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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 8/7/09

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Noah: Hey, what's up?

Luke: Well, I decided I'm going on a trip with my father.

Noah: Yeah, old news. You're leaving for Kentucky this afternoon. Wait, did you think I forgot?

Luke: No, not that trip. I'm going to New York with Damian. We're going to show some cruise line guys this great new ship we have. It's gonna be pretty cool.

Noah: Cool. What about your father? Your other father -- Holden. I mean, I thought you guys were going to check out the horse show together.

Luke: Well, he goes down to Kentucky to look at the farms all the time. I can go next time.

Noah: Okay. I guess I'm just surprised. I thought you guys had been planning this trip for weeks.

Luke: I know. But a sales pitch on a luxury liner instead of a bunch of old -- barns? I mean, seriously.

Noah: How does Holden feel about this?

Luke: I actually haven't told him yet.

Holden: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Holden: I didn't expect to see you here.

Lily: I need to ask a favor from your mother. Are you all set for Kentucky?

Holden: Yeah, pretty much. I think we'll probably make it down there by dinnertime.

Lily: Oh, I'm jealous.

Holden: Jealous? Of what?

Lily: Luke. He gets to be all alone with you.

Holden: You know what, we're gonna be stuck with a bunch of horses in barns. And you don't want to be with a guy who smells like me.

Lily: Mmm. Smells like the stable hand I fell in love with.

Holden: You know, I wouldn't go bragging about that if I were you.

Lily: Why not? Best decision I ever made.


Emma: Oh, that's what I like to see. Smooching in my kitchen.

Lily: I was just telling Holden how much I'm gonna miss him when he's away on his trip.

Holden: Ah, you're not gonna miss me. You'll probably be too busy.

Lily: Speaking of which, I have an all-day meeting tomorrow. Can you watch Ethan for a couple hours for me?

Emma: Oh. Oh, Lily, I wish I could. You know, I love the little guy, but my ankle has been acting up.

Holden: Why? What's wrong with it?

Emma: Well, you remember, Holden. You were there. I was weeding the garden. I twisted it. And in this humidity, it just keeps -- it flares up all the time.

Holden: Well, why don't you have it checked out?

Emma: Sweetheart, it just comes and goes. It's not just my ankle. I mean, I don't know if I can take care of Eliza and Ethan at the same time.

Lily: Isn't Meg here?

Emma: Oh, well, she's going on that cruise today.

Lily: What cruise?

Emma: You didn't know?

Holden: No, this is the first time I've heard of it.

Emma: Oh. Well, she's going away for a few days on a cruise with Damian.

Meg: You know, I better go and see if there's anything I can wear.

Damian: Wait, wait, wait. Wait. Where are you going? You don't need much.

Meg: I -- I thought this was a business trip.

Damian: And it's also a midsummer cruise with plenty of time for swimming and sunbathing and, let me think.

Meg: So, wait. So, you want the Broyard people to see me lounging by the pool in my swimsuit?

Damian: Mnh-mnh. No, that's a sight I'd like to see. The Broyard people are on their own.

Meg: Did you tell Luke to bring his swimsuit, too?

Damian: Mm-hmm. Deals happen everywhere, including poolside. Luke is coming on this trip to learn how to sell the final product and then work his way down onto the shop floor.

Meg: And me?

Damian: You're coming because I can't stand the thought of not seeing you while I'm away.

Meg: Well, you have to remember that Luke is my nephew, and I need to be on my best behavior if he's around.

Damian: Well, you don't have to worry about that. I made sure his state room is all the way in the back of the ship, on the other side, far, far away.


Lily: I didn't know Meg and Damian were going on a trip together.

Emma: Well, it was a last-minute thing. He had to go away on business, and he asked her to come along.

Lily: Business?

Emma: It seems like he's trying to sell this big luxury yacht they're building. I don't know.

[Baby crying]

Emma: Oh, I hear the baby. Excuse me.

Lily: I thought Meg's job was to evaluate pharmaceutical products.

Holden: So?

Lily: What does that have to do with a cruise ship?

Holden: I don't know. Maybe it's a junket for doctors or something.

Lily: Sounds like a sales pitch to me. Her job's in research, not in showing customers a good time.

Holden: I doubt that's what she's doing. Why are you so concerned about it, anyway?

Lily: I'm not.

Holden: I thought we agreed we were gonna stay out of their business.

Lily: And I meant it.

Holden: Okay, then.

Lily: I couldn't care less what they do.

Noah: I think you should re-think this.

Luke: It's my job.

Noah: What, blowing off your father and going on a sailing trip with Damian? Is that your job?

Luke: That's not what I'm doing.

Noah: Well, it sure seems like it.

Luke: Look, do you remember when Damian came back and I wanted nothing to do with him? You told me that I should give him a chance, get to know him better.

Noah: I never told you to choose him over your father.

Luke: Well -- well, if you think about it, Damian is my father, too. I mean, biologically.

Noah: Since when do you put that on the same level as raising you and being the best friend you ever had?

Luke: Until you.

Noah: Still.

Luke: Look, Noah. This isn't about choosing between two fathers. You were right about giving Damian another chance. I mean, look at everything he's done for us. He's accepted us, he's helped us with the foundation. He's helped you deal with your father. He saved our lives. I mean, can you see anything bad in any of that?

Noah: No, nothing. I'm glad that you gave him a chance. I'm glad that you've gotten to know him better. I just don't think you should ever put him ahead of Holden.

Luke: I would never do that.

Noah: By blowing off Kentucky and going on this trip with Damian, what else is Holden gonna think?

Emily: Mmm.

Paul: I'm glad you're happy. You deserve it.

Emily: You know, if I knew losing your memory would leave you like this, I would have blown you up myself a long time ago. I got to go.

Paul: Wait, where are you going?

Emily: Where am I going?

Paul: Now?

Emily: Yeah. Hunter and I are gonna interview designers for the newspaper's website.

Paul: Okay. I hope it's very stressful.

Emily: Why?

Paul: So that when you get home, we can relieve your stress.

Emily: Hmm. You know what, you're bankrolling this whole thing. Don't you want me to stay focused on the job?

Paul: Yeah, okay.

Emily: Okay, then stop distracting me with your indecent proposals.

Paul: Don't think about what you're gonna do when you get home. Although, what I was thinking is Ė


Emily: Okay, that's it. I'm leaving now. I am leaving right now.

[Rolling tongue]

[Both laugh]

Paul: Wow. Love and a Danish. What could be better? Hi. Can I help you?

Man: Are you Paul Ryan?

Paul: Yeah. Pastry?

Man: No, thanks. Come with us, please.

Paul: Okay. Where are we going? Your ice-cream truck?

Barbara: You're going to the hospital, Paul.

Paul: No ice cream? Why are we going to the hospital?

Barbara: For your own good, Honey.

Paul: No, stop. Wait, come on, you can't do this. Get off me. Get off me!

Barbara: Don't fight them. Don't fight them, because you know what, there is a straitjacket out there that they'd be happy to use.

Paul: You have no right to do this.

Barbara: I have every legal right to do so. And there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Luke: My father taught me to be responsible. I work for Grimaldi shipping, and this is very important. We're trying to sell a luxury liner to the biggest cruise line in the world.

Noah: By taking them out on a cruise. Well, it sounds fun.

Luke: Noah, this isn't fun. This is work. Damian wants to teach me how to sell a ship. I mean, it's kind of the key to the whole organization.

Noah: Okay, Luke, don't give me that. You are bailing on your father so you can go swimming and snorkeling and visit exotic locales on a luxury liner.

Luke: Noah, I don't have a choice.

Noah: Sure, you do. You just tell Damian that you already promised to go see the horse show with your father.


Luke: Look, I don't understand why you're giving me such a hard time about this.

Noah: I just don't think that Holden should be treated like this.

Luke: He'll understand.

Noah: I don't understand. Why would Holden?

Luke: He will! I'll make it up to him. We'll go again. Can we just drop it?

Noah: Fine, I mean, if you've already made your decision --

Luke: Yeah, I've made my decision.

Mason: Hi, Luke, Noah.

Luke: Hey. You know what, I need to do. I'll talk to you later.

Noah: Sure.

Mason: I interrupt something?

Noah: No, no. We were done.

Mason: Everything okay?

Noah: Not really. I think Luke's about to make a big mistake. One he's gonna regret.

Meg: Well, I better get home and get packed.

Damian: Wait, wait, wait. I got something for you.

Meg: What's this?

Damian: Open it.

Meg: Okay. [Gasps] Oh! Oh, wow! This is beautiful.

Damian: And practical. I mean, it gets chilly at sea in the evening.

Meg: Well, I was kind of hoping you'd keep me warm. This is so soft.

Damian: This will look great.

Meg: You know, I have the perfect dress for this.

Damian: I was kind of hoping you wouldn't wear it with anything.

Meg: Oh, really? We'll see. Well, I better get home and figure out what I'm taking on this adventure.

Damian: Go. Hurry back.

Meg: I will. Don't go anywhere.

Damian: I wonít. Not without you. Ever.

Lily: I have no intention of interfering with Meg and Damian.

Holden: Good. I'm glad to hear that.

Lily: But you can't be happy about it, either.

Holden: I'm not. But Meg -- she never asked my opinion.

Emma: Oh, the little angel went right back to sleep. Oh, she's so pretty when she sleeps. Come take a little peek at her.

Holden: I can't, Mom. I need to get home. I need to start packing.

Emma: You need to take a shower, too, is what you need to do.

Holden: You coming?

Lily: I'll be right behind you.

Emma: I'm so sorry, Lily, that I can't take care of Ethan tomorrow.

Lily: Oh, it's okay. I'll drop him off at my momís. She hasn't seen him for a few days, so she'll be so happy to have him.

Emma: Yes, children should spend time with their grandmothers. Otherwise, how are they gonna grow up to be very spoiled teenagers? [Laughs] Something wrong, Lily?

Lily: No, why?

Emma: Well, you always pretend to laugh at my bad jokes.


Lily: Sorry.

Emma: What is it?

Lily: Can I ask you a question?

Emma: Of course.

Lily: How do you feel about Meg going on this romantic escapade with Damian?

Emma: Meg -- Meg is a grown woman with a very, very, very strong mind of her own.

Lily: But you must have an opinion.

Emma: Well, I do think she might be moving a little fast.

Lily: What about who she's moving with? You and I both know Damian always has his own reasons for everything he does.

Emma: Yes, I know. I know all about Damian.

Lily: Doesn't it bother you that she's getting involved with him?

Emma: Well, after Paul and Dusty, I would hope that she'd get involved with someone a little less complicated.

Lily: That's a nice way to put it.

Emma: But then, she didn't ask my opinion, nor yours, either, I suppose.

Lily: I'd just hate to see her get hurt. But Holden and I have agreed not to get involved.

Emma: Then why are we having this conversation?

Lily: I can just tell how much it bothers him, and doesn't it bother you, too?

Emma: Of course it does, Lily. But there's really nothing -- nothing -- I can do about it.

Lily: Maybe there is.

Emily: Paul, I'm back! By the time I got there, Hunter had already interviewed this genius programmer. All I had to do was shake her hand and say congratulations. Paul? Hey, where are you? Hmm. Where is he?

Paul: Do you want to tell me why you're doing this?

Barbara: I told you, it's for your own good.

Paul: I'm not feeling that.

Barbara: You need help, Honey.

Paul: No, I donít. What I need is to get out of here and stop wasting my time. I have a lot to do. I bought a newspaper, remember?

Barbara: Yes. And that's one of the reasons that you are here. Because I won't let you throw your assets away.

Paul: They're mine. I'm pretty sure I'm over 18.

Barbara: And you've proven that you cannot handle them responsibly. Because of your mental illness.

Paul: I'm not mentally -- I'm fine.

Barbara: You don't even know who you are.

Paul: The fact that I'm not who I was is proof positive that I'm not crazy now. My God, you're an enormous human being.

Barbara: And he is here to make sure that you don't go anywhere.


Paul: You have no right to do this to me.

Barbara: Honey, I want what's best for you.

Paul: How do you know what that is?

Barbara: Because I'm your mother!

Paul: Well, from what I can see, that disqualifies you.

Barbara: You think I want to do this to you?

Paul: I'm starting to, yeah.

Barbara: This is very painful for me, too.

Paul: If it's so painful, then don't do it.

Barbara: I wish I didn't have to, Paul.

Paul: You don't have to. Just let me go.

Barbara: You're gonna talk to the doctor. He is on his way.

Paul: Wait, where are you going?

Barbara: I'll be back.

Paul: Come on! You get out of my way, or -- yeah, you're right. I'm not gonna hurt you.

Meg: Look what Damian bought me. Isn't it beautiful?

Emma: Yes, yes, it is.

Damian: Wouldn't this go perfectly with my white dress?

Emma: I think it will, yes.

Meg: You know, I'm gonna run over to Fashions so I can accessorize that. You are okay with Eliza?

Emma: No. I'm all right for now, but -- Meg, I don't think I can take care of the baby while you're away.

Meg: Why not?

Emma: Well, it's my ankle. I told you, it comes and goes here.

Meg: Yeah, you said it comes and goes.

Emma: Sweetheart, I'm not as young as I used to be, and taking care of a baby is a lot of work.

Meg: You always keep saying how you love taking care of Eliza, that she's no trouble.

Emma: Yes, I do. I do love taking care of her an hour at a time, but I don't think I can handle a couple days in a row.

Meg: Well, you watch your other grandkids sometimes weeks in a row.

Emma: Well, Meg, that's different. They're older. They help themselves a little bit, and sometimes they even help me.

Meg: Well, if you need a break, you have a house full of helpers. I mean, Jack, Janet, Liberty.

Emma: Jack is always busy, and Janet has a new job, and Liberty? Do you want to trust Liberty with a baby for several days?

Meg: No, I wouldnít. That's why I can't go on this trip unless you watch Eliza.

Emma: I know. I'm sorry. Maybe it's for the best.

Meg: What's that supposed to mean?

Emma: Well, it is very rushed.

Meg: Why does that matter?

Emma: It doesnít. It doesnít. Listen, I'm really sorry that I can't help you.

Meg: Yeah, so am I.

Emma: Better get in touch with Damian and tell him that you can't come.

Meg: I guess so. But first, I want to know why you really changed your mind. Come on, Mama, you just don't want me going on this trip.

Emma: Well, if you want to know the truth, I don't think it's a good idea for you to go on a cruise with a man so soon after Dusty and Paul.

Meg: Paul and I were over a long time. And Dusty and I were never really going anywhere.

Emma: Meg, why do you want to jump into another relationship? Why don't you just -- you know, why don't you just spend some time with yourself?

Meg: Well, you're the one who says get right back on the horse that threw you.

Emma: Just take a break from it all. Why don't you spend some more time with your daughter?

Meg: Oh, do not guilt me about my daughter. I spend every free moment with her. But I also work, and this is a business trip.

Emma: Oh, a business trip, huh? That's why he's buying you all these sexy little nothings to wear on the yacht.

Meg: That's a shawl, and it's not a yacht, it's a cruise ship --

Emma: Since when did you think it was a good idea to sleep with your boss?

Meg: Okay, where is this coming from?


Emma: I'm worried about you, and Iím worried about him, that's all.

Meg: He's different now. He has been wonderful to me and Eliza. You can even ask Luke. He's not the same person that he used to be when he did those things.

Emma: It's not so much about the things he did. It's who he did them to. He did them to your family. He did them to Holden. He did them to Lily. He did them to Luke. And now he's here, right here, after you.

Meg: Okay, so you think the only reason he's interested me is because I'm part of the family?

Emma: I think it's more than a coincidence.

Meg: So it's really not about your ankle. It's about keeping me from going on this trip with Damian.

Emma: It's about both things.

Meg: And it just came to you this morning out of the blue? It didnít. It came from Lily, didn't it?

Emma: What difference does it make where it came from?

Meg: It makes all the difference in the world.

Emily: All right, well, call me if you hear from him. I got to go. Bye.

Barbara: If you're waiting for Paul, go do it somewhere else.

Emily: Now that I'm living here, it might behoove you to hide your key, put it away --

Barbara: You are living here?

Emily: Yes, I am. At Paul's invitation.

Barbara: Well, then I suggest you look at the terms of your lease, because it's about to be terminated.

Emily: What are you talking about, and where is Paul?

Barbara: Somewhere safe.

Emily: Safe from whom?

Barbara: From himself and people like you who want to take advantage of his weakened state.

Emily: What have you done, Barbara?

Barbara: I made sure that he has enough time to fully recover. So I suggest you pack your bags. Your free ride is over.

Emily: Where is he?

Barbara: Did you really think that you'd be able to take advantage of him now, while he's sick, like you couldn't do when he had his full faculties?

Emily: That's it. I'm gonna find him.

Barbara: Oh, you're not gonna find him. He is somewhere safe. And he will fully recover away from people like you, who want to manipulate him in his weakened state. Now, if you have one ounce of sympathy in that so-called calculating heart of yours, you will leave him alone!

Emily: Where are you going?

Barbara: I'm going to pack a bag for my son. And when I get back, I want you gone.

Emily: I know where he is.

Doctor: Do you ever have hallucinations or hear voices?

Paul: I can hear you.

Doctor: I'm referring to someone who isn't there.

Paul: I'm not sure. I mean, are any of us really here?

Doctor: I wish you'd take this more seriously, Mr. Ryan.

Paul: You're making it difficult. Look, from what I've heard, I used to have visions, but I haven't had one since they took that piece of machinery out of my brain. I'm okay now. Assuming you're real.

Doctor: I can assure you, I'm quite real.

Paul: Yeah, well, that's what they all say. Are we done here? Can I go home?

Doctor: We're gonna have to run some more tests.

Paul: Why? I'm not crazy for giving my money away, you know. The IRS gives you a tax break.

Emily: Excuse me. Hi.

Man: Hi.

Emily: I'm Dr. Stewart's daughter. She asked me to look in on a patient of hers, a Mr. Paul Ryan. She thought maybe I could help him.

Nurse: Are you a doctor, too?

Emily: Uh, no. No, I'm an aromatherapist, actually. It's my understanding that Mr. Ryan is suffering from olfactory delusions.

Nurse: I wasn't aware that that was an accepted diagnosis.

Emily: Oh, absolutely. In fact, you can read about it in the next edition of the medical journal. Do you know where he is?

Nurse: Right in there.

Emily: Oh, thank you.

Paul: Emily.

Emily: Are you okay?

Paul: No, I'm not. I can't go home. My mother's having me committed.

Emily: No, that's not gonna happen. We'll get a lawyer. We'll fight it.

Paul: How long will that take? Weeks? It could take months.

Emily: I don't know. What else are we gonna do?

Paul: Well, what would the old Paul Ryan do?

Emily: Leave it to me.

Holden: Hey, there you are. I'm almost packed. Don't forget to bring your riding boots. There's some really great trails down there.

Luke: Actually, Dad, I don't think I can go.

Holden: Why not?

Luke: We're trying to sell a ship to Broyard cruise lines. Damian wants me to go with him.

Lily: Not you, too.

Luke: What are you talking about?

Holden: We know all about the cruise. Meg's going, too.

Lily: You're supposed to be going to Kentucky with your dad.

Luke: I know, but this just came up.

Lily: How convenient.

Luke: What do you mean?

Holden: Nothing. It's okay. Work comes first. If Damian needs him, then --

Lily: You need him, too.

Holden: I'll be fine on my own.

Lily: Luke, your father was really looking forward to spending some time alone with you.

Luke: I know, Mom. So was I. And we'll reschedule. I promise.

Holden: Okay.

Lily: Why are you being so understanding?

Holden: Because I do understand. If it's something important --

Luke: It is. Selling the ship is really important to Grimaldi's forward strategy.

Lily: I'm sure it is.

Holden: Lily, come on.

Luke: Mom, I don't have a choice.

Lily: Yes, you do. And obviously, you made it.

Holden: Lily, that's enough. Do what you need to do. We'll go to Kentucky some other time.

Luke: Thanks, Dad. Have a really good trip.

Holden: You, too.

Luke: And I'll see you when we both get back?

Lily: Why are you letting him off so easy?

Holden: I don't want to make him feel bad. He's got to work, he's got to work.

Lily: Yeah, but the only reason this is happening is because he chose to work for Damian.

Holden: Right. Let's just accept it.

Lily: No, I won't accept it. I know how disappointed you are. Aren't you?

Holden: Yeah. But I have to live with it.

Lily: Not necessarily.

Meg: You will not believe what your ex did.

Damian: You mean Lily?

Meg: Who else? She convinced my mother not to take care of Eliza.

Damian: Why would she do that?

Meg: Because she doesn't want me to go on this cruise. She can't stand the fact that we're together, and she's trying to do everything she can to ruin it.

Damian: What did Lily do?

Meg: She convinced my mother to back out of the offer to baby-sit Eliza.

Damian: Are you sure about this?

Meg: Well, my mother didn't come out and say that Lily pushed her into it, but the way she was talking, Lily had to be behind it.

Damian: But Lily told me she wouldn't interfere.

Meg: Okay, look. I know you don't want to blame her. But my mother was fine this morning, and now she's all worried that I'm getting involved with you.

Damian: I'm sure your mother could have come up with that on her own.

Meg: Maybe. But she didnít. And now this whole trip is ruined.

Damian: Well, can't you just find another babysitter?

Meg: No, no, I told you, I don't trust anybody else with Eliza. You know, I was really looking forward to this.

Damian: Let me call Lily, find out what really happened.

Meg: There's no point. Right now, without Mama's help, I just can't go on the cruise. I'm sorry. It would have been nice. Good luck selling your ship.

Holden: Lily, don't even think about calling Damian and asking him to let Luke out of this.

Lily: I wasn't suggesting that.

Holden: What were you suggesting?

Lily: I just think that we should have been more honest with Luke, let him know how disappointed we are.

Holden: Luke knows exactly how we feel, and so does Meg. And I think we should stick to our guns and not interfere with either one of them.

Lily: It's not interfering to tell Luke how you feel.

Holden: Look, the last thing I want is to make this a contest between me and Damian. It's not fair to Luke.

Lily: He's not being fair to you.

Holden: Lily, I'm not interfering. And you're not, either. You promised me.

Lily: And I will keep that promise. I will not try to change Luke's mind.

Mason: Wow, Luke's got quite the family, huh?

Noah: Yeah.

Mason: Two fathers, both of them completely different. One of them spends his whole life in a horse barn, and the other one is an international wheeler-dealer. What do you think -- is he gonna be another straight shooter, or is he gonna be a future shady double-dealer?

Noah: Whoa, you really think Luke could go either way?

Mason: What do you think?

Noah: I think I'm gonna help him do whatever makes him happy, you know, whatever makes him happy for the long run.

Mason: All right, so what's stopping you?

Noah: If I choose sides, things get messy. I mean, if I side with Holden, then --

Mason: Then he sides with what's-his-name, Damian.

Noah: Yeah.

Mason: Right.

Noah: And then we end up fighting. It's not even really about us.

Mason: It's like I was saying earlier -- when you're in a relationship, you cannot fight the other person's battles for him. You got to let him fight it out for himself.

Damian: Good, you're here. We need to be leaving for New York in a couple of hours.

Luke: I'm all packed.

Damian: All right, what's wrong?

Luke: Nothing. I just had to tell my dad that I couldn't go on this trip we had planned.

Damian: When were you supposed to leave?

Luke: Today.

Damian: You didn't tell me that.

Luke: Well, this is work. That was pleasure.

Damian: Did you tell him that?

Luke: Of course. And he understood. My mom gave me a harder time about it than him.

Damian: Did she?

Luke: They stick up for each other. I could tell he was pretty disappointed.

Damian: This trip seems to be causing a lot of problems in your family.

Luke: Ah, don't worry about it. I'm here to do my job. My parents will just have to deal.

Damian: You know what, don't worry about it. Just forget it. I just got off the phone with the shipyard. They told me they're not sure if the Argenta mare is ready to be put on the market.

Luke: Really? It's been inspected about a dozen times.

Damian: They just found a couple of minor glitches that slipped through the cracks. It's best if we don't take the trip.

Luke: They just found this out now?

Damian: Yeah. Imagine if we didn't and we brought the Broyard out and ended up adrift. I mean, I have a feeling that would have made the sale a tad more difficult.

Luke: I think this is about my dad, and not the boat.

Damian: Not at all.

Luke: I don't believe you.

Damian: Luke, trust me. This has nothing to do with you or your dad.

Emily: Hi.

Nurse: Hi.

Emily: You remember me, Dr. Stewart's daughter.

Nurse: Yeah, yeah.

Emily: Well, Jackson here is on the team that's gonna help Mr. Ryan.

Nurse: I thought you were an aromatherapist.

Emily: Yeah, and who better to deal with olfactory issues than our canine associate? Excuse me.

Paul: What's that?

Emily: What's that? It's a dog crate.

Paul: Where's the very big dog?

Emily: I left it with some sick kid in pediatrics.

Paul: Em, I don't think this is the right time for us to be playing cage.

Emily: This is not cage, this is your getaway car.

Paul: Are you serious?

Emily: Get in. We don't have much time. Paul, get in!

Paul: Okay. But I'm gonna want a treat when we get home.

Barbara: Okay, fine. Set it all in motion. But I want you to go after Emily Stewart with every legal weapon you've got.

Nurse: Oh, can I pet the dog?

Emily: No, no, please, donít. He's not very good with people. Sorry.

Barbara: Paul? Paul -- Paul? What is this? Help! Help! I need some help! Somebody took my son! Help!

Mason: Well, psychology's a big part of filmmaking. Unless of course you're getting paid a gazillion dollars to make the next "Ultra man 17."

Noah: I thought you'd be on your flight.

Luke: I need to talk to you.

Mason: I was just going. I'll see you later.

Noah: So, how come you're not on your way to New York?

Luke: The cruise is canceled. I don't know why, but it was.

Noah: Great. Now you can go to Kentucky with your dad.

Luke: Yeah, but I already told him that I was gonna go with Damian, and now I don't know what to do.

Noah: Luke, what do you want to do?

Luke: I want to go to Kentucky.

Noah: Then I would just go ask your father to take you with him. I have a feeling he won't say no.

Meg: You'll be happy to know that I told Damian I couldn't go on that cruise.

Emma: So, how did he take it?

Meg: He ended up canceling the whole thing.

Emma: I guess it wasn't such an important business trip after all.

Meg: It was important, Mama, very important. And now it's not happening because of you and Lily.

Emma: Don't blame Lily for this.

Meg: She's the one that convinced you not to take care of your granddaughter.

Emma: She made a few points, but it was my decision.

Meg: The wrong decision.

Emma: It's only because we're worried about you, Meg, both of us.

Meg: You may care about me, but Lily has her own reasons for keeping Damian and me apart. And if you go along with her, you'll be making a big mistake.

Holden: Hey. I came to say goodbye. What's going on?

Emma: Nothing.

Holden: Oh, really? I know when you two are having a fight. So why don't you tell me what it's about?

Damian: You'll be happy to know that the cruise isn't happening. Holden can take your child to Kentucky. And you don't have to worry about me and Meg.

Lily: I wasn't worried.

Damian: I know you sabotaged Meg so she couldn't go with me.

Lily: That's not true.

Damian: You didn't want us to be together, and you got your wish.

Lily: It doesn't matter to me.

Damian: You're jealous, Lily. Admit it.

Lily: Of Meg?

Damian: You and I were getting along. We were on our way to being friends until I started seeing Meg, and then all of a sudden, you turned against me.

Lily: That's ridiculous.

Damian: I know you can lie to Holden, and you can probably lie to yourself, but you can't lie to me, so don't even try.

Paul: Oh, God. If I need a flea bath, you're paying.

Emily: Would you stop complaining? You were this close to the looney bin, and now you're free.

Paul: You're right. Thank you.

Emily: You're welcome. Ugh. They're gonna know it was me. I never should have told the nurse that I was Dr. Stewart's daughter. They're gonna know it was me.

Paul: So what do we do?

Emily: We have to run. We need to run away.

Paul: No, we donít. I think maybe we should just stay here.

Emily: No, you didn't hear what I said --

Paul: If we stay here, I get to be close to you.

Emily: And then the men in the white coats will come and take you away.

Paul: Oh. Not if they can't find us. And I think I know the perfect hiding place.

Emily: Ooh, wow, you're right. This is perfect.

Paul: Yep. I'm glad you like it, because you're gonna spend a lot of time here, entertaining me.


Emily: As much as I would love to stay and play, I have a newspaper to build from the  ground up, remember?

Paul: I'm the boss. I remember. I'm a very demanding boss. I demand that you indulge me before you go.


Emily: Okay, can you do me a favor? Can you just hold that thought until I get back?

Paul: All right. I owe you a favor. You and Bowser. But not like that with Bowser.

Emily: His name was Jackson. See you later.

Paul: Looks like the last person left a log. Notes by James Stenbeck? What do you know? The final thoughts of dear old dad.

Emily: You're gonna love reporting for us. I know.

Barbara: It's not enough that you conned my son out of his money, you want to keep him from getting the help that he needs!

Emily: I'm sorry, Dave, may I call you back? Okay, bye-bye. What are you blabbering on about?

Barbara: You helped Paul escape from the hospital!

Emily: He's gone?

Barbara: Oh, shut up, Emily! There are witnesses! And it's obvious you only did it because you want to continue milking him dry!

Emily: Well, however it happened, he wouldn't have had to escaped in the first place if you hadn't imprisoned him!

Barbara: He wasn't imprisoned. He was a patient. He was there to get help. He is mentally ill!

Emily: Mentally ill? He seems perfectly sane to me, even by Oakdaleís high standards.

Barbara: Where is he?

Emily: I have no idea.

Barbara: We have to find him. He can't be alone. He has to be protected.

Emily: Not by you. He's gone, Barbara. And something tells me he's not coming back.

Paul: "1968 Lafite may be the fruitiest bouquet in the cellar." That's it? That's what you have to tell me, huh? That you're a pretentious ass? Yikes. Mmm. Mmm! Wow.

Noah: Hey, he's gonna leave without you.

Luke: Well, I can't just go and talk to him. I mean, remember how bad I made you feel? I'm really sorry about that, by the way.

Noah: Well, maybe that's exactly what he would like to hear.

Luke: Or maybe he'll do what I did and blow me off.

Noah: Well, maybe he will. I wouldn't blame him if he did. But don't you think he deserves the chance?

Emma: Meg is upset because I couldn't take care of the baby while she went on the cruise with Damian.

Holden: Why not?

Emma: I just didn't feel up to taking care of the baby, that's all.

Holden: Since when?

Meg: Yeah, that's what I want to know.

Emma: What difference does it make? Don't get into this pie. It's for later. You have a nice time in Kentucky, okay?

Holden: Okay.

Emma: Drive safe.

Holden: I'll call you.

Emma: Okay.

Holden: Are you gonna tell me what happened?

Meg: You heard it yourself. She decided that she doesn't want to take care of Eliza.

Holden: So Damian's going on the trip without you?

Meg: No, no. The trip was canceled.

Holden: Why?

Meg: Ask your wife.

Lily: I don't know what you're talking about, and I really don't want to be having this conversation right now.

Damian: I think we need to.

Lily: I don't care what you think.

Damian: Just tell me the truth an I'll go, Lily. Admit it. You sabotaged my trip with Meg because you still have feelings for me.

Lily: No, I donít. I thought we were friends until you started picking my family apart.

Damian: That's not what I'm doing, Lily.

Lily: Sure feels like it.

Damian: Only because I'm not choosing you.

Lily: You always were so conceited.

Damian: You can't hide the truth, Lily. And neither can I.

Lily: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Damian: This.

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