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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 4/3/09

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Henry: Are you practicing new dance moves?

Vienna: No, I'm practicing looking more pregnant.

Henry: Ah.

Vienna: Katie and Brad are going to expect me to be showing more.

Henry: Not necessarily.

Vienna: No, if I had gotten pregnant with the first in vitro, I'd be at least a month further along.

Henry: Well, some women don't start showing till their second trimester, especially if it's their first baby.

Vienna: How do you know? Have you been reading about babies?

Henry: I got a lot of sisters, remember? Maybe there's an easier way.

Vienna: You know what, maybe I could get one of those fake baby bumps.

Henry: Yeah, or maybe you could tell Brad and Katie that you lost the baby you were carrying for them.

Vienna: No, no, that would make them too sad. And besides, I'm pregnant again, so they'll get the baby they want, so why complicate it?

Henry: Because it's not the baby that you and Brad made.

Vienna: I know, it's the baby you and I made. But you know Katie. She will never take the baby unless she thought Brad's the father, so this is the way we have to do it. [Sighs]

Henry: Well, I wouldn't worry about looking more pregnant, because unless Katie's got some x-ray glasses and can see the baby in utero, she's not gonna have any idea that it's not theirs.

[Knock on door]

Henry: Katie.

Katie: Hi.

Henry: Hey.

Katie: Oh, good, you're dressed. We have to go.

Vienna: Oh, are we shopping for baby clothes?

Katie: No, we're going to the hospital.

Henry: Someone sick?

Katie: No, no, you just know how excited I've been, or I was, to see the first sonogram picture.

Vienna: Yes, you wanted to make the baby book.

Katie: Right, and since we had the problem with the first sonogram, I made another appointment.

Henry: How industrious of you.

Katie: This time, I'll be right next to you to watch and see how our baby has grown.

Henry: We can't go.

Katie: Why not?

Henry: We're just -- we're -- we're busy.

Katie: Doing what?

Henry: We're doing --

Katie: Oh, whatever it is, it can wait. Let's go see our baby!


Liberty: Hey.

Brad: How's my little girl?

Liberty: Hi. Oh, Dad, can you --

Brad: Oh!

Liberty: I'm not your little girl. Dad, I'm not your little girl anymore, okay?

Brad: Sorry.

Liberty: And I'm a married woman now.

Brad: Yeah, uh -- that's something I want to talk to you about.

Liberty: Yeah, it's good, because I wanted to talk to you about something, too.

Brad: Great! Okay, you know what? You know what? I knew that you'd be back soon, after you had some time to think things through. Do you want to know why? You want to know why?

Liberty: Why?

Brad: Because you are smart.

Liberty: Oh.

Brad: Okay, you want to -- have you had breakfast yet? You want some cereal?

Liberty: No.

Brad: You want chocolate or frosted?

Liberty: Not hungry.

Brad: I don't want you to apologize. You don't have to apologize.

Liberty: Dad, I'm --

Brad: I know exactly how it is. I understand. I was a kid once myself. I know what it's like to make stupid mistakes that you regret and feel like there's no way out.

Liberty: No, Dad.

Brad: But there is -- there is for you, because I'm there for you and I always will be, and your is right there. We haven't touched a thing.

Liberty: Dad --

Brad: And as soon as you move back in, we can figure out --

Liberty: Dad, Dad, Dad, look at me for a second. I'm not -- I'm not -- I'm not moving back in.

Brad: Okay, well, you -- okay, all right. Well are you gonna go stay with your mom?

Liberty: No, no. I'm actually just here to pack my bags. I'm gonna move into Carly’s. I'm living with Parker.

Brad: Why?

Liberty: He's my husband. That's not gonna change.

Janet: I owe you.

Craig: Oh, I like the sound of that. What did I do, and how many free meals can I get out of it?

Janet: Parker told us that you would not give him any money to buy an apartment.

Craig: Just doing my job as trustee. Those kids are too young to be out on their own.

Janet: Yes, they absolutely are. You order anything you want. I'm glad we're on the same side.

Craig: Oh, well, don't tell your husband that.

Janet: I already did.

Craig: Really?

Janet: Yeah. I told him that it really seems like you have the kids' best interest at heart. And I told him to back off and leave you alone.

Craig: Wow. Well, thank you for that vigorous defense, Mrs. Snyder.

Janet: You're welcome, Mr. Montgomery. Would you like some coffee?

Craig: I would. Thank you.

Craig: So, now that Parker and Liberty are moving into his mother's house, you think you can get Jack to stop seeing me as the enemy?

Janet: Sure, I think that would be easy.

Craig: You do?

Janet: Yeah, in fact, you don't need any help from me. I think you could do it all by yourself.

Craig: How?

Janet: Walk away.

Jack: What's going on, Parker?

Parker: Nothing.

Jack: Is your mother home?

Parker: Yeah, kitchen.

Jack: Why aren't you at school? I asked you a question, son.

Parker: I've got other things to do today.

Jack: Like play video games?

Carly: Hey, what are you doing here?

Jack: So, what's so important that you had to miss school for?

Parker: Liberty's moving in. I'm waiting for her.

Jack: Well, you don't have to do that. Your mother's home. She can help Liberty settle in.

Carly: Jack, can we talk about this, please?

Parker: Liberty is my wife. I'd like to be here when she gets here.

Jack: You missed a lot of school already, though.

Parker: So?

Jack: So it's gonna be hard enough to catch up as it is. And if you're gonna use Liberty being here as an excuse --

Parker: Don't you get it? I don't take orders from you anymore.

Jack: What's happening? I come in here, he barely talks to me, he's ditching school.

Carly: Well, he's here, isn't he? Can we just deal with one crisis at a time, please?

Jack: Have you talked to him?

Carly: No, I don’t. It's just make things worse. Thanks to Craig, Parker's back home, and I'd like it to stay that way.

Jack: I was thinking we could put our heads together about Parker and try to get back to where we used to be.

Carly: Oh, you mean, where we were before you threatened to send him off to boarding school?

Jack: I still think it's a good idea.

Carly: Jack, it's the reason he ran away. It's the reason he got married. It's the reason that Craig is now the trustee of his trust fund, which if you don't mind me saying, we should be grateful for.

Jack: Grateful?

Carly: Yeah. At least, now we still have a say in what he does.

Jack: No, Craig will. We're his parents, Carly. There's something wrong with that.

Carly: Yeah, we are his parents. But lately --

Jack: Lately what?

Carly: Lately, you've been acting like you're his father and I'm just some woman who's destroying his life.

Jack: Oh, that's not true. I defended you in court.

Carly: Mm-hmm. What about before that? If you had just sat down with me and discussed Parker, then the hearing never would have happened. But you don't listen to me.

Jack: And Craig does? Is that it? Is that why you're siding with him?

Carly: Jack, please, just try not to take this so personally, okay? Parker is at a stage right now where he resents you. It'll pass. But for now, can't you see that Craig could be an ally for us?

Jack: An ally, an ally? You want me to accept that Craig Montgomery is better for Parker than I am? I can't do that, Carly. I am not gonna let that man replace me!

Carly: Jack. Craig could never replace you. You are a wonderful father. You are. And someday, Parker will appreciate that. In the meantime, you have to give him some room.

Jack: How do I do that? Our son's in trouble. I should just throw my -- throw my hands up and walk away?

Carly: No, but you can't be in his face all the time either, really, not unless you want to lose him. Is that what you want?

Jack: No.

Carly: Then just back off.

Jack: For how long?

Carly: Well, let's just start with today then. Why don't you go to work, okay? Let me handle this.

Brad: Look at me, look at me. Okay, just -- being in love is one thing, all right? But committing yourself to one person for the rest of your natural life is something else.

Liberty: I know. Dad, I love Parker enough to do that.

Brad: Okay. Yeah? Okay, when he gets his money, is he gonna -- how much are you gonna get?

Liberty: What kind of question is that, Dad? He's gonna be able to pay for whatever I want, whenever I want it.

Brad: So, this kid who's a year younger than you is gonna give you an allowance? And you're okay with that?

Liberty: No, Dad, stop! We're gonna work it out!

Brad: How are you gonna -- how are you gonna work out health insurance, jobs, taxes? You're too -- you're too young to have to deal with that. Please, would you just come home?

Liberty: I have a home now, Dad, and it's -- it's with my husband.

Brad: Is this what you really want? Huh?

Liberty: What I really want is for you to get this piece of my bag unstuck and zip it up so that I can go. Please? Thank you.

Brad: I'll drive you over.

Liberty: No, that's fine. You don't have to.

Brad: You're not gonna carry that bag all the way to Carly’s.

Liberty: No, it's fine. I'm gonna go visit mom at work. [Sniffles] [Sighs] Dad, I'm gonna be okay, all right? I'm gonna be okay. Parker takes really good care of me.

Brad: Oh, he'd better. This isn't over. You can be back here if I have anything to say about it.

Liberty: Bye, Dad.

Katie: This is so exciting. I've been reading up on sonograms and looking at all the pictures so I know what I'm looking at when I see it.

Vienna: Yeah, but it doesn't always look the same from baby to baby, right? Like size?

Katie: Oh, yeah, I guess so. I don't know.

Tech: Miss Hyatt, we're ready for you.

Katie: Okay, we'll be right there. Ready?

Vienna: As ready as I'll ever be.


Henry: Aah!

Katie: Oh, my God, Henry! What happened?

Henry: I slipped.

Katie: Are you okay?

Vienna: Are you all right?

Henry: I'm --

Vienna: I'd better go in and get started. We don't want to keep them waiting.

Katie: Uh, uh, okay. Are you -- yeah, are you all right? We should hurry.

Henry: Uh, help me up. Yeah, help me up, yeah. Ow, oh, oh!

Katie: What is it? What hurts?

Henry: I -- oh, gosh, everything. Can we go up to the chair here, maybe?

Katie: Well, why don't we just go in the sonogram room? The technician can call the doctor, and we can look at the baby while we wait.

Henry: I don't know if I can make it that far.

Katie: Sure you can. Come on!

Vienna: But it -- it looks so small.

Tech: Well, that's because the pregnancy is so new.

Katie: Okay, we made it.

Vienna: Oh, whoa! Just in time to take me home.

Katie: What do you mean? What about the sonogram?

Vienna: Well, the baby is perfect. Everything's fine.

Katie: But I didn't get to see it. Did you at least print out a picture?

Henry: Hey, let me take a look at that! Gosh, it's too dark to see in here. Let me go outside where there's some better light.

Katie: Hey! Wait, wait! Where are you going?!

Craig: I would love to accommodate you and just walk away.

Janet: Why can't you?

Craig: Parker won't let me.

Janet: Oh, man, Jack was right about you. You sure do love to stir the pot, don't you?

Craig: Not always. But I like to stick it to Jack whenever I can. But that's not the reason I won't resign as trustee.

Janet: Then why? Because you want to be close to Carly?

Craig: No. Because if I were to resign, that would give some judge the opportunity to hand all that cash to Parker to spend as he pleases.

Janet: And that would be awful.

Craig: That would be tragic. I speak from experience. No. Parker asked me to help, and I intend to help him.

Janet: But Jack is afraid you're trying to steal his son.

Craig: Then Jack shouldn't have kicked his son out of the house. I know, truth hurts. Does that mean I don't get my free breakfast?

Janet: No, you still get your free breakfast.

Craig: Hmm, no, this is too easy.

Janet: No. I've been thinking. If I can't get rid of you, maybe I'll use you. .

Katie: I want to see the sonogram.

Henry: Okay, there. See? I told you it was too dark.

Katie: That's probably because you don't really know what you're looking at. Would you just give it to me?

Henry: No.

Katie: Oh! Hey, wait!

Henry: Oh!

Katie: Oh, no!

Henry: Hey! Awwwww!


Katie: Oh! Henry, the picture is soaked. I can't see a thing.

Vienna: Oh, no. Never mind. We'll do it again next month.

Katie: Why do I get the feeling that you two don't want me to see the sonogram?

Henry: Oh, don't be silly.

Katie: No, I'm sorry, but I have to ask. Have you changed your minds about giving us the baby?

Vienna: No, no, no, of course not, of course not. It was just an accident. If it was up to me, I would go straight back in and do another sonogram.

Tech: Well, I've got time if you want another sonogram.

Henry: Oh, no, don't worry about it.

Katie: Oh, that would be great! Thank you.

Henry: We don't want to impose.

Tech: It's no problem.

Vienna: Now what?

Henry: What, what? Why do I have to always think of everything? Why can't you think of something?

Vienna: Looks like I'm putting on baby weight.

Katie: No, you look exactly the same.

Vienna: No, but the zipper is stuck.

Katie: Oh, here, let me help you. I don't mind. What happened?

Tech: Uh, the machine just died.

Henry: What? Can you fix it?

Vienna: Oh, no! Now she -- she can't get her baby picture!

Henry: Oh, wait. Let's just get out of the way and -- and give the guy some room so he can fix the machine. Come on. Come on.

Vienna: Oh.

Henry: Man!

Vienna: I'm so sorry, Katie. Stupid machine!

Katie: It's okay. It's just silly to be this disappointed. It's just it feels like everything keeps working against us.

Henry: Oh, don't be upset, Bubbles.

Vienna: No.

Katie: Well, maybe if we wait awhile, they'll fix the machine.

Henry: Yeah, I think -- I think it's down for the count. Why don't you go home? And I promise you you'll get a picture of your very own.

Katie: Okay.

Henry: Okay?

Katie: You take care of our little baby.

Vienna: We will.

Henry: Dodged another bullet. Let's go home, yeah? What?

Vienna: You promised Katie a picture of her own baby? How do you intend to keep that promise?

Craig: Oh, for Pete’s sake. Fine. I'm finished with my eggs over easy with strings attached. What do you want me to do?

Janet: Okay, well, since you obviously have such influence over Parker, and Liberty is gaga over Parker, I was hoping that you --

Craig: You thought that I could influence them. To do what?

Janet: They're way too young to be married. So I was thinking maybe you could talk her into an alternative, like maybe an annulment or a divorce or something to that -- hi!

Liberty: Hey, hey, hey.

Janet: Oh, Sweetie, Sweetie! My goodness, that looks heavy! Come here, give me a hug. Are you hungry?

Liberty: No, I'm not hungry.

Janet: Oh.

Liberty: Hey, Craig.

Craig: Liberty.

Janet: Why didn't you ask your dad to help you with that bag?

Liberty: Oh, I wasn't about to ask him for help. He was pretty sad in between trying to talk me out of my marriage.

Janet: Well, he has every right to be sad, because that was a stupid thing to do, getting married.

Liberty: Okay, please not you, Mom, please.

Craig: Mrs. Snyder, thank you very much for breakfast. You know what? Your mother's right. That bag looks really heavy. How about I give you a ride over to Carly's?

Liberty: Really? That's really nice. Thank you, Craig.

Craig: Sure.

Liberty: Here, I'll let you carry this out. Ugh. Thanks. I'll wait for you outside.

Craig: Oh, my gosh. What did she put in here?

Janet: What the -- what, am I talking to a wall here? I ask you to talk her into an annulment, and you offer to drive her to her love shack.

Craig: Have a little faith, Mrs. Snyder. You don't mind I didn't leave a tip? Excuse me.


[Knock on door]

Carly: Hi.

Parker: Look, if you're gonna tell me to go to school, just don't, because I'm staying here until Liberty gets here.

Carly: Oh. Are you gonna make the bed before she comes? Or maybe change the sheets, even?

Parker: Yeah. Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

Carly: And how about your drawers? Are you gonna make any space for her so she has someplace to put her stuff?

Parker: I didn't even think about that.

Carly: Hmm. Where are you gonna put that? You can't just drop it in the middle of the floor like you normally do. Liberty might be a little turned off by that.

Parker: Yeah, she does like the whole neat thing.

Carly: Mm-hmm. Would you like some help?

Parker: Yeah, that'd be nice.

Carly: Okay. You do the bed. I'll take care of the drawers and the closet, okay?


Parker: Married is a lot more complicated than it looks.

Brad: My daughter just packed up all of her stuff and left to move into Carly's place with Parker.

Jack: Yeah, I'm just as happy about it as you are.

Brad: A 17-year-old girl has got no business being married, especially to a 16-year-old boy.

Jack: You're not gonna get any argument out of me.

Brad: I just don't understand how the hell you can let this happen!

Jack: How did I let it -- where have you been during all this?

Brad: I've been keeping my eye on Liberty. She's been getting good grades lately. She hasn't missed her curfew.

Jack: She hasn't missed a curfew, you're right, because they've been finding plenty of time to spend together during the day! Do you have any idea they've been skipping school to hang out with each other?

Brad: Okay, that happened just once -- just once this year!

Jack: They nearly burned the house down, Brad!

Brad: Yeah, maybe if you would call me as soon as that happened, I could have done something about it.

Jack: What are you talking about? I don't live with Parker. You live with Liberty. You could have explained to her that this was a big mistake, hanging out with one kid, getting so serious about one boy.

Brad: Listen to me. I tried, okay? It didn't work.

Jack: Exactly. So don't get so upset with me.

Brad: Okay, okay, all right, all right. Okay, at least we're in agreement that this marriage is a bad idea.

Jack: Damn Skippy.

Brad: And there's only one way to fix it, is we got to break them up.

Jack: Yeah, brilliant. We got to finally break them up, as if we haven't tried that before.

Brad: No, we've been too nice. We've been too soft. Okay, that's where we failed. We have to -- we have to be more -- we have to be more forceful.

Jack: Yes, we do. We should be more forceful, like you were with that Leo guy. The problem is, now we just got to figure out who to drown, Liberty or Parker.

Brad: Hey, come -- hey, come on. I'm not the enemy here.

Jack: No, Craig is the enemy here.

Brad: Yeah, yeah, and how did he get involved in this anyway?


Jack: Carly started hanging out with him. He loaned her money when she needed it, and then, before I knew it, they had this -- this -- this vodka business together. Meanwhile, he was getting all pally-pally with Parker and Liberty.

Brad: Yeah, loaned them his car, got them a hotel room when you kicked Parker out of the house.

Jack: Exactly, and now he's Parker's trustee.

Brad: You think he's going after his money?

Jack: I wouldn't put it past him.


Brad: Probably want to blow your brains out right now.

Jack: I just got to find a way to get Craig away from Parker. Maybe he'll start trusting me again, start treating me like a father again.

Brad: Yeah, good luck with that. I've been trying to get rid of Craig since he came to town. I mean, it's just -- it's hopeless, because nothing sticks to him.

Jack: If we could find something that did, though --

Brad: Well, if you do, count me in.

Jack: Good.

Brad: I'm just -- I'm really worried about Liberty.

Jack: Don't be. Carly will take good care of her.

Brad: I hope so. I just -- I don't know, when she left, she just looked -- she looked sad.

Liberty: Why are we stopping here?

Craig: Do you know where we are?

Liberty: The Oakdale U. campus. Why are we here?

Craig: Just sightseeing. Your mother mentioned that you wanted to go to college, so I thought it might be fun to just come by and see what it looks like.

Liberty: Yeah, right.

Craig: Doesn't feel like a high school, does it?

Liberty: Yeah, no.

Craig: Why do you think that is?

Liberty: Well, maybe because people actually want to be here. It's not like in high school, where they're shoving chemistry, calculus down our throat.

Craig: Mm-hmm, you study what you want to study.


Liberty: Yeah.

Craig: What would you study if you came here?

Liberty: Journalism.

Craig: Really? You want to be a reporter?

Liberty: Yeah. Oh, I like writing.

Craig: Hard news?

Liberty: Not really. I'm really into, like, clothes and trends. Maybe I'll be a fashion editor one day.

Craig: Oh, now, there's a lofty ambition.


Liberty: I'm not stupid. I mean, I know I can't walk into "Vogue" and become an editor. But, you know, I don't mind working my way up.

Craig: I think it's a great goal, Liberty. I'm not sure, with your current situation, if it's so easy to achieve, though.

Vienna: Ooh!

Henry: Ooh!

Vienna: Let's get a medical book -- one of those with lots of sonograms in it. And we'll copy a picture of a baby that's the same age as Katie's, and we'll give that to her.

Henry: Yeah, but she knows what the pictures look like from this place -- the paper they use and the little Memorial hospital logo in the corner. How can we duplicate that?

Vienna: I don't know! What are we gonna do, Henry?

[Both sigh]

Henry: Look at her. She's more pregnant than you are, obviously.

Vienna: Yes. How is that gonna help us?

Henry: Wait here for a minute. Congratulations!

Pregnant woman: Thank you.

Henry: [Laughs] Let me guess. You're closing in on your third trimester.

Pregnant woman: How did you guess?

Henry: I got a lot of sisters. [Chuckles] It's a great time, isn't it? Yeah, and with all this new technology, you actually get to know your baby before it's even born.

Pregnant woman: I never thought of it that way.

Henry: You get sonograms regularly?

Pregnant woman: Of course.

Henry: Of course. This is gonna sound like such an odd question. I'm sorry. But would you mind selling me one of your earlier sonogram pictures?

Pregnant woman: What kind of sicko are you?

Henry: No, I didn't mean it like -- I didn't mean it like that! I mean, it's not for nefarious purposes! Wow.

Vienna: Oh, well! She thought you were a crazy person. You should have let me talk to her.

Henry: What, what? And have you escorted out of here while you're in a family way? No, no, no, no. Let's get out of here before she brings in some reinforcements.

Vienna: You got it! You are my baby-stealing picture hero! Whoo!

Liberty: Even if you don't give Parker the money for me to go to college, I'll still go.

Craig: No doubt.

Liberty: Yeah, I'll get financial aid, scholarships, work study, whatever it takes.

Craig: Good for you. But money for college isn't the issue.

Liberty: It isn't?

Craig: Well, no, as Parker's trustee, and as long as you're still married to him, I have no problem releasing money from his trust fund to send you to college.

Liberty: Wow, that's great. So --

Craig: All I need to know is where Parker wants you to go.

Liberty: What do you mean?

Craig: Well, it's his money. If he wants his wife to study closer to home while he finishes school, then that's to be expected, isn't it?

Liberty: Yeah. I don't mind that, either. I want to be with Parker.

Craig: I know you do. But if you study journalism, you may want to spend a summer abroad.

Liberty: I would love to do that.

Craig: If Parker has no problem with it, then there is no problem. Did I ever tell you that I know some people in the publishing end of the fashion industry? I might be able to get you a couple of interviews.


Craig: Oh, wait a minute. That would mean you'd have to go to New York. And if Parker needs to stay here to finish school, that -- that could be pretty awkward.

Liberty: No, Parker won't mind. He wants me to do whatever I want.

Craig: Well, that's great. Then I'm glad I brought you here then. You can see what the future holds for you. So many possibilities. It's like having the world at your feet.

Liberty: Hmm.

[Engine turns over]

Vienna: What if Katie figures out that the sonogram isn't mine?

Henry: How is she gonna do that, now? All wombs look alike.

Vienna: I have a bad feeling about this.

Henry: Okay, then let's go.

Vienna: Yeah.

[Door opens]

Katie: Hey! Thought I heard someone out here. What's going on?

Henry: Hey! We have something for you!


Katie: Oh, my God, is this it? Oh, look at our little baby! Oh, look how tiny!

Vienna: You can't see much. There isn't a lot of detail.

Katie: No, no, it's perfect. I think it is perfect.

[Door opens]

Brad: Hey, guys.

Katie: Hey. You look upset. What happened?

Brad: Ah, you know, Liberty decided to go live at Carly's with Parker.

Henry: They're still going through with the marriage?

Brad: Looks that way. It's killing me.

Katie: I'm sorry.

Brad: Yeah.

Katie: Well, hey, I have something to cheer you up. Meet our baby. Look, it kind of looks like you already, doesn't it?


Brad: Yeah.

Vienna: Guys, we need to go. I'm exhausted. I could lie down right here and fall asleep.

Henry: All right, I'm gonna get you home.

Katie: Okay. Oh, wait. How about that idea I had earlier?

Brad: Oh, you mean, the one that we decided wouldn't work?

Katie: Well, we only decided that when we thought Liberty was moving back in, but now she's not.

Brad: I don't -- I don't -- I don't know.

Katie: Come on, it could be fun.

Henry: What idea?

Katie: You and Vienna should move in with us.

Carly: Hello.

Liberty: Hey.

Carly: Come in.

Liberty: Oh, thanks.

Craig: Hi.

Parker: Where have you been? I've been waiting for you, like, all day.

Liberty: Oh.

Craig: Take it easy on her, Tiger. Your wife's had a rough morning. Thank you.

Liberty: Thanks so much for the ride, Craig.

Craig: Any time.

Parker: I've got our room all ready, so let's go.

Liberty: Thanks.

Craig: What?

Carly: You gave her a ride? Did you help her pack her bags, too?

Craig: I was just trying to be helpful.

Carly: Well, it's not helpful. God, what was I thinking, letting them move into Parker's room together?

Craig: Because you didn't want to lose your son. No, letting Liberty move in here is a good decision, Carly.

Carly: Oh, well, you certainly must think so, since you're making things as easy as possible for them.

Craig: Well, resistance hasn't worked with those two very well in the past.

Carly: Indulging them in this ridiculous farce of a marriage is gonna end up doing more harm than good.

Craig: Or not.

Carly: What are you doing?

Craig: I'm getting myself a good seat for the show. Should be starting any minute.

Parker: Okay, so, I cleared out the top drawers for you, because they are the easiest to reach.

Liberty: Thanks.

Parker: You look funny.

Liberty: Yeah, the idea of putting my underwear around so you can see them is just weird to me.

Parker: Is this all because of the underwear?

Liberty: No.

Parker: That's what I thought. Well, half of the closet is yours. And I also made the bed, and I changed the sheets.

Liberty: Wow, looks like you deserve a medal here, huh, Buddy?

Parker: Yeah. So, what took you so long getting here?

Liberty: Oh, just took me a while to pack my stuff at my dad's, and then I went to go see my mom, and Craig actually gave me a ride here. But he took me to go see the O.U. campus.

Parker: Why?

Liberty: To give me a lecture about the future.

Parker: And tell us how everything we're doing is wrong?

Liberty: No, not exactly.

Parker: You should not have listened to him, Liberty.

Liberty: Parker, he was -- he was driving. You want me to jump out the window?

Parker: Regardless, maybe you should just tell him to butt out of our lives!

Liberty: Stop, please, stop. Parker, stop telling me what I should and shouldn't do!

Carly: I wonder what they're doing up there.

Craig: Relax. I'm sure they're too self-conscious to have sex while you're in the house and awake.

Carly: Well, in that case, I'm never leaving the house or going to sleep again.


Craig: Just take it easy. I've got this all under control.

Parker: I know what you're trying to do, and it's not gonna work.

Craig: What is that, Parker?

Parker: You're setting me up.

Parker: First, you won't give me my money. Now you're trying to get Liberty mad at me. But if you think that's all it's gonna take to split us up, you're wrong!

Craig: Whoa, whoa. Who said anything about splitting you up?

Parker: You talked to her about college.

Carly: Parker, Liberty has always planned on going to college. Honey, you know that.

Craig: She and I were having a friendly conversation. I never meant to upset anyone.

Parker: It wasn't just a friendly conversation. You were purposely twisting things around so that I looked bad. You're setting me up, just so you can win points with my mom and get her into bed with you!

Carly: Oh, Parker Joe!

Craig: Parker, by the way, that's not how I operate.

Parker: Well, I can't trust you anymore, so from now on, stay out of my life!

Carly: Oh. Is that part of your plan?

Craig: Well, I may have to tweak my strategy a little bit.

Brad: I just thought that we were gonna discuss this before you blurted it out.

Katie: I know, I know. I'm so sorry. It's just, when I saw the picture of a baby, I started feeling all motherly. And wouldn't this be the perfect way for us to be a part of the baby's life from the very beginning? Wouldn't you want that?

Brad: Yeah, yeah, but --

Katie: And I've been really feeling guilty about Vienna doing all the work. This way, I could make a real contribution to this pregnancy. I could cook for her and make sure she gets enough rest.

Brad: It's Liberty's room, tough. I don't expect her to be gone forever.

Katie: No, no, I know. And, hey, Vienna and Henry wouldn't be here forever, would you?

Henry: Well, um --

Katie: Please. Please, Brad.

Brad: Well, the room is empty.

Henry: Look, it is -- it is sweet of you guys to offer. It really is. We're touched. But maybe we should talk about this before we rush into something like --

Vienna: You know, I think it's a terrific idea. I love it! \[Chuckles]

Janet: I thought you were at work.

Jack: I was, but I was in such a foul mood, I decided to work from home.

Janet: Oh.

Jack: Why are you home so early?

Janet: Liberty came by with her stuff on the way to move in with Parker.

Jack: Brad's taking it pretty hard.

Janet: He called you?

Jack: Well, he came by to yell at me. Did you try to get Liberty to change her mind?

Janet: Well, before I got the chance, Craig offered to drive her over to Carly’s.

Jack: I wish I could find something on that guy that would put him on ice for good. It's the only way we're gonna get him to stop messing with our kids.

Janet: You got to let it, go Jack.

Jack: Why?

Janet: Because if you go after Craig now, Parker will never forgive you.

Parker: Look, I don't want you talking to Craig anymore.

Liberty: Stop yelling at me. Parker, you're acting like my dad or something.

Parker: Well, I need you to understand, Liberty. This is serious. Craig is trying to break us up.

Liberty: He took me to the O.U. campus!

Parker: Well, don't you get it? He wants you to think about stuff besides us!

Liberty: I don't need to be tricked into thinking that, Parker! I know that there's a lot more in this world than just you and me!

Parker: Yeah, and he's got you obsessed with going to college.

Liberty: What? I've been wanting to for a while now, Parker! I mean, I thought we were gonna support each other going to school.

Parker: Yeah. Right, um -- I just got thrown for a second. Liberty, I'm sorry. It's just -- you're all that I have.

Liberty: Parker, we have each other. No, Dude, I thought we were talking.

Parker: Right, well, now we're kissing. Come on.

Liberty: Parker.

Parker: Liberty, we're married now. We can spend the entire day in bed.

Liberty: Have you not heard everything I said? That's not gonna fix everything!

Carly: What did you think was gonna happen?

Craig: Well, I hate to say it, but mission accomplished.

Katie: Okay, well, let's raise our glass. Actually, put your glass in one hand and put your other hand on the baby.

Henry: Whoa! Be careful of my -- uh, my beloved. She's very sensitive.

Katie: To our baby. And to our friends who are helping us bring a new life into this world.

Brad: Uh, yeah. What now?

Vienna: Well, Henry and I, we're gonna go back and pack our things and then come back here. I might take a nap first.

Katie: Nap away. You're napping for two.

[Door opens]

Katie: That's our baby.

Henry: I saved something for you.

Vienna: You did? Oh, the real sonogram.

Henry: That's our baby.

Vienna: Aw.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Hey. I saw Liberty leave. Is everything all right?

Parker: I don't know.

Carly: Is there anything I can do?

Parker: No, just leave, Mom. Hey, you've done enough.

Janet: Hi, Sweetie! What are you doing here?

Liberty: Hi. I was -- can I please stay here tonight?

Janet: Yes! Please come on in. I thought you were moving in with Parker.

Liberty: Oh, I -- I really don't want to stay there tonight. I am. I just –

[Inhales sharply]

Jack: What happened?

Liberty: We got in a really stupid fight. And it was -- it was just all because Craig took me to go see the O.U. campus and Parker freaked.

Jack: Why did Craig take you to --?

Liberty: It wasn't a big deal, okay? It was just -- he was asking me questions about college, and I started thinking, which is something I do on my own lately.

Janet: Thinking?

Liberty: Yeah. About my future and about -- just because I'm married, Mom -- I'm married now -- doesn't mean that I don't care about what people my own age care about, you know.

Janet: Yeah, I know. I totally know. Honey, why don't you go upstairs and relax? And -- and I'll make you lasagna, and I'll call you when it's ready, and you'll feel better, okay?

Liberty: Okay. Thank you, Mom, thanks.

Janet: Okay.

Jack: Now, please don't tell me what a great guy Craig is. I -- I couldn't take it right now.

Janet: Oh, I don't need to tell you anything, because you're smart enough to figure it out on your own.

Carly: Okay, so, maybe it's a good thing that Parker and Liberty are getting to see that marriage isn't a walk in the park.

Craig: You're welcome.

Carly: Don't gloat.

Craig: Well, if I can't gloat, can I at least have a reward?


Carly: Oh, the kind of reward you want, you may not have while my child is in the house.

Craig: Once more, you misread me. What I want is a date.

Carly: What kind of date?

Craig: A date date. You know, get dressed, go out, have a good time. A date.

Carly: What is this really about?

Craig: What do you think?

Carly: I think it's about Jack and how you love to irritate him.

Craig: Carly. Carly, Carly, Carly, Carly, Carly. You need to understand one critical thing. Jack has nothing to do with this. I'll pick you up at 8:00.

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Jack: I'm telling you what I saw!

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