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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 5/28/09

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Brad: I don't think it's a mystery why you're feeling so lousy. Henry got you all upset because he was blaming Viennaís miscarriage on you.

Katie: He was devastated, Brad.

Brad: Of course he was. But in no way was it your fault.

Katie: Wasn't it?

Brad: See? See? You know what I mean? He's got you feeling guilty, which has then got you feeling so -- you know, Katie, you know what I'm saying.

Katie: The scary thing is, I do know what you're saying.

Brad: Don't worry. He's gonna wake up one day, and he's gonna realize how he's been acting, and he's gonna knock on the door. He'll be begging for your forgiveness.

Katie: Is that supposed to make me feel better?

Brad: It works for me. Open.

Henry: How would you describe Katie's behavior before the accident?

Vienna: I told you. She was upset, and she didn't want to talk to me.

Henry: Yeah, but what about her language? I mean, would you describe it as malicious intent, or was it more callous and uncaring?

Vienna: Henry, stop! You've got to drop this whole idea of suing Katie and the TV station.

Henry: That's not going to happen.

Vienna: I understand that you're upset about losing our baby. I am, too.

Henry: I'll go with malicious intent. I think it'll have a bigger impact on the jury.

Vienna: But taking Katie to court, it just feels like we're trying to make money out of the worst thing that has ever happened to us. It's just not going to help.

Henry: I beg to differ.

Vienna: No! All the money in the world is not gonna bring our baby back.

Henry: Vienna, every deposition, every shred of evidence is gonna point to the fact that our child was here and that he mattered and that something bad happened, and someone has to pay for that.

Vienna: Okay, and if someone pays, how is that gonna heal the emptiness in our hearts?

Henry: It's a start, Sweetheart.

Vienna: No, no, no. You're just throwing yourself into this so you don't have to feel anything.

Henry: Feelings. Right. We need to go over that. Where are those questions about emotional distress?

Vienna: No. You know what? You're just hiding. You're just hiding all your feelings with all this anger. It's just not gonna work.

Henry: Yes, I'm angry. I'm very angry, okay? And I have every right to be, and what I don't understand is why you're not as mad as I am about it. Why is that, Vienna? What's wrong with you?

Brad: I'm gonna make you something to eat. I think that'll make you feel better.

Katie: Oh, thanks. Just the thought of food, too, makes me feel sick. Why don't you just go get an early lunch? I'll be fine.

Brad: I am starving. You know what sounds great? One of those oversize omelets at Lakeview with the onions and olives and jalapenos.

Katie: Ugh! Eat whatever you want. Just don't describe it to me.

Brad: While I'm gone, I want you to focus on getting rest and feeling better. You sure I can't get you anything while I'm out?

Katie: No thanks. I have everything I need.

[Brad leaves]

Katie: No. Am I crazy? It's impossible.

[Katie takes out a pregnancy box and goes to the bathroom.

Janet: How are you, Detective cutie?

Jack: Oh, I'm just fine, Mrs. Ridiculously hot.

Parker: Do you guys really have to do that in public?

Jack: Oh, he's kind of grumpy. I guess work doesn't agree with him.

Janet: It does, actually! He's been doing a great job. We couldn't have gotten through the morning shift without him.

Jack: Is that right? Well, way to go, Parker.

Parker: How long before I get my first paycheck?

Janet: What? You're not doing this for the love of the art?

Jack: I wouldn't plan on taking too much of that paycheck home. You are going to pay back every cent you stole from Craig.

Parker: Okay, I didn't steal it. My mom lent that to me to cheer me up. She told you that.

Jack: Yeah, I think we all know what really happened, Parker.

Parker: Why do I even talk to you? You never believe me.

Janet: Okay, anyway, you get paid at the end of the week, and every day, at the end of the day, you get your share of the tip jar.

Parker: How much is that?

Janet: Well -- here you go.

Parker: Thanks. That's it?

Jack: Hey. Watch yourself.

Janet: No, no, no, no. It's okay. He is the low man on the totem pole. You just wait until you work your way up to the wait staff.

Parker: I'll need to work a lot of hours to make any kind of real money.

Janet: Hey, you got the time, I got the plates.

Parker: Can I take another shift tonight?

Janet: Yes, I'll put you on the dinner shift. Perfect. Thank you.

Parker: Thanks.

Jack: Wow. So far, so good. So, tell me, Mrs. Ridiculously hot, what else is going on?

Janet: Well, Mr. Detective cutie, I found out from Parker that Craig is not staying with Carly anymore.

Jack: Really? Wow, this day is definitely looking up.

Janet: I wouldn't be so sure if I were you.

Carly: Nonfat double cappuccino, please.

Craig: You forgot the extra foam. What's the world coming to?

Carly: I thought I made it clear that I want you out of my life.

Craig: I'm as entitled to overpriced coffee as you are. A mocha latte, please. And if you throw in the extra foam, I'll share it with my friend here.

Carly: Why must you make me repeat myself? I am not your friend, so stop stalking me.

Craig: I'm not stalking you. If I were, I wouldn't be here.

Carly: And why's that?

Craig: Because I thought you'd be at your AA meeting by now.

Carly: May I point out that saying that I don't want you in my life is the same thing as saying that I don't want you checking up on me.

Craig: Don't blame me for caring.

Carly: Yeah, you care. You care so much, you sold me out to Jack the first chance you got. Thank you.

Katie: [Sighs] [Gasps] Oh, my God!

Vienna: You'll go to your lawyer, and I'm gonna go to the doctor's appointment alone.

Henry: No, Sweetie, I'm sorry. Sweetie, look, look. I'm sorry. I won't go to the lawyerís. I'm gonna go to the doctor with you. Okay?

Vienna: You mean that?

Henry: Yes. Yeah, of course. You come first. Just I'm gonna reschedule with him, and then we can just be on our way.

Vienna: Okay, no. No. You know what? I don't want you to come with me. If this is your attitude, I don't want you to come with me. And this lawsuit might make you feel better, it makes you feel like you're doing something about what happened, but it makes me feel worse, okay? So I'm gonna to the doctor alone.

Liberty: That dress, oh, my God! It was so amazing! Its way out of my price range, but it's like the cutest think I've ever seen. Did Skye get the picture? What did she say?

Mackenzie: "Dress is killer, go for it."

Liberty: I know, but I canít. It's too expensive. I'll just -- I'll get the green one. I mean its fine, right? It's not really very special.

Mackenzie: We're talking prom, Liberty. Whatever you buy has to be special.

Duff: Hey. Duff. Remember? Glad you came back.

Carly: Thanks.

Duff: You think maybe you'll feel like sharing today?

Carly: Yes. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Duff: Okay, well, after you, Carly.

Carly: You're not gonna believe this. You're absolutely not gonna believe this. I forgot that I have to pick up my daughter and bring her to a dentist. I'm a complete idiot. I guess I'll have to catch a meeting later today. See you later.

Duff: See you.

[Craig walks Carly walk out]

Jack: Parker finally caught on that he was being manipulated. That's why he acted out and he stole that $300 from Craig.

Janet: Okay, if Craig pushed Parker into doing something drastic, at least Craig told you about it. He came clean. He told you that Carly was covering for Parker.

Jack: Are we forgetting that he covered for Parker when Parker stole the money out of this place? Boy, it's amazing to me how touchy people get when things are stolen out of their own pockets. That's why he told me. He didn't like getting ripped off. It's as simple as that.

Janet: You're not being fair.

Jack: None of this is fair, Janet. Come on, the mother of my children is becoming, if not already, an alcoholic. And for all we know, Craig probably likes it that way.

Janet: Hey, stop it!

Jack: It's probably easier for him to manipulate her. And she's probably lot less critical, too.

Janet: Sweetheart, Carly is no pushover. I don't care how many drinks she's had. She's strong.

Jack: I have no idea. I don't know who this Carly is.

Janet: You're really worried about her, aren't you?

Jack: Wouldn't you be? Speak of the devil.

Craig: Jack, I was hoping I'd find you here. We have a problem.

Jack: "We"?

Craig: "We" being people who care about Carly. I assume you're still in that group.

Jack: What happened?

Craig: She faked going to an AA meeting. Well, she went, and then she walked out. I thought you'd want to know.

Jack: You thought right.

Janet: If she faked going to an AA meeting, she's in real trouble.

Jack: What did you say to her?

Craig: Nothing. She didn't know I was there. It's not like she's taking advice from me these days, anyway. She's pretty much stopped talking to me, and I really don't know what to do to help.

Jack: Maybe you should stop trying.

Craig: And maybe you should stop telling me to stay out of it, because I'm in it whether you like it or not.

Janet: Craig, nobody is telling you to stop caring about Carly.

Craig: I think that's exactly what your husband is saying.

Jack: Look, if Carly's decided she doesn't want to be involved with you, then this is no longer any of your business, Craig.

Craig: I wish it were that easy. The truth is, I think I'm partly responsible for the shape Carly's in. I was in denial about her drinking.

Janet: Well, I don't think you were the only one. None of us saw this coming.

Craig: I thought it was a pastime, something that she chose to do, to let off steam. But I just didn't see that she was using alcohol to cope. But then I guess when it feels like your life is crashing down around you --

Jack: Wait, she told you this?

Craig: She didn't have to. The look in her eyes after she was arrested did all the talking. She's lost, Jack. I think she has been for a long time.

Jack: So what do you suggest?

Craig: I don't know. I'm all out of ideas.

Janet: Well, somebody's got to figure out a way to pull Carly out of this.

Jack: You think she's still drinking?

Craig: Well, since she kicked me out her life, I can't be sure. But I think it's safe to say if she's walking out on AA meetings, it's not a sign that she's on the wagon.

Janet: That thing that you said about her life crashing down around her -- most people turn to booze when they feel like they're drowning. She needs is a life preserver.

Jack: Such as?

Janet: A project, huh? She needs something to take her mind off of things, right? I mean, okay, bear with me here. But once this guy, Frank, you know, he was really cute. He broke up with me, and it was heartbreaking and depressing, and I couldn't get myself off the couch. I mean, food didn't even taste good to me. So you know what I did? I marched down to the community center, and I signed up to teach cooking classes. Those classes kept me so busy that I didn't even have time to think about what's-his-name Frank, right? She needs something to focus on.

Craig: I could bring her back into the business.

Jack: The vodka business. Yeah, that's a great idea. Has it ever occurred to you, Craig, that that was the thing to push her drinking to a whole new level?

Craig: Oh, yeah, you're right, Jack. Because everyone who sells alcohol is an alcoholic. It's a job requirement.

Jack: You can't deny that all those tastings sped things along a bit.

Janet: Stop it! Let's not blame anybody here. Let's just figure out a solution.

Craig: You're right. Okay, I completely agree that Carly needs a project. But it should be something that uses her marketing and design skills the way that Midnight Sun did.

Jack: Only not 80-proof.

Craig: I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but thank you! You just gave me a great idea.

Jack: Well, wait! Whoa! Let me know what happens.

Craig: I will.

Brad: Come on, Henry! Wait up! Wait up. Wait up. I know you saw me.

Henry: You'd be surprised how selective my vision can be, Brad.

Brad: Okay, someone's got to stop this tension.

Henry: "Tension"? Is that what you're calling it?

Brad: Fight, feud, war, whatever you want to call it, would you just sit down and have lunch with me?

Henry: No.

Brad: Come on. Once you throw back a few martinis, I think it'll be a lot easier to start, you know, getting past everything that's happened.

Henry: Brad, I don't think Vienna and I are gonna get past everything that's happened for quite some time.

Brad: Well, you don't know until you try.

Henry: And besides, I don't think it's appropriate for me to be eating with you, because my lawyer right now is working the suit against Katie and WOAK as we speak.

Brad: Wait, don't tell me you're still going through with that.

Henry: Okay. I'll let the process server break the news.

Brad: Okay, wait. Okay, okay -- I've said this before. I'm really sorry. Okay? I'm really sorry. I know what it's like to lose a baby. When Katie and I lost ours --

Henry: Get to the point, Brad.

Brad: No one should have to go through what you two went through. And you definitely shouldn't have to go through it alone. We just -- will you let me help you? Will you let Katie and I both -- we want to help you and Vienna get through this.

Henry: Thanks, but no thanks. The legal system is helping me fine.

Brad: Will you stop talking lawyers! It's not like you two are innocent in all of this.

Henry: Excuse me?

Brad: Yeah, you were ready to give us a kid under false pretenses. In fact, if anyone should be suing anyone, we should be suing you.

Henry: Oh, yeah, Brad, I'm a crook. I'm a con artist. That's why I don't deserve to be a father. Is that what you're saying?

Brad: No, that's not -- I didn't say that at all.

Henry: Maybe that's what you're thinking. You know what? I bet you're thinking that you'd like to punch me, wouldn't you? Go ahead and hit me, Brad. Come on.

Brad: I'm not gonna hit you.

Henry: Oh, you've threatened so many times, though, man. Come on, break my jaw. The jury would love that. Take a swing. You know you want to.

Brad: I'm not gonna hit you. You've been through too much already. We're gonna go, and we're gonna sit down, and we're gonna talk about this. Because you don't want to make a bad situation worse, not for you, not for Vienna. So will you help me end this trouble between us?

Vienna: Katie?

Katie: Vienna. Hi.

Vienna: I'm so glad to see you. How did you know?

Katie: Know?

Vienna: I have a follow-up appointment with the doctor. Did I tell you before? Oh, no, I keep forgetting everything lately.

Katie: It's okay. Don't worry about it.

Vienna: No, no, no, no. I'm so relieved that you're here. It's not -- it's not just easy being back at the hospital.

Katie: Yeah, it must bring back sad memories.

Vienna: Sad, but, you know, good ones, too. The sonogram and the childbirth class, and learning how to breathe and when Henry came rushing into the room, all crazy not knowing what Brad did between my legs.

Katie: I remember.

Vienna: And then, just, it went away. Where there used to be a baby, there's -- suddenly nothing.

Katie: I know.

Nurse: Mrs. Snyder, your sonogram will be in a few minutes. We're all so happy for you. It's like a miracle, isn't it?

Vienna: A sonogram? Katie?

Katie: Oh, she -- you know, I think she was probably meaning someone else.

Vienna: You're lying.

Katie: I'm sorry.

Vienna: You're pregnant? You're pregnant? I thought --

Katie: I know. I thought so, too. It was an accident. It was a total accident.

Vienna: Oh, no, no, no. That's -- that's what I said to you. That's what I said to you when me and Henry -- when -- that was an accident.

Katie: I know. Vienna --

Vienna: No. I can't see you right now.

Liberty: Hello, amazing Mom, with your beautiful hair. You look so great today. Like, you look really glowing.

Janet: What do you want?

Liberty: A really beautiful dress.

Janet: Oh, join the club, Sweetheart! We all want a really beautiful dress! But how many times do I have to tell you we cannot afford a beautiful dress?

Liberty: I know. I would not ask if it weren't a life-or-death situation. But it's my prom.

Janet: Oh, my gosh, is it that time already?

Liberty: Yeah, it's gonna be here really soon, so I really need this dress.

Janet: Of course you do. You need the best dress. This is the prom we're talking about!

Liberty: I know! Okay, so I was thinking, since we're not, like, rolling in money right now, maybe I could ask Dad to see if he'd help pay for it.

Janet: Oh, I don't think that's such a good idea with what he and Katie are going through, losing the baby.

Liberty: Yeah. You're right. I forgot.

Janet: You know what? I think I can -- okay, this is what I'm gonna do. I'm going to -- I'm gonna give you my credit card, and you are gonna buy this fabulous dress, and I will get your father to pay me half of it later on some other time.

Liberty: Mom, thank you! Seriously, thanks.

Janet: So, does this mean that you and Parker are back together?

Liberty: Okay, breathe, Mom. I'm not going to prom with Parker. I'm going with Mac.

Janet: Mac?

Liberty: Mackenzie. She's the girl -- you met her. You said you liked her shoes.

Janet: Oh, yeah, yeah! The cute-shoe girl!

Liberty: Yeah, we're just gonna go with a bunch of friends, like Robin and her and Skye.

Janet: So it's just some girlfriends going together.

Liberty: Yeah. We just -- we, like, thought it'd be much more fun that way, not, like, get stuck with a guy all night.

Janet: Are you sure? I mean, this is a pretty important moment for you.

Liberty: It's a party with really lame decorations.

Janet: No, it's not. It's the prom, and it could be one of the best nights of your life.

Liberty: If you're talking about ending it in the way that you and Dad ended it, I'm not going there.

Janet: Oh, you better not. You better not.

Liberty: Mom.

Janet: So, how's Parker gonna feel when he finds out you're not going to the prom with him?

Liberty: Mom, Parker's not gonna care. He hasn't said two words to me since I told you guys that he was ditching school. He's not even a student anymore. I really just don't think prom is on his radar.

Janet: Okay, good. 'Cause the last thing he needs is another excuse to get into trouble.

Craig: Hey, Carly! Come on, Carly, open the door, or I'm gonna have to huff and puff and blow the house down. Carly!

[Banging on door]

Craig: It's important!

Carly: I went to the AA meeting, okay? You want me to give me a breathalyzer? You want to have me walk a straight line in the living room? I'll do it. I'll do anything as long as you leave.

Craig: I'm not here about the meetings. I'm here about business.

Carly: Well, we're not in business anymore. You bought me out, remember? I cashed the check. It's over.

Craig: Well, this is different. I mean, it would still be under the Midnight Sun banner, but it's not alcohol.

Carly: Well, what is it, then, swizzle sticks? It's water. Satisfied?

Craig: Did you know that 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water but only 2% is drinkable?

Carly: That's fascinating. I thought you wanted to talk about business.

Craig: I am. This is our new business.

Carly: You want to sell water?

Craig: Designer water. With you as the designer.

Carly: You're joking.

Craig: Only if you find gold mines funny. We're not just talking about water here, Carly. We're talking about flavors, vitamins, and, most of all, sexy packaging. Just look at all the gallons of colored waters that fly off supermarket shelves every day. Why can't ours be one of those?

Carly: And how do you expect this to work, exactly?

Craig: Well, that's where you come in. I need your help to come up with a concept. All I know is that our product should be aimed at the youth market.

Carly: Oh, well, kids don't like water. This I know for a fact.

Craig: Well, kids like what's cool, which our water will be. Now, if you're gonna think of a potential buyer, I would think of someone young, healthy, athletic. Someone like Parker. Picture him taking a bottle of our water with him on the tennis court. Parker. Parker could be in the ads! He's perfect!

Carly: Parker. Really?

Craig: Yeah. You interested?

Carly: Oh, Craig, I know what you're doing.

Craig: Trying to come up with a terrific business plan?

Carly: You're pitying me.

Craig: Pitying you? I wouldn't dare.

Carly: I don't need you to throw me a bone. Neither does Parker. I'm surprised you don't understand this yet. I don't need anything from you.

Craig: Well, maybe I need something from you. I need you, Carly. I need your perspective, your talent, your creativity. I need that spark that makes you Carly Tenney. You have no idea how much I've missed that in my life. On top of that, here I am, trying to raise Johnny while keeping my business afloat in very uncertain times. I don't know how you handle it all.

Carly: You get used to it.

Craig: Well, I havenít. At least, not yet. Now, if you can help me come up with a concept, a phrase, a look, whatever, I can sell that to investors and get this thing rolling. Come on, you have to admit this is right up your alley.

Carly: Craig, what makes you think that I would even consider going into business with you again?

Craig: Think of it as a short-term assignment. And don't forget Parker. This could be good for him, too. Give him something positive to focus on. Come on, what do you have to lose?

Carly: I hope this isn't you just trying to worm your way back into my good graces.

Craig: Rest assured your graces, good as they are, will remain worm-free.

Carly: Mm-hmm. So this is just business.

Craig: Just business, nothing personal. Your life will be your own.

Carly: It better be. No more asking me about AA meetings.

Craig: All right, message received. So just think about it, see what pops into that beautiful brain of yours.

Carly: Oh, Craig!

Craig: I meant beautiful in the most business-like way.

Carly: All right, well, go, get out of here, and I'll think about it.

Craig: All right, I'll give the genius some room. Hey, it's good to have you back.  

Liberty: Can you believe how hard Miss Devito made that Bio final? I mean, I studied my butt off! I studied so hard. I don't even think I'm gonna pass. It was so bad.

Mackenzie: I know.

Parker: Hi.

Liberty: Hi.

Mackenzie: Well, time for my cello lesson. Text me later, okay?

Liberty: Yes. Bye.

Parker: This for prom?

Liberty: Yeah. It is, actually. How did you know?

Parker: Well, I saw you walking out of Fashions, and I overheard your conversation. So, you still want to go.

Liberty: Yeah, I've been kind of looking forward to it. Don't laugh at me. I know that's really lame.

Parker: No, no, no. Not at all. I'm glad you still want to go. I just arranged to rent a tux, and I figured we should make some more plans.

Liberty: About?

Parker: About like what time I'm picking you up and if you're gonna want flowers, what color, what kind.

Liberty: Wait, are you talking about us going together?

Parker: Yeah. We said we would a long time ago. Don't you remember?

Liberty: Oh, wow. Yeah, I just -- Parker, a lot -- a lot has happened, so I made other plans.

Parker: Who?

Liberty: Mac and some of the other girls.

Parker: You really expect me to believe that?

Brad: We've got to get past this, Henry.

Henry: Why?

Brad: Are you really prepared to get up on the witness stand and accuse Katie? You gonna look her in the eye and say things to a judge and jury, you know, words that are gonna destroy her? 'Cause that's exactly what this is gonna be like. You know, she's devastated over what happened. I mean, I don't know how much more she can take.

Henry: I can't help that.

Brad: Yes, you can. Yes, you can. You can drop the lawsuit. I'll give you back the 10 grand that you gave us.

Henry: Forget about the 10 grand. Keep that. That's for the crooked lawyer.

Brad: Hey, you won it fair and square in a poker game. You know, it's yours. Okay, you take the money. Take the money, and let the lawsuit go. Let it all go. And we'll just let things go back to the way they were.

Henry: I canít.

Brad: You wonít.

Henry: No, I canít. Because I don't know how.

Vienna: How long?

Katie: I don't know. I have been feeling queasy for awhile, though.

Vienna: Did you know you were pregnant when I lost my baby?

Katie: No, no, of course not! I never would have reacted the way I -- I just found out this morning. I swear. It was such a shock because we weren't even trying. I mean, we weren't not trying to, but that's because I didn't think I could.

Vienna: So the nurse was right. It's a miracle.

Katie: It is. I didn't think it was possible. It was something I wanted so bad, but I didn't think it was possible.

Vienna: I know exactly how you feel.

Katie: I'm sorry. And I know this must be hurting you. It's the absolute worst timing.

Vienna: I lose my baby and you get one. It's -- it's like in a horrible way, it makes sense.

Katie: No, it doesn't make sense. It's not fair. It's just -- it just is.

Vienna: Is this what you felt like when I was pregnant and you weren't?

Katie: I had just lost my baby, and there you were, pregnant and glowing. I was hurting and happy for you, all at the same time.

Vienna: How is this even possible? I feel so much. I would -- I want to cry. I want to scream. And I want to hug you. And -- I want you to know I've never been so happy for anyone in my entire life. It's just -- I feel too much right now.

Katie: I know you do. I know. But I need you. I need my best friend to be with me through this. I know it's so much to ask, but I need you by my side. I know it's asking a lot, and maybe you can't, but I really hope you can.

Vienna: I'll try, Katie. And if -- if the hurt gets too much, I'll just remind myself that you really deserve this.

Katie: I love you so much, Vienna.

Vienna: And I love you, too. I love you, too. Brad must be over the moon.

Katie: I haven't told him yet.

Vienna: What? You haven't?

Katie: No. And you can't either.

Vienna: You have to tell Brad you're pregnant! Last time you didn't, and look what happened. You can't make that mistake again. If you don't tell him, I will!

Katie: No, Vienna, please. It'll just upset him.

Vienna: But why? Why? Are you afraid it's gonna be dangerous for you to have a child?

Katie: Well, Brad's gonna think so. And I don't want to worry him. He's gonna worry that there's a risk.

Vienna: If there's a risk, you got to tell him. He needs to be aware of it.

Katie: I know. I will. I just need time. I need a week or two to go to the doctor, make sure everything's okay with me. And I need time to make this real for myself.

Vienna: Brad's the father. It needs to be real for him, too.

Katie: It will be. I just -- I want to make sure everything's okay before I get his hopes up. Why worry him if I don't have to?

Vienna: No, you can't go through this alone.

Katie: I wonít. I have you. And I'll have Brad soon. Once he sees me taking really good care of myself, he will be able to be calm, relax, and be happy.

Vienna: Okay. Okay. I won't tell him.

Katie: Thank you. Thank you so much. And if this works out, I really, really still want you and Henry to be the Godparents, if that's okay with you.

Vienna: Of course. Of course.

Katie: I don't know if Henry will feel the same way. He still hasn't even come close to forgiving me.

Vienna: Oh, I'll make him forgive you. I'll make him forgive you.

Henry: This is a whole new experience for me. Before I lost the child, I didn't think it was possible to feel this much pain and not die. Does it get any better?

Brad: I don't know. You just put one foot in front of the other. But I think, you know, one day it will, for all our sakes. Take the money. Pay off your lawyer and fire him.

Henry: Brad, do you think that a quick $10,000 is gonna make up for the loss of my child?

Brad: I don't think there's enough money in the world that's gonna make up for what you've lost. I mean, I don't think suing Katie's gonna get what you want, either.

Henry: This is not about the money. This is about making things right.

Brad: And that's what I'm trying to do here! I'm trying to make things right. We don't want the money. It's not doing us any good to keep it.

Henry: I don't want it, either. Every time I think about it, I remember that I was playing poker the night that she fell.

Brad: Okay, well, let's give it to charity, okay, let it do some good.

Henry: I can live with that.

Brad: Okay. Okay, great. Okay, see? Hey, look, we agree on something. That's a start. So now if you could just see your way clear to dropping the lawsuit and accepting Katie's apology?

Henry: I'll drop the lawsuit. But forgiveness -- I am not there yet.

Brad: But you'll think about it?

Henry: I'll think about it. That's the best I can do.

Brad: All right, well, here's to the best we can do. For now.

Liberty: I'm not going to prom with another guy, if that's what you're thinking.

Parker: Then why don't you want to go with me?

Liberty: Because I already have plans. And just because the plans aren't with a guy doesn't mean that they aren't still plans.

Parker: Yeah, but we had plans. I mean, we made them first.

Liberty: Parker, come on. Talking about maybe going to prom together months ago doesn't count. Besides, dude, you were so mad at me, I didn't think you'd even talk to me, let alone go renting tuxedos and buying flowers.

Parker: That's what this is all about? Look, Liberty, I'm sorry I stopped talking to you. And I forgive you for ratting me out to my parents about school.

Liberty: Okay.

Parker: Can't we just forget all that bad stuff that happened and have some fun?

Liberty: Parker, we haven't had fun together in a really long time.

Parker: I know, but we could.

Liberty: I'm sorry. I'm not going to the prom with you, Parker. That's final.

Jack: I'm kind of busy right now, Craig.

Craig: Well, I, for one, have put in a good day's work.

Jack: Meaning?

Craig: Meaning, I believe our problems are over. I really believe that my plan for Carly might actually work.

Carly: Hey, Honey.

Parker: Hey. What are you doing?

Carly: Craig had a really interesting idea.

Parker: Hmm. Bet he did.

Carly: It's for a new designer water. Flavor, vitamins, all that. We were even thinking that maybe you'd like to be the spokesperson.

Parker: No way.

Carly: Well, no, it might be something productive for you to do now that you're not in school, and you'll get paid, of course. And it might even be fun, huh?

Parker: Fun? Really? Fun, Mom? For who? You? I mean, what's the plan? While I go out and I play spokesperson, you stay back here and have fun passing out on the couch?

Carly: I told you I'm not drinking.

Parker: Yeah, right.

Carly: I'm trying really hard. I could use a little support.

Parker: Well, why don't you ask Craig for that? I mean, even though you kick him out, he still seems top be in charge around here.

Carly: We are just business partners.

Parker: Right. Exactly. That's how it started in the first place. But, I mean, what's next? He moves back in here, starts running our lives again?

Carly: That is enough!

Parker: Or what? You'll get rid of me, fire me, find a new person to be spokesperson for your so-called product? Mom, this designer water is a crock, and everyone knows it! It is just food coloring and sugar, and it doesn't even taste that good.

Carly: Well, then don't drink it! And don't be the spokesperson! Forget I mentioned it!

Parker: Fine, you and Craig do whatever you want. But just stay out of my life, okay?

Carly: Parker! I thought it sounded like a good idea, and I thought it might be fun for you.

Parker: Yeah, well, I already got a job at the diner. Hey, it may not pay that much, but I know it'll be there tomorrow. I wish I could say the same for you.

Henry: Liebchen. Listen, I know we haven't seen eye-to-eye on a lot of things lately, but I want you to know that I spoke to Brad.

Vienna: You did?

Henry: Yeah.

Vienna: Well, what did he say?

Henry: I'm dropping the lawsuit. Now, I'm still angry. Don't get me wrong on that. It's just I know I need to move on, and I know you need to move on.

Vienna: That's wonderful.

Henry: Yeah. How was the hospital? You okay? You look a little upset.

Vienna: No, I'm fine.

Henry: What did the doctor say?

Vienna: Everything's fine. There's no reason we can't try again.

Henry: Yeah. Just understand that the only way I'm gonna get through this in one piece is if I'm living baby-free at least for a little while.

Vienna: Okay. Okay. I'll try.

[Keys jingling]

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Brad: Hey there.

Katie: Hey, how was lunch?

Brad: You know how people say that fish is brain food? You know, that's a bunch of crock. I'm telling you, its eggs, Baby. That omelet gave me the power to get Henry to see sense for the first time in ages.

Katie: What happened?

Brad: In a minute. How are you feeling?

Katie: Why? Don't I look okay?

Brad: Yeah, you look -- yeah. You look fantastic. Your eyes are shining.

Katie: Mmm! It must be that nap I took.

Brad: So you're feeling better?

Katie: Yeah, I think I'm gonna be just fine.

Parker: Mom! Just letting you know I got another shift today. Mom? She's gone again. What else is new? [Sighs]

Jack: Talking about the colored waters in those fancy plastic bottles?

Craig: Special water, Jack, with vitamins, nutrients. See, Carly would help me come up with a concept, and then she'd design the label. And Parker -- Parker would be kind of a spokesman.

Jack: You're getting Parker involved?

Craig: Why not? He'd be part of a business from the ground up. He'd learn a lot more from that than he will bussing tables at Al's.

Jack: I got to admit, it sounds like a pretty great idea.

Craig: Did you just say I had a great idea?

Jack: You tell anybody, and I will kill you.

Craig: Don't worry. No one would believe it. A bit of a change of pace, being on the same side for once.

Jack: You want to hug it out? [Chuckles]

Carly: Ginger ale, please.

Bartender: Sure.

Carly: Wait. Make that a vodka.

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