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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 8/10/09

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Katie: Ooh! Try to find your classmate.

Henry: I did.

Katie: No, you used classreunion.com.

Henry: It's the same site. They just use different links to lure you in and then take all the life out of your credit card. Kind of a virtual version of my mother.

Katie: I still don't think she's as evil as you say she is.

[Henry sighs]

Henry: I spent nine months attached to that woman's nervous system. I know how she operates.

Katie: You are such a drama queen.

Henry: Okay. Find out when we find the real Jay Stanhope.

Katie: Well, according to the World Wide Web, he doesn't exist.

Henry: And that doesn't make you suspicious?

Katie: Yeah, a little, I guess. But maybe he's just some regular guy who has better things to do with his time than create his internet persona.

Henry: It creates itself. You couldn't stop it even if you wanted to. Which means if this guy is off the grid, he is either dead or the Unabomber, and the Unabomberís in a federal pen. Ergo he is dead. And I bet that doppelganger that Mom's got on her arm -- it'll bet you he's the hit man she hired to kill him.

Katie: Um, aren't murder-for-hire transactions usually kept on the down low?

Henry: I wouldn't know.

Katie: All I'm saying is that why would your mother introduce you to some man who's pretending to be Jay Stanhope if she's planning to kill the real Jay Stanhope?

Henry: To throw me off the scent.

Katie: Why don't we just go to Audrey and ask her for an explanation?

Henry: I did that. She lied to my face like she always does. I've never been able to figure it out if it's because I'm her son or it's just that I'm a guy.

Katie: Why are you looking at me like that?

Henry: How are you feeling, hmm?

Katie: Why?

Henry: Well, I was just thinking if -- if you and the bambino are down with this, you could head over to the Lakeview, maybe have a little tea with the merry murderess to see if you can get her to open up a little bit.

Katie: Um, I don't think that's such a good idea. She knows how close we are.

Henry: Use the "Power girl unite" thing. You never know. It's worth a shot.

Katie: I don't know.

Henry: Yeah, right. Why don't you just stay here and put your feet up and incubate?

Katie: Well, I was taken off of bed rest. And this is right up my alley. So if Audreyís hiding anything, I'll get it out of her.

Barbara: Where is Paul, and what do you mean he's gone for good?

Emily: You need to leave right now.

Barbara: Where is he?

Emily: He doesn't want to see you, Barbara.

Barbara: He doesn't know what he wants!

Emily: Well, if he were here, which he's not, I wouldn't count on him changing his mind anytime soon.

Barbara: I don't want you anywhere near my son. You are dangerous.

Emily: Well, at least I don't eat my young.

Barbara: You're violent and vengeful and vicious --

Emily: And very, very ready to have security have you thrown out.

Barbara: You can't throw me out, because I have power of attorney.

Emily: Oh, well, goody for you. As long as Paul's got a sound mind, it's a meaningless piece of paper.

Barbara: If Paul were in his right mind, he wouldn't have given you a red cent.

Emily: What are you, the mother, or the accountant?

Barbara: You shot him and left him to die, and then he moves you into his house and buys you a business? That's not insane. That's suicidal. Which means I have an obligation to protect him. And with Paul's psych history and your police record, I have an ironclad case. So get out of my way, 'cause I'm gonna go find my son.

Emily: You'll never find him.

[Glass shatters]

Barbara: What was that?

Emily: Clumsy housekeeper.

Barbara: He's here, isn't he?

Emily: What are you talking about? I told you, he's long gone.

Barbara: You're lying, and I know right where he is.

Paul: No! My lovely Bordeaux! Aww! Lost in a sudden and violent collision with the cellar floor. It is believed that alcohol may have been involved. I say the best thing for a dead dog is a new puppy, so I propose a toast. Here's to you --

Barbara: Paul.

Emily: Barbara.

Paul: No, careful. Stop, please. Don't disturb my crime scene.

Barbara: Are you drunk?

Paul: No.

Emily: I swear, I -- I didn't -- I didn't tell you were down here.

Barbara: She didn't have to. Everybody hides down here, including your father.

Paul: Oh, no, I know. He left a wine log. He said the '68 Lafitte was just lovely. But, alas, she met with an untimely demise. Oh, my poor little baby!

Holden: What does Lily have to do with your trip being canceled?

Meg: 'Cause Mama was ready to baby-sit Eliza while I was gone until Lily staged an intervention!

Holden: Why would she do that?

Meg: To keep me away from Damian! Apparently, he's an addiction, and I am powerless to make my own decisions.

Holden: I -- I know you're disappointed, but that is no reason to blame Lily.

Meg: Oh, come on! Wake up, Holden! Lily is still hung up on her ex!

Holden: All right, that's enough. Lily's concerned, and she's not the only one around here who thinks that Damian's motives are suspect.

Meg: Oh, 'cause he couldn't possibly be in love with me.

Holden: Did he tell you that? Did he tell you he loved you?

Meg: Why would he choose a single mother with a new baby when he could have any woman he wants?

Holden: That remains to be seen.

Meg: Okay, what are you saying? Do you think Damian still wants Lily back?

Holden: Would you listen to yourself? You're lashing out. You're getting defensive. How could you think that Damian is any good for you?

Meg: The problem isn't Damian.

Holden: I don't think it's such a bad thing that your trip got canceled.

Meg: Oh, really? I'm shocked.

Holden: Look, Lily and I agreed. We're not gonna interfere in your relationship. Maybe Mama backed out of the arrangement because she didn't think you were ready for such a big step.

Meg: No. This was all Lily!

Holden: When have you ever known Mama to do anything she didn't want to do? Lily doesn't have that kind of power over her. None of us do, just like we can't force you to do what we want.

Meg: Oh, and yet somehow, you managed it.

Holden: Mama doesn't like Damian because of everything that he's done to this family. If she can't get you to leave him, she's not gonna enable you.

Meg: So nobody in this family believes that I can make my own decisions?

Holden: Meg, we love you. We care about you. You need to be careful.

Meg: You think I'm an idiot.

Holden: No, you need to be honest with yourself. Are you sure that this relationship with Damian isn't a mistake?

Damian: You wanted this as much as I did.

Lily: That was a mistake.

Damian: No, it wasnít.

Lily: I divorced you a long time ago.

Damian: So what? A piece of paper doesn't change the way we feel.

Lily: The only thing I feel is disgust. What made you think you could walk in here and kiss me?

Damian: We kissed each other, Lily. We couldn't help ourselves.

Lily: No, no! It was a mistake! And I -- intend to forget it ever happened.

Damian: You can pretend you didn't want it, but I know different. I felt your heart beating against my chest.

Lily: 'Cause you were kissing me against my will! Walk away, Damian. And don't ever mention this again.

Damian: I don't have to. But we both know the truth, Lily. What we have between us -- the attraction, the love -- that will never be over. It's as strong as ever.

Lily: No.

Damian: Face the truth, Lily. What we have will never be over.

Lily: What are you doing with Meg?

Meg: You are judging Damian on the past.

Holden: That's right.

Meg: Well, I would resent him, too, if I were you. I mean, he -- he swoops in here and tries to lay claim to Luke.

Holden: You know what? Leave Luke out of it.

Meg: But it's all part of the same thing, Holden. He caused you pain, but he's not the same person he used to be when he did those things. Even Luke says so.

Holden: You made the same argument for Paul.

Meg: Paul was sick. Okay, fine. Don't believe me. But what about your son? Luke is giving Damian a second chance. Or do you think he's an idiot, too?

Luke: You talking about me?

Meg: Hey! Good things.

Holden: Everything okay?

Luke: Yeah. Uh, as it turns out, I'm not going to New York with Damian. But I guess you already knew.

Holden: Are you sorry the trip got canceled?

Luke: No, no. Um, look, Dad, I totally understand if you say no. But would you consider taking me to Kentucky with you after all?

Holden: Of course.

Luke: I'm really sorry about earlier. I didn't want you to feel like a default dad.

Holden: Ouch.

Luke: Look, I would never choose Damian over you. It was a work thing. I'm not used to making those kinds of decisions, especially with no time to think about them.

Holden: That seems to be Damian's management style.

Luke: Maybe. I don't know. But at least everything turned out for the best. You were counting on me. I never should have bailed on you.

Holden: You know what? You don't need to explain anything. It all worked out in the end. So, uh, why don't we get you home and get you packed?

Luke: Bye, Meg.

Meg: Bye.

[Cell phone ringing]

Meg: Come on, Damian. Pick up.

Damian: Why are you asking me these questions?

[Cell phone ringing]

Damian: Why does my relationship with Meg matter to you?

Lily: You kissed me. You say you still have feelings for me, but you're sleeping with her.

Damian: You're married to Holden. I assume that means you're sleeping with him. So what did that kiss mean?

Lily: I didn't kiss you.

Damian: You didn't push me away, either.

Lily: You caught me off guard.

Damian: Yes. Familiar refrain. I took advantage of you.

Lily: Get out of my house!

Damian: Answer one question for me first. If I told you I'd drop everything in the morning come to you, that I want us to make a life together, would you leave him?

Lily: Of course not. Holden is the love of my life.

Damian: Is he, or is he just the man you're used to?

Lily: Holden is my soul mate. I will not walk out on this family, not again.

Damian: Then you have no say in what I do.

Lily: I don't want any.

Damian: Then what are you doing, Lily?! Can you tell me that? That's what I thought.

Lily: Damian --

Damian: Donít. I am no longer interested in what you have to say.

Lily: That's not true.

Damian: It will be soon enough.

Lily: What does that mean?

Damian: Stay out of my life.

Katie: You have to admit I'm good. Audrey's on her way down for a cup of tea.

Henry: Good. You'll -- you'll be paying, by the way, because she is the Olympic champion of getting other people to pick up the check.

Katie: If this whole thing turns out to be a figment of your paranoid imagination --

Henry: No, listen to me, Katie. She is homicidal, okay? You are saving men's lives here. Now, just keep her here while I go up and check on her room.

Katie: You really think she's gonna leave incriminating evidence all around her room?

Henry: I found her dead boyfriend's obituaries.

Katie: And there wasn't a Jay Stanhope in the bunch.

Henry: Serial killers like to keep souvenirs, okay? So if she did kill the original Jay Stanhope, they'll be a piece of him up there somewhere.

Katie: Oh, stop! You're freaking out the baby. Okay. You should hide. You should hide. Hide, hide, hide. She's gonna be here any second.

Audrey: Well, hi.

Katie: Hey.

Audrey: Look at you. You are just positively glowing.

Katie: Thanks, Audrey.

Audrey: Thank you for inviting me. I just can't tell you how much it means to me to get to know all of Henry's friends.

Katie: Well, I just want you to tell me about how Henry was when he was a baby.

Barbara: I can't believe I'm asking this, but would you please help me with him?

Emily: I helped break him out of a hospital. You want me to put him back in? You're the crazy one.

Paul: You know what? I think we're all a little crazy. So here's to the lunatics. Bless us all. Mm. I love this place!

Barbara: And now you're turning into a drunk.

Paul: Working on it. You know what? Why don't you pick yourself out a bottle? According to what's his name --

Barbara: James Stenbeck.

Paul: Yes, dear old dad. Every single one of these bottles is four-star.

Barbara: I don't want a drink, Paul.

Paul: Mm. Emily.

Emily: Huh?

Paul: You want a drink?

Emily: Oh, no. Uh, it's too early for me. Besides, one of us needs to keep our wits, because your mother may be calling the boys with the butterfly nets.

Barbara: Listen to me. This is one of the best hospitals in the country. We're very lucky that they have a bed for you.

Emily: God, are you serious?!

Barbara: This is none of your business, Emily.

Emily: I want her out of here!

Paul: Okay, look, as much as I like a catfight, somebody's gonna get hurt.

Barbara: That is the idea!

Emily: Oh, bring it on, Babs.

Paul: Wow! You be careful, because there's glass --

Emily: You need to stop having so much fun! Your mother wants to have you locked up!

Paul: Emily's right. You're not gonna drag me out of here by force. So it won't be necessary. I will go with you voluntarily.

Henry: Haven't seen this brush for a week. Why does she have a coffee mug? Now, why does she need a sample of my DNA?

Katie: So, Henry mentioned that you're seeing someone.

Audrey: He did?

Katie: Yes. Um, what -- what's his name? Jay -- Jay something.

Audrey: My -- my son has a vivid, vivid imagination.

Katie: Yes. Often too vivid.

Audrey: Yeah, you can say that again. You know, you're supposed to encourage children's creativity, so when Henry was little, I tried not to discourage it. But I think now, that's a big mistake, because these days, I think he's really having a tough time keeping a handle on that reality.

Katie: What do you mean?

Audrey: Oh, he's just blowing things out of proportion a bit, like finding obituaries in my hotel room and making this huge leap that I am now a serial killer.

Katie: Well, Henry is creative.

Audrey: So creative. That's why I wasn't really surprised when he wrote a book. But just wish he would stick to the storytelling like as & story telling. He could get rich that way, maybe.

Katie: Well, actually, he also even mentioned that he got to meet your boyfriend.

Audrey: Jay, yeah. Yeah.

Katie: So, what does Jay do?

Audrey: International man of mystery.

Katie: Really?

Audrey: I -- I didn't come here to talk about men, really. I came to talk about you, find out all about you. So, please.

Charles: Mrs. Coleman, a messenger just delivered for you. Uh, he said it was urgent.

Audrey: Oh.

Katie: Audrey -- Audrey?

Audrey: Oh. Oh, oh. You know, well, um, this was a treat, so I didn't even bring my purse. You know, I'm gonna catch you later. Is that okay? I'll just catch up with you later with that.

Katie: No, wait. Um -- here you go, Charles.

Charles: Thank you, Mrs. Snyder.

Audrey: Could you -- could you just, um, excuse me for one teeny, tiny little moment?

Katie: Sure.

Audrey: Um, I -- I am so sorry. We're gonna have to cut our little tea party just, um, short.

Katie: Is everything okay?

Audrey: Yeah. It's going to be.

Emily: You cannot just walk into a mental institution with her!

Paul: Come on. Pretending takes so much energy. I'm just gonna go see the doctors. I'm gonna show them that I'm sane, and then the whole thing will just --

Emily: Okay, okay, she is using you. Your mother is using you. All she cares about is that you hold onto your money! And she will sock you into a loony bin to make that happen!

Paul: You're not gonna let that happen.

Emily: I can't -- how can I guarantee that? She's already -- she's already signed the commitment papers! Do you know what that means, Paul? That means you walk in, and you don't walk out. That means you take mind-altering drugs. That means you make pot holders!

Barbara: Paul! I am not taking you to some gothic hellhole. It's one of the best clinics in the country.

Paul: I know. You already said that. I'm all yours, okay? Let's go.

Barbara: Thank you.

Paul: No problem. You're coming, right?

Barbara: She canít.

Paul: Well, she goes, or I don't go.

Barbara: Fine.

Emily: Okay. You can't do this. You cannot do this. You walk into a hospital, you're not walking out!

Paul: Oh, I got this. Maybe I just need one for the road.

Lily: Hey. My two favorite guys.

Luke: Oh, don't let Ethan hear that. He'll be crushed.

Lily: I can't win.

Luke: It was a joke, Mom.

Lily: I -- I know, Sweetie. I'm sorry. I was distracted. I just hate that your dad's leaving on this trip. It's gonna be so much work for him.

Holden: Not anymore, because he's going with me.

Lily: That's great news!

Luke: Yeah. Damian's trip got called off, so I'm free to go.

Holden: Hey, you all right?

Lily: You know what? I've got an idea. Why don't we join you? I mean, you'll only be working for a couple of days. We could rent a car and take off from there.

Holden: Take off where?

Lily: I -- I don't know. What -- what about that lodge that we went to a couple of years ago?

Holden: The one on Rough River Lake?

Lily: Yeah! We -- we were so happy there. And the kids love it. I mean, the lake, fishing, & hiking. It's been so long since we took a family vacation.

Holden: You know what? This is one of the best ideas you've had in a very long time. What do you say? You up for it?

Luke: Sure. I can teach Ethan how to fish.

Lily: Don't let me forget the video camera.

Luke: What about Natalie?

Luke: Well, she's, uh, at camp, having too much fun. But I'm sure Faith would love to go.

Lily: This will be so good for all of us.

Holden: Hey, I thought you had that meeting tomorrow.

Lily: I'll reschedule.

Holden: All right. Well, then, let's put it together. But we need to do it quick. Luke and I need to drive down tonight if we're gonna make that morning meeting.

Lily: I'll call Faith right now and tell her.

Faith: Tell me what?

Luke: Good news. We're going on vacation.

Faith: Who is?

Lily: The whole family.

Holden: Natalie's not, but we're gonna put in some serious lake time.

Faith: No way!

Damian: Meg. What a surprise.

Meg: I've been trying to call you for the last hour. Why aren't you answering your phone?

Damian: I turned the ringer off. I must have forgotten to turn it back on.

Meg: That's not like you. What's wrong?

Damian: Wrong? No. You woke me up. I was just in a nap.

Meg: You don't take naps.

Damian: I told you, I didn't hear the phone. I just needed a break from the constant barrage.

Meg: You mean me?

Damian: Of course not. I was talking about the company. You know, we have offices all over the world. When I'm finally ready to relax, the Tokyo office is just getting started, and it never stops. You know that.

Meg: Did you -- did you talk to Lily?

Damian: Yes.

Meg: And what happened?

Damian: We just talked. That's all.

Meg: So was I right? Is she jealous?

Damian: Yes. Lily has a problem with our relationship.

Meg: And what about you? Do you have a problem with us, too?

Damian: I'm with you now. My relationship with Lily is a thing of the past.

Meg: She got to you, didn't she? She's not gonna let you go.

Damian: It's not up to her.

Meg: She thinks it is! We were gonna go to New York, but thanks to Lily, now we're not going anywhere.

Damian: I told you, the ship needs minor repairs.

Meg: The ship was working fine until Lily butted in. What changed?

Damian: I don't want to argue about Lily, Meg. She has her own family.

Meg: What if she didn't? I want the truth, Damian. Would you rather be with Lily than with me?

Damian: No. What we had was finished long ago.

Meg: Did you tell her that?

Damian: Would you stop this, hmm? It's silly for you to be so insecure. I'm right here with you. And this is the only place on earth I want to be.

Lily: Hey, Honey? Talk to me. You seem upset. I -- I thought you'd be happy about going on a family vacation. You used to love spending time with Luke. You've been saying how much you missed him.

Faith: I can see Luke here.

Lily: But where we're going has a lake and paddleboats.

Faith: Those are for kids.

Lily: I love paddleboats. Plus there will be lots of other fun things to do. Don't you think it will be great, all this, spending time together for a change?

Faith: Yeah, I bet you'll love that. Just the Snyders. Nobody else. Hmm.

Lily: What does that mean?

Faith: Nothing.

Lily: Faith Snyder, you never say anything that's not important, so spill it. I want to help.

Faith: Well, you canít.

Lily: Try me. I can see that you're very upset. Whatever it is, you can tell me, anything at all.

Faith: Yeah, I doubt that.

Lily: Why would you say that?

Faith: Because you pretend like you care, but I know you don't, so just leave me alone.

Barbara: Would you two please stop whispering like a couple of teenagers? You're very annoying.

Emily: Oh, deal with it.

Barbara: I am dealing with it. You're making it rather difficult.

Paul: We're here like you asked. What's the problem?

Barbara: I don't want Emily to upset you.

Paul: I'm not upset. Do I look upset?

Emily: Yeah, believe it or not, I don't like mental hospitals.

Barbara: Why? Afraid they won't let you out?

Emily: You see, my family does rehab, not crazy. That's all you.

Barbara: Then why did you come with us?

Emily: Because Paul asked me to. Remember?

Barbara: Oh, I suppose now you want me to thank you for helping me get him here.

Emily: Well, don't get too excited. He's not in a straightjacket yet.

Barbara: You stay here. Come on, Paul. Let's get you checked in. I don't want you to worry, okay? Everything's gonna be all right, I promise.

Paul: I'm really sorry I have to do this to you, Mom.

Barbara: You called me "Mom."

Paul: Yeah. The door.

Henry: I -- I can understand my mom taking my money, but my DNA? And what does she need my little hair follicles for? It's very sinister, maybe even diabolical.

Katie: But it doesn't have anything to do with the murdered, poor Jay Stanhope, whoever he was -- or is, or -- whatever! We don't even have a good lead.

Henry: Oh, my God. That's it. Oh, my God!

Katie: What, what?!

Henry: Jay Stanhope is my real father. That's why she needed my DNA -- to prove it so she can find him and kill him before I find out that she cheated on my dad.

Katie: That's really extreme.

Henry: It's the Colemans' favorite game -- extreme family!

Katie: Even if it's true, that's no reason to kill!

Henry: It is in Audreywood. Oh, yeah. I already know she gambles. Maybe she just didn't want to add "Cheating slut" to the list.

Katie: Henry, she is your mother!

Henry: This is her plan, Bubbles, okay? This is her plan, to find this guy and kill him before I find out the truth. The worst thing is, if she's already done it, then I'll never know who I really am.

Emily: All right. What now, Einstein?

Paul: Um, I go in and take care of business.

Emily: Meaning what?

Paul: Meaning I talk to a doctor, and I show them that I'm perfectly sane.

Emily: Except for your amnesia and the lesion on your brain, and the fact that you knocked your mother unconscious and shoved her in the backseat of a car.

Paul: Technically beautiful, you're the one that did that. Come on. I'll talk to the powers that be, and I'll explain to them it's just a big misunderstanding. They'll understand. They all have mothers. I'll get them to see the light.

Emily: Yeah. So will you when they strap you down and they shoot your head full of electricity?

Paul: Why would they do that? I'm not suicidal or depressed or schizo. I mean, I wish I could have one of those visions everybody keeps telling me I used to have. But look at me. I'm perfectly normal.

Emily: Yeah, "Normal." Don't push it.

Paul: You worry too much. You don't need to worry.

Emily: You need to worry. Would you listen to me? Your mother has power of attorney. Stop it! She probably faxed ahead those papers already. And if that's the case, they are not gonna let you walk out of there without a fight.

Paul: Well, then, you get to say "I told you so."

Emily: Even if you convince them to let you go, she's gonna come to, and she's gonna walk in there, waving those papers, and you are gonna find yourself in a padded cell before you can say "Paranoid schizophrenic."

Paul: That's why you're here -- to make sure that she doesn't wake up.

Emily: What are you -- where are you -- you're just gonna leave me out here?

Paul: Yeah.

Lily: We're not going anywhere with Faith without a major tantrum. So what do we do now?

Holden: Well, whatever it is, we need to do it soon. If I don't make it to Louisville today, the whole trip is pointless.

Lily: I realize that, but I'm kind of at a loss here.

Holden: Just tell her it's a family vacation and she's going whether she wants to or not.

Lily: And spend a week with a sulking teenage girl?

Luke: Well, she'll change her mind once she sees the lake.

Lily: I think you've forgotten what it's like to be 14.

Luke: Maybe she's afraid she'll be bored.

Lily: She'll be bored here with all her friends at camp.

Luke: Well, let me go talk to her.

Lily: I don't think it's gonna do any good.

Luke: It will when I tell her that they'll be lots of cute boys there fishing with their dads.

Lily: Mm. Be my guest.

Luke: Faith? Mom and Dad are out of earshot. What the hell is going on with you?

Faith: I don't want to go anywhere with her.

Luke: Who?

Faith: Mom. I hate her.

Luke: Why?

Faith: 'Cause she pretends like she's all about the family, like she's mother of the year or something, but it's all an act.

Luke: No, it's not. She loves us. This whole trip was her idea.

Faith: Yeah, and I know why.

Luke: Because she wants the family to spend some time together.

Faith: Luke, it -- it's all a lie, okay? You don't even know.

Lily: Phew. I guess that didn't go well. What did she say?

Paul: Hello. Anybody here? Are the inmates running the asylum?

Henry: Two minutes ago, I was Henry Coleman. Now I'm Henry Stanhope. Did -- did you find any more information about him?

Katie: I -- I don't know! Either your mother doesn't know anything and she's completely innocent or she's an unbelievable actress.

Henry: That one, "Unbelievable actress" thing. I should have spent more time in the room.

Katie: I do have to say, though, it does seem like something more is going on than she's saying.

Henry: Uh-huh. You admit it.

Katie: Well, yeah. It was pretty weird when she got this letter. And then everything about her changed -- her mood, the look on her face. And then she just got up and bolted.

Henry: And she stuck you with the tab?

Katie: Ah! She didn't even bring her purse.

Henry: Actually, that's reassuring, given the circumstances. At least I know the grifting part is real. Did you get a chance to look at the letter at all?

[Elevator door dings]

Katie: Where are you going?

Henry: I'm gonna go find out the truth.

Katie: I'm coming with you.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. No wild goose chases for pregnant lady. You just stay here and take care of my mini best friend, all right?

Katie: Okay. Good luck.

Henry: Thanks. I'll call you if I find out anything.

Emily: Wow. That was fast. Did you convince them?

Paul: Convince who? Place is completely deserted.

Emily: What are you talking about? Why would your mother send you to a hospital that's deserted?

Paul: I have no idea. She's still knocked out cold, so it's not like we can ask her.

Emily: Well, you know what? It's just as well. I want to get out of here. This place is giving me the creeps.

Paul: Take one more look around.

Emily: No! No way! You're not leaving me out here with your mom. She's gonna come to any minute, and she's gonna be mad as hell!

Paul: So keep your weapon handy. Something strange is going on here, and I'm gonna figure out what it is.

Emily: Paul, you get --

Holden: Luke and I need to leave right now. It's a very long trip.

Lily: We haven't decided anything.

Holden: Well, I wanted to turn this into a family vacation, but if we don't do it in the next five minutes, it's not happening.

Lily: All right. Go kick butt at the breeder association meeting. I'll figure things out with Faith, and we'll meet you in Louisville.

Holden: How soon can you be packed?

Luke: Actually, Dad, I'm really sorry, but I think I should stay to help Mom with Faith.

Lily: Oh, Luke, that's sweet. Faith and I will work this out.

Luke: No. I think I should stay in case you need some backup.

Lily: I'm gonna miss you.

Holden: You too. Don't be too long, okay? I want to see your smiling face in the hotel when I'm done with my business.

Lily: We'll be there.

Luke: See you, Dad.

Faith: Dad, do you really have to go?

Holden: Um -- yeah, Sweetie, I -- I do. But you know what? I'm gonna see you in a couple days. And I promise you, we're gonna have a great time at the lake, okay?

Lily: Faith -- Daddy's got to go.

Holden: I'll see you in a couple of days, okay?

Lily: It's gonna be all right.

Faith: No, it's not.

Meg: I can understand why Lily doesn't want anybody else to have you, even though she canít.

Damian: I don't want to talk about Lily.

Meg: That was a compliment.

Damian: I'm with you now, Meg. There's no going back.

Meg: I feel the same way. You know, I wish Lily would get that. Otherwise, she'll end up being miserable for the rest of her life. I just feel sorry for my brother. He deserves somebody who is head over heels in love with him. That's how you make me feel -- like I am the only woman in the world.

Damian: You are, Meg. You're the only woman in my life.

Audrey: Okay. This is the place.

Henry: Huh-uh. Not so fast, Mother. We have to talk.

Audrey: Henry, what are you doing here?

Henry: I'm here to stop you, okay, because I know the truth.

Emily: Barbara -- Barbara, get back in the door.

Barbara: I will not. Where is Paul?

Emily: You know, I am warning you, I will use this on you again.

Barbara: I will have you arrested for assault and battery! You could have killed me! Now answer my question! Where the hell is my son?

Emily: Oh, stop barking at me! He's inside, okay? He'll be out in a minute. You are not going anywhere! Don't you dare make me do something that the both of us are gonna regret. You want to -- you want to have it out with Paul about -- just wait for him to come out, okay?

Barbara: I am not waiting. I am going after him my s --

Emily: No, you are not doing any such sort of thing!

Barbara: Okay, then I'm calling security, and they'll take care --

Emily: You are not calling security, Barbara.

Barbara: Oh, for God's sake -- oh!

[Car beeps]

Barbara: Hey! Hey! Let me out of here this instant!

Emily: Sorry, Barbara. No can do.

Barbara: Oh! Emily!

Audrey: What truth are you talking about?

Henry: Not what, but who. You see, Jay Stanhope is not Jay Stanhope. He's Raymond Zuma, I'm assuming your current boyfriend, aka is your next victim. Unless you found the original Jay Stanhope and had him whacked because he's my biological father, and you don't want me to meet him, because you have some twisted idea in your head that I look up to you as some sort of paragon of marital fidelity.

Audrey: Where on earth did you get this stuff?

Henry: The evidence. You absconded with my favorite coffee cup, and then you took my boar-bristle brush for a DNA sample. Now, if Dad is really Dad, then you wouldn't need some kind of spit sample from me, would you? And the brush -- that's just overkill. That just goes against good grooming!

Audrey: Okay. Okay, fine. You -- you're right. The -- the man you met is -- is not Jay Stanhope.

Henry: I knew it!

Audrey: Because there is no Jay Stanhope!

Henry: Where did you hide the body, Mother?

Audrey: I -- I didn't kill him! Jay Stanhope never existed.

Henry: What?

Audrey: Well, he -- there -- there isn't a Jay Stanhope, because that's an alias. That -- that's not a real guy. But he is your father.

Henry: Oh, not the doofus we met at the Lakeview! No!

Audrey: No, no, no, no, not the doofus. The real guy who is using the fake name is --

Henry: Is my father?

Audrey: Yeah. Bingo. So do you want to know who he is or not?

Paul: Dad?

[James Stenbeck is sitting in a wheelchair]

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Tom: So now you can pack up and go.

Paul: You owe me, and I plan to collect.

James: No, I don't think so.

Audrey: Came back 99.9% positive that you are James Stenbeck's son.

Emily: Oh, my God. Your amnesia's gone?

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