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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 4/1/09

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Liberty: Hey, Mom.

Janet: Honey, why aren't you in school?

Liberty: Uh, Parker and I talked about it. We decided we were entitled to a, uh, "My life's really weird. "I need to get a grip on it" day.

Janet: Gee. I could use one of those days. How are you guys doing?

Liberty: Fine, except for the "My life's really weird" part.

Janet: Yeah. I guess Parker must be pretty disappointed about the whole court thing.

Liberty: Not really.

Janet: What do you mean, "Not really?" Was this a joke to him? Does he realize how many people he affected by putting --

Liberty: Mom, no, it was totally serious. It's just -- he thought the only way that he could get control of his life was by getting emancipated. But now that Craig is his trustee, he feels -- he feels a lot better.

Janet: Why? Because Craig's gonna let him do whatever he wants?

Liberty: He trusts Craig. He said they were really close when he was a kid.

Janet: When he was a kid? What's he supposed to be now?

Liberty: Mom, please don't start this.

Janet: I -- I didn't start any of this, Liberty!

Liberty: I'm gonna go.

Janet: Wait, wait, wait, wait! I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I am just so sick of seeing your lips move and hearing Parker's voice come out. Honey, everybody and their brother knows what Parker wants, but I want to know what you want, and how any of this is supposed to help you get it.

Carly: Jack.

Jack: What can I do for you, Carly?

Carly: Well, you could look at me, for starters. Maybe that's not such a good idea.

Jack: Maybe your coming here was a bad idea.

Carly: I'm here because for a few minutes the other day, it seemed like we were on the same side again, Jack, working together to help Parker, and I want to keep doing that.

Jack: You want to help Parker? Okay. Then help me figure out how to salvage this mess that you and your new boyfriend have gotten us into.

Carly: Now, Jack, he's not my -- I knew that coming here was a crazy idea. I knew that you would continue to blame me for everything.

Jack: You brought Craig into our lives, not me.

Carly: Jack, you're the one who set this whole thing in motion. You're the one who started world war III by insisting that we send Parker to boarding school.

Jack: You agreed, Carly. We both saw that nothing else was working, so we decided to take a stand.

Carly: I didn't decide to kick him out of the house. That was your brilliant idea.

Jack: Yeah, and about putting Parker and Liberty up in the honeymoon suite at the Lakeview, that was someone else's brilliant idea. And now he's in control of Parker's trust fund. I can't wait to see what his next idea's gonna be.

Carly: I didn't make Craig the trustee. That was Parker's choice.

Jack: Mm.

Carly: And honestly, it may not turn out as badly as you think.

Jack: Don't insult my intelligence.

Carly: I'm serious, Jack. Craig's not gonna do anything to hurt Parker. He promised me that.

Jack: Did he cross his heart and hope to die?

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: Obviously, you're not in the mood to listen to anything I have to say.

Jack: Because you're not being realistic, Carly. Come on! Craig played you and Parker to get what he wants, and he won.

Carly: Well, what is it you think he wants?

Jack: To get his hands on the rest of Rosanna’s money! And now that he's in control of Parker's trust fund, he has it.

Carly: You're wrong.

Jack: Then have him prove it.

Carly: How should he do that?

Jack: By doing the right thing -- turn Parker down and refuse to be his trustee.

Parker: Well?

Craig: Well, it's official. I am officially your trustee.

Parker: Awesome. So the first thing that Liberty and I need to do is find an apartment.

Craig: The first thing? Really?

Parker: Yeah. We can't stay here with you paying. And now that I have my own money, I can get my own place.

Craig: Well, I would agree that you can't stay here forever, but I'm not sure two teenagers getting an apartment together is the right choice, either. And unless my ridiculously overpriced watch is off, aren't you late for school?

Parker: Not today. I've got a lot of stuff to do, starting with Liberty and I finding an apartment.

Craig: Just slow down, Parker. You're not going anywhere.

[Elevator dings]

Paul: So, how'd everything go in Chicago?

Lucy: Fine. Johnny had a great time. Uh, but I just left him with a babysitter. I have to go to the hospital and do rounds.

Paul: Why you don't have to go to the hospital for another couple of hours at least. I keep tabs on the people I'm in business with. You should have called me the minute you came back to town.

Lucy: I'm sorry. The hospital just called, and they want me to change my schedule.

Paul: I -- I don't care. The only thing I care about is that you got done what I asked you to do.

Lucy: Well, if you keep such close tabs, then you should know that Dusty stayed at the hotel with me and Johnny.

Paul: Yeah, I'm not asking if he stayed in the room with you. I'm asking if he stayed in the bed with you.

Lucy: Well, we were gone for three nights. What do you think?

Paul: I think you should stop being coy and just tell me the truth.

Meg: Hey! Welcome back.

[Meg laughs]

Meg: Mmm.

Dusty: The welcome makes it worth going away.

Meg: So, how was Chicago?

Dusty: It was great. Every second with Johnny was a gift. We spent hours at the train station, just watching the trains.

Meg: That's wonderful.

Dusty: I hope we didn't overdo it. I just left him with Lucy. He seemed pretty tuckered out.

Meg: Well, I'm sure she can handle it. So, did Lucy have a good time, too?

Dusty: It was a little awkward at first.

Meg: How?

Dusty: I think she wanted something out of the trip that I didn't bargain for. I kept my distance. What's new with you and Eliza?

Meg: Well, Eliza was great while you were away.

Dusty: Before you turn around, she's gonna be chatting your ear off.

Meg: Well, not this week, at least.

Dusty: Something happened while I was gone.

Meg: I spent the night at Fairwinds with Paul.

Dusty: You seriously spent the night with Paul?

Meg: Not with him. Just at the house. And not by choice, believe me.

Dusty: You're a free woman. You can do what you want.

Meg: I did it for you, Dusty.

Dusty: For me?

Meg: He threatened you. If I didn't let Eliza spend the night with him, he said he would tell Craig that you were in Chicago with Johnny and Lucy.

Dusty: How'd he know?

[Meg laughs]

Meg: This is Paul we're talking about. He has spies everywhere. Anyway, I -- I couldn't let Eliza stay there with him alone.

[Dusty sighs]

Dusty: Of course not. I'm sorry. I'm sorry he put you in that position.

Meg: That's not your fault.

Dusty: Yeah, it is. Now I got to fix it.

Lucy: We got as close as two people can get.

Paul: See? I knew it. I knew once you turned on the charms that Dusty would do what comes naturally. I bet he didn't even think twice about Meg.

Lucy: Yeah, so, now that you've gotten what you wanted, I hope you'll get off my back.

Paul: Oh, you were worried that I'm gonna tell daddy about your little project.

Lucy: You promised me you would leave me alone if I kept my part of the bargain.

Paul: And I will -- as soon as I confirm that what you just told me is the truth.

Meg: I didn't tell you this so you and Paul could go to war again.

Dusty: I don't care about Paul. I'm looking for a way to see my son -- a way that doesn't involve secrets.

Meg: How? We both know there's no way Craig will ever let you see Johnny.

Dusty: That's not your problem.

Meg: You know, if it affects you, it becomes my problem.

Dusty: Your problem is keeping your baby safe from Paul. And the next time he uses me to threaten you, tell him to -- shove it, you know?

[Dusty laughs]

Meg: Dusty, I'm not gonna be responsible for you not seeing Johnny.

Dusty: You won't be. I'll find another way.

Carly: I am just as unhappy that Craig is Parker's trustee as you are. I'm just not sure that asking Craig to turn him down is the way to go.

Jack: Why am I not surprised? You're doing what you always do, Carly. You're taking the easy way out.

Carly: Do you honestly think any of this is easy for me?

Jack: There's only one question here. Do you want to try and change the situation or not? Because now that Craig Montgomery’s in complete control of Parker's financial future, it's time to stop talking and do something! You say you want to help Parker. Getting his trust fund out of Craig's hands is the best way to do that.

Parker: So, you're telling me not to get her an apartment that she wants.

Craig: I'm not saying you can't get her things that she likes. I'm asking if you think that's why she's with you.

Parker: Well, of course not. She doesn't care about money.

Craig: Well, that's good to hear. A beautiful woman who doesn't care about money -- it's every man's dream. So the bottom line is, why do you think she fell for you? Because you're nice? Because you're smart?

Parker: Yeah, sure, I guess.

Craig: Well, then, if you really want to make Liberty happy, you need to focus on being the guy that she fell in love with -- the smart guy, the nice guy, not the rich guy.

Parker: Well, she did say that she started caring about school once she met me.

Craig: Jackpot! A beautiful woman who doesn't care about money, and she looks up to you. So do you think she'd like to be with a high-school dropout no matter how much money he has?

Parker: Look, I'm not dropping out.

Craig: Oh, I see. Yeah, you -- you're just gonna skip as many classes as you feel like until they kick you out. I like that. It's a much more subtle, indirect approach.

Parker: I have not missed that much class.

Craig: Well, let's see. There's today. There's when you were in court. And how many days did you miss when you and Liberty decided to take off together?

Parker: Okay, okay, fine. I promise I will hit the books -- as soon as we find an apartment.

[Cell phone rings]

[Craig chuckles]

Craig: Carly, you must be psychic. I'm sitting with Parker right now.

Carly: Parker's exactly why I called you. Could you please meet me at my house? We need to talk.

Craig: Sure. I'll be right there. I need to go over to your house to see your mother. We'll take this up later.

Parker: Yeah, sure. Um, what did she want?

Craig: I don't know. I guess I'll find out when I get there.

Janet: We're all aware of the fact that you're married now. But, Sweetheart, I have known you since you were kicking me in the kidneys. And I know all about your dreams. I know for a fact that you wanted to eat all the blue M&M's in the world. I know for a fact that you want to grow up and become a newscaster. And not one of those dreams involved being married at 17.

Liberty: Things change, Mom. Dreams change.

Janet: Do they have to? What about college? I mean, I know that's kind of a new dream, but I think it's a really good one.

Liberty: No, I do, too. I still really want to go.

Janet: Good! But, Liberty, college isn't just about signing up for classes. It's about living in the dorm and hanging out with your girlfriends, having a good time until all hours of the night. But how are you supposed to do that when you have to go home to a husband?

Liberty: I have a husband now, Mom. There's nothing I can do about that.

Liberty: Yes, there is. You can get an annulment.

Craig: Hi.

Carly: Hi.

Craig: Well, if this is gonna be good cop/bad cop, I hope you're the one with the handcuffs.

Jack: This is the man in charge of our son's future. Very reassuring.

Carly: Craig, we need you to take this seriously.

Craig: Love to. What is it?

Jack: You know what it's about -- Parker's trust fund.

Craig: Oh, that. Well, I can assure you, I take that very seriously.

Carly: I know you do.

Jack: Carly seems to think that you're full of good intentions, that you're only interested in Parker's well-being.

Craig: Well, she's absolutely right. I care very much about Parker, and I would never do anything to hurt him.

Carly: That's exactly what I told him.

Jack: Yes. Carly -- Carly said that. And if it's true, then you won't have any objection to refusing to become his trustee.

Craig: He's kidding, right?

Carly: No, Craig. We would both like it if you would tell the judge that you don't want to take control of Parker's trust.

Craig: I can't do that.

Jack: Why the hell not?

Craig: Because Parker gave me a gift -- the gift of trust that I would do right by him. And I'm not about to betray that -- not for you, not for anyone.

Craig: Carly, I'm not doing this to hurt you, or Parker, or anyone. I'm doing it because I truly believe I can help.

[Jack scoffs]

Jack: We don't need your help.

Craig: Well, considering I'm the only one in the room that's still on speaking terms with Parker, I think you do. In fact, I was talking to him when I was summoned to this ambush. And when was the last time you actually talked with Parker? And I mean talked with him, Jack, instead of just ordering him around.

Jack: Go to hell.

Carly: How is he?

Craig: He's starting to calm down. I was talking with him about the importance of him staying in school and that he can't just spend his money indiscriminately.

Carly: Well, that's something.

Jack: I think it would be better if Parker knew he's not gonna get his hands on that trust fund until he turns 21. Can you guarantee that, Craig?

Craig: Well, I've been blessed with a few gifts, Jack, but predicting the future isn't one of them. Oh, he might decide to study abroad or come up with a multimillion-dollar invention that needs financing. The point is, can't we give the kid the benefit of the doubt? I mean, the last thing he needs is to feel that he can't trust his trustee.

Jack: I don't need you to tell me what my son feels.

Craig: Well, what do you want, Jack? Do you want to push him away? You want to push him into running away again? Because if that happens, you might be the one who doesn't see his son for years.

Jack: Is that a threat? What, play ball, or what, you're gonna give him the money to leave town?

Carly: No, come on. He wouldn't do that.

Craig: I wouldn't have to. He's already run away before without any help from me! And by the way, I was the one who went out and brought him back! You're welcome.

Carly: Okay, listen to me. Craig does have a point here, that he is the only person that Parker's willing to talk to. He -- he might be able to help us reach him.

Jack: Yeah, well, maybe you've lost your mind, 'cause the day I ask this guy for help is the day I pack it in. You need to tell me right now, Carly, whose side you're on -- mine, or Craig’s.

Liberty: Okay, say we split. He may never get control of his trust fund, and then he will -- he will hate me forever.

Janet: Okay, all right, all right. Let's say he gets a hold of his trust fund, and then he's got all the money in the world, do you really want to give up the benefits of being a teenager for the responsibilities of being an adult?

Liberty: Like my life was so carefree before.

Janet: Oh, Honey, if you think doing your homework and making the bed are responsibilities, then you are in for a rude awakening. Because let me tell you, your job from now on is gonna be about paying bills and making huge decisions. And I don't think you or Parker are ready for that.

Liberty: You know, this is so important, Mom. I can't -- I can't let him down.

Janet: What about letting yourself down, Sweetheart? If you hurt him now, it'll be out of love. And someday, Parker will realize that, I promise you.

Liberty: How would I even tell him something like this, Mom? What would I even say?

Parker: Hey, Liberty, I have really good news.

Liberty: Um --

Parker: What's going on?

Janet: Tell him, Liberty. Tell him right now. Don't even think about it. Speak from the heart.

Paul: Should have known better than to trust anybody named Montgomery.

Lucy: What are you doing here?

Paul: I'm here to talk to you about the line of bull that you were slinging at me earlier.

Lucy: Paul, please. Johnny's in the other room asleep. He's exhausted from his trip --

Paul: You don't want me to leave, Lucy, because if I do, the first place I'm gonna go is to your father.

Lucy: Why? I did what you wanted.

Paul: No! What I wanted was for you to actually seduce Dusty, not -- not give him some pretty little story about your closeness!

Lucy: No, I told you the truth. Dusty and I, we're getting back together.

Paul: Well, then, why did I just see him kissing Meg? I went to the farm thinking, hoping that she would need a shoulder to cry on. It turns out the only shoulder she needs right now is Dusty’s.

Lucy: Well, maybe he hasn't told her yet.

Paul: Stop.

Lucy: He probably just wants to let her down easy.

Paul: No more lies. Stop, Lucy. From now on, we do things my way.

Dusty: The only reason I was seeing Johnny in secret was because of Lucy.

Meg: Well, of course. She can't risk Craig finding out.

Dusty: I can't keep doing this to my son. Sneaking around is over.

Meg: If you're sure.

Dusty: I'm sure.

Meg: Well, then, I'm gonna enjoy telling Paul exactly what to do when he gives me more pressure about Eliza.

Dusty: Better tell Lucy the game's over. No more secrets.

Lucy: What do you expect me to do?

Paul: I expect you to make good on the promises that you've made. I expect to see times and dates and places, and I don't need -- you know what? Actually, I would love some photographs. That would be great.

Lucy: You're sick.

Paul: This is the medical consensus.

[Lucy scoffs]

Lucy: Just -- just one question, okay? Do you want this to be more than a one night stand or not?

Paul: You know the answer to that. This has to last. I want Dusty away from Meg permanently.

Lucy: That's what I thought. So how do I do this, Paul? How do I turn this into the romance that you're asking for when Dusty's just gonna feel railroaded from the beginning?

Paul: Hmm. Don't know. That's your problem. Let me know when it happens.

Lucy: You're not being reasonable!

Paul: I don't have to be! You're the one with something to lose here, not me!

[Telephone ringing]

Paul: You gonna get that, or are you gonna let it wake up poor Johnny?

[Paul sighs]

Lucy: Hello. Oh, right now? Uh, thanks for letting me know. That was Dusty. He's on his way up.

Paul: Great! You got one last chance, Lucy. Make it happen. Make it happen or face the consequences.

[Lucy sighs]

Lucy: Okay, I can do this.

[Knock on door]

Dusty: What's wrong? Is it Johnny?

[Voice breaking]

Lucy: No, no. Johnny's fine.

Dusty: Then what is it? Tell me what happened? We can face it.

Lucy: I just -- I've just been under so much -- so much strain. It's just getting to be too much.

Dusty: I understand. I understand it's been rough on you.

Lucy: I mean, I -- I'm just trying to make everybody happy, you know? I mean, trying to -- trying to make -- do what's right for you and -- and keep my father happy at the same time.

Dusty: I understand. That's why you got to stop.

Lucy: I do?

Dusty: Yeah. I don't want you in the middle. I'll find another way to see my son. You don't have to keep secrets anymore.

Lucy: But, uh -- that's not the only secret that I've been keeping.

Dusty: What else is there?

Lucy: I've been hiding that -- that I'm still in love with you. I want you back. I want you more than ever.

Dusty: What is this?

Lucy: I thought it was obvious. I love you.

Dusty: No, you don’t. Maybe you miss what we had, but it's not the same thing.

Lucy: Ever since Chicago. Chicago just brought it all back. And now I -- I can't get you out of my head. I -- I want us to try again. I want another chance.

Dusty: Don't you think I remember who you were when we were together?

Lucy: It was a long time ago.

Dusty: Not long enough to make me forget how you used to look at me. The way you're looking at me now -- it's not love in your eyes.

Lucy: Don't be so sure. You're not the only one with memories, you know.

Dusty: You remember it wrong.

Lucy: I remember that you told me that you would help me anytime I needed. All I had to do was ask.

Dusty: That's still true.

Lucy: Then help me now.

Dusty: By sleeping with you?

Lucy: It doesn't have to be real. I just need you to pretend, just for a little while.

Dusty: Why?

Lucy: Dusty, please. You have no idea what's at stake.

Dusty: Well, then, you better tell me.

Lucy: Could you help me first and ask questions later?

Dusty: What's going on, Lucy?

Lucy: I don't know where to start.

Dusty: Start with the truth.

Janet: Go ahead, Liberty. Tell Parker what we were talking about.

Liberty: I was just telling my mom that -- well, she was really worried about me not going to college, and I said that that's -- that's definitely not gonna happen.

Parker: Well, that's right. Liberty and I are not quitting school. In fact, with the money from my trust fund, we can afford to go to any college that we want to.

Liberty: See, Mom? No worries.

Janet: Do you have any idea how long legal paperwork takes? It could take months, Parker. It could take years.

Parker: That's actually what I came here to tell you. Craig told me that everything's official. He's my new trustee.

Liberty: That's great.

Parker: And that means that we can start classes again as soon as we find a place to live. So I called a broker, and I printed out this list of places to look at. So come on. Let's go apartment shopping.

Liberty: Totally.

Parker: So there's this place, and it has a game room in the basement.

Liberty: Wow!

Carly: This is Parker's life we're talking about. We can't reduce it to choosing sides.

Jack: Shouldn't be that much of a choice, Carly.

Craig: I can tell you what side Carly is on -- Parker’s. We all are. But you have to stop making this a contest between you and me.

Jack: I'm not the one who crash-landed into someone's family. You have no stake in any of this, so why are in the middle of it?

Carly: Parker did that, not Craig.

Jack: Parker is too young to understand what the hell is going on here!

Craig: I beg to differ. When he was faced with the choice of who was going to manage his trust, he turned to someone who's run multimillion-dollar corporations. Sounds pretty damn smart to me.

Jack: Very, very smart, choosing a man with a rap sheet a mile long.

[Craig sighs]

Craig: Are you just hurt that he didn't choose you?

Carly: Oh, Craig. Parker couldn't have chosen someone in the family. You know that. He couldn't have chosen Jack.

Craig: I stand corrected. Beautifully, by the way.

Carly: Jack, Craig's right about one thing. He has a lot more experience in the financial world than we do. And it can't hurt to have somebody with that kind of experience taking care of his money.

Jack: And you don't care what kind of experience that is? The guy has swindled more people out of their money than a -- a dozen mortgage companies combined. I don't want our sons -- I don't want our son's financial future in the hands of a crook.

Carly: Since Parker isn't listening to either one of us right now, I don't think we have a choice. The only way this is gonna get better is if we back off. Parker chose Craig. You may not like it, but there's nothing you can do about it!

Jack: I guess you decided whose side you're on.

[Carly scoffs]

Meg: Paul. I wasn't expecting to see you.

[Paul sighs]

Paul: I'm here to pick up my daughter. Run along now and get her ready for me, will you?

Meg: No. We have no prior arrangements.

Paul: You forget, Dusty and I -- we don't need appointments to visit our children.

Meg: Hmm. You can see Eliza with a social worker at the appointed times, and that's that.

Paul: You and Dusty have a fight?

[Meg chuckles]

Meg: I don't see how that's any of your business.

Paul: Well, if you're okay with him never seeing his son ever again, you must be really mad at him. Something happen in Chicago? He and Lucy reignite an old spark or two?

Meg: Okay, I think you should leave now, or I'm calling the police.

Paul: And right after that, I'm gonna call Craig and let him know that Dusty's been visiting Johnny in secret.

Meg: Go ahead. Do it. If your phone's not working, you can use Mama's, and you can tell Craig anything you want, then get the hell out.

Paul: Dusty's not gonna like you doing this.

Meg: Dusty is the one that told me to do it. Actually, he would like if I was less polite than I am being right now.

Paul: He's willing to give up his son for you? Wow. You must mean more to him than people think.

Meg: Why do you even care what I mean to him? You made it quite clear that you have no interest in me anymore, so why does my relationship with Dusty matter to you?

Paul: It doesn’t. It doesn't matter at all.

Lucy: I've been using my father's cargo shipments to send supplies to the fellowship for global assistance in east Africa.

Dusty: What you're doing is illegal.

Lucy: You think I don't know that?

Dusty: Then why are you doing it?

Lucy: Because I'm saving lives.

Dusty: What are you sending?

Lucy: Not weapons, if that's what you're worried about. They're humanitarians, Dusty. I'm sending food and medicine -- anything I can get my hands on that might help them.

Dusty: Why would you risk your freedom to do that?

Lucy: Because I owe them. When Johnny and I were on the run, the FGA helped us. They helped me hide Johnny. They kept us safe. Without them, Johnny wouldn't be alive.

Dusty: Why are you telling me this now?

Lucy: Because you wanted to know the truth. And the truth is that Paul Ryan found out that I was using my father's shipping company without his knowledge. He threatened to tell him unless I agreed to -- well, you can imagine what he asked me to agree to. Anything to keep you away from Meg.

Dusty: Paul's quite the blackmailer lately, isn't he?

Lucy: So now that you know, Dusty, what are you gonna do? I mean, as you pointed out, humanitarian or not, what I'm doing is illegal. If the police were to find out, they'd have my father's company shut down.

Dusty: I have no problem with that.

Lucy: But I do! Not only would my father hate me all over again, but thousands of innocent people wouldn't get what they need to stay alive. If you're not gonna do it for my sake, do it for the sake of the people who helped Johnny.

Dusty: You want me to pretend that we're back together?

Lucy: Yes.

Dusty: I respect what you're doing, but you're playing a dangerous game.

Lucy: I know that.

Dusty: I won't be a part of it.

Lucy: Why not? Because it's illegal, or because you'd rather die than do what Paul wants?

Dusty: I'm sick of Paul Ryan. He's using you. His motives are selfish.

Lucy: If you think that by refusing to help me, you're hurting Paul, then you're wrong. He'll still come out on top.

Dusty: How do you figure that?

Lucy: Because once he tells my father, the shipments will stop, and people will die. Paul won't care about that, but I will. And you will, too, Dusty. You know that. You'll know that people lost their lives because you were too proud to let Paul think that he won.

Dusty: Let me talk to Meg, see what she thinks.

Lucy: No. You can't do that.

Paul: Okay.

Meg: Okay what?

Paul: Okay. If the social worker's available tomorrow, can I see Eliza then?

[Meg scoffs]

Meg: What are you doing?

Paul: I'm making an appointment to see my daughter. Isn't that what you wanted?

Meg: Why are you doing this?

Paul: Why am I cooperating?

Meg: Yes!

Paul: It's not like I have a choice, is it? I can't say I didn't see this one coming. I always knew you were gonna end up with Dusty. Everybody told me I was wrong. You told me I was wrong. But I wasn't wrong, was I? Boy, guess I didn't need a psychic flash to see this one coming, did I?

Meg: Okay, stop, stop!

[Paul sighs]

Meg: I loved you, Paul, but you repeatedly lied to me.

Paul: And I manipulated you, and I made your life hell. Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. You were going to say something.

Meg: How can you be so calm about this?

Paul: Oh, boy, I can't win, can I? If I get upset, if I get emotional, then there's something wrong with me. If I'm perfectly calm, then there's still something wrong with me! I'm damned if I do! I'm damned if I don't! All I want -- is to spend time with the daughter that you have taken away from me.

Meg: The court did that.

Paul: With your cooperation. Now, I want to see her. And if I have to play by all your rules to do that, I'm willing to do it.

Dusty: I'm not lying to Meg.

Lucy: You lied to her when you let her believe that you were dead.

Dusty: You know why I did that.

Lucy: Yeah, because there were more important things at stake, just like right now.

Dusty: Meg's been through enough with Paul. I'm not gonna do what he's done time and time again.

Lucy: It wouldn't have to be forever. I just need some time -- enough time for the shipments to arrive at the FGA.

Dusty: There's got to be another way.

Lucy: Listen, Meg is a strong woman, just like you said. She's been through a lot with Paul. If she needs to be disillusioned for a little while, then you can explain these things to her later. If you tell her right now, the mission won't be the only thing at risk.

Dusty: What are you saying?

Lucy: I'm saying Meg and her daughter could be in danger. The FGA has a lot of enemies. The fewer people who know about this, the better.

Dusty: I've got to tell Meg something.

Lucy: Okay. I trust you to say the right thing to her. You talk to Meg. I'll handle Paul.

Dusty: You better. 'Cause if I see Paul, I can't guarantee he'll walk away.

Lucy: Thank you, Dusty.

Parker: I saw your car, so I knew you were still here. Look, we found an apartment.

Carly: Did you tell Parker he should go looking for an apartment?

Craig: Uh, well, we talked about it earlier.

Parker: It's so sweet. It's a penthouse with a terrace. Liberty went totally nuts over the pool.

Liberty: No. Parker, don't make it sound like it's "Our pool." I mean, it's the pool for the whole building.

Carly: Wow. This must be some building. Are you sure you can afford that kind of rent every month?

Parker: Well, I think that's something I should discuss with my trustee, don't you? The broker's drawing up a lease. I'm just gonna need a check for the first and last month's rent, plus security.

Craig: Oh, well, that's too bad, because you're not getting a dime from me.

Parker: But it's my money.

Craig: And I'm honored that you asked me to handle it for you. Means that you trust me to oversee it with your best interests in mind. And as your trustee, I don't think it's in your best interests to blow it on a penthouse.

Parker: Then where are we gonna live?

Craig: Well, correct me if I'm wrong, Carly, but isn't Parker's room still available?

Carly: Yes. Yes, it certainly is. You know you're always welcome here, Sweetheart.

Parker: I didn't want to leave in the first place.

Craig: Well, then, it's settled.

Carly: Sage will be so happy playing video games with you again. I'm not much competition for her.

Parker: Wait, wait, wait, wait. I -- I can't stay here. Liberty and I are married now. We want to stay together.

Carly: Well, since Liberty is your wife now, she is more than welcome to stay here with you.

Parker: I think that would be just too weird. We -- we'd rather stay at the hotel.

Craig: Oh, and I would love to keep you both in the lap of luxury. But unfortunately, I can no longer afford your minibar habit, especially when there's a much more economical option available to you now.

Parker: I'm not staying at my mom's house with my wife.

Craig: Well, you need to live with your wife somewhere, and unless you have the means to pay for rent yourself, I'd say your choices are somewhat limited.

Liberty: Hey --

Parker: I am really sorry about this. And if you don't want to stay here, we don't have to.

Liberty: No, it's fine. I mean, I'm just as disappointed as you are. We're gonna have to make the best of it. And besides, that apartment was way too big for us, anyway.

Parker: All right. When can we move in?

Paul: Third time today. Hope it's the charm.

Lucy: I did it.

Paul: But did you do it with Dusty? That is the question.

Lucy: I managed to convince him to give us another chance.

Paul: Really? It was that easy?

Lucy: No, it was nowhere near easy. It's one of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life. But I did it, and now I want your word that you're not gonna say anything to my father.

Paul: Okay, soon as I have proof that you are Dusty are hitting the sheets.

Lucy: You'll get your proof. I'll let you know where. And when you get there, you'll see exactly what you need to see.

Paul: All I need is enough to convince Meg. So tell me. Give me the time and the place, and let's get this party started.

Meg: Hey. So, how did it go with Lucy?

Dusty: Not quite as I expected.

Meg: Okay, so are you gonna make me drag it out of you?

Dusty: I told her I'm not sneaking around to see my son anymore.

Meg: How'd she take that?

Dusty: That's when things got complicated.

Meg: Complicated how?

Dusty: Paul may tell you things, maybe even show you things that will make you question how I feel about you.

Meg: Dusty, you're scaring me. What the hell's going on?

Dusty: Whatever you hear or see, I want you to know that I would never betray you.

Meg: Of course not.

Dusty: Can you trust me? No questions asked?

Meg: Yeah, I can. I will.

Jack: Thank you very much, my dear.

Liberty: Hey!

Jack: Hey.

Janet: Hey! How'd the apartment hunt go?

Liberty: It -- it went.

Janet: Well, don't keep us in suspense? Did you find a place?

Parker: Yeah, we did, but we're not getting it.

Janet: How come?

Liberty: Craig wouldn't give Parker any money from his trust.

Janet: Really?

Jack: This means you're gonna be staying at the hotel?

Parker: No. He wouldn't give us the money for that, either.

Janet: Well, where are you two supposed to stay? Jack, do you think we can talk to Emma? Maybe she --

Liberty: Oh, no, Mom. Thanks. Thanks a lot. But, uh, we actually decided to stay with Parker's mom.

Janet: Well, I think that is a very wise decision. Don't you, Jack?

Jack: You did the right thing, Parker.

Parker: Yeah, right.

Liberty: So, somebody still has to break the news to my dad.

Janet: Ah, don't worry about it. He's a big boy. He can handle it.

Parker: You know what? I'll do it. He hates me enough already. There's nothing I can do to make it any worse.

Liberty: We'll compromise. How about you come with me for moral support?

Parker: Sure.

Janet: It looks like we might have misjudged Craig.

Jack: Are you kidding me? That guy doesn't get up in the morning before deciding what's in it for him. He's definitely up to something.

Craig: You've been quiet since the younger generation left. A silent Carly Tenney. I hope that's not one of the signs of the apocalypse.

Carly: Thank you.

Craig: You're welcome.

Carly: I was really scared.

Craig: You had no reason to be. Nothing's gonna happen to Parker on my watch.

Carly: I'm starting to believe that.

Craig: I think we could use a drink.

Carly: Uh, no. I -- I shouldn’t.

Craig: Oh, come on, Carly. It's after 5:00 somewhere. To trust.

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