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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 8/4/09

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Meg: You are not worried about my welfare. You just can't stand the thought that Damian is with anyone other than you.

Lily: You are way out of line, Meg.

Meg: You're the only one that doesn't see it.

Lily: I know the effect Damian has on women.

[Meg scoffs]

Meg: Clearly.

Lily: You know what? I wish I could let you mess up your life, if that's what you want to do, but I canít. You're Holden's sister, and you need to face the truth before you get yourself into serious trouble.

Meg: Oh, of course. Of course. I'm stupid and gullible, but you know what? Lucky for me, I have perfect Lily right here to tell me exactly what to do.

Lily: I never said that I was perfect.

Meg: Oh, well, that's the first true statement that you made during this entire conversation.

Lily: Why are you being so defensive?

Meg: Because my love life is none of your business.

Lily: Damian is no good for you!

Meg: Face it, Lily. The only reason you're upset about my being with Damian is because you want him all for yourself.

Holden: What the hell are you talking about?

Damian: Excellent. I'll make reservations at the Lakeview. See you tonight.

Luke: So, how do I look?

Damian: You look like an executive.

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: Well, let's hope I can act like one.

Damian: I'm not worried.

Luke: I'm glad you're not, because I'm gonna be faking it big-time.

Damian: You already run a multimillion-dollar foundation. Grimaldi shipping is exactly the same.

Luke: Well, except that this is for profit and international and humongous. Not to mention the fact that I had to leapfrog over so many of your other employees who are more experienced and older. They hate me.

Damian: You'll win them over.

Luke: Yeah, I don't really think so.

Damian: Well, then you donít. Who cares? You're not here to make friends.

Luke: No, just money.

Damian: Do you have a problem with that?

Luke: No. The more money I earn, the more I can donate to my foundation.

Damian: I'm so proud of you, Luciano.

Luke: Why? I haven't done anything yet. I still can't get over it -- this whole nepotism thing.

Damian: Hey, this is the real world. Don't think for one second that any one of my people wouldn't take this opportunity any way they could. Besides, I'm expecting you to earn your position right now, today.

Luke: Well, just tell me what to do.

Damian: I'm having a business dinner tonight at the Lakeview. I'd like you to join us.

Luke: Is it business or social?

Damian: Business, disguised as social. Very civilized. Can I count on you?

Luke: Well, Noah and I were gonna do something to celebrate my first day. Could I take him with us?

Damian: I don't see why not.

Mason: That guy -- that character is your audience's way into your film. You got to visualize every moment of your film from his point of view. Does that make any sense?

Noah: To be honest, I'm getting a little freaked out by all the red ink.

Mason: Yeah. "Writing is rewriting," they say.

Noah: Great.

Mason: I'll tell you what. There's an indie film screening this evening. The guy who made it -- he had to tackle a lot of the problems that are tripping you up. If you see it --

Noah: Maybe it'll resonate?

Mason: Yeah. And afterwards, we can go for a beer and talk about it.

Noah: That would be great. Hey, is it okay if Luke comes?

Mason: Yeah, absolutely.

Alison: I can't believe you did that to my sister!

Hunter: What are you talking about?

Alison: Oh, drop the act, Hunter. Emily told me what you did. So you can't handle having her for a mother. So what? Does that really mean you want to get her fired from her job? I mean, how childish is that?

Hunter: Yeah, that would be childish if it happened.

Alison: Who knew underneath this whole dorky facade of yours that you could be so damn cruel? I mean, I thought you were better than that.

Hunter: Alison, you got this all wrong.

Alison: I don't want to hear your excuses, Hunter, okay? I'm obviously on Emily's side.

Hunter: There is no --

Alison: I said, "Don't talk." Okay? You better enjoy being Lucinda Walsh's pet for however long it lasts, because there's no way you're gonna be able to handle Emily's job. And as soon as Lucinda figures that out, you will be fired faster than you can say Trump.

Hunter: Not possible.

Alison: Just wait. You will get yours. What are you doing?

Hunter: Looking for a job.

Alison: But I thought that --

Hunter: You thought wrong. When Lucinda told me she fired Emily, I quit.

Paul: That thing on the fritz?

Emily: No, apparently I am. 2 days ago, 350 messages, really, before lunch. Today, nothing. God, I hate unemployment.

Paul: It's not so bad.

Emily: Says the amnesiac with unlimited funds. What did the doctor say?

Paul: Complete waste of time. I'm fine.

Emily: You've forgotten everything about your entire life, but you're fine?

Paul: Yeah. From what I hear, that might be a benefit. I really like who I am now.

Emily: You -- you mean nobody?

Paul: I'm not nobody. I'm a complete human being. I just don't have any baggage. I really like Paul 2.0.

Emily: Hmm. I do too. What did the doctor say?

Paul: Nothing.

Emily: Nothing? You're lying. You tell me the truth, or I'm gonna go in there and ask the doctor myself.

Meg: Damian offered me a job at Grimaldi, and Lily doesn't want me to take it.

Holden: What do you know about shipping?

Meg: He's opening a pharmaceutical division, but that's not the point. What I do or don't do is none of anyone's business.

Lily: Damian's got an agenda.

Holden: Probably.

Lily: See? I knew it wasn't just me. Holden's got a problem with this, too.

Holden: I have a problem with everything that Damian does.

Meg: Okay, you know what? That's not fair.

Holden: I don't have to be fair. I don't like the guy, and I've been honest about that. But that's not what you two were arguing about when I walked in, is it?

Meg: Ask Lily. I left Eliza with Mama, so I want to be there when she wakes up from her nap. I will see you later.

[Door closes]

Holden: Well, what did I walk in on?

Lily: You were right about Damian. I -- I wish I had seen it sooner.

Holden: What triggered that revelation? Did he do something to Meg?

Lily: Well, he's obviously trying to drag her into his web.

Holden: Oh, he has a web now, huh?

Lily: You know what I mean. First he gets Luke to work for him, and now Meg. You were completely right. He's trying to take control of the family.

Holden: Damian always has an agenda. But what worries me more right now is yours.

Lily: I -- I don't have one.

Holden: I know you, Lily. Something's up.

Lily: What are you suggesting?

Holden: That Damian is starting to get to you, just like he did before.

Lily: How could you even suggest that I'd have feelings for Damian after everything we've been through?

Holden: Because he knows how to manipulate you. And despite everything he says, I know he would be more than happy to come between us.

Lily: He doesn't even care about me enough anymore to bother.

Holden: Does that upset you?

Lily: No. Where are you getting this?

Holden: From you, and how you're overreacting to all this. You don't care who Meg works for, as long as it's not Damian.

Lily: I'm agreeing with you, Holden. Damian's bad news. Why do you have a problem with this all of a sudden?

Holden: 'Cause up until you found out that Damian was sleeping with my sister, you were his greatest defender. Why the sudden switch?

Lily: I came to my senses.

Holden: Just like that? Even Meg thought it was weird.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: She was just lashing out at me. I told her that taking the job at Grimaldi was a mistake, and she didn't want to hear it. You know how stubborn she can be.

Holden: I do. I also know that she doesn't make baseless accusations.

Lily: Oh, really? Have you forgotten how she said Paul was the perfect husband, he was totally reformed?

Holden: We're talking about Damian here.

Lily: And I don't have any latent feelings for him, despite what Meg may think. Far from it. She's in over her head, and I -- I know that you agree with me. So please don't punish me for being on your side.

Holden: Okay. All right. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for, uh, jumping all over you.

Lily: Apology accepted. But I'm worried about her, Holden. She's in a tailspin. I'm afraid she's gonna do something she'll regret.

Holden: Maybe I should go talk to her.

Lily: No, no. I started this. I'll straighten it out myself.

[Door opens]

Meg: Hey. You busy?

Damian: I'm never too busy for you. What's wrong?

Meg: I'm a mess.

Damian: Please sit. Tell me what happened.

Meg: No, no. You're -- you're working.

Damian: Nonsense. Business can wait. Plus, Luke has gone off to get ready for a business meeting. Please. Tell me what's bothering you.

Meg: I had a fight with Lily.

Damian: What about?

Meg: You. Why does everybody think they have a right to weigh in on what I should do with my life? Am I that pathetic?

Damian: Of course you're not. But you have a lot of people who care about you.

Meg: Then they should trust my judgment.

Damian: Yes, they should. But in my experience, loved ones don't always behave.

Meg: Especially Snyders.

Damian: It's part of the family charm.

Meg: Yeah, well, this wasn't charming. Lily lectured me on the dangers of Damian Grimaldi. And she swore she was being a concerned family member, but it was way more than that. No one in my family wants me to have anything to do with you.

Damian: I am shocked. What do you want?

Meg: I want to show them how wrong they are.

Damian: I like the way you think.

Meg: Well, good, 'cause I've accepted your job offer and everything that goes with it.

Damian: Great. Then I owe Lily a big thank-you.

Meg: For trying to talk me out of seeing you?

Damian: If that's what it took to convince you to take a chance on me, yes, that was worth it. I am so happy you decided to join me. Now, are you ready for your first assignment?

[Meg chuckles]

Meg: Right now?

Damian: Right now, yes. I'm having dinner tonight at the Lakeview with a client. Luke is joining me. Could you be there? Please? Please?

Meg: As long as they don't ask me questions about the business. I'm gonna need some time to get up to speed.

Damian: Well, I just want them to know they're in good hands.

Meg: All right, then. I'll need to hurry so I have time to change and spend some time with Eliza before she goes to sleep.

Damian: Tell her I'll take good care of her mama.

Meg: She knows.

Noah: Luke!

Luke: Oh, hey! I thought you were at school.

Noah: Oh, I just couldn't stand another vending-machine lunch.

Luke: Oh, I hear you.

Noah: You look so hot in that suit.

Luke: Thank you.

Noah: So, how is your first day going?

Luke: It's weird. You know, starting at the top, being the boss's son.

Noah: So not how to win friends and influence people, huh?

Luke: Yeah. I mean, if I were them, I'd hate me, too. But I'm not going anywhere, so they have to deal with it.

Noah: Well, do you like your job?

Luke: Yeah, yeah. But the day is far from over. I have my first business dinner tonight, at the Lakeview. You're invited.

Noah: I canít. I'm going to a screening with Mason. I was gonna invite you to come with us.

Luke: Oh, can't you go another day?

Noah: No. It's a one-time thing, and Mason says I should really see this film so I can understand point of view.

Luke: It's my first day at work, and we're already too busy to see each other. I'm sorry.

Noah: Oh, don't be sorry. We can always meet up afterwards at Yo's. It's not like we were gonna talk during the movie, anyway.

Luke: Yeah, but I like sitting alone in the dark with you.

Noah: Well, I am supposed to be learning -- if my head doesn't explode first. Go, be brilliant. You can tell me all about it later.

Luke: Okay. I won't be late. I promise.

Alison: So, why didn't you tell Emily you quit? I mean, she thinks you stole her job.

Hunter: It doesn't matter what she thinks or anybody else. My life's messed up, anyway.

Alison: Why do you say that?

[Hunter scoffs]

Hunter: Hello! My mom dies, and before I even have a chance to deal with it, I find out, oh, yeah, she's really not my mom after all. And my dad -- turns out he's not just a donor. He's an egg thief, which is disgusting. And I can't stand him when I meet him, anyway. But, you know, all is not lost. I find the woman of my dreams, and then -- bam -- she's my test-tube sister. But you know what? At least I have my job, except -- oops -- nope. You know, I wouldn't sit too close to me, 'cause if anyone here's gonna get struck by lightning, it's definitely me.

Alison: Well, at least it can't get any worse.

Hunter: You sure?

Alison: No.


Alison: Okay, as stupid as it sounds, I mean, there's got to be a silver lining somewhere in there.

Hunter: Good, 'cause I'll pawn it to pay rent. I really got to find a job.

Alison: Have faith, brother. Maybe I can help you.

Emily: What are you not telling me? Is there something going on inside your head?

Paul: It'd debatable --

Emily: Excuse me. Hi. Um, I'm Emily Stewart. I happen to be Dr. Susan Stewart's daughter.

Doctor: Oh, hello.

Emily: Could you tell me, please, Paul's prognosis?

Doctor: When the surgeon removed the chip from Mr. Ryan's brain, it left a small lesion.

Emily: A -- a lesion?

Doctor: It's nothing terminal, but it should be surgically repaired.

Paul: I don't want any more surgery. Really, I'm fine.

Emily: A lesion in your brain doesn't sound fine to me, really. Okay, so if he doesn't have this operation, if he lets it go, what happens?

Doctor: Maybe nothing, but he would be taking an enormous chance.

Emily: Okay, so, let's pretend for a minute that you're a really good friend of his. What would you tell him to do?

Doctor: You should convince him to have the surgery.

Emily: What is the matter with you?

Paul: Nothing. You heard what he said.

Emily: Yeah, and that lesion must be smack-dab right in the middle of your stupid center. How could you possibly refuse to have the surgery?

Paul: Because he didn't answer the one question that I really have. If I let him poke around in my brain, am I gonna go back to who I was?

Emily: You cannot walk around with a scab or hole --

Paul: Lesion.

Emily: Well, whatever that is on your brain.

Paul: It's a lesion.

Emily: You -- whatever. It's like a ticking time bomb, and you don't have a very good record with those lately.

Paul: Fine. Let them play Russian roulette with your brain cells, if that's how you feel about it.

Emily: You could get your memory back.

Paul: I don't want it back.

Emily: It wasn't all terrible. You had good times.

Paul: Name one.

Emily: I -- I don't -- I don't know. I don't know because the bad -- the bad times were so spectacular, they're the first things that come to mind. Listen to me. Everything you did, you did for love.

Paul: Okay.

Emily: Misguided, obsessive, sick love, but no one could ever call you "Uncommitted." I'm not making a very good argument, am I?

Paul: No, look -- I appreciate your effort, but this is not a risk that I want to take, especially if I end up turning back into the monster that everybody says that I was.

Emily: No, no! You know better now. You can make that choice.

Paul: What if I can't, you know? What -- what if they take out the rot and bitter, angry Paul comes back? I'd rather start over -- a clean slate. Can you understand that?

Emily: Yes. Yes, I can. There are a lot of things from my past I would rather not remember. Maybe what you got is contagious.

Paul: Well, if it is, you're already infected.

[Emily chuckles]

Paul: Let me ask you something, okay? I'm gonna ask you one thing, and I want you to give me your honest opinion. You really think it's a mistake for me to not have the surgery?

Emily: I -- I think you should do what you want.

Paul: Thanks.

Alison: Oh, come on, Emily. Don't you ever learn?

Lily: We need to talk.

Meg: I don't have time. I'm meeting Damian.

Lily: Well, you damn well better make time.

Meg: Why can't you let this go?

Lily: You're the one who marched into my house, making wild accusations. You almost derailed my marriage today.

Meg: I didn't expect Holden to walk in.

Lily: He lives there, Meg. It was careless and insensitive, not to mention completely wrong. And you just left me alone to explain it all away. You couldn't have made me look more guilty if you tried.

Meg: I'm sorry, but you provoked me, Lily. There's just so much meddling I can take.

Lily: I wonder if you'll feel that way when Damian breaks your heart.

Meg: It just drives you crazy to see us together, doesn't it?

Lily: Yeah, because I hate to see you reliving my mistakes.

Meg: We are nothing alike.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: You are no match for Damian. I was married to him. I know what he's capable of.

Meg: Okay, well, you're not married to him now, so back off.

Lily: I hate to see you make a fool of yourself.

Meg: You'll hate it more when I donít.

Lily: What does that mean?

Meg: You only want what's best for me as long as it doesn't include Damian, and that is your problem, Lily, and I'm not gonna let you make a fool of my brother. He deserves better than that.

Lily: Do not try to drive a wedge between Holden and me.

Meg: Then stay away from my relationship. I like the way Damian makes me feel. I haven't felt this happy in a long time, and I'm not gonna let you ruin that.

Lily: So that's it? Your mind is made up?

Meg: It always was. Damian and I are good together, and this relationship could go somewhere, and I want that more than anything.

Damian: Mr. Rusk. I'd like you to meet my son and business associate.

Luke: Luke Snyder. A pleasure to meet you.

Rusk: And this is my daughter Sara.

Damian: Enchantť.

Sara: Hi.

Damian: Is everything all right?

Luke: Uh, no. Actually, I'm -- I'm sorry. I -- I have to go.

Damian: Will you excuse me for a minute? Be right back.

Noah: Hey. Where are all the other students?

Mason: Actually, I arranged the screening just for you.

Noah: What? Why would you do that?

Mason: 'Cause you're my best student.

Noah: Hardly.

Mason: You don't even know it. Another difference between you and the mini Tarantinos I'm supposed to be advising.

Noah: So you -- you really set the screening up just for me?

Mason: Mm-hmm. Noah, you can make movies like this one, but you got to know -- you got to believe it. And you can't learn that from a book about story structure.

Noah: I don't know what to say.

Mason: Don't say anything.

Lily: You're not gonna get what you want from Damian. He's using you to make a point.

Meg: What point?

Lily: He has to win, Meg. This is about getting one over on Holden and me.

Meg: How dare you.

Lily: It's the truth.

Meg: As far as Damian is concerned, you're ancient history.

Lily: That's not the way he thinks.

Meg: You are flipping out because your ex-husband is having sex with somebody else, and you just can't stand it. What do you want from him, Lily?

Lily: This is about you and Eliza.

Meg: Oh, bull.

Lily: When Damian's finished with you and walks away, your family is gonna be left to pick up the pieces, just like we had to do with Paul.

Meg: You know what? Don't make this about me. You need to let Damian go.

Lily: I did -- years ago.

Meg: Oh. Then why are you so worried about what Holden overhears.

Lily: Holden and I are fine. We just want you to grow up, Meg. You flit from one guy to the next. First Paul, then Mike, then Dusty. Now Damian?

Meg: Oh, you mean just like you? You can't have everyone. Why can't you just be happily married to my brother? Why can't that be enough for you?

Lily: I love Holden. I always have.

Meg: Oh. It's hard to tell sometimes.

Lily: Maybe that's because you don't know what it takes to keep a relationship alive for years and years. Marriage is not a fairy tale, Meg.

Meg: Yeah, I know that.

Lily: Not from experience. Holden and I have been through a lot, but we're happy now, and we've earned it. So the next time you're in my house, keep your mouth shut. Because if Holden thinks there's something going on with Damian and I when there isn't, I will know who to blame.

Damian: Luke, stop. Why are you so upset?

Luke: Are you kidding me?

Damian: Whatever this is, can we talk about it later? The client's waiting.

Luke: Yeah, the client and his daughter. Is that why you got me involved in the company, so you can introduce me to girls?

Damian: What?

Luke: Damian, I am gay. You can parade as many beautiful women as you want in front of me, it's not gonna change anything. I really thought you were past this.

Damian: I am, Luke. I had no idea Mr. Rusk had a daughter, much less that he was bringing her to dinner. This wasn't some kind of a setup.

Luke: Well, then what is she doing here?

Damian: I am not a mind reader, Luke. I mentioned you were coming along, so he was probably happy to bring his daughter down instead of leaving her upstairs in her room by herself. I promise you, I wouldn't ambush you like this.

Luke: I'm -- I'm sorry. I -- I completely overreacted.

Damian: Mr. Rusk is an important client.

Luke: Yes, and I do apologize. I just assumed --

Damian: Obviously I still have a lot of work to do to prove myself to you.

Luke: Or maybe I just have to get over myself.

Damian: I promise you, Luke, I accept you for who you are, and I understand why I still have to prove myself to you, and I'll keep doing that for as long as it takes, okay? I love you. I'm proud of you. Come on.

Lily: Hey.

Holden: Hey. Did you get things straightened out with Meg?

Lily: I tried. I think I just made things worse. I'm worried about her, Holden. She's a single mother with a new baby. Her world is turned completely upside down.

Holden: You know what? She's got my mother to help her out.

Lily: Yeah, but it's still overwhelming, and Paul is no use.

Holden: That's probably a good thing.

Lily: I agree. Without a father for her child, Meg must feel completely alone, which is why she's latching on to the nearest willing, warm body. She wants a protector. First Dusty, now Damian, as if he was ever a safe haven for anyone.

Holden: We don't need to worry about Meg. She's always been able to find her own way.

Lily: That was fine before, but now she has Eliza to think about.

Holden: She's a good mother. She would never put Eliza in harm's way.

Lily: Not intentionally. But Damian's got her wrapped around his little finger. You didn't hear her before. Her whole life revolves around him. This arrangement -- sleeping and working together, it is not healthy. I know Damian far better than she does.

Holden: I'm guessing you didn't hold back with that, huh?

Lily: Why? It's the truth.

Holden: Not a great tactic.

Lily: Holden, I'm not strategizing. I'm worried about your sister. I tried to get through to her, but she wouldn't listen to me. She'll listen to you.

Holden: I thought you said you were gonna handle this yourself.

Lily: It didn't work. She is gonna get her heart broken if we don't step in.

Holden: If she wants to be with Damian, there's nothing we can do about it.

Lily: And you can get through to her.

Holden: Hardly.

Lily: Holden, do what it takes. Pull the big-brother card. You have got to get Damian away from --

Holden: No, no! I'm not gonna do it.

Damian: Sweetheart.

Meg: Hi. Sorry I'm late.

Damian: No, right on time. Mr. Rusk, Sara, I'd like you to meet Meg Snyder.

Meg: Hi.

Rusk: Well, I think I'm gonna make it an early night.

Luke: Oh, you don't have to do that, Sir.

Rusk: Just look after my daughter, and tomorrow we'll talk business.

Luke: That was weird.

Damian: Is everything all right?

Meg: No, uh, not really. Damian, look, since your client isn't staying for dinner, do you mind if I take a rain check? I can't eat. I'm upset.

Damian: No, no. But I'm not gonna let you leave here alone. Hold on one second. Luke, uh, treat Sara to a good dinner on the company, okay?

Luke: Well, where are you going?

Damian: Meg's not feeling too good.

Paul: You gonna introduce me? Hi.

Alison: Cut the crap, Paul. I'm just here to see my sister.

Paul: Sister? The way you're talking to her, I didn't think you two were even friends.

Emily: Ali, Ali, will you stop? He doesn't remember you, okay? He doesn't remember anything about his life before the accident.

Alison: What? You mean you have amnesia? Ha ha. That is a good one.

Paul: See?

Emily: It's not a joke. He didn't even remember his own name.

Paul: It's true. I woke up in a hospital bed a few weeks ago, and before that, everything is kind of a blank.

Alison: Seriously?

Emily: I swear, it's true. I-- I didn't believe it at first, either, but -- Ali, meet new Paul.

Paul: Hi.

Emily: He's a good guy.

Alison: No. No way. Even if you can't remember anything, you're genetically evil.

Paul: I don't feel evil. I mean, I suppose it's a possibility, but I'm hoping it's not the case.

Emily: He deserves a second chance, Ali.

Alison: "Second"? He had that years ago. You and I don't get unlimited chances, Em. Why should he?

Emily: Because.

Alison: "Because"? That is not a good reason. And even if the whole amnesia thing is true, which I doubt, I can't believe you would come back for more. I mean, don't you get tired of inappropriate men?

Emily: Ali, why are you here? Did you have something to say?

Alison: Yes. I came to tell you that you are a bad judge of character. Well, exhibit "A." But also you were wrong about Hunter. He didn't steal your job from you.

Emily: Yeah, right.

Alison: He didnít. When he found out that Lucinda fired you, he quit in solidarity.

Emily: He did?

Alison: Yes. I just left him at Java searching through Gregís list for a new job.

Emily: I -- I got to go.

Paul: Okay.

Emily: Thanks.

Paul: I -- I was kind of hoping you'd go with her.

Alison: Stay away from my sister, Paul. I mean it. She has had a lot of bad things happen to her in her life, and a lot of those bad times happened because she was mixed up with you.

Paul: I know -- I was a bad guy.

Alison: You were a total jerk to her. You took her for granted. You used her to get what you wanted. And as a couple, the two of you were a walking disaster. You always bring out the worst in each other -- always.

Paul: Okay. Don't spare my feelings.

Alison: Okay, do you want to hear more?

Paul: No. I already got a history lesson from Emily, and I understand. I was a terrible human being, but I -- I can't change that. What I can do is be a good person from now on.

[Alison laughs]

Alison: You should know that that is your catchphrase -- "A good person." You were always swearing that you wanted to be one but falling way too short of the mark. I doubt you have it in you now.

Paul: You are way too young and beautiful to be so cynical.

Alison: I'm just realistic. Emily is not in a good place right now. And the one thing she has always had to turn to was her work. No matter who betrayed her trust or dumped her or stomped all over her heart, "The Intruder" was her lifeline.

Paul: She misses it?

Alison: Like a limb. Do you get that?

Paul: No. I don't remember what it's like to have a job, much less love one, so that's a concept I don't think I'm gonna be able to grasp.

Alison: Okay. Thanks to the paper, Emily found the son she didn't even know she had. She had one moment of contentment with her work and with her family, and now she's lost that all again. She is a pro at hiding her pain, but she is dying inside. And memory or no memory, if you give her any more grief, I swear I will find a way to make you suffer.

Paul: Hey. Wait, wait, wait. Everything you just said -- you said all that because you love her.

Alison: It's complicated, but, yeah. We Stewarts stick together.

Emily: I know what you did. It was very sweet. But you didn't have to throw yourself on your sword, not for me. And you know what? You unemployed isn't good for either one of us, really.

Hunter: I didn't quit for you.

Emily: Well, then it's doubly stupid, isn't it? But it's fixable. One phone call to Lucinda, a little begging, she'll hire you back. It's not like she has anybody else.

Hunter: I do not want to work there.

Emily: Well, do you have a savings?

Hunter: What's that?

Emily: All right. Then I'll give you some money. I'll give you some money till you're back on your feet, because you will get hired like that.

Hunter: I don't want your help, and I really don't want your money.

Emily: Well, what are you gonna do?

Hunter: I'm doing it. I'm starting over again.

Emily: Well, what does that mean? You're not gonna disappear? Are you gonna leave town again?

Hunter: No, I can't afford to.

Emily: Good. For me, good. Okay, no, I'm not gonna pressure you, okay? I know how much you love that, but quitting -- whether you meant to or not, you stuck up for me, and that's really cool. So if -- if there's anything I can do, you know, spring for a coffee?

Hunter: No, I'm fine.

Emily: I know you're fine, but if you need anything --

Hunter: I wonít.

Emily: Okay. Then I will see you around.

Damian: Alright, tell me what happened. Can I get you a drink?

Meg: No, no, I canít. I'm just so -- oh, I'm so angry with Lily.

Damian: Lily?

[Meg sighs]

Meg: She came over to the farm to see me, to be helpful. But what she was really doing was warning me to stay away from you.

Damian: Why?

Meg: Because apparently once you've been with Lily, you are her property for the rest of your life.

Damian: Come on. Lily and I were over a long time ago.

Meg: You know what? You can tell her that, because I told her to her face that she was being jealous, and, of course, she denied it. And then she took all that and threw it right back on me, saying that I couldn't take care of myself, as if I don't know myself. I mean, why can't she be happy with what she has?

Damian: Slow down.

Meg: I canít.

Damian: I'm just trying to understand what's upset you.

Meg: Lily!

Damian: I understand that much, but what makes you think she's jealous?

Meg: She's trying to undermine us. She told you that I still had feelings for Paul, which I donít. And there is no way she would know that anyway. But I donít. I am over him.

Damian: I know.

Meg: Right. So when that didn't work, she comes back to warn me that you would hurt me, that you were this dangerous manipulator that I couldn't possibly handle.

Damian: That's ridiculous.

Meg: I agree. But she wouldn't stop.

Damian: Are you trying to tell me that she got to you? You have doubts about me, Meg?

Meg: No, none. All this that she was doing -- it was just about her. She doesn't know what you and I have together. She's wrong about you. I don't believe her.

Damian: Well, you shouldnít. Lily doesn't know what she's talking about.

[Meg chuckles]

Holden: Lily, just trust me on this, okay? The only way to split up Meg and Damian is to just let this thing run its course.

Lily: So, that's it? Damian gets what he wants? First Luke, now Meg? Who's he gonna go after next?

Holden: You have anyone else in mind?

Lily: Well, it certainly won't be me. I am sick of running interference. I just want to be with you.

Luke: And my little sisters are chasing these two men in Santa outfits -- hey, Noah.

Noah: Am I interrupting?

Luke: Oh, no, no, no. Sara, uh, this is my boyfriend, Noah. Noah, Sarah.

Sara: Oh. I didn't realize you were --

Luke: Yep. Totally gay.

Sara: Thanks for lending me your boyfriend for the evening, and thanks for not treating me like the boss's daughter.

Luke: It was fun.

Noah: Is this what being in business with your father is really about?

Paul: Alison made me realize how much you miss your newspaper. I'm sorry you lost it. So, let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Emily: Um, buy me a newspaper.

Paul: Okey-dokey.

Emily: It's not funny.

Paul: You think I would joke about that? I -- I wouldn't joke about something that's so obviously important to you.

Emily: Since when?

Paul: Well, since --

[Imitates explosion]

Emily: Are you serious about this?

Paul: Yeah. Why not? Emily, I got all this money sitting around my bank account. I don't even know what to do with it. How about we just buy you a newspaper?

[Emily chuckles]

Emily: Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh!

Hunter: I wouldn't have told you I quit if I thought you were gonna go and tell Emily.

Alison: Of course I told her. We're Stewarts. We stick up for each other.

Hunter: I'm not one of you.

Alison: Oh, yes. Sorry, but you are. You proved it by walking out on Lucinda.

Hunter: I told you, I just didn't want to --

Alison: Blah, blah, blah, blah. That's another Stewart thing. We pretend to be tough, but inside we're really mushy.

Hunter: Mushy?

Alison: "The Intruder" was Emily's whole world. She needed to know that you didn't try to steal it out from under her, that you took her side.

Hunter: Yeah, well, a lot of good it did me. I'm going to be making lattes and sharing my apartment with nine college kids.

Alison: See? Total Stewart. You try to be loyal and you end up doing something self-destructive. You fit right in, little brother.

Luke: Noah, you are so cute when you're jealous.

Noah: Okay, do not try and charm your way out of this. That was not a business dinner.

Luke: Oh, come on, Noah. You can't honestly think that I'm falling for a girl.

Noah: I don't, but maybe Damian thinks that you just haven't met the right one yet.

Luke: You know what? I thought that when I showed up and Sara was here, but it's not true at all, and you were invited, remember?

Noah: Well, maybe that was just a ploy to throw you off.

Luke: Why does everybody think that Damian has ulterior motives? Why can't he just be trying to get to know me? I mean, you were all for that before I took this job.

Noah: Yeah, but maybe I was being naive.

Luke: Noah, give me a little bit of credit. I'm going home with you tonight, like I'm going to do for the rest of my life. So you might as well get used to it.

Damian: Listen, I know what I said before about combining our personal and professional lives together, but if it's too much --

Meg: No, it's not. I don't care about Holden or Lily or anybody else. This is exactly where I want to be.

[Cell phone rings]

Damian: Hello.

Lily: It's Lily. Listen, I, um -- I wanted to let you know that you can do whatever you want with Meg. Holden and I aren't going to interfere.

Damian: I'm surprised to hear you say that.

Lily: I said some things to Meg today that I regret. I want you to be happy, Damian.

Damian: Thank you.

Lily: Take care of Meg.

Damian: I intend to.

Meg: Hey. Who were you talking to?

Damian: No one.

Holden: Lily, are you downstairs?

Lily: I'll be right there, Sweetheart.

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