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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 8/25/09

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Casey: Alison --

Alison: I can't talk right now, Casey.

Casey: Hold on a minute. Please. I called you, like, a ton of times. I left you messages. Why didn't you call me back?

Alison: Maybe 'cause I just want to stay out of the line of fire.

Casey: But -- but you didn't do anything wrong.

Alison: Well, everyone has decided that I am the bad guy, okay? And you know what? All I was trying to do was help your grandfather, maybe avoid a major lawsuit for the hospital. And what do I get in return? Well, I get suspended.

Casey: And the suspension was lifted immediately, right?

Alison: That's because someone actually stood up for me, Casey, got Bob to reconsider.

Casey: Well isn't that a good thing?

Alison: Yeah, I just hope it lasts.

Casey: And why wouldn't it?

Alison: Well, your dad already tried to have me kicked out of here once.

Casey: That's not going to happen again.

Alison: How do you know?

Casey: Because I told him what he did was wrong. And that what he should be doing is figuring out what really happened to Kim. Because I know you didn't give her that overdose. And that's -- that's all I wanted to tell you.

Alison: Wait, Casey. Are you saying that you're on my side?

Kim: Well, listen, I'm not complaining, but, uh, shouldn't you two be at work?

Tom: We should, but we both found ourselves on one of those rare occasions with a day off together, so we decided we would just take advantage.

Bob: And you decided to share it with us? Things must be pretty tough.


Kim: Don't listen to him.

Tom: No, actually, for the last few days, we just realized how important family is and how blessed we are to have you in our lives.

Margo: Yes, it's so wonderful to see the two of you standing here. Kim, you scared us.

Tom: Yeah.

Kim: Ah, well, I scared myself.


Kim: But I really feel much better now, and I'm very grateful to my pal here for taking such good care of me.

Bob: Just doing my job.

Tom: You know, listen, Dad, um, since you brought it up, there's something on my mind that's been bugging me --

Margo: Honey, you really think now is the time or place?

Bob: Oh, it's okay. What is it?

Tom: Well, your explanation never made sense to me.

Bob: My explanation?

Tom: After everything that Alison Stewart did, putting Kim's life at risk and blaming you for all of her mistakes, I still don't understand. Why would you reinstate her?

Kim: You did what?

Casey: Of course I'm on your side, Alison.

Alison: I just thought --

Casey: What, that I automatically side with my parents? Hello? How many times have they accused me of doing something I didn't do?

Alison: I don't know. I've lost count.

Casey: Yes, you see?

Alison: Stop it. It's not funny.

Casey: Well, I like it when you laugh. It's cute. In all seriousness, um, I know you would never make a mistake to hurt any patient. You care too much. And that's what I told my dad.

Alison: Oh, bet he was thrilled.

Casey: Well, I don't care what he thinks. I just care that you know that I believe in you.

Alison: I do care, and I'm sorry that I gave you such a hard time before.

Casey: Good. Can I dip you?

Alison: I guess.


Audrey: Oh, Dear. Let me -- let me look at you. Are you okay?

James: I'm fine. I'm fine. Thank you, Audrey. Hello, son.

Henry: Hello, Father.

Audrey: Well, how -- how are -- how are they treating you? Did you get any sleep at all last night?

Henry: Mom, don't make a fuss. He's been a frequent guest here at the Oakdale P.D. I'm sure they know how to take care for him. He probably even has his favorite cell.

James: Number three. It has the best light.

Henry: That's good to know.

Audrey: Well, he doesn't have to worry about that because you are not going to be here long enough to appreciate it. We are gonna do whatever we have to do to help you.

Henry: Yeah, as long as it doesn't put us in cells one and two. Listen, Dad, is there someone we can call? A lawyer? You must have someone on retainer.

James: Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a lawyer. And as soon as he gets me out of here, I need to sit with him and, uh, make sure that my estate is in the proper order.

Henry: Well, like Mom said, anything we can do.

James: Here, call --

Audrey: I am on it.

Henry: I think Dad asked me to take care of it.

Audrey: Oh, well, good for you. See? Jimmy, you don't have anything to worry about. That other son put you in here to rot, but our son is gonna be the one to get you out.

Emily: Hey.

Paul: Hey. I can't stop thinking about something my father said to me the other day.

Emily: Which was what?

Paul: Oh, he paid me a compliment, which is the first time he's ever done that in his whole life.

Emily: I can see why that would freak you out.

Paul: He said that he approved of how I had him arrested.

Emily: Well, James has always been pretty twisted.

Paul: Yeah, but I think he meant something else 'cause, you know, with James, there's always a deeper meaning.

Emily: You think there's a hidden message there?

Paul: I think he wants something from me. I've just got to figure out what it is.

Emily: Well, there's an easy -- there's an easy way to do that.

Paul: Really? How?

Emily: You know where the man is. Go ask him.

Paul: No. No way. I'm not gonna go see James.

Emily: Why not? You want answers, don't you?

Paul: Not that badly.

Emily: Well, you-- you're convinced that he wants something from you.

Paul: Doesn't mean I have to give it to him.

Emily: Well, are you prepared to spend your whole life not knowing?

Paul: Well, pretty much, yeah. Come on, with James, it's just games and manipulations, and I'm not playing anymore. I'm not.

Emily: I'm all for that. That's great. But you're not gonna be able to do this unless you let him go.

Paul: I'm refusing to see him. If that's not letting go, I don't know what is.

Emily: Honestly? I think you're hiding from him.

Paul: No, I'm not. If I go down there, I'm just playing more crazy games, all of his nonsense.

Emily: No, no, no, no. But if you confront him, you cut him off. You cut of his power.

Paul: What power? He's dying. He's in a wheelchair. He's locked up. What kind of power could he have left?

Emily: He has power over you.

Paul: Oh, come on. He doesnít. That's over.

Emily: Is it?

Paul: You don't think so?

Emily: I donít. I donít. You cannot let James get back in your head.

Paul: What, like another microchip?

Emily: I'm not kidding.

Paul: So, what do I do?

Emily: You confronted him once. You can do it again. You go down there, you get him to tell you whatever it is, and then you walk away, this time for good.

Casey: I just want you to know that I really trust you, like, a lot. But --

Alison: But?

Casey: But what you're saying about my granddad, it's hard for me to wrap my head around.

Alison: Well, it hasn't been easy for me, either.

Casey: Do you really think he's losing it?

Alison: Please don't ask me that.

Casey: Why?

Alison: Because I don't want to be put in the middle of this again.

Casey: It-- it's just a question.

Alison: It's not just a question, not if the answer I give you is gonna have your whole family attacking me again.

Casey: But --

Alison: Okay, they're already mad enough as it is.

Casey: But you're the only one who can tell me what's really going on here.

Alison: That's not true.

Casey: Who else is there?

Alison: Look, if you want to know something about your grandfather, why don't you just ask him, okay?

Casey: Why?

Alison: Because I've told you everything I can.

Casey: Fine. I'll do that.

Alison: Casey --

Riley: Hey.

Alison: Riley. How much of that did you hear?

Riley: Enough. You know what? Come on. Let's get out of here.

Kim: Honey, I know you're trying to be fair to Alison, but why would you want to put her back on rotation?

Tom: Especially after what she did to you.

Kim: Oh, forget about that. It's what she's doing to your father. She's trying to blame him for her mistakes. That's unforgivable. It could affect your reputation.

Bob: It'd take a lot more than that to affect my reputation.

Margo: Yeah, but Kim isn't the only one that Alison hurt. I mean, remember the incident with Riley.

Bob: Believe me, I'm looking into both cases.

Tom: Oh, don't even waste your time, Dad. You know Alison's responsible.

Bob: That's not the way I run my hospital.

Tom: I'm not telling you how to do your job.

Bob: I can't, in good conscience, suspend a member of the staff unless I'm absolutely sure of misconduct.

Tom: And you also don't want to see the hospital bogged down in lawsuits because of Alison's incompetence.

Casey: Alison is not incompetent.

Tom: Well, I beg to differ, and I think Kim may, too.

Casey: Why are you always so quick to assume the worst?

Tom: Well, given the circumstances --

Casey: Wait, I mean, trying to suspend her wasn't enough?

Margo: You want to just keep it down, Casey?

Casey: No, no. Y-you guys are ganging up on her. It's not fair.

Tom: I don't even care what's fair to Alison Stewart.

Casey: Even if she didn't do anything wrong?

Kim: Um, would you excuse me? I -- I'm gonna freshen up. I can't bear to have that conversation again.

Tom: Okay. You happy now?

Casey: I'm sorry. I didn't mean for that to happen. But, Granddad, I got to ask you something, and it's important.

Bob: What is it? Casey?

Casey: I'm just -- wow, this is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

Bob: Well, you've never had trouble expressing yourself to me before.

Casey: Okay.

Bob: Say what's on your mind.

Casey: Was Alison right? Is there something wrong with you?

Henry: Vienna, this is stupid, all right? I don't want to fight. Now, look, I know Stenbeck is worth a lot, but he's not worth letting this thing come between us!

Audrey: Henry, hang up.

Henry: I-I love you more than anything, and you know that.

Audrey: Henry, hang up the darn phone! Hang up!

Henry: Sweetheart, would you just call me back, and we can talk this through? God, woman, what?

Audrey: Your father's lawyer is here.

Henry: Oh, is he? Ah, you must be Lloyd Hansen. Henry Coleman.

Lloyd: At last we meet.

Henry: Well, you know me. Probably from the book -- my book, "The Man from Oakdale." I'm, uh -- I'm on the cover.

Audrey: Yes, and it is so delicious. You really should pick up a copy and read it. In fact, I bet I can get my son to autograph it for you, if you'd like.

Lloyd: Well, I know you because you'll be inheriting the Stenbeck fortune.

Audrey: F-f-fortune?

Henry: Mom, why don't you -- Mom, sit down. Just go and sit down for a second.

Lloyd: Now, do you know why the police detained James?

Audrey: No. No, we donít. You know, it's a little complicated, and it's -- it's probably better if we don't get involved too much because the details could get messed up. So, you talk to James personally. I think that's best.

Henry: Yeah, he's at the Oakdale Police Department on South Street.

Audrey: Right. And if there's anything the two of us -- I can see doing for him -- anything, I, myself, anybody -- you know, Dear, sweet James needs us. We're at your disposal. Henry? Henry? Henry, did you -- did you just hear what he said? Did you -- you're it. You are the sole heir of James Stenbeck's fortune -- all of it! All of it -- every last cent.

Henry: Every last red cent, Mother. It's blood money.

Audrey: No, it's not! Don't be so negative. It's millions and millions and millions of dollars. Why aren't you excited?

Henry: I don't -- how can I be happy about it? I can't share it with Vienna.

Audrey: Oh, poo! Do not fret about that. No woman can resist a very dashing, handsome man with his own fortune.

Henry: You mean, you can't resist that.

Audrey: Oh, come on. Henry, please. I promise you. Vienna will come around. I -- I promise. But first things first, okay?

Vienna: She's right, Henry. First things first. But does that mean me or James' money?

Paul: Hey.

Emily: I can go in there with you if you want.

Paul: No, this is something I need to do by myself.

Emily: Okay. I'll meet you back at Fairwinds in case you want to talk to somebody. Or even if you don't, I'll still be there.

James: Hello, Paul. I've been expecting you.

Tom: Hey, what's the matter with you?

Casey: I just needed to hear it from Granddad. It was because of something Alison said.

Tom: I don't care what Alison said. Now, if you want to stand behind her and her lies --

Casey: Listen, I'm sorry. I really am. I don't want this to be true any more than you do, but I don't think she's lying.

Tom: She is blaming your grandfather for making mistakes that almost took two people's lives.

Casey: You're doing the same thing to her!

Tom: And one of those people is in the other room. Now, are you gonna stand there and tell Kim that you think her husband is responsible for putting her life in harm's way?

Casey: That is not what I said. Granddad, that is not what I said.

Margo: You know what? We've tried really hard to accept your relationship with Alison, but the influence that the Stewart women have over you --

Casey: What influence?

Margo: They turn you against your own family!

Casey: That is not true!

Tom: You are not gonna get Alison out of this mess by blaming this on your grandfather.

Bob: Come on, Tom. Tom, that's not what he had in mind. And I really don't want to see you guys go at each other about this.

Kim: Bob?

Bob: Yes.

Kim: Honey?

Bob: Are you all right?

Kim: I-I think maybe it was a little soon for me to go visiting. I-I'm not feeling very good.

Margo: W-why don't you sit down?

Kim: No, no. Thanks very much. I-I-I want to go home. I'm kind of woozy.

Bob: Yeah, but you're pale, and you -- you are a little warm.

Kim: Well, I probably just overdid it.

Bob: I'm taking you back to the hospital.

Tom: Listen, I'll bring the car around.

Kim: No, no. Wait a minute, everybody. You know, I don't want anybody to make a fuss here. I will go to the hospital. Your father will take me to the hospital. I don't want any of you to come tagging along.

Tom: Are you sure?

Kim: I'm positive, okay?

Tom: All right, listen, I'll check in with you later. Call if you need anything.

Casey: I'll get the door.

Kim: Thanks.

[Door opens]

Casey: Hey, I'm sorry.

Bob: So am I.

Tom: So, you proud of yourself?

Casey: That -- that is not fair, Dad. Mom, please.

Margo: You know, just get your priorities straight, would you?

Casey: You're not even gonna hear me out.

Tom: No, I'm really not.

Casey: Fine.

Alison: This is getting way out of control. Casey's parents blame me for what happened to Kim, and they think I'm using Bob as a scapegoat.

Riley: But you're not.

Alison: Right. Well, you can say that. But for Casey to say that, it's like he's turning his back on his family.

Riley: Well, maybe Bob will tell him the truth.

Alison: Yeah, well, until he does, I mean, I guess I keep having to give Casey the runaround.

Riley: Well, I mean, if you're so upset about it, why don't you just tell him about your conversation with Bob?

Alison: I canít. I promised Dr. Hughes I wouldn't say anything.

Riley: You're talking to me about it.

Alison: That's only because you're an eyewitness. You saw Dr. Hughes get confused, too, so you know what's going on. I mean, you are the only one I can talk to.

Riley: Well, I'm -- I'm glad you can talk to me about these things. You shouldn't have to go through this by yourself.

Kim: Shouldn't you be doing something?

Bob: This is my bedside vigil.

Kim: What I mean is, shouldn't you be, I don't know, checking my blood pressure or -- or listening to my heart or something so that we can find out what's wrong?

Bob: Actually, I've called in Dr. Beule.

Kim: Why?

Bob: Well, I'm -- I'm just too, uh -- too close to this. And I -- I don't think I should be the only one treating you.

Kim: You never hesitated before. What, you think this is something more serious?

Bob: No, no, not at all. I just don't think it's a great idea for physicians to treat their own family.

Kim: Honey, that's ridiculous. There's nobody I trust more than you.

Bob: Yeah, but, you know, I could miss something. No, I actually think it's wise to wait for Dr. Beule.

Kim: Bob -- what's really going on here?

Riley: Alison, you've done everything you can.

Alison: Then why do I still feel so bad?

Riley: Because you care about everybody involved here. That's what makes you such a good nurse.

Alison: You think?

Riley: Hey, the patient knows.

Casey: No. No, don't -- don't stop on my account. You know, it looks like I'm interrupting something intense.

Alison: Casey, we were just talking.

Casey: Talking? Really? Why is it always the same thing? You both have the same story every time.

Riley: Don't do this, Casey.

Casey: Do what? Tell me. I want to know. My grandfather won't talk to me. My parents think I'm a jerk. Maybe one of you guys can tell me what I'm not getting here.

Henry: I know that you're -- me taking this money from Stenbeck is making you a little uncomfortable.

Vienna: No, it makes me more than uncomfortable. It makes me question who you are.

Henry: What? What are you talking -- I'm the same guy I've always been! I'm the guy that's crazy about you, who can't believe that he wakes up every morning and sees you sleeping next there next to --

Vienna: Okay, listen, your sweet talk is not gonna work this time.

Henry: What difference does it make where the money comes from once it's ours?

Vienna: Do you really think that James Stenbeck is just gonna hand over his entire fortune and not expect anything in return?

Henry: Yeah. Yeah, I do. And you know why? Because he's gonna be dead!

Vienna: Okay, and I know that James Stenbeck -- he doesn't ever die!

Henry: Just come along with me on this one, will you, please?

Vienna: No, no.

Henry: Think about what this money could do for us, sweet -- that's -- this is why I'm doing it, okay? This money could give us the life we've always dreamed of.

Vienna: I'm already living that life, Henry, and I thought you were, too.

Henry: Of course I am. Of course I am. But we could give our -- we could give our nest egg an extra little oomph, you know?

Vienna: Oh, I know you, Henry. And if you start chasing after James' money, that's it. There won't be room for anything else, including me.

Henry: Sweetie, you're being -- you're being a little overdramatic. Don't you think?

Vienna: No. No, you know what? You need to choose. It's either me or the money.

Paul: It's over. I'm done.

James: Not necessarily. I really admire your bravado.

Paul: I don't need your admiration. I don't need it now. I never needed it.

James: Of course you did. That's not true. You've always wanted my approval.

Paul: All I've ever wanted was is for you to just leave me alone.

James: That's your mother talking.

Paul: The only parent that I've ever had. You have never been a real father to me, never.

James: Then why is what I think so important to you, Paul? Have you ever stopped hating me enough long enough to ask yourself that?

Paul: No, and I'll never stop hating you. You've turned my life into a nightmare. I've spent my whole life looking over my shoulder because of you.

James: I did it for your own good.

Paul: No, you don't do anything for anybody's good but your own! Everybody's here for some twisted amusement! You -- I don't get it. I really -- for the life of me, I can't figure it out. How could a parent do that? How could a father target his son like that?

James: So, you think what I did was cruel, that I never did love you?

Paul: Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

James: No, no, no. That's where you're wrong. I do love you. Everything I did was to mold you into a man worthy of taking over the Stenbeck dynasty.

Paul: You mean, turn me into you.

James: Oh, no. No, no, not into me. I wanted you to be much stronger than I ever was. And I think I just may have succeeded.

Paul: You look at me, and -- and you see some kind of a success?

James: Don't you?

Paul: No. I see someone who survived you, your abuse and your confusion. I was terrified of you.

James: I was tough on you, Paul, because I needed to mold you.

Paul: Into what, a basket case?

James: No. Into a man who wouldn't yield to his emotions, someone worthy enough to take over the Stenbeck dynasty.

Paul: You've been hit on the head too many times.

James: No, listen. Stop fighting it, Paul. Accept who you are. Claim your birthright.

Paul: That's what you want. That's what you want. What about what I want? What about what I've always wanted?

James: Have you ever been denied anything?

Paul: A father -- a real father who loves me.

James: But I do love you. That's what I'm trying to say.

Paul: No, no, no. Not that. Not that. Not the aggressive and the vengeful and the obsessive and the paranoid. Not that kind of love. 'Cause that -- that's your legacy to me, Dad.

James: Mm-hmm. My legacy is far greater than any of that psychobabble, and it is yours for the taking.

Paul: I don't want it. All I want now is to raise my child better than you raised me, not that that's gonna be hard.

James: Mm. You are in a position right now, Paul, to give Eliza anything she could ever possibly want -- if you claim your birthright. Hmm?

Paul: How do you suggest I do that?

James: Take back your Stenbeck name.

Vienna: Henry, you despise James Stenbeck. You said that his money was cursed, and you were right. The Henry I love -- he would never even consider taking the money from a thief and a murderer!

Audrey: Okay. Okay, that's it. I have stayed quiet long enough.

Henry: No, you haven't, Mom.

Audrey: Yes, I have because who are you talking about? Are you talking about the Henry standing right there? Because that's what you're talking about. That's not that man.

Henry: Mom, you're not helping here, okay?

Audrey: [Sighs] You are a gambler. You love excitement. You're a risk-taker. He always been like that.

Vienna: No, that was before. Henry told me that our love has changed him.

Audrey: [Sighs] Okay, yes, it did. But you don't change a person way deep, deep down. This is his chance for the ultimate, ultimate jackpot. Are you gonna deny him his one chance at that brass ring?

Vienna: No, but that was different. When Henry gambled before, it was because of the love of the game. It never really was about the money.

Henry: It was a little bit about the money.

Audrey: Why? Why do you care so much about whether he claims his inheritance or not?

Vienna: Be-- because I'm afraid of what comes with it!

Henry: What do you think is going to happen to me?

Vienna: Because if you take James' money, it'll change you, Henry. Look -- look at what it's done to Paul. I-I-I don't want you to become another Stenbeck.

Henry: Oh, Sweetie, please. Money is not gonna turn me into James Junior or even Paul II.

Vienna: And what if it does?

Henry: What do you want me to do? I'm already in the will.

Audrey: I know. You can give the money to me.

Riley: You know, Casey, you need to chill out.

Casey: No, you know what, man?

Alison: Casey, stop it. Stop. Why are you so wound up?

Casey: I did what you said. I talked to my grandfather. I-I asked him if something was wrong with him.

Alison: Yeah? And what did he say?

Casey: He -- he didn't even answer me. He didn't have a chance. You know, my parents jumped in and just royally chewed me out.

Alison: God, Casey. I'm so sorry.

Casey: I didn't even get to apologize. They left because Kim wasn't feeling well.

Alison: Is she okay?

Casey: [Sighs] I don't know. I don't know. They -- they were taking her to the hospital to make sure.

Alison: Well, why didn't you go with them?

Casey: Why? They're furious with me right now.

Alison: Case, this is all my fault. I shouldn't have told you to go talk to your grandfather. You know, maybe you just shouldn't listen to me anymore.

Casey: What?

Alison: Maybe you should just stay away from me altogether.

Casey: You -- that's crazy. You don't mean that.

Alison: No, you'd be better off! I'm just making everything worse for you and your family.

Casey: Where is this coming from? Oh, is this friendly advice again, you know, like the time he told you to go and talk to Kim?

Riley: Casey, would you knock it off?

Casey: No, answer me! Did you say she was better off without me?

Riley: Yeah, Casey. You know what? That's exactly what I said.

Casey: Right, right. Get me out of the picture so you could slide right in, have your secret, little conversations.

Riley: Man, you have got this all wrong.

Bob: I'm just following hospital protocol.

Kim: Well, I understand that. But why now? I mean, you've never been a-a stickler for protocol, not when I'm the patient.

Bob: Well, maybe I've been wrong. I mean, with all the mistakes that's been going on around this hospital, I don't think it's wise for anyone, including me, to take any unnecessary chances.

Kim: Are you sure that's all this is?

Bob: Yes. Look, how can I be objective? I love you too much.

[Door opens]

Dr. Beule: Hello, Dr. Hughes, Mrs. Hughes.

Kim: Hello, Doctor.

Bob: Dr. Beule, what do you recommend?

Dr. Beule: Well, I've ordered some tests, starting with an EKG.

Bob: Mm-hmm. How about a, um, stress test?

Dr. Beule: If we have to, but I'm sure you'll be fine. A nurse will be in shortly to draw some blood.

Kim: Thank you. Thank you, Doctor.

Bob: So, can I, uh, get you anything while you wait?

Kim: Actually, I have the strangest craving, you know, for some ice cream.

Bob: I think that's a sign that you're getting better.

Kim: I think it's a sign that we missed my lunch. Any chance I can talk you into going down to the, uh, restaurant and getting me some ice cream?

Bob: Your wish is my command.

Kim: Thanks, Honey.

Paul: You want me to take your name.

James: Yes. Paul Ryan. You're not a Ryan. You're a Stenbeck.

Paul: I don't want your money, and I don't want your name.

James: I'm dying, Paul. You gonna deny me my last request?

Paul: Till your last gasp.

James: I'm not afraid of dying, Paul. When I die, I'm gonna die in peace. I've accepted who I am. I've accepted what I've done with my life. Now, will you be able to live your life in peace if you can't accept who you really are?

Paul: You know what's interesting, okay? What's funny is that a little while ago, I kind of lost who I was. I didn't know anyone. I didn't know you or anybody else. And I accepted who I was then. I liked who that was.

James: Oh, well, lucky, lucky you.

Paul: Yeah, I want to go back to being who that was. I don't want you messing with my life anymore. I don't want you meddling with me anymore.

James: You really think it's gonna be that easy to get rid of me?

Paul: No, no. But anything's possible. I'm gonna make it happen.

James: We'll just see about that, Paul.

Henry: I knew it! You've been working me all along, haven't you?

Audrey: No!

Henry: Oh, yeah! You've been waiting for your chance to swoop in here, and take my inheritance!

Audrey: You don't even have the money yet, and I was just trying to make a suggestion to keep everybody happy.

Henry: Yeah, you know what? "Give it to me. I'll take it." That was your plan all along.

Audrey: No!

Henry: Let me tell you something, okay? You're not getting your hands on one single cent of what's mine, lady!

Vienna: Henry!

Henry: What?

Vienna: Do you even hear yourself? You sound just like him!

Henry: What? Like who?

Vienna: James Stenbeck!

Henry: Oh, please. You've heard me yell at her a hundred times.

Vienna: No, no. Not like that. The Henry I love is starting to disappear.

Henry: What? What are you -- I'm right here. What are talking about? I'm right here, Sweetheart. Listen, Liebchen, you -- you ask me to choose. Now, why can't you choose to love me whether I have the money or not?

Vienna: Because of what it does to you! It becomes all that you care about.

Henry: Vienna!

Vienna: No, just admit it. All you want me to say right now is that I'm okay with you taking this inheritance. Just admit it.

Henry: Yes! Okay, I admit it! Fine, I admit it. It's a lot of money, Vienna. It's a lot, a lot, a lot of money, and, yes, I want it.

Margo: So, what's the diagnosis?

Kim: Oh. The doctor has ordered tests, and they've drawn my blood.

Tom: Well, I'm sure Dad's just being thorough.

Kim: Well, actually, your father's not the doctor.

Tom: Pardon?

Kim: He's asked Dr. Beule to handle this.

Margo: Wha -- did he say why?

Kim: Something about not treating a member of the family and being too emotionally involved. Actually, I pointed out to him he's treated me a bazillion times before, but --

Tom: So, where is Dad now, in his office?

Kim: You know, I have no idea where he is. I asked him to go get me some ice cream down the cafeteria, and that was 20 minutes ago, so I have not a clue as to where he is.

Casey: You know, I'm not mad at you. It's just --

Alison: It's just what?

Casey: It's like I said. When I see you two together, it's like you're in your own little world and --

Alison: No. That is not it. If you think there's something going on between me and Riley, then you are way off.

Casey: Then what was it that I walked in on?

Alison: He was just being a friend to me.

Casey: Why can't I be that friend? Why can't I be the person you talk to?

Alison: I'm sorry.

Casey: No, Alison. Alison. Damn it!

Riley: Why do you keep doing this?

Casey: Doing what?

Riley: Acting like the world's biggest tool?

Casey: Oh, man. You need to get out of my face.

Riley: No. Hey, no, listen to me. Alison is going through hell right now. All right, what about what she needs? Do you think you could show her just, like, a little bit of compassion?

Casey: Oh. Like what you do, huddled at a table and hold her hand?

Riley: She wants that from you, Case, not me.

Casey: Well, I want the truth.

Riley: You want the truth?

Casey: Yeah.

Riley: She cares about you. She doesn't think of anyone but you, and you're blowing it, big time.

Casey: Really?

Riley: Yes! You -- you see us together, and you automatically assume the worst. News flash -- we're not hooking up, not even close.

Casey: But you're keeping something from me, the both of you. And if you want to be a brother, "Riley," how about you tell me what it is now?

Alison: Dr. Hughes. Dr. Hughes. Your ice cream is melting -- the cone. Here, you know, I might have some tissues in my pocket. Why don't you take these? Dr. Hughes? Are you okay? Dr. Hughes! Oh, my God! Somebody help me! Dr. Hughes! Please! Bob, you're gonna be okay! Please wake up! Help!

Henry: This is about justice, all right? That money is rightfully mine in the eyes of the law.

Vienna: Yeah, but you can still turn it down. But you're not going to, are you, because money will always come first for you.

Henry: No, it will not always come first for me. Just this one little time.

Vienna: Mm-hmm. Well, I hope that whatever happiness you buy yourself will keep you very warm at night because I certainly wonít.

Henry: Vienna!

Audrey: Son -- come on, it's okay. It's okay. You know, she isn't really like us. She doesn't understand. It's gonna be okay. Hey, at least we still have each other, and we have a lot of money that we can share. There's enough for both of us. It's not that bad, really.

Henry: Yeah, you may be right. Oh, my God. What am I saying?

[Elevator dings]

Henry: Vienna, Vienna, wait! Vienna, don't get on the elevator. Please, come here.

Vienna: Why not? I have nothing more to say.

Henry: I do. You mean more to me than any amount of money ever could. You're priceless.

Vienna: Okay, but you made your choice, and you chose the money.

Henry: I chose wrong.

Vienna: You sure?

Henry: Yeah. I want you. I choose you over anybody or anything.

Vienna: Oh! Oh, Henry. Oh, you don't know how happy you just made me.

Audrey: Oh, even my eyes are filling with tears. I feel it 'cause I love when my son is so happy like that. And don't you two worry. I will do everything in my power to make sure that money doesn't come between the lovebirds, even if I have to take it off Henry's hands myself.

Vienna: Oh, Henry, do you hear that?

Henry: Yes, I do.

Paul: I'm glad I went to see James today.

Emily: You are?

Paul: Yes. I -- I -- I -- I did. I finally -- finally realized that I'm never gonna get answers from the guy, at least not answers that I need, you know? The only way I'm ever really truly gonna be free from James is if he's dead.

Emily: Well, on the plus side, that's close to happening, right?

Paul: You know what else I realized?

Emily: What?

Paul: Emily, the happiest moments in my life were when I didn't even remember James or anybody else. That time that I was with you, that was really right.

Emily: Yeah, we were -- we were good.

Paul: I want it back.

Emily: A life without a trace of Stenbeck? That sounds great.

Paul: No, Em. Us.

Emily: Oh.

Paul: Move back in with me.

Emily: What? Are you -- you're serious.

Paul: Yeah, 100%. I said goodbye to James, his money, his influence, all of it. I slayed the dragon. We can finally have whatever life we want.

James: Now, listen, I want you to rewrite this will and remove Henry Colemanís name. I want everything left to my son, Paul.

Lloyd: I didn't know that you two had reconciled.

James: We havenít. But if Paul thinks he's rid of me after I'm dead and buried, he's got a rude awakening coming.

James: [Laughing evilly]

Paul: Can you hear that?

Emily: Hear what?

Paul: Nothing. I -- I thought I heard something.

Emily: Mmm. The only thing I hear is the sound of my heart racing. Here, feel.

James: [Laughing evilly]

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Parker: But you did. So what's wrong?

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