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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/21/09

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Liberty: So, I was thinking we could maybe get coffee or something. What do you want to do? No, donít. Please.

Tony: That's not what you said yesterday.

[Cell phone ringing]

Rosanna: Excuse me. Hello? Oh, hi. Yeah, this is she. Is everything okay? Oh, that's great news! Thank you so much for calling. Oh, wait. Before you go, what are your visiting hours? Okay. Thank you. Would you give Carly my love? Thanks. Bye.

Craig: What was that?

Rosanna: That was the rehab clinic. Carly is ready to have visitors.

Craig: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!

Rosanna: Hey, hey, hey. No, no, no, no, no. It's only one at a time. I'm going.

Craig: No way. I'm going.

Parker: No. I'm going, okay?

Paul: Room 1018 at the Lakeview, registered to Henry Coleman. Yes, the James Stenbeck. Is there another one? My name? My name's Paul Ryan. Are you the only police station in the world that doesn't have caller I.D.? Tell you what, why don't you stop talking to me and go catch this guy. Don't let him slip through your fingers again.

Emily: Nice job. How does it feel?

Paul: Never felt better.

Audrey: Are you sure there isn't anything else you would like me to rub? I mean, really, how much can you feel? How much?

James: Audrey, you know how much I like to watch.

Audrey: Okay, then. This is your life. 24/7 TLC, and no Paul to lock you in a basement with bottles you can't even reach. To me, that is very cruel and unusual punishment.

James: Paul's my son.

Audrey: Are you sure about that?

James: I would that it were not true.

Audrey: Truly, you realize he knows you're on your last legs, so to speak, and he just turned his back on you.

James: Well, not all children display the filial devotion that one would wish for.

Audrey: Well, I am going to get you the son you deserve, not one that spits in your face and doesn't give you what you are due.

James: Paul won't do any permanent damage. He lacks the courage of his convictions.

Audrey: I think he's just a big ball of angst, and it's lucky for you that the Colemans are here to fill that empty space in your heart.

James: And to fill your empty pockets, as well.

Barbara: Love of one's family is the most important thing in the world. I think you should get to know your brother, Paul. You might be surprised at what a good man he is.

Henry: That's a nice speech.

Barbara: It comes from the heart.

Henry: Really -- my bad. I thought it was emanating from your wallet. Listen, Babs, just save it, okay? I've got enough family to warrant a lifetime supply of antianxiety meds. I get one more nut job, I'm going over the edge.

Barbara: Maybe you really could use a big brother.

Henry: That's a nice try, but I think I'm gonna pass.

Barbara: I'm not here on my own behalf.

Henry: No, no. You're here because you're worried that James is gonna cut Paul out of the will, again, and you're playing this whole family card thing just in case I make the cut.

Barbara: Whatever James has should be divided equally.

Henry: Absolutely not! Paul had his chance, and he blew it. It's my turn now.

Vienna: What's going on?

Henry: Hey. Uh, Barbara was just encouraging me to celebrate my new brother.

Barbara: And as brothers, Henry and Paul should share equally in whatever their father leaves behind.

Henry: You know what, Barbara? I think Vienna needs her rest. Come on.

Vienna: No! No. You know what? You and Paul can have it because Henry and I want nothing to do with James Stenbeck or his filthy money.

Barbara: Is that so?

Vienna: Yes. We wouldn't want to contaminate ourselves.

Henry: That's what accountants are for, Darling.

Barbara: That is not the impression that I got from Henry just now. You two really ought to get your stories straight.

[Henry sighs]

Vienna: What is she talking about?

Henry: I have no idea. The woman, she's incomprehensible most of the time. Who knows what she's talking about?

Vienna: Did you say anything to Barbara to give her the wrong idea? Tell me the truth.

Audrey: I am not a moneygrubber. I can take care of myself, and you know that. It's Barbara and Paul. You know, they are really snooty and entitled and greedy. You don't get paid for just being born. You have to earn it.

James: One way or the other.

Audrey: Well, I am not going to let them abuse you anymore. I am going to make it my job to make you feel better and better.

James: Well, so, why don't you just rub and use a little more muscle?

Emily: I'm proud of you. I really am. I know it wasn't easy turning your father in.

Paul: I only wish I'd thought of it.

Emily: Pretty good argument for keeping me around, don't you think?

Paul: Yeah. I wonder if I can come up with a better argument.

Emily: Wait, wait. Yeah. No, no. As much as I'd love to, we have -- we have work to do!

[Paul laughs]

Paul: We do?

Emily: I have to file an exclusive story. Prodigal father, fugitive Stenbeck, brought to justice by firstborn son. Let's go. Let's go!

Henry: Okay. Okay, listen. After giving it some thought, I decided I was a little hasty in not at least considering getting to know my long lost father.

Vienna: No, you were not hasty. You were sane, and so was I. He tried to kill us, remember?

Henry: I know, and that is a stumbling block. I totally agree with you.

Vienna: Yeah, well, we don't need that type of evil in our lives.

Henry: He's my father. Don't you think I should at least give him a chance?

Vienna: And what if he kills us for real this time, huh?

Henry: No. He's in a weakened state. We can outrun him!

Vienna: No, we can't outrun bullets and speeding cars and a hit man!

Henry: Okay. You know what? You're the one who told me that I should give my mom a break, and you were right. Now, don't you think that James deserves the same consideration?

Vienna: Why?

Henry: He's at death's door. If I don't get to know him now, that's, like, forever.

Vienna: Yeah, good!

Henry: What are you afraid of?

Vienna: I'm afraid he's going to try to turn you into him, and I don't want Henry Stenbeck. I want Henry Coleman.

Henry: Aw, Liebchen, it's just a name. I am who I've always been, and the only difference now is that I know who my father really is.

Vienna: Well, I don't like it.

Henry: Sweetie, it can't go on for very long, and then, at the end, if he wants to shower his newly discovered son with some tokens of his affection or a few million tokens, I mean, is that so terrible?

Vienna: Nothing is for free.

Henry: Stenbeck is harmless. He's harmless. Trust me.

Vienna: Yes, and that's what he wants you to believe. Okay. Just promise me that you will not let his hooks get into you.

Henry: I promise. I will be so careful. I will. And I don't know. Right now I need to clear my head, all right? Yeah.

Vienna: Will you be right back?

Henry: I will always come back.

Paul: Hi. We're here for the perp walk.

Emily: That is gonna be the ultimate money shot.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Duck. What?

Barbara: I just thought I would let you know that Henry is playing the dutiful son for all it's worth. He wants your father's money.

Paul: He can have it.

Barbara: No! It's not his! You have to fight for this. You can't be willing to let your father die without paying for all the damage he's done to you.

Paul: Oh, he'll pay, just not in cash. I sicced the cops on him. He's gonna be breaking rocks for the rest of his short life.

Barbara: You can't do that.

Paul: I already did.

[Elevator bell dings]

Cop: We got a tip that James Stenbeck is hiding out here.

Audrey: We have a lot to catch up on, don't we?

James: Mm-hmm.

Audrey: But first thing's first. Let's get out of here. Let's go somewhere like Havana, Zanzibar. No! Vegas! Let's go to Vegas. Henry, Vienna, us, like a real family outing.

James: Well, that's a very appealing idea.

Audrey: Yes, it is. So let's just do it. Let's get out of here, fly out of this burg, and then the three of us can just love you to death.

James: Yeah, but, I mean, Henry and Vienna have lives here. They have businesses here. That would take some persuading on your part.

Audrey: Oh, no. I guess I'm gonna have to remind you how persuasive I can be.

[Knock on door]

Audrey: Um, hold that. I'll be right back.

Henry: Oh, dear Lord, strike me blind!

Audrey: Go away! Go! I am very busy here. Go away!

Henry: No, you're not busy right now! You need to -- oh, my God! You need to get James out of here. The police are coming upstairs.

Vienna: Aah! Oh, my God! What's going on?

Officer: You're under arrest.

Vienna: What? What for? I haven't done anything wrong.

Officer: Henry Coleman is harboring a dangerous fugitive.

Vienna: What, you mean James -- James Stenbeck?

Officer: All clear. Cuff her.

Vienna: Don't you dare put your hands on me!

Officer: Sorry, Ma'am. You're an accessory.

Vienna: I am no such thing, and Henry, he is not harboring anybody. You've got the wrong room. You should try 1011.

Henry: Don't worry, Dad. I won't let anything happen to you.

Parker: I need to tell her that I'm sorry. Before she left, I was no help at all. I just made everything worse.

Rosanna: Oh, Honey, you didn't do that. You were just in a situation that you couldn't handle.

Craig: And so was Carly, and that's why she went to rehab, so she could learn to handle it better without turning to alcohol.

Parker: How long is that gonna take?

Craig: I'll know more after I see her, and I'll tell you everything when I get back. And I promise, as soon as she says it's okay to visit, I'll take you there myself.

Parker: Just tell her I hope she's okay.

Craig: Okay.

Rosanna: How about you? You okay?

Parker: I'm gonna go for a bike ride.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Rosanna: Don't you even --

Craig: It's settled, Rosanna. If only one person can go, it should be me.

Rosanna: No, it is my sister. My visit. I'm taking care of her kids, for heaven's sake!

Craig: Yeah, who child services would have come and taken away already if it weren't for my help.

Rosanna: Oh, that is ridiculous.

Craig: They were living on bean sprouts and tofu. Remember when Jack wanted to take them out to the farm?

Rosanna: I'm family.

Craig: And I'm paying for her rehab, and I happen to be in love with her, and I'd be married to her by now if things had been different.

Rosanna: Well, you're not, are you? Because you stood around and watched while she nearly drank herself to death.

Craig: That's not fair.

Rosanna: No, you completely enabled her.

Craig: I did everything I could to get her to stop.

Rosanna: Oh, yeah, including taking her to a lovely little romantic cabin in the woods instead of to a facility where she could actually get help.

Craig: That was a bad idea, but it was hardly romantic.

Rosanna: You know, it doesn't matter, okay? She's in her rehab now working all of her wonderful 12 steps, and let's just hope when she comes to her senses, step number 13 will be getting you out of her life.

Craig: She wouldn't do that.

Rosanna: Oh, really? I think when she realizes what you let happen to her and her kids, she's gonna hate you. So you might as well get used to giving her space.

Craig: Wow. When did you become such a miserable --?

Rosanna: Yes? I'm sorry? What? Go ahead. Go ahead. Say it. Go ahead, Craig. Come on. Let's have it.

Craig: I was about to say, ever since you came back from bumpkinville, it's like you enjoy being nasty.

Rosanna: That's because the new, kinder, gentler Craig doesn't fool me. I think you want something from Carly, and I just haven't figured out what it is yet.

Craig: All I want with Carly is a second chance.

Rosanna: A second chance at what, Craig? I mean, how many times have you said that? You know what I think? I think whatever it is that you want involves control, because you can't live without it, and anybody who gets in the way of your having control becomes expendable, like I did.

Craig: I've changed. I've changed. You've seen it with your own eyes. You just refuse to acknowledge it.

Rosanna: No. I cannot afford to trust you, Craig, because it cost me too much, and I'm not gonna let my sister pay the same price that I did.

Craig: What happened with us is done. I'm trying to move my life in a positive direction. What are you doing?

Rosanna: I am protecting the people that I love.

Craig: Is that what you call it? Because any outside observer would say, "Well, there's a bitter woman who's taking out her misery on anyone who's handy."

Rosanna: Well, if I'm bitter, it's because of you!

Craig: I'm not trying to hurt you. I'm not hurting you, Rosanna. I'm on your side.

Rosanna: Well, I don't need you to be on my side!

Craig: Would you look in the mirror?! You're a stunningly beautiful woman, but pretty soon, all that anger and resentment is gonna start to show on your face. You'll just end up a lonely, spiteful, sad, old maid.

Rosanna: Well, I'm not gonna be alone. You are.

Craig: You go right ahead and believe that.

Rosanna: You are not going to see her.

Craig: Yes, I am. I am in her life, which means I'm in yours. Get used to it.

Liberty: Look, yesterday was great, but does that mean all that we're gonna do now is have sex?

Tony: Well, what's wrong with sex?

Liberty: Nothing, but we used to talk and hang out, remember?

Tony: We can still talk. Afterwards. Come on, Lib. Let's go for a ride.

Liberty: No, I don't feel like it.

Parker: Hey, Liberty, what's up? You okay?

Liberty: Yeah, yeah. Everything's cool.

Parker: I think your mom was looking for you.

Liberty: Oh. I forgot! Oh, my God. I was supposed to do something for her. Tony, I'm so sorry. If I bail out on her, she'll kill me.

Tony: Whatever.

Liberty: You didn't have to do that. I know you're really busy with your new career.

Parker: Not really. Besides, it looked like you needed some help.

Liberty: No. I can handle Tony. You should just worry about your new girlfriend.

Parker: What?

Liberty: Never mind.

Parker: Wait. Liberty, I'm sorry, wait a second. What do you mean, my new girlfriend?

Liberty: Parker, you said you couldn't go to the school picnic because of work, and then I came by your house, and you were hugging some girl.

Parker: You mean my cousin Faith?

Liberty: That was Faith?

Parker: Yeah. She was upset because her dad just died.

Emily: No, just --

Barbara: Have they brought your father in yet?

Paul: No, not yet. Any minute now.

Barbara: That's great. That's great, 'cause we've got to get you out of here, because he can't know that you're behind this.

Paul: Are you joking? If he hasn't already figured out that I'm the one that called the cops on him, I'm gonna be right here to tell him.

Barbara: Are you insane, Paul?

Paul: Not at the moment, no. I feel pretty good.

Barbara: Look, I know how you feel about your father, but you can't be here when they bring him in, 'cause you're gonna be running out of options!

Emily: This isn't about you, Barbara.

Barbara: I love my son. What's your excuse?

Emily: If you love him so much, why did you let him start groveling to a man who treats him like garbage? Or, I'm sorry, does that take a real big chunk out of your bank account?

Barbara: You know what? I don't need that money, but my son does, because he gave everything to you.

Emily: Oh, he gave it to me. That's right. To start my paper. I remember.

Barbara: Can we please go somewhere and discuss this, please?

Paul: No, I am not leaving. I wouldn't miss this for every penny that James Stenbeck has.

Barbara: Well, that's exactly what it's gonna cost you.

Paul: Worth it.

Emily: Paul's right. James deserves to know who sent him here.

Officer: Where's Stenbeck?

Henry: Be very, very quiet.

Audrey: Oh, it is like a furnace in here! Jimmy is going to sweat to death.

Henry: That's the best I could do on five seconds' notice, okay?

James: It is fine.

Henry: It's only temporary. I'm gonna get you another place as soon as I can.

Audrey: In the meantime, I am melting!

Henry: I will get some water so you don't dehydrate. I'll get you a pillow. Do you need anything else?

James: No. I'm surprised at your consideration. I mean, given our history.

Henry: Yeah, that's for sure.

Audrey: What did you say? Speak up.

Henry: I said "Family comes first."

Audrey: Amen to that. Son, listen, while you're out there, stop by the restaurant and get me a little something to nosh on, please?

Henry: Don't push your luck.

Paul: Could you please tell me what's going on?

Cop: Stenbeck's gone. Somebody must have tipped him off.

Barbara: I knew it. Henry and Audrey have taken him somewhere. They've hidden him somewhere. I told you this was going to happen. He wants his fortune for himself.

Paul: He can have it. If James gave me all of his money, that still wouldn't buy my forgiveness. Mom, he belongs in jail, period. So, these are your choices -- you can help me or you can stay out of my way. Just let me know. What's it gonna be?

Vienna: Oh, my God! Where have you been? I've been looking all over for you!

Henry: I went to get some air.

Vienna: Well, the police came for your father, but he's disappeared.

Henry: What? How? The man is in a wheelchair!

Vienna: What's that?

Henry: This is, uh -- well, it's such a nice day, and I thought that I would just go out and lounge by the pool, get a little sun, you know, but you know how that lounge furniture out there gives you those unsightly lines. So I brought a blanket and, you know, a little hydration.

Vienna: Right. And the pillow?

Henry: Delicate curve.

Vienna: You're not hiding anything from me, are you?

Henry: No. No. It's just about vitamin-D absorption, Sweetheart. I promise.

Vienna: Okay. Well, I hope you realize how crazy it was to consider even taking the money from James Stenbeck. I mean, the police is after him!

Henry: I know, I know, I know. You may be right, and we're gonna talk about this thoroughly. Right now I have some sun to worship.

[Cell phone ringing]

Vienna: Hello?

Barbara: Vienna, its Barbara Ryan.

Vienna: What do you want?

Barbara: Do you know where Henry is?

Vienna: He's sunbathing. Why?

Barbara: Sunbathing? Are you sure?

Vienna: Why are you looking for Henry?

Barbara: I think that Henry and his mother are hiding James from the police.

Vienna: Oh, no. What do you want me to do?

Barbara: For his own good, stab Henry in the back.

Parker: Why are you so upset?

Liberty: It just feels like you have this whole new life since we split up. I mean, your career's going great, and you totally deserve that, but I just can't help but feel like I'm a screw-up.

Parker: Liberty, you're not a screw-up.

Liberty: Parker, I got fired from a job I was doing for free.

Parker: So it wasn't the right job for you. I mean, half of America is getting fired right now. You can't take it personally.

Liberty: It was personal, Parker. I sucked. I would have fired me, too.

Parker: Listen, Liberty, stuff may not have gone your way this summer, but you're still one of the coolest people I know. Things are gonna be fine for you.

Liberty: Thank you.

Parker: So, what's happening with you and Tony?

Liberty: Nothing.

Parker: You sure? I mean, something seemed pretty off when I rode up.

Liberty: It's not important.

[Rosanna remembering]

Craig: You're a stunningly beautiful woman, but pretty soon all that anger and resentment is gonna start to show on your face, and you'll be nothing but a sad, spiteful, lonely, old maid.

Rosanna: I have a right to be angry.

Woman: May I help you?

Craig: Yes. I'm Craig Montgomery. I'm here to see Carly Tenney.

Woman: Didn't the doctor call you?

Craig: Yes. I got in my car as soon as I could. Is there a problem?

Woman: They were supposed to call. Ms. Tenney changed her mind. She can't see you today.

Vienna: I still can't believe that Henry would hide James from the police. He just wouldn't do that.

Barbara: Then you should have no problem telling me where he is.

Vienna: Well, the trouble is, Henry can be quite impulsive sometimes, and if -- if he's hiding James, which I'm sure he isn't -- I wouldn't feel good about tricking him.

Barbara: Think of it as saving Henry's life. I'm sure that Henry thinks that all he has to do are a few favors for James, and then he'll have untold riches when the old man dies, but that's not the way James operates. He'll get under Henry's skin, inside of his head, until you won't recognize the man you love.

Vienna: Okay. You're scaring me now.

Barbara: Good. So put an end to this father/son love story right now, for Henry's sake.

James: Now, I hope if we get out of this predicament that we have a chance to talk man to man. Before I die, it would give me great pleasure to share some of my wisdom with my son.

Henry: I can't wait.

Audrey: Share away, Jimmy. Just share, share, share, because Henry and I, we are with you till the bitter end.

[Cell phone ringing]

Henry: Who thought I could have a signal down here, huh?

Audrey: Okay. You got to answer it or turn it off. All that bubbly I've been consuming, I got a headache. Do something!

Henry: Liebchen!

Vienna: What took you so long?

Henry: Well, I was rubbing sunscreen lotion on my shoulders, and then the phone just slipped right out of my hands.

Vienna: Don't lie to me, Henry.

Henry: I'm not lying! You know what a wimp I am when it comes to sunburn.

Vienna: It's okay. I know you're with your father, and I think you're doing the right thing.

Henry: You do?

Vienna: Yes. I've been thinking about it, and now I understand. I want to help. So, where are you?

Henry: That's great, Sweetheart. We're down in the boiler room.

Vienna: Okay. I'll be right there.

Vienna: How did they get here so fast?

Paul: Where's Henry hiding the old man?

Vienna: In the boiler room.

[Vienna sighs]

Barbara: You did the right thing.

Craig: Rosanna. Good.

Rosanna: Well?

Craig: Oh. Didn't realize anyone was home.

Rosanna: How was the visit?

Craig: Actually, it was wonderful, and you were dead wrong. Carly loves me. It turns out I wasn't a mere side effect of the alcohol, after all.

Rosanna: I don't care about you, Craig. Is my sister better?

Craig: Much, much better. Yeah, she misses the kids, of course, but I filled her in on what's going on here, and she couldn't stop thanking me. She couldn't wait to get home so we can get married and start our lives together. I hate to break it to you, but it seems like your doom detector is on the fritz.

Rosanna: Oh. Well, that's wonderful. I'm so glad she's better.

Craig: Yeah. Her problem was the addiction, not our relationship. So, I got her the help she needed, and it worked.

Rosanna: Well, then, she's not the only one that's grateful. So am I.

Craig: It was a long ride. I'm gonna get something to drink.

[Cell phone rings]

Rosanna: Hello? Yes, this is her sister. Oh. Okay, yeah. Thank you so much for letting me know. Okay. Bye-bye. You jerk. You lied to me.

Parker: Are you sure you're okay?

Liberty: Yeah. See, Parker, smiling.

Parker: All right. Well, then, I should get going. Craig went to visit my mom and rehab today, and I'd like to be there when he gets back.

Liberty: That is great news that she can have visitors, right?

Parker: Yeah, I guess. Just one at a time.

Liberty: Well, are you gonna go see her?

Parker: I wanted to today, but Craig and Rosanna were dead-set against it. I mean, they say it's for her sake, but I know they're just worried about me.

Liberty: Well, did you tell them that you can handle it?

Parker: What do you think?

Liberty: Parker, I really hope that she gets to see you soon, because she's gonna be so proud of you. This new job and going back to school and everything.

Parker: I hope so. Thanks.

Liberty: Just telling it like it is.

Parker: This is pretty good, us being friends.

Liberty: Trying, anyway.

Parker: But seriously, Liberty, if that dude Tony gives you trouble or something else, you can count on me. Just remember that.

Liberty: Thanks, Parker.

Parker: Oh, and Liberty, you can do a lot better than that guy.

Rosanna: That was the director of the rehab calling. He wanted to reassure me that Carly's refusal to see you wasn't necessarily a bad sign and that you really shouldn't take it personally. Wow. You know, you stood right here and swore to me that you'd changed and that I was bitter and mean because I didn't accept the new you, but you haven't changed, have you? You just made up that whole story so you could be right. Carly hurt your feelings, so you made up this happy little fairy tale just so I wouldn't know.

Craig: You are relentless, aren't you? Yes, I lied. But not because I'm living in a fantasy. Because I didn't want to see your smug, self-satisfied face one more time when you found out. And, yes, it hurt. It hurt like hell. So you win, Rosanna. Happy now?

Audrey: Son, Vienna is a swell gal and all, but she is not Jimmy's biggest fan, so maybe it's a little too soon to be sharing our family secrets with her.

Henry: She is my family, and she's more family to me than you'll ever be.

[Knock on door]

Henry: That's her. Would you just -- come on. Just be nice.

Audrey: I will.

Henry: Oh!

Officer: Where is he?

Henry: Uh, he who? Me? I'm the boiler repairman. Would you mind moving that away from my vital organs, please, guys?

Audrey: That is rude! Rude!

Henry: She's not vital, but she's my supervisor. I'm Hank Cole. I'm with some like it hot boiler fixer uppers. I got a card here somewhere.

Officer: You have ten seconds to turn over the fugitive.

Audrey: Fugitive? What fugitive? I don't know about any fugitive.

Henry: Any particular fugitive in mind?

James: Am I the gentleman you're looking for?

Paul: You know, my mother really came through for us today.

Emily: Yeah. Who would have thunk?

Paul: But the hero of the day is still you. I never would have been able to call the cops on James if it hadn't been for you.

Emily: Yes, you would have. Eventually.

Paul: Nah, I'm not so sure. I mean, I've been dealing with this all these years, and I never saw the obvious -- just put him behind bars forever and always. That's where he belongs. I guess I just needed you to point me in the right direction.

Emily: Yeah. Well, maybe that's why I'm here.

Audrey: Don't you worry, Jimmy. Henry and I will stand by you every step of the way.

Paul: I'll stand by you, too, Pops, 'cause that's gonna be the best view from when they throw the book at you.

James: You did this?

Henry: You called the cops. You tricked me.

Vienna: No, Henry, I didnít. I saved you from James.

Henry: I don't want to be saved.

Vienna: No. I know you don't think you have to be saved, but you do. I did it because I love you.

Henry: How can you say that? You betrayed me.

Parker: You're back. How's Mom?

Craig: Well, the visit didn't happen yet. She -- she wasn't ready.

Parker: She's not getting better, is she?

Craig: Rosanna, would you give us a moment alone, please?

Rosanna: Yeah, of course.

Craig: Actually, your mom is getting better. I think it's a good sign that she decided not to see me.

Parker: No way.

Craig: No, no. Come on. It means that she's focusing on herself. And it could be she just realizes she's not strong enough for visitors yet. I mean, the old Carly would have just sucked it up and seen me anyway, even if it set her back, but this time she thought better of it, and she took care of herself.

Parker: You don't know that that's what happened, though.

Craig: It's either that or she's completely over me.

Parker: That's not funny.

Craig: No, it's not. I wanted to see her today, Parker, and I'm not gonna deny that I was disappointed when she changed her mind, but it's just one day. You know, I can give that up in the hope that we'll be spending years and years together.

Parker: But you're positive there's nothing wrong with her?

Craig: It's all part of her healing process. She wants to come home -- well and strong because she loves you, and she always will.

Liberty: Hey, Tony. It's me, Liberty. No. I don't really think we should hang out anymore. Why? 'Cause you act like you know me, but you really don't, and I'm sorry, but I'm not the kind of girl you think I am.

Craig: I think it's good he didn't go to see Carly.

Rosanna: Yeah. That would have been devastating if she changed her mind.

Craig: Maybe she wouldn't have. Maybe she just didn't want to see me.

Rosanna: You know, I know that must have really hurt you, and know that doesn't make me happy. I don't mean to be so hard on you.

Craig: Yes, you do.

Rosanna: It's just the way I'm used to behaving around you. Can you blame me?

Craig: No, I guess not.

Rosanna: Thank you for being so good to Parker. You were really good with him.

Craig: You're welcome.

Vienna: Henry, please don't be angry with me. I'm just trying to stop this obsession over James' money before it escalates into something else and something terrible happens.

Henry: I'm not obsessed. I'm just following this through to see where it leads.

Vienna: But this is how it always begins with you.

Henry: What begins?

Vienna: I saw it with Geneva. It started small, and it just grew and grew until it just took over, and you couldn't even care that you were lying to me as long as you got to be a celebrity.

Henry: But that was all about you!

Vienna: No, no! You were drunk on fame, and now you're drunk on this dream of an inheritance, and, honestly, I don't think we can live through something like that again.

Henry: Okay. There's a solution. You could be on my side, and then I wouldn't have to sneak around.

Vienna: Henry, please. We have a wonderful life, and we don't have to spend days and weeks and months sucking up this monster just in hopes of him giving us a bone in his will.

Henry: What if the bone was diamond-encrusted? Would that change your mind?

Vienna: No. No. I don't want James' money. It's bad for you, which means it's terrible for us.

Henry: What are you saying? Are you saying that unless I stay away from my father and his mega-millions that you'll trick me again?

Vienna: If I had to, absolutely.

James: I want on record that Audrey and Henry Coleman had nothing to do with evading my arrest. I forced them into it.

Cop: Save it for the confession.

Audrey: Thank you. Thank you, thank you for that. Listen, Henry and I will not abandon you. We will get you out of this place.

Paul: Yeah, good luck with that.

Audrey: I do hate to see you in this awful, awful location.

James: Barbara, take care of Audrey, will you? I mean, I like for my women to stick together.

Barbara: Not in this lifetime.

Audrey: You can belittle me all you want, but James knows who the loyal son is, and it is not the sniveling brat you gave birth to.

Paul: I'll be right back. I got something to say to the old man.

James: You called the police on me, didn't you?

Paul: Nature will run its course. You will die in jail, and you will never bother me again. Goodbye. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm not.

James: Paul, why should you be sorry? You've finally done something I can be proud of.

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