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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 6/3/09

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Luke: Hey.

Noah: Hey.

Luke: What's that?

Noah: Uh, it's a letter from the head of the film department.

Luke: Bad news?

Noah: I got accepted into the honors program.

[Luke laughs]

Luke: Congratulations! So, what do you get? Do you get money, fame?

Noah: I get time -- time for my core schedule to devote to producing and directing my own film.

Luke: That's awesome! So -- so, what's your movie gonna be about?

Noah: I never thought I'd make my own film so soon. I -- I haven't decided yet.

Luke: Yeah, but you must have tons of ideas.

Noah: I got millions of ideas, but they're either too expensive or too impractical or -- they just don't seem important enough for a project like this.

Luke: Well, you know, when one has a big decision to make, you do what one must do.

Noah: What?

Luke: Take a step back and relax.

Noah: Ah, relax.

Luke: Mm-hmm.

Noah: Here? Is anyone home? Your mom, Dad, Damian, Meg?

Luke: Miraculously, no. We are all alone. So, could I interest you in relaxing with me?

Noah: Uh, I think I could be interested.

[Luke chuckles]

[Knock on door]

Luke: Hold my place.

Noah: Mm-hmm.

Luke: Ali, hey.

Alison: I should have called, I guess. I'm sorry.

Noah: Are you okay? Do you want to sit down?

Alison: Um, I thought, you know, in case you hadn't heard, I should tell you what's going on with Casey.

Margo: Hey. You okay?

Casey: Yeah. I'm feeling better.

Margo: Aw! I remember that day. We had a picnic down by the lake.

Tom: Aw, yeah, I remember. Fourth of July. Boy, Adam must have been about, huh, 13?

Margo: Yeah. I remember looking at that picture so many times and wondering, what happened to that little boy that changed him so much? Guess we'll never know now.

Tom: Hey. You sure you want to go through with this memorial service?

Margo: Yeah. It's important.

Casey: But the rest of the family isn't gonna be there.

Margo: Yeah. We're comfortable that way. We want it just to be the three of us. I'm gonna go fix my makeup.

Casey: Why is it gonna be just the three of us?

Tom: Because your mom's having a really tough time with this whole thing, Casey, and dealing with other people right now just -- it doesn't feel right to her.

Casey: What about the people that actually loved Adam, like Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Katie?

Tom: Yeah, even them.

[Casey scoffs]

Tom: What's bothering you?

Casey: Well, if no one's gonna be there except the three of us, who's gonna say something good about Adam?

Luke: That's awful. He -- he seemed like a good guy way back when. He dated my sister Abigail.

Noah: What happened?

Luke: Well, he moved out to L.A., and when he came back, he had changed.

Alison: I know how that goes.

Noah: What was he doing in Afghanistan? Was he working for the government?

Alison: Uh, a charity organization, I guess. He was over there rebuilding houses, and while he was working, there was a bombing.

Luke: Well, when's the funeral?

Alison: Uh, there's a memorial service today.

Luke: What time?

Alison: It's for immediate family only.

Noah: Why?

Alison: Uh, I guess last time when Adam was in town, he, you know, really hurt a lot of people, and so it's kind of weird, especially for Casey. I mean, he and Adam had a huge fight the last time they saw each other.

Luke: Yeah, but even still, he was Casey's brother, and Casey must really be hurting right now. I'd want my friends around me if I were him.

Noah: Me too. What do you think, guys? Do you think we should crash the memorial?

Alison: Yeah, I do. Casey needs us, whether he knows it or not.

Bonnie: I feel like I've eaten years worth of saturated fat in one day. I mean, can you even imagine the heart attack statistics --

Dusty: Do you ever stop whining?

Bonnie: Do you ever stop being so grouchy?

Dusty: I'm grouchy because I'm tired of getting nowhere fast. Officer, can I ask you something?

Len: Go ahead.

Dusty: What's it gonna take to get a little cooperation in this town?

Bonnie: Dusty!

Dusty: Have you guys even started looking for Paul Ryan yet, or is everyone just too busy eating doughnuts to do any legwork?

Bonnie: You know what? Could you just excuse my colleague, Officer? He's under a great deal of stress.

Len: Yeah, well, that doesn't give him any call to tell me how to do my job. And I'll be obliged to throw your colleague in a cell for harassing a police officer if he keeps it up.

Bonnie: Why'd you do that?!

Dusty: He's not looking for Meg's baby. He's just sitting around.

Bonnie: You know, maybe the cops can't find Paul and Eliza because you are wrong and they are not in Greenville at all.

Paul: Well, lookee here. It's a hootenanny.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Actually, anybody in the community can play, you know, if they want, if they can play an instrument. Customers really like it, you know?

Paul: Well, I'm sure Eliza would love to hear it, as well.

Rosanna: Yeah. Why don't you sit her down, let her listen?

Rosanna: I just came up with this one.

[Rosanna laughs]

Paul: Can't wait.

Rosanna: Oh.

Len: Don't let me stop you.

Rosanna: Oh.

Casey: Remember this picture? This was right before Adam dared me to swim out to the big rock.

Tom: And you did, as I recall.

Casey: Yes, because of him.

Tom: Oh, so he goaded you into that?

Casey: Pretty much. But he promised me he would be there if ever I was in trouble. And that -- that's why I wasn't scared.

Tom: That's a pretty nice memory, Casey.

Casey: Yeah, but then it all changed. It's like he became a completely different person. He -- he knew I had a gambling problem, and instead of helping me, he turned around and helped himself.

Tom: I know, Case.

Casey: No. He -- he let Will hang out to dry so he could steal his wife. He attacked Gwen and then tried to attack Maddie.

Tom: And you're feeling betrayed by your brother, with good reason, Case.

Casey: All I'm trying to say is if I have to open my mouth and speak today, I'm not sure what's gonna come out.

Tom: So listen to me. You just don't say anything if it's gonna make you feel uncomfortable.

Casey: If it's gonna be the three of us -- Mom said this memorial is to -- to show the good things in Adam. How's that gonna happen?

Tom: Well, the pastor will, um, say a prayer, maybe do a reading. We can't expect much more than that.

Casey: That's all you're expecting. What about Mom?

Margo: Hey. What's going on?

Tom: Nothing. You, um -- ready to go?

Margo: About as ready as I'm ever gonna get.

Rosanna: Actually, I think I'm done singing for the day.

Len: Well, you sure I can't talk you into just one more?

Rosanna: Maybe later.

Len: Oh, she is a sweet little girl.

Rosanna: Yeah, she sure is. I -- I love having her around.

Len: This is Edna's granddaughter, right? Yeah. She's a -- a lucky little tyke, too.

Rosanna: Why's that?

Len: Well, she gets to hear the pretty lady sing anytime she wants.

Rosanna: Aw. What brings you here today, Len?

Len: D -- don't you remember?

Rosanna: Remind me.

Len: Well, we're going into town to see a movie today. Look. I already got the tickets.

Rosanna: Oh, right! Of course I remember! I remember. I was just teasing you.

[Len laughs]

Len: So we're still on?

Rosanna: Of course! Yeah, yeah! Let me just put my guitar away, and I'll give Edna's granddaughter back to her, okay?

Len: Do you need any help?

Rosanna: No, no, no, no. I'll be fine. Just wait -- wait here, okay?

Len: Okay.

Rosanna: Okay. Thank you.

Paul: You can't go into town.

Rosanna: Look, there is no way I can pass up on this date. I have to go.

Paul: What if Dusty sees you?

Rosanna: I'm sure Edna's decoy worked and Dusty is in Sparta, tearing the place apart looking for you. Okay?

Paul: Well, I hope you're right. Be careful.

Rosanna: I will.

Paul: Hey, Rosanna --

Rosanna: I won't give you up, especially now that I'm determined to save you from yourself. Okay! I'm all set.

[Rosanna laughs]

Len: Shall we get?

Rosanna: Yeah. Let's get going.

Dusty: I'm telling you, that lady was lying.

Bonnie: Do you not trust anybody? Why would somebody's grandmother lie to us?

Dusty: Paul probably paid her to tell us he was headed to Sparta. There's no way to know the truth.

Bonnie: Maybe we should go to Sparta and find out.

Dusty: I'm staying here until I'm 100% certain that he hasn't left this town.

Bonnie: Well, how much longer is that gonna take, Dusty?

Dusty: Whatever it takes. I'm going with my gut.

[Cell phone rings]

Dusty: Who is it?

Bonnie: It's the cops in Sparta. Maybe they have some news. Bonnie McKechnie. Yes, Lieutenant. You're certain? Yeah. Thanks, anyways.

Dusty: He's not in Sparta?

Bonnie: Apparently not.

Dusty: What'd I tell you? Someplace around here. I can feel it.

Bonnie: Well, if I have to stay in this town one more day, I will not go without decent food.

Dusty: What don't you pick up some wheat germ?

Bonnie: Great farmland. I'm gonna get some fresh fruits and vegetables so our arteries won't turn into sludge.

Dusty: Do you ever think of anything besides food?

Bonnie: Not when I'm hungry.

Casey: I'm sorry. I'll tell them to go, okay?

Margo: No, no. It's okay. If your friends want to be here to support you, that's fine with me.

Casey: Be right back. Hey, guys.

Luke: I'm really sorry about Adam.

Noah: Yeah. If there's anything we can do.

Casey: No, no. Just -- just you guys being here means a lot. Did you do this?

Alison: Well, we know you all wanted a private ceremony, but we thought you could use a little backup.

Luke: And we won't interfere. We'll just stay back here.

Casey: No, guys, I really appreciate this. Honestly I do.

Alison: You don't have to thank us. We're here because we want to be.

Casey: Well, that's -- that's more than I can say for myself.

Tom: You sure this isn't too much for you?

Margo: Hmm-mm. No, it's not too much. It's too little. I'll never even get a chance to bury my son. What's left is a watch and a wallet and some clothes.

Tom: I can't believe I'm sitting here actually wishing for a body and a casket. At least we'd have something -- tangible proof that he's gone. But -- he's not coming home.

Margo: No, he's not coming home. And I'll never get a chance to tell him how much I loved him, how much I miss him.

[Margo sobs]

Minister: A celebration of life of Adam Christopher Harold Munson. Let us pray. A time to love, and a time to hate. A time of war, and a time of peace. If anyone would like to share memories of Adam --

Riley: I would.

Noah: Who's that?

Alison: I don't know.

Riley: I hope I'm not intruding on the family, but, um, I would like to say a few words, Sir. I'm Sergeant Riley Morgan, and I've just completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan. That's where I met Adam Munson. You don't know me, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, but Adam and I -- well, we met in what passes for a tavern in Kabul. During times of war, you make friends fast, and the friends you make, they tend to stick. You become like brothers. And over time, Adam began to talk about home, about how he knew he'd done wrong before he left for Kabul. He didn't go into the details, but, uh, I always got the feeling that Adam, um -- he was trying to make amends. He was working with some good people. They were trying to -- to repair the bombed-out parts of town.


Riley: I know he worked as hard as he could. It seemed like he was trying to make a real difference, and in my opinion, he did. Before Adam died, he had been working on this house that had been nearly wrecked. I remember Adam said that if he could help this one family rebuild their lives, then maybe he could rebuild his. Well -- that's all I came here to say.

Margo: Thank you, uh, Sergeant --

Riley: Morgan, Ma'am. But you can call me Riley.

Margo: Thank you, Riley. I never would have known all those things about my son if you hadn't come here.

Tom: It meant a lot to us. Would you please excuse me?

Riley: I didn't mean to interrupt the ceremony.

Margo: No, no, no, you're not. I don't know why I really felt I needed to do this until you came.

Casey: Yeah. It was good to hear about Adam.

Margo: Yeah.

Riley: You must be Casey. Glad to meet you.

Noah: I am so, so sorry for your loss.

Margo: I'm -- I'm really grateful that you guys came today. Why don't you come to the house and we'll get something to eat, okay? Riley, will you please join us.

Riley: I really appreciate that, but I wouldn't want to intrude.

Margo: Your Adam's friend, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Bonnie: Hey. Do you remember that place we passed when we were driving around?

Dusty: Looked like a farm.

Bonnie: Yeah, that's what it is. It's kind of a co-op farm/market thing. I was thinking about checking it out. I mean, I just can't take another night of fried everything.

Dusty: Have fun?

Bonnie: Well, I was -- I was hoping that you'd come with me.

Dusty: Why?

Bonnie: So I can keep you out of trouble.

Dusty: Oh, don't worry about me. I'm not gonna harass the cops.

Bonnie: Well, make sure you behave yourself, then.

Dusty: Of course.

Bonnie: No, I mean it. Rein in the testosterone and try not to kill anybody.

Len: I sure am glad we're going to see this movie together. It'll make up for the day I've had so far.

[Rosanna laughs]

Rosanna: Why? Are we having a crime wave?

Len: No. Just a jerk who's been trying to give the police force a hard time.

Rosanna: Somebody from around here?

Len: Of course not. Folks around the area were raised to have some manners. No, this guy's from Illinois.

Rosanna: Illinois? What are they doing here?

Len: I didn't tell you about this?

Rosanna: No, no.

Len: He's looking for some guy with a baby.

Rosanna: Wait. What do you mean?

Len: Well, some father ran off with his kid, and now the mother is trying to track him down.

Rosanna: Why would anybody do that?

Len: You know, that's what I told Mr. Illinois. Where would they hide? It's not like Greenvilleís that big.

Rosanna: Wow.

Len: You know, that -- that guy had the brass to accuse me of not doing my job.

Rosanna: That's awful.

Len: I damn near got into a fistfight with him. He made me that mad.

Rosanna: W -- when was this? Was this today?

Len: You look worried.

Rosanna: Yeah, I am worried. I -- I don't want anything bad to happen to you.

[Len chuckles]

Len: Glad of it. But everything will be all right.

Rosanna: You sure about that?

Len: With any luck, I chased that guy back to Illinois, where he belongs.

Paul: Look at you, fast asleep. I gotta hand it to you, Eliza. You took anything in stride.

[Paul sighs]

Bonnie: This place is my idea of heaven! Where's the yogurt? Hi, little one! You got a mommy or daddy around here somewhere, babysitter even? Hello! You all by yourself? Why would -- why would somebody leave you here where they could just -- that's weird. Hello! Is anybody here?! Whose baby is this?

Rosanna: Nothing tastes better than homemade ice cream.

Len: Ah. Now I know the way to your heart.

[Rosanna laughs]

Len: But we'd better eat this fast. Uh, movie starts in a couple minutes.

Rosanna: Oh. Well, maybe they'll let us take them in with us.

Len: Who, old man Murphy? I doubt that.

Rosanna: What? What is it?

Len: Looks like I didn't chase off that Illinois dude after all. There he is.

Bonnie: No one is around. So you know what we're gonna do? We are going to call the police. I don't want you to worry, baby. We're going to find out who you are, and I'm gonna see to it that you are taken care of. Finally! Is there a reason why this child has been left here with no one here?

Clerk: I'm here. I was in the back.

Bonnie: So are you related to this child?

Clerk: No.

Bonnie: You're not? Then how did she get here. Where -- where did she come from?

Clerk: She's Edna's granddaughter. So, what can I get for you, Ma'am?

Bonnie: I'll take these.

Clerk: Okay.

Bonnie: You know, you should watch this little girl more carefully. Thank you.

Clerk: Mm-hmm. Thanks.

Paul: Bye-bye, Bonnie.

Len: I got a mind to finally give that guy what he deserves.

Rosanna: Um, why don't you go ahead and go on your own?

Len: Why? I can handle this guy and still get us to the movie on time?

[Rosanna chuckles]

Rosanna: I'm just -- I'm just gonna run to that store. I feel a little sick.

Len: What's wrong?

Rosanna: Nothing. I'll be fine. You -- you go ahead. I'll -- I'll meet up with you in a little bit, okay?

Len: Don't keep me waiting.

Dusty: I'll call you when I have any news. All right, Meg. Feel better.

Len: I ought to give you a ticket for loitering.

Dusty: I was talking to the mother of that missing baby.

Len: Yeah, well, make your phone calls somewhere else, out of my jurisdiction.

Dusty: Not yet. Not while Ryanís hiding in your town.

Len: Look, I already told you, I've looked --

Dusty: Are you looking for this guy or not?

Len: I'll keep an eye out.

Dusty: You do that, Officer.

Len: Oh, are you okay? Hey, we've only got a couple minutes before the movie starts.

Rosanna: I'm so sorry, Len. I -- I'm not feeling well. I'm gonna have to, uh, go home, I think.

Len: Are you sure?

Rosanna: Yeah, I'm afraid so.

Len: Well, I'll walk you home.

Rosanna: No, no, it's okay. I'll, um -- I'll -- I'll make it there okay on my own, okay?

Len: Okay. I'll say goodbye then.

Rosanna: Yeah. I'll see you later. Bye.

Alison: How are you doing?

Casey: Uh -- I'm good. I'm good.

Alison: Are you upset that we crashed the ceremony?

Casey: I -- I've never been happier to see anybody in my life.

Alison: Anybody in general?

Casey: You, and not in general. It's -- I don't know. It's just so surreal, especially with that army guy showing up.

Alison: Well, it seemed to mean a lot to your mom, you know, hearing him say those things about him.

Casey: Yeah, yeah.

Alison: You're not okay, are you? I mean, not that you have any reason to be. But what's really bothering you?

Casey: While this Riley guy was talking, I just -- I thought of something.

Alison: What?

Casey: Adam went all the way to Afghanistan to make up for all the bad things he did.

Alison: What's so odd about that? It's not that different from what you and I have done. You know, me with nursing school and you with your work at the hospital.

Casey: I guess, yeah. But --

Alison: You know, it's only natural when you mess up that you want to make things right.

Casey: Yes. A -- at least we're here, though, you know, with our family. But he felt like he couldn't come back.

Alison: That was his decision, Casey.

Casey: No, no. He -- he thought he would never be forgiven. And then this happens and --

Alison: What are you saying, Case?

Casey: That it was -- that it was because of me and Will, Adam disappeared. We told him to leave and never come back.

Alison: If you're saying that you're at fault for Adam getting killed in Kabul --

Casey: No, no. I'm not saying it's my fault, no.

Alison: You don't sound like it. You sound like you're blaming yourself for what -- for what some terrorist did. And that's wrong. You did not kill your brother.

Casey: I was so mad at him, Alison. I -- I thought I was gonna hate him for the rest of my life.

Alison: We all say things we don't mean.

Casey: I -- I just thought there was no good left in him. That's why I -- I could write him off and just never think about him again. And then he goes, and -- and this happens, and --

Alison: You hate him still?

Casey: How could I? Like you said -- he's like me, you know? He messed up, he feels bad, and he thought he could make up for it and be forgiven. I just wish I had reached out to him.

Alison: He didn't give you the chance, Casey.

Casey: Yeah, because I'd probably kick him in the teeth if he tried.

Alison: Maybe that would have been your first reaction, but after time, I think you would have given him a second chance.

Casey: You really think so?

Alison: I think you're a lot nicer than you pretend to be.

Casey: I hope so. I just hope I would have given Adam another chance.

Tom: So, how did you happen to wind up in Oakdale?

Riley: It wasn't an accident, Sir. I came here to see you and Mrs. Hughes.

Luke: How did you find out about the memorial service?

Riley: I stopped by the police station. You weren't there, Ma'am, and they told me about the service.

Tom: That was very kind of you to go out of your way to talk to us about Adam.

Riley: Well, I -- I have something to give you -- this. I thought you might like to have it.

Margo: What's this?

Riley: As it turned out, Adam and I had a lot in common. I found out he was a music producer, and I used to be in military communications.

Noah: What'd you do before you signed up?

Riley: I was a sound engineer. So anyway, Adam and I -- we chatted music all the time, and he made this mix of some of the stuff he was into.

Margo: So Adam made this?

Riley: I -- I know it's not much, but it's something of Adam's that I know was personal, and I thought --

Margo: It's perfect. It's perfect. Thank you very much.

Riley: I didn't mean to --

Tom: No, no. It's -- its fine. It's nice to hear good things about Adam. It's been a while.

Riley: For what it's worth, Ma'am, Adam thought you hung the moon. You, too, Mr. Hughes. He knew he let you guys down big-time, and he hoped that someday, you'd welcome him home.

Margo: That's not gonna happen now, is it? But I got to say, having you here is the next best thing, Riley. So everybody, let's eat, okay?

Alison: All right.

Margo: Just dig in, okay?

Noah: So, what unit were you with in Kabul? Radio communications, air/ground.

Luke: What exactly did you do?

Noah: Probably a lot of classified stuff.

Luke: Oh, yeah. Sorry.

Riley: That's okay. In general, we just make sure everybody can talk to everybody else.

Noah: They also make sure that the enemy's not eavesdropping on them.

Riley: Basically, yeah.

Luke: Where'd you train?

Riley: I did my basic at Fort Gordon, Georgia.

Noah: Really? That's -- that's where my mom and dad were when -- when they had me.

Riley: Yeah?

Luke: Yeah. Did you know Colonel Winston Mayer? Or maybe that's not the best thing to ask right now.

Riley: Dinner was great. Thank you so much for having me.

Tom: You're welcome.

Margo: Don't you want some coffee or something?

Riley: No, thank you, Ma'am. I -- I should be going.

Margo: All right. Well, where are you headed?

Riley: I have to go to a motel, and then I -- I'm gonna head to Omaha. That's where my aunt and uncle live. My parents died a long time ago, so really, I have no special plans.

Margo: Well, you can't waste time hunting around for a motel when you can just as easily stay here with us.

Alison: Is there anything I can do for you? Casey?

Casey: Well, I know what I don't want to do. I don't want to think about Adam, my parents, this Riley what's his name, and definitely not Afghanistan.

Alison: Well, that takes care of what you don't want. But what do you want?

Casey: To be with you, and to be reminded how happy you make me.

Alison: I think that can be arranged. Where?

Casey: I think we could come up with something.

Rosanna: Paul, are you here? Paul!

Paul: Hey, hey. What?

Rosanna: Hey!

Paul: What's going on?

Rosanna: I saw Dusty.

Paul: You did? Where?

Rosanna: Right in the middle of town. He didnít take the bait. They're still here.

Paul: Oh, no, I know. I saw Bonnie McKechnie. She almost caught me.

Rosanna: How?

Paul: How? She was doing some shopping, and she came in, and I hid, but I didn't get a chance to get Eliza out of sight.

Rosanna: She didn't recognize her, did she?

Paul: No. Thank God. But what the hell are we gonna do now?

[Rosanna sighs]

Rosanna: I hate to suggest this.

Paul: Well, maybe you shouldn't, then.

Rosanna: You can't stay here, but you could take Eliza back to her mother.

Paul: That is not an option.

 Bonnie: Face it, Paul and Eliza aren't here in Greenville, Wisconsin, and they aren't in Sparta. I don't know. I think it's time to head back to Oakdale, consult the police, regroup. It's the only sensible thing to do.

Dusty: I'm not giving up. Maybe if we were more interested in finding Eliza and less interested in eating fruit --

Bonnie: Look, I was looking. I mean, actually, my heart stopped when I was at the farmer's market. I saw this little baby sitting alone in a carriage.

Dusty: You telling me this now?

Bonnie: It wasn't Eliza.

Dusty: How do you know?

Bonnie: It turned out to be some worker's grandchildren or something.

Dusty: Little girl?

Bonnie: Yeah.

Dusty: About Eliza's age?

Bonnie: I don't know. It's hard to tell. Maybe. I don't know.

Dusty: You're sure it wasn't Eliza?

Bonnie: No, I -- I was a little suspicious at first, but the worker was so blasť about it, I just let it go. Do you have a picture of her?

Dusty: No. But I know how to get one.

Dusty: Officer.

Len: What do you want?

Dusty: I know we're not your favorite people.

Len: You got that right.

Dusty: But a baby's been kidnapped.

Bonnie: And we are so sorry for being pushy before, the both of us, aren't we, Dusty?

Dusty: Yeah. Sorry.

Bonnie: Um, but we -- we're really worried about this baby.

Len: Yeah, I got that.

Bonnie: The thing is that we really need the help of the police. We can't do it without you guys.

Len: All right. I'm listening.

Bonnie: We need a picture of the baby.

Dusty: The Oakdale police have a photo. We just need access to it.

Len: And you want me to get it for you, even though I happen to be off-duty right this minute?

Bonnie: We would really appreciate it if you could get a copy for us?

Dusty: That's right. We'd be grateful.

Len: Is that a fact? Wait here.

Luke: Sad afternoon.

Noah: Yeah.

Luke: Can I ask you something? How many memorial services have you been to?

Noah: In my life? Hundreds, probably. I mean, growing up on army bases with the colonel as my father, it was kind of expected that I attend all official ceremonies with him.

Luke: And we were at war during a lot of that time, right?

Noah: Yeah, pretty much. Why do you ask?

Luke: Well, I've been thinking. I think that's what your movie should be about.

Noah: What, people dying?

Luke: No. Hearing you talk to Riley, it just made me realize how unique your life was, growing up on military bases all around the world.

Noah: Well, there were plenty of other army brats growing up with me. I'm not that unique.

Luke: Yes. Yes, you are. Even though you chose not to live a life in the military, you respect it. And even though your father was very, um --

[Luke laughs]

Luke: Hardline, you grew up to be an astoundingly well-rounded person.

Noah: And even though my father tried to murder you, I should what, build a cinematic monument to his life? Come on!

Luke: No, no, Noah. Not to his life. To yours. You know, something about all of the things he taught you, the good and the bad, all of the experiences you had with him, the good and the bad.

Noah: There were lots of that. But so much of my father's life was a -- I don't even know what the truth is anymore.

Luke: So you'll figure it out as you go along.

Noah: I don't know. Luke, it -- it just seems a little intense. Who wants to dig that deep? That might be more than I'm willing to explore.

Luke: Well, then that is all the more reason to do it. You have to admit you like the idea.

Noah: I do, I do. I mean, what people are really gonna be that interested in me and my life?

Luke: Well, I guess you're asking the wrong person, because I am very interested in everything about you.

Noah: Do we still have the house all to ourselves?

[Luke laughs]

Luke: Yeah, we do. I just checked.

Noah: Mm.

Margo: Honestly, I don't know what I would have done if Riley hadn't shown up today.

Tom: He had some really nice things to say.

Margo: More than that, he reminded me that Adam wasn't a monster.

Tom: Aw, Sweetie, come on. You already knew that.

Margo: It's always good to have an impartial source. You know, he got to know Adam in a time in our boy's life when we didn't know him.

Tom: So he filled in the gaps for you.

Margo: Not completely. But I think I got to know the newest Adam a little bit more. I -- I don't know why that's a comfort, but it is.

Tom: I'm glad he helped.

Margo: I think he's gonna be really comfortable up in Adam's room.

Tom: You think so? Why?

Margo: Well, didn't you hear him. He said that he and Adam shared so many interests. And Adam left all of his music equipment up there, and so Riley can maybe play around with it.

Tom: When? Tomorrow before breakfast? I mean, he's only gonna be here for one night.

Margo: Well, I realize that.

Tom: You do? Look, I know it's been a really hard day.

Margo: So you're gonna make it harder by picking a fight with me?

Tom: I'm not gonna pick a fight with you. I just don't want you getting too attached to this kid.

Margo: I wonít.

Tom: And I don't think that you should pressure him to stay beyond tonight.

Margo: I wonít.

Tom: All right. I mean, despite what he may say, he probably has family to get back to, people to see.

Margo: I am not going to pressure him. But I must say having Riley here today was a godsend.

Tom: Can you tell me how we got in this situation?

Margo: Oh, this music is lovely.

Tom: That's Adam all right.

Alison: Hey. We can't make a habit of this?

Casey: Why not? We both work here, and this room is, uh, you know, for chilling between responsibilities. And what better way to chill than to have sex?

[Alison laughs]

Alison: Glad to hear you're making a joke.

Casey: Yeah, it's not been really a yuck-filled day.

Alison: Want to talk about it?

Casey: Hmm-mm.

Alison: Okay, well, let me just say one thing.

Casey: Make it fast.

Alison: We've been through a lot of hard times together, and we'll go through many more, Case, so don't be afraid to lean on me. That's what I'm here for.

Casey: Is that -- is that it?

Alison: No, that's not it.

Margo: Tom?

Riley: Oh, it's -- it's me, Riley.

Margo: Oh.

Riley: I didn't mean to disturb you.

Margo: No, no, no, you didnít. I -- I was just listening to the CD that you made me. It's so, um --

Riley: Adam?

Margo: Yeah, yeah. I'm surprised you didn't go to sleep.

Riley: I was having a tough time settling down. Would you mind if I got a glass of milk?

Margo: No, not at all.

Riley: Seems so old-school, but for me, it really helps.

Margo: Oh, yeah. Adam used to always have milk, too.

Riley: Yeah?

Margo: You want a cookie to go with it?

[Both laughing]

Riley: Might as well regress all the way back to childhood. Any chance you got chocolate chip?

Margo: Oh, nothing but. Adam's favorite.

Riley: I guess Adam and I had a lot more in common than music.

Margo: I guess.

Riley: I was even thinking of heading to L.A. eventually to do what he did.

Margo: Really? You gonna produce music?

Riley: Might want to try my hand in it one day. I've got a lot of thinking to do first.

Margo: Well, yeah, yeah.

Riley: In the military, your life is so structured. And then when you get out, every decision seems so huge.

Margo: Sorry.

Riley: Did I say something wrong?

Margo: No, you didnít. You didnít. You really didnít. I might, but you didnít. You didn't, no. Okay, um, let me just preface this. Um, I don't want you to feel pressured in any way.

Riley: Okay.

Margo: I really think it would be wonderful if you consider this your home and stay here as long as you want, Riley.

Riley: I -- I can't tell you how much that means to me.

Margo: Okay.

Dusty: We should have gone with that cop to the police station.

Bonnie: We weren't exactly invited, thanks to you.

Dusty: I don't think he's coming back.

Bonnie: Well, if he does, it's only because I know how to talk to people. That cop wouldn't have given us the time of day if it were up to you.

Dusty: Meanwhile, we don't have anything.

Len: Here's your picture, Ma'am.

Bonnie: Oh, thank you, Officer. That's her. That's the baby I saw at the farm stand.

Dusty: Are you sure?

Bonnie: No, I'm positive. We found Eliza!

[Bonnie laughs]

Paul: I just need a little bit of time to figure out my next move.

Rosanna: Paul, you don't have time anymore, okay? If you don't want to bring Eliza back home and you don't want to get arrested, then you have got to get out of here now.

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Henry: You can't expect me to go on TV and -- and share my feelings like I'm -- I'm happy that those two won the baby lottery and we lost.

Kim: Oh. Cut!

Katie: If I'm gonna lose my baby, just tell me now.

Edna: You two have got to take that baby and get out of here.

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