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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/30/09

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Jack: Wait a minute. The famous Teri, the waitress everyone loves, is your sister?

Janet: Wait a minute. You were the babysitter Rosanna wanted to hire?

Teri: Yeah, until this jerk said no.

Jack: Charming.

Janet: This jerk is my husband.

[Janet laughs]

Sage: You never said Janet was your sister.

Teri: I had no idea she was married to your dad.

Jack: But you knew she was in Oakdale?

Teri: Well, I knew she moved here, but I had no idea she stayed. We haven't talked in a while.

Janet: 18 years.

Sage: Teri, does this mean now you can stay?

Teri: Oh, I don't think so, Sweetie.

Janet: Oh, come on. Why not?

Teri: Well, for one thing, your husband here thinks I'm stalking his daughter.

Janet: Oh, come on! That's ridiculous.

Teri: Well, it didn't stop him from jumping down my throat. Is he always so sure he's right?

[Jack sighs]

Craig: You are doing a bang-up job of caring for the kids, but Jack is -- territorial. He can't help but take over. It's a sickness.

Rosanna: He just made me feel like a total failure.

Craig: Well, look on the bright side. If he's got the kids, he won't be looking over your shoulder every minute.

Rosanna: Carly wanted me to take care of the kids, and she wanted them to be here. That's what she wanted.

Craig: It's okay. You'll make it up to her.

Rosanna: How am I gonna do that?

Craig: By turning our vitamin water business into a cash cow.

Rosanna: Oh, which by some strange coincidence would put money in your pocket, too.

Craig: My gosh. I think you're right.

Parker: Hey, what a shock. Craig's here.

Craig: Hey, nice to see you, too.

Parker: Aunt Rosanna, is there anything to eat that hasn't been crawled over by bugs?

Rosanna: Well, Parker, you don't have to worry anymore, because your healthy days are over. Your dad wants you and Sage to stay with him until your mom gets back.

Parker: Why?

Rosanna: I don't know. He wants to take care of you himself. Is that so strange?

Craig: And we were this close to hiring that waitress from Chicago to come help out here.

Parker: Teri?

Rosanna: Yeah. She came to Oakdale looking for a job, and it really just seemed like a perfect solution for everybody.

Parker: What happened?

Rosanna: Your dad said no.

Parker: What's his problem?

[Rosanna sighs]

Rosanna: Listen, Sage is already there, so you'd better go upstairs and get packed.

Parker: Now?

Rosanna: Yeah. He wants you there tonight.

Parker: Well, you know what? I don't care what he wants. I'm not going.

Jack: It's nothing personal. I just -- I just don't want a total stranger looking after my kids.

Janet: Oh, you know what? That's about as close as he gets to an apology.

Teri: Glad you told me.

Janet: I can't believe you're here! Ah!

Jack: I hate to interrupt the love fest, but can I ask you a question?

Janet: Sure. What is it?

Jack: Did you know that Janet was in Oakdale?

Teri: No. That guy Craig gave me his card. Uh, I was hoping he could help me find a job.

Jack: But you knew she was here.

Teri: Like I said, I didn't know she stayed.

Janet: Isn't it amazing, Jack? It's like fate or something.


Jack: Yeah. Or something.

Lily: Luke, your father and I want to take you to dinner.

Luke: Really?

Lily: Don't act so surprised.

Luke: Well, what's the occasion?

Lily: No occasion. We just don't get to see you as much now that you've got your own place. You busy?

Luke: Uh, well, I'm getting ready for my first day at work tomorrow.

Lily: Well, you still have to eat, don't you?

Luke: Yeah.

Lily: Well, then, let us treat you to a nice dinner. And bring Noah, too.

[Luke sighs]

Luke: I wish I could, but Noah's busy night and day with his film.

Lily: Well, then, we're gonna have to settle just for you. See you soon. Luke's gonna join us for dinner.

Holden: Good.

Lily: Why do I feel like we're setting him up for an ambush?

Holden: We're not. We're not at all. Besides, Noah will be there to protect them.

Lily: No, Noah will not be there. It's just gonna be the three of us, which is gonna make him feel like we're pressuring him even more.

Holden: No. We're just trying to give him another option.

Lily: He's not gonna see it that way.

Holden: I hope that once he sees we're on the same page, he'll rethink his decision.

Lily: I agree with you that working at Worldwide is a much better place for him to learn about business. But he's gonna know that we have other motives. And we do.

Holden: Damian said himself that he'll respect Luke's decision.

Lily: Won't matter.

Holden: It will if he keeps his word and doesn't make it personal.

Lily: I tried to give him the heads-up, but he didn't return my call.

Holden: Wasn't your fault.

Lily: Well, he usually answers my calls.

Holden: Well, maybe he's finally found something that he'd rather do more than talk to you.

Meg: That was --

Damian: Incredible!

Meg: Ah, you took the words right out of my mouth. What time is it?

Damian: I don't know. I don't care. What day is it?

[Meg laughs]

Meg: I have no idea.

[Meg laughs]

Damian: 7:30.

Meg: Oh! I told Pam that I would pick up Eliza at 8:00.

Damian: Oh, I'm sure they're both having a wonderful time.

Meg: Oh, yeah.

Damian: They're not the only ones.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: You know what? I should go get her.

Damian: No, no, no, no, no. I think I have to ravish you again.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: You know, that would be ravishing, but I am a mother as well as sex goddess.

Damian: Just a few more minutes.

Meg: No. It won't be.

Damian: You're right. But I'll make it worth your while.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: You already did. Oh!

[Meg sighs]

Meg: Oh, no, no. You don't have to get up.

Damian: Yeah? What kind of gentlemen would let you walk out of here alone?

[Meg sighs]

Meg: The usual kind.

Damian: Let me at least walk you down to the lobby.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: You just want to keep me from leaving this hotel.

Damian: Uh-huh. That's the plan.

Meg: You know, my brother warned me about men like you. He actually warned me about you in particular.

Damian: Aren't you glad you didn't listen to him?

Meg: Mm! What do you think?

Luke: So, yeah, I've barely seen Noah all week. I mean, when he's editing, it's like he disappears, and when we are together, he's always screening shots in his mind.

Lily: Well, he's lucky that he's getting to do what he loves.

Luke: I know. I'm just nervous that with me starting to work and him being so busy, we'll never see each other.

Holden: That's what we want to talk to you about.

Luke: Me and Noah?

Holden: No. Damian.

[Luke sighs]

Luke: I thought we've been over this.

Holden: We have, but something new has come up.

Luke: What's that?

Holden: Look, it's no secret that we wanted you to go back to school. But that's not what you want. What you want is to learn a business.

Luke: Okay.

Holden: We're just not sure that Grimaldi shipping is the best option for you. It's not a centralized company, the headquarters are in Malta, and there are a lot of people who make decisions there.

Luke: You mean the Grimaldis.

Holden: Right.

Luke: Well, Damian's the C.E.O. he makes all the decisions, and he's here.

Holden: That's true, but the way the company is structured, I just think it's gonna be very difficult for you to learn the business.

Luke: Dad, what's your point?

Holden: We think that you can learn a lot more about modern management in a company that's more local.

Lily: Like Worldwide.

Luke: Worldwide?

Holden: Yeah. Your grandmother's gonna be running the company again while Dusty sorts out his legal issues. It would be great if she had someone that she trusted by her side.

Luke: Oh, come on. You're just trying to keep me away from Damian, again.

Holden: That's not the reason.

Luke: Oh, tell me that's not why Grandmother's going back to work.

[Holden sighs]

Holden: Are you gonna help me out here? Lily, don't you have anything to say?

[Meg laughs]

Meg: You promised to behave.      

Damian: I tried.

Meg: Well, try harder.

[Meg laughs]

Damian: Do you know how much I want you?

Meg: Everybody in this lobby knows.

Damian: When will I see you again?

Meg: Soon.

Damian: Call me from your car.

Meg: Why?

Damian: 'Cause I'll miss you by then.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: No, you wonít.

Damian: I will. Promise I will.

Meg: I have to go.

[Meg laughs]

Damian: I miss you already.

[Meg laughs]

Holden: Lily -- Lily?

Lily: What?

Holden: Are you all right?

Lily: Uh, I'm fine.

Holden: It seemed like you were a million miles away.

Lily: I'm here.

Holden: Are you gonna participate in this conversation or not?

Lily: You know, I was thinking that Damian should be here with us.

Holden: What?

Lily: Well, yeah. Uh, you know, h -- he was just at the elevator. Uh, I'll go get him.

Luke: What for?

Lily: So we can all be on the same page.

Janet: I still can't believe you're here. Hey, are you hungry?

Teri: After all these years, you're still a Ciccone.

Janet: Well --

Teri: In fact, is that Mama's lasagna I smell?

Janet: Mm! I made it for Sage. It should cheer her up, because she was under the influence that Teresa the magic waitress wasn't gonna be able to stay. Let's catch up. Talk to me. What's been going on?

Sage: I'm gonna go wait outside.

Jack: Hey, Sweetheart. You okay?

Sage: Do you think Teri just pretended to be my friend so that she could find Janet.

Jack: Oh, Teri could have found Janet another way. I think Teri really likes you a lot.

Sage: But she likes Janet more.

Jack: Honey, they're sisters. And Teri didn't even know that Janet was here. She came by to say good-bye. Give me a minute. Hey, we're gonna go for a walk.

Janet: Oh, okay. Uh, dinner will be ready in 10 minutes.

Jack: Yeah, we'll be back.

Janet: Okay.

Teri: What's going on?

Janet: He's a really good guy, and he's a great husband.

Teri: But?

Janet: His kids make things complicated.

Teri: It seems like it's his ex that makes things complicated.

Janet: Oh, you have no idea. Do you remember Mrs. Fanucci?

Teri: Ooh! That complicated?

Janet: Well, no, no, no. Not quite, but -- but close.

[Teri chuckles]

Teri: It is so good to see you.

Janet: Oh, it's so good to see you. Ooh! So, what took you so long?

Teri: What do you mean?

Janet: Well, you said that you knew I was here. Why did you wait so long to come find me?

Parker: You know, having Teri stay here with us and help out is a great idea.

Rosanna: Yeah. We thought so, too.

Craig: Your father didn't agree.

Parker: Well, you know what? If -- if he can decide that, then I'm deciding not to stay at the farm.

Craig: Uh, that's not really how it works.

Parker: Yeah, but you know what it's gonna be like. He'll be all over me way worse than it is now.

Craig: Well, it's kind of tough to imagine that.

Parker: Yeah. I thought they didn't want me anywhere near Liberty, and now they want me to stay in the same house as her?

Craig: I guess they trust you.

Parker: I wouldnít. We started to be friends again, and if I'm around her all the time, who knows what's gonna happen?

Craig: Teenage hormones. Wonderful thing.

Rosanna: Oh, listen, I wish there was something we could do to help you. I do.

Parker: Well, then, call my mom. Ask her to tell him that she wants us to stay here.

Rosanna: Well, your dad already knows that that's what she wants, and she's not allowed to make phone calls right now.

Parker: Yeah. Well, this sucks.

Rosanna: I'm really sorry, but your dad has made up his mind, so you'd better go upstairs and start packing.

Teri: I didn't think you wanted to see me.

Janet: Are you kidding me? I didn't think you wanted to see me.

Teri: That's not true.

Janet: Do Mom and Pop know you're here?

Teri: No, of course not. But maybe it's time you get back in touch with them, you know? They're not getting any younger.

Janet: That's not my place. If they want to find me, they can.

Teri: It's time to put that stuff in the past. I mean, they were hurt when you disappeared.

Janet: "Disappeared"? "Disappeared"? Oh, that's an interesting way to put it.

Teri: Look, I don't know how things went down between you guys, but it was 18 years ago!

[Jack sighs]

Jack: We're starving.

Janet: Uh, good. Dinner will be ready soon. How was your walk?

Jack: Oh, it was great. Showed Sage a new foal. Why don't you go show it to Teri?

Sage: Now.

Jack: Sure. We got time, right?

Janet: Yeah, I guess.

Teri: I'd love to see it.

Sage: Okay.

Jack: Mm, mm, mm!

Janet: Oh, Sweetheart, isn't it great? My sister's gonna live here. And now Liberty is finally gonna meet her aunt. She's gonna know that I have a sister.

Jack: Honey, not so fast. I still haven't changed my mind.

Janet: About what?

Jack: About Teri watching my kids.

Janet: Well, Honey, I know that you didn't want to hire a stranger, but this is my sister we're talking about.

Jack: Yeah, but she's a stranger to me. And I got to tell you, she's a stranger to you, too.

Janet: No, she's not!

Jack: Honey, how old was she the last time you saw her?

Janet: 5. Hey, that's not the point.

Jack: Yes, it is. Darling, I'm sorry, but my mind's made up.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: I need to talk to you. Saw you in the lobby with Meg. Guess you two are together?

[Damian chuckles]

Damian: We are. Why are you here?

Lily: Holden and I are talking to Luke about who he should work for, and I think you should be there.

Damian: I thought it was settled. He wants to work with me.

Lily: Well, things have changed since he made that decision. My mother has taken over Worldwide for a while, and she could use Luke's help.

Damian: They don't give up, do they?

Lily: I think it would be a better place for him to work.

Damian: Why? Because it's not with me?

Lily: Because it's a different kind of company. It's closer to home. He could learn more about management.

Damian: Why can't he learn about management with me?

[Lily scoffs]

Lily: Come on. Worldwide is nowhere near as Byzantine as your family's business.

Damian: By that you mean corrupt?

Lily: No. Old-fashioned.

Damian: Lily, please. This has nothing to do with management styles. This is about your husband wanting to keep my son away from me. And it sounds like you're on his side.

Lily: I'm always on his side.

Damian: I thought you were on Luciano's side.

Lily: I am. And I don't think Grimaldi shipping is the place for him.

Damian: Really? Because of management styles, or because of what you saw today in the lobby?

Luke: Dad, I understand you wanting me to work at Worldwide. I do. And if I didn't already have a job, I would consider it. Seriously.

Holden: Yeah, but you haven't started working for Damian yet. He'll understand if you change your mind.

Luke: Yeah, but I haven't changed my mind.

Holden: Why not? Working for Worldwide is a better fit. Damian -- he'll be fine with whatever you want to do.

Luke: But he'll still be hurt.

Holden: He wants what's best for you, and he's willing to let you make that choice.

Luke: I know! So why aren't you?

Holden: I just want you to have an option.

Luke: Dad, can we please be serious here?

Holden: Yes.

Luke: You are just trying to keep me away from Damian.

Holden: I want what's best for you. That's all. And working for Damian at that company isn't it.

Luke: In your opinion.

Holden: Your mother agrees, and she's more sympathetic to him than I am.

Luke: Dad, that's not the point, either! You are trying to make me choose between you and him, which is exactly what you accused him of doing.

Holden: No, I'm not. This isn't personal.

Luke: I know it's not! Not for me. But it sure seems personal to you.

Lily: This has nothing to do with you and Meg. Holden and I think that Luke would be better off in a family business.

Damian: Grimaldi shipping is a family business.

Lily: Your family.

Damian: And his.

Lily: That's the problem.

Damian: You agreed it should be Lucianoís decision. He made it. So why are we still having this discussion?

Lily: We wanted to make sure he's making the right decision.

Damian: He thinks he did. So did I. You must understand what could happen if you try to force him to change his mind.

Lily: We are not trying to force him, Damian. We're trying to guide him. That's what parents do.

Damian: By ganging up on him?

[Lily scoffs]

Lily: Just because Holden and I agree --

Damian: You didn't agree before, Lily, not until you saw me kissing Meg. Why don't you admit this is because you're jealous?

Parker: Would you just talk to my dad, please?

[Craig laughs]

Craig: Have you been living on another planet since I came back?

Parker: Maybe if you and Aunt Rosanna talked to him together --

Craig: Parker, your father doesn't listen to anyone.

Parker: Tell me about it.

Craig: Well, you have one thing to look forward to.


Craig: At least Janet will be doing the cooking and not your aunt.

Parker: Craig, what's with you? Since when do you let my dad do whatever he wants? Since when do you let him push you around?

Craig: I never said I thought what he was doing was okay. But he has legal rights where you're concerned, and I donít.

Parker: Yeah, well, you're still my trustee, aren't you? Aren't you supposed to protect my best interests?

Craig: That has to do with your trust fund. It has nothing to do with where you live.

Parker: Okay. So when I was trying to marry Liberty and my parents were against it, you were behind me the whole way. And that had nothing to do with money.

Craig: That's a good point. But frankly I don't know where I stand now that your aunt's back in the picture.

Parker: Well, she hasn't changed anything legally, has she?

Craig: Not that I know of, no.

Parker: Right, so it's still your job.

Craig: Parker, I don't know what else I can do.

[Parker sighs]

Parker: Give it another shot. Please?

Craig: Rosanna, Parker wants us to take another stab at convincing Jack to let the kids live here.

Rosanna: Oh. Oh, Parker, I'm sorry. I just -- I've been told off enough for one day.

Craig: Well -- then I guess it's my job not to get pushed around.

Janet: I can't believe you don't trust my sister.

Jack: Honey, I don't know her well enough, and neither do you.

Janet: So we'll get to know her.

Jack: You don't think it's odd that she suddenly shows up out of nowhere and that it's because of a random connection with Craig Montgomery?


Janet: What, do you think she's part of a secret plot?

Jack: With Craig, you never really know.

Janet: Oh, stop it! She would never be involved in anything like that!

Jack: You're talking about a girl you haven't seen since she was 5.

Janet: What are you saying? I just found my sister. Why are you trying to ruin this for me?

Jack: No, I'm not! This isn't about her. This is about Craig and Rosanna. I don't trust either one of them.

Janet: Well, Carly does.

Jack: Carly is in no shape to make any kind of decisions right now.

Janet: Well, who is, especially when they don't agree with you?

Jack: Well, now, that -- that is not fair.

Janet: Look, Rosanna and Craig don't even like each other.

Jack: Why is he there every day?

Janet: Because he likes your children. But, Sweetheart, he's not gonna take them away from you. They love you. Nobody could ever do that.

Jack: I know that.

Janet: Well, it's hard to tell sometimes.

Jack: Honey, I'm not trying to tell your sister she can't stay here. I have no problem with your sister staying in Oakdale. It's just that I don't want her in that house with my kids. I don't want anyone in the house with my kids.

Teri: Come on, Sage, Sweetie! The lasagna's probably ready, and you want to eat it when it's hot.

Janet: Okay, so they won't hire her, but she could live here with us.

Jack: Come on, Hon. With the kids staying here, we kind of got a full house, right?

Janet: Is that your final answer?

[Jack stammers]

Janet: Is that your final decision?

Jack: Yes, it is. I'm sorry.

Teri: What a cute little bay horse.

Sage: It's called a foal.

Teri: That's right. How could I forget that?

Janet: Uh, lasagna's ready. You guys -- you guys ready to eat?

Teri: I'd love to, but I've got to get going.

Sage: You're not gonna stay for dinner.

Teri: I canít.

Janet: Well, why not?

Teri: I got to figure out my next move. I have a pile of debt from culinary school. I have to find a job fast.

Janet: Yeah, but you still got to eat.

Teri: It was great seeing you, Janet.

Janet: Well --

Teri: Nice meeting you, Jack. I'll see you around, Sage.

Janet: Hey, whoa, whoa. Teresa, how am I gonna get in touch with you?

Teri: Sage has my e-mail. Later.

Jack: I'm sorry. I got to think about my family.

Janet: You know what your problem is, Jack? All this talk about family, and the only one you really care about is yours.

Jack: Janet, I'm not trying to come between you and your sister.

Janet: It's your fault she's gone.

Jack: Honey, you can still keep in touch with her. She doesn't have to move in here or baby-sit my children.

Janet: Listen to me. When my parents found out I was pregnant, they put me on the first bus to my aunt's house. They didn't even let me wait and say good-bye to my sister when she got home from kindergarten. I never got to say anything to her. She had no idea what happened to me. She thought I just ran off and left her high and dry. And now I finally have a shot to make up for that, and my husband scares her away. Honey, I know that you're just thinking of your kids, but for once, can't you think of me?

Lily: Why would I care who you sleep with?

Damian: You tell me.

Lily: I donít. Haven't I been the one that's been behind you and Meg the whole time?

Damian: Until you saw us together.

Lily: Get over yourself, Damian. You and I were so long ago, I can barely even remember it.

Damian: Then why are you here, Lily?

Lily: I told you. To talk about Luke.

Damian: Uh-huh. Of course.

Lily: I will tell you this. How long do you think your hot romance is gonna last if you tick off Meg's entire family?

Damian: If you mean Holden, what chance do I have of not ticking him off?

Lily: Trying to turn Luke against him will take this to a whole new level.

Damian: I'm not the one who keeps pressuring him to change a decision he's already made. So you know what, Lily? You're right. We should settle this once and for all, right now.

Craig: Hello. Anybody home. Mrs. Snyder. Uh, door was wide open.

Janet: What do you want?

Craig: What else? I came to argue with Jack. Where is he?

Janet: I don't know.

Craig: Is something wrong?

Janet: I argued with Jack.

Craig: Oh. What did he do?

Janet: He scared away my sister.

Craig: Uh, who's your sister?

Janet: Teresa. Teri.

Craig: Teri? The waitress I wanted to hire is your sister?

Janet: I haven't seen her in years.

Craig: Oh. That's incredible.

Janet: It almost was.

Craig: Oh. Jack ruined it.

Janet: I can't talk about this with you.

Craig: Yeah, I know. You wouldn't want to be seen fraternizing with the enemy.

Janet: You're not my enemy.

Craig: I'm not his, either. I want what's best for Carly's kids, just like him.

Janet: Well, it's too bad you guys can't agree on what that is.

Craig: Or anything else. You really don't know where he is?

Janet: He left a few minutes ago.

Craig: I'll find him.

Janet: Why?

Craig: Don't worry. I'll take care of everything.

Janet: Okay, now I'm worried.

Jack: Teri. Teri, wait. I need to talk.

Teri: About what?

Jack: About Janet. I don't want you to blame her for this. Seeing you again means so much to her, and I don't want to ruin that for her, or -- or you. I just -- I'm trying to protect my kids.

Teri: From me?

Jack: No. From everything. I don't know if anyone told you where their mother is right now.

Teri: Rehab.

Jack: Right. And I let their aunt stay with them 'cause I thought I could give them stability by keeping them in their own house. But Rosanna -- her heart's in the right place, but she's not used to having all these kids around. And when Sage took off, that's when I decided that I was gonna take them and -- and have them stay with me. My aunt, my cousins -- they're all at the farm. There will always be someone there to look out for them. That's why I don't need a babysitter.

Teri: That sounds like a mess.


Jack: Yeah. It is.

Teri: I just hope they make it through it. They're good kids.

Jack: I'm just trying to keep it that way.

Teri: Good luck.

Jack: Will you at least call Janet, maybe visit again?

Teri: It depends on how my own mess turns out.

Craig: Teri.

[Jack groans]

Jack: What the hell are you doing here?

Craig: Trying to clean up after you.

Jack: What's that supposed to mean?

Craig: Can you wait for a minute?

Teri: Got a train to catch.

Craig: That's it? You're just letting her walk away, your wife's long-lost sister?

Jack: Who told you that?

Craig: Your wife, between tears.

Jack: That's none of your business, Craig.

Craig: I'm trying to help you, Jack.

Jack: I don't need your help!

Craig: Yes, you do. But I know it's your goal to get everyone who cares about you to hate you, but this is ridiculous. You don't want Teri to take care of your kids? Fine. Take your kids to the farm. But what's the harm in having Teri work at Metro until Carly gets back? She can spend time with Janet and still see Parker and Sage once in a while.

Jack: I don't need your advice.

Craig: Jack, Janet wants this! Your kids want this. No one gets hurt. For once in your life, admit that you're wrong.

Teri: I'm gonna miss my train.

Craig: That's the idea. Jack --

Jack: Look, I'm sorry that I've been --

Craig: An ass.

Jack: -- A little less than friendly. I'm just worried about my kids.

Teri: You said that already.

Jack: Right. I don't want to be the one to separate you and Janet. You two deserve a shot at getting to know each other again after all these years. And I definitely don't have a say as to who gets hired at Metro. But my children stay with me.

Craig: Understood.

Jack: Well -- welcome to Oakdale.

Teri: What just happened?

Craig: That -- that was a once-in-a-lifetime miracle. So, will you take the job?

Teri: Are you sure it's okay with the owner?

Craig: Carly's always wanted to do more with the place. Rosanna has her power of attorney, so she's making all the hiring decisions right now.

Teri: Where am I gonna live?

Craig: I'll put you up in the hotel where I'm staying.

Teri: A hotel?

Craig: Until you decide if you want to get your own place. So what do you think?

Teri: I think I'm staying.

Craig: Well, like the man said, welcome to Oakdale.

Holden: Lily, it's me. What happened to you?

Luke: Maybe she's not as happy about this as you thought.

Holden: Neither of us is happy about this, but we think it's a better alternative than working for Damian.

Luke: But it's not personal.

Holden: In some ways, maybe it is, but it is definitely not about making me choose between two fathers.

Luke: Dad, I already did that a long time ago.

Holden: And that means a lot to me. I know I can sound like a broken record when it comes to Damian.

Luke: But you know he's changed.

Holden: I know you want to believe that. And maybe you're right. Maybe I'm wrong. But I have years of evidence to back up everything I say. All you have is promises.

Luke: If you want to believe the worst-case scenario, I can't change your mind. But it's my decision, and I made it.

Holden: What's going on?

Lily: I just thought we should work this out face-to-face.

Luke: Just so you know, Damian, this wasn't my idea.

Damian: I understand.

Luke: I had no clue they were gonna throw this whole Worldwide thing at me.

Damian: What do you think?

Luke: I'm not interested.

Damian: It might be a better place for you.

Luke: I don't think so.

Lily: But you don't have any objection if he makes a different choice?

Damian: I told you all more than once, I want Luciano to decide for himself.

Luke: And I already have. A -- and you haven't done anything to change my mind.

Damian: Are you sure?

Luke: Totally.

Damian: Then I'll see you tomorrow morning at work, first thing.

Holden: You are making a big mistake.

Luke: I know you think so.

Lily: We hope we're wrong.

Luke: I thought you agreed with my decision.

Lily: I agreed you should be the one to make it.

Luke: But you don't want me working for Damian, either?

Lily: No, I donít.

Craig: Look who's back.

Rosanna: Gosh, what happened?

Craig: Do you believe in miracles? Jack Snyder changed his mind.

Parker: Are you kidding?


Craig: Heck, yeah. And then the skies opened, and a choir of angels started singing.

Rosanna: Does that mean you're staying?

Teri: For now.

Parker: Does that mean that we don't have to live at the farm?

Craig: Uh, your father didn't go that far.

Parker: Right.

Craig: But he did agree that Teri could work at Metro and spend time with you guys.

Parker: That -- that's great. Really glad to have you here. I'm sure Sage will be really happy, too.

Teri: Oh, no one's gladder than me. It means I get to spend more time with my sister.

Rosanna: Your sister?


Craig: Oh. You won't believe who that is.

Jack: Hey.

Janet: Hey.

Jack: I'm sorry.

Janet: For what?

Jack: Being insensitive.

Janet: Where's my real husband?

[Jack laughs]

Jack: I deserve that.

Janet: Oh, you deserve a lot worse.

[Jack sighs]

Jack: I didn't mean to ignore your feelings, Honey. It's just -- this whole Teri thing caught me by surprise.

Janet: Me too.

Jack: It was just too convenient, you know? I was sure it was a play by Craig.

Janet: For what?

Jack: That's what I couldn't figure out.

Janet: Maybe that's because it only existed in your paranoid imagination.

Jack: And that's why I stopped her from leaving.

Janet: You did?

Jack: Just now. She's gonna work at Metro, at least till Carly gets back.

Janet: Did you talk to her?

Jack: And Craig.

Janet: I don't believe it. What changed?

Jack: Craig made me realize that I wasn't being fair to you.

Janet: You listened to Craig?

[Jack laughs]

Jack: I know. I know.

Janet: Hey, Sage, guess what? Your dad has some news.

Jack: Oh! Teri's not leaving. She's staying in Oakdale.

Sage: Really?

Jack: Mm-hmm.

Sage: She's gonna be our babysitter?

Jack: Well, no, but you can see her anytime you want.

Sage: But I still can't go home?

Jack: You like it here.

Sage: No, I don't! I want to go home!

[Jack sighs]

Jack: I can't win.

[Janet sighs]

Janet: Yes, you can. Honey, let her sleep in her own bed. Let her have her new friend. Let her be happy. Don't you think she deserves it after all she's been through?

Sage: Teri!

Rosanna: Oh, hi, guys. What's, uh, wrong?

Jack: Well, I decided to let Sage and Parker stay, if Teri still wants the babysitting job.

Craig: There go those celestial choirs again.

Jack: I'm sorry?

Craig: Oh, nothing. Just amusing myself.

Jack: I'm glad it works on someone.

Janet: So what do you say?

Teri: Only if you agree to spend as much time with me as you can.

Janet: Oh, are you kidding me? I can handle that! Come here! Oh, yay!

Parker: You don't have to yell. I'm ready.

Jack: Who's yelling?

Sage: We're not going. We're gonna live here, and Teri's gonna stay with us.

Parker: Seriously? Um, how did this happen?

Jack: It's a long story.

Parker: You guys should seriously get your acts together one of these days.

Meg: Hey.

Damian: Thanks for meeting me.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: You don't have to thank me. I like seeing you.

Damian: I love seeing you, too. But we might be the only ones who like it.

Meg: What do you mean?

Damian: Your sister-in-law saw us together today in the hotel, and, uh, she wasn't happy about it.

Meg: Lily? I thought she was on our side.

Damian: Yeah, well, so did I. But alliances seem to be fluid in your family.

[Meg sighs]

Meg: Tell me about it.

Damian: Yeah. After you left, she dragged me down to a summit meeting with Holden and Luciano.

Meg: About his job?

Damian: Yeah. They want him to work at Worldwide. He wants to work with me.

Meg: Well, I think Luke is old enough to make his own decisions.

Damian: His parents don't believe that.

Meg: Look, I know Holden doesn't --

Damian: Lily was right there with him.

Meg: So you think it's because Lily saw us together?

Damian: Doesn't it seem like more than a coincidence?

Meg: Well, they're gonna have to get used to it.

Damian: Are you sure about this? I mean, first Luciano, now you. I mean, I -- I'm afraid that they'll think I'm trying to pull their family apart.

Meg: I don't care what they think. I care about you.

Damian: If you need some time to let them get used to the idea, I'll understand.

Meg: Is that what you want?

Damian: No. Not at all.

Meg: Well, neither do I.

Damian: Still -- you've been through enough turmoil with Paul. If you're not ready for more, I will understand.

Meg: After today, one thing I do know I'm ready for is more.

Lily: We pushed Luke as hard as we could. It didn't work. Now we just have to back off.

Holden: What is going on with you? When he said that he was working for Damian, you were on his side.

Lily: I never said I liked the idea. I was afraid that if I said no, Luke would get upset, which he has.

Holden: You never said you agreed with me.

Lily: I didn't think you'd know what to do if I told you you were right.

Holden: Probably not. But you still don't think Damian has an agenda.

Lily: No. I think you're right about that, too. And I know what it is.

Holden: Really?

Lily: He's sleeping with Meg.

Holden: He said that? She said she was going to take it slow.

Lily: I guess he changed her mind. And now it feels like since he has no family, he's trying to steal ours.

Holden: Meg never cared about what I thought about who she was with. I don't think I can talk her out of it any more than we could with Luke.

Lily: We just have to figure out a way to beat Damian at his own game.

Sage: That smells so good. You're such a good cook.

Teri: Well, it cost me enough to learn. You know I know 15 different ways to make French fries?

Sage: That's so cool. You're so much cooler than Janet.

Teri: I won't tell her if you wonít.

Janet: Mm.

Jack: What was that for?

Janet: That was a "Thank you" for being so flexible in letting my sister take care of your kids.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: Well, I really didn't have a choice.

[Janet laughs]

Janet: That's never stopped you before.

Jack: 'Cause you're such a good influence on me.

Janet: Hey, do me a favor, though. Don't get too flexible. One of the things I love about you is how you stick to your guts.

Jack: But sometimes that gets me in trouble.

Janet: Not today.

Jack: Mm.

Craig: What is that?

Rosanna: Oh! Teri's in there making something.

Craig: Smells delicious!

Rosanna: Mm. Yeah. It certainly does. And nobody's used to that, certainly, since Carly left.

Craig: I think you're a great cook.

Rosanna: Oh, you're such a big liar. And I just really appreciate you saying that. Thank you.

[Rosanna chuckles]

Rosanna: But, you know, I'm gonna really give you one thing. I can't believe you made Jack do a 180 and -- and let the kids stay here. That was incredible.

Craig: It's like you said. It's that legendary Montgomery charm.

Rosanna: Oh! Or he just said yes to stop you from talking.

Craig: Whatever works.

Rosanna: Well, listen, I am just happy that the kids are gonna be staying here, 'cause that's what Carly wanted, and that's all that matters to me.

Craig: Well, look at that. Something we can agree on.

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