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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 6/19/09

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Riley: I'll do the dishes. I insist.

Margo: You insist? Wow. You're the perfect houseguest. You get a gold star.

Riley: After you made breakfast.

Margo: Oh, come on, Riley. I made eggs. You ate them. You survived. That hardly entitles me to undying gratitude.

Riley: And I hardly earned a gold star by being polite.

Margo: Well, look at this, look at this! He takes care of his possessions.

Riley: It took care of me. This watch got me through a lot in Afghanistan. Raids, sniper fire, suicide bombers. I guess it's sort of like a good luck charm.

Margo: Well, then, if it got you back here, I'm all for it. Good luck!

Riley: Morning, Casey.

Margo: Hey, Casey, you want some leftover scrambled eggs?

Casey: No, thank you.

Margo: No. Well, you know, if you don't want breakfast, you want to come and join us for lunch, we're gonna get a burger at Al's, you know? Join us. It's on me.

Riley: Nobody said anything about you treating.

Margo: I say I'm treating, okay?

Casey: I'm sorry. I can't do lunch today. I got to go to work.

Margo: Listen, baby, you got to have lunch, even if you're working. I thought that maybe you and I could drive Riley around town later on, and you could show him some places to hang out.

Casey: I don't -- I don't think so.

Margo: Fine, don't do anything, Casey. Just Riley and I will be just fine without you.

Casey: Sounds good to me.

Margo: Did you fix that light in the hall?

Casey: I'll do it when I get home, okay?

Margo: Casey, you've been saying that for a week.

Riley: I can fix it.

Margo: Are you sure?

Riley: It's not like I got anything better to do.

Casey: I can fix it right now if you really need me to fix it.

Margo: Don't you bother yourself, Casey. Not at all. You just go drive those old cranky people around. Come on, Riley. I'll show you where the ladder is.


Liberty: Hi, Parker.

Parker: Oh. Hey, Liberty.

Liberty: I just came to look for my mom. I forgot that you were working here.

Parker: Oh, well, yeah. Beats taking tests.

Liberty: Yeah, I guess. I'll see you around.

Parker: Wait, wait. Why aren't you at school?

Liberty: It's a teacher conference day.

Parker: Oh, so you're off for the entire day?

Liberty: Mm-hmm.

Parker: Well, you want to hang out?

Liberty: Don't you have work?

Parker: Well, I'm sure I could get Stu to switch off with me. He wouldn't mind. It's been ages since we spent any time together.

Liberty: Probably because we're not married anymore.

Parker: Yeah, well, just 'cause we're not married doesn't mean we have to stop being friends, does it? I mean, I just want to talk.

Liberty: Right. I can't today, though. Because I actually have plans with Mac.

Parker: But you hang out with her all the time.

Liberty: Well, she's my good friend, and she's expecting me.

Parker: Okay.

Liberty: Hey, Faith.

Faith: Hey. Did something happen with Liberty?

Parker: I don't want to talk about it.

Alison: Hey, you. I didn't think your shift started till later.

Casey: I couldn't wait that long. Guess why?

Alison: Mmm. I'm glad you're not the patient type. My day really needed a jump-start.

Casey: Can you do me a favor?

Alison: Ah, so that's why you came here. I should have known.

Casey: Is that a "No" all of a sudden?

Alison: Are you kidding me? For my handsome boyfriend, no favor is too big.

Casey: Yes!

Alison: Oh, a new watch.

Casey: Yeah, can you put this away for me?

Alison: Why don't you just wear it?

Casey: Nobody needs to know I have it.

Alison: What's going on?

Casey: What? You can't do this favor? What happened to, like, "The handsome boyfriend, no favor's too big"?

Alison: What happened to telling each other the truth? Why does this watch look so familiar? Is this Riley's watch?

Casey: Yeah, it is. But I just need you to hide it for me.

Alison: Why are you stealing Riley's watch?

Craig: Hi.

Carly: Oh, hi. I didn't expect to see you so early.

Craig: I just dropped Johnny off at school, thought I'd see how you're doing.

Carly: I'm good. I'm better than I was yesterday.

Craig: You look better. Doing a little belated spring cleaning?

Carly: Yes. I guess so. I'm purging my cabinets of anything that even whispers the word "Alcohol."

Craig: Good for you.

Carly: Would you like to see for yourself here?

Craig: No, I trust you.

Carly: You do?

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Well, I don't know why. But I thank you.

Craig: Well, you've been crazy enough to trust me in the past. I figured it's time to return the favor.

Carly: I meant what I said about starting over. I learned the hard way that cold turkey doesn't really mean anything unless it's 100%.

Craig: Well, then, you just keep clearing out your cabinets, and I'll make sure that your new start stays that way.

Carly: Well, that sounds ominous.

Craig: No, it isnít. I have an appointment at the police station to finalize my statement about the automobile incident.

Carly: What are you gonna say?

Craig: Exactly what I said before. I didn't see a thing. And that'll be the end of it.

Cop: Here's the hit-and-run witness, Jack. You want to talk to him since the Lieutenant is gone?

Jack: I'm sorry, what hit-and-run is this?

Cop: It's the one outside the station the other day.

Jack: Outside the station? I must have been out on the B&E. Anybody hurt?

Cop: Chief's brother.

Jack: Really? Sure, I'll take the statement. Come on. Thank you for coming in. What took you so long to come in?

Man: The guy was talking, so I figured he was okay, but my wife said I should come in anyway.

Jack: Your wife had the right idea. So, can you describe the car?

Man: Silver, light gray compact.

Jack: Did you happen to see the license-plate number or the driver?

Man: No. Maybe that kid on the bike did, though.

Jack: What bike? What kid?

Man: He was tall, dark hair, may be around 16. 

Casey: You don't have to turn this into a big deal, Ali. I'm just trying to prove a point to my mom.

Alison: What point is that?

Casey: That Riley is not her son, and she needs to stop pretending like he is.

Alison: I'm pretty sure she knows he's not her son, Casey. You know, even without you putting your parole in jeopardy.

Casey: You haven't seen them together as much as I have. She acts like he's more than just a houseguest.

Alison: So what? If having Riley around makes her feel better, then what's the big deal?

Casey: The big deal is he's not the nice guy she thinks he is.

Alison: Are you sure about that?

Casey: When did you become a member of the Riley fan club?

Alison: Come on, Casey.

Casey: No, you come on, Ali. I really need someone in my corner here.

Alison: Of course I am in your corner. I just don't see how hiding this watch will accomplish anything.

Casey: It will. Trust me.

Alison: Yeah, well, not if your mom finds out about this, and this all blows up in your face.

Casey: So you won't help me?

Alison: You're asking me to do something I just don't feel right about.

Casey: You know, if you're not gonna take it, I'm just gonna throw it away.

Alison: Come -- stop. Fine. Give it to me. At least this way, Riley will get it back eventually. Won't he? I just don't get why you want to do this.

Casey: I'm doing this for my mom. I need to do something to get this guy out of our lives.

Margo: What are you looking for?

Riley: Did you move my watch?

Margo: No.

Riley: I know I put it right here before I went to do the dishes.

Margo: Maybe it fell down. Are you sure you left it there?

Riley: Yeah, definitely.

Margo: Well, Mama used to always say, it didn't grow legs and walk away.

Riley: Unless it had help.

Margo: What's that supposed to mean?

Riley: I'd rather not get into it.

Margo: No, I'd rather you did. I'm sorry. That is so rude. I guess Adam didn't really tell you that I have this thing -- if people try to take things from me, it drives me crazy.

Riley: No, he didnít. But I can see how being a detective --

Margo: You know what, stop stalling. You think something happened to your watch. What?

Riley: I don't know, Margo. I think Casey may have taken it.

Margo: Why do you think that?

Riley: We both know he doesn't like me. And then of course there's his history.

Margo: What about it?

Riley: Well, I know he's done time, and I think that maybe --

Margo: Well, Riley, that's in the past.

Riley: Okay.

Margo: Look, I know that Casey hasn't exactly welcomed you with open arms, but I really don't see any reason why he would take your watch.

Riley: I don't know why he did it, Margo. I just think he did.

Margo: All right, well, you know what, I'm gonna go by the hospital and talk to him on my way to the station. I don't think he took it deliberately. It must have been a mistake.

[Cell phone rings]

Liberty: Mac? Where are you? I've been waiting for you in Old Town for, like, 10 minutes. No. No, no, no, no. Please don't blow me off today. And I thought you broke up with him. He dumped her? Well, yeah. I guess you totally have to talk to him then. Just call me later. Give me all the details. I'm mad at you. Okay, bye.


Gabe: Hey. Why the frown on vacation day?

Liberty: Ugh, Mac just blew me off to hang out with her stupid ex, so now I have this free day and absolutely nothing to do.

Gabe: Want to go see a movie?

Liberty: Oh, I'll -- that's nice. Thank you, Gabe. But I actually should probably catch up on my American history reading.

Gabe: Let me at least buy you a latte.

Liberty: Why not?

Faith: Parker? Hello?

Parker: What? What were you saying?

Faith: Obviously, nothing that mattered to you. I thought you two weren't together anymore.

Parker: No, we're not married anymore.

Faith: Same thing, right?

Parker: Well, just because we're not married doesn't mean that she can lie to me and treat me like an idiot.

Faith: I don't think that she was --

Parker: You know what, I have to go.

Carly: I know that I could have killed you.

Craig: But you didnít.

Carly: I don't know how I'm gonna repay you for this.

Craig: The only repayment I need is a promise that you'll never put yourself in a situation like that again.

Carly: You got it. My drinking days are over. This house is now an alcohol-free zone.

Craig: That's all I needed to hear.

Carly: Okay, well. I guess we'll get to work.


Jack: Anything I can do for you?

Craig: No, I wouldn't want to trouble you.

Jack: No trouble at all. Margo called, said you'd be a little late. What can I do?

Craig: It's okay. I'll come back. She just wanted me to sign a statement about a minor traffic accident.

Jack: Not that minor. From what I understand, you were the victim of a hit-and-run.

Craig: Word travels fast.

Jack: Especially in a police station. But I'm a little surprised that you didn't mention anything about it at dinner last night.

Craig: Didn't come up.

Jack: Yeah, that's what I don't understand. I'd figure that a hit-and-run would work its way into just about anyone's conversation.

Craig: Nothing really to tell. I didn't actually get hit. I wasn't hurt. And that hardly makes a riveting dinner-table repartee.

Jack: I disagree.

Craig: Really? I had a BLT for lunch yesterday. Now you make me wish I had announced that, too.

Jack: I'd rather hear about the accident, Craig.

Craig: Well, if you'd read the file, which obviously, you have, you'd know I didn't get a good look at the driver.

Jack: Well, maybe you can describe the car.

Craig: I'm sure the file says I didn't get a good look at the car, either.

Jack: I'm sure the file is full of it.

Craig: You're right, Jack. There's one important piece of information missing from that file. The person responsible.

Jack: And who would that be, Craig?

Craig: It's me. Get out the cuffs and put away the rubber hose. I'm your man, Jack.

Jack: You expect me to believe that you threw yourself in front of a speeding car?

Craig: No, but I might as well have. I didn't look where I was going. Which is why I didn't see the car, which is why I almost got hit. Unless you're gonna arrest me for reckless walking, I'd like to sign the statement and be on my way.

Alison: So, I put the watch in my locker. Are you sure about this?

Casey: Hi, Mom.

Margo: Hi, hi, Alison. Casey, Riley's missing his watch. Any idea where it might have gone?

Casey: Is there any reason I should know where?

Margo: Because you were the only other person in the house when it went missing.

Casey: Oh, which means I stole it, right?

Margo: I didn't say that.

Casey: No? You didn't come here to accuse me of stealing Riley's watch?

Margo: I just asked a question, and I haven't gotten an answer yet.

Casey: I don't know where his watch is. But I think I do know who has it.

Margo: Who?

Casey: Riley.

Margo: Riley stole his own watch.

Casey: Well, I'm guessing he accused me, right?

Margo: What's your point?

Casey: He knows I have a record. He probably just hid his watch and he's blaming it on me.

Margo: Oh, Casey. I don't believe that Riley's capable of something like that.

Alison: Yeah, I don't believe it, either.

Casey: Well, he knows I don't trust him. He's just trying to make me look bad. I mean, his watch goes missing, and who's to blame, huh? Your son the thief.

Margo: No, no, no. I don't buy it.

Casey: Why not? You barely know this guy. You don't know what he's capable of.

Margo: Not something like this.

Casey: What? You just give him a free pass because he knew Adam in Afghanistan?

Margo: No. I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt because he's a nice kid.

Casey: Well, why don't you give me the benefit --?

Margo: I'm trying so hard, Casey. You make it difficult.

Casey: So, where do we go from here? You want to frisk me? You want to give me a lie-detector test?

Margo: You know what, Honey, you're blowing this way out of proportion.

Casey: No, I don't think so. Who are you gonna believe, Mom? This guy who you barely know, or your own son?

Alison: This isn't a contest.

Casey: Well, Riley's turned it into one, and, you know, my mom's decided to play along. So, choose, Mom. Me or him.

Jack: Why do I get the feeling you're not telling me everything, Craig?

Craig: I can't imagine why, Jack. My life's always been such an open book when it comes to law enforcement.

Jack: My gut tells me that something is wrong here.

Craig: Try an antacid.

Jack: Try telling me the truth.

Craig: Aren't detectives supposed to deal in facts, not in gut feelings?

Jack: You want a fact, Craig? There's a witness to your hit-and-run. Is that enough of a fact for you?

Craig: What witness would that be?

Jack: According to him, the car was a silver light gray compact car.

Craig: Why didn't anybody mention this witness before?

Jack: No one knew he existed before today. He wasn't even gonna report it until his wife talked him into doing the right thing. That's probably not a concept you're familiar with.

Craig: Did this Good Samaritan happen to get a license number?

Jack: No, but I'm betting you know exactly who was in the car.

Craig: From gut feelings to gambling. Pretty soon, you're gonna pull out a Ouija board.

Jack: I don't have to, Craig. We both know that Carly drives a silver light gray compact car.

Craig: So do thousands of other people.

Jack: So you're sticking to your story that you have no idea who was in the car at that given time?

Craig: At the risk of repeating myself, I didn't get a good look at the driver or the car. I'm sorry, Jack. I really do wish I could help you.

Jack: Yeah, I bet you do.

Craig: I have a very busy day, so I'd like to sign the statement and get to it, if you don't mind.

Margo: Oh, Casey, you've got to know that I would choose you over Riley without a doubt. You're my son. And now that Adam is gone, you're the only son I'm gonna have.

Casey: Then it shouldn't be a difficult choice.

Margo: You, baby. I choose you.

Casey: That's a start.

Margo: All right. So, I'll go home, and I will tell Riley that I can't find his watch.

Casey: You get it now?

Alison: Get what?

Casey: He finally thinks he has my mom wrapped around his finger, but I just proved him wrong. I won, Ali. Do you understand? I won.

Alison: You won? How? What you just did to your mother was one of the ugliest things I have ever seen.

Parker: Hanging out with Mackenzie, huh? You think you can just lie to me?

Gabe: What's your problem?

Liberty: Gabe, don't worry about it. Parker, I did not lie to you. Mackenzie bailed on me, and Gabe just happened to come by.

Parker: He just happened to? You know, there's a word that people use for girls who go from guy to guy without even caring --

Gabe: All right, man, that's it. You're out of here.

Liberty: Gabe, Gabe, don't worry about it, please. Hey, Parker. I'm having coffee with a friend, but, you know, if it makes you really happy to call me a slut, then I am so glad we're not together anymore. And I'm actually really sorry we ever got together in the first place.

Parker: Liberty, I'm sorry. I say things sometimes without thinking. You know that. Can we please just talk?

Liberty: No, no. Parker. We've tried talking before, and it never works, because you're still following me around. You're still accusing me of lying to you and trying to be with other guys.

Parker: I know you don't want other guys.

Liberty: Oh, I might. And I probably will sometime very soon. You're gonna have to get used to that, Parker. Because what I do and who I do it with has nothing to do with you anymore, so please just leave me alone.

[Doorbell rings]

[Doorbell rings]

Craig: What took you so long?

Carly: What's wrong?

Craig: I may have been a tad overconfident earlier.

Carly: What happened at the police station?

Craig: Jack decided to stick his nose into it.

Carly: Well, that shouldn't matter, right? I mean, you told him that you didn't see anything.

Craig: He's got a witness.

Carly: Who?

Craig: Some loser who let his wife talk him into reporting something he should have just forgotten in the first place.

Carly: Can he identify me?

Craig: Well, he hasn't yet, but that doesn't mean Jack won't help his memory out a little bit.

Carly: What should I do?

Craig: I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I think you should tell Jack the truth.

Carly: Are you crazy?! I can't tell Jack what happened!

Craig: You have a lot of things in your favor in this, Carly. First, I wasn't hurt. Two, I'm not about to press any charges. And third, you've quit drinking. So something like this will never happen again.

Carly: Well, that's true, but if you just keep telling Jack what you've been telling him -- that you don't remember anything -- then there's no way that he can prove anything.

Craig: You're forgetting about the witness.

Carly: Who didn't see me. So, if there's no proof, then why would I confess?

Craig: All right, well let's talk about what not confessing means.

Carly: It means I stay out of trouble!

Craig: It means Jack will just keep digging. You know how he is. He won't leave it alone until he shakes the truth out of somebody, and right now, that somebody is you.

Carly: Well, I can handle that.

Craig: When you're on your game, yes, you can. But right now, you're not. You're trying to do something that's difficult for anybody. You're trying to kick an addiction.

Carly: I'm gonna do it, too.

Craig: I know you will. But the last thing you need is more stress. And lying to Jack is just going to put pressure on you, and that's the kind of pressure that can put a drink right back in your hand.

Jack: I don't think Craig is telling us everything he knows about this hit-and-run.

Margo: You know, I thought so. When he said he didn't, you know, get a look at the car or the driver in broad daylight, I thought something was up.

Jack: And the file says you questioned Rosanna?

Margo: Yeah, I did. I did. I thought maybe she'd want to get back at Craig for running her off the road years ago. But I don't think she had anything to do with it.

Jack: I don't think so, either.

Margo: So, any ideas?

Jack: Carly.

Margo: Whoa, Jack. That's quite an accusation.

Jack: I know that. I know that. But a witness came in today and said that the car was the same make and model as hers.

Margo: There's no plate number?

Jack: No. He didn't see it.

Margo: But he thought that the driver looked like Carly?

Jack: Couldn't identify her, either.

Margo: But, Jack, we can't really bring Carly in based on a make and model. That's really stretching it.

Jack: Something is definitely off, here, Margo. And every instinct I have is telling me that Carly is involved.

Margo: Fine. Fine. Let's bring her in. This is such a miserable day.

Jack: Hey listen -- why don't you let me deal with the hit-and-run. You deal with your family stuff.

Margo: Are you sure about that?

Jack: I'm positive.

Margo: But, Jack, if Carly is involved, it's really gonna be tough on you.

Jack: Fortunately, I'm kind of used to it.

Margo: You've got a point. Good luck.

Jack: Thanks. Don't worry. I'll get to the bottom of this, okay?

Casey: I know what just went down there might have seemed a little harsh.

Alison: That was cruel, Casey. Cruel.

Casey: Not in the long run. Not if it all turns out for the best.

Alison: Who gets to decide what's best? You?

Casey: What, you think Riley should?

Alison: How about letting your mother decide for herself instead of lying to her? You practically accused her of not loving you anymore. Do you know how much that must have hurt her?

Casey: Well, you know how hurt she would be if I had done nothing, Ali?

Alison: By Riley?

Casey: Yes, by Riley.

Alison: What is he guilty of? Making your mom feel better when you couldn't?

Casey: That was low, Ali.

Alison: You should know. Look, you have to find some other way, because what you did today was wrong, and you used me to do it.

Casey: Ali, I didnít.

Jack: Parker.

Parker: Dad?

Faith: I think I'm gonna go get a soda.

Jack: Parker, I need you to answer some questions about the accident Craig had a couple days ago.

Parker: What about it?

Jack: So, you knew there was an accident?

Parker: Yeah. Craig told me and Mom about it last night.

Jack: He didn't have to tell you, did he? Because you were there at the scene, weren't you? Parker, there's a witness who saw you there on your bike.

Parker: I was there.

Jack: Did you also see your mother in the driver's seat of that car that almost hit Craig?

Parker: She was nowhere near there, Dad.

Jack: Parker. I know you think you're helping her, but you're not. There was a witness, Parker. Do you want me to drag your mother down to the station and put her in a lineup so this guy can pick her out?

Parker: It was an accident.

Jack: Was she drinking?

Parker: I don't know.

Jack: Parker, I already brought her in on one D.U.I. She could have killed somebody. It's only going to get worse.

Parker: Dad, she stopped drinking. I swear.

Jack: But she was drunk, right?

Parker: You're not gonna put her in jail, are you?

Jack: Honestly, I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Carly: I'm never gonna take another drink again. I want you to believe me.

Craig: I do. I'm just trying to help improve your chances.

Carly: Stop pushing me, okay? If I'm strong enough to get rid of every drop of alcohol in this house, I'm strong enough to take whatever Jack Snyder can dish out.

[Doorbell rings]

Craig: Well, I hope for your sake, you're right. Jack.

Jack: Hello, Craig.

Craig: Come in.

Carly: Is there something I can do for you, Jack?

Jack: Well, I'm not too sure, Carly, 'cause I think I've given you guys too much time to get your stories straight.

Craig: Boy, real crime must be at a standstill in this burg.

Jack: We can always have this conversation down at the station, Craig.

Craig: You can always talk to my lawyer.

Jack: Why are you so touchy? I thought you didn't remember anything.

Craig: You're right. I don't remember anything. And Carly doesn't know anything.

Carly: Craig, I told you I would handle this.

Jack: Is there something you need to handle? Sooner or later, you knew we were going to have this conversation, right? I'd prefer if it were sooner.

Carly: You're right. Craig and I were talking about his accident.

Jack: Okay.

Carly: We weren't trying to figure out a way to lie to you. As a matter of fact, Craig was encouraging me to tell you the truth.

Jack: And what truth is that?

Carly: The truth is that I almost ran him down with my car.

Jack: What happened?

Carly: I'd been drinking, and I lost control of the car. And I know there's no excuse for it.

Jack: Yeah, you're right about that.

Carly: And all I can do now is apologize, which I've done. I've apologized to Craig.

Craig: Which I have accepted.

Jack: Do you have any idea how lucky you are that no one was killed, including yourself?

Carly: Yeah. Yes. It scared me to death, Jack. It's what made me decide to stop drinking for good. Nothing like this will ever happen again.

Jack: What are you gonna do to ensure that, Carly? When was the last time you were at a meeting?

Carly: They don't work for me.

Jack: Then all of this is meaningless, Carly.

Craig: If the meetings don't work, then it doesn't make sense for her to go.

Jack: Well, we've got to do something, Craig, or she is gonna continue to drink.

Carly: No, I wonít. That part of my life is over.

Jack: Just like that?

Carly: Yes.

Jack: Do you have any idea how difficult that is?

Carly: Not for me.

Jack: Then you won't mind taking a breathalyzer test.

Carly: You want me to come down to the station with you, Jack?

Jack: You don't need to go anywhere, Carly. I've got the equipment in my car.

Liberty: Could I talk to you?

Parker: Sure.

Faith: I better go. I'll see you guys later.

Liberty: See you later, Faith.

Parker: Glad you came.

Liberty: Look. Before, you said you wanted to talk, be my friend.

Parker: Yeah, I do, Liberty. I'm so sorry about the way I went off on you. I just thought that --

Liberty: I know what you thought, and that's the problem, Parker. I do not want to have to explain myself every time I spend time with someone who isn't you. It's not a friendship there, it's an ownership.

Parker: Maybe if we'd just spend some time together every once in a while, then it wouldn't --

Liberty: No, Parker, you've got to let me go.

Parker: What do you mean?

Liberty: We can't just be friends. We've tried it before, and it doesn't work. So I think it's best if we just don't talk to each other.

Parker: Ever?

Liberty: Don't call me. Don't text me. And don't say hi to me. And if you see me, just pretend like you don't even know me.

Riley: I thought you were at work.

Margo: Yeah, I was. I was. But then I came home to see about you. Did you find your watch?

Riley: No. Did you get a chance to ask Casey about it?

Margo: I did.

Riley: And?

Margo: Unfortunately, it seems that your watch has gone missing without a trace. I'm sorry.

Riley: So am I.

Margo: So, I -- you know what, I want to reimburse you for that.

Riley: You don't have to do that.

Margo: No, no, no, no. A possession of yours went missing in my home, and I'm gonna make good for it.

Riley: Put that away. I'm not going to accept your money. You've given me so much.

Margo: And I really wish it could be more. But, Riley, it appears that I've kind of hit a wall.

Riley: What do you mean?

Margo: Well, when I went to talk to Casey at the hospital about your watch, it became pretty obvious to me that having you here is hurting my son. And I don't -- I can't justify it. There's no reason for it, but that seems to be the way it is.

Riley: Wait, if I forget about the watch?

Margo: No, no. It's really not about the watch. For some reason, Casey really feels threatened by you being here. And I thought that maybe in time, he would get over it, but it's just getting worse.

Riley: Maybe if I go talk to him.

Margo: No. I'm sorry. Riley, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.

Casey: Ali! Ali, please listen to me. Riley is conning my mom into thinking she's getting her son back. But he's not Adam. He'll never be Adam. And its better that my mom deals with it now. That she's hurt a little now before she gets too attached.

Alison: Okay, I don't agree, but I guess I understand why you might see it that way.

Casey: Good, good. See, if Riley made me lose you --

Alison: Riley is not the -- okay, I'm done. I don't want to fight about this anymore.

Casey: Good. Prove it.

Alison: Whoa, not so fast. There's still a stolen watch in my locker.

Casey: Yes, I promise I will give it back. I'll say I found it in the couch or something.

Alison: When?

Casey: Soon.

Alison: Casey.

Casey: Just, can you hold it for one more day? Can you do this for me, Ali?

Craig: You don't want to do this, Jack.

Jack: Oh, I think I have to, okay?

Craig: Do you have any idea how much courage it took Carly to stand up and tell you the truth just now?

Jack: Only because she was caught.

Craig: She wasn't caught, and you know it. She could have stonewalled you from here to kingdom come. But she didnít.

Jack: If Carly's really stopped drinking, then taking this test shouldn't be a problem.

Craig: She has every right to refuse. And every reason. Where is that gonna lead, Jack? How long is it gonna be before you demand she come by the police station every day?

Jack: Excuse me, she's driving my children around! I can't let her do that if she's got a substance-abuse problem.

Carly: Had. Past tense.

Jack: Am I supposed to just take your word for it?

Carly: You're gonna have to start trusting me again at some point, Jack. If you truly feel that I'm incapable of learning from my mistakes, then it really doesn't matter what any breathalyzer tells you, does it?

Craig: I personally saw her throw out every last drop of alcohol in the house. If you don't want to take her word for it, why don't you search the place yourself?

Jack: I'll take your word this time, Carly. But if you want me to believe in you again, you better damn well go the distance. And since no one was seriously injured, I'll close the book on the hit-and-run.

Carly: Thank you, Jack.

Jack: I just hope I'm not gonna be sorry I did this.

Carly: You won't be.

Alison: I'll keep the watch, but on one condition. You have to at least try to find a way to get along with Riley.

Casey: I will try.

Alison: Casey, I mean it.

Casey: Well, maybe if he sees that he can't come between me and my mom, you know, that he can't worm his way into our family, then he might be easier to take.

Alison: I suppose that's as much as I could hope for.

Casey: I'm really sorry for bringing you into this, especially without you knowing why.

Alison: Can you understand why I was so upset about it?

Casey: Well, my strategy was a little extreme, but thank you for being on my side.

Alison: I'm always on your side. Okay, but no more games. Deal with Riley one-on-one.

Casey: I will. How about you and I have one-on-one right now?

Riley: Did Casey ask you to kick me out?

Margo: No, no. Casey doesn't even know I'm doing this.

Riley: And I bet when you tell him, it'll make his day.

Margo: Riley, he's my son. I have to take his side.

Riley: I wouldn't expect anything less. You know, I'm gonna go pack my things, and then I'll be out of here as soon as I can.

Margo: You know what I can do? I can help you find another place to stay, huh?

Riley: Oh, no, you don't have to do that.

Margo: Yes, I do. I will. I will.

Riley: Yes, Ma'am.

Margo: And, you know, we can still get together, grab a burger or something. You can come over for coffee anytime.

Riley: That mud you make in the morning?

Margo: Oh, you've got a mouth on you, kid! That is so weird. I used to s-- I'm sorry. It's just that you're my last connection to Adam, and I don't want to lose that. So, I'm sorry.

Riley: I know, and I don't want to lose that, either. Who knows? Maybe my moving out is for the best.

Jack: Parker, what are you doing here?

Parker: Did you arrest Mom?

Jack: No, buddy, I didnít.

Parker: Great. I got out of work early. I was just so afraid --

Jack: You did the right thing by telling the truth, okay? And so did your mom.

Parker: She told you?

Jack: About the drinking, about the fact that she's given it up, yeah.

Parker: Okay, she's really serious about it this time. I can tell.

Jack: So she's off the hook for now. And as far as the department's concerned, Craig Montgomeryís hit-and-run is a closed case.

Parker: Thank you, Dad.

Jack: But I need you to keep me in the loop if anything else happens.

Parker: It wonít.

Jack: Parker. If it does, you need to tell me. You're not protecting your mother by keeping her drinking a secret. Her life, someone else's life, yours, even Sage's, could be at stake here, you understand?

Parker: Yeah, Dad. I get what you're saying, but you don't have to worry about her anymore. She was really scared. She's never gonna touch another drink.

Carly: Well, thank you for sticking up for me with Jack.

Craig: It was insulting, the way he treated you. Always expecting you to lie to him.

Carly: Well, I suppose being suspicious is what makes him a good detective, right?

Craig: [Sighs] I'm proud of you.

Carly: What on earth for?

Craig: Because you've just proved what I've always known -- that Carly Tenney can do whatever she sets her mind to.

Carly: Well, I wish I had half as much confidence in myself as you have in me.

Craig: You will. 'Cause I'm gonna give you the ultimate pep talk over lunch. How does the Lakeview sound?

Carly: Oh, no. You know, before all of this, I was actually starting to do some sketches again. So if you don't mind, I think I'll pass on lunch and get back to work.

Craig: By all means.

Carly: Okay.

Craig: I'll leave you to work your magic.

Carly: Okay.

Craig: See you later.

Carly: Okay.

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Jack: Do you love Craig the way you loved me?

Alison: Are you out of your mind?

Riley: I have met Lieutenant Hasbro, and you're not him.

Man: And you're not Riley Morgan.

Luke: If this is Riley, then who the hell is the guy living at your house, pretending to be your dead brother's friend?

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