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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 7/16/09

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Dusty: What are you doing? What are you doing?

[Paul grabs suitcase with bomb and runs up the stairs and it goes off]

Meg: Paul? Paul.

Damian: Yes, thereís been an explosion. We need an ambulance. The warehouse on Grove Street. Yes, somebodyís hurt, it looks serious.

Meg: No, no. Donít touch him. Call Barbara, call Barbara.

Dusty: All right. Barbara, thereís been an accident.

Margo: So how are you dealing with this bed rest? Are you going stir-crazy here?

Katie: Well, itís definitely better since my doctor said I can take short walks. But I really do miss working.

Margo: Whoís that woman that Kim hired, sheís a character.

Katie: Aww, Geneva Swift.

Margo: Sheís a force of nature, that one. So perfect for television. Kim was really lucky she found her.

Katie: Way to make me feel better. Sheís my replacement.

Margo: Iím sorry. No, no, no one could replace you, you television star.

Katie: Good save.

Margo: Man, sheís fearless. She says things that every woman wants to but wouldnít dare. And yet at the same time it feels like youíve known her for years. Right? Donít you agree?

Katie: Trust me, Geneva Swift is not the woman you think she is.

Vienna: Can you help zip me?

Henry: Iíd rather unzip you and put you back to bed.

Vienna: Please.

Henry: Are you sure you really want to do this? Sweetheart, itís obvious youíre still in pain.

Vienna: Well, Iím fine as long as I donít do anything strenuous. Kim promised me I wonít be doing any pole dancing.

Henry: Well, thatís a relief.

Vienna: And these muscle relaxers are really helping.

Henry: Be careful with those they can be really strong.

Vienna: Yeah, but I canít just sit back while Geneva trash my reputation and steals my job. Iím going to go in and be so wonderful that Kim will throw her out on her old flabby behind.

Henry: You think her behind is flabby?

Vienna: Itís pathetic. And anyone can see it.

Brad: What happened to my sexual harassment complaint against Geneva?

Kim: Did she really, did she really make a pass at you? Maybe you misunderstood.

Brad: Believe me if there was a time that I wish I was resistant, it was when Geneva was standing in my house half naked. Panting that she wanted me.

Kim: Alright. Alright, I took it to the attorneys for the station and itís going along the proper channels

Brad: Good. Because that frustrated old babe, gives new meaning to hostile working environment.

Kim: Hostile? Come on.

Brad: My job takes a lot of brain power. With this woman lusting after me, how am I suppose to concentrate?

Kim: Just muddle along best as you can.

Brad: Vienna is coming back today right? So we donít need her. I mean sheís suppose to be filling in while Vienna subs for Katie, right?

Kim: Iíll tell you what. Iíll take care of the show. And you take your superior brain power and that will help you get through the episode today, okay?

Brad: Kim, you can count on me. Unlike Geneva Swift, Iím what you call a professional.

Vienna: Iím ready letís go.

Henry: Well. Go where?

Vienna: WOAK. Are you driving me?

Henry: No, sweetie. Youíre gonna have to take a cab.

Vienna: Why?

Henry: Restaurant business. Restaurant business has come up.

Vienna: Oh, no. You can do the restaurant business later. We never spend time together.

Henry: Iíll be there with you in spirit. Okay? Hurry or youíll be late.

[Vienna takes two more pills]

[In Geneva voice]

Henry: Itís show time.

Margo: Ugh. What do you know about Geneva Swift that nobody else knows?

Katie: Iím sworn to secrecy.

Margo: Iím your sister. Iím an officer of the law. I can keep a secret. Tell me.

Katie: Letís just say that Geneva Swiftís 15 minutes of fame will be over sooner than she thinks.

[Cell phone rings]

Margo: Sorry. Itís me. Hughes. Whoa. Alright. Iíll be right there.

Katie: What happened?

Margo: Thereís been an explosion. Bye.

Dusty: You were suppose to bring the cops.

Damian: Well I changed my mind about the whole thing. And I thought I would have enough time to explain that to you. But instead of coordinating with me like a normal person. You activate the bomb without so much as a word of warning? What were you thinking?

Dusty: What was Meg doing there?

Damian: What was Meg what? How is he?

Meg: How do you think he is? He ran off with the bomb you couldnít defuse.

Dusty: I never meant for the Ö.

Meg: Paul saved our lives.

Barbara: Where is he? Where is Paul?

Meg: Heís in there. Bobís with him.

Barbara: Is he going to be alright?

Meg: You should go in there and be with him. Or I could go in there with you.

Barbara: No. No, just donít leave, alright?

Meg: No, Iím going to stay right here. Till I know heís better, alright?

Barbara: Donít pretend to care if he makes it or not.

Meg: Of course I care.

Barbara: Iím going to need to know what happened. And why.

Dusty: Why were you at the warehouse?

Meg: Damian told me about your crazy scheme to payback Paul for setting the two of you up.

Dusty: Sounds like Damian had a lot to say.

Meg: I canít believe you would go to such lengths, Dusty. A bomb?

Dusty: It wasnít suppose to go off.

Meg: But it did. Now Paul could die. And my child could be without a father. Because of you.

Dusty: Damian and I planned this together -- the bomb, the warehouse.

Meg: And it was insane to take such a risk. What did you think you'd accomplish? What?

Dusty: Prison time for Paul. Damian was totally on board.

Damian: As I've already admitted to Meg.

Dusty: Then why are you making it seem like it was just me?

Meg: You know, Damian told me that he wanted to back out, that he changed his mind.

Damian: That's right. As soon as I realized what a terrible mistake I was making --

Dusty: If you did what you were supposed to do, the bomb wouldn't have gone off.

Damian: You went ahead and did the whole thing by yourself without warning me!

Margo: Guys, please. Not here. Not here. What the hell happened at that warehouse?

Dusty: Depends on who you ask.

Margo: Well, then, I'll be asking all three of you. Don't move. How is he?

Bob: That remains to be seen. Barbara, I want you to wait outside.

Barbara: I'm not gonna leave him.

Margo: Come on. Let's let Bob do his work.

Bob: All right. I'll be out to talk to both of you in just a couple of minutes.

Meg: Any news?

Margo: How did Paul get hurt?

Meg: It was a bomb. Dusty tried to set Paul up to pay him back for turning Dusty and Damian against each other.

Barbara: How could you do this? How could you hurt my son like this?

Dusty: No one was supposed to get hurt, Barbara -- nobody.

Margo: What were you doing there, Meg?

Meg: Damian told me about the plan, and then he was gonna go there to try and stop it, and I just thought --

Margo: What? You thought what?

Meg: I know how single-minded Dusty can be, and I thought if he didn't listen to Damian, he would listen to me.

Margo: Did he?

Meg: There was no time. Something went wrong with the bomb, and Dusty couldn't defuse it. And when Paul saw me, he took the bomb, and he ran.

Barbara: To save you, right?

Meg: Yes.

Dusty: That's not the whole story.

Margo: Well, we'll find out the whole story down at the station. Dusty, Damian, would you come with me?

Bob: Barbara, Margo.

[Cell phone rings]

Bonnie: Hey. How's your day going?

Dusty: I need you at the police station.

Bonnie: W -- what happened?

Meg: How's Paul?

Margo: No change. Gentlemen, let's go.

Brad: Geneva's working today?

Kim: Oh, yeah. Didn't I mention that? We're discussing -- we're discussing women's self-image.

Brad: What about my sexual-harassment suit?

Kim: I promise you if Geneva lays a hand on you, I will protect you.

Henry: Hello, Brad.

Brad: Kim!

Henry: I hope there was no misunderstanding the last time we met.

Brad: What, when you were in my house taking off your clothes? No. It was perfectly understood.

Henry: No, no, I'm -- I'm sorry if I came on just a little strong. But now that I see that the feelings aren't mutual, I -- I've decided to just leave it in the past and move on.

Brad: Okay. Well, yeah, you move on, you know, while I'm suffering from post-traumatic stress.

[Henry sighs]

Henry: Oh, Kim, hi!

Kim: Hello.

Henry: Is -- is, uh, Vienna gonna be on the show today?

Kim: She is. But feel free to go ahead and express your own opinions. And if we have just, you know, trouble between the two of you, well, you know, that equals drama, and drama equals a happy audience.

Henry: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Henry: Katie.

Katie: Henry, where are you?

Henry: I'm at the studio. Have you seen Vienna?

Katie: I thought she was coming back to the show today.

Henry: Well, she was. She left before me, and -- and she's not here now.

Katie: I haven't heard from her. What could have happened to her?

Vienna: It's you! You -- you'd better fasten your seat belt for today's show, because I'm going to blow you out of the water!

Henry: Oh, well, we'll see about that. Ooh, ooh, ooh!

Vienna: Get your hands off me, you -- you pretty-women hater.

Kim: Does Vienna seem all right to you?

Henry: You know, Kim, I think she seems a little tipsy. I hope I'm wrong.

Kim: Unfortunately, I can't do anything about it. Places, everybody.

Bob: I'm taking Paul in to surgery.

Meg: Is it serious?

Bob: We'll know more once we go in. It's likely that he has a subdural hematoma.

Barbara: What's that?

Bob: Well, it means we'll probably have to relieve the pressure in the brain.

Barbara: Please take care of him. Please.

Bob: We will. We will.

Meg: I'm so sorry, Barbara.

Barbara: I don't want your apology. We both know this happened because of you.

Margo: Now let me get this straight. You both knew that Paul Ryan was out to turn the two of you against each other --

Dusty: Yeah.

Margo: -- And that he allegedly committed certain crimes to that end.

Damian: We have documented proof of that.

Margo: Mm-hmm. And yet neither one of you came to the police?

Damian: It was my intention to do exactly that, but Dusty had a different idea -- something that would make Paul liable for a more serious crime.

[Margo sighs]

Margo: What crime?

Damian: He arranged for a bomb to be placed at the warehouse --

Dusty: Who set me up with the demolition guy?

Damian: -- With the intent of luring Paul there, and Paul would be blamed for setting the bomb.

[Margo sighs]

Margo: Is that true?

Bonnie: Don't answer that, Dusty.

Dusty: Yeah, it's true. Damian was my partner. Admit it.

Damian: I will do no such thing.

Margo: All right, Gentlemen. Only one of you can be telling the truth. Which is it?

Bonnie: My client is exercising his right to counsel and will not be answering any more questions until I have spoken with him.

Dusty: Damian is trying to look like a good guy for Meg.

Damian: There's no evidence linking me to this crime. I had nothing to do with it.

Dusty: He can say he wasn't a part till he's blue in the face, but it's not true.

Damian: I beg to differ. This was Dusty's idea from the beginning, and now he's trying to drag me down with him.

Dusty: What a liar. What a liar you are. He's lying to the cops.

Bonnie: You know what? If you say one more self-incriminating word, I will find a way to lock you up before you wreck your life more than you already have!

Henry: Well, I think physical beauty is overrated.

Brad: Not to me.

Vienna: And not to my Henry. He loves that I'm beautiful.

Henry: Well, be that as it may, life is to be enjoyed. So if what makes you happy is a half gallon of ice cream in front of the TV every night, well, then, go for it, ladies.

Kim: Ooh, ooh, ooh. Without any regard to the consequences?

Henry: Oh, I don't know, Kim. Have you ever seen those shapely Greek statues? You can't count the bones on those ribs, no. And I can guarantee you you can bet your last nickel that those hardy Greek lads -- well, they weren't complaining about those bottoms.

[Kim laughs]

Kim: All right. Brad, what do you have to say about that?

Brad: I like ladies' bottoms.


Vienna: Big bottoms?

Henry: Oh, I -- I think a man would have more fun in the dark with a -- a full-figured gal like myself as opposed to someone who's less generously endowed. I mean, as they say, "More is more."

Vienna: This is nonsense.

Kim: Tell us why.

Vienna: Because -- because it is.

Henry: What a brilliant argument.

Vienna: I'll prove it to you. Who would you rather sleep with, Brad -- her or me?

Brad: I'm not gonna touch that one.

Katie: Good. Good answer, Honey.

Kim: Putting personal preferences aside, let's talk about the benefit of --

Vienna: No! Geneva Swift is wrong.

Henry: I beg your pardon.

Vienna: Yes. It is a woman's responsibility to be as beautiful as she can be, and exercising only makes you look better and feel better.

Henry: Does that mean wearing a size 2 makes you more desirable? I think not.

Vienna: You know what? Geneva Swift, you are an ugly, vicious, and a stupid person in here. And I find you extremely annoying and -- and obnoxious! And you're a witch!

Henry: Well, at least I cover my body parts and don't flaunt them to the world. But then I'm not an exhibitionist like you!

Vienna: Oh!

Brad: Ooh!

Kim: Cut, cut, cut!

Henry: Shame on you! Shame, shame, coming to work drunk like this! I -- I'm sorry. I have to leave. I have taken enough abuse. Toodle-oo.

Kim: Oh, listen. No, no, no. That's enough.

Vienna: We have to finish the show.

Kim: Uh, no. You're done.

Vienna: We stopped taping?

Kim: Yes, but that's not what I meant. What I meant is you are fired.

Bonnie: You and Damian were supposed to go to the police about Paul and keep your own hands clean.

Dusty: Paul's gotten away with a slap on the wrist too many times. He tried to destroy my company.

Bonnie: And you just couldn't help trying to get even, could you? What, do you have some sort of death wish?

Dusty: I don't need a lecture from you. I need you to get me out of this!

Bonnie: Well, why didn't you try to follow Damian's example? You don't see him incriminating himself.

Dusty: 'Cause he's too busy! He's busy dumping it on me!

Bonnie: I don't even get you. I do not even get you. Why are you so worried about sharing jail time when you should be concerned about getting yourself out of this mess, Dusty?

Dusty: I want people to know the truth.

Bonnie: Not again. This is all about Meg, isn't it? All about who is going to come out looking better in her eyes?

Barbara: How do you do it? Do you encourage men to fight over you, or does it just happen naturally? And why does it always end in disaster for my son?

Meg: Don't blame me for what happened to Paul. This is the last thing I wanted.

Barbara: Because he tried to save your life, he might die.

Meg: He's not in that operating room because of me. He's created a situation between Dusty and Damian that was bound to bite him back.

Barbara: Everything has done is because he loves you and Eliza, and he wants a life with you.

Meg: Then why couldn't he just let things be? We had a chance to become friends, to be good parents to Eliza. W -- why did he throw that all away?

Barbara: I've been asking myself that same question for years. How is he?

Bob: He came through the surgery well.

Barbara: Oh, thank God.

Meg: Is he stable?

Bob: For now, yes.

Barbara: W -- what does that mean?

Bob: Well, an odd thing happened during surgery. The neurosurgeon removed this from Paul's brain.

Meg: Is that shrapnel from the explosion?

Bob: It appears to be a microchip.

Barbara: A microchip?

Bob: I was hoping that one of you could tell me why and when Paul would have this inserted in his brain?

Barbara: I just have no idea how -- a microchip?

Meg: I don't know anything about that, either.

Barbara: Is there any way to estimate how long it was in there?

Bob: Because of the presence of scar tissue, it could be quite some time.

Meg: Years?

Bob: Possibly.

Barbara: Paul has had a number of MRIs over the last couple of years. Wouldn't it show up on a scan?

Bob: Well, because of the location and the size, it'd be hard to spot unless you were really looking for it. So Paul has never said anything to you, either one of you, about this?

Meg: Not -- not to me.

Barbara: You think Paul wanted this in there?

Meg: Why would he do that?

Barbara: Maybe because it would help get rid of the visions.

Bob: He'd go to that extreme?

Meg: I don't know. Maybe.

Bob: Well, maybe this is the cause of the visions.

Barbara: Now, that sounds like science fiction.

Bob: Well, they are doing experiments with inserting microchips for blindness, autism. Of course, they are used for surveillance, tracking.

Meg: Y -- you think someone's trying to track Paul's whereabouts?

Bob: You know, there is a possibility -- in want of a better phrase, mind control.

Meg: Mind control? Oh, no.

Bob: What is it?

Meg: Well, we all know who might have had that thing implanted in Paul's brain if it wasn't Paul himself.

Barbara: My ex-husband. James did this before he died.

Brad: Have you seen Henry? Have you talked to him?

Katie: Why do you ask?

Brad: Got to find him. Got to find -- okay. Almost forgot. Hi. Hi, gorgeous.

Katie: Hi.

Brad: Hi. How is our -- uh, how's our baby?

Katie: Great?

Brad: Yeah?

Katie: It was some show today, huh? Vienna was a train wreck.

Brad: You don't know the half of it. She got herself fired.

Katie: She did?

Brad: You're glad?

Katie: No.

Brad: That's a little mean, don't you think?

Katie: No, no. I wasn't being mean. I was just -- you know, I was just thinking that if Vienna's not on "Oakdale Now" anymore, it will be less of a strain on her and Henry. You know, he never wanted her to do the show in the first place, and I think they've been having problems in their relationship because of it.

Brad: Maybe. Damn it! He's not picking up.

Katie: Why do you need to get a hold of Henry?

Brad: Well, he needs to get to the studio right away.

[Fan 1 gasps]

Fan 1: Ms. Swift!

Fan 2: Geneva, can we have your autograph?

Henry: Of course.

Fan 1: You speak for big-boned women everywhere.

Fan 2: Thank you so much. I'll treasure it always.

Floyd: Geneva, you are the long-stemmed American beauty of my life. I didn't know there were women like you in the world.

Henry: There aren't.


[Cell phone ringing]

Henry: Phone call. Excuse me. Sorry.

Fan 1: Oh, oh! We love you.

Henry: Love you, too.

[Normal voice]

Henry: Hey. Did you -- uh, did you see the show?

Katie: Did you hear you got what you wanted?

Henry: A bigger dressing room?

Katie: Vienna was fired.

Henry: Yes! Victory.

Katie: That's the good news.

Henry: There's bad news?

Katie: Vienna's lost it.

Dusty: Meg's not the reason I'm going after Damian. That's all over, Bonnie. You know it. It's about what's right.

Bonnie: Since when do you care about what's right? Is there any way to prove that Damian was involved?

Dusty: Yes. He put me in touch with the demolition guy -- the guy I bought the bomb from.

Bonnie: Give me his name. I'm on it.

Damian: I chose to ignore Paul's action for one reason -- Meg. Her life's complicated enough. I didn't want to make it worse. So I turned the other cheek. And then I took it a step further. I tried to stop Dusty from carrying out his plan.

Margo: Can you prove it?

Damian: Just ask Meg.

Margo: I will.

Meg: Barbara, do you really think his father is so determined to control Paul that he would put a microchip in his brain?

Barbara: Control is what James lived for -- that and a son created in his own image, which he would have done anything to get, no matter how extreme. How is he?

Bob: He's waking up on his own, and that's a good sign.

Barbara: Oh. Thank God.

[Cell phone rings]

Meg: Hello. Margo, hi. Right now? I'll -- I'll be there in a few minutes. I have to go to the police station.

Barbara: Can't it wait? I think Paul would want to see you when he wakes up.

Meg: Barbara, I'm really happy that Paul is all right, but I can never see him again.

[Monitor beeping]

Henry: Hey, Kim. Where's Vienna?

Kim: Oh. Thank God. She's locked herself in my office.

Henry: What? Bad day?

Kim: Unfortunately, I had to let her go.

Henry: No?

Kim: Yes. I didn't -- I mean, I didn't want to do it. But I had no choice. She became physically violent. She went after Geneva. She even decked Brad.

Henry: You are kid -- she's so sweet and gentle. I don't understand.

Kim: Yeah, well, uh, I don't want to sound un -- unfeeling, but, you know, she has locked herself in my office. Maybe you could kind of get --

Henry: Of course. Of course I'll take over. I'll take over. Sorry about that.

Kim: All right. Thank you.

Henry: Goodness. Liebchen, Honey, it's me. Hey.

Vienna: Henry.

Henry: I'm here. I'm here.

Vienna: I just lost my job, all because of that awful woman.

Henry: Poor, poor baby. Poor baby.

[Cell phone rings]

Henry: I'm sorry, Sweetie. I've got to take this.

Vienna: No, no, no. Please don't take it.

Henry: I -- it's a 911 from the restaurant. It's been crazy there all day. Dry your tears. I will be right back, I promise.

Vienna: I just need a hug.

Henry: Sweetie, I'll be right back.

[Woman's voice]

Henry: Hi, Kim.

Kim: Geneva, I have an offer for you.

Henry: Well, I'm listening.

Brad: We've got to get rid of her.

Katie: No. I don't think you need to push it.

Brad: No. Someone's got to push, or nothing's gonna change.

Katie: Well, just be patient. Maybe Geneva will burn out on her own or just disappear.

Brad: Why would you say that? Do you know something?

Katie: I just have a feeling.

Kim: I want to make you a permanent member of "Oakdale Now."

Henry: What, little old me?

Kim: Obviously, you've had an impact on the show, and you certainly are special.

Henry: Uh-huh. How special? In other words, what are the numbers we're talking about salary-wise?

Kim: I'll make, uh, an official offer and get back to you, all right?

Henry: Well, that -- well, that sounds delightful! I will need a wardrobe allowance.

Kim: Uh, right. We can do that. Uh, we'll also bring in your own hairstylist and makeup artist.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I -- I'll do my own. That's okay. Uh, but I would like a bigger dressing room and a car service.

Kim: Excuse me. Uh, Geneva, I'll check and see how far I can go with this, but times are difficult, you know?

Henry: Yeah, okay. But you get what you pay for, Kim, Dear.

Vienna: Oh. Henry, I'm so sad.

Henry: Oh, I know, baby.

Vienna: I know -- I know you don't understand, but I had fun being on TV, you know, being recognized and writing autographs and --

Henry: Getting flowers?

Vienna: I never got any flowers.

Henry: But you would have, my little kumquat. Come on. Let's go home. I'll treat you like the star that you are. Mwah!

Kim: Vienna, I'm so sorry it had to end this way.

Henry: I had no idea you could be so heartless. But then I guess that's showbiz.

Meg: Hey. You all right?

Damian: Despite the lies Dusty has told. How's Paul?

Meg: He's, uh, out of surgery. He's stable for now.

Dusty: Can I have a minute with you? I didn't do it alone, no matter what Damian says. He was a part of it.

Meg: I'm aware of that.

Dusty: So why are you feeling sorry for him and you're mad at me?

[Meg scoffs]

Meg: Because Damian had the sense to back out. You didn't.

Dusty: You've known me your whole life. Why are you taking his side?

Meg: Because, Dusty, I really believed that you cared about me, that you would do anything for me.

Dusty: I would.

Meg: I asked you to forget getting back at Paul and Damian. Why couldn't you let it go?!

Dusty: 'Cause Paul wants you back. That's why he came after me and Damian. I don't want to see you get hurt again.

Meg: So you hurt me instead, worse than Paul ever could.

Dusty: How's that?

Meg: I don't trust myself anymore because of you, because of how wrong I was about you.

Dusty: In what way?

Meg: I counted on you to always tell me the truth.

Dusty: I have.

Meg: And yet you keep making Damian a part of this when he made it quite clear --

Dusty: Do you know when this guy told me he was backing out of the deal?! Seconds -- seconds before the bomb went off.

Meg: That's not true. He came to me. He told me he changed his mind hours before!

Dusty: I'm telling you the truth.

Margo: Thanks for coming in, Meg. Do you want to talk to me out here?

Bob: He's very lucky, Barbara.

Barbara: Is he? Do you have any idea if that microchip caused any damage to his brain? Could James have really wanted some kind of sick control over his behavior?

Bob: With Stenbeck, anything is possible.

Barbara: And do we have any idea if -- if there is any -- a fix on him?

Bob: Well, we'll do some psychological and neurological testing. But think of the millions of decisions, responses, emotions, memories that could have been changed or distorted. How do you measure that?

Barbara: And now that that thing is out, does it help him or hurt him?

Bob: Well, we have to take this one step at a time. When Paul wakes up, we'll start to get some answers.

Barbara: Thanks, Bob. Look at you. Come on. Time to open your eyes. Come on, Paul. Wake up.

Bonnie: Could you wait here? This is only gonna take a few minutes.

Man: No problem.

Bonnie: Is this the right guy?

Dusty: Yeah, that's him.

Bonnie: Well, it's not gonna get you off the hook, but at least Damian's part will be exposed.

Dusty: Thanks, Bonnie. I owe you.

Margo: Whoa, no. You're not going anywhere.

Dusty: I've got more evidence for you. This is the demolition guy who sold me the bomb. Would you please tell the Lieutenant that Grimaldi was our connection and you put us in touch so I could buy what I needed from you?

Margo: Would you please let me do the questioning? Do you mind? Sir, do you recognize this man, Mr. Grimaldi?

Man: Sorry. Never seen this guy before in my life.

Margo: All right, then. I'm releasing you, Damian. You're free to go.

Damian: Thank you.

Margo: Meg, you're free to go. Sir, if you'd come with me, I'll get your statement. You -- you don't go anywhere.

Dusty: He lies.

Damian: Let me take you home.  

Henry: Hey! Where's Brad?

Katie: Um, he went back to the studio to talk to Kim. So you must be happy. You got what you wanted.

Henry: Yeah. Indeed I am happy. I'm happy as a clam. I just -- I feel bad for poor Vienna. That's all.

Katie: How's she doing?

Henry: She has taken to her bed. But don't worry. I'm gonna help her get through it.

Katie: Where'd you get that? Did you buy roses for Vienna?

Henry: No. This is from an admirer, Floyd. He's the biggest fan. It's nice to feel special, you know?

Katie: Okay, listen to me, Henry. You are crossing into very weird territory right now. You got to stop this before you cross over into Looneyville!

Henry: It's just nice to be admired! What's the matter with you?

Katie: But it's over now, right?

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. It's just beginning.

Katie: Wait a second! All you wanted was Vienna gone! Well, she's gone! Now Geneva can go fly off into the sunset, just like you promised.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. She can't disappear right now. She's becoming a -- an icon, Katie. And the only way she's going anywhere is over my dead body.

Kim: Oh.

Brad: I'm glad you called. I wanted to talk to you, too.

Kim: Okay. Let's get the sexual-harassment thing out of the way.

Brad: Excellent. When do you want me to talk to the lawyers?

Kim: I don't want you to. I want you to drop the whole thing?

Brad: What?

Kim: I have offered Geneva a permanent slot on our show.

Brad: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no, no, no!

Kim: Yes, yes, yes.

Brad: You can't do that! I mean, she hogs all the airtime. She makes it all about her. And worse, I mean, she is a -- she is a sexual predator.

Kim: Listen to me. That was an isolated incident, and I think we need to give her a pass. Now, I did the same thing for you and more when you first started working with Katie!

Brad: Okay, but -- I was just pushy. This woman, okay, she is a menace to society.

Kim: I will issue a warning to Geneva. Beyond that, live with it, because that's just the way it's gonna be.

Brad: Not if I have anything to do with it.

Damian: Isn't it wonderful to be so young? You have absolutely no idea about the terrible things in the world and all the foolish mistakes people make. People like me.

Meg: You're not so terrible, Damian.

Damian: No?

[Meg sighs]

Meg: No. I -- I've been hard on you. I'm glad you backed out of this crazy scheme to get revenge on Paul. If only that had been enough to stop Dusty --

Damian: Don't go so easy on me. After all, I was tempted.

Meg: Yeah, but you made the right decision before it was too late. So, what did change your mind?

Damian: I thought about you, about this beautiful child, and I couldn't go through with it.

Margo: You're under arrest.

Bonnie: What's the charge?

Margo: Reckless endangerment. Lucky for you, Paul's gonna make it, or you'd be facing murder charges.

Bonnie: Luckier still, you have an exceptional lawyer who's gonna make this all go away.

Margo: Dťja vu all over again, huh? You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.

Barbara: What a relief to see those eyes, see you looking like yourself. I don't want you to try to talk or anything. You just need to take it really easy. It's okay. It's okay. We're -- we're all alone. It's just us here. Now, listen -- whatever you may or may not have done, setting Damian and Dusty up, don't worry about it. We're gonna take care of it later, okay? But I have something I have to tell you. They removed this from your brain. Now, I don't know how long it's been there or how it got there, but it's out now. It's out. I know it's scary, but this can't hurt you anymore. You're gonna get well. You're gonna get well.

Paul: Who are you?

On the next "As the World Turns," --

Katie: Is Geneva really worth losing what you and Vienna have?

Henry: No! Nothing is worth it.

Brad: I think there is something going on between Henry and Geneva Swift.

Barbara: You have to do something to try to reach him, or we may lose him for good.

Dusty: They should have locked you up a long time ago.

Paul: Okay, I'm guessing we're not friends.

Meg: Stop, stop! Stay away from him!

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