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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 5/7/09

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Noah: You know the United States has one of the highest infant-mortality rates in any developed country? The medical system here is a disaster for low-income kids.

Luke: Yeah, but unfortunately, that's not exactly something that one foundation can change.

Noah: Well, if you can save one life, you can save a whole world.

Luke: What is that?

Noah: Maybe that can be our new motto.

Luke: I like it. So, what's your idea?

Noah: Well -- in my public health class, we talked about kids with really serious diseases, you know, like leukemia and cancer and how they spend so much time getting treatment, they don't have time to really just be kids. But there are these camps they can go to where they have complete medical staffs and facilities, but that's all in the background. It's really just about the kids having fun.

Luke: That's awesome.

Noah: Yeah.

[Luke laughs]

Noah: Hey, Mom!

Lily: Noah, how are you feeling?

Noah: Energized, actually.

Luke: And we've got an idea. And actually, it was yours, so why don't you tell her?

Noah: Well, we want to do something to help kids, you know, with really serious diseases, and we know that there are these camps that give them the same opportunities to, you know, go off on their own and just learn new things and --

Lily: Yeah, I've read about those camps. What they do is amazing.

Luke: Yeah. I think it's a great idea. However, I would like to just -- just tweak it just a little bit.

Noah: How?

Luke: How about a cruise?

Lily: Ooh!

Luke: Yeah. Is it possible for a charitable foundation to buy a yacht?

Lily: I guess so. But you know what? Maybe we don't have to.

Noah: Why not?

Lily: It just so happens that the Grimaldis have a major shipping operation.

Luke: Do you really think that Damian would let us use one of his ships?

Lily: I think it's a good place to start.

Lucinda: Uh, that's it. I wanted Lily to have those. Thank you so much for picking them up.

Holden: Not a problem.

Lucinda: How's Noah?

Holden: He's doing a lot better. Therapy's going very well. He almost has full range of motion in his arm.

Lucinda: Good. All right. Well, give him my love. Oh, and, of course, give Luke my love, too.

Holden: I will. How are you feeling?

Lucinda: Good, when you come to think of it.

Holden: Okay. That's good. I'll get these to Lily.

Lucinda: Uh, Darling, there -- there was another reason why I asked you to come by today.

Holden: I figured that.

[Lucinda sighs]

Lucinda: It has to do with, um, our Damian.

Holden: I was waiting for you to weigh in.

Lucinda: I didn't want to say anything while the boys were in danger.

Holden: Lucinda, if this is about you reminding me that he is the one who saved the boys, then --

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: I don't want to remind you about anything at all. But just because a guy was in the right place at the right time, that doesn't mean that I think that he should stay on forever in Oakdale.

Holden: Right. Well, you're preaching to the choir.

Lucinda: I just wanted you to know I feel the way you do.

Holden: There's nothing we can do about it, though.

Lucinda: I know. I tried.

Holden: So you do know that Lily has this idea in her head that he's changed.

Lucinda: I didn't ask Lily. Lily's got a blind spot when it comes to Damian. No.

[Lucinda chuckles]

Lucinda: I went right to the source, to Damian himself.

Holden: What did you say?

Lucinda: Basically, uh, beat it.

Holden: What did he say?

Lucinda: The usual. Uh, but I think he got the point.

Holden: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but if he had gotten your message, there's no way that he would have taken Lily to New York.

[Lucinda sighs]

Luke: I can't ask Damian for the use of his ships.

Lily: But he said he'd do whatever he could to help the foundation.

Luke: And he already has, getting Laudel to support us. But I'd feel weird asking for anything more.

Lily: I thought that you were feeling more comfortable with him.

Luke: I am. I just don't want him to think that the only reason I care is for his money.

Lily: Sweetie, I don't think he'd ever think that. But if you want me to approach him about using one of the Grimaldi ships, I will.

[Luke scoffs]

Luke: Dad would be thrilled with that idea.

Lily: He's getting used to the idea that Damian's gonna be around for a while.

Luke: You're really okay doing this?

Lily: I think it's a sensational idea! And I think the answer's gonna be yes.

Noah: I just hope I get to see you in a sailor outfit.

Lucy: Was Johnny okay when you dropped him off at school?

Dusty: Yeah. Told me he loves school. Go figure.

Lucy: He's a lot smarter than anyone else around here.

Dusty: You look worn out.

Lucy: Thanks. You don't look so hot yourself.

Dusty: I didn't sleep much.

Lucy: Yeah. Me neither.

Dusty: Your father's gonna beat the charges, eventually. He always does.

Lucy: Is that what kept you awake?

Dusty: You don't want to hear about my problems.

Lucy: You've been helping me with mine.

Dusty: Oh, this is different.

Lucy: Mm. Meg?

Dusty: Yeah. Did something stupid.

Lucy: No, you? Wouldn't believe that.

Dusty: Thanks for the sarcasm.

Lucy: What happened this time?

Dusty: She's playing a very dangerous game with Paul. I tried to talk her out of it. She told me to mind my own business.

Lucy: Which is sort of like throwing raw meat to sharks.

Dusty: I was afraid of what Paul would do to her if he found out. So I told him myself.

Lucy: Oh. That makes sense.

Dusty: Thought it was the best thing to do to protect her, you know?

Lucy: Mm-hmm, yeah. Bet she was all kinds of grateful.

Dusty: She told me to go to hell.

[Lucy scoffs]

Lucy: I can't believe I'm taking advice from you about my father.

Dusty: You're father I'm right about.

[Lucy sighs]

Lucy: Let me give you some advice for a change. Give it a rest with Meg, 'cause you've got big problems of your own.

Jack: Well, I wish I could say this is a surprise. Unfortunately, it's not.

Carly: I'd like to see Craig.

Jack: First thing in the morning. I admire your dedication.

Carly: Well, I used to admire yours, when you were dedicated to justice, not vengeance.

Jack: He's inside.

Carly: Hi.

Craig: Hey.

Carly: How are you?

Craig: Never better. My new lawyer just left.

Carly: What happened to the old one?

Craig: History. I brought in a real killer from New York, and he can't wait to put the Oakdale P.D. in his trophy case.

Carly: Oh. What's he doing?

Craig: First thing, he's gonna petition the judge to either charge me or release me.

Carly: You think that's gonna work?

Craig: He thinks so. He keeps saying, "This isn't Guantanamo Bay." I told him he should get to know Oakdale before he insults Guantanamo.

[Carly laughs]

Carly: Well, I -- I think that I have some good news for you. I think I can probably get Jack to investigate Dusty.

Craig: You have something on him?

Carly: Well, no, no. Not yet. But I talked to Lucy, and she's gonna help us. A -- and no one is closer to Dusty right now.

Craig: Wait, wait, wait. You talked to Lucy?

Carly: Yeah. I -- I told her what you said, that this was all about Johnny, that Dusty's setting you up. And she believes it.

Craig: No, no. I -- I want you to go right back there and tell her to stay out of it.

Carly: Craig, Lucy is your best hope to get something out of Dusty. He trusts her.

Craig: I don't care. I don't want her in the middle of this!

Carly: It's not like I twisted her arm. She wants to help.

Craig: I understand, but if Dusty finds out that she's working with us, he could take Johnny and run.

Carly: I guess I see what you're saying, but I -- I think we need Lucy's help if we're gonna prove that you were set up.

Craig: What makes you think Jack would believe it, anyway?

Carly: Well, he'll believe solid evidence.

Craig: I gave him a solid alibi. He wouldn't accept that.

Carly: Yeah, well, that's because it was Parker. I -- if he had something on Dusty --

Craig: No, no. I hate that she talks to the man as it is. I -- I can't use that to help myself.

Carly: Do -- do you know what -- what they've done with the real Craig Montgomery? 'Cause the man I know would never put anybody ahead of himself.

Craig: I don't want her to do anything that would set Donovan off.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Okay. Well, we can try to keep her out of it.

Craig: I can't take that chance. We have to make sure that she stays on Dusty's good side, for Johnny.

Carly: I'll tell her.

Craig: Thank you.

Carly: Has anybody ever told you, you are a very hard man to help?

Lucy: My father thinks you set him up so you could get custody of Johnny.

Dusty: Who cares what your father thinks?

Lucy: Well, hmm, my Aunt Margo might.

Dusty: She never believes a word he says.

Lucy: Yeah, but Carly does, and she's close to Jack.

Dusty: Jack hates your father as much as I do.

Lucy: She thinks she can convince him that you're behind this.

Dusty: How is she gonna do that?

Lucy: She asked me to help her.

Dusty: What'd you say?

Lucy: I told her I would. I didn't know what else to say. I'm so tired of lying.

Dusty: You don't have to lie. I didn't set him up.

Lucy: No, technically no, but we're letting him take the blame for something we both know he didn't do.

Dusty: Come on, it's not the same thing.

Lucy: I don't see the difference!

Dusty: Look, we've been over this. Your father's always gotten away with everything. He's being punished now.

Lucy: Yeah, for something he didn't do!

[Dusty sighs]

Lucy: I think we need to tell him the truth.

Dusty: Nope. You don't want to do that.

Lucy: Yeah, no, I do.

Dusty: No, you got to look out for those people who helped you with your medical shipments, remember?

Lucy: Yeah, the same way I helped Cesar?

Dusty: That wasn't your fault.

Lucy: Yeah, well, we're never gonna see eye to eye on that, Dusty.

Dusty: Okay, okay. Then let's talk about my son. Let's get him used to being with me before he has to see your father again.

Lucy: You know, it's amazing how it always comes back to you.

Dusty: He's best with me. You know that.

Lucy: Okay, so, uh -- so what do I tell Carly?

Dusty: Tell her you'll do whatever you can.

Lucy: And then what?

Dusty: Do nothing.

Damian: Never expected to see you here again, at least not alone.

Lily: I'm not alone. I'm with you.

[Damian chuckles]

Damian: Does Holden know?

Lily: He's finally starting to realize that you're not the enemy.

Damian: How did that happen?

Lily: Getting Laudel involved in Luke's foundation convinced him that you really do want to help.

Damian: Well, I'm glad, for your sake.

Lily: And Lukeís. Holden's approval is very important to him.

Damian: I envy Holden.

Lily: You're making progress with Luke, too. Which is why I convinced him it was okay for us to ask you for another favor.

Damian: Did he really doubt that I would give him whatever he needs?

Lily: Well, he was worried that you might think he's only interested in your money.

Damian: I'm glad he cares. So, what is this favor he wishes to ask? Oh, coffee?

Lily: A ship.

Damian: He wants to become a yachtsman?

Lily: No, no, not exactly. He and Noah want to start a new program for disadvantaged children who have serious diseases. There's some camps across the country where sick children can go and just be kids, and Luke and Noah want to take them on a cruise.

Damian: I think it's a splendid idea.

Lily: And I know that the Grimaldi family's big in shipping, so I thought you could get us a boat.

Damian: I canít.

Lily: Well, it doesn't have to be big. I mean, it's just for a few kids.

Damian: I can't, Lily. I'm sorry. That's out of the question.

Lucinda: Lily didn't inform you, she didn't tell you that she's going to New York to see Damian?

Holden: She thought I was at a Cubs game with the boys, and I was. You know I was in New York. But I ended up running into them together at one of our favorite restaurants.

[Lucinda groans]

Lucinda: Six degrees. I can imagine how you felt.

Holden: Actually, it wasn't such a bad thing. It kind of helped to -- to clear the air.

Lucinda: Yeah? How?

Holden: Turns out that Damian was drumming up some a-list support for the foundation. Luke was thrilled. And Lily, she wants me to give Damian a chance now. I think you should do the same.

Lucinda: Me too? Why?

Holden: You should do it for your grandson. Luke has been through enough, and the last thing he needs right now is a war in his own family.

Lucinda: Darling, come on! For heaven's sake, I don't want war with anybody. I just think you should keep your eyes open.

Holden: I told Luke the same thing.

Lucinda: But did he listen?

Holden: He knows Damian, so he's gonna take it one step at a time. So for the moment, I think we got everything under control.

Lucinda: Let's hope so.

Damian: I'm sorry I can't help, Lily, but we've had to restructure our shipping business, and right now, it's in transition.

Lily: Wouldn't that make it easier to find a spare ship?

Damian: There's nothing available.

Lily: Damian, I'm not talking about the "Queen Elizabeth." Even a small cabin cruiser would be enough.

Damian: Lily, nothing is available.

Lily: Okay. I'll -- tell the boys.

Damian: Tell them I'm sorry to disappoint them, and you.

Lily: We'll figure out something else.

Damian: Perhaps I should talk to Luciano.

Lily: You don't have to.

Damian: I want to. Maybe there's something else I can do.

Lily: That's a good idea, because he's finally starting to have faith in you, and it would be sad to let it slip away.

Jack: Lover boy ready to talk?

Carly: What is your problem?

Jack: Can't wait to hear his next story.

Carly: Well, keep antagonizing him! See where that gets you!

Jack: You'd rather I bring him milk and cookies?

Carly: I'd rather you look for a killer. Craig is not gonna confess to something he didn't do!

Jack: Who do you suggest, Carly?

Carly: Craig seems to think that Dusty's responsible. I mean, he does have Johnny now that Craig's in jail. Is that just a coincidence?

Jack: They do happen.

Carly: When will you accept that Craig didn't do this and start looking for who did?

Lucinda: Well, personally, myself, I liked it better when Luke hated Damian. And Lily, too.

Holden: Yeah. So did I. But he's made this effort to prove himself, so I got to give credit where credit is due.

Lucinda: Be careful.

Holden: Oh, I will.

Lily: Holden.

Lucinda: Hey.

Holden: Hey.

Lily: What are you doing here?

Holden: I came to pick these up for you. Your mother called me, so I decided to save you a trip.

Lily: Aww! That's so sweet of you. Mm. Mother, how are you feeling?

Lucinda: I'm here. I didn't expect you to come in.

Lily: Well, I had to see Damian. The boys want to set up a cruise program for sick children, and I asked him about using a Grimaldi ship.

Holden: Why didn't Luke do it?

Lily: He felt uncomfortable.

Lucinda: But -- you didn't?

Lily: Why wouldn't I? It's foundation business.

Holden: What did he say?

Lily: They don't have a ship that they could use. I just called Luke and broke the news.

Holden: You don't believe him?

Lily: Why would he lie about something like that?

Lucinda: Because he's Damian.

Holden: You think something else might be going on?

Lily: I didn't say that.

Holden: You know people in the shipping industry. Why don't you check it out?

Lucinda: Oh, good idea!

Lily: Bad idea. And I want you both to forget you ever even suggested it.

 Noah: He didn't tell your mom while he couldn't get us a boat?

Luke: He just said no.

Noah: Well, maybe there just weren't any available right now.

Luke: Yeah. It's supposed to be a really big fleet, but -- whatever.

Noah: Well, you could ask him.

Luke: No, I don't want to go over there.

[Door opens]

Noah: Maybe you won't have to.

Damian: I was hoping I'd find you both here. Did your mother tell you I can't help you with your cruise idea?

Luke: Yeah. It was a lot to ask.

Damian: I'm glad you asked. I think it's a terrific thing to do.

Luke: Well, so do we. We'll find another way to make it work.

Damian: I can help.

Luke: Oh, Damian, you've done enough, getting Laudel on our side and everything.

Damian: Luciano --

Luke: It's okay.

Noah: Give him a chance.

Holden: What is wrong with checking out Damian's story?

Lily: He'll find out.

Lucinda: Darling, I'm going to be discreet.

[Lily scoffs]

Lily: For the first time in your life?

Holden: Lily, it's not like we're hiring a P.I. or anything. Just see if there are any rumblings in the shipping industry that we should know about.

Lily: I thought you were gonna give him a chance.

Holden: I am.

Lily: By trying to dig up dirt on him?

Lucinda: Darling, you were the one that had doubts.

Lily: I never said I had doubts.

Lucinda: All I'm going to do is try to find out if something is going on!

Lily: Leave it alone, Mother. You said you were gonna trust him.

Holden: I want to make sure that I have good reason to. I would rather admit that I was wrong than find out later that I wasnít.

Lucinda: Trust, but verify.

Lily: Donít. I'll see you at home.

Lucy: Are you okay?

Craig: I'm fine. I miss Johnny.

Lucy: He misses you, too. Why aren't you out on bail?

Craig: Because they haven't charged me with anything yet, so there's been no bail hearing.

Lucy: What are they waiting for?

Craig: Evidence.

Lucy: Well, they can't just hold you here forever.

Craig: Well, my lawyer's arguing that point in front of a judge right now. I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about it. I'm not sure I even want to make bail.

Lucy: Why?

Craig: Because it could make me look guilty. Once Johnny finds out about all this, I want to make sure he knows I'm innocent.

Lucy: He'll know.

Craig: You'll tell him?

Lucy: Of course I will.

Craig: I never thought you'd have so much faith in me. Will you promise me something else? You make sure he doesn't forget me.

Lucy: He's not gonna forget you. He asked about you all the time.

Craig: He does? It's good that you can see him.

Lucy: Yeah. Dusty's been very good about that.

Craig: Yeah, about Dusty, um, I know Carly asked you to help her prove that Dusty's setting me up. I don't want you to do that.

Lucy: Why not?

Craig: Because if Dusty gets any idea that you're helping her, you won't be able to see Johnny. He could even take him and disappear.

Lucy: He has legal custody of Johnny.

Craig: That will change once I'm exonerated. Lucy, right now, you're my only connection to Johnny, and I can't risk it I canít.

Jack: The desk told me you moved in here. You wearing Craig's clothes, too?

Dusty: I thought it'd be better for my son to stay here while he gets readjusted.

Jack: Ah. Poor kid's got to be confused.

Dusty: No, not anymore.

Jack: Wait, you don't think that Craig's gonna fight for him?

Dusty: From prison?

Jack: He's a long way from being sentenced, Dusty.

Dusty: Oh, no judge is gonna give him back to an accused murderer.

Jack: Criminal-justice system can be very good to you.

Dusty: What do you mean?

Jack: You're the big winner now.

Dusty: Okay, it has been good to me.

Jack: Just observation.

Dusty: Is that why you're here, to make observations?

Jack: No. No, I'm here to ask you where you were on the afternoon of Friday, April 24th, between 3:00 and 5:00 P.M.

Dusty: Who knows? Why?

Jack: Simple question.

Dusty: I was probably at work.

Jack: They say no.

Dusty: Oh, you checked?

Jack: Thought I'd save you the trouble.

Dusty: Then I was probably here.

Jack: Were you with anyone?

Dusty: Why are you asking?

Jack: Because that was the time that Cesar Mendoza was being stabbed to death on the docks.

Dusty: You're asking if I have an alibi.

Jack: Do you?

Dusty: I thought you had a suspect in custody, Jack.

Jack: You're not answering my question.

Dusty: You want him in the slammer as much as I do!

Jack: Probably, yeah.

Dusty: But you can't make the case. Is that what you're telling me?

Jack: I'm telling you if there's anyone that can verify your whereabouts at the time of the murder, have them give me a call. Otherwise, don't leave town.

Carly: Hello.

Craig: Hello again. Don't hang up.

Carly: I haven't talked to Lucy yet.

Craig: I did.

Carly: She came to see you.

Craig: Yeah, and I told her.

Carly: I still think that's a mistake.

Craig: I donít. q

Carly: It's your call.

Craig: Don't be angry.

Carly: I'm not angry. I just -- I don't know how to help you if you're not gonna help yourself.

Craig: And here I thought you'd be so proud of me for refusing to use my daughter for my own personal gain.

Carly: All right. I suppose you're right. Have you heard from your lawyer?

Craig: Not yet.

Carly: Is there something I can do?

Craig: Mm-hmm. Don't give up on me.

Lucy: I'm off the hook. My father doesn't want me to spy on you.

Dusty: That's good.

Lucy: What's wrong?

Dusty: Jack was here, asking if I have an alibi for the time of Cesarís murder.

Lucy: Why didn't you just tell him you were with me?

Dusty: I can't remember. I can't remember anything.

Lucy: What difference does it make? It's just one more lie!

Dusty: Your father got them thinking that I could be involved.

Lucy: There's no proof of that.

Dusty: He's got Jack thinking I set the whole thing up to get custody of my son!

Lucy: But you didnít.

Dusty: Well, it's hard to explain, you know?

Lucy: God. I can't believe this. I just wanted to get medical supplies to people who were dying! I was trying to do something good!

Dusty: You did.

Lucy: Yeah, well, because of me, my father is facing a prison term. That may be what you want, but it isn't what I want.

Dusty: I want my son with me, and he finally is. Why can't you find satisfaction --?

Lucy: 'Cause I didn't want it to happen this way?

Dusty: All right, well, still -- I need you on my side.

Lucy: I told you I would be your alibi.

Dusty: It's not enough. We're gonna need evidence for Jack to make a case against your father.

Lucy: But my father didn't do anything, so there is no evidence.

Dusty: Well, then we'll have to create some.

Lucy: Now you want to falsify evidence? How far is this gonna go?

Dusty: If your father faces trial, he'll never get custody, ever. That means Johnny's safe.

Lucy: My father has been keeping him safe. He would never do anything to hurt Johnny.

Dusty: Well, maybe not physically. But what kind of person is he gonna turn into if he's raised by Craig Montgomery?

Lucy: You're loving this.

Dusty: I love keeping my boy safe. That's for sure. I won't let anyone take him from me again.

Lucy: I know that. I'm trying. But I'm not sure I can do this anymore.

Holden: Why are you so afraid to find out if Damian's on the level?

Lily: Why did you say you were gonna work at this if you didn't mean a word of it?

Holden: I did mean it!

Lily: Luke wants this, Holden. He's the one that asked Damian to stay. He wants to figure out that part of him that's a Grimaldi. If that makes you feel threatened --

Holden: It doesnít.

Lily: It shouldnít. One word from you, and he would turn his back on Damian forever.

[Holden sighs]

Holden: You're right.

Lily: I know that you just want to protect him. Sometimes that means giving him space.

Holden: I'm sorry.

Lily: Now will you please tell my mother to stop? You're the only one she'll listen to.

Holden: Since when?

[Lily laughs]

Holden: All right. I'll talk to her.

Lily: Good. You're Luke's father! You're my husband. We both love you. There's nothing that Damian could ever do to change that.

Damian: Have you ever heard of a dude ranch.

Luke: Yeah. It's where people do cowboy stuff.

Damian: Yeah. Well, there's one in Montana that's all set up for children with special needs. I talked to the director and told him we'll pay for all the expenses for the children that we bring.

Luke: What did he say?

Damian: When are we coming?

Noah: You serious? That's awesome!

Damian: Yeah. He said, uh, being around animals is very good for kids in those circumstances.

Luke: Yeah, I think I've read that.

Damian: So, should I call him and make the arrangements?

Luke: Yeah. Damian, thank you so much. I really appreciate this.

Damian: I'm happy I could help.

[Luke laughs]

Noah: Things sure happen fast when that dude's around.

[Luke chuckles]

Holden: I want you to call off the dogs. I -- I think that it's best for Luke if, uh, we just leave Damian alone.

Lucinda: It's a little late for that.

Holden: Why?

Lucinda: Something's going on down here!

Holden: Where are you?

Lucinda: The docks.

Holden: What are you doing down there?

Lily: Where?

Lucinda: I'm checking out the Grimaldi shipping operation.

Holden: You were only supposed to make a couple of phone calls.

Lily: Where is she, Holden?

Holden: The docks.

Lily: What? Is she crazy? There was a man murdered down there!

Holden: Lucinda, you need to get out of there.

Lucinda: Damian lied when he said that the shipping business was on hold. There's lots of activity around here.

Holden: What kind?

Lucinda: I don't know yet.

Holden: All right. I'm coming down there.

Lily: I want her to leave now!

Lucinda: When you get close, call me, and I'll -- I'll tell you where I am.

Holden: She thinks that something's going on with the Grimaldi shipping line.

Lily: You couldn't leave it alone.

Holden: Lily, she's down there by herself. What else was I supposed to do?

Lily: All right, all right. Go get her. Bring her home. Don't encourage her.

Holden: What if something is going on?

Lily: Holden --

Holden: Don't you think it's better to find out before Luke gets in any deeper?

[Lily sighs]

Lucy: I can't believe I let you talk me into this.

Dusty: Nobody's gonna be here for hours.

Lucy: I'm not worried about getting caught. I'm worried about doing something unforgivable.

Dusty: Everything we know about Fredo, the gun smuggling -- it's in this ledger. Once the cops break the code, it's over.

Lucy: Yeah, all over for my father.

Carly: What the hell are you doing here?

Carly: What are you doing here?

Dusty: What the cops should have done.

Carly: The cops should have broken into my club?

Dusty: We didn't break in. I used my old keys. I wanted to look around. I found this.

Carly: And what is that?

Dusty: Looks like shipping records.

Carly: And you found it here?

Dusty: Yeah, under the bar.

Carly: Well, we don't use ledgers here, Dusty. We use the computer.

Dusty: For Midnight Sun, too?

Carly: Of course.

Dusty: Those look like shipping records?

Carly: I don't know. I can't tell what that is. What are all those letters?

Dusty: That's code.

Carly: It's code. Oh, I see. So you think that Craig is using a second set of books.

Dusty: I think he assumes your whole business is on computer and we'd never find this.

Carly: Do you think that, as well, Lucy?

Lucy: I don't know. I guess it could be.

Dusty: Wouldn't be the worst thing he's done.

Carly: And do you think he also murdered someone? Lucy? Do you believe that?

Lucy: I'm just hearing this for the first time. I don't know what to believe.

Carly: May I have that, please?

Dusty: No, I can't do that.

Carly: It was found in my club. Clearly it's my property.

Dusty: It's evidence. It's got to go to the cops.

Carly: Do you think I'll destroy it?

Dusty: You're in business with Craig.

Carly: Oh. Smuggler, too?

Lucy: No, no. No one said that.

Dusty: We got to make sure that this goes to the cops.

Carly: Oh, good. Okay. Call Jack. And tell him while he's here he can arrest the two of you for trespassing.

Luke: We are gonna have to call all the pediatricians in town.

Noah: Oh, you know, Ali could probably help us with that.

Luke: Ah! The kids are gonna have so much fun -- more than they have had in months, maybe in years.

Lily: I thought I told you. Damian couldn't get us a ship.

Luke: Yeah, but he came up with an alternative -- a dude ranch in Montana. He's making all the arrangements himself.

Lily: Really?

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: Yeah. The kids get to work with real animals. They get to ride horses. It's gonna be like the wild, wild west.


Lily: I'm so glad that he came through for you! When I spoke to him, I thought for sure you were gonna be disappointed.

Luke: Oh, not even close.

Noah: Maybe he actually means what he says.

Luke: Maybe.

Lily: I just hope your father and your grandmother don't mess this whole thing up.

Lucinda: That ship there -- that's registered to the Grimaldis. I -- I talked to the man. I engaged in a conversation, asked them where they're heading. They wouldn't tell me.

Holden: I thought Damian said all the ships were on hold.

Lucinda: Yes, he did, but they're going somewhere! And the men have been told to keep their mouths shut by someone they dare not cross.

Holden: You're reading an awful lot into one conversation.

Lucinda: Three different conversations.

Holden: No one says where they're going?

Lucinda: Whoever it is, believe it or not, they don't want anyone to find out.

Holden: I told Lily that I'd bring you back.

Lucinda: In a minute. Let's just go for a walk. No harm in that.

Jack: What's so urgent?

Dusty: I found something you should see. Might be the evidence you're looking for.

Jack: Is that right?

Dusty: Yeah. If Craig's using his business to ship illegal stuff, this is how he's keeping track of it right here.

Jack: He kept records?

Dusty: In code. Carly thinks it's, uh, Midnight Sun shipments.

Jack: Carly's here?

Dusty: No, she left. She wasn't happy we found these.

Jack: Where did you find it?

Dusty: Behind the bar.

Jack: You sure about that? We tossed this place twice.

Dusty: It was my place. I knew where to look.

Jack: You're being awful quiet over there.

Lucy: It's my father we're talking about.

Jack: It's interesting how you came up with this right after our little chat.

Dusty: I told you he did it.

Jack: I told you I needed evidence, and what do you know, here it is.

Dusty: What's the problem, huh?

Jack: It's a little convenient, don't you think?

Dusty: I think you should be thanking me.

Jack: Really?

Dusty: I'm giving you what you need to put this guy away for good.

Carly: Did you hear from your lawyer?

Craig: Yeah, I did. Judge thinks that the police department shouldn't be penalized for conducting a thorough investigation.

Carly: That doesn't seem fair.

Craig: Means my only hope is that Jack eventually realizes that he has no evidence against me. What?

Carly: Dusty showed me a set of books.

Craig: What books?

Carly: They looked like shipping logs written in some kind of code.

Craig: Code? My. How 007. And you think these logs are mine?

Carly: Dusty found them at metro.

Craig: Dusty -- of course he did.

Carly: He says it's a record of your gun smuggling.

Craig: Which means he was able to crack this secret code. It kind of makes him a master detective, doesn't it?

Carly: Just tell me, Craig. Are they yours or not?

Craig: Are you kidding me?

Carly: If you are lying to me.

Craig: You think I'm the one lying? Dusty steals my son, and then he solves the case that can put me away for life? Seriously.

Carly: I told him that I didn't believe it. But the problem is, Jack might.

Holden: We were just taking a walk. You have no right to hold us.

Thug: This gives me the right.

Lucinda: E -- excuse me, Sir. What is it you want?

Thug: Tell the boss we have a problem.

Lily: I told your father and your grandmother that Damian didn't have any ships that we could use, and right away, they got suspicious.

Noah: Really? Why?

Luke: I thought dad was gonna give Damian a chance.

Lily: He's trying. He went down to the docks to get your grandmother.

Luke: Grandmother's at the docks by herself?

Lily: You sound surprised.

Luke: Well, Damian hasn't done anything wrong. He came up with an alternative, and he's gonna make all the arrangements himself.

Lily: They didn't know that.

Luke: I'm finally beginning to accept that Damian isn't the enemy here. Why can't they?

Holden: We were on public property. You have no right to threaten us.

Lucinda: No, no. Absolutely not. You see, I -- I haven't been well, and I was taking a walk, 'cause I need the fresh air. And then my -- my son-in-law very kindly came along to take me home.

Holden: That's right. So whatever you were doing, it's of no concern to us. We were just minding our own business.

Lucinda: Right. Uh, I think you're under the mistaken impression that we saw something, but we wouldn't -- what would we have seen? We don't even know what to look for!

[Lucinda laughs]

Lucinda: Okay, big guy. What are you gonna do now?

Thug: That's up to the boss.

Holden: Where is he?

[Lucinda sighs]

Jack: When are you gonna stop telling me how to do my job, Dusty?

Dusty: When you start doing it.

[Jack laughs]

Jack: If you're trying to talk your way into a cell right next to Craig, you're doing a hell of a job.

Dusty: You got nothing on me, Jack.

Jack: What about falsifying evidence?

Craig: You think I faked that --

Jack: You want me to think that Craig is stupid enough to keep written records of illegal arms sales?

Dusty: You're making a big mistake.

Jack: Maybe, but I'm not the only one.

Lucy: Okay, just stop! Just stop this right now! This has gone on far enough!

Jack: What is?

Dusty: What are you doing?

Lucy: I'm finally telling the truth.

Craig: Think about it, Carly. If I were gonna smuggle guns, do you think someone with my background would be stupid enough to leave a record of it, and then leave them for someone to find?

Carly: Then where did they come from?

Craig: It's not obvious to you? Dusty faked them!

Carly: Well, if he did, he didn't do it alone. Lucy was right there with him. I thought she was on your side.

Craig: So did I.

Carly: I guess we were both wrong.

Craig: No. No, no. He must have lied to her. Or he's threatened her.

Carly: She was right there, backing him up.

Craig: I don't believe it. No, no. There has -- she would never betray me like that. There has to be another explanation.

Carly: I hope so, for your sake.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Damian: The next time either of you is caught trespassing, I'll have you arrested.

Holden: Where do you get off ordering us around?

Lucinda: No, don't, don't!

Lucy: If you're going to arrest somebody, arrest me.

Craig: I'll never forgive you for that, Lucy. I never want to see you again.

Dusty: Get your hands off me, would you?

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