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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 9/2/09

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[Audrey sighs]

Audrey: Good morning, Sunshine!

Henry: What's good about it?

Audrey: I -- I slept like a log.

Henry: Why? How is that pos -- I didn't sleep a wink.

Audrey: Oh, you know, did you try warm milk?

Henry: Mom, you're incr -- you're talking about beverages here, and meanwhile, we have a lawyer bound and gagged in -- in the boiler room. There's not enough sleeping pills in all of Oakdale to blot out that horror.

Audrey: Why are you so anxious? You know, as long as we have James' attorney in protective custody --

Henry: You mean tied to a pipe?

[Audrey sighs]

Audrey: Henry, I say potato, you say --

Henry: Felony kidnapping charges.

Audrey: Okay, look, this is nothing you can't buy your way out of. As long as James doesn't sign his new will, you are gonna inherit millions.

Henry: How much time are we talking about? You cannot keep him tied up forever!

Audrey: No, you're right. Not forever. Just until your dear, sweet daddy croaks.

Henry: Mom, he doesn't have an expiration date, all right? James could go on living for -- for months. We don't know.

Audrey: You want me to kill him?

Henry: What?

Audrey: I'm kidding! Oh, my goodness! I am kidding. You have the most fun sense of humor.

Henry: Prison is not funny!

Audrey: You have got to simply calm down!

Henry: No, no, I don't have to calm down. You know why? Let me tell -- let me tell you something, okay? You and I -- we are not good criminals, all right? We're -- we're second-rate, at best.

[Henry stammers]

Henry: Kidnapping? That's way out of our league! We are going to get caught, okay? And then James' money is gonna be good for buying plastic combs from the prison canteen!

Audrey: Fine. Don't think of it as kidnapping. think of it as we are paying James lawyer not to work.

Henry: Paying him with what?

Audrey: Your future monies! All those future funds are gonna come in. We write him a whopping, big, big check, and nobody has to know.

Henry: You -- you're assuming that he can be bought.

Audrey: Please. When people go to college to be a lawyer, that's what they assume. They get to be bought. Come on! We got to do this. We got to bring him some breakfast, because I do not want him to think we are not civilized.

[Henry laughs]

Henry: Let's go.

Katie: Vienna.

Vienna: Are you alone?

Katie: Yeah. Brad's at the studio. You're shaking. What's the matter?

Vienna: Henry. He's in serious trouble. I just overheard him speak to Audrey about getting arrested for kidnapping.

Katie: Kidnapping? Who did he kidnap?

Vienna: I have no idea, but I'm sure it has something to do with James Stenbeck. Ever since he found out that he could inherit a fortune, he's become a different man.

Katie: Or the man he was before he met you.

Vienna: No. No, Katie. He's been corrupted.

Katie: Vienna, I think you have an inflated sense of Henry's moral fiber. He loves money. He's always loved money. And when there's even a risk involved, that's even beer.

Vienna: No, this is his mother's influence. Whenever Henry's with me, he's the most wonderful man on this planet.

Katie: I know he is. I know I love him, too. But he does have his weaknesses. Just talk to him. Ask him straight up what's going on.

Vienna: No, I -- I tried. He -- no use. He doesn't trust me anymore. I should never have told the police where James was hiding.

Katie: You did that?

Vienna: Yes, but only for Henry's own good! But it didn't work, and now he -- he's shutting me out.

Katie: Do you blame him?

[Vienna sighs]

Vienna: No. I -- I know he would get angry at first, but I thought he would understand. You think he'll ever trust me again?

Katie: Of course he will, Vienna. He loves you too much to stay angry for long.

Vienna: No, we don't -- we dot have time for him to remember that. If he's doing something criminal -- oh, my God! He -- he might end up in prison!

Katie: No, no, no, no, no. Don't even think about that yet.

Vienna: He trusts you. If you -- if you talk to him, maybe he'll tell you the truth, and then we can save him.

Katie: Okay. Yes, yes, I will try my best.

Vienna: Oh, God, thank you. Thank you, thank you.

Tom: Hey.

Kim: Hi.

Tom: Anything change?

Kim: Nothing. Hasn't regained consciousness since the surgery.

[Tom sighs]

Tom: Well, what did the doctor say?

Kim: Said it would take a little while. Oh, Tommy, I am so frightened.

Tom: Well, Dr. Prendergast said he got the whole tumor, right?

Kim: Yes. Thank heavens for that. He also said there could be some side effects -- some kind of, I don't know, brain damage.

Tom: Yeah, yeah. Well, we'll -- we'll know more when he wakes up.

Kim: I just refuse to consent to that. I want my husband ck.

Tom: I'm not ready to lose my dad either.

Kim: I've said every prayer I know. I hope to God itís enough.

Tom: Well, it would have helped if we had known something sooner.

Kim: He just hid it from us all.

Tom: No, no. Alison knew.

Kim: Listen to me. Alison came to all of us, and we paid no attention. Now, you have to let that go.

Tom: I don't think I can do that.

Riley: Hey. How are you holding up under the -- the Hughes family onslaught?

Alison: Not great, but I can't really be angry at them. I made the wrong choice again.

Riley: Alison, it's not like you didn't think about this. You -- you tortured yourself trying to make a decision.

Alison: So what? I still screwed up. I kept quiet because Dr. Hughes asked me to, and I shouldn't have listened to him.

Riley: Alison, he's your boss.

Alison: He endangered people's lives. He could have died himself.

Riley: Well, letís just hope he gets better, and then none of this will matter.

[Alison sighs]

Alison: That is what I'm praying for, for Casey's family's sake. They've got enough to deal with.

Riley: You're not just talking about the brain tumor, are you?

Alison: You know what I'm talking about. Tom has some serious issues with you.

Riley: Ali, why don't you just say it like it is? He can't stand me.

Alison: In -- in the middle of all this stuff going on with Dr. Hughes, he got in Casey's face about that.

Riley: What did -- what did Casey say?

Alison: Well, not much. I mean, but I can tell that he's keeping something from Tom. Do you know what it is?

Riley: Look, you've got enough on your mind as it is, so don't worry about it. Just leave it alone.

Alison: Well I -- I want to, but I can't stop thinking about it. I have this feeling that something great is about to happen.

Casey: Good morning.

Margo: Oh, man, I wish. I am so far behind. Your father is already on his way to the hospital, and I'm gonna stop there on my way to the station.

Casey: Did Granddad wake up?

Margo: Uh, no, but the doctors are hopeful.

Casey: "Hopeful"? Well, is that a good thing, you know? They cut his head open and were poking around.

Margo: Hi, it's brain surgery! It's not like fixing a carburetor. Excuse me.

Casey: Yeah, I know. But aren't they supposed to be experts?

Margo: They got the tumor out. I call that "Hopeful." Now, listen, you should head over to the hospital, too, because Kim could use all of our support, all right? So I will just- I'll see you over there, okay?

Casey: Mom, Mom, hey, slow down. We need to talk about what's going on.

Margo: Honey, we just did.

Casey: I mean Riley. Dad knows something's going on. He was grilling me about it at the hospital.

Margo: Did you say anything?

Casey: No, I wouldnít. But it -- it's killing me to lie to him. You know what? It's not fair to him or me. I don't think I can do it much longer.

Margo: What are you saying, Casey?

Casey: Either you tell him Riley really Adam or I will.


Vienna: Okay, so we got to get Audrey away from Henry, or you'll never get him to speak.

Katie: All right, you create a diversion, keep her away, and I'll go to work on Henry.

Vienna: Okay, letís go.

Katie: Okay. Hi, Henry. Hey. Just, uh, coming to see you.

Vienna: What are you two doing?

Henry: Nothing special.

Audrey: Shopping.

Henry: What she said.

Audrey: Uh, we're g -- we're going shopping.

Vienna: Oh, well, Henry hates shopping. Let me take you.

Henry: We -- we wanted to do some mother/son bonding, actually.

Katie: In a store? Never gonna happen. Why don't you let Vienna take you? She turns shopping into an art form.

Vienna: Yes! Let's go.

Audrey: No, no, no. I wanted to spend time with my son. That was sort of the point.

Katie: Oh, she'll get you back in one piece. We need to talk. Friend stuff.

Henry: Katie --

Kim: I want you to tell me what's really going on.

Tom: Uh, there's some problems at home. That's all.

Kim: What, between you and Margo?

Tom: No, no. We're -- I mean, I don't think so. I -- I don't know, to tell you the truth. Ever since Riley Morgan moved in to Adam's old room, he practically convinced Margo to adopt him.

Kim: But Bob said he wasn't living with you anymore.

Tom: Oh, yeah, I -- I threw him out of the house. Margo was furious. I mean, I -- I even got him a job out of town, but he didn't take that.

Kim: Honey, you didn't think he was gonna leave town just because you ordered him to?

Tom: No, it's just that Adam's death -- hit her really hard. "Hit her really hard" is not even --

Kim: I know. I understand. I understand.

Tom: Having him around is -- you know, it's just a constant reminder, not just for -- for her, but for me, as well. You know, every time I look at this kid, I realize that he was standing right by Adam when this explosion happened. And if they had been standing in different places, then maybe my son would have been the one that came home. And I know it's horrible, but I can't help thinking that way.

Kim: Listen to me. I want you to go home, and I want you to talk to Margo right now. Listen to me, we're fine. We are gonna be just fine here. I promise you, if anything changes, I will call you immediately.

Tom: I just don't think Margo's gonna want to have that discussion.

Kim: She will. I promise you, she will, if you talk to her the way you just talked to me. Do not let this fester. Your marriage is too precious. Take it from me -- don't think you really ever know how precious it really is until it's in danger of being taken away.

Riley: You know, there is something going on with Casey's family, but it has nothing to do with you.

Alison: Except that I love Casey, and he's really upset about this, so that makes me involved.

Riley: Look, it's complicated, all right? And it could blow up in all of our faces. And if that happens, you want as little to do with the situation as possible. You could end up collateral damage.

Alison: Are we talking about the same thing here?

Riley: Whatever's gonna happen you can't stop, so just back off.

Alison: Is that supposed to make me feel better? Cause now you're just making me more worried than I was.

Riley: No, I'm sorry.

Alison: Okay, if you know the big Hughes family secret, I would appreciate you telling me.

Riley: I can't tell you any more than I already have.

Alison: Fine. Okay, whatever. Then I'll just go find Casey.

Riley: No, no, don't, don't, don't, don't! The family's going through enough as it is. You're -- you're only gonna make things worse.

Margo: Hoy, I don't like lying any more than you do, especially to your father. But -- whoa -- now is not the time

Casey: He's already upset. This Riley thing is just, like, pushing him over the edge. You want him to have a heart attack again?

Margo: Oh, why do you say things like that?

Casey: I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm just saying, our family is trouble.

Margo: Yeah it is. Your grandfather's in the hospital. We don't know if he's gonna live or die. I mean, your father can't take any more stress.

Casey: Because he knows we're t telling him something. That's what's stressing him out the most.

Margo: If he knows the truth, he will have to put Adam in prison, or he will have to -- to lie. You think he's in agony now, wait.

Casey: So -- so what do I do, huh? Just let him wander, let him get in my face, and I just take it?

Margo: Yes, yes, you take it until Bob is better.

Casey: Mom --

Margo: And then if you want -- if you want to talk to him, we'll talk about it again.

Casey: Mom, get real! T -- there's never gonna be a good time. The longer we lie, you know, the worse it's gonna be when the truth comes out. Do -- do you see that?

[Door opens]

Tom: Is anyone gonna tell me what's going ?

Tom: Look, I'm not gonna yell and try to force a confession out of anyone, but this is my home, and I feel like an outsider, so I'd like it to stop.

Margo: Oh, Tom --

Tom: No, no, just let me finish, okay? Home is supposed to be a refuge, but this feels more like some kind of a secret society, and I'm not a member.

Margo: I did that to you, and I'm -- I sorry, Tom. I didn't mean to. I love you.

Tom: But it hasn't stopped you from shutting me out. I mean, we're not the same as we used to be. We love each other, certainly, but there's something -- in the way.

Casey: Mom?

Tom: Well, I'm worried about you, too, my friend. You've worked long and hard to gain our trust back and to trust us, and now all of the sudden, it feels like we've just taken a gigantic step backwards.

Casey: It's -- it's not that I don't trust you, Dad.

Tom: You got to have it both ways, Case. So if you're keeping something from me --

Casey: I'm in a really bad position here. I -- I love you guys, but I don't want to let either of you down, but it feels like I have to choose between you two, and I canít. It doesn't feel like we're a family anymore, and it really, really sucks.

Margo: Casey, would you leave us alone so I can talk to your father? Casey -- I'm gonna tell him the truth -- all of it.

[Door closes]

Vienna: This has "Rich ex-mistress" written all over it.

Audrey: Ah! Yeah. Well, you know what? Um, I am so sorry. I just not feeling the clothes here. Uh, here. Sorry about that.

Vienna: What? We just got here. Come on. Youíve got to find something you like here.

Audrey: Well, you know, it's -- I'm worried. I'm very, very worried, uh, about, um, Jimmy. You know, I -- I can't think about myself.

[Audrey gasps]

Audrey: Oh, wow. Look at this. This is so perfect! Look at this print!

[Audrey gasps]

Vienna: Oh, my God. Youíre right.

Audrey: You've got to -- you've got to try it, because you know what? I do know fashion. I know fashion.

Vienna: Oh, my God. I have the most fantastic pair of shoes, and I've been looking for something to go with it.

Audrey: Oh, good!

Vienna: This is perfect!

Audrey: Bingo! We have a bio! Go try it on!

Vienna: Do you mind?

Salesgirl: No, of course, Ms. Hyatt.

Vienna: Well, keep looking, and, um -- maybe you should look for something black for, you know, when -- yeah.

Vienna: Audrey? Audrey!

[Knock on door]

Vienna: Hello!

Katie: Vienna thinks the Stenbeck money has turned you into a different man.

Henry: I don't -- I already told her, as soon as the old man kicks it, I'm gonna sign over the inheritance to Mom. What else can I do?

Katie: Then what is Vienna so worried about?

Henry: She knows me too well.

Katie: What does that mean?

Henry: Nothing. Things with my mother are never as simple as you think they will be.

Katie: Want to be a little more specific?

Henry: No.

Katie: Ok. As long as you know what you're doing.

Henry: Yeah, I know what I'm doing, all right.

Katie: Then my work here is done.

Hen: I'll be careful. You be careful, too. I don't know if you've ever had the rolls here, but -- no, no, no, no, no, no, no. This isn't happening. Lawyer man, hey. Hey! There's some high-quality baked goods here! Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Mother, we are toast.

Katie: Yes, you are, if you don't tell me what the hell is going on here.

Alison: I was just coming to look for you.

Casey: Game's over, man. Mom's telling Dad the truth.

Riley: What?

Casey: Right now as we speak.

Riley: Damn it, Casey! Why couldn't you just leave this alone? You're not gonna make the situation any better!

Casey: Maybe not for you, but I can't wait to stop living a lie. And how about Dad, huh? He's going crazy over is. But, of course, you don't care about us, because you want only what you want.

Alison: What are you talking about?

Casey: Are you gonna tell her, or do you -- do you want me to?

Alison: Tell me what?

Riley: My real name isn't Riley Morgan.

Margo: I -- I don't know how it began. Um, the first thing you need to know is that there is no fault with Casey. He wanted to tell you the truth, but I made him promise. So there's no blame on him.

Tom: This isn't about blame right now. I'm just trying to find out what's going on between you and Riley.

Margo: I know, and I know that you've said that you've always felt that there was some connection between the two of us, and youíre right. There is. But it's not what you think.

Tom: Then explain it to me.

Margo: Riley is my son.

Tom: What?

Margo: Tom, Riley is Adam.

[Tom laughs]

Tom: Okay so this is some kind of a joke.

Margo: No, no, Honey. Adam is alive.

Tom: What the hell is going on?

Margo: The story of what happened in Afghanistan -- that -- that's true. There was an explosion. And the guy that you know as Riley Morgan got most of his face blown off. But that guy is Adam.

[Tom sighs]

Tom: Does Riley Morgan even exist?

Margo: He did. He was a soldier that -- that Adam knew, not well. But he died in the bombing.

Tom: My God.

Margo: And Adam was so badly burn that the doctors had to put him into a medical coma until he was strong enough to endure the facial-reconstruction surgeries. And there were dozens of surgeries. And he must have been in so much pain that when -- when he came back, he realized months later that they had mistaken him for Riley Morgan.

Tom: Then how the hell does this happen?

Margo: It's war. I mean, it must have happened in Vietnam. Records get lost. Bodies get misidentified. And Adam just viewed it as fate. So he took advantage of it, and he just declared Adam Munson dead.

Tom: I don't understand.

Margo: Adam has changed. All the time he spent in the Middle East, all the time he spent in the hospital, he had become a completely different person. But all of his mistakes were waiting for him back here.

Tom: So when he finally got home --

Margo: He came home as Riley Morgan, but he came home to us, Tom, and he proved to us that he was capable of being a good man.

Tom: How? By stealing some dead war hero's identity, lying to his family just to get himself off the hook?

Margo: No! He wasn't doing this to save his own skin.

Tom: Well, why don't you just open your eyes? Because this is the same Adam. He's constantly lying and covering himself up so he doesn't have to -- have to face the consequences of his own actions. The only thing that's different is he's doing it under a different peon's name.

Margo: He's made amends! How could you not see that?

Tom: Because it's not there!

Margo: Yes, it is!

Tom: Where? So stealing someone else's life all of the sudden makes ad a -- a better person?

Henry: We stashed the lawyer down here he can't deliver James' new will.

Katie: And you kept him from delivering the will cause?

Henry: Because if James signs it, then I'll be disinherited, and Paul will get every cent of the Stenbeck fortune.

Katie: Are you crazy?

Henry: Yes, yes! I'm totally crazy! My mother is driving me insane! And now she's turning me into a criminal! I -- I told you and Vienna what would happen if she invaded my life again, okay? This whole thing was her idea. And not the boiler-room thing. I actually brought James down here when I thought he was still a fugitive. But he is my long-lost father. But the lawyer caper thing - that's Audrey from the word go!

Katie: Well, maybe you can get him to not press charges.

Henry: Katherine, Katherine, I can't convince him of anything if I can't find him. And he's a lawyer, so he's going to pre charges, all right? He's probably gonna sue me for every cent that I'm not gonna get because he's escaped.

[Henry breathing heavily]

Henry: Oh, my God. I'm gonna go to jail. I'm gonna go to jail. I can't be in prison. I can't -- I won't survive prison.

Katie: Calm down. Getting hysterical is not gonna help anything. Let's just get out of here and go deal with this.

Vienna: Have any of you seen Audrey?

Katie: Isn't she with you?

Vienna: Well, she was, until she lured me into the dressing room, locked the door, and ran off with the key.

Henry: Oh, I'm gonna kill her. Kill her!

Vienna: No, not if I get to her first.

[Vienna sighs]

Vienna: So --

Katie: Oh, yes. Uh, you're not gonna like it. Henry --

Henry: Huh?

Katie: Do you have something to say to Vienna?

Henry: No, not really, no.

Katie: Henry.

Henry: Vienna, Liebchen --

Vienna: Okay, this is -- this is gonna be really bad, isn't it?

Henry: T -- that depends on how you define "Bad."

Katie: Just get it over with.

Henry: Okay. Just know that I will love you forever, no matter how long they put me away for.

Kim: Okay, handsome. Time to wake up. Oh, God I need you so much. I can't -- I don't know how to get through to you.

Bob: Don't -- go.

Kim: Honey?

Bob: I -- need you, too. This place is boring me silly.

[Kim laughs]

Tom: So instead of trying to talk to me, and maybe we could have reached some kind of an understanding, you just chose to lie. And then you dragged my other son into it so he has to make a choice, too.

Margo: To save our son, yes.

Tom: Well, no wonder Casey was at Riley's throat. Casey did his time!

Margo: So did Adam. He did. He went through hell.

Tom: No! He put you through hell! He let you grieve! I wanted to talk all that away, but no, he just sat around here and let you suffer!

Margo: I'm so sorry I couldn't tell you the truth, but I couldn't take the chance.

Tom: Because you couldn't trust me?

[Cell phone rings]

Tom: Tom Hughes. Is everything all right? Just now? I'm on my way.

Margo: What? What is it?

Tom: It's, uh, Kim. Dad's awake.

Margo: Oh, my God! That's wonderful.

Tom: Yeah, I'm gonna head over to the hospital.

Margo: Um, why don't I just go with you?

Tom: Uh, please, no. Donít.

Margo: Tom --

Tom: I can't even bear to look at you right now.

[Margo gasps]

[Door closes]

Alison: You're really Adam Munson?

Riley: Mm-hmm. I mean the face is new, but the rest of me is the original.

Alison: I can't believe it.

Casey: I know. Its freak

Alison: Yeah. You're just -- so now what you were. I mean, the things Adam did, trying to break up Will and Gwen, and --and then what he did to Gwen.

Riley: I did all those things, yeah.

Alison: Well, one of those "Things" was attempted rape.

Riley: I hated myself for it. I was a lowlife and a coward. That's why I ran away. I -- I had no intention of coming back. I -- I caused too much pain.

Casey: Plus, if you showed your face, you would end up in prison.

Alison: So you got a new face?

Riley: Not on purpose. I -- I almost died in that explosion. I lost my skin, my hair. I was drugged up on so much morphine, I had no idea I thought I was a different person. By the time I figured it out, I was.

Alison: You were what?

Riley: Different. I was no longer the Adam Munson who would force himself on other women or cause my -- my family that much pain. That part of me burned away.

Alison: I don't know what to say to you. 10 minutes ago, you were a good friend, and Ė

Riley: That hasn't changed. The only thing different is my name. I'm still the same guy who's been sitting down with you for the last hour.

Alison: I -- have to go. I real don't want to be anywhere near you right now.

Casey: Hey, wait. No, hey.

Margo: Thank God I found you first.

Riley: Hi, Mom.

Margo: Listen, Tom knows the truth.

Riley: I know. Casey was already here.

Margo: Good! Okay, great. What are we gonna do?

Riley: There's nothing we can do.

Margo: Yes, we can. We can fix this. We can't just sit back and -- and wait for something terrible to happen.

Riley: Something terrible? Something terrible happened in Afghanistan. This -- this is all just fallout.

Margo: Why are you so passive? Your life is at stake, Adam.

Riley: But at least it will be my life, not Riley Morganís. I won't have to pretend to -- to not worry about Grandpa being sick. Whatever happens, at least it will be better than all this lying.

Margo: All right, all right, all right. You're right, you're right. Maybe it's -- its okay if just the family knows. Nobody else has to know that you're Adam.

Riley: You're not gonna stop Dad from reporting this.

Margo: Yes, we're gonna have to change his mind, because he can't turn you in to the police. He can't

Riley: Maybe he should, because I don't know if I can ever get my life back if I don't take responsibility for what I did. Casey was man enough to take his punishment. I need to live up to that, or -- or what's the point of coming back at all.

Margo: There are other ways to pay your debt to society. The alternative is you spend the next dozen years at Statesville? No, no. You go, and you find your father, and you get him to understand.

Riley: Do you really think that's possible after all we've done to lie to him?

Margo: Yes. He has to, 'cause he loves you. Listen, all he has to do is get a chance to look into your eyes and to realize that you really have come back, and then he can't hurt you. And then -- and then we sit down, and we find a solution that doesn't involve you going to jail.

Vienna: What happened to you, Henry? You are not a kidnapper.

Henry: Shh!

Vienna: I can't believe you would do something like this. And then you wouldn't even tell me about it?

Henry: If I had told you, would that make it okay?

Vienna: No! No, of course not! But at least I would have the chance to talk you out of it! After Geneva, we -- we promised each other no more secrets.

Henry: We did?

Katie: Focus, you two. We don't really have time to be dissecting your entire relationship.

Henry: You -- you're right. Look, I am -- I am so sorry. Have no idea what came over me. Actually, yes, I do know what came over me. It was my mother. That woman is a horrible influence.

Vienna: I could strangle that woman.

[Cell phone rings]

Henry: It's her.

Vienna: Answer it.

Henry: Yes?

Audrey: Are you alone?

Henry: No, I am with Katie and Vienna.

Audrey: Okay, well, ditch the broad squad and get back to my room now.

Henry: She wants to see me.

Vienna: I'm going with you.

Henry: No, I can handle my mother.

Katie: Really?

Vienna: No, that witch -- she loved me in a dressing room. I'm not gonna let her have the last word.

Henry: I will defend your honor, okay? I'm gonna tell her, too, that the jig is up. No more inheritances, no more kidnappings, and if we don't do something soon, no more creature comforts, unless you count spiders and roaches and very lonely cell mates.

Katie: You can do it, Henry.

Vienna: Okay, good luck.

[Henry sighs]

Audrey: What took you so long!

Henry: How are you? How dare you lock up Vienna in a dressing room?! She's traumatized!

Audrey: Oh, come on! You know what? She was obviously up to something, so I got the jump on her, and she's fine. She survived.

Henry: She could have been claustrophobic! You could have given her an episode!

Audrey: Oh, please, come on! There was a great, big, huge mirror that's tons of hours of entertainment for women like Vienna.

Henry: You know what? Okay, you know what? Fine. We're gonna fight about this later. Right now, we have a really big drama on our hands. The lawyer is gone! Which means this may be our last few moments of freedom.

Audrey: Hmm. And what is it you're babbling on about

Henry: Jail, Mom. Us going to the big house. Hopefully not together, because then I'd have to take the drawstring out of my polyester pants and hang myself!

Audrey: Okay! Could you -- geez -- just cool it? We are so lucky that I am so much smarter than you.

Henry: This isn't the time for insults.

Audrey: Okay. I want you to peek in the laundry basket. Come on, come on, come on. Peek.

[Muffled shouts]

Alison: He used me all this time, acting like I was he only one in the world who understood what I was going through. He got me to trust him, and -- the whole time, he was the man who tried to rape my friend. I feel like such an idiot.

Casey: No, it's -- it's not your fault, Ali.

Alison: No wonder you hated him. I just thought you were jealous, not that you had any reason to be. But, I mean, I don't know. Why didn't you tell me?

Casey: I wanted to, really bad. But I -- I promised my mom I wouldn't, you know? She was upset before, but once she came back, she was so happy. I -- I couldn't break that promise.

Alison: It's ironic. We were both keeping secrets because someone we cared about asked us to.

Casey: Look where it's gotten us, you know?

Tom: Well -- look who has the nerve to show up here.

Riley: How's Grandpa?

Tom: He's awake.

Riley: Well, that's good, right? I mean, he's getting better. No more brownout

Tom: You know what? Just knowing who you are makes it even worse that you knew he was sick and you did nothing about it.

Riley: I tried.

Tom: No, you didnít. That's bull. You sat around and al -- almost let my father die. Why? Because you didn't want to blow your own cover.

Riley: Does it matter to you at all that hated lying?

Tom: No, it doesnít. You could have told the truth anytime you chose to, but every time you called yourself Riley Morgan, you just lied again. But you know what? I didn't expect anything else from you.

Riley: That's not fair.

Tom: Who are you to tell people what's fair, Adam. Still not ready to come clean?

Riley: It's out of my hands at this point.

Tom: That's right. It is. 'Cause I'll tell you what. I'm gonna have you arrested, and then I'm gonna have you thrown into prison, son.

Margo: Then I'm going, too, because I knew who Adam was all along, and I kept it a secret. That makes me an accomplice. Casey, too, for that matter. And that's a violation of his parole. They'll tack years onto his sentence.

Tom: So what are you doing now, Margo?

Margo: I'm stating the facts, Tom. We're all the of us guilty. So now are you gonna send your whole family to prison just for this?

Henry: What is the plan here? You cannot leave him in there.

Audrey: You know the plan. We keep him until James dies and you get your money.

Henry: And then he sues us and takes it all away!

Audrey: I keep telling you, that's okay, because we are gonna give him a lot of money. We're gonna give him a percentage, and we'll call it "For services rendered," just like that.

Henry: "Services rendered"?

Audrey: Yeah, yeah! Lawyers do not care how they make their money.

Henry: Um -- okay, you know what? There -- there is a slight wrinkle in your little scheme there.

Audrey: Really? Shoot.

Henry: Yes. James could go on indefinitely.

Audrey: I know. I've been thinking about that. That could be a little bit of a problem, because nature may not run its course in a timely fashion.

Henry: What does that mean?

Audrey: It means you're going to have to kill your father.

Alison: At least we understand why we did what we did.

Casey: Yes. Lucky us, yes.

[Alison chuckles]

Alison: You know, I guess we were what, uh, Riley meant -- I mean Adam -- when he said there would be collateral damage.

Casey: Mm. I was already damaged.

Alison: You and me both.

Casey: Can -- can we not do this anymore? No matter what anyone says, letís not keep secrets from each other.

Alison: It's a deal.

Casey: Good.

Riley: I'm willing to face any consequences I have to. I just don't want Mom and Casey to suffer for them not betraying me

Tom: I'm the one that betrayed!

Margo: I'm so sorry about that. But please, if you can't do it for me, please, would you consider what that means for Casey.

Tom: Have you sunk that low? You're gonna now use my concern for my son to cover up the crimes of another?

Margo: Yes. I am their mother, and I'm not gonna lose my boys again. Please, Tom, can't we please talk about this?

Tom: How can I talk to someone that I don't recognize?

Riley: I am -- I am so sorry. This is exactly what I didn't want to have happen.

Margo: No, no, no, no. The only thing that matters, Adam, is that you're back here with me.

Riley: Dad and Casey matter, too. No family should ever have to take sides against one another. I should never have come back.

Margo: No! Don't you ever say that. I love you more than life, and so does he. So does your father. So don't worry. Don't worry about anything. We're gonna work this out -- Adam.

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