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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 8/26/09

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[Knock on door]

[Knock on door]

Liberty: Aunt Teri.

Teri: Hey, Sweetie.

Liberty: Hi. Uh, my mom's not here right now.

Teri: Oh, that's okay. I'm just dropping off some food to help feed folks after the funeral.

Liberty: Right, uh, good luck finding space in the fridge. Emma's been cooking like crazy.

Teri: Well, I'm a master chef, remember. I can always find a place for another casserole. Where is everybody?

Liberty: Uh, my mom's running errands with Jack, and Emma and Meg are talking to the minister about the funeral.

Teri: Oh, it must be so hard on everyone.

Liberty: Yeah, it's a grim day.

Teri: Hey, how are you holding up?

Liberty: Not my best day ever.

Teri: Well, you must have known Holden pretty well, huh?

Liberty: Not really.

Teri: Is it something else, then? Why don't you talk to me about it? That's what aunts are for.

Craig: Hey, there's the man of the hour. We were just about to schedule another photo shoot for you.

Parker: That'd be good.

Craig: Great. How about tomorrow?

Rosanna: Ah! Not good.

Craig: Why not?

Rosanna: Holden's funeral.

Craig: I didn't realize. I'm sorry, Parker. Holden was a good guy.

Parker: Yeah.

Craig: Is there anything I can do to help?

Parker: I'll be okay.

Rosanna: Hey, you know what? Why don't we go over those projections later?

Craig: Yeah. In fact, I need to go down to Metro to deal with some of the kitchen plan renovations.

Rosanna: Okay.

Craig: Parker, don't hesitate to call if there's anything I can do.

Parker: Thanks.

Rosanna: Hey. Is there anything I can do?

Liberty: You know, you can just leave the casserole on the counter if you're in a hurry or something.

Teri: Oh, I'm in no rush. I'm in no rush. Oh, hey, there's some lemonade in here. Why don't we pour a couple glasses and hang out for a little bit?

Liberty: I'm not thirsty.

Teri: Why don't you grab me a glass? You know, when I was little, I used to love having a big sister. Your mom was like my best friend.

Liberty: Your point being?

Teri: Sometimes it's nice to have someone older to share things with, like a sister or an aunt.

Liberty: It's too bad I have nothing I feel like sharing right now.

Teri: Okay. Then why don't you just keep me company till your mom gets home?

Liberty: You know what, Aunt Teri, I was on my way out. You can feel free to stay, but I got to go.

Teri: Okay. Hey, did you change your mind about the lemonade?

Liberty: I'll talk to you later.

Teri: Right. Later. Oh, my God.

[Teri takes out of the trash a empty pregnancy test box]

Riley: It's real convenient how, all of a sudden, you want me to be your big brother when you're trying to get something out of me.

Casey: I just want the truth. What's going on between you and Alison?

Riley: Nothing!

Casey: Don't lie to me, Adam, not about this.

[Cell phone ringing]

Casey: There's something totally going on between you two, and I want to know what it is.

Riley: Answer it.

Casey: No! Tell me.

Riley: What if it's Mom calling about Kim? If you won't answer it, I will.

Casey: Alison?

Alison: I'm -- I'm in Old Town with your grandfather. We're near the bookstore. Um, something's happened, Casey. Will you hurry?

Kim: Where do you suppose Bob is? It can't have taken that long to buy one scoop of ice cream.

Tom: Well, knowing Dad, he probably snuck off for a hot fudge sundae.

Kim: Oh!

Margo: And leave his best girl waiting here? I don't think so. Why don't you give him a call?

Kim: You're right. If he wanted ice cream, he would have brought it back here and had it with me.

Margo: I think he probably ran into another doctor. He's just chewing the fat.

Kim: Oh, you got a point.

Tom: Huh. No answer.

Alison: Its okay, Dr. Hughes. Help is on the way.

Casey: It's okay. Granddad, can you hear me?

Riley: Hey, what happened?

Alison: I don't know. He -- I saw him sitting on the bench, and he just looked all out of it. And when I went to talk to him, he collapsed.

Riley: 911?

Alison: Yeah, they're on their way.

Casey: Come on, Granddad. Open your eyes. Open your eyes.

Paramedic #1: What happened?

Alison: He passed out about five minutes ago. His -- his pulse and his breathing is normal, but he was disoriented before he collapsed.

Paramedic #2: Okay, let's get him into the ambulance.

Casey: Hey, I'm gonna ride with him. It's my grandfather.

Riley: Yeah, we'll meet you at the hospital.

Paramedic #1: One, two, three. Lift.

Alison: I can't believe this happened. You were right. I should have told someone that something was wrong with Dr. Hughes!

Riley: You tried, Alison. You -- you made him promise to go see a neurologist.

Alison: I know, but what if it wasn't enough?

Riley: You couldn't have stopped this.

Alison: Oh, come on, Riley. We both know I could have.

Margo: So this show with Brad and Janet -- that's put on hold for now?

Kim: Mm-hmm. They're just waiting till I recuperate.

Margo: Well, they will wait because, Kim, you've had a heart attack.

Kim: Yeah, and I'm gonna have another if Bob doesn't show up pretty soon. Honey, do you think maybe you should just go look for him?

Tom: And get accused by Dad of treating him like a doddering old man? Mm, I don't think so.

Margo: He's gonna show up any minute. He's gonna have a big excuse and a big apology.

Kim: Mm.

Casey: Hey, um, Kim. You look gorgeous.

Kim: Oh, yeah, I'm adorable.

Casey: Can I borrow my parents for a second?

Kim: Uh, of course. But you two have to promise me that you're gonna ask now if anybody out there's seen him.

Margo: Will do. Will do.

Tom: Sure.

Casey: I didn't want to say this in front of Kim, but it's about Granddad.

Tom: What about him?

Casey: They just took him into the hospital. He passed out in Old Town.

Margo: Oh, no!

Tom: Where is he? I got to go see him.

Casey: They just took him downstairs for an MRI. The doctor said he would give us a full report once he --

Margo: Wait a minute. Why? What happened?

Casey: I'm not exactly sure. Alison called me and told me.

Margo: Oh, Alison. Alison was there.

Tom: Why is it every time there's a disaster in this family, Alison Stewart is front and center? What the hell did you do to my father?

Liberty: Hey, Tony. It's me -- Liberty. We need to talk, so please call me when you get this, okay?

[Cell phone rings]

Parker: Hey, Liberty. What's up?

Liberty: What are you doing?

Parker: I'm just waiting for my dad to call. It's Holden's funeral tomorrow, and supposedly, we have family flying in.

Liberty: So I guess you're busy then?

Parker: I mean, I will be later, but I'm not doing anything right now.

Liberty: Do you think maybe you could come meet me in the park -- just to talk?

Parker: About what?

Liberty: Actually, never mind. Forget I said anything.

Parker: No, no. I'll be right there.

Liberty: No, seriously. You don't have to.

Parker: I'm on my way. Aunt Rosanna, I'll be right back.

Rosanna: Hey, hey. Where are you going?

Parker: I'm gonna meet Liberty at the park.

Rosanna: I thought you were gonna wait for Jack.

Parker: Yeah, I'll be back soon.

Rosanna: Is Liberty okay?

Parker: I don't know. She sounds even worse than I feel.

Alison: Dr. Hughes has been having these -- I guess you could call them episodes.

Margo: What kind of episodes?

Alison: Sometimes, he just blanks out, and sometimes, he forgets things. I tried to tell you this once before.

Tom: Is this another one of your feeble attempts to try to blame your mistakes on my father?

Casey: Hear her out, Dad.

Alison: Okay, the other day, Dr. Hughes and I finally talked about what happened with Kim, and he realized that there was something wrong, but he asked me not to say anything.

Margo: Why would he do that?

Alison: I guess he didn't want anyone to worry about his health, you know, especially Kim.

Margo: So you knew that something was wrong, and you ignored it?

Alison: I didn't know what to do. He's the chief of staff. How could I not do what he asked of me? So I covered for him.

Tom: Well, he was obviously ill. You should have seen that he got medical attention!

Alison: I tried. I made him promise to see Dr. Prendergast, our -- our neurologist.

Tom: Well, did he go?

Alison: I was there when he made the call.

Tom: I guess that's why he canceled his rotation.

Alison: He didn't want to hurt anyone else.

Margo: Anyone else?

Riley: Alison was never responsible for any overdose. It was Dr. Hughes. But she kept her promise not to tell anyone.

Casey: Except you.

Liberty: Come on, Tony, what are you waiting for?

Parker: You don't have to call me again. I'm here now. What's in the bag?

Liberty: It's just trash.

Parker: Well, I was hoping it was food. Want to get a hot dog or something?

Liberty: I'm not hungry.

Parker: For someone who wanted to talk, you're not saying much.

Liberty: How are you?

Parker: Not so good. Holden dying just makes me think about all the people who aren't here anymore. Like my dad and my sister.

Liberty: I feel bad. I'm so sorry. You have so much to deal with. I never should have called you.

Parker: But you did. So what's wrong?

Craig: Are you sure about the placement of the refrigerator? Frankly, I think it would work better over here. You know, I am renovating the kitchen for you. The least you could do is pretend you're interested.

Teri: I am. Sorry. I -- I really do appreciate everything you're doing for me.

Craig: Then why do you look so worried?

Teri: I have a lot on my mind. But it has nothing to do with this place or the renovations.

Craig: That's reassuring. Is it Parker? Sage?

Teri: No, they're fine.

Craig: Then what is it?

Teri: Do you have sisters?

Craig: Yeah, I have two sisters. Is this about yours?

Teri: Not exactly. What -- I cannot talk to you about Janet and her family. Jack hates you.

Craig: And I have a lot invested in you. So if you have a problem --

Teri: It's not my problem.

Craig: Whatever it is, I can help.

Teri: Listen, I know that you think that you can work miracles, Craig, but this one's way out of your league. And it's -- oh, it's out of mine, unfortunately.

Craig: Okay, that's it. Mysterious is one thing, but sad is another, and I won't allow it.

Teri: I'll be fine.

Craig: You should know something about me.

Teri: What?

Craig: I'm persistent. To the extreme. So, now that I know that there's something bothering you, you might as well tell me, because I'm gonna find out about it, anyway.

Teri: But I'm not gonna tell you.

Craig: Then I'll resort to extreme measures. I'll tap your phones. I'll steam open your mail. I'll plant microphones under your bed.

Teri: You're kidding.

Craig: Only about the steaming open your mail -- maybe. So, I'll end up fixing it, so you might as well tell me what it is I'll be fixing.

Teri: You have to swear that you will not say anything to anyone.

Craig: I swear.

Teri: Okay. Well --

Craig: Teri!

Teri: I think Liberty's pregnant.

Casey: I asked you what you were doing with Alison before. Why didn't you tell me?

Riley: Well, don't make it sound like there's some kind of conspiracy. She was trying to honor your grandfather's wishes.

Tom: So she comes to you for advice and counsel? Why?

Casey: Yeah, I would like to know, too.

Alison: Because Riley saw what I saw. He -- he was there one of times when Dr. Hughes got all confused. He knew I was telling the truth!

Tom: And yet both of you kept your concerns to yourselves.

Alison: I tried to tell you once before, and you told me that I was overreacting.

Tom: And there were other incidents, and the only person you could think of telling was Riley?

Alison: Would you even have believed me if I told you? Look, I just thought that once Dr. Hughes saw Dr. Prendergast, that everything would be all right, okay? There he is now.

Tom: Dr. Prendergast. Tom Hughes. What can you tell me about my father's case?

Dr. Prendergast: Nothing yet. I've just been called in to consult on the MRI.

Tom: But you already examined him, didn't you?

Dr. Prendergast: I didn't even know Bob was sick.

Alison: Didn't he come to see you?

Dr. Prendergast: He made an appointment, but then he canceled. I'll be back after I've seen the MRI.

Alison: I -- I didn't know that he canceled the appointment. I didn't know.

Craig: Is Parker the father?

Teri: Who knows? I mean, Liberty didn't even tell me she was pregnant, let alone who the father is.

Craig: Oh, Carly's gonna kill me. She's counting on me to keep an eye on Parker.

Teri: Oh, every waking minute? That's impossible.

Craig: When I saw him earlier, he was depressed, distracted. I thought it was about Holden.

Teri: It probably was.

Craig: Or -- Liberty told him he was about to become a father. Oh, this is gonna be a catastrophe.

Teri: Yeah, pretty much.

Craig: Carly will never forgive me.

Teri: No, Rosanna is supposed to be looking after the kids, not you. Carly can't blame you.

Craig: Doesn't matter. I'll blame myself. I've got to find him.

Liberty: It's not like I need your advice or whatever.

Parker: Then what's wrong?

Liberty: I just feel like I have made a lot of mistakes in my life.

Parker: Like me?

Liberty: Don't say that.

Parker: But it's true, isn't it? I mean, you wish that you didn't let me convince you to get married, but -- but I thought we were past that.

Liberty: Parker, that's not what I meant. You know, there was so many great things about being with you.

Parker: You didn't always act like it.

Liberty: I know. I think that's one of the mistakes I'm talking about.

Parker: Liberty, what -- what are you trying to say?

Liberty: I just wish --

Parker: What?

Liberty: I don't know.

Parker: Yes, you do. What's going on?

Liberty: I'm sorry. This has nothing to do with you. I should go.

Parker: Liberty, stop!

Craig: I need to see Parker.

Rosanna: Well, he's not here right now.

Craig: Where is he?

Rosanna: What's going on, Craig?

Craig: Nothing. I -- I got a panicked call from marketing. I need to talk to Parker about a change in the water campaign.

Rosanna: Well, why don't you tell me, and I'll pass it on to Parker?

Craig: Well, we want to do a small shoot, so I need him sooner rather than later.

Rosanna: You want to do a photo shoot today?

Craig: It's last minute, but it's important.

Rosanna: Have you -- have you forgotten about Holden's funeral?

Craig: That's tomorrow. And this won't take long.

Rosanna: I think that we should give Parker a break, at least for a couple of days.

Craig: Rosanna, this is important. If you know where he is, please tell me.

Rosanna: He went to visit a friend in the park.

Craig: Which friend?

Rosanna: Liberty. Craig, this thing, what happened to Holden -- it -- it's hit Parker really hard. I don't see why this can't wait just for another day or two.

Craig: Trust me, it canít.

Margo: All right, we understand that Bob asked you to keep it a secret. But, Alison, you -- you are a nurse. You know these things. You know that patients don't keep their appointments. You know that doctors don't listen to other doctors, and you got to stay on top of them. And you knew that Bob was in a critical situation, but you didn't stay on top of it at all.

Riley: Alison was there when he made the call. What else was she supposed to do, follow Bob Hughes around 24 hours a day to make sure he doesn't hurt himself?

Tom: Don't talk to my wife like that.

Margo: You know, it's all right. We're all upset.

Riley: No, nobody should be upset at Alison. I mean, Dr. Hughes is her boss. She did what he asked because she respects him.

Tom: She respects him so much, she didn't tell anybody how ill he was until he collapsed in the street?

Casey: Hey, Dad.

Margo: Hey, Kim, what are you doing up?

Kim: I want to know where Bob is.

Margo: You know what?

Kim: There is something wrong. There is something wrong, and I'm not going anywhere until one of you tells me the truth.

Margo: I will. I will tell you. Let's go rest.

Casey: What'd he say?

Tom: Well, the scan shows a small mass on Dad's brain.

Alison: A tumor?

Tom: It may be, but they're gonna have to operate. If anything happens to my dad because of your bad judgment, I'll never forgive you.

Parker: Why did you run off like that?

Liberty: I was embarrassed.

Parker: Seriously, Liberty? After all the things that we've been through? I mean, we -- we've slept together. We've run away together. We've gotten kicked out of my house together. We've seen each other at our worst. How could you be embarrassed to be with me?

Liberty: Because, Parker, lately, I've been messing up all on my own.

Parker: Are you talking about the internship? Liberty, it was just a job.

Liberty: Parker, that's so easy for you to say because you have, like, the best job in the world.

Parker: It's pure luck, all right? The only reason I'm the face of this vitamin water thing is because my mom and Craig own the company.

Liberty: I just feel like -- I feel like you're growing up, and I'm just going backwards.

Parker: So change that.

Liberty: How?

Parker: Go to college. Get a job. Use that brain of yours to be whatever that you want.

Liberty: If I get the chance.

Parker: What do you mean? Liberty, come on. Talk to me. I mean, we may not have worked as a couple, but we're still friends, right?

Liberty: I have missed you, Parker. You've just been so busy lately.

Parker: Okay, but I'm here now. So could you please stop pushing me away and tell me the real reason why you called?

Liberty: Okay.

Parker: What's wrong?

Liberty: Oh, Craig's here. Um, he must need you for something. I know you're busy.

Parker: Okay, well, then, let me go talk to him, and I'll be right back, okay?

Liberty: I should go.

Craig: Parker --

Parker: You know, I was kind of in the middle of something.

Craig: I noticed. Want to tell me what's going on between you and Liberty?

Parker: Yeah, we were talking, and now I need to go find her.

Casey: Alison just got a call from downstairs.

Alison: They're bringing Dr. Hughes back from his MRI now.

Tom: Is he conscious?

Alison: No, but at least you'll be able to see him.

Margo: Okay, why don't you go? I'll go try and calm Kim down.

Alison: If -- if there's anything else I can do --

Tom: I need to see my father.

Margo: I think that you should probably stay away from all of us now.

Casey: It's not Alison's fault that Granddad's sick.

Margo: No, it's not. But by saying the wrong thing or by maybe saying nothing at all, you put his life at risk. And frankly, I don't want someone that careless around the people that I love.

Craig: Where's Liberty?

Parker: I couldn't find her.

Craig: Was she upset about something?

Parker: Why do you care?

Craig: I think you're both good kids. I just try to look out for you both. That's all.

Parker: So you can impress my mother?

Craig: That's part of it. So what happened? Did you have a fight or something?

Parker: We were just talking.

Craig: Are you doing that a lot lately?

Parker: Well, I don't have that much free time now that I started the campaigns.

Craig: Well, that's good.

Parker: I thought you just said that you liked her two seconds ago.

Craig: I -- I did. And I do. But I remember how hard it was on you when your marriage ended.

Parker: Yeah, well, I'm over that now, okay? So don't worry about it.

Craig: So you're not, uh -- getting closer?

Parker: I don't want to have to worry about another break-up, so for now, I'm kind of putting girls on the back burner.

Craig: You don't know how relieved I am to hear that.

Tom: I am so mad at you right now. You're supposed to be the -- the smart one, the voice of reason. How can you let something like this happen to you? We all need you so much. I need you, Dad -- your wisdom, your -- your love, your stupid jokes. I mean, you -- you'd probably be making one right now if you were conscious, telling me not to be emotional, but I can't help it, Dad. Come back to us, please. Please, come back to us.

Kim: Alison warned me, and I wouldn't listen. I got mad at her. My God, I should have known. I want to see him.

Margo: No, no. I -- I will. I'll talk to the doctor and make sure that you get in. Right now, you need to just rest, okay?

Kim: Are you crazy?

Margo: Come on, nothing's gonna happen.

Kim: You tell that doctor I want to see my husband now.

Margo: Okay. I'll see.

Riley: Come with me. We got to talk.

Margo: Because of Alison Stewart, your grandfather could die.

Riley: She didn't give him a brain tumor. She tried to help him. And because she's a decent human being who tries to do the right thing, she kept his secret.

Margo: She didn't do the right thing, did she? She did the wrong thing.

Riley: I'm the one who's done wrong things, criminal things. Alison's just doing the best that she can. I want you to give her a pass, Mom, just like you did with me.

Margo: You know what the bottom line is? She's not the first Stewart woman who has hurt this family with her lies.

Riley: Well, there are lies, and then there are lies.

Margo: Oh.

Riley: And when you do it for the right reason, sometimes a lie is your best option. You should know all about that.

Tom: Well, I really hope I'm wrong, but it sounds to me like you're suggesting that Margo is a liar.

Margo: Tom --

Tom: And if that'd be the case, I'd damn well like to know why.

Teri: Why didn't you call me back?

Craig: I wanted to bring you the good news myself. Parker is not the father.

Teri: How do you know?

Craig: I beat it out of him. Seriously, he assured me that he and Liberty are not sleeping together. Hallelujah.

Teri: Yay, Parker. But Liberty is still pregnant. What am I gonna to do about that?

Craig: Talk to Janet.

Teri: I can't do that.

Craig: But Liberty's her daughter.

Teri: Yeah, but if Janet goes ballistic, Liberty could end up -- I don't know -- freaking out, running away.

Craig: What about talking to Liberty directly?

Teri: Oh, and how is that conversation gonna go? "Hey, Libby, so I was sneaking around where I shouldn't have been sneaking around, and I figured out that you're pregnant. Want to chat?"

Craig: Hmm. Well, maybe Liberty will surprise you and tell her mother herself.

Teri: After what happened when Jan got pregnant, getting kicked out of the house and everything? Liberty knows her mom's gonna go ballistic.

Craig: On the contrary, it might even make Janet more compassionate.

Teri: I wish. But you know the sad truth is that Jan is petrified that her daughter will follow her example. I mean, that's why she sacrificed so much to make sure that Liberty has the best shot possible.

Craig: It's a bad situation. So, let's try and think about some way to help.

Teri: How is this, in any way, shape, or form, your problem?

Craig: Because in every way, shape, and form, I'm gonna make it my problem.

Rosanna: Oh, hey. Your dad just called.

Parker: Uh, why -- why didn't he just call me on my cell phone?

Rosanna: I guess he just didn't want to pressure you. Um, he said that there's a small gathering of friends and family tonight at the -- at the farm.

Parker: Kind of like a wake?

Rosanna: Yeah. Yeah. Jack said that you don't have to go, though. I mean, it's completely up to you.

Parker: No, I want to go.

Rosanna: Yeah, Parker, you really don't have to put yourself through that. You know?

Parker: I may not have been that close to Holden, but Faith is my friend, and her dad's dead. And I think I should be there for her. Is there anything to eat? 'Cause I'm starving.

Rosanna: Oh, yeah. There's, um, some leftover turkey. Can I make you a sandwich?

Parker: I'll -- I'll handle it.

Rosanna: Hey! I forgot to ask. How did the shoot go?

Parker: What shoot?

Rosanna: Didn't Craig find you in the park?

Parker: Yeah.

Rosanna: And he didn't talk to you about a photo shoot?

Parker: No, he never said anything about one.

Rosanna: What did he say?

Parker: Nothing, really. He just wanted to know what was going on with me and Liberty.

Rosanna: Why?

Parker: I don't know. Maybe 'cause he saw us hanging out together. Should I call him and ask him about the shoot?

Rosanna: No, no. No, no. No, don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. I'll -- I'll take care of it. Okay?

Margo: Riley and I were just arguing about Alison and her role in what happened to Bob.

Tom: What about it?

Riley: I was just saying that sometimes, you feel forced to lie when it's the last thing you want to do. And that's the situation Alison was in with Dr. Hughes. He asked her to keep a secret, and she didn't feel like she could say no. It's awful that your dad is so sick, but --

Tom: You know, my dad could die, Riley. He could never see his wife again. He may never open his eyes again. And that you feel you have the right to weigh in on something as serious and deeply personal as this --

Riley: You're right. I apologize. I just care about you guys so much.

Tom: Hmm. Why?

Riley: Well, I guess it's because --

Margo: Riley --

Riley: I care because -- you guys were so kind to me.

Tom: Why did you let him talk to you like that?

Margo: He was -- he was defending Alison. It's kind of admirable, in a way. You know what? I'm gonna go home and get some food for Kim because that hospital food is, whoo, none too tasty.

Tom: So, why don't we just get something for her here?

Margo: Because I've got all that food at home from the lunch that we didn't have. So, you want to come with me?

Tom: No, I'm going back to the hospital to see my father.

Margo: Okay, baby. Then I'll see you later.

Casey: Can you even stand to be around me now?

Alison: I always want to be with you, even though your whole family hates me.

Casey: I'm sorry for what they said to you.

Alison: I don't blame them.

Casey: Well, stop. You -- you were in a tough spot. And eventually, my parents will see that.

Alison: Are we aiming for that to happen this century?

Casey: They were just losing it. They were already worried about my grandmother. And this whole brain tumor thing, it's -- it's unexpected. They're on the edge.

Alison: I know. I just -- I wish they knew how much Dr. Hughes means to me. He means the world to me. He's an amazing doctor and a great person, and he's always been there for me. I would never intentionally hurt him.

Casey: Yes, I know that. And they know that, too. You were just scared.

Alison: I know.

Casey: Dad, what are you doing here? Is Granddad okay?

Tom: I need to ask you a question.

Casey: Sure. What is it?

Tom: Your mom and Riley are lying to me about something. Do you know what it is?

Craig: I happen to be very fond of Liberty and Janet. Why wouldn't I want to help?

Teri: 'Cause they're not your family. And the way Jack's treated you -- most people would walk away.

Craig: Not my style. Besides, I care about you, too.

Teri: You do?

Craig: Of course I do. I'm not gonna leave you to handle this on your own.

Teri: That is a relief. 'Cause even if Liberty lets me help her, I don't know many people in Oakdale. What if she needs, like, a counselor, or a priest?

Craig: I can connect you with anyone or anything. The first thing you need to do is get Liberty to confide in you.

Teri: How am I gonna do that?

Craig: I have faith you'll think of something. Then you come back and you talk to me about it, I'll steer you in the right direction, we'll make sure Liberty gets the best help.

Teri: You are such a good person.

[Cell phone rings]

Craig: Oh, joy. Rosanna, what can I do for you?

Rosanna: I just wanted to make sure that you found Parker.

Craig: Yes, I did.

Rosanna: How did the shoot go?

Craig: It went fine. Parker didn't have any problem at all doing it. Anything else?

Rosanna: No, no. That's it. Take care.

Liberty: Um, thanks for meeting me, Tony.

Tony: I knew you were still into me.

Liberty: That's not why I wanted to see you.

Tony: Well, why'd you call me, then?

Liberty: I'm pregnant.

Tony: After we just did it once?

Liberty: That's all it takes.

Tony: Uh-uh. No, there's no way that I believe that. You know, I bet it's not even mine.

[Cell phone rings]

[Liberty sobbing]

Riley: Did he come back with you?

Margo: No, your father went back to the hospital.

Riley: Well, how was he after I left?

Margo: I -- I don't -- I don't really know.

Riley: Do you really think Dad believed that we were just talking about Alison?

Margo: How could you risk having a conversation like that in public, where anyone could overhear us like that?

Riley: It started closing in on me, Mom!

Margo: What? What is this concern for Alison Stewart? Who is she to you?

Riley: A friend!

Margo: Well, is that friendship worth risking and losing your freedom? You know, that is exactly what would happen if tom finds out who you really are, Adam. He will have attempted rape charges brought against you, and you will go to prison. And you will be there in prison for 6 to 30 years! Is that what you want to do?

Riley: No!

Margo: Well, then what are you doing?!

Riley: I'm -- I'm going crazy, Mom! I mean, walking around, calling you "Margo" and -- and walking around asking people, "How's Dr. Hughes? How's Mrs. Hughes?" These people are my grandparents!

Margo: I know this is hard.

Riley: No, you donít. You don't know what it's like, walking around like an innocent bystander, wondering if the people you've loved your entire life are going to live or die.

Margo: Well, that is the price that we have to pay.

Riley: Did you see the way dad was looking at me? And Casey -- he's so jealous that I've gotten this close to Alison, he is itching to blow me out of the water.

Margo: No, Casey is not gonna tell anybody who you really are. He wonít.

Riley: I'm really not so sure.

Margo: No, he wouldn't do that. He wouldn't do anything like that to hurt you, Adam. He loves you.

Riley: Do you really believe that, Mom? The only reason Casey is still keeping this secret is because he loves you.

Margo: Well, good. Then I'm thankful. Please, baby, there is no threat here. Nobody suspects who you really are, and they won't, as long as we stay strong.

Riley: It's so hard.

Margo: Oh! If you won't do it for me, if you won't do it to help yourself, will you at least do it for your father? Because Tom can't take another hit right now.

Riley: I'm sorry. I will try to be more careful.

Margo: No, you've got to mean it.

Riley: I do.

Margo: Good. Because Tom's got enough on his mind. Don't you dare make him question who you really are.

Casey: Why would you think Riley and Mom are lying to you?

Tom: That's not an answer.

Casey: I'm -- I'm just saying. That's coming out of nowhere, especially now. You're all upset about Granddad.

Tom: You know what? They're always together. They're always whispering about something and then breaking it off the minute I walk into the room.

Casey: Well, you know how Mom is. It's all or nothing with her. Riley needs a place to stay, so she feels like she needs to clothe him, feed him, be with him 100% of the time. It's -- its overkill. It's Mom.

Tom: Well, it's more than that. But if you don't know or you aren't saying, there's nothing I can do.

Casey: Dad, are you okay?

Tom: I'm going back to my father's room.

Alison: You know something, don't you?

Casey: I -- I don't want to talk about it, okay?

Alison: Because you don't want to lie to me, too? Fine. I'll do all the talking. This is exactly what happened with your grandfather.

Casey: Ali --

Alison: No, I kept his secret, and look at all the trouble it caused.

Casey: This is different.

Alison: No, it's not. Would you please learn from my mistakes? Okay, even if you think you're doing someone a favor, don't keep secrets that affect other people's lives. No good will come of it.

Casey: I'm -- I'm sorry.

[Monitor beeping]

Kim: Hello, my darling. Well, here we are. We're quite a pair, aren't we, in our his-and-hers hospital robes? Your doctor and my doctor -- they seriously told me that you and I will get better faster if we just rest. You here and me across the hall. Can you believe that? These guys have no soul. I have decided what I am gonna do. In the middle of the night, I am gonna sneak across the hall and come in here, and we'll just have a little cuddle. 'Cause you know how much I love to cuddle. Some day, we're really gonna laugh about this. In -- in the meantime, Bob, you've got to promise me that you're gonna hold on. Oh, Honey. Hold on to me. And I'll hold on to you.

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