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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 7/31/09

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Rosanna: Teri, what are you doing?

Teri: I always clean my cooking instruments myself.

Rosanna: You're allowed to take a break when the kids aren't here.

Teri: I figured if I did it now, it would save time when everyone's hungry.

Rosanna: Don't you want to see your sister? Uh, she works, uh, in Old Town at the Al's diner, I think.

Teri: I don't want to bother her.

Rosanna: Oh, come on. I'm sure she'd love to see you more.

Teri: When I'm finished cleaning, what I really need is a supermarket.

Rosanna: Teri, come on.

Teri: I don't mind being busy. I've been kind of sitting around, doing nothing ever since I got fired.

Rosanna: All right. Well, you just take a break whenever you need to, okay? You deserve it. You've been great.

Teri: I want to make something special for dinner.

Rosanna: Oh.

Craig: Sounds great. Count me in.

Rosanna: Do you have a key or something?

Craig: The one Carly gave me.

[Rosanna groans]

Rosanna: Was she conscious at the time?

Craig: Very funny. We are engaged, you know? Don't let her turn you against me.

Rosanna: Oh, don't worry. I'm sure you'll do that all by yourself.

Teri: I think I'll go shopping.

Rosanna: Oh. Hmm. Bye.

Craig: How is she working out so far?

Rosanna: Well, she's great. She's actually given me some room to breathe. Thank you very much.

Craig: Terrific. You're gonna need it.

[Janet inhales]

Janet: Did I ever tell you about the time Teresa made these amazing cookies when she was about 4? I mean, they were beautiful, until you ate them.

Jack: Because she made them out of talcum powder.

[Janet laughs]

Janet: I did tell you.

Jack: Oh, maybe once or twice.

Janet: I'm just so excited to have her back in my life.

Jack: And I'm happy for you. I am.

Janet: And you are the reason that she's here.

Jack: Where is she now?

Janet: Uh, I don't know. At work or something?

Jack: You haven't spoken to her?

Janet: Well, no. I -- I don't want to bother her, you know? Uh, it would seem like I was interrupting. I'm surprised she even remembers me.

[Jack stammers]

Jack: She's your sister. Honey, you remembered her.

Janet: I know, but I was a teenager. I felt like she was just as much my baby as she was my momís. I missed her the most.

Jack: Well, you don't have to miss her anymore.

Janet: I know. I'm so excited for Liberty to come back from her internship. She gets to meet Teresa and have a family of her own.

Jack: And Teri will love her.

Janet: I hope so. Oh -- I cannot thank you enough for letting her stay with us.

Jack: Mm. Well, I got to tell you, that stuff you tried last night -- that works.

Janet: Oh! I think we have some more peanut butter in the cupboard.

[Jack laughs]

Craig: Do you remember when your mother and I thought you should be the face of our new vitamin water?

Parker: Yeah. She made me pose for those drawings.

Craig: Exactly.

Parker: It was lame.

Craig: No, it wasnít. You looked terrific. You were exactly the kind of image that we wanted -- young, athletic, energetic.

Parker: Lame, dorky, pathetic.

Craig: Decide for yourself.

Rosanna: These are good.

Parker: Oh, please.

Rosanna: No, I mean it. You look great.

Parker: Yeah, well, you're my aunt. You're biased.

Craig: Well, Ed Lazarus is not your aunt, and he thinks so, too.

Parker: Who's Ed Lazarus?

Craig: Our new partner. And he thinks we should base our entire marketing campaign around you.

Parker: You mean the drawings.

Craig: And more. Photos, viral campaign on the web, maybe even TV spots.

Rosanna: Excuse me a minute. Uh, uh, when did this happen?

Craig: I sent him the sketches just this morning.

Rosanna: Without telling me?

Craig: Well, I didn't know he would get so excited about it.

Rosanna: Craig, how many times do I have to tell you, you do not get to make any decisions regarding the kids or the vitamin water business without talking to me?!

Katie: Look at this stroller. It has four-wheel independent suspension, reinforced snow tires, and a heated rain cover.

Brad: Sounds nicer than my car. More expensive, too.

Katie: We have to be safe for the baby.

Brad: We don't need the stroller equivalent of a stretched limo.

Katie: I know you're worried about money, but --

Brad: Neither one of us are working right now.

Katie: We will soon.

Brad: You will.

Katie: Just because Kim doesn't want you to do the show solo doesn't mean you're not gonna get something else. Something's gonna come up soon.

[Brad sighs]

Brad: When? I have been looking for weeks. And meanwhile, our bank account is just -- it's taking a nosedive.

Katie: We'll be fine.

Brad: I should have agreed to partner with Henry.

Katie: No, you couldnít. If he took Vienna's job, she would never come home.

Brad: She's not coming home anyway.

Katie: She will. But in the meantime, Henry has his mother to deal with.

[Audrey groans]

[Audrey laughs]

Audrey: Ooh la la, my son. I -- I always knew you had a very active imagination.

[Door opens]

Henry: What are you doing?!

Audrey: Th -- this is -- it's a mess.

Henry: It's my mess!

Audrey: Well, you know what? I raised you to be very neat.

Henry: It's none of your business.

[Audrey sighs]

Audrey: I am just trying to help out.

Henry: No, you are not.

Audrey: Well, what else -- what in the world would I be doing in your drawers?

Henry: You were looking for something to steal.

Audrey: That is a horrible thing to say.

Henry: Don't you deny it, Mother. It won't work.

Janet: Hey, Teresa!

Teri: Rosanna told me you worked here. I hope its okay.

Janet: Of course it is! I was just about to take my break.

Teri: I can't believe you're a waitress. It must be in the jeans.

Janet: Yeah, well, you know -- do you want something? Do you want some coffee or some pie?

Teri: No. No, thanks. Thanks.

Janet: Okay, well, let me just put this order in, and we can talk.

Teri: Oh, I don't want to bother you.

Janet: What?! What bother? It's been 18 years. We've got a lot to catch up on.

Teri: Stop, Jan. You don't have to lie to me.

Craig: I had no idea Ed would react this way, but he did. It's a great opportunity for us, and for Parker.

Rosanna: Well, Jack's not gonna go for it.

Parker: Go for what?

Rosanna: Your face on every bottle of water we sell.

Parker: That sounds like a lot of work.

Craig: Oh, well, if you'd rather keep lugging dirty dishes around Al's and making a tenth of the amount of money you could doing this, go right ahead.

Parker: 10 times more? Really?

Rosanna: We still have to get your dad's okay.

Parker: Yeah, well, then you can forget it, 'cause he's never gonna say yes.

Craig: Why would Jack object to you getting a better job than the one you have now?

Parker: Because he's Jack. Saying no is what he does.

Rosanna: He's your dad, and we have to get his approval before we do this.

Parker: Right, so it's not gonna happen.

Craig: Want to bet? Half time!

Rosanna: Craig, do you think you can put Parker's face on thousands of bottles of water and not have Jack find out about it?

Craig: Of course not. I'm going to get him to agree, same way I got him to let Teri stay in town.

Parker: Total once-in-a-lifetime fluke.

Craig: You'll see.

Rosanna: You know Jack wants Parker to go back to school.

Craig: We all do.

Rosanna: Well, modeling takes up a lot of time.

Craig: And it makes a lot of money.

Rosanna: Listen, I'm -- I'm trying to tell you that there's no way you can sell Jack on the fact that you think you know what's better for Parker than he does.

Craig: Don't you get tired of watching me do all the things you say I can't?

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: What do you want?

Craig: To cement our new friendship, Jack. How would you and Janet like to come for dinner?

Jack: Yeah, we can't make it. And we're not friends.

Craig: Oh, come on, Jack. It's a good, old-fashioned family dinner to welcome Teri into the fold. Don't you think Janet should be there?

Jack: What is this really about, Craig?

Craig: It's really about letting Janet and Teri spend time together. We'll see you at 6:00. He'll be here.

Janet: Why would I lie to you?

Teri: It's -- it's really okay. I know seeing me isn't easy for you.

Janet: Why not?

Teri: Why would you want to see some baby sister you never cared about?

Janet: Of course I care.

Teri: The way you left without saying goodbye -- I mean, I understand why you wouldn't want anything to do with our family.

Janet: That's not how I felt at all.

Teri: You were on an adventure, and you wanted to cut all ties. Last thing you wanted to feel guilty about was leaving behind some bratty little kid.

Janet: Whoa! Teresa, stop it! What the hell are you talking about?!

Henry: You were trying to steal something from me.

Audrey: How can you really say that to me?

Henry: How can I -- you've been stealing from me since I was 7 years old. You remember when you -- you broke my piggy bank so you could go to Cahokia Downs?

Audrey: Well, yeah, yeah! But I -- I swore to you, I promised I would -- I would pay you back!

Henry: Because you got caught!

[Audrey sighs]

Henry: What are you looking for now? My -- my bank account passwords, my safe deposit key, what?

Audrey: What happened to you, my cute, little, fluffy, adorable son? Do you know how much it hurts me to see how embittered and distrustful my favorite son has become?

Henry: I'm your only son! And I'm not your personal ATM machine. You know what? Gonna put a stop to this right now.

Audrey: What -- what are you doing? Who are you calling?

Henry: I'm calling the front desk. I'm gonna get you your own room so you can make arrangements to leave. Actually, you know what? We'll stop by the front desk on the way out.

Audrey: Where are we going?

Henry: Someplace where you can't do any more damage. Come on.

Katie: You have nothing to worry about. You'll be fine.

[Brad sighs]

Brad: I'd better be. Otherwise, we're gonna be raising our kid in a car.

Katie: Do I look worried?

Brad: You should be, you know? I mean, I'm not the -- I'm not the most responsible guy in the world, Katie.

Katie: Don't say that.

Brad: Well, I mean, look -- I mean, seriously, look at my track record. I mean, I had nothing to do with my daughter until she was 16 years old.

Katie: That wasn't your fault! You didn't even know Janet was pregnant!

Brad: I could have found out why she disappeared, but I didnít. I didn't do that. If I had -- I don't know that I would have done anything different.

Katie: Of course you would.

Brad: You didn't know me then.

Katie: But I know you now, and if I had any doubt whatsoever, I would not be having a baby with you. Mm.

[Doorbell rings]

Brad: Who is this?

Katie: Go find out.

[Brad growls]

Henry: I need a favor.

Brad: We are in the middle of something.

Henry: Can it wait? I need you to keep an eye on this one.

Audrey: Do -- do you see this? Do you see how he treats his poor, old mother?

Henry: You are not old, Mother, and you've got to be far from poor, considering how much money you've stolen over the years.

Audrey: I have never taken a dime that did not belong to me.

Henry: A dime, no, but thousands of dollars, maybe. Keep your hands on your wallets!

Brad: W -- where are you going?

Henry: I'm gonna go shore up my financial firewall before my mother's next attack.

Audrey: Oh! You -- you -- drama queen!

[Audrey sighs]

Katie: What happened?

Audrey: Oh, well, I just -- I was trying to tidy up, and I was putting these lovely little senate drawer liners in his drawer, trying to make him feel better. And he stormed in, and he started yelling nasty accusations at me.

Katie: Oh, it's not you. It really isnít. He's just not the same since Vienna left.

[Voice breaking]

Audrey: Yeah, so he takes it out on me, his poor mother? Why not? Better me than somebody he actually cares about.

Katie: I'll get you a tissue.

Audrey: Oh, I'm sorry!

Brad: I'll get you some water.

Audrey: Okay, thank you. I appreciate it.

[Cell phone rings]

Audrey: Yeah, it's me. I'm ready to move. Yeah, it's time. I'll be ready.

Katie: Did you say something?

[Audrey gasps]

[Voice breaking]

Audrey: No, just crying.

Katie: Oh, here.

Audrey: Oh, thank you.

[Audrey blows nose]

Audrey: Oh. Oh, thank you so much. It's so nice of you. You know, mm, mm, it's so great that Henry has such special, cute friends like you.

Janet: You make it sound like I just ran off and forgot about you.

Teri: Didn't you?

Janet: Is that what they told you?

Teri: They told me that you were irresponsible and rebellious, and that's why you ran away.

Janet: Oh, they told you I ran away?

Teri: Didn't you? You were my favorite person, Jan, and then one day, you just disappeared without even saying goodbye.

Janet: Teresa --

Teri: They told me I'd get over it, but, you know, I never did. I -- I waited for you to come back or call me or send me a postcard or something.

Janet: I did.

Teri: What?

Janet: I did. I sent you letters. I sent you Christmas presents and birthday presents.

Teri: No, you didn't!

Janet: I did every year! I even sent you money so you could come visit me.

Teri: I never got anything like that from you.

Janet: They kept it from you because they didn't want you to turn out like me.

Teri: Why?

Janet: I didn't just disappear, Teresa. They threw me out. They sent me to go live with Aunt Marie in Michigan and told me to never come back again.

Teri: Why would they do that?

Janet: Because of her.

Liberty: Mom, what's wrong?

Teri: "Mom"?

Janet: This is Liberty Ciccone, my daughter. She's the reason they kept you away from me.

Parker: How are you gonna convince my dad?

Craig: Oh, my. It sounds like you might actually want to do this.

Parker: Well, I mean, if there's a way for me to make a lot of money without having to go to school --

Rosanna: That's not the argument you want to make to your father.

Parker: Yeah, but why should I learn chemistry or algebra when I can get paid to stand in front of a camera?

Craig: Spoken like a true American boy.

Parker: It was your idea.

Craig: And I'll make it work.

Parker: Yeah, right. Anyway, I -- I got to get back up to "Zombie Occupation." It -- it's an online video game. My resistance cell is about to launch a mission. So if you guys need me, I'll be upstairs.

Rosanna: Okay.

Craig: Well, I sleep better knowing the future is in their hands.

[Rosanna chuckles]

Rosanna: You're the one who wants to convince his father to let him be a model instead of going back to school. You know, we could get someone else.

Craig: Ed wants Parker, and we want Ed's money.

Rosanna: Only if Jack says it's okay.

Craig: He will. Have a little faith.

Teri: Your daughter?

Janet: You didn't know?

Teri: They never told me. So wait, she's --

Janet: She's the reason they sent me away.

Teri: Oh, my God.

Liberty: Mom, is this Aunt Teresa?

Teri: You know who I am?

Liberty: Well, yeah. We -- we found your Friendbook page, 'cause I always really wanted to know what my relatives looked like. And -- Mom, why did you never tell me she was coming to Oakdale?

Janet: I didn't know!

Liberty: This is so cool. Mom always said that you were her favorite.

Teri: I'm Teri.

[Liberty laughs]

Liberty: Liberty.

[Liberty laughs]

Teri: "Liberty." That's a really nice name. You are so beautiful.

Janet: I know. Isn't she?

Liberty: Oh, stop. Stop it. How long are you staying?

Teri: Oh, I don't -- I don't know for sure.

Janet: Well, she has -- uh, she has a job here. She's gonna be taking care of Parker and Sage.

[Janet laughs]

Liberty: Seriously? I thought -- I thought that their aunt was staying with them.

Janet: Well, she is, but they need some extra help, and they all, like, ran into each other in Chicago. They met there. They had no idea who anybody was.

Liberty: This is so crazy, really. I -- I have never known another Ciccone.

Teri: Well, you do now.


Janet: Yay! Hey, what -- what's going on? What about the internship thing? You're not finished yet, are you?

Liberty: It's over.

Janet: Yeah, but you got two more weeks to go.

Liberty: Yeah, it's just there's a change of plans.

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: Oh.

Teri: Hey.

Rosanna: Hey, Teri. Um, how would you feel about adding a few guests for dinner?

Teri: Oh, invite whoever you want.

Rosanna: Well, Craig already did. Um, Jack and Janet.

Teri: I'm with Janet right now. She hasn't mentioned it.

Rosanna: Oh, well, maybe she doesn't know yet. Um, Craig spoke to Jack.

Teri: I'll tell her. Apparently, you and your husband are coming to dinner. Which means you are, too. I'd better go do my shopping. Where do you go for the good stuff? You know, high-quality meats, fresh-caught seafood, organic herbs?

Janet: Can you tell she's been to cooking school?

Liberty: Very cool.

Janet: I go to the supermarket down on Olive.

Teri: Okay, I'll check it out.

Janet: Okay. Great.

[Janet gasps]

Janet: You know what? I'll make my meatballs. Everybody loves my meatballs.

[Teri laughs]

Teri: Excellent.

Janet: Excellent! Yay!

Teri: And I want to hear your whole life story.

Liberty: Yes, yes. I'm excited. Aah! Bye.

Janet: Bye, bye.

[Liberty laughs]

Liberty: It's so cool that she's here.

Janet: I know. Can you believe it? I've always wanted you to meet her.

Liberty: I -- I can't believe she just showed up in Oakdale.

Janet: Out of the blue! I know! You know what? I'm gonna go clock out so that I can make my meatballs. Oh, um, w -- what happened with the internship thing? Tell me about that.

Liberty: Uh, they -- uh, they just -- they ran out of money.

Janet: Oh, really?

Liberty: Mm-hmm.

Janet: That's too bad. But you know what's good? You'll be here tonight for dinner! And you can get to know your Aunt Teresa a lot better. You know who I should call? Your father. Yes, that's a good idea. I wonder if he remembers her. I wonder if she remembers him. Huh. I'm gonna call him.

Audrey: Well, I have to admit, I haven't been the most attentive mother in the world. I have a lot of making up to do. Though I think today, mothers can be so smothering, don't you?

Katie: They can be, yeah.

Brad: That was Janet. We're invited for dinner over at Carlyís.

Katie: Why?

Brad: Well, uh, Janet's kid sister Teri -- she's, uh, in town unexpectedly, so they're having a dinner for her.

Katie: At Carly's?

Brad: Well, Janet said that, uh, you know, Liberty's back. She'll be there, and Jack, too, and -- and your brother.

Katie: Craig? You can count me out.

Brad: The doctor said you can go out as long as you take it easy.

Katie: An evening with Craig doesn't exactly qualify as "Easy."

Brad: Well, wait until you meet Janet's kid sister. She's a little firecracker.

Katie: Oh, I'm sure she is. But if you'll remember, we do have a guest.

Audrey: Oh, no. But, uh -- uh, no. You can't change your plans on my account, no.

Brad: Well, I'll -- I'll call Henry.

Katie: Oh, I would feel so bad just running out on you.

Audrey: I would feel worse if you didnít.

Brad: He's not answering. Hey, Henry, it's Brad. It's important. Call me back. He must be on another call.

Henry: Listen. You heard me. I want everything changed -- account numbers, passwords, statement addresses -- everything. How long will that take? No, that's too long! No, I don't have any information that there's been a breach. But trust me, there will be, and very soon.

Audrey: Okay.

[Audrey laughs]

Audrey: This is -- this is my room, the room.

Brad: Okay. Well, are you sure you're gonna be okay, being here alone?

Audrey: Yes, thank you. I'll be fine.

Brad: All right. Well, you got my -- you got my, uh, cell, so call me if you need anything.

Audrey: Thank you. Mwah! You know something? You are a true gentlemen, unlike other people around here.

[Brad laughs]

Brad: All right, well, uh, I'll call you later.

Audrey: Okay. See you later.

[Audrey sighs]

Audrey: Okay. Where was I? Perfect.

[Audrey sighs]

Audrey: Okay. It's time.

Rosanna: Teri, this is incredible!

Craig: Oh, this is magnificent. You're a miracle worker!

Teri: Why don't you wait and make sure it tastes as good as it looks?

Craig: Oh, I have no doubt it will.

Rosanna: And then we'll see if it works.

Craig: It will.

[Doorbell rings]

Brad: Parker.

Katie: Parker, hi!

Parker: Hey, how are you?

Brad: How are you doing, bud?

Parker: Good.

Katie: Oh!

Craig: Little sis.

Katie: It smells amazing in here.

Brad: Hey, Craig.

Craig: Hello, Brad. Well, you know Rosanna. And this is Teri.

Katie: Hi. It's so nice to meet you.

Brad: So, where is -- where is Janet's little sister?

Teri: Uh, that would be me, Brad.

Brad: You're Teresa?

Katie: The cute little kid?

[Teri laughs]

Brad: Well, she was.

Teri: 18 years ago the last time you saw me, but thanks.

Brad: Well, you have definitely grown up.

Craig: Yeah.

[Doorbell rings]

Craig: Oh, there they are now.

Rosanna: Ah!

Craig: Come on in.

Janet: Hello! Hi!

Craig: Hi! Hello, Jack.

Jack: Craig.

Liberty: Hey, Craig.

Craig: Hi.

Liberty: How's it going?

Craig: Good.

Liberty: Hey.

Parker: What are you doing here?

Liberty: I'm back.

Janet: So, this is, uh -- wow, this is really beautiful.

Rosanna: And it's all thanks to your little sister.

[Rosanna chuckles]

Janet: Oh! Great. Um, well, where should I put my meatballs?

Craig: I would like to propose a toast --

Rosanna: Ah!

Craig: -- To the newest member of our extended family, Teri Ciccone.

Jack: Now Craig's a member of the family. Is that it?

Janet: Can it just for tonight, okay?

Craig: But before we dive into this amazing meal that Teri's made for us, I have an announcement to make about Parker.

Rosanna: Uh, Craig, are you sure you want to do this now?

Craig: Why wait? No, I'd like to tell everyone that Parker has made a crucial life decision. He's going back to school.

Jack: He is?

Parker: I am

Liberty: You really want to go back to school?

Parker: No. He's selling me out.

Craig: I'm sure you all know about Carly's new vitamin water project. She couldn't stop talking about it before she left, it meant so much to her. And I made her a promise that I was going to do everything possible to make it a success. This morning, I had a conversation with our biggest investor. I also sent over some of the drawings that Carly had come up with for our marketing campaign, and he fell in love with the concept.

Jack: What does Parker have to do with this?

Craig: Carly's idea was to center the campaign around someone young, active, energetic -- someone like Parker. And that's exactly what we're gonna do.

Jack: So Parker's gonna model?

Craig: He's going to symbolize the kind of person who would drink our water.

Jack: And what does this have to do with school?

Craig: I told him if he wants to do it, he has to go back.

Parker: No, he didnít.

Craig: And he has to prove that he can handle the time commitment. He'll be learning advertising and marketing and make some decent money while he does the job. But I also told him the only way he could do it is if you say yes.

Jack: Do you think he can do it?

Parker: I think it's more of a question of whether or not I want to.

Jack: Parker, I think it's terrific that you finally decided to go back to school, and it will be great that you're working.

Parker: You do?

Jack: What I want to know from you is that you can handle it.

Craig: Of course he can.

Jack: Like I said, I'd like to hear it from him.

Parker: Yeah. Yeah, I can handle it.

Craig: Excellent. To Parker Snyder, the face of our new vitamin water.

Liberty: Cheers.

Craig: Hear, hear.

Janet: Well-done.

Liberty: Yeah, Parker.

Teri: Okay. Now, everyone, let's eat.


Janet: And I made meatballs, so there's no place to put them, so I'll be serving them if anybody would like meatballs.

Katie: Oh, everything looks so good. So healthy!

Craig: You first. You're the guest.

Liberty: Wow, this is awesome, Aunt Teresa. Where'd you learn to cook like this?

Teri: Uh, I spent a semester in Paris during my undergrad, and then I went to culinary school.

Liberty: Wow.

Katie: Must have been a good school.

Brad: This is incredible. I mean, you need to have us over for dinner more often.

Craig: From now on, you're gonna have to pay for that privilege. Teri's gonna be cooking at Metro until Carly gets back.

Katie: Nice.

Jack: You all right?

Janet: Oh, I'm fine.

Jack: Hmm?

Janet: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I'm good.

Janet: Liberty --

Liberty: Yeah.

Janet: -- Come here for a second. Do me a favor and, uh, put these in the kitchen, will you?

Liberty: Mm-hmm. Sure.

Parker: What's that?

Liberty: Uh, my mom's meatballs.

Parker: I love your mom's meatballs. Let me just get that.

[Liberty laughs]

Liberty: Mm.

Parker: What are you doing back? I thought you weren't supposed to be back from your, uh, internship for two weeks.

Liberty: Um, it ended early.

Parker: How come?

Liberty: They just, uh, ran out of money.

Parker: Seriously?

Liberty: Yeah.

Parker: And so they just kicked you guys out?

Liberty: Parker, that's all I know.

Parker: Okay.

Henry: Hey. Have you seen my mother?

Bartender: Sorry, no.

Henry: Thank you.

Henry: What the hell?

[Water running]

Henry: Oh.

[Henry sighs]

Henry: Its okay, Mother. It's over. You can come out now. I don't know what I was thinking. Nothing but a grifter and a reprobate. Nobody ever changes.

Vienna: You're right, Henry. Nobody ever changes, especially you.

Henry: Vienna, what are you doing here?

Vienna: This is my room, remember?

Henry: I thought you were in Sweden. Uh, when did you get back?

Vienna: Yesterday. I wanted to see you right away, but I was too afraid.

Henry: Why?

Vienna: Because you hurt me, Henry. I love you so much, but what you did --

Henry: I know, I know. I know what I did. It was awful. It was horrible. It was unforgivable. But please, I -- I spend every minute thinking about that, the -- the idea that maybe you could -- you could forgive me. And -- and then I could spend the rest of my life making it up to you.

Vienna: Yeah, but do you even know what you did wrong?

Henry: Of course. Of course I did. Of course I did.

[Henry stammers]

Henry: I wanted to protect you from all those ogling strangers on TV, and I went too far!

Vienna: No, no, no! That's not it at all!

Henry: It's not?

Vienna: No, that's the problem! Because you think that you were just defending my honor! B -- but in fact, you were just being selfish, and you just want me all by yourself!

Henry: Of course! Of course I do! You're the love of my life! I don't want to share you with anybody!

Vienna: No, but you have to! I want a life, too!

Henry: You have a life. You -- you've got -- you've got the diner. You've got Metro.

Vienna: No, but that's not enough, Henry. Yes, I admit it. I did like the attention. But not as much as you did.

Henry: I know, I know, I know. I liked the attention way too much. But you got to understand, nothing -- nothing means more to me than you do.

Vienna: And I feel the same way. You know that.

Henry: Does that mean that you forgive me? Give me another chance?

Vienna: Yeah. Only if you promise that you will never lie or never deceive or ever hurt me again.

Henry: Never. Mm.

Vienna: Mm! No.

Henry: What, what? Why no -- no?

Vienna: Okay. If I'm gonna give you a second chance, it's only fair that you give a second chance to your mother.

Henry: My mother? What does my mother have to do with this?

Vienna: Who do you think convinced me to come back?

[Henry laughs]

Audrey: Thank you. Ah, well, if it isn't the two lovebirds. Have happy times been restored?

Vienna: Yes, they have. And Henry -- he has something to tell you.

Henry: Yes. What you did was very generous, Mother, and I'd like to thank you.

Audrey: Oh. Okay, you're welcome. Um, but I just want to tell you that I'm really glad I could help you get your lovely Vienna back. I know how miserable you were without her.

Vienna: Yes. And since you convinced me to -- to give him a second chance, he's gonna give you a second chance.

Henry: Yes, we're just going to take it day by day and just see where it goes.

Vienna: Yeah.

Audrey: Okay. That's good enough for me.

Teri: So, what do you do now?

Brad: Katie and I host a TV show.

Teri: You do? When is it on? I want to watch it?

Brad: Well, we're on hiatus right now while Katie's pregnant.

Craig: Oh. In other words, that means he's unemployed.

Katie: We are on hiatus. We're gonna be back on the air once the baby's born.

Teri: Well, I hope so. Take it from me, it's not so easy finding a job these days.

Janet: It's true. Liberty's internship had to end early because of lack of funding.

Teri: That's tough. What happened?

Liberty: It's -- it's boring. Um, I'm actually gonna go outside, if it's okay with you guys. I'm not really feeling so good.

Janet: What? What's the matter?

Liberty: I just -- Mom, I don't have a fever. I'm just -- I'm gonna get some air.

Parker: I'll go check on her.

Janet: Thank you.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Craig, tell me more about this ad campaign. How much will Parker need to work?

Craig: I'd say no more than a few hours a week.

Rosanna: Are you sure about that?

Craig: It's our company. It's our campaign. We can set the schedule.

Jack: Well, that's great, 'cause if it interferes with school, you know he's gonna have to stop.

Craig: Absolutely right. The whole point was to get him back into a classroom.

Jack: And I must admit, it was a great idea.

Craig: Thank you. We both want what's best for Parker.

Parker: So, you want to tell me what really happened with the internship?

Liberty: I got fired.

Teri: Oh!

Teri: Oh!

Janet: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! You did all the cooking. You shouldn't have to clear.

Teri: Mama's rule number one.

Janet: Right.

Teri: But you cooked, too, and I never had a chance to try any of your meatballs before they all got eaten.

Janet: Maybe next time. Excuse me.

Craig: You know, things are tough out there. With Katie pregnant -- I'm saying that if you need my help --

Brad: Not from you.

Craig: Well, your wife is my sister.

Brad: And I will take care of her and our baby.

Craig: Of course you will.

Brad: I mean, just so you know -- I mean, if I ever do need help, you're the last person on earth that I would ever ask.

Jack: Yeah, I'm sure that Brad and Katie are gonna be just fine.

Brad: Damn right we are. We got to go. We got to get you back into bed.

Katie: Okay. Teri, you are an amazing cook. Thank you so much. You're gonna do great at Metro.

Teri: Aw, thanks. It was wonderful seeing you guys again.

Brad: Thank you so much for having us. I'm so glad you and Janet got a chance to reconnect again. I know it means a lot to her, and Liberty, too.

Teri: She's a great kid.

Jack: I meant what I said. I'm sure you guys will be fine, but if you need anything, you can always come to me.

Brad: Thanks, Bud. Thanks.

Katie: Thanks.

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: Are you ready to go?

Jack: Al -- already? You barely got a chance to talk to your sister.

Janet: I can talk to her another time.

Brad: You seem down.

Janet: Oh, no, I'm okay, really.

Brad: Well, I'm glad you're back. I really -- listen, I really missed you.

Liberty: Aw! I miss you, too, Dad.

Brad: Mm.

[Liberty groans]

[Liberty chuckles]

Brad: All right. Take care.

Liberty: See you guys later.

Katie: Bye, guys.

Liberty: Bye.

Parker: So, what happened?

Liberty: I messed up. It was -- it was really hard, and I just -- I made a lot of mistakes.

Parker: It was your first time.

Liberty: Yeah, but all the other interns are okay. They're still there.

Parker: So you didn't click with this job. I mean, it happens. What -- what did your mom say?

Liberty: Oh, I did not tell her. She's so, like, preoccupied with Aunt Teresa. So just please don't say anything.

Parker: Yeah, yeah, sure.

Liberty: Do you want to, like, go somewhere, do something? We could, like, go see a movie or go for a walk or ice cream, whatever.

Parker: You know what? I -- I really would like to, but I -- I start my new job tomorrow, and I should probably get some sleep.

Liberty: Right.

Craig: Uh, Parker, a few things we need to go over for tomorrow.

Parker: Yeah, sure. I'll be right there.

Craig: Okay.

Parker: Are you gonna be okay?

Liberty: Yeah, sure.

Parker: Okay. See you inside.

Vienna: She really cares about you, Henry. She was so sweet to me, and she -- she's so worried about you. She convinced me to come back.

Henry: Just like Brad and Katie, she's got everybody snowed.

Vienna: No, no, no, no. She -- she's for real, Henry. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here.

Henry: Look, I forgave her, didn't I?

[Henry stammers]

Henry: And I said I'd give her another chance.

Vienna: I know, but --

Henry: No! Let's -- let's -- let's stop talking about my mother.

Vienna: So what do you want to talk about?

Henry: I don't want to talk at all.

[Vienna chuckles]

Audrey: Okay. I've got what you need. Now I need that DNA test right away.

Liberty: Um, I'm tired. I'm just gonna go up and read, okay?

Janet: Read?

Jack: Something happen with her and Parker?

Janet: She'll talk about it when she's ready.

Jack: Yeah? What about you? You seem a little quiet yourself.

Janet: I know. Just my head is spinning. Seeing Teresa again --

[Janet sighs]

Janet: -- Knowing how my parents lied to her, how they treated her so differently --

Jack: Honey, you know they disapproved of you.

Janet: I know. But it's like they were two different people with her. They sent her to college. They sent her to Paris. They helped her with cooking school.

Jack: Yeah, you know what? Your food's great. Your food's great without all that stuff.

Janet: Nobody ate my meatballs, Jack!

Jack: What?

Janet: It doesn't matter.

Jack: Hey, you know what? I think your meatballs are better than all that other fancy stuff.

Janet: Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome.

Janet: I love you.

Jack: I love your meatballs.

Janet: I always wondered what my life would have been like if I hadn't gotten pregnant. Now I know. It would have been like Teresaís.

[Brad chuckles]

[Brad groans]

Brad: You know, your brother -- he's a piece of work. I mean, his lording it over us just because we hit a small bump in the road -- just a small bump.

Katie: Maybe he wanted to help.

Brad: Please. Anyway, we can solve our own problems.

Katie: Yeah, I know we can.

[Brad sighs]

Brad: Teresa's food was amazing.

Katie: Yeah, it was.

Brad: You know, I kept thinking that you know, we should do a segment with her. And then I had to remind myself that we don't have a show anymore. What?

Katie: You just had a great idea.

Brad: Oh, yeah? What is it?

Katie: Remember when Janet first came to town, and she did that cooking segment on "Oakdale Now"? You stood there being hilarious.

Brad: I remember that.

Katie: Why don't we pitch that to Kim as the basis for an entire show? You stand there making comments while a woman cooks incredible food. We feed it to the audience or the guests. And you get their reactions.

Brad: I still need a partner.

Katie: Yeah, and now we know exactly who that should be.

Both: Teri.

Craig: That was great, Teri. If you cook half as well as that at Metro, we're gonna make a lot of money.

Teri: Oh, I just hope we all do well enough so I can stay here. Everyone is so nice. And I'm finally close to my sister again, thanks to you.

Craig: It's my pleasure.

Teri: I'd better start cleaning up.

Rosanna: Try not to look so pleased with yourself.

Craig: I got Jack Snyder to do what I wanted, again.

Rosanna: I have to say, that was impressive, tying school to the job like that.

Craig: Admit it, you're starting to remember why you respected me --

[Rosanna scoffs]

Rosanna: All right, maybe a little.

Craig: -- And why you used to like me. Uh, a little.

Rosanna: Oh, my goodness. Don't push it.

Craig: We used to be a lot alike, you and I.

Rosanna: Yes, until I spent a few years in a coma, thanks to you.

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