Mother -- really tired.

Audrey: You know that if James finds out what we did, he will kill us both.

Henry: Whose fault is that?

[Audrey scoffs]

Audrey: I don't really think it's time for the blame game here, do you?

Henry: Yeah, I do, actually. Who's the one that kidnapped this guy in the first place?

Audrey: Do you think I had a choice? He was writing James' new will. Now, look me in the eye and tell me you're willing to end up with absolutely nothing!

Henry: Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, if we let him go, he is gonna go to the police, and then they will charge you with kidnapping no matter what we do to James.

Audrey: Okay. Well, don't you think I thought of that? Mr. Hansen and I have a -- an understanding.

Henry: What kind of understanding?

Audrey: He is going to stay quiet about this little escapade.

Henry: In exchange for what?

Audrey: $250,000.

Henry: Are you out of your mind, Mom? Are you out of your mind?

Audrey: No, I think it's fair. It's fair, it's fair. Hey, it's fair.

Henry: Where -- where are we supposed to come up with that kind of money?

[Audrey gasps]

Audrey: Are you out of your mind? That -- that is the whole point of this whole little -- adventure.

Henry: So wait a second. Let me get this straight. I need to commit murder in order to avoid being charged for kidnapping?

Audrey: Well, and to inherit a huge fortune.

Henry: What makes you think we can trust Mr. Hansen?

Audrey: Oh, boy. Okay, Mr. Hansen, please tell my skeptical son that you can be trusted.

Hansen: Ow!

Audrey: Oh. Okay, tell him.

Hansen: For 250 grand, I wouldn't talk if you killed my father.

Henry: Oh, my God.

Audrey: Okay. Yes, yes. Here you go. You see what I'm talking about? That is what I love about lawyers. It's always just a simple question of price. All right. Henry, can we just get on with it? Can we just go ahead and kill James and get on with our lives?

Henry: Mom, if you want him dead, you need to do it yourself.

Audrey: No. Henry --

Henry: Enough. I don't want any part of this, and I don't want any part of you.

Audrey: Henry!

Parker: Hey. Ready to go?

Liberty: Go where?

Parker: College day. Hello.

Liberty: Oh, right. Yeah.

Parker: I thought you were really into this.

Liberty: I am.

Parker: Okay, well, you're not acting like it.

Liberty: It's just hard, thinking what's gonna be going on in a year.

Parker: Well, you'll be out of high school. I mean, you'll be on your own, in college.

Liberty: I guess.

[Liberty remembering]

Tony: Rule number one -- get yourself into a good frat. That way you have yourself a four-year party, right? Let's go someplace else. Coffee sucks here.

Parker: It'd really help if you'd talk to me, Liberty.

Liberty: Everything's cool, Parker. I'm just -- I'm really tired.

Parker: Okay. Um, well, how about you have another cup of coffee. It's on me.

Liberty: It's okay.

Parker: Should we go?

Liberty: You know what? How about -- how about you go, and I'll -- I'll meet up with you?

Parker: Why?

Liberty: There's something I really need to take care of. Please.

Parker: Okay. Liberty, I can't help you if you won't talk to me.

Liberty: I know.

Parker: See you there?

Liberty: Okay.

Teri: You know, there's -- there's nothing else to tell you, Janet. I mean, Craig is gonna try and find a way to keep my job at Metro.

Janet: You Believe him?

Teri: Yeah. Hey, wait a second. I thought we agreed we were not gonna fight about Craig.

Janet: I don't remember anything like that.

Teri: Well, if we didn't, we probably should have. But I'm pretty sure we did.

Janet: Okay. Look, if you're not gonna be working with Rosanna, at least you can spend more time with me.

[Teri chuckles]

Janet:  You know, I feel like I've missed out on so much of your life.

Teri: Yeah, I know. I've missed a lot of yours, too, and almost all of Liberty's.

Janet: I know. I'm so glad you two like each other.

Teri: She is a great kid.

Janet: Mm-hmm. You know, before I got here, she's pretty much all I had. We are so close. We share everything.

Teri: Yeah. You know, I -- I've told you this before, Janet, but you really did a great, great job with her. I know it must not have been easy for you.

[Janet laughs]

Janet: It's still not.

[Teri laughs]

[Cell phone rings]

Teri: Hang on a second.

Janet: Okay.

Teri: Hello.

Liberty: Are you still with my mom?

Teri: Yeah. Uh, what's up?

Liberty: I called the clinic, and I got an appointment for this afternoon. You can still go with me, right?

Teri: Yes, of course. Of course.

Liberty: I'll be at Java.

Teri: I have to go.

Janet: Who was that?

Teri: Uh, possible job interview thing.

Janet: Doing what?

Teri: Uh, babysitting. Is it -- hey, is it okay if I leave my bag here?

Janet: Sure.

Teri: Okay. Janet, I love you. Okay.

Janet: I love you, too.

Vienna: My God, where were you? We were so worried.

Henry: Who's "We"?

Vienna: Katie was just here on her way to the hospital.

Henry: Is she okay?

Vienna: Yes. It's just a regular checkup. Where were you?

Henry: Uh, how's Katie feeling.

Vienna: Henry, can you just answer me?

Henry: You don't want to know.

Vienna: Oh, my God. You were with Audrey, weren't you?

Henry: I told you, you don't want to know.

Vienna: Why do you even want to go near her?

Henry: I -- I went and told her that I was done with her, okay?

Vienna: Oh. God. About time.

Henry: There's, uh, somewhat of a problem.

Vienna: Oh, my God. I'm not surprised.

Henry: Remember the lawyer I told you about?

Vienna: What, the one who disappeared?

Henry: He didn't exactly disappear.

Vienna: Well, where did he go? Where is he?

Henry: He's in Audrey's room, bound and gagged.

Vienna: What? You were up there? Are you crazy?

Henry: I was trying to reason with her, okay?

Vienna: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. And how did that go?

Henry: It didn't go very well. But I told her I wanted nothing to do with what she's planning.

Vienna: What is she planning?

Henry: She wants to keep the lawyer from giving James his will so that my devoted father can't disown me before he dies.

Vienna: No. You -- you have to tell the police.

Henry: I can't do that.

Vienna: This is your chance to get free of her. The police is gonna find them. They're gonna lock up Audrey.

Henry: It's not that simple.

Vienna: Why not?

Henry: Because it's Audrey; it's Audrey. And she will find a way to blame me. She always does.

Vienna: Well, not if you're telling the police first.

Henry: I can't.

Vienna: Why not? They'll find out when she lets the lawyer go.

Henry: She -- she's kind of got that covered, baby.

Vienna: How?

Henry: The lawyer took a bribe.

Vienna: Oh, my God. That'll go wrong. It always does. And you're gonna end up being blamed for it, just like you said. Now, do the right thing and call the police.

Henry: I can't.

Vienna: You got to do something.

Henry: You're right. Sweetie, we've only got one choice.

Vienna: Which is what?

Henry: We run.

Craig: Yeah, I'll -- I'll call and reschedule. Thank you.

Rosanna: You really did have a meeting?

Craig: Do you think I lie about everything?

Rosanna: Yes.

Craig: I'm not that guy anymore.

[Rosanna scoffs]

Rosanna: So years of deceit and dishonesty are suddenly swept away because you scheduled a business meeting?

Craig: You really are determined to ruin my life.

Rosanna: No, I ink you're doing a pretty good job with that yourself.

Craig: And all the love and support I've shown your sister counts for nothing?

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: You drove her to drink.

Craig: You know what? Why don't you tell Carly whatever you want, and we'll let her decide who loves and supports her and who using her for her own agenda?

Rosanna: I don't have an agenda.

Craig: Yes, you do, and you couldn't carless who gets hurt.

[Teri sighs]

Liberty: Hey. Thanks for coming.

Teri: No problem, no problem. I said that I'd help you. But, Lib, I just need to ask you one more time, are you sure? Because I know that you changed your mind once already.

Liberty: My mom called.

Teri: I know. I don't blame you for being freaked out. It probably just meant you weren't ready.

Liberty: Well, I'm ready now. These kids were here earlier. They were going to college day. I just -- I want to be thinking about that, not this --

Teri: I understand. I understand, okay? When's the appointment?

Liberty: Mm, soon. We should probably go now.

Teri: Okay. Um, let me call Craig and have him meet us.

[Cell phone rings]

Craig: Hello.

Teri: Hey, it's me. I'm -- I'm with Liberty. She made another appointment at the -- the clinic. Um, we need to leave right now.

Craig: Okay. Where are you?

Teri: We'll be in Old Town.

Craig: I'm on my way. Always a pleasure, Rosanna.

Rosanna: What's so urgent, Craig?

Craig: That's persona

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: I'll bet.

Craig: You know what? Whatever you think, whatever you say to Carly, just remember, you're the only one that'll have to live with the consequences.

Vienna: There's got to be a way!

Henry: There is, Sweetie. We get out of the country.

Vienna: Oh, but Henry, we're happy here.

Henry: We are happy, because we're together. But if we stay here, we may not be. And I can't take that chance.

Vienna: Do we have to leave right away?

Henry: Yeah, as soon as possible.

Vienna: Well -- is there time to make one more happy memory?

[Henry mumbles]

Katie: Audrey?

Audrey: Katie. Ah! Hi! Uh, what are you doing here?

Katie: Seeing my doctor.

Audrey: Oh! Oh, look at you. You are just absolutely glowing. I would pay big money for a chemical peel that good. Um, would you -- would you mind?

Katie: Sure.

Audrey: Oh! Thank you.

Katie: What are you looking for?

Audrey: Just your little rug rat in training. Is it kicking?

Kat: No, I mean in the cart there.

Audrey: Oh, oh. Uh, stomach. It's just been hurting all day, and I just thought maybe there'd be an antacid or two in there.

Katie: You should probably ask one of t nurses.

Audrey: I know, but I -- I hate to bother. Busy -- you know they're b -- I'm gonna go to the pharmacy. And it's so good to see you.

Kat: You too.

Audrey: Okay.

Katie: Audrey?

Audrey: Yeah.

Katie: Pharmacy is that way.

Audrey: Of course.

[Audrey chuckles]

Audrey: Okay. Nice to see you, too.

Katie: You too.

Craig: I'm here.

Liberty: Thanks for coming.

Craig: How you doing?

Liberty: I'm fine. Can we go?

Craig: Are you sure about this?

Liberty: I'm fine. Can people please stop asking me that?

Teri: Okay, letís go.

Craig: My car's over there.

Janet: Hey, Parker.

Parker: Oh. Hi.

Janet: Where's Liberty?

Parker: She's -- she's still at the college fair.

Janet: She wasn't with you?

Parker: She -- she went to look at a bunch of different schools.

Janet: Which ones?

Parker: She didn't say.

Janet: Why didn't you wait for her?

Parker: Well, I -- I had no idea how long she was gonna take.

Janet: Uh-huh. Yeah, so you just couldn't wait to come back here and sit on this bench all by yourself, right? Look, Parker, we can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way, but either way, you're gonna tell me where Liberty is.

Parker: I don't know.

Janet: Are you lying to me?

Parker: No, I -- I am not. I really don't know where she is.

Janet: Is she at the college fair or what?

Parker: I honestly don't know if she ever was.

Janet: What do you mean?

Parker: She was supposed to meet me there, but she never did.

Janet: Why not?

Parker: Something's just -- something's been bugging her.

Janet: What?

Parker: She wouldn't tell me.

Janet: Something has been bugging her lately. Straight to voicemail.

Parker: Remember the other day, when you couldn't find her?

Janet: She was with you.

Parker: She wasn't with me.

Janet: Where was she?

Parker: I don't know. I covered for her, but she wouldn't actually tell me where she was.

Janet: So you lied.

Parker: I guess.

Janet: Are you lying to me right now?

Parker: No, I -- I am not, I swear. Look, Liberty never showed up to the college fair. But I -- I did see her going somewhere with Craig and Teri.

Janet: Did she tell you where she was going?

Parker: They didn't actually know I was --

Janet: Why was she with them?

Parker: I don't have a clue.

Janet: Neither do I. But I'm gonna find out.

Janet: Hi. I need to talk to you.

Rosanna: Oh. Is this about Teri?

Janet: It's about Liberty. I need to know where they are.

Rosanna: W -- who?

Janet: Liberty and Teresa and Craig.

Rosanna: They were all together?

Janet: Parker said they a left in the same car.

Rosanna: Well, I have no idea what they might be doing.

Janet: Oh, come on, Rosanna. I know you don't trust Craig, and I know you fired my sister, so you have got to have some idea as to what's going on.

Rosanna: But I don't have any proof.

Janet: But you're suspicious.

Rosanna: I -- I have no idea what Liberty could be doing with them.

Janet: Well, that's what I'm trying to find out!

[Rosanna sighs]

Rosanna: Okay, look, do you remember the day that, um, Teri and Liberty were going to look at colleges?

Janet: In Chicago.

Rosanna: Yeah. Well, maybe Liberty was looking at colleges, but Teri and Craig were in a hotel room.

Janet: How do you know?

Rosanna: I was there.

Janet: Why -- why would they take my daughter?

Rosanna: For cover.

Janet: I -- I can't believe that Teresa would get my daughter to lie to me so she could have a stupid fling.

Rosanna: Janet, it was more than a fling. I think Teri is pregnant.

Teri: Okay. You should let them know you're here.

Liberty: Hi. Um, I have an appointment. Liberty Ciccone.

Receptionist: We're running a little late, but it shouldn't be long. Uh, have a seat, and we'll call you.

Liberty: Thanks.

Teri: You okay?

Craig: You want a- you want a soda or anything?

Liberty: Actually, is it okay if we don't talk? I'm sorry, guys. I'm really not in the mood.

Craig: Sure. Anything you need.

Nurse 1: There should be one more potassium chloride.

Nurse 2: I don't see it.

Nurse 1: Look again. It better not be missing. That stuff can be poison.

Nurse 2: It's not here.

Nurse 1: We have to call security.

[Knock on door]

[Vienna gasps]

Vienna: It's your mother. Don't answer it. Don't answer.

Katie: Henry, Vienna, are you guys in there?

Vienna: One minute.

Henry: Hey.

Katie: I just saw your mother at the hospital.

Henry: Uh, was she there for herself or for someone else?

Katie: What do you mean?

Henry: I mean -- I mean why was she there?

Katie: She said that her stomach was bothering her.

Henry: I know the feeling.

Katie: But as soon as she left, I heard the nurses saying that there was a drug missing, something poisonous.

Vienna: What? You think Audrey took it.

Katie: I don't know.

Vienna: But for what?

Henry: Oh, my God. She's gonna do it.

Vienna: Do what?

Henry: She's gonna kill James Stenbeck.

Audrey: Hello there.

James: Well, what a nice surprise.

[Audrey chuckles]

Audrey: Mwah.

James: Oh. Is that for me?

Audrey: It most certainly is. I ought you a lovely treat. And guess what it is? Dark chocolate -- your absolute favorite..

[Audrey giggles]

James: You remembered.

Audrey: Of course, I remembered. I figured the food was getting pretty bad in here just about now, so -- enjoy.

James: Would you do me a favor?

Audrey: Of course. You know I would do absolutely anything for you.

James: You take the first bite.

[Audrey chuckles]

Audrey: I see. So you want me to take the first bite. Don't you trust me?

James: Any reason I shouldn't?

[Audrey laughs]

Audrey: No. You are the love of my life. I would never, ever do anything to hurt you.

James: Not even to keep me from dropping your loving son from my will?

[Audrey sighs]

Audrey: Why would you do that?

James: Audrey, I know you know.

Audrey: I am sure that you have your reasons.

James: Mm-hmm. And you don't care?

Audrey: No, no. Absolutely not. I never wanted you just for your money. I wanted you for your brilliant mind and your see of humor and your incredible, devilish good looks and the way you play my body like a fiddle. You know, the money -- it doesn't compare to all of that.

James: Mm. Then letís celebrate. A tasty treat for a tasty woman.

[Audrey sighs]

Audrey: Okay. Mmm! So good. Are you happy?

James: Very.

Audrey: You know, if you're not careful, I'm just gonna eat the whole thing myself, and you won't have any -- mmm -- at all.

James: I'm just a little preoccupied. My -- my lawyer -- I can't find him. You wouldn't happen to know anything about his whereabouts, would you?

Audrey: Mm, no. I -- I hardly know the man.

James: Well, it's -- it's not like Hansen to just disappear like that.

Audrey: I sure wish I could help you, Jimmy.

James: Yeah. I have to sign my new will -- the one without your son.

Audrey: Mm.

James: Mm.

Audrey: And I told you, I do not care. All I want to do is make sure that every single last hour you have on this earth are as pleasurable as they can be.

James: Mm.

Katie: You have to stop her!

Henry: How?

Katie: Call the police! Tell them there's a murder in progress.

Henry: Wait a second. Wait a second. Let's -- let's not be hasty here.

Vienna: Okay, Henry --

Henry: We need to think this through.

Vienna: There's nothing to ink about!

Henry: Wait. There is, now. Wait a second. Now, we all agree that Stenbeck should be dead. And if my mom kills him, then that's kind of a public service, isn't it? And then if she ends up in jail, isn't that better for everybody?

Katie: That's murder.

Henry: Well, as a true-blue Stenbeck, I say things happen.

Janet: Did you ask Craig if he got Teresa pregnant?

Rosanna: Oh, of course I did. And he denied it typically -- the affair, the pregnancy, everything.

Janet: But you think he's lying.

Rosanna: Does a bear live in the woods?

Janet: Oh, my gosh. It's my baby sister.

Rosanna: Well, Janet, she's hardly a baby.

Janet: I know. But if she's in trouble, she's gonna need me. Please.

Rosanna: When I was in the hotel room, I -- I saw a brochure for an abortion clinic.

Janet: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's impossible. No, my sister would never do that. That is not the way we were raised.

Rosanna: Well, maybe that's why she's afraid to tell you. Maybe she's afraid how you're gonna react.

Janet: Damn right because she also knows that deep down inside, that's not how she feels, too.

Rosanna: Not from the looks of it.

Janet: If it's her choice.

Rosanna: What, do you think -- you think Craig might be forcing the issue?

Janet: Do you think he wants Carly to come home and find out that he got my sister pregnant?

Rosanna: Well, I -- I don't -- I don't know what he's thinking. I don't -- I don't know if he even car what Carly thinks anymore.

Janet: Oh. This is awful.

Rosanna: Oh, I'm so sorry, Janet. I'm so sorry to have to be the e --

Janet: No, it's okay. Listen, you know what the worst part of it is? They got my little girl involved in this. That's the worst part.

Rosanna: I know. That really surprised me. I mean, I know Craig's a jerk, but didn't think he'd sink that low.

Janet: Hold on. Hold on. You said that you went to their hotel room in Chicago.

Rosanna: That right.

Janet: Which one was it?

Receptionist: We're ready for you now.

Teri: How long until she's ready to go home?

Receptionist: A couple of hours.

Craig: We'll be right here if you need us.

Liberty: Would you guys maybe be able to wait somewhere else?

Teri: Are you sure?

Liberty: Yeah. I know this might sound kind of crazy, but I think I'll feel more comfortable if you're not here.

Craig: Of course. We'll come back for you later.

Liberty: Okay.

Teri: Hey, um, listen. This is not a judgment in any way, but if you are having doubts Ė

Liberty: I'm not. I can't have this baby right now. I mean, I'm too young. It's so stupid.

Teri: I think you're amazing.

Liberty: Well, you don't know me that well.

Craig: Well, this is better than waiting in a coffee shop.

Teri: I feel so bad for that kid.

Craig: Yeah. It's hard to see her go through something like this.

Teri: Yeah. And if Janet ever knew, it would break her heart.

Craig: I suppose that's why Liberty didn't want to tell her. What counts now is where she goes from here.

Teri: I don't know how to thank you for everything that you've done.

Craig: I told you, I like Liberty.

Teri: I know. But this isn't your mess.

Craig: Well, when you've caused as many problems as I have in my day, it feels pretty good to help someone actually solve one.

[Knock on door]

Teri: Hmm-mm.

Janet: Where is she?

Teri: Janet?

Janet: Oh. It's okay. I know the whole story, and you don't have to worry about a thing. I'm here to take care of you.

Katie: You cannot let your mother kill your father, Henry.

Henry: Too Shakespearean?

Vienna: No, think about it. If you're sure that she'd frame you for kidnapping, don't you think she'll find a way to blame you for murder?

Henry: Yes, of course -- she's my mother!

[Henry sighs]

Henry: There are other considerations.

Vienna: Like what? The money?

Henry: Yeah.

Katie: Oh, Henry, no. Come on. I've known you a long time, and you've done some pretty low things, but that is despicable for even you.

Henry: Okay. All right? You know, enough. I will, uh, try to stop her.

Vienna: No, trying is not good enough.

Henry: Well, I'm sorry. When Audrey makes up her mind to do something, trying is the best at anyone can do.

James: You know, if I could be right here in your arms tonight, take my last breath, I would have no complaint.

[Audrey laugh]

Audrey: That is just so -- mm -- so very sweet. And, Jim, I promise you, it's not gonna hurt one little bit.

James: What won't?

[Audrey puts a needle in James neck]

Teri: What do you mean, Janet? Help me with what?

Janet: I know that you've been sleeping with Craig, and I know that you're pregnant. Thank you so much for being so irresponsible. And I know why you're here. And you don't have to go through with it.

Craig: Do you have any idea what you've done?

Rosanna: Oh, yes, I do. I stopped you from involving an innocent child.

Janet: Liberty, you can come out now.

Teri: Janet --

Janet: No, no, no. Listen, it's gonna be okay. I am here to take care of you. You don't have to go through with this.

Teri: I am not pregnant.

Janet: What -- oh, no. I'm too late.

Teri: No, no. I was never pregnant. I'm not sleeping with Craig, and I was never sleeping with anybody.

Janet: Well, then, why are you here? Why did I see the brochure from the clinic on -- oh, my God. Liberty! Answer me!

Craig: Janet, she's not here.

Doctor: How a you feeling? Have you seen a counselor? Do you have any questions? Are you sure you understand what's going to happen today?

Janet: Where is she?

Teri: Jan --

Janet: Where is she?!

Teri: I'm sorry. I can't --

Janet: Tell me.

Craig: She doesn't want anyone there.

Janet: I'm her mother!

Teri: Jan, please.

Janet: No. One of you better tell me where she is, or I will kill you both!

Rosanna: Oh, for God's sake, just tell her, Craig.

Craig: Clinic's on North End Avenue.

Teri: No, I'm coming with you.

Jan: No. You have done enough.

[Teri gasps]

Teri: I know how to get there!

Janet: I can get it myself!

Doctor: Just keep taking deep breaths.

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