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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/22/09

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Katie: Welcome to "Author's Corner" with psychic Myra Haft. Now, this is interesting. I didn't realize that psychics had specialties. Some are into ghosts, and some are all about past lives.

Myra: Some of the brave ones even take on the stock market. [Laughs]

Katie: And what is your specialty?

Myra: Babies.

Katie: Oh. That's fascinating. Newborns, toddlers?

Myra: Yet to be born babies. I can sense when a couple's expecting, the sex of the baby, and whether they're reincarnated spirits.

Katie: Oh, okay. Well, in that case, do you see anything about me?

Myra: I -- I'm not getting anything. Are -- are you expecting?

Katie: I am, but through a surrogate.

Myra: Oh. My gift only works with biological parents. But congratulations. I wish you tremendous luck.

Katie: I will take it. To read an excerpt from Myra's wonderful book, please visit our website. And remember, it's earth day. Take care of your planet. We'll be right back.

Brad: And we're out.

Katie: Hey, that's the stage manager's job!


Brad: I know. I have always wanted to say that. And by the way, the director says that you are good to go.

Katie: Okay. Oh, Myra, this is Brad, my baby's daddy.

Brad: Hello.

Myra: You're not gonna trip me up on that one again. He's not the biological father. Right?

Brad: Yeah. Actually, I am.

Myra: You're kidding?

Vienna: Look at the colors for summer.

Lisa: Yeah.

Vienna: Aren't they beautiful, Honey?

Henry: Sure they are. Well, I'm gonna head over to Metro, get some --

Vienna: No, no, no! You can't leave! No. I need your expert opinion.

Henry: Ah -- baby decisions are not my territory. That's for you, Brad, and Katie.

Vienna: Oh, come on. Just one outfit, please? Please.

Henry: Okay.

Lisa: Henry, my dear, you are a very noble young man to allow your beloved to carry a baby for someone else.

Henry: Yeah, well, you're telling me. I went from hot and sexy to Ė


Lisa: Oh, come on! Be brave.


Henry: Hmm.

Vienna: So -- what do you think?

Henry: Well, that's -- wow. I never thought I'd say this, but, um --

Vienna: What, you hate it?

Henry: Hate it? No, I -- I love it. You never looked more beautiful in your life.

Katie: You didn't get a sense that Brad's the father? Why not?

Brad: Because this psychic stuff, no offense -- I mean, it's kind of a crock.

Katie: Brad, don't be rude.

Brad: Vienna's pregnant with my baby. We have the doctor bills to prove it. Who needs a psychic?

Katie: Why do you think you didn't get any "Daddy" signals from Brad?

Myra: I don't know. You know, clairvoyance isn't foolproof. Sometimes I do get it wrong.

Brad: What did I tell you?

Myra: But if you'll read my book, you'll see I'm often right.

Brad: I'm sure you are. It's nice meeting you. Ready to go?

Katie: I did read the book, and our research here on Myra's success rate is off the charts. I'm sorry. I don't mean to grill you, but I just want to make sure everything's okay. Do you think there's something wrong with the baby? Is that why you're not sensing anything?

Brad: Katie, come on.

Myra: No, no, no, no. I'm sure the baby's just fine. It's probably something as simple as the fact that I'm seeing Brad out of context, with you instead of the woman who's carrying the child.

Katie: So you're just getting mixed signals?

Myra: Perhaps. You know, if Brad and the mother were standing here together, I'd get a better reading.

Katie: Oh, well, in that case, let's -- let us take you out for a drink.

Brad: Why?

Katie: So Myra can meet Vienna, and you can tell us what you see. Please.

Myra: Well, I certainly owe you a favor for agreeing to stay late when my plane was delayed.

Katie: So you'll do it?

Myra: I would be delighted.

Katie: Oh, thank you so much. Let's go.


Brad: Oh, boy.

Holden: You heard what Margo said. You cannot pay the ransom.

Lily: If we want to get Luke and Noah back, we have to give the kidnappers what they want!

Holden: Or it's the surest way to get them killed. Listen, we need to let the police handle this. Maybe Margo can get something more out of Damian.

Lily: Why do you keep harping on Damian?

Holden: Just because Damian was in custody when Luke was taken doesn't mean he's innocent. He has people out there helping him.

Lily: I don't care! If we give them the money, who cares who did what? Luke and Noah will be home!

Holden: You want to give them the money? Fine. Who are you gonna give it to? Damian? That's the first name that popped into your head, isn't it?

Lily: Just because you keep talking about him.

Holden: What are you doing?

Lily: I'm gonna look at this last note. Maybe there's a clue as to who they are or where I can give them the money. There's nothing. There's nothing.

Holden: Lily --

Lily: Why don't they just tell me where I can meet them and give them the money? I want my son back! God, Holden, I want my son back!

Margo: So you can't tell me where Luke or Noah are, you can't tell me which rival faction of your family may have taken them, but you want me to let you go, and then you're going to lead me directly to the guilty party?

Damien: I'm not saying I can find them right away. But I have contacts, Margo. People will talk to me that won't talk to you.

Margo: Grimaldi people?

Damian: Yes. I can get messages to members of the family, and they will lead me to the right places.

Margo: I'm sure that you know your family very well, Damian. But I know you, and I can't dismiss the possibility that you are the one behind this.

Damian: How could I have kidnapped Luke when you kept me locked up in here?

Margo: Because you said yourself you have connections! You have contacts! You easily could have arranged Luke's kidnapping from your jail cell.

Damian: If I'm so powerful, what good is it going to do to keep me here?

Margo: I'll sleep better.

Damian: Margo, my son and his friend -- they mean nothing to these people. They will kill them unless I can stop them. You have to let me go.

Margo: Until you're arraigned and bail is set, you're not going anywhere.

Damian: But we can't wait that long, Margo!

Lily: I keep imagining that knock on the door and Margo standing there and telling us --

Holden: They're alive.

Lily: How do you know?

Holden: Because no money has exchanged hands yet. They need to keep Luke and Noah alive in order to get the payoff.

Lily: Where are you going?

Holden: I'm gonna go see if I can find any of Luke's friends, see if they've seen him, heard anything.

Lily: I'll go with you.

Holden: No, no, no. You need to stay here in case the kidnappers call. If I find anything out, I'll call you.

Vienna: Ah!

Henry: I can't keep my hands off of you. What's happening?


Vienna: Lust.

Lisa: No, don't be silly. Look where his hand is. No, if a man has lust on his mind, believe me, he would be groping other places.


Lisa: Yeah, so this is definitely love.

Henry: Yeah, yeah. That's got to be it. Yeah.

Lisa: Well, obviously, the outfit is -- it's a winner. So would you like -- how about another?

Vienna: Yes, yes, yes.

Lisa: Okay, okay, good.

Vienna: Another.

Lisa: Yes, all right.

Vienna: Come with me?

Henry: Uh, yeah. Can I?

Lisa: Sure. Why not?

Henry: Drop it!

Vienna: Oh!

Henry: You're so sexy pregnant! I'm so turned on!

Vienna: Me too! You're wonderful!

Lisa: Uh, how's it going in there? You need another size?

Vienna: No, no, the size is perfect.

Henry: We're doing great!

Vienna: Oh!

Lisa: Carry on.

Katie: This is where Vienna works. She's our surrogate. She and her partner run this place, but I don't see them.

Brad: Are Henry and Vienna in the back?

Bartender: No, they're not here yet.

Brad: Well, Henry said they were working here tonight.

Bartender: I guess they got hung up.

Brad: Ah! Well, you know, we tried. I guess we'll have to make a psychic connection some other time.

Katie: Well, you don't have to rush off, do you?

Brad: Well, Katie, she -- she's on a book tour. You got to be tired, right?

Katie: You can stay a little longer, Myra.

Myra: If it's important to you.

Brad: We don't know when they're gonna show up.

Katie: You'll know when you call them. Come on. Let's get you a drink. It doesn't affect your psychic powers, does it?

Myra: No.

[Vienna moaning]

[Cell phone rings]

Vienna: The phone's ringing. Answer before Lisa comes back to see what's going on.

Henry: Yeah?

Brad: Where are you guys?

Henry: We're in the middle of something really important here.

Brad: You said you were gonna be at Metro tonight.

Henry: Yeah, we are. We're coming as soon as we can.

Vienna: Mm!

Damian: Is there any news, Lily?

Lily: Not yet. May I speak to Damian alone?

Margo: I'll be right outside.

Damian: What's happened? Why are you here?

Lily: I need to discuss something with you.

Damian: What is it?

Lily: I've decided to pay the ransom.

Damian: Have you heard from the kidnappers again? Did they give you an amount?

Lily: No.

Damian: Did they tell you where to deliver the money?

Lily: Not yet, but I want to be ready. Margo thinks I should wait, but I canít. I have to know in my heart that I'm doing everything I can to get Luke and Noah out of there as quickly as possible. Problem is Holden.

Damian: Holden agrees with Margo?

Lily: He thinks giving the money is giving up our leverage. But if it's the only way we can save Luke --

Damian: Holden's right.

Lily: You think I should stand by and let some kidnapper do God knows what to our son?

Damian: Lily, these people want money and no chance of prosecution. It doesn't matter if they collect the ransom. They won't want to leave any witnesses behind.

Lily: What should we do?

Damian: I've got to find out who got them.

Lily: Well, what do you need? How can I help you?

Damian: I need my freedom. Talk to Margo. Convince her.

Lily: Damian, the first ransom note was written on your stationary. There's no way Margo's gonna let you go.

Damian: We have to find a way, Lily.


Lily: If there was anything I could do to help --

Damian: Perhaps there is something.

Margo: I thought you went back home.

Holden: Waiting around was getting to me, so I decided to go and talk of Luke's friends to see if they knew anything about where he was headed before he disappeared.

Margo: Any luck?

Holden: I'm back to Damian. Is he still a prime suspect?

Margo: He's all I've got. Of course, Lily doesn't think so.

Holden: Did she call you?

Margo: No. She's in here talking to him now.

Holden: What the hell are you doing?

Lisa: Henry, my dear, are you all right? You seem a little warm.

Henry: Everything's great, Lisa. Thanks.


Lisa: There she comes. Both of you look a little overheated. Oh, Dear, maybe I should go and then kind of turn down the heat, huh?

Vienna: No, no. No, don't -- don't do a thing. We adore your dressing room.

Henry: Yes.

Lisa: That's good. Oops!


Lisa: Yes, well, do come again.

Henry: We will.

Damian: You're overreacting. Lily was just trying to help our son.

Holden: Just stay out of this! You were supposed to stay at home and wait to hear from the kidnappers.

Lily: I couldn't stand waiting any more than you could.

Holden: I was out doing something productive, talking to Luke's friends, but you were here with Damian. Why?

Margo: Perhaps the two of you should go home.

Holden: Yeah, maybe we should. Call us if you hear anything.

Margo: Of course I will. Um, I'm sorry. There's something both of you should remember.

Lily: What's that?

Margo: You didn't cause this, either of you. Try not to be so hard on each other.

Katie: Maybe you should call him again.

Brad: Just relax. I'm sure they'll be here any minute, walking through that door.

Myra: Think they just did.

Katie: Hi!

Myra: Well, I don't need to be a psychic to see that you're the surrogate mother. Yes, now I'm feeling it. You're the -- I'm so sorry. We haven't even been introduced.

Katie: Oh, Myra, this is Vienna, and Henry is her partner.

Vienna: In all ways.

Myra: It's nice to meet you. I'm sorry. I really can't stay.

Katie: What's wrong?

Myra: I, um -- you know, a couple of sips of wine, and the jet lag just kicked in.

Katie: Well, you were feeling fine before Henry and Vienna showed up. You sensed something, didn't you?

Myra: Not necessarily.

Henry: What's going on?

Katie: Don't you have some sort of Hippocratic Oath against hit-and-run ESP?

Myra: If I wasn't so tired --

Katie: You can't feel something about our baby and then just run off before telling us what it is.

Katie: Is there something wrong with the baby?

Vienna: No, of course not. Why are you asking her that?

Katie: Because she knows something that she's not telling us. What is it?

Henry: Katie -- Katie, you're upsetting Vienna, all right?

Vienna: No. Why would she know anything about the baby?

Brad: She's a psychic.

Katie: Don't say it like it's nothing. She specializes in predicting things about unborn babies.

Myra: But I'm not a doctor, and if -- if Vienna is going to an O.B. regularly and she's been told all is well, then I'm sure it is.

Katie: So you can't see anything?

Myra: It's difficult.

Katie: Well, we'll try another way.

Henry: Why -- why are we trying this at all?

Katie: I read in your book that if the auras aren't clear, you can do a tarot card reading.

Myra: Cards can be useful.

Katie: Well, let's do that then. Can you do a reading?

Vienna: No, no. I don't want to.

Katie: Why not?

Henry: Because it's -- it's a gimmick. It's a trick. Why waste our time?

Katie: Because I don't feel like it's wasting time to find out things about the baby that I'm gonna raise and live with for the next 18 years.

Brad: Or longer. And if it's a girl, I'm not gonna let her get married till she's at what, at least 30?

Katie: Will you please just humor me? If you don't believe in it, then what's the harm?

Henry: I -- I don't think it's a good idea. That's all.

Brad: Okay, can we all just -- can we all just kind of please go along with this? I know my wife, when she's got a bug up her -- I mean -- I mean once Katie is concerned, you know, it's -- can we just help her to feel better, please? Let's play some cards.

Henry: Sure.

Katie: Okay. Here. Brad, come sit next to me.

Holden: You lied to me, Lily.

Lily: I thought Damian might have some information that could help us. And some of what he said makes sense. If we could just help get him out of jail --

Holden: Help him? Damian is where he belongs.

Lily: Well, it is possible that someone else is responsible.

Holden: Who, who?

Lily: We're a wealthy family, Holden. That alone makes --

Holden: They took Noah first. This is about punishing Luke. And that's exactly what your ex-husband does. I'm sorry I -- keep saying things like that. Maybe if we just don't talk about Damian at all --

Lily: All right.

Holden: You want some tea? I'll get us some tea.

Lily: Tea would be nice.


Myra: Who wants to start?

Vienna: Oh. She's beautiful.

Henry: Yeah! That -- that's not a surprise at all. The cards represent us, right?

Myra: Oh, you studied the tarot.

Henry: I know about it. Doesn't mean I necessarily believe in it.

Katie: What does Vienna's card mean?

Myra: That's the empress card. She heralds conception, or the birth of a child.

Katie: See? It works. Okay, me next.

Myra: Ah, the lovers.

Brad: Well, you don't have to explain that. I think we've pretty much got that covered.

Myra: Well, it doesn't just stand for the love you two share. It stands for love in all its forms.

Katie: Well, we already love the baby, and we love Henry and Vienna for helping us start a family.

Vienna: Okay. Brad --

[Vienna clears throat]

Vienna: What did you get?

Brad: Uh -- the king of cups. It's good to be the king.

Myra: It's the sign of the seducer.

Katie: Oh, well, you got that right.

Myra: He has an air of innocence about him, but he thrives on the company of women.

Brad: Well, that was the old me. I'm a one-woman king now.

Henry: Okay. Uh, here goes nothing.

Myra: The fool.

Henry: Aha! Thank you, friends -- and lovers.

Brad: Come on, Henry. When the card's right, you know they're right.

Myra: It's actually -- it's not what you think. The fool actually stands for new beginnings. And he's almost always hiding something.

Katie: What are you hiding?

Henry: Actually, uh -- I do have a -- a deep, dark secret that I haven't been able to share with you guys.

Katie: What is it?

Henry: It is that, uh, this tarot game is over. Vienna and I -- we have to go.

Lily: "Get the money. Wrap it in newspaper. We will tell you where to leave it tomorrow. Be ready." Tomorrow.

Holden: Put some cookies on the tray in case you're hungry.

Lily: Thanks.

Holden: What? What is it?

Lily: I love you so much.

Holden: I love you, too.

Lily: But, Holden, you have to understand that I can't stop thinking if we do nothing, we lose Luke.

Holden: We wonít.

Lily: We wonít. I'm not really hungry, but -- I think we should have something more substantial than cookies.

Holden: Okay. Want to split a turkey sandwich?

Lily: Yeah. Yeah, that'd be great.

Holden: All right. I'll be right back.

Holden: Lily, I'm just wondering if you wanted -- Lily?

Lisa: Oh, it's Lily! What are you doing here?

Lily: I, uh -- I need to talk to Lenny Arnold.

Lisa: Oh, Honey, he's not here tonight. His son's in a play. What? What is it? What's wrong?

Lily: I need to look at some security tapes. Who has Lenny's keys?

Lisa: I do. But why do you need the tapes?

Lily: I just -- I need them, Lisa.

Lisa: Honey, just come over here. Tell me -- you know you can tell me anything. What is it?

Lily: Luke and Noah have been kidnapped.

Lisa: No!

Lily: And Damian is the prime suspect.

Lisa: No -- Damian? I can't believe that.

Lily: I -- I know. I don't believe it, either. But I need his help, so I need to prove that he's not involved.

Lisa: Oh, I see. And that's why you need the tapes? You think that will help you prove it?

Lily: Yeah. I need to see who went in and out of his room.

Lisa: Ah. When?

Lily: Anytime this last week. Uh, I think that somebody stole his stationary and used it to write a ransom note.

Lisa: Come on. Let's just go look.

Holden: Oh, hi. I thought you were Lily.

Lucinda: No, no. It's just me. It's just me, your annoying mother-in-law. Now, I know that you said that you would call me if there was any news, but I -- I'm just going stark-raving mad, and my imagination is working overtime, and I'm inflicting myself on you. What's the matter? There has been news. It's bad?

Holden: No, no, no. There's -- there's no news at all. Nothing about Luke and Noah, I swear.

Lucinda: Come off it, Holden. I've known you since you were 15 years old! Don't think that there's anything you can put over on me!

Holden: Aren't you supposed to have radiation this week?

Lucinda: Oh, come on. Please, don't change the subject.

Holden: You have to be wiped out, and you're driving yourself around?

Lucinda: I'm not driving myself around. I'm being driven around. And I'm sick and tired of people telling me what I should do night and day! There's a family calamity, and what am I supposed to do? I'm supposed to get on my fainting couch and fan my --

Holden: I know you're worried. We all are. But you have enough on your plate right now. You don't need to worry.

Lucinda: Honey, I want the children in my house --

Holden: What?

Lucinda: The -- the kids. I want Natalie and -- and Faith and Ethan. They're at your mother's right now.

Holden: Yeah, yeah. Lily and I thought it would best to keep them out of the fray.

Lucinda: Absolutely. I couldn't agree with you more. And it's been wonderful for your mother, and I'm -- I'm sure it's very gratifying. There's nothing worse than feeling completely useless at a time like this!

Holden: Oh, come on. You're anything but useless.

Lucinda: Well, I want to do more! And I -- I need the kids. And it's my turn. So I'm sending the car to pick them up at Emmaís tomorrow, and that's that.

Holden: Okay, all right.

Lucinda: All right.

Holden: I'll talk to Lily about it.

Lucinda: Okay. Where is she, by the way? She doesn't call me.

Holden: I don't know.


Lucinda: You don't know?

Holden: You know, I -- it seems like we've been at odds on everything lately, even paying the ransom. I'm with Margo. I think if we pay it, we lose our leverage. But Lily -- she wants to pay it, and she thinks that -- forget it.

Lucinda: What? She thinks what?

Holden: She thinks that Damian is gonna find a way out of this. If you ask me, he's done nothing but cause this family misery ever since he showed up here.

Lucinda: Is he still insisting that it's some unknown member of his family that's engineered all this?

Holden: If you ask me, I think he's the one who engineered the whole thing. Somehow, he's managed to get Lily to trust him.


Lucinda: And it's a good thing Margo has him and to keep him for the duration. I sure as hell don't trust Damian. Neither should Lily.

Henry: Well, it was nice meeting you, Myra.

Katie: Well, wait. She didn't even tell us anything about the baby yet. You could have waited before you scooped up the cards like that.

Henry: You're right. I'm sorry. Did you have anything else you wanted to add?

Myra: Just that I don't really know anything you don't know yourselves.

Henry: Well, look at the time. Uh, Vienna and I have to get back to Al's. Sorry.

Brad: I thought you were working here tonight.

Vienna: Well, we were, but, um --

Henry: They were shorthanded tonight. They actually called us on the way over here and we forgot about it with all the -- the fun and games. So, uh, we got to go. We'll -- we'll see you guys. Okay?

Vienna: Yeah. Uh, nice meeting you.

Katie: Wait. Do you have anything else you want to tell me?

Myra: Yes, I do.

Brad: What is it?

Myra: As much as I believe in my psychic abilities, there's no replacement for doing what your own instincts tell you. Trust your instincts, Katie.

Brad: My instincts are telling me that we should go home and be lovers.

Katie: And my instincts are saying that something's wrong.

Lily: See right here?

Margo: Well, you know, I can't tell if that's a man or a woman.

Lily: Well, he or she is going into Damian's room. See the room number?

Margo: Yeah. It's certainly not a maid.

Lily: Proving that someone got into his room, stole the stationary that the ransom notes were written on. And look at the date.

Margo: Yeah, that's two days before the first ransom note.

Lily: Proving that someone set Damian up!

Margo: Or proving that he hired someone as an alibi.

Damian: Lily, you found something?

Margo: Damian, come here. Do you know who that is?

Damian: That's the person who kidnapped my son?

Margo: Just tell me. If you know who it is, just tell me.

Damian: I can't tell who it is, but -- as soon as I'm released, you can be sure I'll find him.

Lily: This proves that someone else wrote the ransom notes.


Margo: It's not conclusive evidence.

Damian: But it is evidence.

Lily: Margo, please!

Margo: All right, all right, all right, all right! This combined with everything else, it's looking more and more like Damian didn't do the kidnapping. You are free to go, but please don't leave town.

Damian: Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere until Luke and -- and Noah are safely home.

Margo: All right. I'm gonna have to see the other tapes from the Lakeview.

Lily: Yes. Lisa is waiting for your call. She'll help you with anything you need.

Margo: All right. Thank you. Damian, if you do find your mysterious visitor, please call me before you do anything stupid.

Damian: Of course. I have to go to the hotel first.

Lily: I can't go anywhere with you, Damian! Holden doesn't even know I left. I need to go home.

Damian: Now? We're so close. Lily --

Lily: Promise me that you'll call me when you find out who's behind this.

Damian: I will, I promise.

Lily: And there's something else. This came today.

Damian: They want you to deliver the money tomorrow. Did you tell Margo about this?

Lily: No.

Damian: Holden?

Lily: I know what they'll say. I'm telling you, Damian, if you can't find out who did this by tonight, I am paying that ransom tomorrow. I don't give a damn what anybody has to say!

Brad: Katie, you met this woman what, like a couple of hours ago? And all of a sudden, she becomes the super information highway about our baby?

Katie: She just had a strange look on her face, didn't she? I'm afraid that she sensed something disturbing and she didn't want to tell us 'cause she didn't want to upset us.

Brad: You are such a worrier.

Katie: Do you have any genetic defects in your background?

Brad: What are you talking about?

Katie: Like any -- any, um, conditions or diseases that the baby could inherit?

Brad: Mm -- no. I mean, not that I'm aware of, no.

Katie: What about Vienna?

Brad: Are you kidding? Vienna's a horse. I mean, she's got like what, 20 brothers, and they're all healthy, and all their kids are healthy.

Katie: Well, at least we don't have to worry about the baby inheriting any of Henry's traits. His family's a little -- you know, he has that sister with all of those mental problems.

Brad: How long are you gonna be obsessing about this?

Katie: Until I know that there's nothing wrong with our baby.

Brad: Okay, we're gonna ask Vienna to take some tests -- the kind of tests they can do when the baby is still percolating.

Katie: What are we gonna do if something's wrong?

Brad: We're gonna love the baby no matter what happens, right?

Katie: Absolutely right.

Brad: Right.


Katie: Do you think Vienna will do it?

Brad: Let's ask her.

Katie: Okay.

Brad: Okay.

Myra: Hello again.

Vienna: Myra --

Henry: Uh, um -- excuse me. Welcome to Al's. Can I get you a menu?

Myra: I'm not staying. I've already seen everything I need to see.

Henry: Is that a fact?

Myra: Sometimes the cards tell me more than I want to know and I choose to be discreet.

Henry: We appreciate that.

Myra: You're good people, and you have nothing to fear from me, but I do feel compelled to remind you that no matter how careful you are, secrets have a way of revealing themselves. By the way, Henry, your fool card was inverted.

Vienna: What does that mean?

Myra: A new start, and regrets if you don't embrace it.

Vienna: You're not a fool. She is. She's the fool. And she's wrong -- wrong, wrong, wrong.

Henry: No, Vienna, she's not. She's not.

Lily: What are you doing?

Holden: Just fixing the wheel on Ethan's favorite truck.

Lily: Don't you want to know where I went?

Holden: I know where you went. I spoke to Margo.

Lily: I'm sorry for running out on you, Holden, but I had to get Damian out of jail so that he could help Luke.

Holden: Good for you.

Lily: Please. I wanted to talk to you. I would have talked to you. I just couldn't fight about it anymore.

Holden: Luke is my son.

Lily: Of course he is.

Holden: I love him. I raised him.

Lily: I know that.

Holden: His life is at stake here, and what do you do? You shut me out, and you run to Damian.

Lily: Damian has information that no one else has. We need him, Holden. If we're gonna find Luke and Noah, we need him. Why -- why can't you see that? Why --

Holden: Because Luke and Noah aren't the only ones that I'm worried about here.

Lily: Don't go! Please, don't go! Wait. Talk to me. Talk to me.

Holden: How can you trust him?

Lily: I have to. Luke needs him.

Holden: Look, we nearly lost Luke because of Damian's crazy family. If you think that Damian's right, if you think that one of his relatives is doing this --

Lily: They'll hurt him. Don't you see that's why I had to do everything I could? Why are you so angry with me? Why don't you understand?

Holden: Because I'm not only worried about Luke and Noah, I'm worried about you. Every time you go see Damian, you make yourself a target. I'm worried about losing you. That doesn't make me happy. It terrifies me.

Lisa: Look at this beautiful scrapbook of Eduardoís. I've just found it.

Damian: Lucky for us, you never throw anything away.

Lisa: Yes. I loved your cousin very much, and all of his things are so precious to me.

Damian: What are these?

Lisa: Mainly newspaper clippings from a long time ago, Grimaldi family events.

Damian: "Woman claiming Grimaldi fortune found murdered."

Lisa: Huh? That sounds famil -- let me see the picture. May I see it?

Damian: Yeah. Do you recognize her? I donít.

Lisa: No. I -- I can't say that -- look at that. What is that strange thing she's got around her neck? It looks like a -- a zodiac pendant or something.

Damian: It's Pisces. It's the sign of Pisces.

Lisa: Pisces? Does that mean something to you?

Damian: Well, Noah said that the user name of the person who broke into the foundation computer was P-E-S-C-I, Pesci, and that's Italian for Pisces.

Lisa: Well, they kidnapped because he knew something.

Damian: No. If they just wanted the money, the ransom, they wouldn't have needed Noah. They could have gone straight to Luke. But Noah must have been on to something. And I think this Pisces might be the clue, and the way to stop them. Thank you, Lisa.

Lisa: Oh, yes.

Lily: I wish I could promise I won't take any chances.

Holden: You can't help it. And I can't help wanting to keep you safe. Use Damian if you have to.

Lily: Thank you.

Holden: Just promise me one thing. No more secrets. Because that is the one thing that will tear us apart. What is it?

Lily: This came just before I slipped out.

Holden: A ransom demand?

Lily: That's why I had to get Damian released. We're running out of time, Holden.

Henry: You heard the psychic. Big secrets like this have a way of coming out.

Vienna: You don't believe in psychics!

Henry: I know, but it makes common sense, right? We've got to tell Brad and Katie the truth before they find out some other way.

Vienna: No, no, no. We can't do that. They'll be devastated.

Henry: It's a lie, Vienna! I -- I'm the baby's father, not Brad!

Vienna: No, but it -- it doesn't matter! We promised them a baby -- this -- this baby! We -- we can't change our minds!

Katie: Hi.

Henry: Hey, hey, guys.

Katie: You're upset.

Vienna: No, no. Its hormones.

Henry: Yeah. We talk about changing the napkins, and she bursts into tears.

Vienna: Yeah, I'm fine.

Katie: Okay, good, 'cause we have something to ask you.

Henry: Is this about Myra?

Katie: Yeah, I'm sorry that I had her do that reading.

Henry: Yeah. That was kind of a bust, wasn't it?

Vienna: Nothing of what she said means anything.

Katie: In my head I know that, but in my heart, I'm worried, so would you do us a favor?

Vienna: Of course. Anything for you. We love you, and this is your baby.

Brad: See? I told you that she'd be cool with it.

Katie: Good, 'cause Brad and I were just wondering if you would take a genetic test, just so that we can make sure that everything's okay.

Brad: I mean, just to find out if, you know, there's anything in either one of our families that we need to be concerned about. Although I'm sure that there isnít.

Henry: That is a good idea.

Vienna: Out of the question.

Holden: Did you show this to Margo?

Lily: She would have tried to stop me from paying the ransom.

Holden: Because paying the ransom --

Lily: Doesn't guarantee we'll get them back. I know that. That's why I got Damian's help. But if he's not successful, I am paying that ransom. I can't wait any longer. Don't fight me on this!

Holden: I won't, but I think Margo needs to see the note.

Lily: What good would that do?

Holden: Lily, would you ever forgive yourself if we held back something that might be a clue that would help her out?

Lily: I'll call her.

Holden: No, you know what? I'll just go down to the station myself. It will be quicker.

Lily: And this time, I will wait here for you, I promise.

[Doorbell rings]

Damian: I waited for Holden to leave. I didn't want to cause you more trouble.

Lily: Then you shouldn't be sneaking around.

Damian: Lily, I think my hunch paid off.

Katie: We really thought you'd be okay with this.

Brad: It's just a few tests.

Vienna: Yeah, but -- but these tests -- won't they hurt the baby?

Katie: No, no! We would never endanger the baby.

Brad: Yeah. Nothing's gonna happen to our kid.

Katie: But this way, we'll know everything we need to know.

Vienna: No, no. I don't want to do it.

Henry: Hey, hey, Brad and Katie -- it's their baby. If they want to do this, who are we to say no?

[Clears throat]

Vienna: Okay. If the doctor says its fine and its safe, I'll take the tests.

Katie: Oh, great. Thank you so much. Okay, we'll see you at home.

Henry: Okay. All right.

Vienna: Why did you force me to agree to take those tests?

Henry: This is the perfect solution to our problem.

Vienna: They're gonna find out that you are the father.

Henry: Yeah, maybe, but if they do, they'll find out from a doctor and not from us!

Vienna: And how is that gonna help?

Henry: Because -- because we -- we can act just as surprised at the news as they are! We don't have to tell them we've been keeping the secret for weeks.

Vienna: Yeah, but they'll still be devastated, and they're gonna feel that they've lost another baby!

Henry: But we're not the ones that have to tell them. Sweetie, trust me. Trust me, this is the better way.

Brad: Do -- do you feel better now?

Katie: I'm worried about Henry and Vienna.

Brad: Oh!


Brad: I just got you to stop worrying about the baby, and now you're worrying about Henry and Vienna.

Katie: Weren't they acting a little strange to you?

Brad: Henry is always strange, and Vienna probably just didn't want to -- she wasn't excited about doing any more tests. Will you please relax? Relax?

Katie: I will try.

Brad: I -- I promise, promise in a few months, we are gonna have a beautiful baby that's half mine and all yours.

Katie: I hope so.

Brad: I know so. And I'm the king. So --

Damian: Who are you calling?

Lily: Holden so he can come back.

Damian: And stop us? No.

Lily: He and I talked, and we agreed that we cannot keep secrets from each other anymore.

Damian: Even if it means working with me?

Lily: He'll let you do what you can, but you need to tell us both.

Damian: You know, Lily, I'm happy you and Holden have resolved your differences, but this is about Luciano, so I'm sorry. Whatever deal you've made with your husband, I don't care.

Lily: That's not your choice to make!

Damian: Lily, I think I found a way to expose the people who kidnapped our son.

Lily: You did? That's -- that's wonderful! Well, when Holden gets back --

Damian: Holden can't know about this! He'll never let you do what has to be done.

Lily: You can't be sure of that.

Damian: Can you be certain I'm wrong?

Lily: I'm not gonna break a promise to my husband.

Damian: Fine. The note says to send, uh, instruction for the ransom drop tomorrow. You'll have until then.

Lily: To do what?

Damian: To decide if our son's life is worth risking your marriage or not.

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