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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 6/12/09

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Luke: Hey.

Noah: Hey.

Luke: Got your message. What's up?

Noah: I had this idea for the film, but I'm really not sure about it. I wanted to run it by you first.

Luke: Cool.

Noah: Do you remember that box that the army sent me after my father died -- the one filled with all his stuff?

Luke: Yeah, it's at the farm, in storage, right?

Noah: Yeah. I've been wondering recently, you know, what's in it.

Luke: What? You -- you never looked?

Noah: No. I -- I put it away. Never opened it.

Luke: And now you want to?

Noah: Yeah. But if I do, I think I want to do it on camera.

Luke: Oh. Oh, that's kind of -- that's kind of heavy.

Noah: I know. I'm just worried that that might be exploiting something that I should, you know, probably -- that should probably stay private. What do you think?

Luke: I don't know.

Noah: It's just I made this -- I'm making this film about how the military shaped my life. And if my father sent me something that I've haven't even had the courage to look at, don't you think -- don't you think that's something I should admit?

Luke: Then I think we should do it.

Margo: Okay, I'm draining the chick-bean things.

Riley: You really are hopeless in the kitchen, aren't you?

Margo: You know what? I'm gonna be honest with you. I haven't seen half this stuff ever in my life.

Riley: Okay, switch. I'll rinse, and you finish cutting the peppers.

Margo: Oh, I get to play with the sharp and shinies? Yee-haw.

Riley: Just make sure you get all the seeds out, okay?

Margo: Okay.

Casey: What is that smell?

Margo: It's garlic. We're making hummus.

Casey: And why?

Margo: Because Riley learned to make it when he was stationed overseas, and now he's teaching me.

Casey: Wow, you're voluntarily spending time in the kitchen?

Margo: I am, I am. So, what are we making next?

Riley: Chicken kabobs.

Margo: Mmm.

Casey: Isn't that just grilled chicken on a stick?

Riley: Well, the idea of baked falafel terrifies your mom, so --

Margo: Just cut me a break here. I'm branching out. Oh, here we go.

Riley: There it is.

Margo: Want to join us?

Casey: I -- no, I don't think so.

Riley: Oh, come on, Case, step outside your comfort zone.

Casey: Oh, yeah, I'm already there.

Margo: Casey, Riley's right. Lighten up.

Casey: Riley's always right. [Sighs] My God, you have perfect timing. Let me tell you, I couldn't have handled another minute in there with "The Riley and Margo show." You know, I just want to take that hummus and, like, stick it right their face.

Alison: Mmm.

Casey: Okay, hi. How are you? Mmm.

Alison: Hello. Why are you so wound up over hummus?

Casey: It's not hummus. It's him -- Riley. He's got my mom cooking again.

Alison: Your mom's cooking?

Casey: I know, exactly. It's like she'll do anything to spend time with him.

Alison: Okay, don't get mad, but are you sure this isn't just you being jealous?

Casey: [Scoffs] I am not jealous. Please. Come on, I'm charming, I'm good-looking, I got you, got these muscles.

Alison: [Chuckles]

Casey: What does he have? Come on.

Alison: Your mom's full and undivided attention.

Parker: I got it, I got it. Okay? Where were you?

Carly: I -- I went out.

Parker: You were driving like this?

Carly: Like what?

Parker: You know.

Carly: What? I'm fine.

Parker: No, you're not.

Carly: Okay, don't start in on me, okay? Because you and I had a deal. I wouldn't judge you, and you would most definitely not judge me.

Parker: I'm not judging you.

Carly: It certainly sounds like you might be. You know, it wasn't very easy for me to overlook you -- what you did, crashing the prom.

Parker: I know.

Carly: But I did. Even after you got in that fight about Liberty, I was there for you. I stood by you. I defended you. And now I'm the one who's having a bad day, and I could use a little support.

Parker: Okay, why -- why are you having a bad day? [Sighs]

Carly: Craig.

Parker: Why? What did he do?

Craig: He said that he was gonna make peace with Rosanna, and he really meant it. You know, he -- he was gonna do that for me.

Parker: That's a good thing, right?

Carly: It was. Until he did a complete 180 and he got mad, and he started yelling. And now he's on the warpath.

Parker: That's your excuse for getting drunk?


Rosanna: Well, Craig, you -- you got me. I did take that money from you.

Craig: Good. Now put it back.

Rosanna: No, I don't think so.

Craig: And why is that?

Rosanna: Well, because it was my money to begin with. I mean, you stole it from me. You're the one that's the thief here. [Scoffs]

Craig: Me? After you broke into my hotel room, hacked into my computer, and misrepresent me to the bank?

Rosanna: You mean, like the way you misrepresented yourself when you married me for my money?

Craig: It wasn't your money I married you for.


Rosanna: Oh, I guess my money was just a nice little bonus.

Craig: You know, I would've been happy to battle this out in open court fairly, once and for all.

Rosanna: Well. [Scoffs] How thoughtful of you.

Craig: But what you did is a straight-up felony, and you're not gonna get away with it.

Paul: What is going on here?

Parker: You promised you weren't gonna do this anymore.

Carly: Do what? What have I done now?

Parker: You drove drunk!

Carly: I'm not drunk.

Parker: Mom, clearly you've been drinking.

Carly: I had a couple drinks. But I -- I'm not impaired. I had a few rough days. I just wanted to get through them, and I did.

Parker: This isn't working.

Carly: What isn't working?

Parker: The stupid deal that we made. Mom, things are just getting worse. You keep drinking. I mean, I keep screwing up with Liberty.

Carly: Oh, Sweetheart, you can't solve everything overnight.

Parker: I'm not trying to!

Carly: I know that things have been rough for you since Liberty dumped you.

Parker: Mom, this has nothing to do with Liberty!

Carly: I just don't know what else I can do to help you.

Parker: You could stop drinking. Please.

Craig: You were in on this.

Paul: I hope so, 'cause the look on your face is priceless.

Craig: No, this makes sense. This didn't really feel like Rosanna's style, but you -- you wouldn't think twice.

Paul: What is he talking about?

Rosanna: Nothing. Nothing.

Craig: What is it you get out of protecting this loser?

Rosanna: Paul had nothing to do with this.

Paul: What is it I had nothing to do with?


Rosanna: I just reclaimed the money that Craig mistakenly thought was his.

Craig: I'm not sure a court would agree with that, Sweetheart.

Rosanna: You may be right, Darling. Justice has always been a little bit blind where you're concerned.

Paul: Rosanna.

Rosanna: Just stay out of this.

Craig: This is why you came back, isn't it? To get a little revenge on Craig.

Rosanna: Oh, yes, yes, that's why I came back. Reclaiming my life is all about just getting back at you.

Craig: You haven't changed at all. You're still the same cold, calculating woman you've always been.

Rosanna: I'll take that as a compliment.

Craig: Good. Consider yourself warned. I'm gonna come at you in ways that you can't even imagine.

Carly: Things are gonna get better, Parker.

Parker: How can they, if you won't stop drinking?

Carly: These last few weeks have been tough. You know that. Things have happened that I -- that I just have not been prepared for. Like Rosanna. The last thing I expected was for her to come back.

Parker: You should be happy about that.

Carly: I am. I'm ecstatic. She's back. She wants to be a part of our lives again, and that's great. But only if Craig isnít.

Parker: Like that's even a choice? Mom, you pick Aunt Rosanna.

Carly: Of course. No, of course, and I have. It's just, it's not -- it's not easy to cut somebody out of your life like that. That's why it's so important that you and I stick together. Are you still with me?

Parker: Yeah.

Carly: Thank you, Baby. Thank you. Thank you, my tall baby.

Parker: Maybe you should lie down.

Carly: Okay. [Sighs] [Sighs]

Carly: Oh, what the hell, Craig?

Craig: You need to hear this.

Carly: No, I donít. I don't care. Go away.

Craig: Your sister is a thief, and she's not gonna get away with it!

Casey: I am not jealous of Riley. I just don't like what he's doing, you know, taking advantage of my mom.

Alison: How?

Casey: Well, like using her grief about Adam to bond with her or something. I --

Alison: What do you think he's trying to do? Take your brother's place?

Casey: Well, he kind of has already. He said he talked to Adam before he died. Like, talked to him about being a good guy and how much he loved his family and that he wanted to make up for all the bad stuff he did.

Alison: So? Maybe that's true.

Casey: No, that's not it. He's just saying everything my mom wants to hear right now.

Alison: You know, for all you know, everything he is telling her is true.

Casey: Well, it's working. It's like my mom's suddenly over Adam's death, and it's --

Alison: Case, she's not over it.

Luke: Hey, guys. We're glad you're both here. Are you guys ready for a spur-of-the-moment shoot? Rrrrr!

Alison: Sure.

Casey: Sure, yeah. I hope you don't need Riley, though, 'cause he's turning my mom into Oakdaleís hummus queen.

Alison: Don't ask.

Noah: Well, no, we don't need him. In fact, we don't need him at all. That's okay.

Luke: [Laughs] Don't sound too disappointed, Bud.

Noah: Why? What do you mean? Technically, we don't need him. That's it.

Casey: Good. I'm -- so, I'm not the only one who thinks this guy is shady.

Luke: Noah just thinks that Riley is a little too laid-back to have been a soldier.

Noah: Okay, that's not exactly what I said, but whatever. Will you go?

Casey: Yeah, lead the way. Let's do this.

Margo: Oh, that is!

Riley: Mm-hmm.

Margo: Oh, that's delicious! Oh, I made something delicious! Mmm!

Riley: Adam would definitely have been impressed.

Margo: Hmm.

Riley: Mm-hmm.

Margo: It sounds like you knew him really pretty well.

Riley: For the most part. I mean, I didn't know everything. There were some things Adam didn't talk about, but --

Margo: Like what?

Riley: I'm not prying, but he never really talked about what went down before he left. I know he felt bad about it, though.

Margo: Well, did he say something?

Riley: Not specifically. He said that he hurt a lot of people and that he always felt bad about it. It was something that he regretted. That's why he felt like he could never come home.

Margo: Did he want to? Did he want to come home?

Riley: Felt like he always wanted to come home and make amends. He just didn't know how.

Margo: Well, he could've at least tried.

Riley: Would that have worked?

Margo: You mean, could I have forgiven him? I don't know. I think that's something I've asked myself every day.

Riley: Did you ever find an answer?

Margo: Well, you know, Adam's right. He did do some pretty awful things before he left, and I'm sure he did feel like the door was closed. And maybe sometimes it was. But my heart was always open, 'cause -- 'cause, you know, he's my boy. He was.

Paul: I'm guessing that you have your own perverse logic as to why you would do something like this.

Rosanna: Yeah, I do.

Paul: You want to fill me in? Because I'm the one that Craig's gonna come after. I am the one who stole all his money. I hacked into his computer, not you.

Rosanna: I know. But what you did was a criminal offense. You could go to jail.

Paul: So could you.

Rosanna: But I won't, because I can argue that the money was mine to begin with.

Paul: Okay, and what do you see happening after that?

Rosanna: Worst-case scenario? I could end up battling it out in court with Craig.

Paul: Exactly. Which is the one thing that you said you wanted to avoid.

Carly: My sister is not a thief.

Craig: Oh, but, yes, she is, and by her own admission.

Carly: It was her money to begin with! She had a right to take it back!

Craig: Not the way she went about it! If Rosanna wanted to take me to court, I'd show up! Hell, I might have even settled!

Carly: Why can't you do that now?

Craig: Because it would set a bad precedent.

Carly: So, what are you gonna do, then?

Craig: Oh, well, let's see. The old me would've used a little more discretion about this. But since I need to show you that I've changed, I'm gonna do it the old-fashioned way. I'm gonna call the police and have her prosecuted.

Carly: Craig, don't do that! I just got her back!

Craig: And how is that relevant to my case?

Carly: Your case will tear apart what's left of my life. If you care about me at all, don't do this.

Craig: Your sister flat-out acknowledged she stole from me, Carly. I'm sorry. I have to report it.

Carly: Wait. You said you would always help me. You said all I had to was ask. I'm asking.

Craig: You want me to save your sister?

Carly: Yes.

Craig: I'm not your patsy, Carly.

Carly: I never said you were.

Craig: No, but that's how you feel about me. Of course, I've certainly made it easy for you. I just accepted that I would always care more about you than you would for me.

Carly: That's a horrible thing to say.

Craig: Doesn't make it any less true, though, does it? Almost convinced myself I could live with that.

Carly: Oh, Craig, please.

Craig: Please what, Carly? You know that all I've tried to do is help you with your kids, your career, your drinking.

Carly: I know that.

Craig: And all you've done is tell me that I'm trying to control you. It's amazing how your perspective has shifted, now that I can actually supply something you want.

Carly: You make it sound like I'm using you. Look -- look, I know that I've pushed you away, and I'm sorry. I've just been under so much pressure from Parker, from Jack, from Rosanna.

Craig: Mm-hmm, I know, pressure to keep your distance from me. You're turning yourself inside out to please them. Well, I don't owe them anything. And I don't care what they say, Carly. I'm not the bad guy here.

Carly: I know that. I've been trying to convince them of that. [Scoffs]

Craig: Don't bother! If being the good guy means being their doormat, thanks, I'll pass!

Carly: What are you doing?

Craig: I'm calling Margo. Big difference between you and me, Carly -- I don't care what people think of me. The bottom line is, grand larceny is still a serious crime.

Carly: Please. I'm begging you. Please don't make that call.

Millie: A messenger just dropped this off for you.

Paul: Thank you. It's from Meg.

Rosanna: What is it?

Paul: It's a revised custody agreement for Eliza.

Rosanna: What does it say?

Paul: She's going to allow me supervised visits.

Rosanna: Oh, my gosh.

Paul: Yeah.

Rosanna: That's extremely --

Paul: And if I don't screw it up, overnight visits and maybe some vacation.

Rosanna: I was gonna say that's extremely generous. But that's incredibly generous of Meg.

Paul: It is. It's more I'd ever hoped for.

Rosanna: Paul -- Paul, you don't want to mess this up.

Paul: No, I donít.

Rosanna: I mean, this is proof that Meg thinks that having Eliza and you in each other's lives is a good thing.

Paul: Yeah. Well, she always had more faith in me than I had in myself.

Rosanna: Whatever you do, don't jeopardize this. How are you gonna be in your daughter's life if you end up in jail?

Noah: This box contains the last of my father's personal effects. It was given to me after he died. Obviously. But I never opened it before. I wasn't ready. And to be honest, I'm -- I'm not sure I'm ready to open it now. But whatever's in this box, these are the things that were most important to my father at the end of his life.


Luke: Is that a picture of you?

Noah: I think I was about 3 or 4 when that was taken.


Luke: Is that your dad's gun?

Noah: Yeah, one of them.

Luke: Can you put it together?

Noah: No, not this one. This one is military-issued, so --

Alison: We could ask Riley to do it. Sorry. Are we still filming?

Noah: It's all right.

Luke: You know, that's -- that's a pretty good idea, Alison.

Casey: I thought we weren't including corporal chickpea in all this. I'm just --

Alison: Okay, enough with the hummus jokes. I thought you weren't jealous of him.

Casey: I'm not. I'm just -- I'm just saying, do we really need this guy?

Luke: Well, you know, Case, it would be good for the film.

Noah: I suppose. Casey?

Casey: It's your call, man.

[Casey sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Margo: Hughes.

Craig: Margo, its Craig.

Margo: Yee-haw.

Craig: You might want to lose the sarcasm. This is an official call.

Margo: What's going on?

Craig: I need to file a report. A crime has been committed.

Margo: What did you do?

Craig: Nothing! I'm the victim.

Margo: Really? What happened?

Craig: You know, I don't feel comfortable discussing it on the phone. Can you meet me at the station?

Margo: Oh, all right. Give me 15 minutes. I'm so sorry. Duty calls.

Riley: I understand. You don't need to explain.

Margo: All right. Well, I'm gonna go get my stuff.

Riley: Okay. I'll finish up here. Hey. I saw you guys take off earlier. Where'd you go?

Casey: We were out at Snyder farm.

Riley: Oh, yeah? What for?

Casey: You know that film Noah's doing?

Riley: Yeah, the one about growing up on all the different army bases.

Noah: Yeah. We found this gun in my dad's personal effects. And I was wondering if you could assemble it for me?

Casey: On camera.

Riley: No.

Carly: It's not too late, you know. You can still be the bigger person here.

Craig: Than who? Rosanna? Forget it. She stole a fortune from me.

Carly: What about what you stole from her? And I'm not talking about money. How long was she lying unconscious in that hospital bed, Craig? Isn't that worth returning a few million of her dollars? Craig! Damn it.

Parker: Mom, what's going on? Mom, what are you doing?

Carly: I have to stop him.

Parker: Who, Craig? Mom, stop! You shouldn't be driving! Mom!

Riley: Turn that thing off. I don't want to be on camera.

Noah: Okay, all right. Luke -- would you do it now? You know, the camera's off.

Riley: The camera is not the issue.

Casey: So, what is?

Riley: I'm just not interested in reliving that part of my life.

Casey: We're not asking you to fire it.

Riley: I know that!

Alison: I'm -- I'm sorry. This was my idea.

Casey: Yeah, and it was a good idea. I just -- I don't see what the big deal is. You know, I thought they taught you how to put a gun together in basic training.

Riley: What is this, some sort of test?

Casey: I just -- I think we all want to see a real soldier in action.

Margo: What's going on?

Carly: Come on, Craig. Where are you? I can't let you do this.

[Engine revs]

Carly: Oh!

[Tires screech]

[Carly sighs]

[Carly hits Craig with her car. Craig falls down]

Carly: Oh, God. What did I do?

Craig: Ow. Ow.

Parker: Craig! Craig, are you okay?

Craig: I'm fine. Just help me up.

Parker: Okay.

Craig: Ow! No, no, no, no.

Parker: You want me to get help?

Carly: Craig? Are you all right? Tell me I didn't hurt you.

Craig: Why? So you can try and run me down again?

Rosanna: I'm just not gonna let you throw your life away on some misguided attempt to help me.

Paul: You really think my life is worth saving?

Rosanna: Yeah, I do.

Paul: What if it's not? I mean, what if this is just kind of who I am?

Rosanna: What do you mean? I mean, I never said there wasn't room for improvement.

Paul: Yeah, but what if I can't change? You know, what if I never change? My father never changed.

Rosanna: Well, you are not nothing like your father. I mean, for one thing, you recognize when you've done something wrong. And for another thing, it bothers you.

Paul: Right. A conscience.

Rosanna: There you go.

Paul: Yeah.


Rosanna: Yeah, how about that? Use it, use it. Become a better person, better father to Eliza.

Paul: What about a better friend?

Rosanna: Well, I wouldn't, you know, go crazy.

Paul: No, no, no, I think I'm onto something. I think I know a way that I can help you if you'll let me.

Casey: We were just asking Riley to help Noah out.

Margo: Really? 'Cause it kind of sounded like you were all ganging up against him.

Riley: Look, it's all right, Margo.

Margo: No, no, no, it's not all right.

Casey: Mom, relax. No one's picking on Riley.

Margo: Good! That's really good. Now I'll get to the greater question. What the hell are you doing running around town with a gun?

Noah: It's mine. We found it amongst my dad's personal effects.

Margo: And it should have stayed there.

Noah: Well, it's in pieces.

Margo: As far as I know, it's unlicensed, as well. What is it doing in my home?

Noah: Okay, we're making a film about my life, you know, specifically, growing up in the military.

Luke: And we thought it would be good for the film if we had footage of a soldier doing what they're trained to do, like assembling a gun. You know?

Casey: Yeah, but, hey, if you're not up for it, I understand.

Riley: It's not just a gun.

Casey: I'm sorry? What?

Riley: It's a Beretta 92 semiautomatic pistol with a 15-round box magazine and a short recoil. Weighs about 34 ounces. This one was made prior to 2004. See the trigger guard? It's unmodified. And for the movie buff, this is the same kind of gun they use in the "Die Hard" flicks.

Alison: Wow.

Margo: Are you happy now?

Casey: Well, would've been a lot cooler if he got it on film.

Margo: What is wrong with you?

Casey: What?

Margo: Why do you feel you have to challenge Riley at every turn?

Casey: I'm -- I'm not.

Margo: Yes, you are, and it's gonna stop now. Do you understand?

Casey: Okay, okay, yes. I'm sorry.

Margo: Yeah, it's fine. Well, don't just say "Yes" and then not do anything about it.

Casey: Well, I -- I will be nicer to Riley.

Margo: Good. Because he is our guest, he was a friend of your brother, and he deserves respect. You see that he gets it.

[Door closes]

[Margo sighs]

Carly: It was an accident.

Craig: An accident? You came right at me!

Carly: I didn't mean to hurt you.

Craig: Then what did you mean to do?

Carly: I was just -- I -- I was trying to stop you.

Craig: Well, congratulations! You did!

Carly: No! From talking to the police. I didn't mean to hurt you, Craig. My -- my foot slipped! It just slipped!

Craig: Carly, Carly look at me. It's all right. Parker, take your mother home.

Parker: But --

Craig: Parker! Get her out of here now!

Parker: What about you?

Craig: I'll be fine. We're outside a police station. Just go.

Parker: All right, Mom, give me the keys. Thank you. Get in the car.

Craig: Parker? It's gonna be all right.

[Car door closes]

[Engine turns over]

Passerby: Hey, Buddy, are you all right?

Craig: Yeah, yeah, I think so.

Passerby: Here, let me help you up.

Craig: Aah!

Passerby: What happened?

Craig: Well, that car almost hit me. I -- I didn't see it coming.

Parker: Just be careful, okay?

Carly: Oh, your bike.

Parker: Yeah, it's in the trunk of the car. I'll get it later. Come on.


Carly: Okay, all right! I'm fine.

Parker: What were you thinking? Why would you go after Craig like that?

Carly: I had my reasons.

Parker: Well, you shouldn't have been driving.

Carly: Everything is fine now, Parker. Okay?

Parker: He's seriously hurt, Mom! He could barely stand up!

Carly: Oh, come on. Craig exaggerates.

Parker: You almost hit him with your car!

Carly: If he's so hurt, then why are we here?

Parker: You don't remember? I mean, he told me to bring you back home.

Carly: Why?

Parker: Probably because he didn't want you there when the police showed up.

Carly: He -- he called the cops?

Parker: It was right outside of the police station!

Carly: And we just left him there?

Parker: It's what he wanted! My God, this is so messed up! I don't know what to do!

Carly: You don't have to do anything, Parker, this is not your problem.

Parker: No, I'm gonna call Dad.

Carly: No! No! That'll just make things worse.

Parker: What could be worse than this?

Carly: Parker, go to your room. Now!


Margo: What happened?

Craig: Oh, I twisted my ankle.

Margo: Oh, is that all?

Craig: Well, excuse me. Could you try and make your disappointment a little less obvious?

Margo: No, no, no, I'm just relieved, because they said that you were involved in a hit-and-run, but they didn't say if you were hit or run or whatever.

Craig: And it was right outside the police station. Can you believe that?

Margo: Hmm. And no eyewitnesses?

Craig: None that I'm aware of. But then I didn't see the car coming either.

Margo: Well, do you think this had anything to do with what you were doing?

Craig: Crossing the street?

[Both laugh]

Margo: No, the fact that you were there to report a crime.

Craig: You mean, someone trying to silence me?

Margo: Well, yeah, it's a distinct possibility with you, Craig.

Craig: No, Margo, trust me, this was a random accident.

Margo: Okay. Well, random or not, I'm here, so let's hear it.

Craig: Hear what?

Margo: The crime that you were so anxious to report.

Craig: Oh. [Sighs] I'm sorry. If that's why you came down here, you should have called me first.

Margo: Why is that?


Craig: It turns out, this -- this accident's had a -- it's had a profound effect on me.

Margo: Oh, here we go.

Craig: No, I'm serious, really!

Margo: Oh, I'm sure you are.

Craig: It's just that this has put things into real perspective for me.

Margo: Uh-huh? And so now you have nothing to say?

Craig: Sorry.

Margo: You will be.

Riley: Think it's pretty obvious you got some something against me, Casey.

Casey: So?

Riley: So, let's deal with it. I'm tired of upsetting your mom.

Casey: Yeah, I am, too. That why I think it's time for you to go.

Riley: Excuse me?

Casey: What? You already offered to leave once.

Riley: And your mom insisted that I stay.

Casey: She was just being polite. I'm not the same way.

Riley: What is that supposed to mean?

Casey: Meaning, you don't belong here.

Margo: The thing was, when you called me, whatever this crime was, you didn't want to talk to me on the phone about it. [Sighs]

Craig: To be honest, I shouldn't have dialed your number in the first place. I hadn't really thought it through. I changed my mind.

Margo: You changed your mind?

Craig: Yeah, changed my mind.

Margo: Yeah, well, speeding cars will do that to you.

Craig: Margo, if I thought I was in danger, I would tell you.

Margo: Would you?

Craig: You really think I wouldn't want your protection? I've got a young son now, a new business. Things are finally starting to go my way.

Margo: Oh, so, in other words, you've got too much to lose now?

Craig: It must be a slow crime day at the Oakdale P.D. You're starting to see conspiracies where there aren't any. Ow!

Margo: Stay off the ankle.

Craig: Yeah, thanks for the advice, Sis.

Margo: Let's see if you take it this time.

Rosanna: Wow. We're all set?

Paul: Yeah. My lawyer's in New York, but he's flying in. He'll be here tomorrow morning. We just have to sit tight until then.

[Doorbell rings]

Paul: You think you can manage that?

Rosanna: Uh, yeah, sure. Thank you, Paul.

Paul: Oh, please. I'm the reason Craig has got you set in his sights. The least I can do it help you get out of it.

[Footsteps approaching]

Millie: Mr. Ryan? Lieutenant Hughes is here to see you both.

Margo: You don't have to announce me. Thank you.

Rosanna: Hi, Margo! It's so nice to see you again. How are you?

Margo: Fine. I appreciate the pleasantries, Rosanna. They're a little wasted on me. Paul.

Paul: What can we do for you, Lieutenant?

Margo: Well, I have some questions. I'm hoping the two of you have some answers.

Rosanna: Questions? Questions about what?

Margo: Well, something really interesting just happened.

Rosanna: What?

Margo: I got a phone call from Craig, which isn't that interesting, except that he said he wanted report a crime, but he didn't want to talk to me on the phone. He wanted to talk to me in person at the station.

Paul: Why are you telling us this riveting story?

Margo: Because on the way to the station, he got hit by a car.

Rosanna: What?

Paul: Is he dead?

Margo: No, he's not, Paul. It was a hit-and-run. Just a twisted ankle.

Rosanna: Wow. Why -- why are you telling us? What do we have to do with it?

Margo: Well, it's odd, isn't it? Didn't something like that happen to you?

Rosanna: Oh, right. Yes, well --

Margo: Yeah.

Rosanna: Hmm.

Margo: Weren't you in a terrible accident on the way to report a crime? A crime that involved Craig, as a matter of fact.

Paul: It wasn't an accident. Craig ran her off the road. And Rosanna didn't just sprain an ankle. She wound up in a coma.

Margo: I'm just drawing the parallel here, Paul.

Paul: The par -- its karmic retribution. That's what it is.

Margo: Delivered by?

Paul: I have no idea. Don't look at us. We've been here all afternoon.

Margo: Really? Can anyone verify that?

Paul: Millie!

[Footsteps approaching]

Paul: Could you see Lieutenant Hughes out, please? And feel free to answer any questions that she may have along the way.

Margo: That's okay, Millie. I know my way out of here. If you do remember anything, you know where to find me, right?

Rosanna: Yeah.

[Footsteps departing]

Craig: Carly?

Carly: Oh, damn it. You're okay.

Craig: After a fashion. Were you worried?

Carly: Of course I was. I'm so sorry. What a terrible accident.

Craig: You sure about that?

Carly: How could you ask that?

Craig: Because you came straight at me, Carly. It hardly seemed unintentional.

Carly: Well, it was.

Craig: What were you even doing there?

Carly: You were gonna turn Rosanna in. I just wanted to stop you so we could talk. Did you do it? Did you turn her in? Please. Please tell me that Rosanna's not in jail. Please tell me that I haven't lost her again.

Craig: Carly, listen to me. Look at me. Rosanna's fine.

Carly: You didn't tell Margo?

Craig: No, I didnít.

Carly: Thank you.

Craig: And I'm not going to. Okay? Why don't you lie down and get some rest?

Parker: Craig. Are you okay?

Craig: I'm fine, Parker. Yeah.

Parker: But she's not, is she?

Craig: No. I'm afraid she isnít.

Rosanna: I thought for sure Margo had come to arrest me.

Paul: I know. We dodged that one better than Craig dodged the car.

Rosanna: That's so not funny.

Paul: I know. I'm sorry.

Rosanna: It's all right. You can't help yourself. I just don't understand what he's doing!

Paul: Who, Craig?

Rosanna: Yes! I mean, obviously he spoke to Margo after the accident, but he didn't tell her anything about the money, otherwise she would have arrested me.

Paul: Well, maybe he's willing to let the whole thing go.

Rosanna: But why?

Craig: You did a good job today, getting your mom out of there, bringing her home safe.

Parker: I've never seen her this bad before. I mean, I tried to stop her from leaving the house, but she just ignored me, and I didn't know what to do because clearly she was too drunk to drive.

Craig: This isn't your fault, Parker.

Parker: She could go to jail for this, couldn't she?

Craig: Not if we don't tell anyone. We just keep this between us. There's no reason anyone has to know what happened today.

Parker: She's so out of control. I mean, maybe I should tell my dad.

Craig: No. If you ask me, I think that would be a mistake.

Parker: What if he could do something?

Craig: I don't think that she would accept Jack's help right now. She'd see it as interference.

Parker: Then what do we do?

Craig: I think we're the only ones close enough to help her, so that's what we're gonna do.

Parker: You really think we can?

Craig: Yes, I do. I don't want you to worry. Your mom's gonna be okay, all right? We're gonna get you through this, Carly. I promise you.

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