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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 9/3/09

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Meg: I am making sandwiches and lemonade, which even I can't mess up.

Damian: You mean to say that Emma's daughter can't cook?

Meg: Well, with Mama around, there’s never a reason to learn.

Damian: Oh, I'm sure it all tastes wonderful.

Meg: You know there's only one way to find out. Meet me at the pond for a picnic lunch?

Damian: Today?

Meg: I know you're busy, but it's a beautiful day.

Damian: I'd love to.

Meg: What -- what? Really?

Damian: Yeah. Well, even if it wasn't a beautiful day, seeing you would make it be.

Meg: Damian, I -- I'm so sorry I've been so tough on you lately.

Damian: It doesn't matter at all.

Meg: I was petty and jealous.

Damian: It's all forgotten.

Meg: You sure?

Damian: Of course. What time should I be there?

Meg: When can you leave?

Damian: Uh, right now.

Meg: I'm leaving, too.

Damian: Luciano.

Luke: Noah's flight gets in in a couple of hours. I was sick of staring at the clock.

Damian: I'm glad to see you.

Luke: Well, I wondered if, um, maybe I still had a job.

Damian: Of course you do. Are you ready to come back to work?

Luke: I'm not sure.

Damian: I just want you to take as much time as you need to, okay?

Luke: I know. I know. But I don't want to be totally lost when I get back.

Damian: Look, I'm getting ready to meet Meg for lunch. I can't bring you up to speed right now.

Luke: well, that's okay. I can look at the manifest, see what's going on.

Damian: Good. Sit at my desk while I change.

Luke: So, I take it Meg's doing a little better?

Damian: I think so. What about you?

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: I'm just counting the minutes until Noah gets back.

Noah: Thanks for the ride from the airport.

Mason: Oh, just trying to make this trip last as long as we can, huh?

Noah: I know what you mean. It was amazing.

Mason: Yeah. What do you say we go grab a coffee and see if we can buy a couple more minutes?

Noah: Uh, should call Luke.

Mason: Oh, he doesn't even know you're back yet, right?

Noah: No. I didn't get a chance to let him know that we caught an earlier flight.

Mason: The only thing that made sense, right?

Noah: Yeah.

Mason: After that party? What a party. Oh, no time to sleep. It was worth it, right?

Noah: Yeah. Oh, it was awesome. That house was so cool.

Mason: Yeah. The only place to live in L.A. is the Hollywood Hills, huh?

Noah: I hear that.

Mason: Yeah. Look, I really do got to load up on some caffeine, or I'm never going to make it through this faculty meeting.

Noah: Did you sleep on the plane?

Mon: Not enough. Hey, these media arts professors, they can be a rough crowd, really. As soon as they hear I'm back from L.A., they're going to be all, you know, "Oh, back in the good-old days, I almost had a deal with Brad Pitt."

Noah: I almost had a deal with Jude Law.

Mason: Yeah, it's too bad he passed. But the fact that he wanted to meet you is huge. And maybe the next time he needs a writer, he'll think of you.

Noah: Oh, how cool would that be?

Mason: Very cool.

Noah: Wow.

Mason: In the meantime, we should make a list of all the actors who'd be right for that role and let them know that Jude Law is interested.

Noah: But he's not.

Mason: But he was. And by the time they find out that he's not anymore, they'll be in love with your script.

Noah: Wait. That doesn't really work.

Mason: I don't know. It might. Oh, and I got an idea about a casting idea thing. We should talk about it.

Noah: Well, what is it?

Mason: Buy me a coffee. I'll tell you all about it.

Damian: You really are counting the minutes, huh?

[Luke sighs]

Luke: I can't believe I let Noah go away and miss my father funeral.

Damian: That was very unselfish.

Luke: Yeah, well, next time I try to do something unselfish, rend me not to.

[Damian laughs]

Damian: Something wrong?

Luke: It's the shirt.

Damian: Too casual?

Luke: No. My dad had the same one.

Lily: Hi, Sweetie. I didn't hear you. You want me to make you some breakfast?

Natalie: Mommy, why are you wearing Daddy's shirt?

Lily: Oh, Baby, it makes me feel close to him. I put some of your daddy's things in this box to give to Grandma Emma to take to her church. They keep a big box there for people who don't have money to but the things that they need.

Natalie: Can I have one of Daddy's shirts, too?

Lily: Sure you can. Hey, better yet, how about this? Doesn't that feel good? It smells like Daddy, too.

Natalie: I wish it didn't.

Lily: Aw, baby.

[Holden dreaming]

Lily: Luke is with Noah, and the girls are both at sleepovers. And Ethan is fast asleep.

Holden: So it's just us?

Lily: For a while, at least.

Holden: Well, let's not waste any time. Mm.

Lily: Mm.

Holden: I love you.

Lily: I love you so much, Holden. Mm. Let's go upstairs. Aren't you coming?

Holden: I can't.

Lily: Why not?

Holden: I -- I don't know. [Holden chuckles] I want to.

Lily: Then you can. Come with me.

Holden: Lily, wait.

Lily: Holden, come upstairs.

Holden: I can't move. [Holden groans] [Chains rattling] [Echoing] Lily! Lily, come back! Lily! Lily! Lily!

[Holden gasps]

Holden: Oh, no. No. Maeve. Maeve! Maeve, I need to talk to you.

Maeve: Stop the hollering. Are you trying to wake the dead?

Holden: Did you mean what you said?

Maeve: About what?

Holden: If I tell you where Skaggs hid the money, will you tell my wife that I'm all right?

Maeve: Are you saying you're ready to talk?

Holden: Will you call her?

Maeve: I thought you didn't know anything about the money.

Holden: No, I do know.

Maeve: You lied to us, then.

Holden: O -- only because I wanted to keep the money for myself.

Maeve: Eb said that.

Holden: Well, you know what? None of that matters to me. All that matters is that I know where the money is, and I'm ready to show you.

Maeve: All right, let me get this straight. First you tell me you never met Skaggs before in your life, and now you're telling me you know where he hid the money?

Holden: I -- I was buying time so I didn't have to share the profits. Can you blame me?

Maeve: You shouldn't have lied.

Holden: You're right, because money's not important, especially when you stack it up against family. What's important is that my family knows that I'm alive. I need to get word to them, and then I will do anything you say.

Maeve: How do I know you're not telling me all this 'cause you want me to let them know?

Holden: I'm not Skaggs. I'm an honest guy.

Maeve: Who goes around lying?

Holden: I was trapped in a bad situation. I didn't know if I could trust you. But now I do.

Maeve: You're just trying to sweet-talk me.

Holden: All right, fine. You know, you and Eb do what you need. You -- you want to be stuck in this place forever?

Maeve: Why wouldn't I want to be stuck here? This is my home.

Holden: Think about it, Maeve. You take that money, you can buy yourself 100 acres, and all it's going to cost is one phone call.

Maeve: I need to talk this over with Eb.

Holden: No, no. You know what he'll say.

Maeve: Well, maybe he's right.

Holden: Maeve, listen. The cops -- they probably found my truck by now. Lily -- she's probably thinking that I'm dead.

Maeve: Look, look, it's not that I don't feel for your wife. I do.

Holden: What you need to do is just go into town and just make that one call.

Maeve: Eb won't like it.

Holden: He doesn't have to know.

Maeve: So, now you want to make me a liar, just like you?

Holden: You're not lying. Not if he doesn't know about it, it'll just rile him up.

Maeve: All the more reason why I shouldn’t.

Holden: Maeve, Maeve, you saved me! You need to look out for me.

Maeve: Seems to me it should be the other way around.

Holden: You're a good person, Maeve. Good people, they do the right thing. So, what's it going to be? You just going to stand by and do nothing?

Natalie: Why do we have to give Daddy's clothes away?

Lily: Because I think it'll be good for the people that need them, and -- maybe it'll be good for us, too -- to make it more real that he's gone. But you can hold onto it for as long as you'd like. I think your daddy will really like it that you want to have it.

Natalie: Then I'm keeping it forever.

Maeve: You want your wife to know you're okay? Take me and Eb to the money.

Holden: Maeve --

Maeve: That's the only way.

Holden: If Lily doesn't know I'm alive, what's to keep you and Eb from killing me once you get the money?

Maeve: We're not murderers.

Holden: Not you. But he's the one running the show.

Maeve: Maybe you ought to make your deal with Eb, then.

Holden: Maeve --

Maeve: Eb! Eb, get in here! Holden has something he wants to say to you.

Eb: Make it quick.

Holden: All right. All right, fine. I know where the money is.

Eb: You don't say?

Holden: I knew Skaggs. I knew him in prison. I got out first, and, uh, he offered me your share of the bank job if I helped him break out. He told me where the money was.

Eb: You know the exact spot?

Holden: I can take you there.

Eb: No. You can draw me a map.

Holden: No, no. You'll -- you'll never find it. No, Skaggs was evil, but he was smart. There's -- there's nothing to mark the site.

Eb: This better not be another lie.

Holden: Hey, come on, Eb. You're the one with the gun here. But it has to be this way. You want your money, you got to cut me loose.

Noah: I just came back from L.A. I met all these actors and now I'm talking about casting? It almost seems real.

Mason: It is real. Look, Noah, three-quarters of being in this business is believing you're in the business. You're in the business.

Noah: It still sounds amazing to me. And it's all thanks to you.

Mason: I had a really great time, too. You're a fun guy to hang out with.

Noah: Yeah, you too

Mason: I should be going.

Noah: Hey. Thanks again, you know, for everything.

Mason: Sure. Um --

[Noah chuckles]

Luke: Noah?

Noah: Luke! I was just coming find you.

Luke: I thought you were coming in later.

Noah: We caught an earlier flight. The trip was amazing. Wait until you hear who we met.

Luke: Wait. I -- I don't get it.

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: What are you doing here?

Emma: Hey, Meg. What's this?

Meg: Uh -- it's for a picnic.

Emma: Oh. Oh, are you taking the kids?

Meg: Uh, no. Um, Eliza and Damian.

Emma: Oh.

Meg: I -- I thought it would be good to get out of the house for a little while.

Emma: Yeah. Sounds nice.

Meg: Would you like to come, Mama?

Emma: With you and Damian?

[Emma chucks]

Meg: What? It's a beautiful day outside.

Emma: Is it, Sweetheart, I don't think so.

Meg: Okay, then you know what? I will stay here with you if you want.

Emma: No, you won’t.

Meg: Damian will understand.

Emma: I'm sure he will. I'm sure he will. But I don't want you to stay here and spend your whole day trying to cheer me up.

Meg: I'm not. I -- I know you're feeling alone now that Seth and Aaron left.

Emma: Oh, Meg, please. Why don't you just go? Just go and have a good time. I tell you what. I'll keep Eliza, okay? She and I will have our own little picnic. It's a beautiful day someone said it was a beautiful day. They told me it was a beautiful day. We'll be fine.

Meg: You sure?

Emma: I am positive. I'm glad you're doing something nice for yourself.

Meg: It's just a picnic.

Emma: So things are, uh -- ok between you and Damian?

Meg: I think things are back to the way they were before.

Emma: Well, that's -- what we all should have and all should do -- get back to normal. Holden would like that.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: Holden? Holden? You're not Holden.

Damian: No.

Lily: You're not Holden.

Damian: Lily, are you all right?

Ly: Where did you come from? What are you doing here?

Damian: What's wrong?

Lily: My head. I -- I feel really dizzy.

Damian: Lily -- hey, you're --

[Lily groans]

Damian: Lily! Help!

Luke: I was just on the way to the airport.

Noah: Oh, well, Mason offered me a ride so I just figured I'd save you the trip.

Luke: Yeah, yeah, yeah, great. So, um, how was your trip?

Noah: It was unbelievable. It was -- it was amazing. I met Jude Law.

Luke: Oh, yeah. Does he want to do your film?

Noah: No, no. He really liked the script, though. And it was great just to get the chance to meet him. And then last night, we went to this amazing party in the Hollywood Hills. I mean, there were all these stars there. I met Seth Rogan.

Luke: Cool.

Mason: All right, well, uh, you two obviously need to catch up, and I really should get going. I got that faculty meeting and all that. So, I'll see you later.

Noah: Yeah. Hey, thank you again.

Mason: Sure. It was fun. Luke.

Luke: See ya.

Noah: God, I missed you so much.

Luke: Well, I bet partying with all those actors helped ease the pain.

Noah: Okay. What's the problem?

Luke: There's no problem.

Noah: Really? 'Cause you don't seem thrilled to see me.

Luke: Oh, Noah. You know that's not it. It's just --ell, how was I supposed to know that you were coming back earlier if you didn't call me? You know, I -- I was going to get a Grimaldi car so we could drive back from the airport in style. But I guess after frolicking in the Hollywood Hills --

Noah: Okay. I wasn't frolicking, Luke. And I'm sorry I blew your surprise, but I mean, I didn't know about it.

Luke: I know that

Noah: Why are you so ticked off at me?

Luke: I'm not!

Noah: Luke, I -- I know your moods, okay, better than anybody.

Luke: Look, I am good. I promise.

Noah: Not good enough. No, I think you're going to have to prove it to me -- someplace private.

[Luke chuckles]

Damian: Lily, you all right?

Lily: Yeah, yeah. I just -- I got a little disoriented.

Damian: Lily, I think you lost consciousness. You should be checked by a doctor.

Lily: No. I -- I'm okay. I'm just --

Damian: Just just here.

Lily: -- Dizzy.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: Where did you get that shirt?

Damian: What?

Lily: That shirt.

Damian: I had it for a while. Why?

Lily: No reason.

Damian: Luke told me Holden had one just like it.

Lily: He did. It was his favorite.

Damian: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have worn it. I'll get rid of it.

Lily: No, don't be silly. You don't have to.

Damian: Stay down, Lily. Rest a little longer.

Lily: I'm okay.

Meg: Damian. I didn't know Lily was joining us on the picnic.

Lily: I didn't know there was a picnic. I just came down to the pond to cool off.

Damian: She got so dizzy a minute ago, she blacked out. I'm trying to convince her to see a doctor, but she keeps saying she's fine.

Lily: I am fine, okay? It -- it was probably just the heat.

Meg: Well, if you did pass out, Damian's right. You probably need some time to get your bearings.

Lily: Thanks, but I don't want to intrude.

Meg: You're not.

Lily: You know, I -- I really should get going.

Damian: Are you sure you're all right?

Lily: Yeah. I'm fine. Enjoy your picnic.

Damian: I'm wearing a shirt that resembles one of Holden’s. For a minute, she seemed to think that I --

Meg: What?

Damian: She called me "Holden." Then she realized I wasn't him, and that's why she fainted.

Meg: Into your arms?

Damian: What's wrong?

[Meg scoffs]

Meg: Thing. Just every time we're together, there she is.

Damian: What, you -- you think she planned it?

Meg: No, Damian. Actually, I think you did.

[Lily sighs]

Emma: Lily.

Lily: I'm sorry.


Emma: What's wrong?

Lily: I brought some of Holden's clothes for the donation box at your church.

[Emma chuckles]

Emma: Oh. I remember this. You used to wear this all the time.

Lily: I know.

Emma: I'll see that these are distributed.

Lily: I can’t.

Emma: What's wrong?

Lily: I know they're just clothes, but -- it feels too much like good-bye.

Emma: Well, the if you're not ready, we should keep them.

Lily: I know I'm being ridiculous.

Emma: No, you're not. You have to be ready.

Lily: I'm not.

Emma: Well, then let's keep them.

Lily: I shouldn’t.

Emma: Sweetheart, you should do what's ever easier for you. Whatever makes it easier.

Lily: What's making it easier for you?

Emma: Don't know. My grandchildren. You know, when I look at them, I think about the future, not the past.

Lily: I wish I could do that. I wish I could make myself believe that Holden's really gone.

Emma: There's no rush. There's no rush. Just hold on to him as long as you can.

Eb: I'm watching you, boy. Don't try anything dumb.

Holden: Don't worry. I won’t.

Maeve: How much further

Holden: It's up here somewhere.

Eb: Thought you knew for sure.

Holden: I'll know it when I see it.

Eb: Can't believe Skaggs choose the middle of nowhere.

Holden: It's like I said, he didn't want any -- any obvious markers. It's there.

Eb: Where?

Holden: Right there.

Eb: You sure about this?

Holden: I'm sure.

Eb: Then you can start digging.

Noah: This isn't exactly what I meant be "Someplace private."

Luke: I felt like going for a walk.

Noah: Any particular reason? Okay, so how long is it going to be before you tell me what's bugging you?

Luke: My dad just died, Noah. If I'm not good company right now, I apologize.

Noah: Oh, my God. Luke, no, I didn't mean it like that. You -- do know how much your father meant to me.

Luke: Not enough to go to the funeral.

Noah: Wait. Wait, wait, wait. -- I wanted to be there. I -- I told you over and over again. You're the one who told me to go to L.A. You practically dragged me on the plane.

Luke: Well, you could have resisted a little more.

Noah: Okay, I -- I know you're hurting right now, but that is totally unfair.

Luke: That's just what I feel. You're the one who's always telling me to get out my feelings.

Noah: By saying it, okay? If you wanted me to stay, then tell me. Don't act like I'm a mind reader, then resent me when I can't do it.

Luke: Well, what happened to knowing me better than anyone else?

Noah: This has nothing to do with me going to L.A. this has nothing to do with the funeral, either, does it?

Luke: Yes, it does.

Noah: No. This is about having a good time.

Luke: Well, why wouldn't you when you're hanging out with Mr. Hollywood?

Noah: Oh, okay, scratch that. This is about me having a good time with Mason.

Luke: No, it's not!

Noah: You're jealous.

Luke: No, I'm not! But you're going out to L.A., you're -- you're hanging out with Seth and Jude and whoever, and how am I supposed to compete with that?

[Noah chuckles]

Luke: What, what? What's so funny?

Noah: You. You, who I love more than my own life. You don't have to compete with Mason. I mean, sure, he's nice, and he knows everybody. But you have got so much more going on for you.

Luke: Like what?

Noah: Can I get back to you on that?

[Lu chuckles]

Luke: You're such a jerk.

Noah: No kidding. But this jerk is in love with you, so I hope you can get used to it.

Luke: I missed you so much.

Noah: Oh my God, that funeral must have been hell for you.

Luke: Yeah, it was pretty bad. Faith freaked out at the church, and my mother could barely hold it together to begin with.

Noah: I'm sorry I didn't read your mind.

Luke: Noah, I didn't know what I wanted. How should I assume you would?

Noah: That's my job.

Luke: Yeah, but it was wrong of me to give you grief about it.

Noah: That's my job, too.

[Luke laughs]

Mason: Ugh! Get a room!

[Noah laughs]

Damian: Meg, you're not making any sense. Why would I want to make Lily upset?

Meg: To keep her here.

Damian: I had an idea I was going to see Lily. I came here to meet you. And why on earth would I wear a shirt that I thought would bring back memories that are much too painful for her right now?

Meg: You tell me.

Damian: I can't, because I wouldn't do that. Meg, Meg, Sweetheart, I told you before, you have no reason to be jealous.

Meg: I know what I saw. Lily was lying there. You were all over her.

Damian: What? She -- she got dizzy! She -- she was about to fall down. Did you wanted me to leave her there?

Meg: Oh no, God forbid.

Damian: This -- this is crazy.

Meg: Is that what I am?

Damian: Not you, what you're saying.

Meg: I know what I saw.

Damian: I have never denied that I have a connection to Lily. We were married. We have a son together.

Meg: This has nothing to do with your marriage or Luke.

Damian: That's all it is!

Meg: I don't think so. I think it finally hit you that Lily's a widow, Holden is out of the picture, and you can't resist trying to get back in.

Maeve: Here. Stop for a second. Take a drink.

Holden: Thanks.

Maeve: How are you feeling?

Holden: I've been better.

Maeve: How much further do you got to go?

Holden: I'll know -- I'll know when I get there.

Maeve: He doesn't have the strength for this, Eb.

Eb: Would you please stop fussing and let the man work? Keep digging, boy.

Maeve: Come on, Eb.

Holden: No, no, Maeve. It's okay. I'm fine.

[Lily sighs]

Emma: Here you go.

Lily: Thanks.

Emma: Yes, yes. It's very, very hard.

Lily: The worsts when some little thing happens, and I think, "Oh, I can't wait to tell Holden about this." That's when it hits me. You know, when I expect him to walk through that door like he's done a million times. And I realize he -- he's never going walk through that door again.

Emma: Oh, Sweetheart, listen. It just takes time.

Lily: So the memories will fade. I'll forget the way he felt, the way he smelled. Do I really have to lose him all over again?

Emma: Well, that's -- that's what happens. Just a little -- a little bit each day.

Lily: Is that how it happened with your husband?

Emma: Well, I -- I still have him in my heart. I always will. But, you know, the feel of him, the presence -- it's gone.

Lily: I don't want Holden to be gone.

Emma: Then you hold on. You hold on to whatever reminds you of him as long as you can. Listen, you just leave these things here. I'll hold on to them, and I won't give them away until you -- until you're ready.

[Shovel clanking]

Holden: I think I hit something.

Eb: What is it?

Holden: I'm not sure yet. But you heard it, right?

Eb: I don't see anything.

Holden: It's right there.

[Holden hits Eb with the shovel and Eb goes down]

Maeve: No! Eb! Eb! What did you do!

Holden: Maeve, give me the keys to the car.

Maeve: You hurt him. You hurt my Eb.

[Eb groans]

Holden: Maeve, please, put down the gun.

Maeve: Eb, you okay?

Holden: Why do you care? He treats you like dirt.

Maeve: He's my husband.

Holden: You deserve better.

Maeve: Like that's going to happen.

Holden: It can happen. I can help you out. Together, we can get you away from him.

Maeve: And then what? You go back to your precious Lily, and I'm all alone?

Eb: He just wants our money, Maeve.

Holden: I don't know anything about your money. Skaggs -- he never told me a thing.

Eb: See? He's lying again.

Holden: Maeve, you've got to believe me. I only told you where it was so you would unchain me.

[Eb grunts]

Eb: Give me the gun its okay now.

Holden: You deserve a better life. Don't throw it away.

Eb: Look, you know I love you, baby.

Holden: Don't listen to him. I can get you the money you need.

Eb: Which was already ours to begin with. Give me the gun, Sweetie. It's okay. Nice try, Cowboy. Now get up.

[Eb grunts]

Eb: I said get the hell up.

Holden: Aah!

Maeve: No, please, stop.

[Maeve screams]

Eb: You were going to leave me.

Maeve: No, I didn't!

Eb: You thought about it.

Maeve: No.

Eb: As far as I'm concerned, that's too close for comfort.

Maeve: No! I wouldn't leave you, I swear! No, please!

Eb: You get that boy off the ground.

Maeve: Okay.

Eb: Go!

Maeve: Okay, okay. Come on. Come on.

[Maeve groans]

Maeve: Eb ,he needs a doctor!

Eb: Do I look like someone who cares? Now move.

Maeve: Put your arm around me.

Eb: Both of you.

Maeve: Lean on me. Come on.

Damian: You couldn't be more wrong, Meg. I am not interested in -- in recapturing the past.

Meg: Why not? You and Lily were happy together, at least for a little while.

Damian: Yes. Well, I loved her once. That's true. That's why I feel for her now. I want to help her get through this. But love changes, Meg. I wouldn't be sleeping with you if I still cared for Lily in the same way used to.

Meg: Well, how do I know that you didn't get interested in me so you could get her attention?

Damian: You really think I would do that?

Meg: I don't know. You were married to her. You say things have changed now, but why would they? I mean, maybe you want to get those feelings back.

Damian: Look, look. Uh, you can't see things clearly, obviously. You're way too confused. Maybe I think it's best if we put things on hold for a while.

Meg: Are you breaking up with me?

Damian: You have so much to deal with. I mean, I think you need time to yourself to be with your family. You -- it might help you see things clearly.

Meg: Okay, fine. If that's how you want it.

Noah: Mason had some great ideas about how I could add some new scenes without totally messing up what I already have.

Luke: But you still have to rewrite?

Mason: It's more of a polish.

Luke: Oh, a "Polish."

Mason: Yeah.

Noah: But wait till you hear Mason's be idea. Once I'm finished with the script, we're going to post it online and cast over the internet. I mean, he thinks that's how people are going to be doing business in the future, and we'll get some added buzz if we're in on the ground floor.

Mason: It's about opening up as many doors as we can.

Luke: Yeah, well, it seems like you guys are really trucking along.

Noah: Yeah, being in L.A. was just really motivating.

Mason: Not to mention we had a blast.

Noah: Yeah.

Luke: Evidently.

[Luke clears throat]

Luke: Well, I should see how my family is. You know, see if my mom needs anything.

Mason: Yeah, I'm going to get to that meeting; catch you guys later.

Noah: See you then.

Mason: Yeah.

Noah: What? Oh, no, not the green-eyed monster again.

Luke: No, no, not at all.

Noah: But?

Luke: But doesn't he have any other students?

[Noah laughs]

[Meg sighs]

Emma: Meg?

Meg: What's that doing here?

[Emma sighs]

Emma: Lily left it.

[Meg sighs]

Meg: Why? What's in it?

Emma: Holden's clothes.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: Wow. She doesn't waste much time.

Emma: Meg, that's not fair. You know it isn't easy for Lily.

Meg: Well, whatever you say.

Emma: I thought you and Damian were having a picnic.

Meg: Yeah, well, it didn't work out.

Emma: Is everything okay?

Meg: If you call breaking up okay.

Emma: I thought you said that things were back on track with the two of you.

Meg: Yeah, you know, I thought .

Emma: Well, tell me what happened.

Meg: Lily happened.

Lily: I thought you were with Meg.

Damian: I wanted to make sure you got home all right.

Lily: I know how to find my way home.

Damian: Lily, I was there when you fell. You weren't yourself. You were completely out of it.

Lily: I was just disoriented. Go back to your picnic with Meg.

Damian: Too late.

Lily: Why?

Damian: We, uh, we had a fight.

Lily: About me?

Damian: She thinks I have some, uh -- kind of rekindled passion for you.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: That's -- that's ridiculous. She's emotional right now. I mean, we all are. But you shouldn't be fighting, especially not about me. Go. Find her and -- and tell her the truth.

Damian: I can’t.

Noah: What?

Luke: Do you remember how you said you weren't a mind reader?

Noah: Yeah.

Luke: Well, I am.

Noah: Oh, really?

[Luke laughs]

Luke: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. I'm reading your mind right now.

Noah: Oh!

[Luke laughs]

Noah: So, what am I thinking right now?

Luke: Oh, oh, you are thinking that you would like nothing more than to take me home.

Noah: Oh, is that what I'm thinking

Luke: Oh, come on. It's not?

Noah: Actually, that is exactly what I was thinking.

Luke: Did I mention how much I missed you?

Noah: I am so sorry I wasn't at the funeral.

Luke: Me too.

Noah: Not that it ends with the funeral. I mean, I know you're reminded every day that he's gone.

Luke: Yeah, but -- but I'm okay, really.

Noah: Your family?

Luke: They're coping.

Noah: 'Cause, you know, whatever I can do -- you know that.

Luke: I already told you, Noah.

Noah: Home.

Luke: Yeah. Home. Exactly.

[Holden groans]

Eb: I want you to keep your distance from him.

Maeve: Eb, don't be ridiculous. He's weaker than ever. He needs someone looking out for him, making his meals and whatnot.

Eb: He ain't getting any meals.

Maeve: What?

Eb: He lied to us. He tried to kill me. Now he's got to pay. No more food till he tells us where the money is.

Maeve: He'll die.

Eb: It's up to him.

Holden: I don't know where your money is.

Eb: Shut your mouth! All I want to hear out of you is the location of that money.

Maeve: We can't let him die. That's a crime.

Eb: Self-defense is not a crime, Maeve. He tried to kill me, remember?

Maeve: Still, we can't let him die!

Eb: No, no, no. We're through here. I'm done talking. We're doing this my way. He spills or he starves.

Emma: Didn't Damian tell you he was going to do everything to help her get through this, and that it had nothing to do with his feelings for you?

Meg: He said that.

Emma: Then why don't you believe him?

Meg: You know, I don't know! You think I overreacted?

Emma: I think we're all overreacting to everything right now.

Meg: Maybe.

Emma: I think you should speak to him.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: I don't think so. He needs to make the first move.

Emma: Oh. And what if he doesn't?

Meg: Well, if he really does care about me, then he will.

Lily: Even if you did nothing wrong, you can't let your pride keep you from fixing this.

Damian: It's not about pride.

Lily: Well, then tell Meg it's in her mind, that whatever we had was over a long time ago, and it's not coming back.

Damian: I tried. But I can't say that again.

Lily: Why not?

Damian: Because it's not the truth.

Lily: What are you talking about?

Damian: She’s right, Lily. My feelings for you aren't dead. They are as strong as they ever were.

Lily: You have to go.

Damian: Lily

Lily: Damian, go! Go!

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