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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 8/20/09

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Barbara: What is going on here, James, and what are you doing with these people?

Paul: And why did you call Henry my brother?

Henry: You know what? Believe me, I don't like it, either.

Paul: You know about this?

Henry: Yes, unfortunately, I do. I'm just -- I'm hoping it's not true.

Audrey: Bite your tongue, son.

Emily: Would somebody please explain to me what's going on?

Audrey: Well --

Emily: And why are you not dead?

James: Everybody asks me that.

Paul: Hope springs eternal.

James: But -- but look, Emily, I'm -- I'm the luckiest, uh, man in the world. Here I am, the picture of the modern American family. My wife, my mistress, my sons and their mistresses.

Vienna: I beg your pardon?

James: Look, look, what more could a man want, surrounded by family? How lucky can one be?

Ingrid: Don't bother getting ready.

Alison: You've got to be kidding me.

Riley: Hey.

Riley: Hey. Are you busy?

Alison: Riley.

Riley: I came by to see if you made your decision. I'll go with you to see the powers that be if you'd like.

Alison: No, no.

Riley: Look, I said this was your decision, and it is, but we both know there's only one right thing to do. You can't take the rap for Kim's overdose. I mean, if you let Dr. Hughes get away with this, you really will be endangering your patients.

Alison: It's too late. I've been suspended.

Bob: Welcome back.

Kim: Mm.

Bob: How are you feeling?

Kim: Ooh. You tell me.

Bob: Well, you're -- you're great. Much improved. You're gonna be fine.

Kim: I don't understand. What happened? I felt really good after the heart attack. I -- God, I feel like I've been run over by a truck.

Bob: There was a mistake. You got the wrong dosage of a medication.

Kim: Too much or too little?

Bob: Too much. It was an overdose of an anticoagulant.

Kim: Wow. How did that happen?

Paul: This is insanity. Let's get out of here.

Henry: I agree. Let's go.

Vienna: Well, this is our room.

Henry: Oh, yeah. In that case, Mother?

Audrey: It's on its way. Bubbly.

Henry: No, no. The party is over, okay? Would you please roll your undead, psycho boyfriend out of my -- I'm asking nicely.

Paul: You know what? Let's just give him a hand.

James: Hey, hey, hey. Boys, boys, boys, let's try to get along here.

Paul: I hate you.

Henry: I hate you, too. You tried to kill me.

Vienna: Yeah, me, too. I think you're a monster.

James: Maybe I was a monster, but now I'm dying.

Paul: For real this time, or is this temporary, also?

James: Paul, I want a peaceful end.

Barbara: Peaceful is not your style, James. So let's just cut the act, okay? Tell us what you really want.

James: I want my family around me during my last days. Now, Barbara, I have money. I won't be a burden to anyone. I want to get to know my sons before I die and put an end to all of this hostility.

Barbara: You have tortured Paul his entire life. You can't expect him to just shower you with affection now that you're in a wheelchair.

Henry: Yeah, and -- and this whole insta-dad thing -- it's not working for me, either.

Emily: Oh, for Pete’s sake! What is this really about? James, you think if you pretend to be a nice guy for the next few months of your life before you die, God's gonna let you into heaven? Because the God I know has a really long-term memory, and he knows how to hold a grudge.

James: Some God you got there, Emily. I've lived my life my way, and I'm gonna end my life my way. It will be to your advantage, boys, to meet me halfway on this. Make the effort, and everyone gets his just rewards.

Barbara: All right. That piece of paper is meaningless, because everyone in this room knows how to fake a DNA test.

James: I'll be glad to take another.

Henry: What's the point? You'll just fake it again.

Emily: Okay, I -- I know I'm not family here, but just for sake of argument, why would he fake it? I mean, no offense, Henry. You're a really nice guy and everything. But, I mean, James has all the money. Why -- what would he get out of this?

Vienna: Well, anyone would be lucky to have Henry for a son.

Audrey: Yes. I mean, he may be a pain, but I love him like my own.

Henry: I am your own, Mother.

Audrey: Whatever! The point is, is that you two are brothers, and there's nothing you can do about it, like it or not.

Paul: I don't like it.

Henry: You're no prize either, okay?

James: Boys, boys, don't fight. Now, listen, you're both the product of my loins and the future of the Stenbeck dynasty, which comes with responsibilities and with benefits.

Barbara: Okay, let's stop beating around the bush, James. This is obviously part of some scheme that you came up with while you were in purgatory, waiting to rise from the dead again, and it seems that everyone in this room knows how you operate. So let's cut to the chase. What are you really after?

James: I want to put my affairs in order, Barbara.

Barbara: Which is code for what?

Paul: It doesn't matter. You know what? It's just a bait and switch! The last time he died, he left all his money to Dusty Donovan.

James: Not all of it. I still control a sizable fortune.

Paul: Okay. How are you gonna figure out who gets it this time? Are we supposed to have an all-or-nothing staring contest? What do you say, brother? You game?

Henry: Unfortunately, always.

Paul: You know what? I'm not. I don't care how much money you have socked away offshore. I'm not interested. Let's go.

James: And then there was one.

Kim: Honey? Honey?

Bob: Mm?

Kim: You just -- you just look so tired.

Bob: I'm sorry, but -- what?

Kim: You were just telling me that I had an overdose of medication, and -- and you just kind of, I don't know, checked out for a minute. Are you sure everything's all right?

Bob: Oh, everything's fine. I mean, it was touch and go there for a while. This never should have happened to anyone. But for you to get substandard care on my watch --

Kim: So who -- who did it? How did that happen?

Bob: One of the nurses said it was Alison Stewart.

Kim: Oh, my gosh. And she admitted it?

Bob: She didn't dispute it.

Kim: Well, at least she's not blaming you this time.

Bob: Why do you say that?

Kim: Because she came to the station, and she told me that you were responsible for ordering the wrong medication for Riley Morgan and that you were blaming her, even though you were the one who had made the mistake. That's -- that's what we were talking about when I had the heart attack.

Bob: No, she's not blaming me for this.

Kim: Are you sure everything's okay?

Bob: I'm fine. Stop worrying about me. Use the energy for your recovery. And that's an order.

Kim: Okay, Sweetheart. Aye-aye, Sir.

Bob: Are -- are you waiting to see me?

Ingrid: I took care of Alison Stewart’s suspension. It doesn't make up for what happened to Mrs. Hughes, but at least it won't happen again.

Bob: Thank you.

Riley: No, fight this. It is not too late.

Alison: And do what, Riley? Tom Hughes is the lawyer of this whole place. Bob Hughes is my boss. Tom's wife is the police detective. They don't want to know the truth. And there is no one else left to tell!

Riley: Tell everyone. And keep on doing it until somebody does something.

Alison: No, I'm not gonna embarrass Dr. Hughes.

Riley: You need to help him. If there's something wrong with him, he needs to know about it. And if he's lying about this --

Alison: Well, he's not lying. He just doesn't remember.

Riley: Your pity is not doing him any good. You need to help him. Alison, you're the only one who can.

Casey: What are you doing here?

Riley: Leaving.

Alison: I need to get out of here, okay?

Casey: In -- in a minute. I have to talk to you. It's important.

Riley: Dr. Hughes?

Bob: Oh, hi.

Riley: Hey. Riley Morgan. I walked with you the day from Old Town.

Bob: Oh, yeah, yeah. I never forget a patient.

Riley: Yeah, well, I'm -- I'm doing much better. Back to -- back to normal.

Bob: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Riley: Um, I want to talk to you about Alison Stewart in private.

Bob: What's on your mind?

Riley: She's taking the heat for something she didn't do. She's covering for someone.

Bob: Covering for who?

Riley: You, Dr. Hughes.

Alison: I can't stay here, Casey. I got suspended.

Casey: Yes, I know. That's why I wanted to talk to you. I think my dad was wrong. You're getting a raw deal here.

Alison: Are you saying that you believe me now?

Casey: I think there's more to the story than you're telling us.

Alison: It's a yes or no question, Casey. Do you believe me about your grandfather or not?

Casey: I don't know. I don't want to.

Alison: It must be genetic.

Casey: Give me a break. I messed up. You know, I -- I wish I could have trusted you more. But you're talking about my granddad here. He's like the guy I've looked up to my whole life. And if he's losing it --

Alison: I'm afraid it's more like lost it. Look, I -- I get that he's totally fine most of the time, but when he's not --

Casey: When he's not, what?

Alison: He's just all zoned out. He doesn't know what he's saying, and then he doesn't remember it five minutes later. And I'm sorry if this is hard for you to think about. But I don't know what to tell you.

Casey: How about we start from the beginning? Please, Alison, just give me another chance. Please.

Alison: I'm sorry, but I don't think there's anything else to say.

Riley: I didn't think you'd want to have this conversation at Memorial.

Bob: I've got to get back to my wife. You want to cut to the chase?

Riley: This is where I ran into you the other day. You were standing right over there, looking totally lost, staring at your pager like you didn't know what it was.

Bob: That's your interpretation.

Riley: No, no, no. You were completely disoriented. The thing was going off, and -- and you didn't know how to stop it. You -- you asked me for help. Do you remember any of this?

Bob: That was the day my wife collapsed.

Riley: That's why the hospital paged you. The message said, "911." You didn't call them back. It didn't seem to connect. That's why I walked you back to work.

Bob: What does this have to do with Alison?

Riley: Because Alison is suffering. She knows that you ordered the wrong dose of medication for me -- 50 instead of 5. And -- and you screwed up Mrs. Hughes' meds, too. Alison feels sorry for you because -- Alison feels sorry for you because she knows that you almost killed your wife.

Bob: This is none of your business.

Riley: No, no, no, no, no. I almost died because of you. That kind of makes it my business.

Bob: You're fine. You said so yourself.

Riley: Yes, but Alison is not. She's paying for your mistake. You need to do something about it.

[Bob remembering]

Alison: Dr. Hughes?

Bob: Alison. I was just checking her heparin.

Emily: If Henry is actually your brother, do you know what that means?

Paul: I don't want another brother. And Henry can have the money, all of it, if it even exists. The way it felt to turn my back on my father and walk away -- that was worth every penny James Stenbeck has.

Emily: Are you sure you don't have amnesia again?

Paul: Who are you?

Emily: Stop it. I'm serious. I mean, it was enough that you -- you let me keep the money for the paper. Now you're walking away from a bloody fortune. If anybody deserves that money, it's you.

Paul: It's just a carrot on a stick, and I finally realized I'm never gonna catch the carrot, so to hell with it.

Emily: No, but what if it's different this time?

Paul: It's not. James loves to humiliate me. He's never gonna give me the money. He's just gonna love watching me twist in the wind. Only this time, that's not gonna happen.

[Audrey gasps]

Jay: Hello, Audrey.

Audrey: Oh, I have a stalker!

Jay: A stalker? Really? That's good. That's good. Actually, I've come to collect.

Henry: I'm starting to feel nostalgic for the days when I thought my mother was just a serial killer.

Jay: Yeah, actually, that was pretty humorous.

Vienna: Yeah, no, no, not really.

Jay: So, uh -- is this your old boyfriend who's gonna front me the money that you owe me?

James: I am. How much?

Jay: 50 grand, in cash.

James: Done.

[Audrey gasps]

Audrey: Oh, oh, oh! Thank you.

Jay: Well, then, where's my cash? Because to tell you the truth, the dude in the wheelchair -- he doesn't look so good. Wait a minute -- you're James Stenbeck. How come you're not dead?

Barbara: That is the question of the decade.

Jay: Well, I -- I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't mean to imply that, uh -- as I can see, you're very, very much, uh -- look, we're cool, huh? I mean, you're James Stenbeck. Of course you're good for the money. Audrey, why didn't you tell me that your sugar daddy here was James Stenbeck? You could have saved us all a lot of hassle.

James: Out!

Jay: No problem. All's good. Thank you very much, Sir. Thank you.

Audrey: My hero, my hero.

Henry: Okay, Mom. You got what you wanted. All right. Everybody, out of our room.

Audrey: Oh, okay. Fine. Of course. Your father and I have rather urgent business to attend to, anyway. You know what? It's -- its okay. Henry just has this little problem. He gets a little uptight. But give him time to adjust, he'll be just fine. I can't believe I'm finally gonna get you alone after all these --

Barbara: Hold on a sec!

James: Is there a problem here, Barbara?

Barbara: I can see what you're doing. Your, uh, little friend here, acting like her savior, playing nice with your so-called son, the one you never knew you had or cared about, just to punish Paul again?

James: Paul walked out on me.

Barbara: And I am glad he did. You've tortured him enough.

James: Then he should take my money as recompense.

Barbara: It's blood money.

Audrey: Money is money.

Barbara: I won't let you hurt my son again.

James: Our son.

Barbara: You lost the title of father long, long ago. You have hurt Paul his entire life, and I swear to you, James, I will jump off a cliff before I ever let you hurt Paul again.

Vienna: What an awful way to find out you have such a horrible monster for a father.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, thanks.

Vienna: But at least you have a brother.

Henry: Paul Ryan? Yeah, that's exactly what was missing from my life -- a father from hell and his obsessive, paranoid, wacko spawn for a brother. Who needs these people?

Vienna: No, yeah, you're right. We -- we don't need James Stenbeck's dirty money, even if it is millions and millions and millions of dollars. 'Cause we don't want it. All we need is each other.

Henry: Mm, yeah.

Audrey: Well, it's not exactly the terrace on Lake Pontchartrain, sipping Sazerac where we conceived our son, Henry, but it'll have to do.

James: Ah, Sazerac, New Orleans.

Audrey: I am -- I hope you weren't too disappointed in your family reunion.

James: I expect too much from my sons.

Audrey: Oh, well, Henry will come around. You just wait and see.

James: Well, I hope so. Time's running short.

Audrey: Oh. Don't say that. That sounds so -- creepy.

James: I'm not afraid of death.

Audrey: Then it's afraid of you. How many times is it you've passed on, anyway?

James: Well, this is a bit different. I want to secure my legacy.

Audrey: Me, too. Hey, you know something? You were an absolute peach for bailing me out with Raymond. 50 grand ain't chump change, even for you.

James: Everything's relative.

Audrey: Mm-hmm. But we would be speaking about my legacy if you hadn't rescued me, all of 17 bucks. I'm sorry. Here I am, joking around, and you're pouring your heart out to me. I owe you, and I adore you. And if you are really gonna kick the bucket, then I want to do everything I can to make it easier.

James: You offering to speed up the process?

Audrey: No. No, no, no. I just want to take away the pain. So tell me where I can start.

James: Lock the door.

Audrey: Your wish is my command, big boy.

Barbara: You're still here?

Emily: Looks that way.

Paul: It's been a very long day, Mother. What do you want?

Barbara: I came to warn you that your father plans to play you off against Henry.

Paul: I know that. It's Dusty all over again, only this time, he's geekier and with a gambling problem.

Emily: Thank you.

Barbara: Damn it, Paul, you need to take this threat seriously.

Paul: There's no threat.

Emily: No, she's talking about the money -- the alleged money.

Paul: I don't want the money.

Barbara: Paul, this is your opportunity to finally get what you deserve from your father.

Paul: He's not gonna give me a dime.

Barbara: And what if he does? You need it. You gave almost everything you had to that concubine.

Emily: Con -- concubine? Wow, your mother makes me sound so exciting.

Paul: That's kind of hot. Would you be my concubine?

Barbara: Paul --

Paul: She's not my concubine. She's my partner.

Barbara: I don't care what you call her.

Paul: Not like that. She's my business partner. We're starting a newspaper.

Barbara: How can you be so stupid? You're gonna be left with nothing.

Alison: Dr. Hughes, I'm sorry. I know I'm not supposed to be here. I -- I just had so much stuff in my locker. I'll be out of here in a few minutes.

Bob: I'm not here to tell you to leave.

Alison: Okay. What's up?

Bob: I want to know what happened to my wife. The truth, Alison.

Alison: Are you ready to listen?

Bob: Yes. I've got to know.

Alison: Okay. Well, you were alone with her, and she was fading in and out, and you were talking to her. And -- and then you got up, and you adjusted her I.V. Drip.

Bob: It had to have been me, correct?

Alison: Yes. The shift was changing, and you know how quiet it is around that time. You and I were the only ones on, and I am positive that I did not touch her I.V. I'm sorry.

Bob: That's okay. I'll -- I'll see that your name is cleared and you can go back to work.

Alison: What about Ingrid?

Bob: I'll deal with Ingrid. I have to ask you to keep this to yourself.

Alison: Dr. Hughes -- you have to tell somebody about this. You need to see a doctor.

Bob: Look, I'll avoid all direct patient care. That's easy in my position.

Alison: What if something happens? You make a million decisions a day.

Bob: I -- I'll just do the administrative duties for the time being, and -- and the residents will do the medications.

Alison: But -- you're their supervisor.

Bob: Look, there are attending physicians on every case. Look, this will pass. Look, I've had -- I've had an issue before. I -- a couple of years ago, I had a ministroke, and I -- I had to, uh, step down for a while. But I got some rest, and I came back as good as new.

Alison: So you're saying this kind of thing has happened before?

Bob: I'll be perfectly fine.

Alison: That's not what I asked.

Bob: I promise you, I would never endanger any patients.

Alison: I'm not the one you have to make those promises to.

Bob: Look, I cannot worry my wife about me. I cannot compromise her recovery if it's something that's 100% manageable.

Alison: I'm sure she'll notice something is off, if she already hasn’t.

Bob: I can't disappear for MRIs or -- or CT scans. I've got to be with her. I'll have you reinstated and your name will be cleared, as long as this conversation never leaves this room.

Alison: On one condition.

Bob: You're in no position to demand anything.

Alison: I care about my patients, too, Dr. Hughes. Will you please call a neurologist for consult? Just a meeting.

Bob: Okay, okay. I -- I'll talk to Bert Prendergast.

Alison: Okay. Call him now.

Bob: You're gonna be a great nurse.

Alison: I hope so.

Bob: Angela, its Bob Hughes. Uh -- oh, Kim is -- is doing very well. Thank you for asking. Look, I -- I'd like to talk to, uh, Bert today. Could you have him give me a call when his schedule eases up? Yeah, thanks a lot.

Alison: I hope it's nothing serious. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Bob: You've done enough. Back to work.

Barbara: Paul, wake up and claim what is yours! James won't be here forever.

Paul: You sure about that?

Barbara: Everybody dies eventually. And when James dies, the Stenbeck coffers will be closed permanently. Now, don't just give it up and throw it away out of spite!

Paul: I don't want his money. He can take it with him to hell, for all I care. I just -- I just want to move on.

Barbara: Okay, fine. You move on, but you say yes to this inheritance. My God, you don't want Henry and that vile mother of his getting their hands on it. They'll just gamble it away.

Paul: Great. Let 'em.

Barbara: Would you say something to him?!

Emily: What? It's not my business. Isn't that what you keep telling me?

Paul: If you came here to tell me that I should beg at James' useless feet for crumbs, forget it. It's not gonna happen.

Barbara: You will get that money, even if I have to get it for you.

Paul: You stay out of this. Mom!

Emily: You -- you really meant that.

Paul: Yeah, I did. I don't care about the money. The only thing I care about where my father's concerned is getting even.

Audrey: Happy? I mean, I know that all your circuits aren't exactly hooked up to the grid.

James: Well, you always were so resourceful.

Audrey: Mm. Well -- Jimmy, let me just tell you, as far as I'm concerned, you still do the voodoo you do so good.

James: I'm glad you're satisfied.

Audrey: Are you?

James: My life is almost perfect.

Audrey: Oh, what -- what's the "Almost" part?

James: Mm. I want my sons to appreciate me. I mean, I know it's too late for love, but I'd like for them to respect me. That's my dying wish.

Audrey: Ah. Well, you know, I -- I can't really speak for Paul. I mean, from what I've seen, he is a weirdo. And no offense, you know, but Henry is a sweetheart -- chip off the old Sten block. And it takes a while to warm up to you, but once he does, he's gonna love you as much as I do. And then between the two of us, your dying days will be the happiest you've ever had.

James: Thank you, Audrey. I want a favor.

Audrey: Anything.

James: I remember how you used to rub my feet. I want you to do that right now, and I want to watch.

Audrey: Ah. In a minute. I -- I just have one teeny, tiny, little errand I -- I have to run. But I -- I'll be right, right back. Promise. Promise.

Henry: Go away, Mother.

Audrey: Henry, listen to me. I know it must have been a horrible shock to find out you're gonna inherit gazillions and gazillions of dollars.

Henry: No, no, no, I'm still stuck on the revelation that I'm part con artist, part psychopath!

Audrey: Okay, okay. I understand that it might be hard to take to James right off the bat.

Henry: Listen, I can't be bought, okay? Rented, maybe, but my filial affection is not for sale.

Audrey: Okay, I get it. I am no fool, all right? I know you probably hate me, and probably for a very good reason. I was a rotten mother. But listen to me. Do not cut your nose off just to make a point.

Henry: You've lost me.

Audrey: Henry, take your father's money. Think of it as payback for all the horrible things I did to you.

Vienna: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. Henry's had enough for one day. Go on. Get out. Go. What was that about?

Henry: Nothing, nothing, nothing. I'm just telling her and her -- her James to get lost.

Vienna: Oh. Thank goodness, because we don't want anything to do with that awful man. But look what I got you!

Henry: Whipped cream.

Vienna: And you know what that means.

Tom: She's looking better. Hey -- what are you doing here?

Alison: I'm working. Your father reinstated me. Excuse me. I have a patient to take care of.

Casey: Dad --

Tom: No, no, there's got to be a mistake. She was -- she was suspended earlier today.

Casey: Well, Granddad wouldn't let her work here if he didn't think it was okay. So maybe you should get with the program.

Tom: I don't want to have this argument again.

Casey: Neither do I. Especially if you're gonna be wrong. I'm with Alison on this.

Bob: Tom, did you see Kim?

Tom: Uh, Dad, did you reinstate Alison Stewart?

Bob: Yes. I want her working here.

Tom: What about your patients' well-being? I mean, have you considered the liability if she makes another mistake?

Bob: She won’t.

[Echoing voice]

Tom: Well, too many people know what happened here, so if you keep her on and God forbid she screws up, you might as well pick up your scalpel and take it home, because it's gonna be over.

Ingrid: Excuse me. Dr. Hughes? I need your signature here.

Tom: Just sign right there. Sign it. Dad? Is something wrong?

Tom: Hey, Dad, you gonna -- you gonna sign that?

Bob: I -- I'm sorry. I just got lost in thought for a minute. Thank you.

Tom: Thank you. Are you going to take my advice and follow through on Alison Stewart’s suspension?

Bob: No. I -- I value your opinion, but I have to handle this my way.

Tom: Well, as your lawyer, I think you --

Bob: You've made your case, and I made my decision. But don't worry. Everything's gonna be fine.

Kim: Honey, I was just wondering. Do you think there's any chance that I could get out of here and go home today? I mean, I really am starting to feel better, and no offense, but I would love to sleep through the whole night without having a nurse wake me up to find out if I'm still alive.

Bob: Well, I'd have to talk to the boss.

Kim: Well, you are the boss.

Bob: Makes it easy, doesn't it?

Kim: Yeah.

Casey: Excuse me. I'm looking for Alison Stewart. Do you know where she went?

Alison: Hey.

Riley: Hey.

Alison: I only have a second. I have to get back to work. I'm on a break.

Riley: Slow down. Work?

Alison: Yeah. That's what I came to tell you. I got my job back.

Riley: That's great news!

Alison: You did it, though, didn't you? I mean, you went and talked to Dr. Hughes for me.

Riley: I had to. I wasn't gonna stand around and let you take the fall for something that you didn't do.

Alison: Thank you. And he's gonna go see a neurologist today. I made him call right in front of me. So he's not gonna make any more mistakes.

Riley: I'm really glad that it all worked out.

Alison: Thank you for believing in me.

Riley: Now we just got to make sure that he -- he keeps his promise.

Bob: Oh, could you run up to admitting and get my wife's discharge papers?

Ingrid: Sure. And I'm not sure if you heard me earlier, but Dr. Prendergast from neurology called. He can meet with you now.

Bob: Oh, oh, oh. Tell him that I can't make it. I'll -- I'll have to see him some other time.

Audrey: Mmm! I have to hand it to the Lakeview. Their rice pudding is primo. Put hair on your chest, build up your strength.

James: Darling, I don't think you want to build up my strength. I think you want me to reach my demise as soon as possible, so my fortune will pass right on to your son.

Audrey: Huh-uh. That is bull hockey. I just got you back, and I have big, big plans for you. I want you to be around for a long time.

[Knock on door]

Audrey: Hold that thought. I will be right back. Henry. What a surprise.

Henry: Is it too late?

Audrey: No, no. Please, come in. We're just having dessert.

James: Hello, son.

Henry: I, uh -- I was a little hasty earlier. It was a shock. Here I thought I only had one killer in the family, then lo and behold, I come --

[Audrey clears throat]

Henry: I'm not good with change. But you're my dad, my progenitor, my pater familias. So, um, how could I turn my back on you?

Audrey: Hug him. Hug, hug, hug your daddy! Hug your daddy. See? I told you Henry would come around.

Henry: Oh, now what?!

Barbara: I just wanted to apologize. I'm afraid we got off on the wrong foot today.

Henry: Oh, Barbara, it's not like we just met.

Barbara: I know, but now we're family. And I realize the thought of James having another son and someone that we've known for so long -- it's a lot to adjust to.

Henry: You have no idea.

Barbara: I just think we have to make the best of the situation.

Henry: Mm-hmm. I'm assume you're referring to the money.

Barbara: No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I'm talking about family bonds. It will be wonderful for Paul to have a brother around again.

Henry: Uh, you know, we don't exactly move in the same circles, except when he comes in for a patty melt, extra onions, hold the pickles, so --

Barbara: Well, that's a start. Now, you see, I think you two boys need to put aside your differences and become friends. And I plan to do everything in my power to see that happen.

Audrey: Henry just granted your dying wish. He wants you in his life. He is a good son and a devoted son, so he is ready.

James: For?

Audrey: For? You know what -- what for. He's ready to be your one true son, your only heir. Forget about this -- this Paul. You know, if he doesn't have time for his daddy, you don't need that kind of abuse. It's time to just let Paul go, once and for all.

Paul: I think I finally did it. I think I finally broke James' hold over me.

Emily: Well, you definitely got the last word.

Paul: Yeah? I couldn't have done it without you. Really, thank you. Having James stuck in my cellar like that, like some kind of a rat -- I finally figured out what it was like to have the upper hand. And I'm not gonna give it back, not in this lifetime.

Emily: You really want power over your father? All you need are three little numbers.

Paul: Really? I don't get it.

Emily: Your dad's a wanted felon, right, many times over?

Paul: Mm-hmm. So, what are the three numbers?

Emily: 911.

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Rosanna: You are not going to see Carly.

Craig: Yes, I am. I am in her life, which means I'm in yours. Get used to it.

Barbara: Whatever James has should be divided evenly.

Henry: Paul had his chance, and he blew it. It's my turn now.

Paul: Could you please tell me what's going on?

Cop: Uh, Stenbeck's gone. Somebody must have tipped him off.

Henry: Don't worry, Dad. I won't let anything happen to you.

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