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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 8/17/09

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Emma: Why? Why haven't they called?

Meg: That's probably because they don't know anything yet.

Emma: I -- I don't understand. If he was in the car, why shouldn't he be there?

Meg: Maybe they took him to the hospital.

Emma: Oh, Meg! Do you think he's badly hurt or --

Meg: Mama, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Emma: I just can't stand being in the dark like this!

Meg: I know. I -- I hate it, too.

Emma: Call Lily.

Meg: Uh, I did. She's not picking up.

Emma: You called her an hour ago. Call her.

Meg: It was 20 minutes ago, Mama.

Emma: Try Luke.

Meg: I already did. He's not answering, either.

Emma: Well, try Damian again. Try him. Meg, please. Please call him.

Meg: It went straight to voicemail.

Faith: I'm all packed. Dad says Kentucky’s really beautiful. I can't believe I'm finally gonna see it. When's Mom coming to get me? What's -- what's wrong?

Emma: It's -- it's nothing, Sweetheart. It's okay.

Faith: Why do you look so upset, Grandma? Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be on that cruise?

Meg: It got postponed.

Faith: Why?

Emma: Faith --

Faith: Something happened, something bad. Tell me.

Craig: Good. You're still here.

Parker: You know what? I'm gonna go wait outside.

Craig: I just came from Metro, where workmen are starting today.

Rosanna: What workmen?

Teri: Started what?

Craig: Didn't you say you thought the kitchen was outdated?

Teri: I believe I said "Prehistoric."

Craig: Semantics. Renovations begin right now. Metro is going to have the flashiest, top-of-the-line kitchen in town.

Rosanna: Excuse me. Carly talked about modernizing Metro already. She said the profits weren't there.

Craig: They will be once Teri starts cooking and word gets out. I took a loan against revenue so she has everything she needs.

Teri: You're saying they started already?

Craig: Yeah. They were unloading tools and equipment when I left.

Teri: You got to call them and tell them to stop.

Liberty: Dude, don't you ever check your text messages?

Parker: I'm sorry. It's been a really hectic morning. I'm actually doing it right now. What are you doing here?

Liberty: Nice to see you, too.

Parker: No, I'm just surprised. I wasn't expecting you.

Liberty: Read it.

Parker: On my way. Be there in 10.

Liberty: Well, you know, are you gonna go to the picnic dressed like that?

Parker: What picnic?

Liberty: The end-of-summer picnic the school has every year. Parker, I texted you about it.

Parker: There it is.

Liberty: I said since you've been gone all these months, you might want to go with a familiar face. You know, ease your way back into the scene.

Parker: Wow, that's really thoughtful.

Liberty: You know me.

Parker: I mean, seeing as how I grew up in this town, I hardly know anybody.

Liberty: I know! That's why I asked. Um, are you ready to go?

Parker: Um, actually, I -- I'd like to go with you, Liberty, but I -- I've got to work.

Meg: We're not keeping anything secret.

Faith: If it affects me, I have a right to know.

Emma: Lily -- oh, Lily. Where's Holden? Is he all right? Did you bring him back with you?

Meg: Oh, God. No.

Faith: What happened? Where's Dad? Why did you have to go look for him?

Lily: Faith --

Faith: What? Where's Dad?

Lily: He's gone, baby.

Emma: No! No!

Faith: Gone? Dad's gone?

Emma: No.

Lily: His car crashed, Sweetie.

Faith: He's dead?

Lily: Yeah.

[Knock on window]

Noah: Hey. I'm gonna take five. Luke, what's going on? I thought you'd still be in Kentucky. Luke, what is it?

Luke: My father's car went into a ravine. It crashed and burned.

Noah: My God. Is he --?

Luke: And it's all my fault.

Teri: If I am going to run this new kitchen of yours, don't you think I should have some say in the plans?

Craig: I hired the best firm around.

Teri: But you have someone who's studied industrial design and nutritional biology, someone who's worked in some of the best kitchens in the world, and you don't think to ask for her input?

Craig: Nutritional biology? Well, when you put it that way, I suppose it makes sense.

[Rosanna laughs]

Craig:  Don't you have somewhere to be?

Rosanna: Oh, sorry. It's just so rare to hear you get your butt kicked by a woman other than me. I'm just taking a little time to enjoy it.

Teri: Never mind. Let's go.

Craig: Where?

Teri: To Metro, before it's too late.

Liberty: Is your work gonna last all day?

Parker: It shouldn't, but, I mean, sometimes these photographers -- they get really crazy.

Liberty: Right. I'm sure it's really tough. Um, okay. I'll see you later.

Parker: Hey, Liberty, I'll -- I'll be there.

Liberty: Yeah?

Parker: Yeah, I mean, as soon as I can.

Liberty: Only if you want to.

Parker: No, no. I totally want to. I mean, I haven't been to a lame school gathering in -- wow, I -- I totally miss it.

Liberty: You do not.

Parker: Nope. No, I do not. But I -- I'll be there.

Teri: Liberty!

Liberty: Hey, Aunt Teresa.

Teri: Hey, we need to have a girls night out one of these days.

Liberty: Yes, soon.

Teri: But we have to run. Um, I'll call you, okay?

Liberty: Okay. Bye.

Craig: We're off to save a kitchen.

Rosanna: And we're late.

Parker: Yeah, okay, so see you later.

Liberty: Okay, only if you can, though, Parker. I know you're busy.

Parker: I told you I'd be there.

Liberty: Okay. I'm taking your word for it.

Rosanna: Bye.

Liberty: Bye.

Lily: Oh, Faith.

Emma: No, no. No, this can't be. This can't be. This can't be. Proof? What proof do they have that it was really him?

Lily: They found this.

Meg: Oh. Holden wears that all the time.

Lily: He was wearing it yesterday.

Emma: There are other watches like that. I mean, someone else could have -- someone else could have had that watch!

Lily: It was his truck. It was his license plate.

Emma: No, no. I need more proof than a watch to accept that my son is gone.

Meg: Mama --

Damian: The police down there are gonna bring the body up for Lily.

Lily: Damian --

Damian: I'm sorry.

Lily: I want to go home. How am I gonna tell my little boy?

Faith: He's a little kid. He's not gonna understand.

Lily: Will you help me tell him? Thank you, Sweetie. Where is he?

Emma: He's inside. I'll come up with you.

Lily: Take care of your mother.

Meg: I will.

Lily: And yourself.

Meg: You too. How could this happen?

Damian: I don't know.

Luke: You were right. I shouldn't have blown off going to Kentucky, especially to go away with Damian.

Noah: Hey, there's no way you could have known what was gonna happen.

Luke: Well, it wouldn't have happened if I just did what I said I was gonna do.

Noah: Luke --

Luke: They said that -- that they think he fell asleep behind the wheel. And if I had been there, I could have taken some -- some of the driving duty, you know? I could have -- I could have kept him company. But instead, I just let him go alone.

Noah: Dad had been on tons of business trips alone.

Luke: Yeah, but if he fell asleep this time because I wasn't there --

Noah: There is no reason for you to think that.

Luke: Yeah, but, Noah, if I had been there --

Noah: If you had been there, you'd be dead, too. What if -- what if he didn't fall asleep behind the wheel? What if something forced him off the road? You'd be there, and you would be gone, too.

Lily: Faith -- Ethan, Sweetie, you know how people go away on a trip, and they don't come back for a very long time? Sometimes, they don't come back at all.

Faith: They go to heaven.

Ethan: You mean they're dead?

Lily: They're in a better place.

Ethan: Is Daddy dead?

Lily: He's in heaven. And even though it's hard for people like us who get left behind, you have to know that your daddy is very happy now.

Ethan: Will he call us?

Lily: No, baby. He can’t. But he can see us, and he can hear us. And you have to know that he will always love you and protect you. You just won't be able to see him or to hear him talk to you anymore.

Faith: Do you -- do you understand about Daddy in heaven and everything?

Ethan: I think I do.

Faith: Do you have any questions?

Ethan: When's he coming home?

Craig: So, what do you think?

Teri: Once they make the changes that I asked for, we should be good.

Craig: They said they'd be back later with the modified specs.

Teri: The main thing is that we get that second sink in there. I can't even believe they didn't think we'd need it.

Craig: They just didn't think that we would want to reroute the pipes.

Teri: What is the big deal? I mean, the plumbers can get it done by the end of the day.

Craig: So other than that, its okay?

Teri: If you get me the right refrigerator.

Craig: Company said it's not a problem to change the order.

Teri: Good.

Craig: So I did okay?

Teri: I guess.

Craig: Even though I don't have a deep knowledge of culinary work flows.

Teri: You got lucky this time.

Craig: What are you doing?

Teri: They'll need to attach a branch pipe to connect to the other sink.

Craig: Ah, branch pipe. You didn't answer my question?

Teri: I'm going to shut off the valve.

Craig: Why?

Teri: I'll save them time.

Craig: I'm paying them for their time.

Teri: Well, I'm here. I might as well help out.

Craig: Aren't you the one who said we should let the experts do it?

Teri: You don't think I don't know how to close a shutoff valve?

Craig: I never said that.

Teri: Do you have any idea how many sinks I've taken apart and put back together?

Craig: I have no clue.

Teri: I spent all last summer as an installer for an appliance company. I wanted to learn the equipment from the inside out, 'cause a craftswoman is only as good as her tools.

Craig: That's very admirable. But I still think we should let the pros do the grunt work.

Teri: Don't worry. Turning the valve is the easiest part.

Craig: Yeah. I'm not worried.

[Water running]

Teri: Aah!

Craig: Okay. So what's the hardest part?

Rosanna: Okay. What we want the consumer to get is the energy you receive from drinking Midday Sun vitamin water. So you can be breathing kind of heavy and sweating. You know, like, um, all kind of worked up like you are after a big match, okay?

Photographer: But don't mess up your hair.

Rosanna: No, he can mess up his hair. It's all right. A little sweat's okay. It's not that big a deal. Okay?

Photographer: It's your shoot.

Rosanna: Yeah. You're right about that. So do you know what I'm going for?

Parker: What?

Rosanna: Did you hear a word I said?

Parker: Sure.

Rosanna: Okay. Um, can you give us a minute? Thank you. Parker, what's going on?

Parker: Nothing.

Rosanna: You're -- you're a million miles away.

Parker: I'm okay.

Rosanna: "Okay" is not that great. Is it Liberty?

Parker: What about her?

Rosanna: Are you thinking about her? Is, uh, something going on between you? Did something happen?

Parker: It doesn't matter.

Rosanna: It does matter. Come on. You can talk to me.

Parker: I really don't know what it is. A couple months ago, I couldn't stand to be away from her for five minutes. I couldn't think about anything else.

Rosanna: You know, that doesn't sound particularly helpful.

Parker: It wasn’t. It completely wrecked our relationship. After the marriage got annulled, she didn't want to see me or speak to me.

Rosanna: I'm so sorry. Well, it -- it does seem like the two of you are doing pretty good now.

Parker: Yeah. That's because I finally agreed with her that we should just be friends.

Rosanna: Oh. Are you really okay with that?

Parker: Yeah. Yeah, I am now.

Rosanna: Good.

Parker: But the thing is, it seems like she needs me, now -- now more than ever. I don't know what to do about it.

Liberty: Hey, Tony. Thanks. It's hot out here. Ahh. That's definitely not water.

Tony: You looked like you could use some liquid happiness.

Liberty: I'm not into getting wasted. I'm actually just waiting for Parker.

Tony: You're still into that dude? I heard he was like -- like a model or whatever.

Liberty: Um, he's doing endorsements, which is actually kind of cool. He's accomplishing something. Way better than sitting around, watching a bunch of losers getting bombed.

Noah: There you go.

Luke: I only stayed because I thought my mom would need help convincing my sister to go on the trip, but she would have been fine. Why didn't I just go when he asked me to?

Noah: Knowing him, he would have loved you even more that you wanted to be there for your mother.

Luke: I just hope he knew how much I loved him.

Noah: Of course he did. Why wouldn't he?

Luke: I don't know! It's just for a couple of days there, it seemed like -- like I was gonna go away with Damian on business instead of with him. And, Noah, when I told him, you should have seen his face!

Noah: Yeah, but you worked it out, right? I mean, you told him that you were sorry, and you asked to go to Kentucky with him instead.

Luke: Yeah, I did.

Noah: So what makes you think that he didn't know how much you loved him?

Luke: I don't know. It's just since Damian's gotten back, everything has been so complicated.

Noah: Well, it was a tricky situation. People think biology is so much more important than it is. The important connection -- it isn't biology. It's family. Biology is what you are, and family is who you love. And that's what you two had. I mean, you -- you both loved each other. That was the connection. That's way more important than some shared DNA.

Luke: Yeah. But he was so angry that I was giving Damian a chance.

Noah: Well, he didn't trust Damian. Neither do you.

Luke: But I chose to be close to him. I decided to go to work for him when everybody said that I should just go back to school.

Noah: That was your decision. He accepted that.

Luke: Yeah, but all he asked was that I learn business at Worldwide instead of at Grimaldi, and I couldn't even give him that.

Noah: He understood.

Luke: How do you know? I blew him off over and over. How do you know that he didn't start to think that -- that maybe I just didn't care?

Noah: Hey, there is no way that thought even crossed his mind. Luke, he knew how you felt about him. Nothing could change that, ever.

Lily: No. No.

Damian: Lily --

Lily: What are you doing here?

Damian: I came to see how you and the kids were doing. I didn't know you were up here.

Lily: No.

Damian: It's all right, Lily.

Lily: What am I going to do?

Damian: You'll get through it.

Lily: Don't touch me. This happened because I let you kiss me.

Damian: Lily --

Lily: This is my punishment.

Damian: It doesn't work that way.

Lily: Yes, it does, and now I've lost him forever.

Damian: Don't do this to yourself.

Lily: Don't touch me! I can't have you near me right now!

Damian: It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Faith: Mom, Ethan's -- let go of her! Don't you touch her.

Lily: Faith --

Faith: Stay away from my mother.

Lily: Faith –

Rosanna: Come on, Parker. Why do you need to do anything, right? I mean, Liberty broke up with you.

Parker: 'Cause we're still friends.

Rosanna: Yeah, because that's what she wanted.

Parker: I think she was right. It was way too intense.

Rosanna: You know, she can't have it both ways. If she just wants to be friends, then she can't have you running after her whenever she needs your help.

Parker: But I knew she'd be there for me if I needed her. And normally, she would never ask. This time, it's -- it's different.

Rosanna: Why?

Parker: She kind of got knocked off her feet, and she's having a tough time coming back from it.

Rosanna: What happened?

Parker: She doesn't want anyone to know.

Rosanna: Oh, okay. Well, then, I guess you probably shouldn't tell me.

Parker: Can you just promise not to tell anyone?

Rosanna: No, no, Parker, listen. If she doesn't want you to tell anybody, then maybe you shouldn’t.

Parker: I -- I kind of want to know your opinion about it.

Rosanna: Oh. Well, then, it's up to you.

Parker: You know that internship in Chicago? It didn't end because they ran out of money. She got fired.

Rosanna: Oh.

Parker: Yeah.

Rosanna: Poor Liberty.

Parker: Yeah, and she likes to do this thing where she pretends that she doesn't let anything get to her -- I mean, school, people, whatever.

Rosanna: Well, that's just a defense mechanism.

Parker: Yeah, totally. I mean, before she came here, it was just her and Janet for her entire life, and things weren't too good for them. She had to force herself not to care.

Rosanna: But she cared about the internship?

Parker: Yeah, and she cared about it a lot. It just knocked her off her feet. I mean, she freaked out. She hasn't even told her mom yet.

Rosanna: Ooh, well, you know, that's understandable.

Parker: Right, but she told me, which is why I think that I need to be there for her.

Rosanna: You want to know what I think? I think you're being incredibly sensitive. I think you're being awesome, and your mom would be so proud of you.

Parker: I hope so. I've been thinking about her a lot lately. And I don't want to treat Liberty the way I treated my mom.

Rosanna: Well, then, don't do it. You shouldn’t.

Parker: I wish I had gone to that picnic. I mean, for some reason, it meant a lot to her.

Rosanna: All right. Then go.

Parker: What about the shoot?

Rosanna: Uh, we'll figure it out. We'll reschedule.

Parker: You can do that?

Rosanna: Yeah. I can do a lot of things.

Parker: Seriously? For me?

Rosanna: Yeah. Go on. Go be the kind of man you want to be.

Liberty: This sucks. I'm leaving, okay? Bye.

Tony: What happened? Did that top model stand you up?

Liberty: Mm, you'd better watch your mouth, 'cause when he gets here, he can still kick your butt.

[Tony laughs]

Teri: The valve snapped completely off! I'm gonna have to take off these clothes.

Craig: Right. Well, the drier should be working, unless you fixed that when I wasn't watching.

Teri: Funny.

Craig: Yeah, well, thanks for saving the plumbers from being sprayed.

Teri: Yeah, they owe me.

Craig: What are you doing?

Teri: I have to get my clothes dry. Can't dry them off without taking my shirt off.

Craig: All right, you can wear this.

Teri: Thank you. You're my hero.

Craig: Yeah, right. Why don't we just get you dry, all right?

Rosanna: You dirty dog. You never change, do you?

Luke: I guess I should go be with my family.

Noah: I'll come with you.

Luke: No, it's okay.

Noah: Wait. Why not?

Luke: Why not what?

Noah: Why -- why don't you want me to come with you?

Luke: You're working.

Noah: I can take off.

Luke: You don't have to do that, Noah.

Noah: Do you not want me to be with you?

Luke: Not right now.

Noah: Okay. Um, thank you for being honest.

Luke: Look, Noah, it -- it's not your fault. It's just seeing you right now, I'm reminded how you told me that I should go to Kentucky with my dad in the first place. And if I did, he would be alive right now.

Noah: Luke, we talked about this.

Luke: Yeah, but I can't help it.

Noah: If you thought you should have listened to me then, listen to me now. It isn't your fault.

Luke: Noah, that's where you're wrong. If I had been there, my dad wouldn't have died, and nothing's gonna change that.

Lily: Faith, Damian was just trying to be nice.

Faith: He's not nice. He doesn't belong in Dad's house, especially not in his bedroom with you.

Lily: Faith --

Damian: Its okay, Lily.

Lily: No. He knows we're upset. He was just trying to help.

Faith: No, he wasn’t. I know what he was trying to do.

Damian: I'll go.

Lily: No, you don't have to.

Damian: Lily, its okay.

Faith: It's not okay. Stop saying that! It will never be okay ever again!

Craig: I think you misunderstood what you just saw.

Rosanna: Oh, did I?

Craig: Yes. And you know what? You can just stand there and wait for an explanation.

Rosanna: Oh, Honey, I don't need an explanation. It's bad enough that Teri is half your age. But to do this while the woman you supposedly love is trying to recover from a serious disease?

Craig: I haven't done anything except help someone who got soaked in a plumbing accident.


Rosanna: Oh. Is that we're calling it these days?

Craig: Only because that's what it was.

Rosanna: Well, it didn't look very accidental to me.

Craig: She went behind the bar to close a valve. The valve broke. Hence the word "Accident." You know what? Come to think of it, I don't have to explain anything to you or anybody else. I love Carly, and I've proven that more times than I should have to. And I'm not about to ruin it by cheating with a 20-something.

Rosanna: And why should I believe you?

Craig: Why should I care if you do or not?

Rosanna: You realize that that girl has a serious crush on you, right?

[Craig scoffs]

Craig: No. She does not!

Rosanna: Oh, please.

Craig: She would never go for a guy like me.

Rosanna: Are you -- you don't notice the way she looks at you?

Craig: That's gratitude for the job that I got her, for the kitchen that I'm rebuilding, because we got her a place to live. That's all that is.

Rosanna: Oh, brother. I mean, I know you're not naive, so I'm going to just assume that you're closing your eyes to it for some reason.

Craig: Uh-huh. How about that there's nothing to see?

Rosanna: I'm not blind, and neither is anybody else, so you need to put a stop to this.

Craig: There is nothing to put a stop to!

Rosanna: Well, then, just clear the air. What's the harm in that?

Craig: There is no air to clear!

Rosanna: Oh. I get it now. You like this, don't you? You want it to go on?

Craig: All right, there is nothing going on. But you know what? I will admit, I like having someone around who appreciates me, for a change. But that's all.

[Rosanna scoffs]

Teri: I spoke to the plumbers. They said the valve should be no problem. They can put in a new one and finish the job by the end of the day.

Craig: That's great. And the drier dried your clothes okay?

Teri: Yes. The dryer did a great job.

Craig: Good.

Rosanna: Well, thank goodness you don't have to walk around in a wet t-shirt all day.

Teri: Right. Gosh, I cannot wait to work in that kitchen. It's gonna be really amazing. I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time about it. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate you giving me the chance to work here.

Craig: Oh. Well -- appreciation noted. Hey, I've got a great idea. Why don't we all go to the Lakeview for lunch and celebrate? My treat.

Parker: What are you doing here? Faith? What's wrong?

Faith: My dad's dead.

Parker: What?

Faith: He was away on a trip, and his car crashed.

Parker: When?

Faith: Yesterday.

Parker: Oh, my God.

Faith: My dad's dead.

Parker: Okay, okay, Faith, Faith, its okay. Um, why don't you come inside? Um, you -- you want something to drink?

Faith: No. Parker, my dad's dead. I'm never gonna see him again.

Lily: She's gone.

Damian: Are you sure?

Lily: She's not in the house.

Damian: Do you think she ran away?

Lily: No. No, she probably went back to the farm.

Damian: Did you call over there?

Lily: I'm gonna get Ethan and go there myself.

Damian: You know, I'll go -- I'll go with you.

Lily: No, no. I don't think that's a good idea.

Damian: Look, I was gonna see Meg anyway.

Lily: I think that we could all use some space right now.

Luke: Oh, hey. I didn't know you were here.

Damian: I was just checking in on everyone.

Lily: Luke, Ethan is watching a DVD. I have to go to the farm to get Faith. Can you keep an eye on him?

Luke: Yeah.

Lily: I'll be right back.

Damian: How are you, Luciano?

Luke: I'm okay.

Damian: You need anything?

Luke: Yeah. My dad.

Damian: I would never try to take your father's place. You know that. But even though you've lost one father, you still have another.

Rosanna: Well, are you sure it has to be now? Okay, okay, fine. I'm on my way. I am so sorry. I'm going to have to pass on lunch. The art director from the ad campaign wants to get together and talk about some things for the water campaign.

Teri: Oh, okay. Well, I'll -- I'll tell Craig when he comes down.

Rosanna: Okay, yeah. Right.

Teri: Is something wrong?

Rosanna: Uh, no, no, no. Um -- gosh, you know, I'm just gonna be straight with you, okay?

Teri: Sure. About what?

Rosanna: About Craig. I know he seems like the nicest guy in the world right now, but let me let you in on something, okay? He always has an agenda. Whatever you think he wants, it's never the only thing.

Teri: Okay. I know he's involved with your sister and you two have a history.

Rosanna: Yes, a long and ugly history, which is why I know what I'm talking about.

Teri: Well, my family has a history, as well -- grudges, plots, knives in alleyways -- and I have to be honest with you. With Craig, I just don't see it. So far, he's been the nicest guy in the world to me.

Rosanna: You're so sweet. I can understand how a young girl like you could think that he's --

Teri: Wait a second. Do -- do you think I'm just some idiot teenager?

Rosanna: No, no, of course not.

Teri: All that I am doing is treating him exactly the same way that he treats me. And if you have a problem with that, well, too bad. And that's me being straight with you.

Rosanna: Look, I am just trying to warn you.

Teri: Warn me about what? What could Craig possibly want from me?

Rosanna: Well, Honey, if you haven't figured that out, you're already in bigger trouble than you can imagine.

Craig: It's not a problem if you want to take him to the park. That's absolutely fine. I don't know. You want to stay out, uh, another hour or so? Okay, that's fine. If I'm not here, I'll be down in the, uh, lounge having lunch. All right. Have fun. Bye.

[Knock on door]

Craig: Teri.

Teri: I just came to tell you I can't stay for lunch.

Craig: Why not?

Faith: What do you think is gonna happen?

Parker: What do you mean?

Faith: To me and my family.

Parker: Well, you've still got your mom, right? I -- I mean, do you know where she is right now?

Faith: I don't know.

Parker: Okay, well, do you want me to call her?

Faith: No.

Parker: I could take you to the farm or something. Really, it's not a problem.

Faith: I don't want to see her.

Parker: Okay. Yeah, sure. Totally. Whatever you want.

Faith: I actually -- I wanted to hang out with you for a while, if that's okay.

Parker: Yeah. You can hang out here as long as you want.

Liberty: Why are you sitting so far away?

Tony: What happened to Tyrone Banks?

Liberty: Is that what you want to do -- trash-talk? 'Cause I'm so tired of talking.

Damian: Times like these, the best thing you can do is stay close to your family. They're the ones who can help get you through.

Luke: I know, but it's just that in times like these, it was my dad who helped me through it the most.

Damian: I know it's a big hole to fill, but take whatever you can from people who love you. We'll do our best.

Luke: Okay.

Damian: Noah --

Noah: Hey, Damian.

Damian: Hey. I was just telling Luke that he has to lean on his family, because they're the ones who can truly understand.

Noah: That's right. I thought a lot about what you said about why it's so hard to see me right now, but I decided I don't care. You need me here, and I need to be with you, so I'm here, whether you like it or not.

Damian: I'll see you both later, okay?

Luke: So -- what do we do now?

Noah: The same thing you did when my father died. Do you remember?

Luke: I held you.

Noah: Yeah. How does that sound?

Luke: Yeah. It sounds like the best thing in the world right now.

Meg: Is -- is everything okay?

Lily: I was looking for Faith.

Emma: She left with you.

Lily: I thought she might come back here.

Meg: We didn't see her. Did something happen?

Lily: She misinterpreted something she saw.

Meg: Misinterpreted?

Lily: I was crying, and Damian was comforting me. For some reason, Faith got furious and ran out of the house.

Meg: Damian was at your house?

Lily: He wanted to see how we were doing. Faith saw him holding me.

Meg: He was holding you?

Lily: To comfort me. Is there something wrong with that?

Meg: Well, evidently, your daughter thought so.

Lily: Do you really want to do this right now?

Meg: I'm not the one doing anything.

Emma: Now stop it. Stop it, both of you. We should be thinking about Holden now, not Damian. And if you can't respect that, then just get out! Both of you, get out of my house, right now!

[Cell phone ringing]

Damian: Hello.

Grady: Is Lily Snyder there?

Damian: Not right now. May I ask who's calling?

Grady: Uh, this is Officer Grady from Kentucky, about her husband's accident.

Damian: Yes, of course, of course. There is Damian Grimaldi. We met at the crime site.

Grady: We've recovered Mr. Snyder's remains in the ravine. Uh, we're gonna need his dental records to make a positive I.D.

Damian: I'll make sure they're sent to you myself, if that's all right. I'd rather, uh, not trouble Mrs. Snyder with it.

Grady: That will be fine, Sir.

Damian: In fact, uh, I'll give you my cell phone number. And -- and if you need anything more, please, feel free to call me directly. Uh, I'd like to spare Mrs. Snyder any more pain.

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Meg: Take me to my brother.

Lily: His dental records?

Jack: Yeah, they're gonna use them to make a positive I.D.

Damian: Are you telling me you still can't say for sure that the body you found in that truck is Holden Snyder?

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