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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 5/19/09

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[Door opens]

Henry: [Chuckles] Some prenatal exercises, I presume?

Vienna: [Laughs] Every day. It's good for the baby and it's good for me. What'd you get me?

Henry: Whoa! It's something for later.

Vienna: Oh.

Henry: I, uh, I ran into somebody today.

Vienna: Oh, someone I like?

Henry: Someone that we would like to love us again.

Vienna: [Gasps] Brad and Katie?

Henry: Just Brad, just Brad.

Vienna: And did they work something out with the adoption lawyer you've recommended?

Henry: They're meeting the birth mother today.

Vienna: Oh, my God!

Henry: [Laughs]

Vienna: Oh, that's wonderful! Just what we hoped for.

Henry: I knew you'd be excited.

Vienna: Oh, my God, we got to celebrate. We got to get them a present.

Henry: What? Oh, yeah.

Vienna: Oh, no, wait. I already got a present.

Henry: [Laughs]

Vienna: Oh, I got this. I got this a little earlier, and I was really sad that Katie couldn't use it. But now -- now she will. "Mom." "Baby."

Henry: That's cute. That's really cute.

Vienna: Isn't it cute?


Henry: We shouldn't get -- we shouldn't get too excited here, though, because adoptions are a very complicated process, and there's still some things that can go wrong.

Vienna: No, no, no, no, no! Not this time! And now that we've gotten them this lawyer, maybe they can forgive us, and then their baby and our baby can be friends, and what's better than that?

Henry: Let's just hope the birth mother approves.

Vienna: Yeah, but who wouldn't want Katie and Brad to raise their child?

Henry: Well, we didnít.

Brad: I got the tea.

Katie: Decaffeinated?

Brad: As ordered. Whoa. Who are you?

Katie: I am a responsible, conservative birth parent. What do you think?

Brad: Is there such a thing as too conservative?

Katie: I knew I should have worn the other outfit. I'll be right back.

Brad: All right, but make it fast, 'cause Mr. Quick and the birth mother will be here any minute.

Katie: Are you sure you're okay with this?

Brad: With you changing? Yeah, definitely. Can I watch?

Katie: No, I mean with how fast this is all happening, you know, with the surrogate. The baby was still gonna be half-biologically yours, and now this baby is not gonna be ours at all, genetically.

Brad: I'm already happy that you're smiling again.

Katie: Okay, good. So, I'll hurry and change.

Vienna: Yeah, well, the only reason why we didn't want to give the baby to Brad and Katie is because it turned out to be our baby. But this mother is in a --in a totally different situation, I'm sure.

Henry: Yeah, and giving up the baby would allow her to finish her education.

Vienna: Yes, and maybe have a family of her own one day.

Henry: Yes, and give her child to a very wonderful home.

Vienna: And what home wouldn't be better than Katie and Brad's?

Henry: None. I love it when you get all fired up.

Vienna: God, I'm so happy about this because I've been feeling so guilty for being happy when Katie's been so miserable.

Henry: Now we can be happy without the guilt.

Vienna: Oh. And speaking of happy, what'd you -- what? A video camera?

Henry: I, uh, I thought we could make some home movies.

Vienna: Oh. You naughty, naughty boy.


Damian: Almost done?

Meg: Yeah. Just one file left. When are we getting some more?

Damian: Luke is reviewing a couple of hundred more, and they think he'll pass them on -- whoa. Thanks a lot. To us in the morning, I believe.

Meg: So many sick kids.

Damian: Who'll have the time of their lives on a cruise this summer.

Meg: Thanks to you and --

Damian: What is it?

Meg: This little girl. Her smile reminds me of Eliza. I'm sorry.

Damian: You don't have to apologize for missing your daughter. But is it more than that?

Meg: What do you mean?

Damian: Look, I don't mean to upset you, but I've been hearing some, uh, disturbing things about Paul Ryan. Now, I don't understand why any judge would have let him have custody of your daughter.

Meg: Because Paul lied. He convinced the social worker that I was a negligent mother. And the one person that could back me up, well, she conveniently disappeared.

Damian: Because Paul wanted her to disappear?

Meg: It certainly seems that way. I'm afraid I'm no match for his devious mind.

Damian: Well, then you'll need the help of someone who is.

Paul: This is kind of fun, don't you think, hanging out with Dad? Yeah. We don't miss Mom, do we? Not at all. Not at all. What is she doing here?

Meg: Are you volunteering to be devious on my behalf?

Damian: [Chuckles] Moi devious? No. Maybe once upon a time.

Meg: Oh, but no more?

Damian: I'm just a simple businessman. What you see is what you get.

Meg: [Laughs] That's not what I hear.

Damian: Ah, you've been talking to your brother. He's not my biggest fan, you know?

Dusty: Meg, what are you doing here?

Meg: I'm working with Damian.

Dusty: I heard good things about the foundation.

Damian: Well, Meg is one of our best acquisitions.

Meg: I've volunteered to go on a cruise that Damian and Luke are organizing for sick kids.

Dusty: That's good to hear. I've been worried about you.

Damian: You know what? I should get going. You call me if you have any more questions.

Meg: I will. Thank you.

Dusty: You all right? I haven't seen you since --

Meg: Yeah, since you told Paul about my plan to get Eliza back.

Dusty: That's right.

Meg: I'm fine. Look, you were right. I was on a path that would have led to disaster, so I moved out. I decided to fight Paul for custody.

Dusty: It's the right thing to do.

Meg: I know. I'm just scared to death.

Paul: Hey, Eliza, look who it is. Do you remember your old babysitter, Sally? You remember her, right? She's the girl that I paid to get out of town.

Sally: You never said I had to leave forever.

Paul: My wife is suing me for custody. Did you know that? I can't afford to have her see you here in town. Come with me. Come on.

[Damian sees this and watches Paul]

Dusty: You left the baby with Paul?

Meg: I had to. I couldn't stay there anymore. And if I'd taken her, I would have lost her forever.

Dusty: What did Paul do?

Meg: Nothing.

Dusty: Well, he had to have done something to make you leave your house without your baby.

Meg: I just finally had enough.

Dusty: What'd he do?

Meg: You know why I didn't contact you? Because of this, what you're doing right now -- taking over, trying to run my life.

Dusty: I'm trying to help you.

Meg: Paul has custody, and that's because you appointed yourself my protector when you should've just stayed out of it.

Dusty: So what happened, Meg?

Meg: He wanted me to be his wife in every way, and I couldn't do that. So I left. I left her, Dusty. I just left her there. I left her.

Dusty: It's okay. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

Meg: Look, all I know is that I need to get Eliza back legally so he can never take her again.

Dusty: You have to find that babysitter that Paul used to set you up.

Meg: She's long gone. But I have an attorney on the case. And I know I won't get Eliza back today, but I will get her back. But in the meantime, I need you to promise me that you won't go after Paul.

Dusty: I promise.

Meg: Okay, why -- why did that feel too easy?

Dusty: I wonít. I promise. I found the error in my ways. I'm more gentle now.

Meg: [Laughs] Since when?

Dusty: Since Craig worked out a deal for me to see my son.

Meg: Oh, Dusty! Oh, I'm so happy for you.

Dusty: Thank you.

Meg: Oh!

Dusty: We realized it wasn't right to make Johnny choose between us.

Meg: Good. Good. Um, so, uh, how'd it happen? Did, uh, Lucy arrange all that?

Dusty: No, Lucy left town, and I doubt she'll be back anytime soon.

Meg: Oh. That's too bad.

Dusty: Well, it was her choice. So, you want to get out of here?

Meg: What'd you have in mind?

Dusty: Distraction.

Meg: [Laughs]

Henry: Let me see here. Hello! This pregnant lady is your mother. Isn't she gorgeous? You can thank her --


Henry: You can thank her for the gene pool later. And this is you. Your first major premiere. Give a wave for daddy.

Vienna: I think our baby is a little shy.

Henry: What?! Are you kidding me? Not a chance.

Vienna: No, I do think it's shy. Okay, my turn.

Henry: What?

Vienna: My turn.

Henry: All right.

Vienna: Okay. Okay, so, this is your daddy. Say something.

Henry: About what?

Vienna: Something about yourself.

Henry: Uh -- okay, kid, as you can tell, I have great taste in women.

Vienna: Ha!


Vienna: No, make it personal.

Henry: Okay. Um -- uh, okay, personally, your daddy has been acting pretty stupid for a while now.

Vienna: Okay, okay, delete. Where's the delete button?

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. I want you to keep it rolling here because this is true. I've been -- I've been behaving pretty stupidly because I thought I don't want to be a father. And I was more than stupid. I was a coward, too.

Vienna: Okay, cut! Cut, cut! I'm not gonna let you talk yourself down. You're gonna give the baby a complex.

Henry: Hey, if you don't like what I say, you can erase it later. It's no big deal. I just -- I've been sort of building up to this. I just, uh, I want it to be said.

Vienna: Okay, I just want you to know that no matter what your father says, he's a wonderful man, okay? Go ahead.

Henry: Thank you. See, your mom --she believed in me. She thought that I could be a good dad, even when I was afraid that I couldn't be. But I will make you a promise, little Berta or Inga or Torval or Sven -- I will mess up -- guaranteed.

Vienna: [Laughs]

Henry: I will.

Vienna: You're not saying a lot of nice things.

Henry: I'm going for honest here.

Vienna: Okay.

Henry: The most honest thing that I can tell you, little buddy or buddina, is that from the moment I found out that you were mine, something started to change, and a life without you -- whoever you are -- I thought I knew what love was. But I didn't know how to love with my whole heart until you and your mom taught me how. It's so much more than I could have imagined.

Katie: What do you think?

Brad: Wow.

Katie: Are you sure? 'Cause we have other options. We could do this. Or this.

Brad: No, I like what you have on.

Katie: Really? Because I think this says a little bit more mother.

Brad: No, what you have on says sexy mama, and that's a-okay for me.

Katie: Too sexy?

Brad: No, it's perfect. It's perfect. Mr. Quick, on the other hand, is slow.

Katie: Just be patient. The mother is a teenager, so you know how they are. She's probably making him wait or something.

Brad: Where's that business card?

Katie: Uh, right there in the bowl. If you're gonna call him, be nice.

Brad: I'll be nice, as soon as I find out where the hell he is.

Vienna: You were wonderful in the movie today.

Henry: Maybe we can, uh -- maybe we can make another kind of movie.

Vienna: Mm.

Henry: About mommy's and daddy's private moments.

Vienna: [Laughs] Ooh, what time were Katie and Brad going meeting with the lawyer today?

Henry: Um, about half an hour ago.

Vienna: Ooh, ooh, they must be done by now. I want to go see Katie.

Henry: What? No, no, no. Maybe they're still getting to know each other. You don't want to interfere with that.

Vienna: No. Right, right, right, right. You're right. I'll show up at her work, and that way, I can late-breaking news.

Henry: Uh, but, you know, they still don't really like us right now. Maybe you could put it off, like, till tomorrow.

Vienna: No! I miss seeing Katie's smile. She'll never be happier than she is today. Ooh, and I can bring the t-shirts. She'll love them. But I got to wrap them.

Henry: [Laughs] You really are excited about this, aren't you?

Vienna: Yes. Aren't you? I mean, Katie and Brad -- they're having a baby. And this way, they're gonna forgive us and they won't be mad at us anymore and we can have our friends back.

Henry: Okay. All right, I'll wrap the tees. You go change.

Vienna: Thank you, Henry.

Henry: Oh, yes. I'll get something for Brad, too. It'll be nice to have our best friends back.

Katie: So, what did Mr. Quick say?

Brad: The number's no longer in service.

Katie: It was working yesterday, right?

Brad: Yeah, it's how I confirmed the appointment.

Katie: Well, maybe you dialed the wrong number. Try it again.

Brad: No. I tried again. I tried three times. Something's wrong.

Katie: Maybe they're working on the phone lines. I'll call Tom.

Brad: Why?

Katie: Because he's a lawyer, too. Maybe he knows him.

Dusty: I'm Dusty. Nice to meet you. I'll break.

Meg: [Laughs] Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hey, hey. If you're being nice to me, shouldn't I break? That way, I could get the first ball in right away.

Dusty: I'll break. Well, now it's your turn.

Meg: Okay, what are we playing? So I know what balls to aim for.

Dusty: Classic. Just go with the flow.

Meg: Okay.

Dusty: You remember when you first came back to town when you were working for Lucinda?

Meg: Uh-huh. Well, that's a tough shot.

Dusty: Remember that night we came here and we played pool?

Meg: Yeah. What about it?

Dusty: I remember you stretched across the table, and I asked myself --

Meg: What?

Dusty: "How can anyone with a killer body like yours --

[Balls rattle]

Meg: Ooh.

Dusty: Be such a lousy pool player?

Meg: Hey!

Dusty: [Laughs]

Meg: You're supposed to be nice to me.

Dusty: All right, I'll be nice -- if that's what you want.

Meg: No, we -- we can't do this.

Paul: Why are you here? I paid you a lot of money to disappear. Why couldn't you just stay gone?

Sally: I-I missed my mom.

Paul: You did? The money I gave you, you could have flown your whole family to South America. And you show up now at the worst of all possible moments. Why? Say something! You know, my custody of Eliza is based solely on the fact that you were not at the farm that night. And now what? You just show up. You fly here what -- for a quick visit?

Sally: I'm running out of money.

Paul: Oh. Okay, of course you are. I get it.

[Door closes]

Paul: Go find someplace to hide, and you don't come out until I tell you to.

Damian: Paul Ryan, it's good to see you again.

Paul: Yeah, it's great to see you. Look, I'm kind of in the middle of something. I --

Damian: Is this your baby?

Paul: Yeah, that's my daughter. That's -- that's --

Damian: I didn't realize you'd become a father. Congratulations.

Paul: Thanks you very much. Like I was said, look, I'm kind of, uh --

Damian: You're busy.

Paul: Yeah.

Damian: Yeah, I understand, but this won't take a moment.

Paul: It would be my great pleasure to help you out tomorrow. Why don't you come on back? We can talk about things --

Damian: Actually, time is of the essence here, Paul, because, uh, you may recall that I rented, briefly, this house a couple of years back.

Paul: Yeah, right.

Damian: Well, much to my dismay, I left a small but valuable piece of furniture -- a small shelf -- up in the attic.

Paul: Yeah. I don't understand --

Damian: I would never have left it behind -- family heirloom and all that -- but I took my leave rather quickly, and, uh, I was anxious to ship such a delicate piece back to Malta.

Paul: And you think your shelf is still here?

Damian: And I'd like to retrieve it. Yeah. It'll only take me a few minutes. I know exactly where I put it.

Paul: Well, you know, come back tomorrow. You can take as much time as you like.

Damian: There's some urgency, because I've found a buyer for the piece.

Paul: Surely one day isn't gonna make a difference.

Damian: Unfortunately, the buyer leaves tonight for Latvia, and, uh -- I'm a bit embarrassed saying this, but I'm strapped for cash.

Paul: Damian, look, I don't have the time to help you with this right now.

Damian: No, no, no -- you just go right along with what you're doing. Don't mind me. I'll go right upstairs, find the piece, be right downstairs. I'll be out of your face before you know it.

Paul: That would be great. I --

Damian: Don't worry.

Paul: Well -- make yourself at home. Let's just bottom-line this, okay? I'm gonna give you $20,000. That's a lot more than you're ever gonna make babysitting.

Meg: How could I have done that?

Dusty: Done what? Shot a lousy game of pool. You drank half a beer.

Meg: I almost kissed you.

Dusty: So what? Who's making anything of it?

Meg: Paul could make something of it. You know, he's probably watching me right now. I've got to get out of here.

Dusty: Nobody's watching you right now.

Meg: You don't know that.

Dusty: I do.

Meg: You can't be sure.

Dusty: I am.

Meg: Paul hates you more than he hates the idea of me being with you. Aren't you the one that always warns me how obsessive he is?

Dusty: He's not gonna track you down. He knows what you expect.

Meg: Oh, okay. Then if you're so smart, what should I expect?

Dusty: Well, nothing at first. He's gonna make you stew for a couple of days.

Meg: And then?

Dusty: Then he's gonna use your daughter.

Meg: How?

Dusty: He'll make you miss her so much, you'll do anything to be with her again.

Meg: I couldn't stand that.

Dusty: You want to go to my place, I'll make sure we're not followed.

Meg: I would love to go to your place and I would love to let you make me feel good, to give me one moment where I don't hurt.

Dusty: You can have that.

Meg: And if one picture of us together shows up in court, if one moment costs me my daughter forever, I would never forgive you -- or me.

Dusty: All right. Then let's move on to plan "B."

Meg: Which is?

Dusty: When you're ready, I'm here.

Henry: Hey, Mr. Quick! Hey! I'm glad I ran into you. How did it go? With the couple -- Katie and Brad Snyder. You met with them today, along with the pregnant woman, remember?

Mr. Quick: Oh, yes. Lovely people.

Henry: So -- so it's a done deal. I can go ahead and give this case of cigars to Brad.

Mr. Quick: It went great. Big success.

Henry: They're all set up for adoption, then?

Mr. Quick: Absolutely. But I'm on the run. I'm going out of town on business.

Henry: Okay, okay, yeah. Have a nice trip. And thanks. Thank you for helping my friends.

Brad: What is it? What did Tom say?

Katie: He checked with the bar association and then called the Illinois court's disciplinary commission.

Brad: Why would he do that?

Katie: Because Mr. Quick was brought up on charges of questionable business practices and was disbarred.

Brad: Maybe he was re-barred since then or tom looked up the wrong guy.

Katie: No, Mr. Quick is a fraud. There's no baby. There never was a baby. We've been lied to again.

Brad: No, no, no. No way. No way.

Katie: Yes, Tom checked it all out.

Brad: Then I will check again.

Katie: No! Mr. Quick is not a real adoption attorney. There's no pregnant girl.

Brad: There's got to be another explanation.

Katie: No, what explanation could there possibly be?

Brad: I don't know, okay? Maybe he got the wrong day. Maybe he got into an accident. Something.

Katie: There's no wrong date. He didn't get into an accident. Don't -- don't touch me right now. No! Stop it! If you touch me, I'm gonna lose it. I am -- oh, my God.

Brad: Katie, Katie, what do you want me to do? You tell me what it is, and I will do it. Just tell me what you need me to do.

Katie: I need -- I need --

Brad: Anything. Anything, I will do it -- anything.

Katie: I'm gonna go to work.

Brad: Now?! I mean, now, when you're this upset? Come on.

Katie: I just need to go to work. I need to not think about any of this.

Brad: Okay, okay. I'll go with you.

Katie: No! I don't want you to go with me. I'm just gonna go to work and I'm gonna think about work and not about any of this. Just leave me alone.

Brad: Listen to me. This isn't it for us, okay? We can still adopt.

Katie: No, I don't want to think about that! Leave me alone!

Brad: Hey, Katie! Hi, Mr. Malcolm? Yeah, it's Brad Snyder. Yeah, thank you. I'm fine, I'm fine. Look, I need to put a stop payment on a check. Yeah, the one for $10,000. Cashed? When?

Henry: I hear that congratulations are in order.

Brad: What the hell are you doing here?

Henry: I just ran into Mr. Quick, on his way out of town. Brad!

Brad: What's the matter with you?! Are you trying to ruin my life or what?! What's wrong with you?!

Vienna: Oh, Katie, surprise. I brought you a present.

Katie: Why?

Vienna: How did the meeting go with the lawyer that Henry found?

Katie: He was a fake.

Vienna: What do you mean?

Katie: Just what I said. Now let me go to work.

Vienna: No, wait, Katie. Tell me what happened.

Katie: I just did. You need to leave me alone right now.

Vienna: Oh, my God, I'm so --

Katie: Don't touch me! Don't come anywhere near me. I don't want to have to look at your happy face or your pregnant belly. I certainly don't want a present from you.

Vienna: I'm so sorry. I just -- I thought the lawyer was the answer to all your prayers. That's what I wanted. I want you to be happy. Both me and Henry want you to be happy. Why can't you believe me?

Katie: Because you stole from me.

Vienna: What?

Katie: You stole the one thing that I wanted. You made me believe that Brad and I were gonna be a family.

Vienna: No, I just wanted to help you.

Katie: Yeah, and then you made me fall in love with that baby and then you took it away from me.

Vienna: No. If there is anything --

Katie: And if to make it worse, to make matters worse, you and Henry hook us up with that lawyer. And once again, there we are hoping, believing, falling in love with a baby that never even existed because of you!

Vienna: No! We just wanted to help you. We wanted to make you happy.

Katie: Stop it! Just -- Vienna, leave! I don't want to look at you and I don't want to think about your damn baby.

Vienna: No, Katie, wait! Aah! Oh!

Henry: Brad, Brad, what the hell's the matter with you, man? Hey, hey!

Brad: Your friend, the lawyer.

Henry: Yeah, what about him?

Brad: Well, you happened to refer us to a lawyer that you met over drinks.

Henry: No, it wasn't like that.

Brad: While you were pounding them back, did he happen mention that he had been disbarred?

Henry: That's impossible.

Brad: You know, he never showed up, man. He didn't show up -- he and his pregnant client. He lied about everything.

Henry: Brad, I am -- I had no idea.

Brad: You should have known this, man! You should have known this. You should have checked him up and down and sideways before you even let him anywhere near Katie, man. How could you do this to her?

Henry: Where is she?

Brad: You know, you said you just saw Mr. Quick. I want to know where he is, because I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill him. Where is he?

Henry: Last time I saw him, he said he was going out of town, all right?

Brad: Oh, isn't that -- yeah, that's fantastic. He's probably halfway to Aruba spending my 10 grand.

Henry: You gave him -- Brad. Brad, Brad, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Look, Vienna and I -- we just wanted to help. We thought this would be a small way of making up for what happened to the baby.

Brad: Just do me a favor, okay? Just do me a favor. You know how you can help me? I don't try to help us anymore, all right? 'Cause every time you do, Katie's heart ends up in pieces.

Henry: Brad, believe me -- this is the last thing that -- this is -- there has got to be some kind of way we can make this right.

Brad: Go. Leave now. Go!

Henry: Brad.

Katie: Vienna, are you all right?

Vienna: I don't know. I'm not sure.

Katie: Don't move, okay?

Cameraman: I saw her trip on the lights. She went down really, really hard. Is she okay?

Katie: I don't know, I don't know. It's okay. Take it easy. Catch your breath.

Vienna: Deep, deep, cleansing breath.

Katie: That's right, that's right. Okay, we're gonna get you calmed down and then we'll get you to the hospital to make sure everything's okay with you and the baby.

Vienna: Deep breath.

Katie: Is that better?

Vienna: Better, better.

Katie: Take another one.

Vienna: Okay.


Katie: What? What's wrong? Are you in pain?

Vienna: Something happened. Something happened, Katie.

Katie: Call an ambulance!

Vienna: Something happened.

Katie: It's okay. It's okay. Everything is gonna be all right. Everything is gonna be fine, okay? I'm gonna take care of you.

Vienna: Okay, okay.

Katie: It's all right.

Paul: Fine -- $50,000. On the condition -- you get out of town. You don't ever come back. Why don't you go to Al's now. Wait for me there. I'll bring you the money in about 20 minutes. Get out of here. Hi, this is Paul Ryan calling. I need to withdraw a large sum of money. You need to make it available to me immediately.

Dusty: Sooner or later, I'll make a decent pool player out of you.

Meg: [Laughs] That'll be a miracle.

[Cell phone rings]

Meg: Hello?

Paul: Yes, I understand that it's a lot of money. That's why I'm calling you -- so that you can expedite the process.

Damian: I'm at Paulís.

Meg: Damian, what are you doing there?

Damian: I just heard him agree to pay a babysitter named Sally $50,000 to leave town.

Meg: Sally? Are you sure?

Damian: I thought you might be interested in hearing that.

Meg: Yeah. She's the witness who can prove that Paul is lying.

Dusty: Where's Paul now?

Meg: Damian?

Damian: At home. But he's gonna meet the lady at Alís diner in 20 minutes to pay her off.

Dusty: We can't let her leave town. Can you stall him?

Damian: Of course. Good luck.

Dusty: Let's go.

Paul: Okay, baby girl. You ready to run a little errand with Daddy?

Damian: Hi, I'm glad I caught you before you left, Paul.

Paul: Damian, I'd -- I'd forgotten you were here. Did you your, uh --

Damian: The …tagŤre? No. Sadly, it is gone, and with it, my financial opportunity.

Paul: Shame. You know, if I'd known earlier --

Damian: It has been a couple of years.

Paul: Right. You know, Craig Montgomery lived here for a little while. Why don't you call him? Maybe he can help you out.

Damian: I'll do that. Thanks for your help.

Paul: Yeah. Now, if you don't mind seeing yourself out so I can --

Damian: I wish you could have seen the piece because it was quite exquisite and, uh, unusual.

Paul: Right.

Damian: 18th century. Or was it 17th? It's funny. You can never get them straight, don't you think?

Paul: Yeah, I mean, I have trouble keeping them straight. But then again, I'm not selling an expensive antique piece of furniture.

Damian: That was an excellent deduction, Paul, and quite true.

Paul: Okay, what do you want? What are you -- what are you really up to?

Damian: I'm afraid I must do whatever I can to delay you.

Paul: Delay me? Why?

Damian: Don't ask why. Don't ask why. And please don't take this personally.

[Damian punches Paul. Paul passes out]

Damian: Don't worry, little one. Go ahead and sleep. You'll be with your mother soon. Your father's going to have quite a headache when he wakes up.

Meg: Sally! Hey! I don't believe it's you. Where have you been? I've tried calling you like a hundred times and so has my lawyer.

Sally: Sorry, I don't know who --

Meg: Don't you recognize me -- Meg Snyder? You took care of my little girl at my mother's farm -- until that day. You remember that day, don't you, Sally? The day my ex-husband paid you off so you could disappear, and then set a fire in the house so he could make me look negligent and he could take my daughter away from me. How much money did he pay you, huh? How much money have you made on my misery, huh?

Dusty: Not so fast, Sally.

Sally: Let me go!

Dusty: What's it gonna be? Are you gonna come with me? Or I call the cops. It's your choice.

[Cell phone rings]

Damian: Mission accomplished?

Meg: We found her. She was here at the diner. Thank you so much, Damian.

Damian: Yeah, it was my pleasure. Listen, I'm here with your daughter, but Paul is slightly indisposed. Shall I bring her to you?

Meg: I wish I could say yes, but we need to do this legally.

Damian: As you wish.

Meg: Can you meet us at the police station?

Damian: Of course.

Meg: Thank you again so much.

Paul: You hit me. Why did you hit me?

Damian: It's all over, Paul. I heard you bribing your daughter's babysitter.

Paul: Meg sent you, huh? You were spying on me.

Damian: Relax. She's not gonna answer. She's been apprehended.

Paul: Really?

Damian: You attempted to brand your ex-wife as an unfit mother, when she's clearly anything but. You deserve whatever hell comes to you, pal. You're gonna need this.

Katie: Yes, she fell on one of the lights. And right after it happened, she was in so much pain and she said she said she felt something. Now she's asking for Henry.

Brad: I'll find him. Just take care of Vienna.

Katie: Okay, I will. How are you feeling?

Vienna: Is Henry coming?

Katie: Brad's looking for him, but he'll find him. Are you okay? Do you need another pillow? Are you warm enough?

Vienna: Do you think -- do you think God is punishing me for lying about the baby?

Katie: Oh, no, Vienna. Don't talk like that, okay? You just rest, and we'll wait to see what the doctors figure out.

Vienna: The nurse was here. She took my blood pressure and my temperature. She wouldn't say anything about the baby. Do you think -- do you think the baby's okay?

Katie: I don't know.

Vienna: What's happening? What did -- what did the nurse tell you about the baby?

Katie: First thing, you need to stop worrying. It's not gonna help anything.

Vienna: I can't do that. What's the second thing?

Katie: They're gonna do a sonogram to try and find out what's going on. Okay? Oh, I'll be right back. Where's Henry?

Brad: I've been calling his cell. He's not answering. How's Vienna?

Katie: Well, she needs to stay calm, which is hard enough, but now without Henry --

Brad: I know. I'll keep calling him. I left messages for him at Metro and Alís for him to head straight to the hospital if anybody hears from him.

Katie: Okay, that's good.

Brad: How are you doing?

Katie: I'm just worried.

Vienna: I saw Brad. Is Henry here?

Katie: Not yet, but he will be.

Vienna: Now that Brad is here, you're not gonna go home, you're not gonna leave me, are you?

Katie: No, no, no. Not a chance.

Vienna: I'm so scared, Katie.

Katie: I know. I know, Sweetheart. Just try not to be, okay?

[Cell phone rings]

Guy 1: Maybe you should lighten up on the booze, Henry.

Guy 2: Hey, shut up. You don't want to boost his luck.

Henry: Yeah, not much chance of that.

Guy 3: It's been a while.

Henry: Yeah, it has been. What's it up to now?

Guy 3: $10,000 or so. I thought you'd reformed.

Henry: I did.

Guy 1: Then why are you here?

Henry: Because I've got a debt -- a $10,000 debt.

Guy 2: You won't be paying that tonight.


Henry: Don't count me out just yet.

Damian: What's going on?

Meg: How can I ever thank you enough?

Damian: It was my pleasure. Where's the babysitter?

Meg: Being questioned. And I just gave my statement. And Dusty is finishing up with his. You should have seen Sally's face when we told her that she and Paul had an audience for their negotiations.

Damian: Well, he offered her $50,000 to leave town.

Dusty: You overheard this?

Damian: Every word, yes.

Dusty: Mr. Grimaldi -- he can testify about the bribe.

Cop: Are you ready to give your statement, Sir?

Damian: Of course.

Dusty: Thanks, Damian. That girl would have disappeared if it wasn't for you.

Damian: You kidding? It was my pleasure. I just couldn't stand seeing you so sad.

Meg: I'll never forget this.

Damian: Shall we?

Dusty: Let's go get your baby.

Paul: Okay, baby girl, one last look around. Say good-bye. This time, we're not coming back.

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Damian: It looks like Paul went through it in a hurry. What does he keep in here that he might need?

Meg: His passport.

Paul: Need a charter one of your planes one way. Do you think you can make that happen?

Bonnie: If you go hunting down Paul yourself, you are only gonna make this worse for Eliza and for Meg. So back off.

Henry: Hey, what are you doing here?

Vienna: The baby's gone.

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