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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 4/27/09

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[Singing under breath]

Alison: Hey, Case. Casey? Casey!

Casey: What? Aah!

Alison: Sorry. I didn't mean to startle you. Aren't you here for work?

Casey: I am a volunteer, remember? As in no pay.

Alison: So you're not here for work.

Casey: No. I am waiting for Jade, who is a half an hour late with the files.

Alison: Uh, did you let the patients know that their ride's gonna be late?

Casey: We don't have anyone scheduled for today. We're actually gonna do a community outreach to let people know we exist, and I'm just enjoying the fact that I'm working with someone who is a bigger screw-up than I am. Baga!

[Alison laughs]

Jade: You should have told me they were kidnapped.

Holden: We're trying to keep it quiet. We didn't want to upset Ethan or the girls.

Jade: I get it! They're young! I'm not! Luke's my best friend. Where is he?

Lily: We don't know.

Jade: Well, what about the police? What are they doing?

Lily: They're doing everything they can.

Jade: You should have told me they were kidnapped. I know they're friends. I could ask around on campus. People might want to tell me stuff more than the cops.

Lily: That might help. The girl that I saw at the drop-off, she was about college age. Maybe she knows Luke and Noah from school.

Jade: Yeah, I should go now. I'm gonna hit up Java and then go to other places.

Holden: You know what? I don't want you out there alone.

Jade: Well, I'm not gonna go alone. Casey and I are supposed to be working. I'm late anyway.

Lily: Well, that should be all right, right?

Holden: Yeah, I guess. Just be careful. Watch your back.

Jade: Hey, this girl you saw, what did she look like?

Zoe: Why aren't you watching Luciano's mother?

Zac: She hasn't moved from the house all day, and there are a million people coming in and out, not to mention the cop that's right outside the front door.

Zoe: So you took a food break.

Zac: I brought it for you.

Zoe: Okay, I'm sorry. I'm just freaking out a little.

Zac: You never freak out.

Zoe: I can't help it. We're so close.

Zac: It's all going according to plan, so just let it happen, hmm? And eat something.

Zoe: Thanks.

Jade: I don't think I've seen her.

Lily: Well, the key is the Pisces pendant. It's hard to miss.

Jade: Okay. I'll get Casey, and we'll get started.

[Cell phone rings]

Lily: Hello?

Damian: It's me.

Lily: Damian.

Damian: Have they called?

Lily: No, not yet.

Damian: Look, I might have something. Remember I told you I found the photo of Gia Pinnarossa when she was a little girl? Well, there's a computer program that does age enhancement, and I used it on the picture.

Lily: So you have an idea of what she might look like now?

Damian: Yes. I need you to tell me if it looks like the girl you saw at the war memorial.

Lily: I'm on my way. Damian has a photo that might be her. I've got to go see it.

Holden: Wait. Why can't he fax it or e-mail it?

Lily: I don't know.

Holden: I'll go get it.

Lily: Holden.

Holden: Lily, I agreed to work with him, but I don't trust him, and I don't want you anywhere near him after he almost got you killed.

Lily: Fine. You go.

Holden: I don't want to leave you here alone.

Lily: Officer Catlin is right outside.

Holden: Okay, fine. Stay here.

Lily: I will.

Jade: Casey's at the hospital. Can you give me a ride?

Holden: Sure.

Jade: Okay. And if the picture is her, can you please send it to my phone so I can show people?

Lily: Good idea.

Holden: No heroics.

Lily: You either.

Zoe: You should get back to the house. Luke's mom has to be alone sooner or later.

Zac: First chance I'll get, I'll make my move.

Zoe: Watch out for the cop, he's armed.

Zac: Oh, yeah? So am I. What about the lovebirds?

Zoe: I've got it.

Luke: He's still unconscious. He's sweating really bad. If he has a fever, that means that the wound might be infected.

Zoe: Then you'd better hope they give us the money soon.

Luke: You're not gonna be able to enjoy a penny of that money.

Zoe: I don't think you're in a position to be making threats.

Luke: I know you're gonna kills us once you get the money, but you have to know, my dad is still out there somewhere, and so is the entire Grimaldi family, and once they realize that you've killed one of the Grimaldi heirs, there is nowhere that you and your boyfriend are gonna be able to hide! So now that we understand that, this is what's gonna happen. You are gonna take Noah to the hospital and, in exchange, I will give you the money, and I will let you go!

Zoe: I can't do that.

Luke: Why not?

Zoe: Because of your mother.

Lily: Mother, you're already watching the children, and I know you have more radiation coming up. I know that you have help, but you have to conserve your strength. Besides, the police are all over it, and you know Margo. She's gonna find them. Well, no. Not yet. Margo says they're amateurs, and she's sure that soon they're gonna slip up, and we'll be able to find them. Yes. I promise I will call you if anything changes. And, mother, you can call me if you want. Okay. I love you, too.


Lily: Is anyone out there? Officer Catlin? Hello? I'm being silly.

Zoe: She played games. There has to be a price for that.

Luke: Yeah, well, whatever it is, I will pay it. Noah shouldn't be here, Zoe. He didn't do anything! Please, get him to a hospital! I will do whatever you want!

Zoe: There you go, acting like you're in charge again.

Luke: Okay, I'm sorry. Zoe, I know you loved your mother very much, and losing her must have been awful, but, please, do you have to take it out on an innocent human being?

Zoe: He's not innocent! He broke her picture! He shattered it!

Luke: Well, do you think he deserves to die for it? Zoe, please. If you won't take him to the hospital, at least get him some medication for the fever and the pain.

Zoe: If I do that, you'll do anything I ask?

Luke: Yeah, yeah! Anything! Anything you want!

Zoe: I'll try.

Luke: Thank you.

Zoe: But remember, you said anything.

Casey: Well, well, well. Look who decided to grace us with her presence.

Jade: No, I need your help.

Casey: Oh, yes, you do, 'cause you're gonna be in a lot of trouble.

Jade: Shut up, okay?

Casey: Shut -- you're lucky there's not an old lady on a curb somewhere.

Jade: Luke and Noah were kidnapped.

Casey: What?

Jade: Yeah, they're being held for ransom.

Casey: Okay. You're not using this as an excuse because you're late? What happened?

Jade: Well, they grabbed Noah, and when Luke realized he was kidnapped, they grabbed him, too.

Casey: Who are they?

Jade: I don't know. One of Luke's cousins who wants the money he inherited.

Casey: Are the Snyders gonna pay?

Jade: If they have to, but there's no guarantee we'll get Luke and Noah back, okay? And his parents and the police are trying everything, and they're not getting anywhere.

Casey: Shh.

Jade: I'm sorry. I'm just so scared.

Casey: No, it's okay. It's okay. Ali, don't go. Luke and Noah are in trouble.

[Knock on door]

Damian: Come in, Lily. The enhanced photo is on the screen.

Holden: Lily isn't here.

Damian: Where is she?

Holden: She's at home in case they call, so I came instead.

Damian: She needs to look at the picture.

Holden: This is the Grimaldi girl?

Damian: This is what Gia Pinnarossa would look like today. Lily needs to tell me if she looks like the girl she saw at the war memorial. You never saw her, right?

Holden: No.

Damian: Well, then she's the only one who could identify her.

Holden: Well, that's why she needs to stay at home where it's safe. Do you have a printer?

Damian: Not in the room.

Holden: I'll go check downstairs.

Damian: Do you have a computer at home?

Holden: Of course.

Damian: Well, then I can e-mail it to her.

Holden: Why didn't you just do that in the first place?

Damian: Honestly, I didn't think of it.

Holden: You keep trying to pull her into this, no matter how dangerous it gets.

Damian: I didn't think she'd be taking her life in her hands by coming to the hotel.

Holden: You didn't think she'd be in danger at war memorial, either. If that lunatic cousin of yours had a gun, Lily could have been killed.

Damian: And if you hadn't interfered, we would have caught her!

Holden: I doubt that.

Damian: I don't, Holden! I don't! Luciano would be free, and everyone would be safe. But you were so suspicious of me that you couldn't even consider the possibility that you might be wrong. You are the one who put Lily in danger, not me.

[Knock on door]

Lily: Who is it?

Zac: It's Officer Hazen, Oakdale P.D.

Lily: I thought Officer Catlin was outside.

Zac: Oh, his shift ended. I'm his replacement. I need to talk to you, Ma'am.

Lily: He didn't tell me he'd be leaving.

Zac: Oh, he loses track of time. He's a very intense guy. That's what makes him such a good cop.

Lily: So you'll be outside now, Officer?

Zac: Hazen. Actually, Lieutenant Hughes is at your office. She asked me to take you down there to meet her.

Lily: Why?

Zac: I'm not sure. She just said I should bring you right away. I'm sure it had something to do with the investigation.

Lily: Let's go.

Jade: Dark hair, very slender. She wears a necklace with a Pisces pendant.

Alison: You mean, like, the zodiac sign?

Jade: Yeah, the fish. Have you guys seen anyone like that?

Casey: Not that I remember.

Jade: Okay. I'm gonna go to some college-campus hangouts, ask some questions. Hopefully, at some point, Lily and Holden will send me a picture to my phone.

Casey: Yeah, that will help. It's a lot easier for people to remember if they see a picture. We should start at Java.

Jade: You're gonna come with me?

Casey: Of course. They're my friends, too.

Jade: Great. Lily and Holden didn't want me to go alone.

Alison: Why? You think it's dangerous?

Jade: Well, they're just freaking out right now.

Alison: Then maybe you guys shouldn't do it, then.

Casey: No one's gonna jump the three of us in broad daylight.

Alison: Well, I can't go. I'm on a shift.

Casey: Fine. Then we'll keep you posted.

Alison: Aren't you guys supposed to be doing, like, outreach today or something?

Jade: This is a lot more important!

Alison: Well, what do you think you're gonna be able to do that the cops aren't doing?

Jade: Well, we know a lot of people from O.U. they might be more comfortable talking to us than the cops.

Casey: Yeah, and if they've seen her around, they might be able to help us, lead us to where they're holding Luke and Noah.

Alison: And then what? You're just gonna charge in and screw up another rescue like you did with me and Matt?

Jade: Look, I'm not gonna stand here and argue with you about this. If you don't want to come, don't come.

Casey: Jade, wait.

Alison: I'm sorry. I just don't want you to get in more trouble.

Casey: What are you so afraid of?

Alison: I'm not! It's --

Casey: Yes, you are! You're always afraid! You're so afraid to act on anything that you do nothing!

Alison: Are we still talking about Luke and Noah here?

Casey: I don't know what we're talking about, but I don't feel like talking anymore, okay? I'm gonna go help Jade. I'll see you later.

Holden: I really don't have time for this.

Damian: Look, all I'm saying is you've been wrong about me from the start. I didn't kidnap the boys, but I'm your best hope of finding them. So, can we just put our differences aside until they're safe?

Holden: All right. Fine. Just keep Lily out of it.

Damian: I just want her to look at the photo! If the girl she saw is Gia Pinnarossa, I can take the picture to people who will know how to find her.

Holden: You don't mean the police, do you?

Damian: I'll get it to them, too.

Holden: All right. We'll call you as soon as Lily sees the photo.

Damian: Well, thank you. And, Holden, whatever you may think of me, I love Luke as much as you do, and I'll do anything to get him home safely. Anything.

Luke: Noah. Noah. Hey, hey. Wake up. Wake up. Yeah, wake up. Talk to me. Talk to me. Oh, thank God.

Noah: Hey.

Luke: Hey. How are you?

Noah: I can't move.

Luke: Yeah, it's 'cause we're tied up. Zac and Zoe, remember? We're hostages.

Noah: Oh, yeah.

Luke: Yeah. How are you? Are you okay?

Noah: Uh, yeah, never better.

Luke: No, no, no, no. Tell me the truth. Tell me the truth, baby. Don't try to be a hero.

Noah: It hurts. It hurts a lot, and it feels like I'm burning up. Is it really hot in here?

Luke: You have a fever from a gunshot wound. It might be infected, but I sent Zoe to get you some medicine. Yeah, it was hard.

Noah: Lucky she has a thing for your dimples. Can't say I blame her. What's she want in exchange?

Luke: She just wants the Grimaldi money.

Noah: She's gonna get that anyway.

Luke: She didn't mention anything else.

Noah: That's 'cause they're gonna kill us afterwards.

Luke: No, no. No, they're not.

Noah: Please don't lie to me. Not now.

Luke: Noah, why would she go get you that medicine if she was gonna kill us?

Noah: I don't know.

Luke: We are gonna get out of here, we're gonna get you to a hospital, and then my dimples are gonna be yours forever.

Noah: That's good, 'cause I'm pretty sure Zac's lost interest in mine.

Luke: I love you so much.

Noah: I love you, too. I'm gonna go back to sleep, okay?

Luke: No. Noah, Noah, Noah, donít. Don't, please.

Noah: I am. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere.

Luke: No! Please, Noah! Please, wake up! Noah!

Jade: So you're sure you haven't seen her?

Java worker: A lot of people come in here. I don't remember anyone with that kind of necklace. Is Noah okay?

Jade: We just have to find him.

Java worker: I'll ask the staff and anyone else who knows him.

Jade: Okay. And you have my cell phone number. Call me if anyone recognizes the description.

Casey: I'm here.

Jade: I didn't think you were coming.

Casey: Well, any luck?

Jade: Not yet.

Casey: Don't worry. We're just getting started.

Alison: Can I help you?

Zoe: Yeah. Where do you keep the drugs on this floor?

Alison: You don't look familiar.

Zoe: Yeah. I work on four. Dr. Robinson sent me up here.

Alison: Oh. Oncology's on three.

Zoe: He's seeing a patient on four.

Alison: Dr. Robinson is a woman.

Zoe: Well, it must be a different Dr. Robinson, then. Are you gonna help me or not?

Alison: What?

Zoe: The meds?

Alison: Oh, sorry. Right. In there.

Zoe: Something wrong?

Alison: No. Nothing.

[Door opens]

Lily: I thought you said Lieutenant Hughes was here.

Zac: Well, that's what the dispatcher told me.

Lily: Maybe you want to give her a call.

Zac: Oh, we can get started without her.

Lily: Started with that?

Zac: Well, she wants you to transfer the funds in to this numbered account.

Lily: Why would she want me to do that?

Zac: I guess you'll have to ask her that when she gets here.

Lily: I can't do that without talking to her.

Zac: Sure, you can.

Lily: You're not an Officer. You're one of them.

Zac: Transfer the funds, Mrs. Snyder.

Lily: Where's my son?

Zac: If you don't want him to die, you'll do exactly what I tell you to do.

Lily: Who are you?

Zac: I'm the person who's about to steal all of your money. Sit down and transfer the funds.

Lily: First let me know that Luke is all right, and Noah.

Zac: You're not in any position to make demands.

Lily: I'll give you your money. Just prove to me that they're not hurt.

[Cell phone ringing]

Lily: That's probably my husband. I should let him know that I'm all right.

Zac: Unh-unh. Transfer the funds first. Did you hear me?

Lily: I'm not giving you a penny until I know that Luke and Noah are safe.

Zac: You do not want to push me.

Lily: You can't get the money without me. So go ahead. Shoot.

Margo: So, you think that this is a revenge thing.

Holden: Well, that's Damian's theory, but we need to have Lily take a look at the photo first.

[Margo sighs]

Margo: So, why didn't Damian e-mail the photo to me when he sent it to Lily?

Holden: He wanted to wait until Lily gave us conformation.

Margo: No. He wanted to go off half-cocked and handle this on his own.

Holden: He did say he knew somebody who might be able to find her.

Margo: Yes, his people.

Holden: I guess.

Margo: Yes, God forbid he should let trained professionals of the law handle this. No, he wants his people to handle it.

Holden: Well, that's why I came to you, because I wanted to let you know, 'cause I knew he wouldn't keep you informed.

Margo: All right. Well, at least I've got one sane person in my corner. Go home to Lily, and I will run this Gia Pinnarossa through the database and see if I get any hits.

Holden: All right. We'll let you know as soon as Lily weighs in.

Casey: I can't believe nobody's seen this girl anywhere. She had to be watching Luke and Noah to know when to grab them.

Jade: Yeah, well, I guess the picture Lily was gonna send me wasn't her.

Casey: Did you call her?

Jade: Yeah. She's not answering her phone.

Casey: You know, maybe Alison was right. Maybe it was stupid thinking we could save Luke and Noah before the cops.

Jade: At least we tried. If we weren't doing this, I'd be sitting at home going crazy.

Casey: I just wish we had gotten somewhere.

Jade: We will! Let's go back to java.

Casey: Wait, wait, wait. There's a coffeehouse on Grand Street. I've been there with Luke. Maybe someone there has an idea of where to find her.

Jade: Casey, thanks for doing this.

Casey: They're my friends, too, remember?

Alison: Hey. I just need to know what meds you're taking. It needs to be logged. Thanks. Okay. Azithromycin. How is that used to treat a patient with cancer?

Zoe: People with cancer get infections, too.

Alison: Right. Of course. No, excuse me for asking. I'm a nursing student, and pharmacology is, like, the one subject I can't seem to keep straight, you know? All the mycins, all the stations, and, like, you wish they would just choose one drug for each disorder. Be much simpler.

Zoe: The doctor's waiting for these.

Alison: Right. Okay. Oxycodone.

Zoe: For pain.

Alison: Strange that both Dr. Robinsons are oncologists, isn't it?

Zoe: What?

Alison: Well, you said that your Dr. Robinson is treating a cancer patient?

Zoe: Yeah. I need to get back.

Alison: Okay. Almost done. Oxycodone. That's a controlled substance, so I'm gonna need the patient's name and also the protocol that the doctor's following.

Zoe: I don't have that.

Alison: Okay. Well, why don't we just call him?

Zoe: Look, I'm new here, and this is the first time the doctor's even talked to me, so if I don't get these down there, like, now, he's gonna have me cleaning bedpans for months.

Alison: Yeah. Doctors can be tough.

Zoe: Yeah. So, we're good?

Alison: Actually, if I don't get those names and the protocols, I'm gonna be the one changing bedpans. You said he's on four?

Zoe: Nice try.

Alison: Hey! What are you doing? Let go of me! Stop it! What are you -- hey! Let me out! Do you hear me? Let me out, please!

Holden: Lily, come on. Pick up. Where are you?

Lily: This is Lily. I can't answer the phone right now, so please leave a message.


Holden: Lily, where are you, and where is Officer Catlin? Call me as soon as you get this message. It's Holden.

Damian: Did she recognize the girl?

Holden: Lily's not there with you?

Damian: Of course not.

Holden: She's not here, and she's not picking up her phone.

Damian: Where is she?

Holden: I thought maybe you could tell me.

Damian: I have no idea, but you have to find her. We don't have much time.

Lily: Are you a Grimaldi? A Pinnarossa?

[Zac laughs]

Zac: You've done your homework.

Lily: I'm not the only one that knows what this is about. That's why you're gonna get caught.

Zac: That's not your problem. Yours is, I have a gun in my hand, which I'll use if you don't transfer the funds now!

Lily: Not until I know that Luke and Noah are safe.

Zac: They would have been safe if you hadn't have pulled that little thing at the war memorial. Who's brilliant idea was that?

Lily: The boys weren't there. Why should I trust you to let them go?

Zac: You don't have a choice.

Lily: Yes, I do.

Zac: Do not push me!

Lily: And I'm telling you, you're not gonna get a penny until I know that Luke and Noah are alive!

Luke: Noah. Noah, you have to wake up. I have a question for you. Do you remember that film that we watched a couple nights ago? You know, the one from your film class, the four hours of light on the sears tower? You told that it was a masterpiece, but I didn't get it, so you have to explain to me what I missed.

Noah: Film is light.

Luke: Uh-huh.

Noah: It's the emotional palette of the artist. And it's used to, um, --

Luke: To what? To what? It's emotional palette the artist used to what?

Noah: To express his vision.

Luke: Uh-huh.

Noah: And the broader the spectrum, the broader --

Luke: Come on. Hey. Hey, I'm about to fall asleep, too. Come on. I just insulted existential filmmaking. You're gonna let me get away with it? Noah? Noah, come on! What took you so long?

Zoe: You think its easy stealing drugs from a hospital? I had to lock this annoying nurse in the meds room.

Luke: What did you get?

Zoe: Antibiotics and painkillers.

Luke: Okay. Great, great, great, great. Let's give them to him, okay?

[Cell phone ringing]

Zoe: Where the hell are you?

Zac: I have her at their office.

Zoe: Great. Is it done?

Zac: She wants proof that they're still alive.

Zoe: Who cares what she wants? You have the gun!

Zac: If I shoot her, we'll get nothing.

Zoe: Damn it, "Z."

Zac: Let her talk to them. Then she'll make the transfer.

Zoe: Fine. Put her on.

Lily: Luke?

Zoe: Not yet.

Luke: Hello? Who is it?

Lily: Luke! Oh, my God!

Luke: Mom?

Lily: Are you all right? Did they hurt you?

Luke: I'm fine. They shot Noah.

Lily: What? Is he dead?

Luke: No. No. She got him some medicine. What about you? Are you all right?

Lily: I'm okay.

Luke: Okay. Don't make a deal with them! They're liars! Aah!

Lily: Luke, what's happening? Are you there?

Zac: The family reunion is over. Now sit down and make the transfer! "Z"?

Zoe: I'm here.

Zac: She's doing it.

Zoe: Call me back when it's done.

Zac: I will. What the hell? What did you do!

Zac: You sent an e-mail!

Lily: No.

Zac: Don't lie to me!

Lily: No. I was looking for an e-mail that I sent to myself with the new passwords. The account was hacked, and I had to change all the passwords. That was you, wasn't it?

Zac: You e-mailed someone. Who was it?

Lily: No. No, I didnít.

Zac: You're a liar, just like your son, and if you're trying to save his life, you're doing a lousy job of it. Now, if you don't want him to die, transfer the money now!

Lily: Okay, okay. I'm doing it.

Holden: Yeah, that's right. Lily Snyder. Officer Catlin was guarding her, but now they're both gone. They're not here. And what do you mean, he's not responding? All right. All right. Yes, please. Have him call me. Yes, at this number.

[Cell phone beeps]

Alison: Help! Please, let me out! Is anyone out there? Please, let me out!

Casey: You sure you're still up for this volunteer stuff?

Jade: Yeah. I mean, we can't think of anywhere else to look. It's better than sitting around.

Casey: Yeah, I agree. So, let's go, okay?

Jade: Well, what about Alison?

Casey: She's probably with a patient. I'll text her and tell her we're here.

Alison: Help, please! Let me out of here! I'm stuck in the meds closet! Please let me out! Is anyone there?

Casey: Is that Alison?

[Banging on door]

Alison: Help! Casey! Oh, God!

Casey: What happened to you?

Alison: She put me in there!

Casey: Who?

Alison: The kidnapper girl with the pendant! She was here!

Casey: Are you okay?

Luke: What is he doing to my mother? Where did he take her?

Zoe: He's not doing anything to her, not that she doesn't deserve it with all the trouble she's causing.

Luke: You better not hurt her.

Zoe: I thought you were gonna dial back the empty threats.

Luke: Okay, fine. Let's just give Noah the meds.

Zoe: First, we have a few things we need to discuss.

Luke: No. We've waited too long already.

Zoe: There's always time for a chat, Luciano.

Luke: He's delirious! He can't even open his eyes! He's lost a lot of blood! Please, you have to help him!

Zoe: I will. Once we get a few things straight.

Luke: Why are you doing this to him? He never did anything to you! Why are you punishing him? Is it because he loves me?

Zoe: Of course not. I'm a big romantic.

Luke: Then, please! You have to help him. Please. Don't let me just sit here and watch him die.

Zoe: Will you hold it together? I got him the drugs, didn't I? He'll be fine once he takes them.

Luke: Well, what is taking you so long?

Zoe: I told you, we have unfinished business.

Luke: I told you, my mother is going to get you that money. You can buy whatever you like. What more do you want for me?

Zoe: The one thing I can't get from anyone else.

Jade: Well, are you sure it was her?

Alison: She matched the description you gave, and she had a pendant around her neck that was some kind of fish.

Casey: Well, what was she doing up here?

Alison: Stealing meds. She took an antibiotic and something for pain.

Casey: What was she doing that for?

Alison: Maybe it was for one of the people she's working with.

Jade: What if it was for Luke or Noah?

Casey: Do you know where she went?

Alison: I was in the closet.

Casey: Right.

Alison: Hey, what's that? It's a receipt. Looks like it's for some sort of storage locker.

Casey: Maybe someone dropped it.

Alison: Well, it could have been her.

Casey: Well, where is it from?

Jade: Elm and Main?

Casey: Okay. I'll call my mom and let her know. You call Lily and Holden.

Jade: Okay.

Alison: I pray this works.

Lily: Damn it!

Zac: What?

Lily: I accidentally hit the wrong key, and now I've got to start all over.

Zac: Are you kidding me?

Lily: It's complicated, and you're making me nervous, waving that gun in my face! It's not like a regular ATM transaction. It's complicated. It's got all kinds of verifications.

Zac: I don't care! Just do it!

Lily: I'm trying!

[Click in distance]

Zac: Not a sound.

Lily: All right. All right. I'm doing it. It went through. Here. Come see for yourself.

Zac: Write down the confirmation number.

Lily: 509. Here. You shoot me, and they'll hear that. You won't get away.

Holden: Lily! Are you all right?

Lily: Now that you're here.

Holden: What are you doing here?

Lily: One of the kidnappers brought me here to transfer the money.

Holden: Did you?

Lily: But I spoke to Luke! He's alive!

Damian: Lily! Holden! Are you in there? God.

Jade: Lily? Holden? Is anybody in here? What's he doing here?

Casey: He might know where they are.

Damian: Where's Lily?

Jade: I don't know. We just got here, and no one's home.

Damian: We have to call the police station. The Officer outside is dead.

Jade: Does that mean they killed Lily and Holden?

Damian: No, no. They wouldnít. Not yet. Not until they have the money.

Casey: Well, where are they?

Damian: Whoever killed the policeman must have taken Lily, and either Holden's with them or he's looking for her.

Jade: What about Luke and Noah?

Damian: I don't know anything yet.

Casey: We might.

Alison: Jade told us what the kidnapper looked like, and I think she came to the hospital looking for drugs. She might have dropped this.

Damian: Might have?

Casey: We're not sure.

Alison: That's her, and she had that same Pisces pendant!

Damian: She's the one we're looking for.

Casey: What about the storage locker? I know it's not enough to go on.

Damian: Might just be enough.

Luke: Why are you doing this? Why won't you give him the meds?

Zoe: You said you'd do anything if I got you these.

Luke: I will! Now help me wake him up.

Zac: We got it. She transferred the money.

Zoe: Are you sure?

Zac: I checked it three times.

Zoe: We did it, Mama. We got back what was ours.

Luke: Is my mother okay? Did you hurt her?

Zac: She's fine.

Luke: Can you help Noah now?

Zac: Help him how?

Luke: She got him medication.

Zac: Where did these come from?

Zoe: The hospital.

Zac: You went?

Zoe: I had to.

Zac: Why?

Zoe: Because now Lucianoís gonna do what I want.

Zac: Z, I know this is important to you, but they're on to us. We've got our money. Now we need to clean this mess up and get out of here.

Zoe: I have to do this first, Z. For Mama.

Luke: Do what?

Zoe: But you should go.

Zac: Not without you.

Zoe: I'll meet you where we agreed.

Zac: There is not time for this, Z.

Zoe: Just go, Z.

Zac: What about him?

Zoe: I'll deal with them both. See you soon.

Zac: You better.

Zoe: Now go.

Luke: What do you mean? How are you gonna deal with us?

Zoe: According to our agreement. You do what I want, and then I give your boyfriend the drugs.

Luke: You're not gonna kill us?

Zoe: Not if I don't have to.

Luke: You don't have to.

Zoe: Well, that depends.

Luke: What do you want me to do?

Zoe: Don't be so weird, Luciano. It's not gonna hurt. You might actually enjoy it.

Casey: You okay?

Alison: Yeah. I'm really glad you called your mother and didn't go running off with Damian.

Casey: Surprised me, too.

Alison: It was the right thing to do, Case. That woman at the hospital, I can't get her eyes out of my head. She looked like she could just kill someone without even blinking.

Casey: You're safe here with me.

Alison: I'm sorry that I was such a jerk before.

Casey: Which time?

Alison: When I told you not to help Jade.

Casey: You thought it was pointless, and you were right.

Alison: Our friends are in trouble. I should have dropped everything, and I should have focused on that.

Casey: You found the clue that might lead us to them.

Alison: Yeah, but only because I didn't go with you. Case, I don't know why I'm so afraid to say yes to everything.

Casey: Maybe you're too smart to act without thinking like some people you know.

Alison: Well, you didn't this time. Not with Damian.

Casey: I learned from you.

Alison: Maybe I need to learn from you.

Casey: I'm happy to share my vast store of wisdom.

Holden: Damian, you in there? I don't think he's here.

Lily: All right. Let's take the security tapes from worldwide over to the police station. Maybe he can recognize the guy.

Holden: You know what? Maybe I should just take you home first, and then I'll go to Margo.

Lily: No, I can't go home and just sit there, Holden! Not when Luke and Noah --

Holden: They're okay. They're okay. We'll find them. All right. All right, let's go to Margo.

Lily: I'll text Damian, make sure he brings the picture of that girl.

Zoe: He's sleeping like a baby.

Luke: He's unconscious. He might be in a coma. Please, Zoe. You have to give him the medicine. I will do whatever you want.

Zoe: You got it backwards. He gets the drugs after I'm done with you.

Luke: We have wasted too much time already.

Zoe: I'm calling the shots here, okay? If you want your boyfriend to get the drugs, then shut up and do what I say.

Luke: What the hell do you want from me?

Zoe: Justice.

Luke: From me? What did I ever do to you?

Zoe: My mother was murdered, denied her rightful inheritance because they told her she wasn't legitimate. They didn't want her to be a real Grimaldi. They didn't even want her to live.

Luke: I can't change that.

Zoe: You -- you're the golden boy, Luciano. The Grimaldis handed over a fortune to you, even after you spit on them.

Luke: Yeah.

Zoe: And you took that money, didn't you?

Luke: Yeah, and I used it to help people, and now I've given it to you. What more do you want?

Zoe: I want my mother's rights restored to her!

Luke: She's dead, Zoe!

Zoe: Then what's hers should go to her descendents.

Luke: You mean you?

Zoe: No. My children.

Luke: I can't tell the Grimaldis who should inherit anything. They told me.

Zoe: They already decided you're the principle heir, so your firstborn will be, as well.

Luke: So what?

Zoe: So I want your firstborn to be mine. That's the deal, Luciano. If you want me to save your boyfriend, you give me your baby.

Zac: Touch that door, and you're a dead man.

Damian: Where's my son?

Zac: Inside. But he's busy. Don't worry, though. What he's doing is gonna make you a happy man.

Zoe: Our child will be a Taurus, patient and loving, but forceful and sometimes self-indulgent.

Luke: I can't get you pregnant.

Zoe: It's the right time of my cycle. I made sure.

Luke: That's not the issue.

Zoe: You're not sterile, are you?

Luke: No.

Zoe: Then trust me. There's no problem I can't solve.

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