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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 5/18/09

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Casey: Good. You got my message.

Alison: Uh, yes. "Yo's is a no -- more space at my place." That's pure poetry, Baby.

Casey: Come on. You liked that. I worked hard on that, and you're impressed.

Alison: Oh, yes. You've swept me right off my feet -- except I thought you were gonna take me to lunch.

Casey: Have a little faith, Lady. Food will be served.

Alison: Okay, for the record, handing me one of your protein bars and saying, "Here you go," will not count.

Casey: Yes, duly noted.

Alison: And what about our plans to do something after lunch?

Casey: I -- I thought we could do it here.

Alison: Really?

Casey: I didn't mean it that way. For once, seriously. But, uh, there is a chance we could get a little dirty.

Alison: Well, there always is that with you.

Casey: I got a surprise for you.

Alison: Really?

Casey: Mm-hmm.

Alison: Where?

Casey: It's in my pocket.

Alison: Oh, I'm so out of here.

Casey: No, come on, come on, come on. Just -- it's in my back pocket. I won't bite. Yes!

Alison: A paintbrush?

Casey: Yes, I thought it would be fun if we kicked back and paint the planters outside. What do you say?

Alison: Those planters out there?

Casey: Yep.

Alison: Yeah?

Casey: Yeah.

Alison: I'm so out of here.

Casey: But --

Craig: That was -- that was quite a feat. You slapped me and managed not to spill a drop.

Carly: Well, I hope you're not expecting an apology, Craig. Because you are, without a doubt, the world's most aggravating man.

Craig: I'm surprised you can feel aggravation at all, what, with all the vodka you just sucked down.

Carly: Excuse me. I am not drunk. Get out of my way!

Craig: Carly, would you look at yourself? You can barely stand up!

Carly: You tripped me! And you're even gonna deny it, are you?!

Craig: What would be the point?

Carly: You want to make me look bad -- so that I'll feel less than. Well, who needs you?

Craig: You're right. Who needs me when you still have half a bottle of vodka left?

Carly: Jealous?

Craig: Give me that.

Carly: When did you suddenly turn into Jack -- standing there, judging me? You think I don't know what that look means? I was married to that look.

Craig: I'm trying to help you, Carly.

Carly: Go to hell. I don't want your help.

Jack: Okay, I got to head back to the station.

Janet: Are you still picking Parker up after school?

Jack: That is the plan.

Janet: See? There was a silver lining to Craig getting rid of Parker's car after all.

Jack: Don't start.

Janet: I'm not!

Jack: Hey, listen. I'm all for spending time with Parker. I just wish it were under different circumstances.

Janet: I know, baby.

Jack: And I want him to see that it's never too late to get his life back on track.

Janet: He's lucky to have you.

Jack: I'm the lucky one.

Janet: Don't you forget it.

Jack: Impossible.

Janet: Mmm.

Jack: Parker? Hey. Whoa. What -- what are you doing? School's not out yet.

Parker: It is for me.

Jack: You care to explain that?

Parker: It's simple. I quit.

Craig: You've had a rough day. I get that.

Carly: You should. You caused it.

Craig: I understand why you'd want to take the edge off.

Carly: I think I deserve that.

Craig: I think you do, too.

Carly: Then why are you coming down on me, then?

Craig: Because this is becoming a problem.

Carly: You want to know what the problem is, Craig? You. You're the problem. And you've been the problem since you showed up here.

Craig: Okay, you want to lash out at me because Parker quit school or because he's furious with me because I took his car to a chop shop or because all the fighting with Jack has finally pushed you to the edge, go right ahead. Have at it. I'm right here.

Carly: And why is that exactly? Why are you here? Why? Is it to drive me completely insane?

Craig: I'm here because I'm crazy about you. And I'm not just gonna stand by and watch you ruin your life.

Carly: There's the door. Stroll on out.

Craig: At the rate you're going, you're not only gonna destroy yourself -- you're gonna take down every single person who cares about you.

Carly: I don't have a problem. What I have -- what I've had all day is more stress than any normal person should have to contend with. And obviously I didn't handle it very well.

Craig: Well, I'm glad you could see that.

Carly: But let's not start referring to it as a problem.

Craig: Do you really believe it isn't?

Carly: Yes.

Craig: Well, judging from the way I saw you start drinking all that vodka just now --

Carly: I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, okay? I was upset. I was yelling at you. I wasn't thinking.

Craig: Okay, let's just say I believe that.

Carly: I don't know why you wouldnít.

Craig: Let's just say that I didn't just watch you shoot down five shots of vodka.

Carly: All right! Message received, okay? It's my mistake. But come on. You're acting like I couldn't stop.

Craig: Could you?

Carly: What kind of question is that? Of course I can any time I want.

Craig: Well, okay, then.

Carly: Where are you going? Craig? What are you doing?

Craig: You said you could stop. I believe you. You obviously don't need this.

Carly: No, don't -- don't do that.

Craig: What? You just said to me --

Carly: I know what I said! I don't need this.

Craig: Okay. Then pour it out.

Carly: No, I -- what I mean is I don't need you treating me like I'm a child.

Craig: Does it feel like I'm taking away your favorite toy?

Carly: Oh, shut up.

Craig: Is that what it feels like? Like you're being punished?

Carly: I don't need you hovering, okay? Would you just leave?

Craig: No.

Carly: Go!

Craig: No, Carly. I'm not going anywhere.

Jack: You're dropping out of school?

Parker: I don't want to go anymore.

Jack: Well, what are you gonna do now?

Parker: I don't know. I guess I'll figure it out when I have to.

Jack: Well, I think that time is now. You know, it's not so easy out there. With the economy as bad as it is, college graduates are having a tough time finding work, let alone high-school dropouts.

Parker: I don't need to find a job right away. I have my trust fund.

Jack: Which you can't touch until you're 21, Parker. That's a long way off.

Parker: That's five years!

Jack: Five years is a long time. Did you expect us to support you until then?

Parker: That's up to you.

Alison: Hey!

Casey: Come on! It could be fun!

Alison: No! Paintball is fun. Painting your plant whatever --

Casey: Planters, planters.

Alison: Is not!

Casey: Why are you such a hard sell?

Alison: Because you hijacked our date so you could put me to work!

Casey: Just for a few hours.

Alison: And then what?

Casey: And then we could do anything you want. I promise. Cross my heart. Swear.

Alison: Fine. I'll help you.

Casey: Yes!

Alison: Gosh. But to speed this stupid process along and avoid any unnecessary delays, like talking, I will be wearing this.

Casey: And nothing else.

Alison: Go on. Get out of here. Oh, man.

Casey: What?

Alison: This is Emilyís. I must have grabbed hers by mistake when I left.

Casey: Oh, do you want me to grab mine?

Alison: No, no, no, no. I'll just give her a call and see if she's, you know, nearby. We can switch or something.

[Cell phone ringing]

Emily: Hello? Hey, Ali. Yeah, I noticed. I almost blew out my eardrums driving to work this morning. What are you listening to, anyway?

Alison: The Dash.

Casey: The Dash rocks!

Alison: Anyway, I'm at Caseyís. Are you around?

Emily: Well, I'm at the office, but I can messenger it over to you. Consider it done. Bye.

Hunter: You're sending something to Alison?

Emily: And if you say one word about me using the messenger service, I'm gonna make you sit outside.

Hunter: You don't need to use a messenger service.

Emily: Okay, that's, like, eight words. I'm gonna make you leave the building.

Hunter: Oh, that's sarcasm, right? You know, I could bring it to her.

Emily: Hunter -- oh, Hunter. You're an editor now. You don't deliver packages. You deliver deadlines.

Hunter: It would get me out of the office.

Emily: She's at Caseyís.

Hunter: I know the way.

Jack: I'm not kicking you out. I'm not grounding you. As far as I'm concerned, right now you -- you're better off at home.

Parker: Well --

Jack: What?

Parker: Nothing. I just -- I didn't think you'd be so cool with this.

Jack: Oh. I am far from cool with this. In fact, I think that dropping out of school is just about the dumbest decision anyone could ever make. But having said that, I'm not gonna make you do something you don't want to do.

Parker: You're not gonna make me go back.

Jack: If that's what you want, I'm not gonna stop you. But know this. If you do this, you're gonna have to figure things out on your own, Parker.

Parker: I will.

Jack: We'll see. Does your mother know about this?

Parker: Yeah, I told her.

Jack: Yeah, what did she have to say about it?

Parker: I didn't really stick around to find out.

Jack: No, of course not.

Parker: Well, she was just gonna yell at me.

Jack: What did you expect her to do, Parker?

Parker: Okay, you know what? Can I just go now?

Jack: Listen. Parker, listen to me. Listen. I'm still your father. So if you need any help, if that's what you decide that you want -- I'll always be here for you. Okay? That's all I wanted to say.

Parker: Okay.

Alison: Hey, Hunter.

Hunter: Oh. Bringing you -- this!

Alison: Oh, you are my hero. Now I don't have to listen to Casey talk anymore.

Casey: Hey, don't believe her, Hunter. She can't enough of me.

Alison: Oh, the dream is still alive for you, isn't it, Case?

Casey: Ooh.

[Cell phone ringing]

Hunter: Your phone is ringing.

Casey: Yes. Yes, you're right. Excuse me. I'll be right back. Hello?

Hunter: I didn't know you liked to paint.

Alison: I donít. Anyway, thank you for bringing this, and, let me get you Emilyís.

Hunter: Oh, I don't think she's in a hurry to get it back.

Alison: Oh, still, she's probably expecting it, so here you go. So, how are things going at work? You guys getting along better?

Hunter: Well -- I started agreeing with her more like you suggested, and she seems to be responding well.

Alison: Well, that's good, right?

Hunter: Well, and that's when I know she's wrong.

Alison: Hmm. Well, I guess, uh, Case and I should probably get back to painting.

Casey: Uh, listen, I canít.

Alison: Why not?

Casey: I'm sorry. That was Jade on the phone, and I have to --

Alison: No, no, no, no, no. You -- you are not ditching me for her.

Casey: No, never. I would never do that. I'm ditching you for Mr. Liebowitz.

Alison: What?

Casey: I made a promise to Jade the other day, and I --

Alison: You can't be serious!

Casey: You told me to take this job.

Alison: Well, I'm not painting this stupid thing by myself.

Casey: You don't have to. 'Cause we got him here. Here. Have a paintbrush.

Alison: Casey.

Casey: No, it's okay. It's okay. I'll be right back. I promise. See you!

Carly: Why won't you just leave me alone?

Craig: Because I'm your friend, and I wouldn't be much of one if I were to abandon you in the state you're in.

Carly: I am not in a state, Craig! I'm just feeling -- hi. You're back.

Parker: So?

Carly: Uh, Parker, you know, we -- we need to talk about -- about what happened earlier.

Parker: I'm not changing my mind. I'm not going to school.

Carly: You can't just expect me to accept that.

Parker: Why not? Dad did.

Carly: You -- you spoke to your father about this?

Parker: Yeah. And he's cool with it.

Craig: Jack couldn't possibly be cool with you quitting school.

Parker: Why is he here? You know, you should probably tell Sage to lock up her bike in case he decides to steal that next.

Carly: Wait, Parker, what -- what exactly did your father tell you when you told him that you had left school?

Parker: He said that he would support me until I'm 21 and I get control of my trust fund.

Carly: Oh, my God. I can't believe he would do that.

Parker: You don't believe me, you should talk to him yourself.

Carly: I plan to.

Parker: Whatever. You know what? I'm out of here.

Carly: No. Parker, please don't leave again! Parker?

Hunter: You missed a spot.

Alison: Where?

Hunter: There.

Alison: Thank you.

Hunter: Would you like to go out with me?

Alison: What?

Hunter: On a date?

Alison: Uh -- yeah, I know what you're asking, but I -- I canít.

Hunter: Why not?

Alison: Isn't it obvious?

Hunter: Oh, we could finish painting first?

Alison: No, I'm already dating someone. Casey.

Hunter: Oh, you're dating Casey.

Alison: Yeah, I mean, I thought that was pretty clear. I mean, I'm here and painting, and I make fun of him all the time.

Hunter: You never said anything.

Alison: But I didn't think I had to.

Hunter: But you invited me to Yoís and to that barbecue. Remember?

Alison: Yeah, but, Hunter, the barbecue is here at Casey's house.

Hunter: Why did you invite me, then?

Alison: Because I thought you might be interested in Jade.

Hunter: Jade can't stand me. And besides, I'm -- I'm interested in you.

Alison: Hunter, I'm -- I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to give you the wrong impression.

Hunter: No, no. It's -- its okay. Just sometimes I miss things that are right in front of me.

Alison: Hunter, look out! Oh. Are you okay?

Hunter: Oops. Yeah. This just proves my point. I should go.

Alison: No, you don't have to. It's --

Hunter: Yes, I do.

Craig: You can't do this, Carly.

Carly: Not if I can't find my keys.

Craig: You don't want to talk to Jack now, trust me.

Carly: This really is none of your concern, okay?

Craig: Don't you think it would be wise just to let things settle down a little bit first?

Carly: I really want to know what Jack was thinking, telling Parker that he would never have to go back to school, and he criticizes me! I'm the one who's failing the children, right?!

Craig: You don't know that's what Jack said.

Carly: So Parker's a liar, then?

Craig: No. I didn't say that.

Carly: And I suppose if he is, that means that he takes after me. He is a good boy.

Craig: Yes, he is. I know he is.

Carly: And I am not gonna lose him because Jack refuses to put his foot down.

Craig: Well, maybe Jack has finally realized that tough love isn't gonna work with Parker.

Carly: And what is, then? Giving up? I'm not gonna do that. Got 'em.

Craig: No, no. Carly, you're not going.

Carly: Hey, let go!

Craig: No!

Carly: Get your hands off me right -- let go!

Craig: No!

Liberty: Hey, look. It's the mumsie.

Janet: Um, sit down, please.

Liberty: Oh, I just walked through the door.

Janet: This is serious. Just sit down. We need to talk.

Liberty: Okay. What's up? Huh?

Janet: Parker quit school.

Liberty: What?

Janet: Yeah. And there was an incident with his car.

Liberty: What happened to his car?

Janet: Well, to make a long story short, Craig had it stripped, and then he ditched it.

Liberty: What?!

Janet: Yeah. And this morning, uh, Jack took Parker to school, and when Jack left, Parker turned around and cleaned out his locker.

Liberty: Are you kidding?

Janet: Now, Sweetie -- oh, don't get that look on your face. This is not your fault!

Liberty: Yes, this is my fault, Mom, because I told you guys that he was using his car to skip school, and that's what started all this, right? I have got to talk to him.

Janet: No. That would be a "No." No.

Liberty: Mom.

Janet: No, Sweetheart, listen. There is nothing you can do to help him.

Liberty: Mom, I know why he's doing this.

Janet: This isn't about you. Parker has problems.

Liberty: Oh, I know about his problems, Mom. I was married to him.

[Cell phone ringing]

Parker: What do you want?

Liberty: Hey! You picked up. That is a good sign.

Parker: Well, I almost didnít.

Liberty: Are you busy?

Parker: Why?

Liberty: Because I'd like to talk to you.

Parker: About what?

Liberty: How about I just tell you when I see you?

Parker: Well, I just saw you go into Al's diner, and I'm not coming there.

Liberty: Fine. Just say "Yes," and I'll meet you at Java. Please?

Carly: Let go of me!

Craig: Not until you give me your keys.

Carly: No!

Craig: Carly, stop fighting me!

Carly: I despise you.

Craig: Go ahead. It's not gonna change the way I feel about you.

Carly: You can't make me stay here, Craig.

Craig: What are you gonna do, Carly -- slip out the back door? Then what?

Carly: Why can't you just leave me alone?

Craig: I'm not gonna leave you alone when you're like this.

Carly: Like what?! I'm fine!

Craig: You're not fine, Carly. And you think I'm gonna let you get behind the wheel of a car, you're out of your mind.

Carly: You don't know what you're talking about, Craig.

Carly: Give me the keys. Give -- oh! Well, don't just stand there. Help me up.

Craig: No.

Carly: I said, "Help me."

Craig: Is that what you want me to do?

Carly: Yes.

Craig: First, I want you to admit that you've had too much to drink and that you're in no shape to drive.

Carly: I cannot drive anywhere like this. Are you happy?

Craig: And why is that?

Carly: Because I've had too much to drink. And I hate you. God, what is happening to me?

Craig: Well, for starters, you had a rough day.

Carly: What if it's more than that?

Craig: Do you believe it is?

Carly: I don't know.

Craig: Carly, you can beat this. If anyone can pull it together, it's you.

Carly: You think?

Craig: Absolutely. You're the strongest, most determined woman I know.

Carly: I don't feel very strong right now. I feel tired.

Craig: I know you are. Why don't you go upstairs? You'll feel better after you've had some rest.

Carly: Craig? Do you think less of me?

Craig: Not a chance.

[Doorbell rings]

Craig: Jack.

Jack: Is Carly here?

Craig: Uh, she's upstairs.

Jack: Could you send her down for me, please?

Craig: Uh, well, she's resting right now.

Jack: It's important, Craig. We need to talk.

Craig: I understand, but her resting is more important at the moment. I'd be happy to give her a message.

Jack: Never mind. I'll go get her myself.

Craig: No, Jack. You'll stay down here.

Jack: Fine. Fine. Forget it. It's just about our son -- the one whose life happens to be in a freefall at the moment. Now, how could I think that that'd be more important to Carly than her beauty sleep?

Craig: Jack, don't ever come into this house again and accuse Carly of not putting Parker first.

Jack: Excuse me.

Craig: She may be guilty of a lot of things, but that's not one of them.

Jack: Oh, and you would know.

Craig: Yeah, I would. And if what you had to say was so important, you'd spit it out instead of using it -- using this Parker situation to undermine her.

Jack: I'm using Parker? You got one hell of a nerve, pal.

Craig: Do you have a message for Carly or not?

Liberty: So -- I heard what you did.

Parker: So?

Liberty: You really quit school? Why?

Parker: Why not?

Liberty: 'Cause you're trying to make me feel worse than I already feel.

Parker: Right. I'm sure you're just awake at night. You just can't sleep.

Liberty: You know I feel guilty, Parker. I didn't want to be married anymore and you did.

Parker: Say that a little bit louder, please?

Liberty: Parker, I'm sorry that things didn't work out between us. I am. And if I could take it back, I would.

Parker: It's too late.

Liberty: No, it's not. It's not. You don't have to do this, Parker. Don't drop out of school.

Casey: Whoo! Look at the progress.

Alison: Yeah. No thanks to you and Mr. Liebowitz.

Casey: Oh, come on. I did not abandon you. I left you with Hunter.

Alison: Yeah, remind me to thank you for that.

Casey: Where is he? Is he inside?

Alison: No, he's gone.

Casey: What happened?

Alison: After you left, things got insanely awkward.

Casey: Oh, he probably freaked out with all the carcinogens in the paint. Aah!

Alison: No. Actually, he freaked out more because I wouldn't go out with him.

Casey: What?!

Alison: Yeah. Casey -- he asked me out. He thought that the reason that I invited him to stay at Yoís and to come to the barbecue was because that I was interested in him.

Casey: Well -- are you?

Alison: Oh, yeah. Totally. I really want to be Mrs. Hunter. But, honestly. He had no clue that we were together.

Casey: You told him that -- that we were together?

Alison: That's what you're focusing on?

Casey: Hell, yeah! That's the best part! Now that you said it, you can't take it back. Now we're together, we're together, we're to --

Alison: I know. It was awful. I'm telling you. He was so embarrassed, he couldn't get out of here fast enough. He -- backed up and hit the ladder and spilled paint all over himself.

Casey: He did?

Alison: No, it's not funny, Casey. I feel like I should apologize to him.

Casey: Why? You did nothing wrong.

Alison: You know, maybe I could invite him to Alís, you know, for lunch with us.

Casey: Say, what?

Alison: You know, and let him know that there's no hard feelings.

Casey: Yes, because you didn't want to give him the wrong idea.

Alison: No, I mean, it will be different this time if you're with me.

Casey: Um, I've been with you every time, and apparently I'm invisible to him.

Alison: No, no, no. It'll be fine. It'll be different.

Casey: Yes.

Alison: Okay. Are you gonna make me do this?

Casey: Ohh. Bring it, miss sass.

Alison: Yeah? You sure?

Casey: Yeah.

Alison: You want this?

Casey: You're gonna mark your territory?

Alison: You know it.

Emily: Come check it out. I think I finally figured out this sucker. I -- what? Wait! On second thought, stay exactly where you are. What the hell happened to you?

Hunter: I had an accident.

Emily: Obviously.

Hunter: I brought this for you. It's no big deal.

Emily: Thanks. Wait! Back -- get -- get back here. Are you gonna tell me how you ended up looking like this?

Hunter: I saw your sister.

Emily: And what? And she threw a can of paint on you?

Hunter: No. Though I wouldn't blame her if she had.

Emily: Why not? Hunter!

Hunter: If you must know, I asked her out.

Emily: But she's with Casey.

Hunter: I know that now.

Emily: And you didn't before?

Hunter: Do you think I would have asked her on a date if I had.

Emily: I honestly don't know.

Hunter: You know, I just want to go back to work and forget this ever happened.

Emily: No, no, no. No, no, no. Not like this you're not. You're gonna get paint all over my office. You just -- ugh. You know what? Dusty keeps a change of clothes here. You can borrow one of his shirts.

Hunter: Uh, I don't think that would be appropriate.

Emily: You just asked my sister out in her boyfriend's house.

Hunter: In her boyfriend's parents' house.

Emily: You've really jumped the shark on what's appropriate, haven't you? Get the shirt off. I'll get you a clean one.

Hunter: Oh. Oh. There's paint on the buttons.

Emily: Oh, for Peteís sake! Stop! Just -- you know what? You -- how you can [Sighs] Build an entire website in, like, five minutes and not have a clue about how to read people is beyond me. Ugh! It's everywhere. What is the matter with you? Did you bathe in this stuff? It's in your ear.

Hunter: Ow!

Emily: Oh, would you man-up, Hunter?

Emily: No! What are you doing?!

Hunter: I -- I -- I --

Emily: You just kissed me.

Hunter: I -- I know. Did I do it wrong?

Emily: Wrong? There were so many things wrong with that kiss, I don't know where to begin.

Hunter: At the beginning.

Emily: What possessed you?

Hunter: I don't know. It was like I just did it 'cause I felt like it.

Emily: Well, don't feel, okay? Think! Use your head and don't ever do it again.

Hunter: I am so sorry. I --

Emily: Just -- put that on.

Hunter: I didn't mean to offend you. Do you not like to be kissed?

Emily: Do I not like -- uh, not by my coeditor who just graduated from the I.T. department. And certainly not as a substitute for my sister.

Hunter: I never thought of you as a substitute. Honest. It's just when you touched me, you had your hands --

Emily: It wasn't sexual, Hunter. Get a grip.

Hunter: Sorry. It's like you said. You know, sometimes I just pick up on the wrong signals. I wasn't sure what was happening.

Emily: Just stop, okay? Forget it. Just -- let's just not talk about it, okay? Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you going? We got work to do.

Hunter: You want me to stay?

Emily: Are you gonna try to kiss me again?

Hunter: No.

Emily: Well, then stay. That laptop's like your best friend, isn't it?

Hunter: At least it gives me predictable responses.

Emily: You ever thought about shaking it up a bit?

Hunter: Once.

Emily: What happened?

Hunter: Uh, I asked out a girl who already has a boyfriend and then I kissed her sister.

Emily: Mmm, I see.

Hunter: It's just, I'm better off avoiding social situations.

Emily: Okay, look. You struck out a couple of times. It happens. You can't just give up, Hunter.

Hunter: Oh, no. I think it's probably best if I do.

Emily: Okay, you know what? I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. I've been with a younger man before, and it's not really my thing. So don't take my rejection personally. And it's like you said. Alison's got this thing going with Casey.

Hunter: Meaning?

Emily: Meaning maybe you're not completely hopeless.

Hunter: You don't have to say that.

Emily: I know. I know. But you taught me about network interfacing. Maybe I can teach you how to network socially.

Hunter: Oh, you'd just be wasting your time.

Alison: Okay, I helped you paint all day. So now you have to do what I want to do. You crossed your heart.

Casey: Okay, I did! I'll do it. I'll do it for you.

Alison: Okay, thank you. Hey, it's me again. Is Hunter there?

Emily: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you might be calling for me -- you know, on my phone? Hang on. It's for you. It's Ali.

Hunter: She wants to talk to me?

Emily: Will you just take the phone?

Hunter: Hello?

Alison: Hey, Hunter. It's Alison.

Hunter: Yeah, I know. I mean, Emily told me that it was you.

Alison: Listen, Casey and I are going to Alís for lunch. Would you like to join us?

Hunter: You want me to come?

Alison: Yes, I do. Casey and I both do.

Hunter: Great. I'll meet you there. She just invited me to lunch.

Emily: What about Casey?

Hunter: He'll be there, too.

Emily: Oh, God. You're all out of your minds.

Hunter: Do you think I should go?

Emily: You just told her you would.

Hunter: So I probably should.

Emily: Yeah, probably. Hunter? My phone.

Hunter: Oh. Right.

Emily: One more thing. Wait. You know what this means, right?

Hunter: It means she doesn't hate me?

Emily: No, it means Alison wants to be your friend, not your girlfriend.

Hunter: Yeah, I know. Alison's -- my friend -- who happens to be a girl.

Jack: Tell me something, Craig. Why is Carly in bed at this hour?

Craig: She had a rough day.

Jack: We've all had a rough day.

Craig: Well, hers gave her a migraine.

Jack: A migraine?

Craig: Mmm.

Jack: Okay, Craig. Whatever you say.

Craig: You know, Jack, whatever it is you have to say to her, you might as well tell me because I'm gonna find out anyway. Who knows? Maybe there's some way I can help?

Jack: We've all had enough of your help around here. Believe me.

Craig: Well, can't say I didn't offer.

Jack: Do you honestly think I'm gonna stand here and discuss my son's problems with you?

Craig: I don't see why not.

Jack: Because it's none of your business and because you're one of the main reasons he's in this mess.

Craig: I understand why you'd see it that way.

Jack: Big of you.

Craig: I've only wanted what's best for Parker.

Jack: You are absolutely unbelievable. Can you please just tell Carly that I stopped by, and if she wants to talk about her son, then she can call me after she gets rid of her headache?

Craig: Jack.

Jack: What now?

Craig: You know, I do realize the part I played in all of this.

Jack: Do you?

Craig: Yes. I crossed a line. And I'm sorry.

Jack: Well for what it's worth, Craig, your apology -- it's a little too late. The damage has already been done.

Parker: I didn't drop out of school because of you.

Liberty: Really?

Parker: Liberty, not everything I do is about you.

Liberty: Well, it feels kind of personal. Because every day at school, I'm gonna know you're not there.

Parker: Look, I don't know what to tell you.

Liberty: Why are you so angry?

Parker: Are you kidding me? You left me, then you sold me out to my parents, and they turned around and let Craig total my car. Who wouldn't be angry?

Liberty: So you're just doing this to get back at them?

Parker: No, I'm doing it because it's what I want.

Liberty: I don't believe that, Parker! I think you're doing this to make us all feel really bad for you. No, and you know what? It's gonna work. 'Cause it's really, really hard watching you do this.

Parker: You can leave.

Liberty: I thought you were so much smarter than this. The only person that's gonna hurt the most in the end of this is you, and that is really dumb.

Craig: Ohh, you're up.

Carly: I thought I heard voices.

Craig: You did.

Carly: Was it Parker? Is he back?

Craig: No, it was Jack.

Carly: Oh, God. Oh, I'm sure he wanted to talk to me.

Craig: Mm-hmm. I told him that you had a migraine and that you were resting.

Carly: Well, that's not too far from the truth. Thank you for covering for me.

Craig: Carly, I'd do anything for you.

Carly: I'm sorry it had to be this.

Craig: Me, too.

Carly: But you won't have to do it again. Ever. I -- today was -- the circumstances were --

Craig: Carly. If you need help --

Carly: No! No! I'm fine. I -- I can stop.

Craig: So, today was --

Carly: It's a fluke. Really, I should have been more careful. And I wasn't, and -- and from now on, I will be. Because if ever there was a time that I needed to be in control, it's -- it's definitely now.

Craig: Then you wouldn't mind if I got rid of the rest of the alcohol?

Carly: Please.

Janet: Hi.

Jack: Hey. What are you doing here?

Janet: I'm on a break. I wanted to see how things went with Carly.

Jack: They didnít. I never saw her.

Janet: She wasn't home?

Jack: Oh, she was home resting with a migraine.

Janet: Well, how do know that she -- ah. Did Craig have anything to say?

Jack: Not really. He was too busy guarding the fortress.

Janet: So, what'd you guys do -- just stand there and stare at each other?

Jack: No. Actually, Craig apologized for interfering.

Janet: See. That's something.

Jack: Yeah. I'm not sure what exactly.

Janet: You don't think he's sincere.

Jack: I think he's working overtime, trying to cover his own hide.

Janet: Jack --

Jack: I'm -- I'm sorry. It's just that I think the guy's working a little too hard to make sure he's a permanent fixture in that house.

Janet: Well, maybe he doesn't have to work at it. Maybe he already is.

Alison: Anything look good to you?

Casey: Um -- you.

Alison: Hmm. Well, I am not on the menu.

Casey: Well, you should be. I think your boyfriend Hunter would love it.

Alison: Don't you joke about that. You know he takes everything literally. Don't give him any ideas.

Casey: Yes, I would like a Stewart burger. Hold the Hughes, please.

Alison: That's terrible.

Casey: You love it.

Alison: Oh, if only I didn't already have a boyfriend. I mean --

Casey: A boyfriend?

Alison: Yeah, that's right.

Casey: Anyone I know?

Alison: Maybe. I'll give you three guesses.

Casey: Um, I think I'll only need one. Mmm.

Hunter: What am I doing?

Carly: Well, thank you for that.

Craig: You hungry? I could fix you something or we could go out.

Carly: No, I'm -- I don't have much of an appetite right now.

Craig: You look tired.

Carly: I am tired. I think I'm just gonna go back upstairs.

Craig: You need somebody to tuck you in?

Carly: No. No, I think I can manage it.

Craig: Well, at least I tried.

Carly: Craig? A lot of what I said today -- I didn't mean it.

Craig: So you don't really despise me?

Carly: No. You've been there for me through all of this. And I thank you.

Craig: Well, you're welcome. Have a little water. You'll feel better.

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