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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 7/22/09

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Casey: Oakdale University. Ooh. "Because of your dedicated volunteerism and a strong recommendation from Doctor Robert Hughes, you've been reinstated and may enroll for the fall semester." What?

[Casey laughing]

Margo: Casey, you sound happy.

Casey: I am actually.

Margo: Hey, good morning.

Riley: Hey. How's it going, Casey?

Margo: So, have you had breakfast?

Riley: No, I'm not hungry.

Margo: Oh, come on, you gotta have a good breakfast.

Riley: Are you going to make pancakes shaped like stars to get me to eat?

Margo: If you don't eat breakfast you will see stars.

Casey: Yeah, um -- I got to go.

Margo: Hey, wait! I thought you had something you were gonna tell me?

Casey: Uh -- doesn't matter.

Hunter: I've finished all the formatting on this new layout page. All you got to do is fill in the blanks.

Larry: I think you were expecting somebody else.

Hunter: Emily. I was expecting Emily. If you're here to see her you can come back later.

Larry: I'm here to see you, Hunter.

Hunter: Why?

Larry: Look, I'm sure you have some resentments where I'm concerned --

Hunter: I hate you.

Larry: Well, you're not the first child of mine to have told me that.

Hunter: And you're proud of that?

Larry: Your sister was able to change her mind about me. Maybe you will too, eventually.

Hunter: And my sister's nicer than I am. You can go now, Larry. I've got work.

Larry: Not so fast. I have something I think you want.

Emily: He doesn't want anything from you. Get out.

Margo: I mean, obviously you're here to stay. I wish Casey could just -- get over it.

Riley: Just give him time.

Margo: I have given him time. It's getting worse. This morning he went from cheery to horrible in a matter of seconds.

Riley: Wait. What was he cheery about?

Margo: I don't know, but I walked in here and he was smiling.

Riley: Maybe because of that?

Margo: What's that?

Riley: Well, Casey left it there.

[Margo gasps]

Margo: Oh, my God, this is wonderful.

Riley: What is it?

Margo: Uh, do you remember I told you that Casey was expelled from OU?

Riley: Yeah, um, for throwing a student election or something?

Margo: Well, apparently all is forgiven. And he's been given a place in the fall term.

Riley: Yeah? Let me see.

Margo: Yes. But why couldn't he tell me about that?

Riley: He probably would have if I hadn't walked in.

Margo: Oh, I don't know. What are we going to do about this, Riley?

Riley: You know, maybe we just need to show Casey some love.

Margo: I have! I don't know how much more I've got to show him.

Riley: I'm mean something big, something he can't pretend not to notice. Let's throw him a party.

Margo: A party?

Riley: Yeah, celebrate his going back to college.

Margo: A party is an excellent idea, Adam.

Riley: Mom, Dad's still upstairs.

Margo: No, no, no. He can't hear. And sometimes I just want to say your name, Adam. Oh, I wish Casey could see what a wonderful guy you've turned out to be.

Riley: Yeah. Well, just don't tell him the party was my idea or he may not show up.

Margo: All right, all right. It'll a surprise. And I'll -- I'll get a cake, and I'll get some food.

Riley: And I'll go round up some guests -- one in particular.

Larry: Look, I'm not here to cause trouble, Emily.

Emily: Yeah, and yet, somehow, you always do.

Larry: I just had something I want to give to Hunter --

Emily: You've caused enough damage to me and my family, Larry. I thought I made it clear we want no part of you.

Hunter: And I thought I made it clear that I don't need you to defend me.

Emily: Well, I apologize. If you want Larry here fine, I'll --

Hunter: I don't want him here. He was just leaving.

Larry: Just let me give this to you before I go.

Hunter: I don't want anything of yours.

Larry: It's not mine. It belonged to your mother.

Casey: Alison, please, wait.

Alison: What do you want?

Casey: Well, I got a cup of coffee for free, so do you want me to get you one?

Alison: Is that all you have to say to me?

Casey: Well, I could spring for a Danish if you want.

Alison: What about an apology?

Casey: You know, I would have done that if you weren't being such a --

Alison: Oh, so now you're going to call me names again?

Casey: No, I wasn't calling you a name that -- you know what, I'm leaving. I was actually happy about something. Something I thought you'd care about. But obviously, I was wrong. Oh, my.

Riley: Alison, hey. I guess Casey told you.

Alison: Told me what?

Riley: He just got back into school.

Alison: He did?

Riley: Yeah.

Alison: When?

Riley: I think I heard today.

Alison: Oh, no. I think he was going to tell me, but I didn't give him the chance. God, I feel terrible.

Riley: Then I'm the guy you want to talk to. Because I know just the way you can make it up to him.

Alison: You know, I don't have anything to make up to Casey. He has a lot to make up to me.

Riley: So, give him a chance.

Alison: I did. Just now. And he blew it. You know, I'm not forgiving him. Not this again, not this time. This is the way it always happens. He comes back to me and he's all sorry, and then I'm just all ready to let things slide. But not again. Never again. Do you hear me?

Riley: I -- look, I hear you.

Alison: Thank God. You know, Hank, can you get me a cappuccino with soy, please?

Hank: Coming right up.

Alison: Thank you.

Riley: So, since you're mad as hell -- justifiably so --

Alison: He's an idiot.

Riley: Right. So, I guess you'd have no interest in hearing about the surprise party that we're planning on throwing for him.

Alison: No. I'm not interested.

Riley: See, Margo and I thought that since he worked so hard to get back into college, that maybe he deserves a pat on the back or something like that. Anything about what I'm saying interest you at all?

Alison: Yes, of course. I mean, I know how much this means to Casey.

Riley: Then you should come to the party.

Alison: Casey is just as mad at me as I am at him. He doesn't want me at his party.

Riley: Are you sure about that?

Alison: Absolutely.

Riley: All right, can I see your phone?

Alison: Yeah. Why?

Riley: To show you that Casey does want you at his party. You see this picture?

Alison: Yeah, it's me and Casey. I just haven't gotten around to deleting it.

Riley: No, neither has he. All right, he sits up in his room, listening to depressing music, looking at this same picture.

Alison: Really?

Riley: Come to the party.

Alison: Look, I don't know. Lately, it's like every time we're in the same room, it just turns ugly.

Riley: I know how you feel. All right, but this is Casey we're talking about. And most of the time, what he says is not what he means. I mean, think about it. Do you really believe he wanted to break up with you?

Alison: I know he cares about me.

Riley: All right, do you care about him? Then what is the problem?

Alison: You know, I don't know why you're being so nice and going so out of your way for him when he's always so mean to you. It's --

Riley: Because I get that he resents me for living in the house. All right, if I were him I'd feel the same way. But there is another side to him, Alison. Like how much he loves his mom and dad. I mean, most of the time he is a really good kid.

Alison: He can be, but it's just his temper is --

Riley: No, I know. He tends to shoot his mouth off from time to time. But he regrets it, Alison.

Alison: I wish Casey would tell me that.

Riley: You come to the party and maybe he will.

Emily: What is it?

Larry: A music box.

Emily: Do you recognize it? I mean, do you remember it?

Hunter: This was my mother's?

Larry: Mm-hmm. Aurora loved it. She used to put things in it, little reminders of things we'd done, places we'd gone together. When we stopped seeing each other, she left it in the room where we would meet. I kept it, of course. So, uh, I think you should have it now, Hunter.

Emily: Okay, you delivered your package, now you can go.

Larry: Is that what you want?

Hunter: Yes.

[Door closes]

Tom: This is awesome. Is he excited?

Margo: I guess so.

Tom: You mean, you don't know?

Margo: Well, we didn't get a chance to talk about it. I found the letter after he left.

Tom: He didn't mention this? Why?

Margo: I don't know. He's been so sensitive lately.

Tom: Well, why? Is Riley here?

Margo: You know what? Casey had a big chip on his shoulder when he left here, and I don't think it had anything to do with Riley.

Tom: Probably had another fight with Alison.

Margo: No, I think really he's mad at me.

Tom: Why?

Margo: Something I said. Something I didn't say. I don't know, but Riley had a great idea.

Tom: He did, huh?

Margo: Yeah. Yeah. A surprise party. I think Casey has earned the right for us to fuss over him, don't you think?

Tom: I think a party is a great idea. And I think we should invite the grandparents.

Margo: I was just about to call them.

Tom: You know what? I have to drop something by the office, I'll stop by the Lakeview and the hospital on the way.

Margo: Hey, Honey, would you do one other thing for me when you're out there?

Tom: Yeah, what's that?

Margo: Would you find a way to get Casey here without tipping him off?

[Margo laughs]

Margo: Okay.

[Door closes]

[Margo sighs]

Casey: Granddad, can I talk to you for a second?

Bob: Hey! Casey, what's going on?

Casey: You're going to have to look for a replacement driver for the senior van.

Bob: You mean, you're quitting? I thought you liked volunteering.

Casey: No, I do, that's --

Bob: You know, I wrote this recommendation to Oakdale U. saying what a responsible young man you were, now you're going to change that?

Casey: No, the problem is the letter. It worked.

Bob: But in order for it work --

Casey: I start in the fall.

Bob: Fantastic!

Casey: Yes, I do enjoy working here and stuff, but when school starts --

Bob: Oh, I understand. I understand you'll be too busy.

Casey: I just wanted to give you and the hospital plenty of notice, so I wouldn't leave you in the lurch.

Bob: Oh, well, we'll try to hang on as best we can.

Casey: Yeah.

Bob: Your folks must be on the moon.

Casey: Actually, I haven't told them. You're the first person in the family that I've told.

Bob: Well, I appreciate the honor.

Casey: Yeah.

Bob: Hey, I'm proud of you, kid.

Casey: Thanks, man. Thank you so much. I gotta get back to work though.

Bob: Sure.

Casey: Thank you.

Bob: Okay. Wow.

Tom: Hey.

Bob: Hey. Hey, you just missed your kid.

Tom: Ah, that's all right, I'll catch up with him later.

Bob: No, but you better do it now, he's got some amazing news.

Tom: Really? About school?

Bob: Oh, I didn't think anybody --

Tom: Yeah, he thinks Margo and I don't know, but we do. In fact, I'm trying to round up the family for a surprise party around lunch time. Think you can make it?

Bob: Well, Kim and I are supposed to have lunch together, so sure. We're free.

Tom: Well, perfect. Now I'm going to find Mom and see if she can make it to the party.

Bob: Hey, listen, I'm glad you're making a big deal out of this because it is a big deal to Casey.

Tom: Well, the party was Riley's idea.

Bob: Is he still in town?

Tom: And still staying with us. Margo treats him just like he's one of the family.

Bob: How do you feel about that?

Tom: I'm not sure yet. I'll see you there.

Emily: Hey, be careful. You might break that.

Hunter: I don't want this thing. Why did I even accept it? What am I going to do with it?

Emily: You're going to take it home, Hunter. You're going to put it in a very special place that will always remind you of your mother.

Hunter: Or maybe it'll remind me that I knew almost nothing about my mother. Uh, where did you -- did you bring those pages that you want me to input?

Emily: They're here. But, uh, I mean, I'd be happy to do it for you, if you want.

Hunter: Oh, I'd rather do it myself than listen to you complain about how hard it is.

Emily: I am not that bad.

Hunter: Yes, you are.

[Hunter sighs]

[Emily sighs]

Emily: Hunter? What is it?

Hunter: It's just -- everything that was special in her life, she kept hidden from me. And now this music box just makes me feel more alone.

Emily: You're not alone, Hunter. You've got family now.

Hunter: Don't do that.

Emily: Don't do what? Pretend that you're not important to me? You are. You're my son, Hunter.

Hunter: Why do you keep saying that when I've asked you repeatedly. Be clear on this once and for all, Emily, you are not my mother.

Margo: Oh, good. You got it. You got it. You got it.

Riley: Yeah. I even got it wrapped at the store.

Margo: Excellent.

Riley: So here is your credit card --

Margo: Mm-hmm.

Riley: And the receipt.

Margo: You really think Casey's gonna like that?

Riley: Nah, it's a top of the line laptop. He's going to love it, Mom.

Margo: It's okay. Tom's not here, you can say it out loud.

Riley: Mom.

Margo: Oh, Adam. I am so glad that you're home. Oh, I wish we didn't have to pretend all the time though.

Riley: Oh, I thought it would be a lot easier than this. You know, once you knew, and Casey found out, I figured there'd be two people who knew I was Adam and not Riley.

Margo: I know. I know that it's hard keeping a secret like this from your father. And with every breath in my body, I hate doing it, but I cannot let you go to jail. And I can't put Tom in the position where he has to make this horrible choice. I'm not going to do that to him.

Riley: He doesn't trust me, Mom.

Margo: That's not true.

Riley: Oh, yes, it is. Dad's a lot more subtle than Casey. He doesn't say anything, but he's always watching me. I mean, you got believe that's he somehow wondering why I'm still here.

Margo: All right. But we cannot tell the truth, Adam.

Riley: Why? You're keeping a secret. Casey's keeping the secret. Maybe Dad would, too.

Margo: No. If he did, it would eat him alive. It'd be on his conscience every single day. Do you want that?

Tom: Hey, Margo?

Margo: So, you got a hold of everybody?

Tom: The grandparents are right behind me. I'm need to dump this off upstairs, I'll be right back. Hey, Riley.

Riley: Hey, Tom. Great. So, now I get to meet my grandparents.

Margo: Oh, you'll be fine. Hi.

Kim: Hi.

Riley: Hi.

Lisa: I was so happy to hear about Casey's news. And to have a party, what a great idea.

Margo: Oh.

Kim: Thank you for inviting us.

Margo: We couldn't celebrate without you guys. Is Gram still getting over her cold?

Bob: I told her she needed a couple of more days of rest.

Margo: And she listened to you?

Bob: Once she considered that I had graduated from medical school.

Margo: Oh.

Lisa: You must be Riley.

Riley: Riley Morgan. Yes, Ma'am.

Margo: Riley, I want you to meet Casey's grandparents. This is Tom's mother, Lisa Grimaldi.

Lisa: Call me Lisa.

Riley: Okay.

Margo: And Bob and Kim Hughes.

Bob: Good to see you.

Riley: Good to see you, too.

Kim: Nice to meet you.

Riley: Nice to meet you, too.

Kim: I understand you were stationed in Kabul.

Riley: Kabul, yes. Right before my discharge. Yes, Ma'am.

Lisa: Oh, that's where you met our grandson Adam?

Riley: Yes. He was working for a charity organization over there.

Lisa: Were you with him when he died?

Margo: Riley and Adam weren't close, but they did get to know each other over there.

Bob: Well, where's the guest of honor?

Tom: Well, now that everybody's here, I'm about to give him a call.

Margo: And say what?

Tom: Uh, it's all in what you don't say. Just watch and listen. Now, everybody, shh, be quiet.

[Cell phone rings]

Casey: Hey, Dad.

Tom: Hey, Case, I need you to come home right away.

Casey: Is something wrong?

Tom: Yeah, there may be.

Casey: What?

Tom: I can't get into it on the phone. I just need to see you here as soon as possible.

Casey: Okay, I have one more patient to take home, but I can come right after that. I can be there in like half an hour.

Tom: I'll see you then.

Tom: All right, relax, have some drinks. We have a half an hour.

Riley: And good. I'm hoping we'll have one more guest for the party.

Margo: Who?

Riley: The person who can make or break this party for Casey.

Hunter: Alison?

Alison: Hey. You don't look so good.

Hunter: I kind of need to talk to you.

Alison: Uh, I can't right now. I really need to get this work done before my lunch break.

Hunter: Oh, it's okay. I'll wait. Oh, we can have lunch together.

Alison: Uh, I'm sorry. I canít. I have other plans.

Hunter: Don't tell me you're seeing Casey again.

Alison: I'm not seeing him exactly. Um, his folks are throwing a party for him, and I said that I would stop by.

Hunter: Why would you want to do that after the way he treated you?

Alison: Because this party, it's, uh -- it's special. Casey got back into college.

Hunter: What's so impressive about that?

Alison: He's worked really hard for it. And I'm kind of the one who pushed him into trying again.

Hunter: Alison, he walked out on you.

Alison: Okay, I haven't been exactly nice to him, either.

Hunter: Why should you be?

Alison: The whole time I was dating Casey, I was always on him about forgiving people and giving them second chances.

Hunter: Yeah, it looks like you really got through to him.

Alison: No, don't you see? If I don't go to this party, then I'm being judgmental and unforgiving. And I don't want to be that way.

Hunter: Okay, what if he has one of his little meltdowns and makes you feel bad in front of his family? What then?

Alison: He wonít. I mean, I don't think so.

Hunter: Well, there's one way to make sure.

Alison: Hunter, I'm going to the party.

Hunter: I know. And I'm coming with you.

Alison: You are?

Hunter: I won't let Casey make you feel sorry you came. Don't say no?

Alison: Actually, I was going to thank you.

Emily: Why do you keep showing up like a bad penny?

Larry: Don't worry, I'm headed back to Chicago soon enough.

Emily: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you think you're doing?

Larry: Oh, it's only a matter of time before you ask me to join you. So, I'm just saving you the trouble. Did you order lunch, yet?

Emily: You know what? You're not funny, or charming or disarming, or whatever it is you think you're being. I want you just to leave me alone. Go away.

Larry: After you hear what I have to say, I will go if that's what you want.

Emily: What do you want?

Larry: To make things right.

Emily: Impossible.

Larry: It takes time. I know. Like with Hunter this morning.

Emily: You brought him a gift from his mother and you think everything's all right, everything's better? You're his father. You never even acknowledged him until his mother was six feet under.

Larry: Look, I didn't even know he was my son, and I will make it up to him. But more importantly, I know I have a lot to make up for with you.

Emily: You bet you do. You stole my children. The children I'll never have a chance to give birth to.

Larry: Unless you take me up on my offer. Now do you remember me telling you about my friends who worked with IVF?

Emily: You're not going to leave in peace, are you?

Larry: Nope, not until you hear me out. Okay. Could you not look like you're going to kill me while you're listening? All right, maybe not. Here's the deal. Because of my connections, I can get you first priority on a list for donor eggs. I can see to it that if you want to give birth to a child, you will. Just say the word.

Susan: Here's a word for you, Larry, good-bye.

Larry: Ah, Susan. You know, I was just having a private conversation with Emily.

Susan: That's tough. I heard what you said, and it's outrageous.

Larry: Would you, for once, just stay out of your daughter's private life?

Susan: Anything and everything that concerns my daughters concerns me.

Emily: Mom! He's right.

Tom: Shh, I hear something.

[All whispering]

[Bell dings]

Tom: Ah, never mind. Never mind.

Lisa: Oh!

All: Oh.

Riley: Hey, you made it.

Alison: Casey's not here yet, huh?

Riley: No, we're all just standing around, waiting to yell "Surprise." And you brought a friend.

Alison: Oh, yeah, I was hoping it'd be okay if Hunter came up. I'm sorry I didn't call and ask.

Margo: No, it's fine. I guess you're the surprise that Riley was talking about, huh?

Alison: Are you sure it's okay that I'm here?

Margo: No, it's absolutely perfect. Riley did this because he knew it'd make Casey happy, and that's what the day is all about.

Riley: Mm-hmm.

Alison: Um, Tom, Margo, and Riley, you remember -- uh, this is Hunter.

Tom: Nice to meet you.

Margo: So, Hunter, how do you know Alison? Do you guys work together?

Hunter: I'm Alison's brother.

Lisa: Brother? You mean, Susan had a baby and no one knew about it?

Alison: Uh, well, what happened is, um, you remember when my mother was trying to get pregnant and Emily donated her eggs? Well, one of those eggs was given to Hunter's mother.

Hunter: The egg was stolen.

Kim: By whom?

Hunter: Larry McDermott. He gave it to my mother, and she had me.

Kim: Oh, well then, so you both have the same --

Bob: The same biological father.

Kim: And your biological mother is --

Margo: Emily!

Lisa: Oh, great. Another, um, another Stewart to contend with. At least this one's a man.

Kim: Uh, would you like to have something to drink?

Tom: While you're discovering siblings, you know, there is a half-brother that you should probably meet.

Alison: Oh, you remember Daniel, right? Emily's son with Tom?

Hunter: Oh, I remember her saying the name, I didn't put it together -- you were married to Emily?

Margo: No, he was not.

Hunter: But they had a child together?

Riley: Hey, do you guys want some sodas?

Alison: Please. Excuse me. I told you, I shouldn't have come. There's too much friction between our families.

Riley: Forget about that. You're here for Casey, right?

Tom: Hey, shh! This is it. Casey's car just pulled up.

[Excited chatter]

[Bells ringing]

All: Surprise!

Casey: Oh, no.

Margo: Hey, hey, hey! Where are you going? Where are you going?

Casey: You totally punked me.

Margo: Punked you? Casey, it's a surprise party.

Casey: How'd you even find out about OU? I mean, did you call the dean or something?

Margo: Well, I read the letter that you left behind.

Casey: My private mail?

Margo: Why are you so angry about this?

Casey: I don't know!

Margo: Well, would you stop it? It's becoming a habit with you.

Casey: I just -- I wanted to tell you. I wanted to see your face and Dad's face. I wanted you to be proud.

Margo: Oh, baby, I am so proud of you. Casey, I have seen every wall that you hit, every disappointment, every frustration, every humiliation.

[Casey laughs]

Margo: Well, I've seen them all! But you know what? Now that's all behind you, and you've got a future. And I couldn't be prouder. And if you walk back in there, you'll see that same look of pride on everybody's face.

Casey: Yeah?

Margo: Yeah, come on.

All: Hey!

Kim: Well done, my darling!

Casey: Thank you.

Kim: Oh.

Lisa: Yes, bravo, baby.

Casey: Thank you. All right, thanks.

Lisa: Yes.

Casey: Uh, I was really scared about that phone call.

Tom: Got you here, didn't it?

Casey: Yes, it did.

Tom: I'm proud of you. I am so proud. So proud. So, why didn't you tell us yourself?

Casey: I was going to, I just thought it wasn't that big of a deal.

Margo: It's a huge deal. I'm so happy that Riley suggested it, because you deserve it.

Casey: You did this?

Riley: Hey, you know, if I didn't do it, somebody else would have.

Casey: Yeah.

Margo: All right. Let's go fire up the grill. We got some people to feed.

Tom: Let's do it.

Casey: I'm so surprised you're here. I'm glad. I'm really glad you're here, you know.

Alison: Riley invited me.

Casey: Wow, that guy is everywhere.

Riley: You're damn right I am. You're a computer expert, right?

Hunter: Uh, sorry. I'm busy right now.

Riley: Yeah, can I ask you a question? No, it's actually -- it's really important. So if you -- it's, uh --

Alison: So this is what you were happy about this morning. I'm sorry that I didn't give you the chance to tell me.

Casey: I'm sorry about a lot of things.

Emily: You know what you are? A dream man.

Larry: No. I wouldn't say that.

Emily: No, it's true. You are. Alison -- Ali always wanted a daddy she could count on, and so you're that to her. And Hunter wanted his mother not to be dead, and you couldn't quite swing bringing her back to life, so you gave him the next best thing. You gave him a piece of her. And me? Me, a baby.

Larry: I'm not sure what you're saying.

Emily: I'm calling you out for what you are. You are a liar, and a fake, is what you are!

Larry: I am not lying here.

Emily: Alison and Hunter, they saw through you right away. It took me a little longer, I suppose because you were offering me something I wanted so desperately.

Larry: Emily, whatever it is that you feel about me, the science in this is absolute. You can have this child.

Emily: Is that true, Mom?

Susan: It's possible, even likely that you could get pregnant and carry a baby to term.

Larry: Please, please, let me help you.

Emily: No.

Larry: You would deny this child because, what, you don't like me?

Emily: Oh, don't give yourself so much credit. I don't want this child because you know what? I don't want to be pregnant anymore.

Larry: Sorry. I don't believe that.

Emily: You believe what you want. But you can stop playing Santa Claus, okay? Because Ali and Hunter and I, we don't want anything from you, okay? So, you can just go and leave us alone for good.

Larry: You told me about the child you were waiting to love. You threw it away so easily?

[Emily sighs]

Larry: You know how to reach me when you change your mind.

Emily: I won't be calling you.

Lisa: I'd like to know more about this Riley person. How much longer is he going to live here?

Margo: Well you know, he's a friend. He's a friend of the family. And he should be made to feel welcome. All right?

Lisa: Sure. All right. What in the world got into her?

Bob: I'd like to know that, myself.

Casey: Yeah, you want me to grab you a plate? Are you hungry at all, or --

Alison: No, I'm fine. I mean, unless you want to go in and eat --

Casey: No, I'd rather stay out here with you. I'm really glad you came, Alison.

Alison: Well, I'm glad that Riley invited me.

Casey: Yes, that guy again.

Alison: Look, I know you don't like him, but he obviously likes you.

Casey: Yeah. Right. Okay.

Alison: And he's looking out for you.

Casey: How is he doing that?

Alison: Look at him. He's keeping Hunter from getting anywhere near us.

[Both laugh]

Casey: It's good laughing with you again. I'm just --

Alison: Yeah, I know. When it's like this, it's hard to remember why we get mad at each other in the first place.

Casey: So let's -- let's just not do it anymore. Deal?

Alison: Deal.

Casey: Yes!

Hunter: Look. She's getting all hung up on him again. I knew it was a bad idea to let Alison come here.

Riley: Dude, you've been her brother for, what, 10 minutes?

Hunter: I'm looking out for her. That's what brothers do. Yeah. Casey's no good for her. Alison, it's time to go.

Casey: I don't think she's ready to go.

Alison: You know what I was thinking?

Hunter: That we should talk?

Alison: Yes.

Hunter: Yeah? You want to get out of here and do that?

Alison: No, I meant, like, the three of us should all talk. While we have lunch, you know. Like friends.

Casey: Friends. Yes. I like that, and I heard you're doing the whole vegetarian thing? My mom made a huge salad.

Hunter: I'm not hungry. And neither is Alison.

Alison: How do you know I'm not hungry?

Hunter: Well, if you were hungry, you'd be eating. But instead, you're kissing him. Which is something you had no intention of doing when you came to this party, so you better end up leaving before you end up miserable. Did I miss anything?

Alison: No, but I think I can make my own decision about that, Hunter. So why don't we just get ourselves some food and, you know, relax for a while?

Casey: Yeah, I'll definitely grab something to eat. I'll put some music on --

Hunter: And Alison will end up forgetting why she's mad at you. Which is not in her best interest and she knows it. Am I right?

Alison: It's just that -- those ribs smell really good.

Casey: Yes, they do.

Hunter: Well, I'm going. Are you coming or not?

Alison: Um, I guess not.

Emily: I made one simple request, Mom.

Susan: You asked me not to talk about it. I'm not talking about it.

Emily: But you're staring at me.

Susan: Because I'm worried about -- you tricked me. I am just sitting here. I'm not saying anything. I'm sipping my coffee.

Emily: I know it's killing you, all right? You're dying to ask -- so just ask.

Susan: Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you sent Larry packing. Finally. But what you said about having another baby -- is that true?

Emily: Yeah, I meant it.

Susan: What made you change your mind?

Emily: Hunter. I wanted another child. And I have one. I've got Hunter.

Susan: Hunter is a grown-up. Just because you're connected biologically doesn't mean that he's going to want you to --

Emily: No, he -- he needs me.

Susan: For what? You can't cook for him or clean up his room or drive him back and forth from school. He's already graduated from college.

Emily: No, no, he's grieving, Mom. And he needs me. I know he does. I can help him get through this. He just -- he won't let me in.

Susan: So he doesn't want you to mother him.

Emily: How do I get through to him?

Susan: Give him some space.

Emily: You have never given me space in my whole life.

Susan: And you have always resented me. Trust me on this one. Just do as I say, and not as I do.

Emily: Space, huh? I can do that.

Tom: Oh, good. Case, Case, come here. Picture with your mom.

Casey: Oh, it's tough being the party guy. But someone's got to do it.

Kim: You should be in the picture. Let me do that.

Bob: Nurse, would you send in the next patient, please?

Alison: What'd you just say? Dr. Hughes, are you all right?

Kim: Okay.

Bob: Of course I am. Why do you ask?

Tom: Dad, Dad. Come here! Picture of you with your grandson.

Bob: Sure.

Lisa: Picture-taking!

Kim: You know, I don't think I've seen you since you graduated. Are you enjoying your work?

Alison: Yes, very much.

Kim: Oh, good.

Alison: I love being a nurse. Mrs. Hughes, can I ask you something?

Kim: Sure.

Alison: Dr. Hughes just said something I didn't understand. He said something about "Bringing in the next patient," out of nowhere. I --

Bob: Oh, I was making a joke. She just doesn't get my sense of humor.

Kim: Few people do, Dear.

Bob: Well it's time to go, what do you think?

Kim: Okay, sure. If you want. Lisa, want to ride back with us?

Lisa: Oh, sure. Thanks, that'd be great.

Kim: Excuse me.

Tom: Oh, thanks.

Kim: It was a great party!

Margo: It was, thank you so much for coming.

Kim: Thanks, Honey!

[All talking]

Tom: See you, Pop.

Bob: Okay.

Tom: Thanks.

Alison: I hate to leave, but I have to get back to work.

Casey: I'll walk you over there.

Alison: I'd like that. And thank you for having me. And thank you for inviting me.

Riley: I'm glad you could make it.

Margo: So are you leaving?

Casey: Yeah, I'm going to walk Alison to work. What is this for?

Margo: Just so glad I'm your mom.

Casey: I'll see you guys later, okay?

Margo: Okay.

Casey: Bye. And Riley? Today -- awesome, Dude. Awesome.

Emily: I can -- I can finish that up for you, you can take the rest of the day off if you want --

Hunter: I've had enough time off today.

Emily: Okay. Grief. It really kicks your butt, doesn't it?

Hunter: Yeah, what do you know about it?

Emily: More than I want to know. I've lost a lot of people I care about.

Hunter: Does it ever stop hurting so much?

Emily: You never stop missing them. Or loving them. But as time goes by, I think remembering them brings more comfort than pain, you know? Hunter?

Hunter: Did you -- did you finish with the layout page?

Emily: No, no, I just need to say this one more time, okay? I promise you, I am not trying to replace your mother. I'm not trying to do that.

Hunter: Good.

Emily: But if we can't be family, we can still be good friends, and maybe work our way up. You okay with that? Hunter?

Hunter: Let's just stick to business.

[Glasses clinking]

Bob: To Casey!

Kim: Ah, can you imagine? Tom and Margo must be so relieved to have Casey back on track again.

Lisa: It never would have happened if it hadn't been for Bob.

Bob: Oh --

Lisa: Oh, Bob. Now, you're the one who wrote that wonder letter of recommendation for him. You're the one who encouraged him. No, you really made quite a difference.

Bob: He applied himself, and all the hard work paid off.

Lisa: Looks like somebody needs me at the front desk. Don't go away, I'll be back.

Kim: You really are pretty terrific. You know that, don't you?

Bob: You're pretty terrific yourself, Lisa.

Kim: Hey, is that supposed to be funny?

Bob: What do you mean?

Kim: You just called me Lisa.

Bob: I did not.

Kim: All right. I think maybe you've had a little bit too much to drink.

Margo: Did you see Casey's face when he opened that present? Huh?

Riley: Yeah, the laptop was definitely a hit.

Margo: And so were you. I really think that Casey's melting.

Riley: Oh, maybe.

Margo: Oh, come on. Whatever you're doing, just keep -- keep it up. It's working. I'm so happy!

Riley: You know what? You're right. The party was great. I'm -- I'm actually going to take off for a little while, so --

Margo: Yeah, are you going to be back for dinner?

Riley: Depends. Are you cooking or is Tom cooking?

Margo: Oh, come on.

Tom: I am making chili.

Riley: Then I will definitely be here.

Margo: Okay. Thanks for helping me clean up, Riley.

Riley: No problem. I'll see you guys later.

Margo: He's a good kid.

Tom: Yeah. Did he mention anything about when he might be moving on?

Margo: Well, no. Why?

Tom: Because we asked him to stay for a night, and he's been here for weeks. I mean, my dad even said something about it.

Margo: Well, then it's a good thing he's not staying at Bobís.

Tom: Hey --

Margo: We've got the room. He needs a place to stay. He's not in the way, and he helps out.

Tom: Well, yeah, I realize --

Margo: And besides, I already told Riley hat he can live here as long as he wants.

Casey: You got someone to work for you?

Alison: Yeah, just for a little while.

Casey: Yes, I'll take what I can get. I've missed you.

Alison: I missed you, too.

Casey: Yeah?

Alison: Yeah. And we didn't even get to spend Fourth of July together.

Casey: Oh, I know. We were supposed to take you to the lake to see the fireworks. Did you go?

Alison: I guess we'll just have to make our own fireworks.

Casey: Ooh, I like the sound of that.

[Popper cracks]

Casey: What the -- that wasn't funny! That wasn't funny!

Alison: Yes, it was.

Casey: I was thinking of, you know, making my own fireworks with you.

Alison: Really? What were you thinking about?

Casey: I'll show you.

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Damian: I'm offering my son a job.

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