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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/10/09

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Katie: That was so nice of Kim to get the live feed for us. That'll make me feel like I'm still part of the show.

Brad: A part of the show?

[Brad scoffs]

Brad: Katie, you are the show.

Katie: Well, until I make my triumphant return as your co-host, I think you and Vienna are gonna do a great job.

Brad: Well, thanks to this, you will be able to tell us when we're not.

Katie: Oh, please. You know what you're doing. You don't need me.

Brad: I don't need you? Of course I need you. I need you for everything, especially for this.

Katie: Well, yeah. Definitely for that.

Brad: For that.

[Both laugh]

Brad: Oh, I got to jet. I got to jet. I want to see Liberty before she leaves for the prom.

Katie: Oh! Tell her to have such a good time. I want to see her in her dress.

Brad: Okay, I will. I will. I will. And, hey, wish me good luck.

Katie: Good --

[Door closes]

Katie: --Luck.

Henry: Oh, my God, you're so gorgeous.

Vienna: Oh, I am so nervous.

Henry: Oh, I can think of a way -- or two -- or three to calm you down.

[Vienna laughs]

Vienna: You most certainly can, but we canít.

Henry: Oh, yes, we can. I'll start with the zipper, right?

Vienna: Oh God, you're such a naughty boy. No, no, no, no. No, seriously, we canít. We can't because I can't be late!

Henry: What do you mean you can't be late? You're the star. You're the talent. They wait for you.

Vienna: No, I'm auditioning. I'm not co-hosting "Oakdale Now" yet. This is a test of the segment to see if Brad and I click.

Henry: "Click?"

Vienna: Yeah, on camera.

Henry: That's just until Katie gets back from maternity leave, right?

Vienna: Yes, yes, of course. Ooh, did I tell you? We're filming it at Metro. And I came up with the idea myself.

Henry: No, you didn't tell me. What's the segment about?

Vienna: It's called "How to be a great date."

Henry: And where did you get that idea, one may wonder.

Vienna: Well, I wanted my first segment to be something that I have, you know, firsthand experience with. I would love for you to be there.

Henry: No, no, no, no. You go. I -- I -- this is your deal. This is your job. You need to be in the moment with Brad.

Vienna: Okay.

Henry: It's really not about me.

Vienna: Are you sure?

Henry: Yeah, I'm sure. I'm positive.

Vienna: Well, I'll be thinking about you the entire time. Mwah! Bye.

[Door opens]

[Parker sighs]

Carly: Why don't call of your friends? Get out of the house for a while.

Parker: I canít. They're getting ready for prom.

Carly: Oh, that's today?

Parker: Yup.

Carly: I'm sorry. I know it stinks -- missing that.

Parker: I'm not missing out on anything, Mom. It's just a lame dance, and I don't go to school anymore, so it's not like I have to listen to my friends talking about it.

Carly: Oh. I have an idea. Why don't you go out and have a little fun of your own, on me, huh?

Parker: Doing what?

Carly: Oh, I don't know. You could go bowling.

Parker: Bowling?

Carly: Oh, you like bowling. Don't they have the arcade at the alley that you like?

Parker: Okay. I guess I'll do it.

Carly: Good.

Parker: Thanks.

Carly: All right, have fun. And you could try to crack a smile.

Parker: Don't ask for miracles.

[Door opens]

Liberty: Is it too much?

Janet: Oh, Libby-Lou.

[Liberty chuckles]

Janet: No, not at all.

Liberty: Aww.

Janet: I think I'm gonna cry.

Liberty: Stop.

Janet: Oh, Sweetheart, you're gonna be the most beautiful girl there.

Liberty: That's why they invited me.

[Janet laughs]

Janet: Okay, so we're just waiting for Jack, and then, as soon as Mackenzie gets here, we can go.

Liberty: Okay, cool.

Janet: Okay. So, I have one other thing to ask you.

Liberty: Yeah.

Janet: Are you sure it doesn't bother you that Jack and I are chaperoning this thing? You know, I don't want to put a damper on your night.

Liberty: No, it's fine, but as soon as we get there --

Janet: I'll pretend like I don't know you.

Liberty: Yes, please.

Janet: Oh, yes!

Liberty: Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Janet: Oh! Hold on.

Liberty: Okay.

Janet: Hi, Sweetie. What's going on? What? Well, can't you get somebody else?

Brad: Where's the prom queen?

[Liberty laughs]

Liberty: She's probably in a limo somewhere, fending off her date.

Brad: Wow, wow. Look at -- I mean, look at you. You -- breathtaking.

Liberty: Thank you.

Brad: Okay, hold out your hand. I have something for you.

Liberty: Ooh, really? A corsage!

Brad: Yes, well, you know what? No young lady should ever go to a prom without one.

Liberty: Dad, thank you. It's so pretty. Hey, Mom, come look at this.

Janet: Oh, Bradley, it's beautiful.

Brad: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Katie told me what to get.

Janet: Oh!

Liberty: Thank you. Hey, is Jack on his way?

Janet: No. No, he can't make it.

Liberty: Oh.

Janet: I've been stood up for prom.

Liberty: Oh!

Janet: I have an idea. Why don't you take me?

Brad: You want me to take you to the prom?

Janet: Not as your date -- as a chaperone. Been there, done that, huh?

Liberty: Yep, and she got more than a t-shirt.

Janet: Hey, zip it.

Brad: Okay, I would love to, but I got to get to work. You know, you could do me a favor. You could take a picture of me and my beautiful daughter.

Janet: I would love to.

Liberty: Oh, here, I'll stand over here.

Janet: Okay. Uh, how do I work this? There we go. Okay, 1, 2, 3.

[Shutter clicks]

Janet: Aw, that's so cute! Oh!

Brad: Okay.

Janet: There.

Brad: Have fun, but not too much fun.

Liberty: Dad.

Brad: Be careful who you dance with. And you want the hands on the shoulders, distance.

Liberty: Dad, go. Please go.

Janet: Come on.

[Liberty laughs]

Janet: Don't worry. Parker won't be there. The dance is for students only.

[Brad sighs]

Craig: The name's Snyder -- Parker Snyder.

Parker: What?

Craig: Never mind. You look snazzy in that tux. Where are you off to?

Parker: Nowhere, all right?

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: Ah, damn it.

[Doorbell rings]

Carly: I'm coming! What do you want, Craig?

Craig: I need to talk to you.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Well, why -- why do you continue to do this?

Craig: Please, please. Just listen to me.

Carly: No, you listen to me! I told you, I'm not going into business with you.

Craig: I'm not here about business.

Carly: All right, well, if you're trying to use me to get to Rosanna, that's not gonna work, either.

Craig: It's about Parker.

Carly: What about Parker?

Craig: Would you open the door, please?

[Carly sighs]

Craig: Thank you. Do you know where your son is? Do you?

Carly: He's bowling, if you must know.

Craig: Well, because unless they upped the dress code at the bowling alley to black tie, he's not bowling. He's at the prom, and he's about to make a huge mistake.

Carly: Parker is not going to the prom. That's impossible.

Craig: Was he wearing a tux when you saw him last? Because he was when I saw him.

Carly: Where?

Craig: Old Town.

Carly: What does he think going to the prom is going to accomplish?

Craig: My guess is he's hoping to see Liberty and that she's gonna be happy to see him.

Carly: Why can't he just leave well enough alone?

Craig: Because he's 16 and heartbroken. You know what? We'd better give Jack and Janet a heads-up.

Carly: No, no. I can't call Jack. He'll just accuse me of being irresponsible. I have to handle this on my own. Maybe I can stop Parker before he gets there.

Craig: Well, what if I go along, just for support? I'm not gonna get in the way.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Do you mean that?

Craig: You have my word.

Carly: Okay, yeah. That sounds like a good idea.

Craig: Okay, I'll even drive.

Carly: Fine. Oh, you know what? I have to, uh, shut the oven off first.

Craig: Okay.

[Keys jingling]

Craig: Carly?

[Carly takes drinks some vodka]

Carly: Coming!

[Dance music plays]

Principal: Where do you think you're going, Mr. Snyder?

Parker: Inside with all my friends.

Principal: Our prom is for our students and their dates only.

Parker: Yeah, but all my friends are in there.

Principal: You should have thought of that before you dropped out.

Parker: Great. Hey, Nick.

Nick: Hey, what are you doing here, bro? I thought, uh, you ditched us for a real life.

Parker: Yeah, something like that, only the stupid principal won't let me in.

Nick: Oh, yeah?

Parker: Are you here by yourself?

Nick: No, man, you know, I'm keeping myself available for all the ladies.

Parker: Okay, okay. Do you think you could get me in as your date?


Parker: No, no, no. No, seriously, I really need to get in there.

Nick: All right, fine, but when we're in there, you're on your own.

Parker: Yeah, don't worry. I won't ruin your game.

Nick: All right.

Teacher: Parker, you know you're not allowed in here. It's a school function.

Parker: Open to students and their dates. I'm his date.

Kim: Jared, listen to me -- this is not acceptable. He can't back out on us at the last minute. I understand he had another offer, but he had a commitment to us. All right, fine. You know what? We have no time left. You find somebody else.

Brad: Is there a problem?

[Kim sighs]

Kim: The guy who was supposed to be the waiter -- the actor -- booked another job. Now we got to replace him. There's no time left.

Brad: Oh, I mean, you want to postpone the shoot?

Kim: Oh, we canít. We're going live today.

Brad: Live?

Kim: Yes.

Brad: Why?

Kim: Because I thought that was the quickest way to find out how our audience feels about the two of you working together.

Vienna: Yes, yes. And they're gonna love us. There's need to cancel because I know the perfect man for the job. He's very good at role-playing.

Kim: You're kidding. How long?

Vienna: 10 minutes.

Kim: Go for it.

Vienna: Absolutely.

Brad: She's that good.

[Doorbell rings]

Katie: Come in.

Henry: "Come in"? What? You can't be bothered to let your guests in anymore?

Katie: I'm on bed rest. You know that.

Henry: I do know that that is why I am here. I can't turn down a captive audience.

Katie: Lucky me.

[Henry laughs]

Henry: Yes, that's just one of the perks of being bosom buddies again.

Katie: I think it's the best one.

Henry: So do I. And since our better halves are working together now, I thought this would be a great chance to catch up with my Bubbles. Watching them work. Why are we watching them work?

Katie: Because Brad set up a monitor so I can watch the feed.

Henry: What are they doing?

Katie: I don't know. I haven't turned up the volume yet.

[Cell phone ringing]

Henry: That's Vienna. This is weird. It's like your own little panic room.

Katie: Would you answer your phone?

Henry: Hello.

Vienna: Henry, it's me. I'm here at Metro.

Henry: I know. I can see you.

Vienna: Well, are you here?

Henry: No, on the monitor.

Vienna: What monitor?

Brad: Oh, oh. It must be the monitor I installed at the house. Look at the camera and wave. "Hello, hello!"

Vienna: Oh, hey, Darling.

Henry: Hi. What's going on?

Vienna: I'm desperate. I need you.

Henry: Uh, Liebchen, you know you're not alone.

Vienna: Yeah, and not like that. I'm here at Metro, and we need you to come and fill in as our waiter.

Henry: Oh, Sweetheart, I don't think that's a good idea.

Vienna: Why not?

Brad: Come on, Henry. You can't say no. You don't want Vienna's career to be over before it starts, do you?

Vienna: Oh, come on, Henry, please, please.

Henry: All right, all right, all right. Just the both of you -- just step away from the camera, okay?

Vienna: Thank you. Thank you, Darling.

Katie: Have fun.

Henry: Yeah. Call me immediately if the camera catches my bad side.

Katie: You don't have a bad side.

Henry: Aww!

[Door closes]

Brad: Katie. Katie, check this out. Janet took a picture of me and Liberty before she left for the prom. See, Honey, I told you -- everything is gonna work out for us.

Katie: Yeah, everything's great.

Janet: Now, go, will you, please? You're making me look bad.

Liberty: Okay, okay. We can't have that. Come on. The deejay obviously really needs our help.

Mackenzie: Ugh, I agree. Look, there's Tony. Seriously, could he be any hotter?

Liberty: I think if he was, he'd probably fry his last remaining brain cells.

Mackenzie: I just love them all hot and silent.

[Liberty laughs]

Liberty: Mackenzie, go talk to him.

Mackenzie: No.

Liberty: Oh, come on. He's just a guy.

Mackenzie: Then why don't you go ask him to dance?

Liberty: Mmm, fine. I will show you how easy it is when you use very small words. Hi.

Carly: Do you see him?

Craig: No. I see balloons and a lot of bad hair.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Well, good. That -- that means we got here before he did. Let's wait for him outside.

Craig: Not so fast.

Carly: Craig, we can wait for Parker outside.

Craig: We don't have to do that.

Carly: Yeah, we do. Janet is right there, and Liberty is right there. I don't want them to see us, especially if Parker realized coming here was a mistake and he went home.

Craig: I'm not so sure about that. Look over there. See anyone you know?

[Carly gasps]

Carly: Oh, no. What if he tries to talk to Liberty?

Craig: Don't worry. I'll get him.

Carly: Just don't cause a scene.

Craig: I wonít. Quick and quiet -- that's my middle name.

Carly: Uh-huh. I'll wait for you outside.

Craig: Five minutes.

Janet: Carly. What are you doing here?

Craig: Hello, Parker.

Parker: Aw, great. What are you doing here?

Craig: I'm here to take you home.

Parker: How about you just leave me alone instead?

Craig: Parker, trust me -- if Liberty sees you here, like this, this isn't gonna go the way you want it to.

Parker: What do you know about what I want?

Craig: Do you think I've never been where you are right now?

Parker: I don't care.

Craig: Well, I do. Come on, buddy. It's time to go.

Parker: No, I'm not your buddy, and I'm not leaving.

Kim: You're playing their waiter. Of course, you know that. And by the way, you are an under-five, okay?

Henry: Under-five? Kim, you're limiting my creativity here.

Kim: That's showbiz, kid.

Henry: Yeah.

Kim: Okay, everybody, places, please. You guys set? We're gonna run it once.

Brad: Yeah, we're good, good, good. Let's go.

Kim: In 5, 4, 3, 2 --

Vienna: Hello, everyone. So, today we're gonna show you lovely viewers at home how to make the most out of a night on the town.

Brad: Of course, it helps if your date is as handsome as me and as gorgeous as the lovely Vienna here.

[Cork pops]

Vienna: Ohh! And what better way to start the evening with a glass of champagne and some delicious caviar?

Brad: Oh, and it's a great way to break the ice. May I?

Vienna: Yes, you may. Thank you.

Brad: Oh, you're very, very welcome.

Vienna: Now, ladies, never be afraid of making the first move.

Brad: And, fellas, my advice to you is, let her

Vienna: Oh, yeah. And always laugh at his jokes, because it'll boost his confidence.

Brad: Mmm.

[Vienna laughs]

Brad: Then you will know it's time to make your move -- to let her know that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and that, as far as you're concerned, no one else exists.

Vienna: Oh, oh!

Henry: Would you like some champagne, miss?

Vienna: Oh, yes, please.

Brad: Now, a professional waiter would know better than to interrupt at the wrong time.

Henry: Well, your date looked parched. And despite your obvious fawning, you failed to notice that.

Brad: But when you're in the moment, not even an inexperienced server can ruin the mood between you two.

Henry: Um, your inexperienced server can hear you, and he doesn't think that your elite attitude is pleasing the lady.

Brad: Henry. Henry, Henry, Henry!

Vienna: Henry, aah!


Katie: Oh!

Kim: Cut! Cut!

Craig: Parker, listen to me -- you do not want to do this.

Parker: Why? You're not in charge of me, and you're not my dad.

Craig: No, I'm not. But I assure you, I can and I will embarrass you just as easily. And I'll do it without any other parental remorse.

Parker: You would do that?

Craig: If you leave me no other choice, I will, but I don't think you want to go down that road. Parker, you can't be here.

[Parker sighs]

Parker: Okay. Fine. But -- but at least don't make me walk out of here with you.

Craig: All right, fair enough. But if I have to come back here here for --

Parker: You wonít.

Craig: All right.

Carly: I just wanted to see how the place looked, all done up for the prom.

Janet: Really?

Carly: Well, do you think you're the only parent who's been looking forward to this night?

Janet: Yeah, okay, I'm sorry.

Craig: Mrs. Snyder, what a pleasant surprise.

Janet: Okay, now I really know something's up. What's going on?

Kim: We're going live -- live in a very few minutes. I want you both to get a grip -- now.

Brad: Kim's right. Whatever this is, you need to get over it.

Henry: Oh, I'm over it.

Brad: Come on, Henry. This is not real. I'm not really making a pass at Vienna.

Henry: Oh, I know that, because if this were real, you wouldn't get anywhere near Vienna.

Brad: Oh, is that so?

Henry: That's so, because she prefers a man with a little more substance.

Brad: Oh, believe me, bud, I got plenty of substance.

Henry: Really? Spell "Substance"!

Vienna: Okay. Stop it, Henry, right now!

Henry: Look, he's the one that started it.

Brad: I -- I did not! I'm doing my job!

Vienna: You're supposed to be helping us.

Henry: I am helping -- look at the apron.

Brad: No, no. You're trying to sabotage us.

Henry: Why would I do that? I mean, you know what? I think you're just nervous about going live.

Brad: You know what, Henry? For a man who says he has a lot of substance, you're acting really petty right now, and I think Vienna deserves better.

Kim: All right, you two. Everybody set to do this?

Vienna: Yes, we are. We're fine.

Kim: Places, everybody, please! Places. Now, listen, I want to remind you -- all of you -- we're going live today. This is not taping. We are live. That means you have one chance. Make it count. And in 5, 4, 3, 2 --

Craig: All right, the truth is we're here because we're worried about Parker.

Carly: Craig!

Janet: Why? What's he done now?

Carly: Nothing! We were just concerned that he may show up here.

Janet: Well, he better not.

Carly: Why not?

Janet: He's not a student here anymore. I would hate to turn him away at the door.

Carly: Oh, I bet you would.

Janet: I would.

Carly: All of his friends are here, Janet.

Janet: Oh, come on, Carly. This is not about his friends. This is about Parker and Liberty, and I will not let him take this night away from her.

Carly: Oh, I didn't realize the entire prom was for her.

Janet: She is moving on with her life. He needs to let her go.

Carly: I'm thrilled that Liberty has moved on, but Parker is different than her. He's sensitive. It'll take him some time.

Janet: And I sympathize with him -- I really do.

Carly: Well, I hope so, seeing as how it's your daughter that broke his heart.

Janet: Oh, don't put this all on her!

Craig: Okay, let's all just take a little step back, shall we? We found Parker.

Janet: What? He's here?

Craig: Yes, but he also agrees that coming here was a bad idea, and he's agreed to leave with us.

Janet: Well, thank God.

Carly: Oh yes, thank God. We wouldn't want anything to ruin Liberty's prom, would we?

Parker: I'm cutting in.

Liberty: Parker, what are you doing here?

Parker: Saving you from this guy.

Liberty: No, it's okay.

Tony: Take a hike, shaggy. She's not with you.

Parker: Yeah, and she's not with you, either.

Tony: Well, it looks like she is to me.

Parker: Maybe you didn't hear me. I said, you're done.

Liberty: Parker! What? Parker!

Craig: Ladies, can we not draw attention to ourselves? That's what we're hoping to avoid with Parker.

Liberty: Parker!

Carly: Oh, my God!

Craig: That's enough!

Liberty: Parker!

Parker: Let go of me!

Craig: What's the matter with you?! Why are you fighting with this guy?!

Parker: I just wanted to dance with Liberty!

Janet: What is he doing here? He dropped out.

Parker: So? I can still be here. I'm here with someone!

Janet: Who?

Parker: Nick, right?

Janet: Well, maybe you should try dancing with Nick instead of harassing my daughter!

Parker: I wasn't harassing her. Tell her!

Janet: Oh, no, you donít. Don't you ask her to protect you, not after what you've done?

Carly: Now, hold on. How do you know this was all his fault? How do you know she didn't provoke it?

Janet: She didn't start the fistfight!

Carly: Oh, so then she bears no responsibility at all?

Janet: They're broken up, Carly. She can dance with whomever she wants!

Carly: Oh, no matter how it makes Parker feel?

Janet: Maybe you should spend more time worrying about your son and less time worrying about my daughter.

Carly: What is that supposed to mean?

Janet: He snuck in here, started a fight, and tries to dance with somebody who just wants him to leave her alone!

Parker: Is that true?

Janet: You're becoming a stalker.

Carly: How dare you!

Janet: Oh, Carly. Are you really gonna close your eyes to what's happening here?

[Vienna laughs]

Henry: And for you, Sir?

Brad: Please. Now, as you can tell, presentation is very important, from the way you look down to the restaurant you choose to the staff who serves you. All right? It's very, very important to take care of all these things.

[Vienna gasps]

Vienna: Oops. Well, you know, even the slightest mishap can pave the way for a romantic gesture. Please, let me.

Katie: Nice save.

Brad: No, no, no.

Katie: No, no, no, no! Don't get up from the table, Brad!

Brad: You did that on purpose.

Henry: No, I didnít.

Brad: I want an apology.

Henry: I canít.

Brad: What is wrong with you?

Henry: There is nothing wrong with me. Why don't you get back to your date?

Brad: She is not my -- oh! I told you, if you mess this up for us --

Henry: I can tell you what it looks like, okay? It looks exactly like a date. And I'm not trying to mess anything up for you, all right?

Vienna: Okay, here! Here, over here!

Henry: You are the problem.

Vienna: So, even --

Brad: I'm the problem?!

Henry: You are the problem!

Brad: What are you talking about?! We're shooting a show here!

[Vienna chuckles]

Vienna: Like a real date -- different things can happen.

Carly: I am not going to allow you to attack my son.

Janet: I am not attacking Parker.

Carly: You could have fooled me.

Janet: Well, that's not so hard to do these days.

Carly: What did you just say to me?

Liberty: Mom, please stop.

Janet: Honey, I know this is embarrassing, but this isn't about you.

Liberty: Well, I'm the one that everyone's staring at right now.

Carly: Well, then, what is it about, Janet?

Janet: This is about you and the fact that you are unable or unwilling to control your son.

Carly: Parker is perfectly fine!

Principal: Then I suggest you take him home before I have him arrested for trespassing.

Craig: Oh, I'm sure there's no reason to involve the police. Is there, Carly?

Carly: No, there isnít.

Craig: Are you ready to go?

Parker: Yes.

Craig: Good. Carly?

Janet: Oh, baby, I am so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Liberty: Stop. Stop.

[Liberty sighs]

Kim: Just what was it you two thought you were doing, other than causing an unmitigated disaster?

Brad: Kim, I'm really sorry. We can just do it again. This time, we don't need to use Henry.

Henry: "Use Henry" -- boy, there's an understatement.

Brad: You shut up.

Kim: No, you shut up! Both of you, shut up! I keep telling you -- we can't do it again. We were live. And how am I supposed to explain that to the affiliates?

Vienna: But it was going pretty well.

Kim: And you -- you, Vienna, in the middle of these two clowns, you were awesome. I'm so aggravated. This was set up to demonstrate that you and Brad had on-air chemistry.

Vienna: Well, do we?

Kim: Well, you know, you weren't on the air long enough to see it!

Vienna: Oh, but please give us another chance.

Kim: I canít. Don't you understand? I canít. This thing was over before it ever got started. Come on, Kenny. Let's go.

[Vienna sighs]

Brad: You happy, man? You just ruined this for everyone.

Henry: Liebchen.

Vienna: No, no.

[Henry sighs]

Parker: Thanks for sticking up for me.

Carly: You don't have to thank me.

Parker: Yeah, but you probably didn't want to.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Well, Parker, we did make a deal -- I will respect your choices if you respect mine.

Parker: Do you?

Carly: Well, I think this entire situation could have been very easily avoided.

Parker: Yeah, going to prom was a mistake.

Carly: Why did you?

Parker: I wasn't going to start a fight, Mom. I just wanted to dance with Liberty.

Carly: Did she want that?

Parker: She didn't really get to say, because that guy just started in on me --

Carly: You know what? Stop. Doesn't matter.

Parker: How can you say that?

Carly: Because Janet was right. All you did tonight was manage to scare Liberty half to death.

Parker: Sorry.

Carly: It's too late for that, isn't it? What's done is done. As long as you realize that all you've done tonight is make things worse for yourself, and for me. Go upstairs and change.

[Carly sighs]

[Telephone rings]

Carly: Oh. Well, I thought -- I thought you left after you dropped us off.

Craig: Yeah, I tried, but I didn't get very far. What -- what did you think you were doing back there?

Carly: At the dance?

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Carly: I was defending my son. But don't worry. I just gave him a piece of my mind.

Craig: What happened?

Carly: He said he was sorry.

Craig: And that's it? I mean, you just consider the matter closed now?

Carly: Do you have a problem with that?

Craig: Yeah. Yeah, I do. I have a big problem with that.

Carly: Well, Craig, I'm so sorry if you are bothered by what happened.

Craig: Aren't you?

Carly: Of course I am.

Craig: Well, then, how come you're letting this slide?

Carly: I'm not.

Craig: Parker had no business being at the prom.

Carly: I know that, and he and I talked about it.

Craig: I -- I'm sorry. That -- I just don't think that's enough.

Carly: You're gonna tell me how to handle this?

Craig: It's just so unlike you, Carly. I know you're protective -- fiercely protective of your children, but never like this.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Like what?

Craig: To the point of ignoring the bigger picture.

Carly: You're free to believe whatever you want.

Craig: Then tell me I'm wrong.

Carly: Look, Craig, Parker and I are on the same page about this. He knows what he did was wrong, and he's not going to do it again.

Craig: Oh, where have I heard that before?

Carly: It's time for you to go.

Craig: What's going on, Carly, really? And just tell me the truth.

Henry: I know you're mad at me.

Vienna: And?

Henry: And -- and I'm sorry. And if it makes you feel any better, I loathe myself right now.

Vienna: Well, how is that supposed to make me feel better? Because I love you, and I want you to be happy. And I thought you wanted me to be happy, too.

Henry: I do. It -- that is what I want.

Vienna: Well, I wanted this to happen, Henry. I wanted a show. You didnít.

Henry: No, that's -- that's not true. But it's just Brad. He just ticked me off -- that's -- that's all.

Vienna: Brad? Brad is our best friend, and you're so mad at him. You never used to be like this before.

Henry: I never lost a child before. I'm sorry.

Vienna: Okay, you can't blame Brad for what happened. It's not fair.

Henry: I know.

Vienna: You have to -- you have to find a way to get past this.

[Henry sighs]

Henry: I'm trying.

Vienna: Well, try harder.

Henry: I will.

Vienna: Because I can live without being on TV, but I can't live with you being like this.

Brad: Did you see the show?

Katie: I couldn't look away.

Katie: Is Kim gonna give you two another chance?

Brad: No, no. We had this one shot today, and we blew it -- or rather, I should say, Henry blew it.

Katie: Well, don't get mad, but -- I can see where he was coming from.

Brad: You can?

Katie: Yeah. Think about everything that he's been through.

Brad: Well, so you're saying that his actions are justified?

Katie: I think it's only natural that he would have some difficulty with it.

Brad: Oh, come on, Katie! Even though everything between me and Vienna was so obviously staged?

Katie: Yeah, even then.

Brad: Is that how you felt?

Katie: What?

Brad: Did it upset you to see me with Vienna, too?

Liberty: Can we leave now, please?

Janet: What? The prom's not even half over.

Liberty: Well, I'm so over the prom.

Janet: How can you be over the prom?

Liberty: How? When your ex-husband crashes it and gets into it with the football captain, it -- it kind of loses itís the thrill.

Janet: Honey, I know what happened tonight was upsetting, but please don't let it ruin this for you.

Liberty: How can I possibly have a good time when all I can think about is how horrible Parker feels?

Janet: He brought it upon himself.

[Liberty sighs]

Liberty: He -- he looked so hurt.

Janet: Sweetheart, please listen to me when I tell you that Parker is not your problem anymore.

Liberty: Please stop saying that, Mom! Just because we're not together anymore, does not mean that I have completely just stopped caring about him!

Janet: You're right. I'm sorry. That was inconsiderate of me.

Liberty: Can we just go now, please?

Janet: Okay.

Craig: You should be furious at him.

Carly: I am.

Craig: Then why are you ignoring this?

Carly: Well, that's your opinion, isn't it?

Craig: Well, something tells me I'm right. So, what happened? Did you come to an agreement, make some deal that you'll turn the other cheek, so you can both do whatever you want?

Carly: That's ridiculous. Why would I do something like that?

Craig: Because you've done it before.

Carly: I allowed Parker to cover for me once, when I was drinking. That's the only reason that happened.

Craig: What about now?

Carly: What are you asking, Craig? Are you asking if I'm drinking again?

Craig: Are you?

Carly: No. I'm not drinking.

Craig: If you say so.

Carly: And for the last time, you have got to stop watching every single move I make, waiting for me to trip up.

Craig: That's not what I'm doing.

Carly: Because I've had that relationship already with Jack.

Craig: Why is it so hard for you to believe that I genuinely care about you?

Carly: You don't care about me -- you want to control me. And those are two very, very different things. So, when I hear you say that you want to "Help me" --

Craig: Which I do.

Carly: -- I find that very hard to believe, because you refuse to do the one thing that I've asked of you, over and over again!

Craig: I know -- stay out of your life.

Carly: Bingo!

Craig: Well, I'm sorry. I don't know how to just shut off my feelings for you.

Carly: Learn, because I've had it with you and with Jack telling me what to do and how to do it. Thank you very much for caring about me, but I would like for it to stop.

Brad: Well, there's one good thing about the show tanking.

Katie: What's that?

Brad: Now there's a lot more time to spend with you and the baby in bed.

Katie: I like the sound of that.

Brad: Yeah.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brad: Uh. Hello.

Kim: Hi, Brad. It's Kim.

Brad: Kim. Kim, again -- I am so sorry about today.

Kim: No, no. I'm calling to apologize to you. The phones are ringing off the hook here, and you and Vienna are a big hit!

Brad: Are you kidding?

[Kim laughs]

Kim: No. Our audience loved the two of you together. And so I am happy to say that you and Vienna are taking over "Oakdale Now," effectively immediately.

Brad: Wow, I -- I can't believe this. Thank you for calling. I will. Bye. Kim says the show's back on.

Katie: Oh, my God. Brad, that's amazing.

Brad: I -- I got to call Vienna.

[Cell phone ringing]

Henry: What's the matter?

[Cell phone ringing]

Vienna: It's Brad. I'll just let it go to voicemail.

Henry: No, no. Answer it. Come on.

Vienna: Okay. Hello, Brad.

Brad: Vienna, Kim just called. The segment was a hit. The show is back on.

[Vienna laughs]

Vienna: It is? Oh, my God! Oh, that's wonderful! I'm so happy! Thank you for calling. Thank you.

Henry: What's so wonderful?

Vienna: Kim says the segment was a hit and we're gonna co-host "Oakdale Now."

Henry: Uh-huh.

[Vienna laughs]

Vienna: I'll turn it down if you don't want me to.

Henry: What? No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This is your dream. Your dreams are my dreams, too. I want this for you.

Vienna: Oh, I love you.

Henry: Mmm!

Vienna: Oh, and by the way, have you ever been -- intimate with a TV star before?

Henry: Well, uh, let me think. There was, um, no, she -- hey, there was this time with this -- no, I haven't, actually, no.

Vienna: Because that is all about to change.

Henry: Mmm. Oh.

Vienna: Mmm.

Brad: This is incredible. And you know, the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Katie: The timing?

Brad: Well, you know, that -- that this is happening now, I mean, when you can't do it.

Katie: I'm gonna need a Brad-translation.

Brad: Okay, a Brad-translation -- it's just that -- okay, just that, this way, one of us is always working, so we'll be able to support the family.

Katie: Okay, yeah, I got that.

Brad: This is perfect. It's perfect, isn't it?

Katie: "Perfect" is the word.

Brad: Mmm.

Janet: Parker, what are you doing here?

Parker: I just want to talk to Liberty.

Janet: I can't believe your mother let you out of the house!

Parker: She doesn't know I'm here.

Janet: Really? Well, maybe I should call her.

Parker: Please don't!

Janet: Then leave -- now.

Parker: I just want to talk to Liberty.

Janet: That's not gonna happen!

Liberty: Mom. Mom, it's all right.

Janet: No, Liberty.

Liberty: Mom, just for a minute, it is okay, okay?

Janet: Okay, fine. But if he pulls anything, I'll be right in there.

Liberty: Mom, he's not going to.

Parker: I'm not a stalker.

Liberty: I know that.

Parker: And I didn't mean to -- ruin prom for you.

Liberty: You didn't, not really. And this is really hard time right now, for both of us.

Parker: Yeah, yeah. And I'm sorry I got into that fight. I just -- I saw you dancing with that guy and --

Liberty: It's a prom, Parker. That is what is supposed to happen.

Parker: No, I know.

Liberty: It didn't mean anything. I don't have feelings for him like I have for you. It was just a dance.

Parker: I just wanted you to know that I was sorry.

[Liberty sighs]

Craig: Carly, I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm here because I thought you could use some help with a situation that seems to be spiraling out of control.

Carly: Parker will be fine.

Craig: What about you?

Carly: I will be fine, as well.

Craig: The last thing I want to do is suffocate you, but I do want to help you.

Carly: Oh, God! Do you have any idea how sick I am of telling you that I don't want your help?!

Craig: Well, from now on, you won't have to. But you should know that, no matter how many times you slam this door in my face, I'll still be there for you if you need me.

Carly: Oh, Craig --

Craig: Because I'm just not the kind of man who gives up on someone he cares about.

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