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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 3/26/09

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Luke: Damian.

Damian: Hello, Luciano.

Luke: Donít. Who let you in?

Damian: I'm sorry. I just want to make sure you're all right.

Luke: How did you know I was here?

Damian: It doesn't matter.

Luke: It matters to me. What are you doing in my room?

Damian: I care about you, Luciano. You're my son.

Luke: No, no, I'm not. And my name is Luke -- Luke Snyder. Luciano Grimaldi doesn't exist.

Damian: I understand.

Luke: Do you?

Damian: Yes, and to answer your question, I'm here because -- well, I would like to make peace with you.

Luke: You want to make peace? And how do you suggest we do that? Because the last time you stopped by, you made it pretty clear how you felt about me.

Damian: I'm not proud of the way I handled that situation.

Luke: Yeah, well, just so you know, Damian, the situation still exists. I'm still gay.

Damian: Look, I understand your anger with me, Luke. I know I have a lot to make up to you.

Luke: So you don't think I need to be "Fixed" this time?

Damian: You asked for Noah. Is he --?

Luke: He's my boyfriend.

Damian: Is it serious?

Luke: Yes.

Damian: Does he make you happy?

Luke: Are these questions just for show, Damian, or do you really want to know about the guy I'm in love with?

Damian: I assure you, Luke, my words come from my heart.

Luke: Well, that's great. But I don't care. And I don't need your approval. So you can get the hell out.

Craig: There's no way a robbery charge is going to stick.

Carly: I'm just so furious with him. Parker's his son. How could he treat him like a criminal?

Craig: Well, if it's any consolation, Parker seems to be doing just fine.

Carly: I wouldn't know. He can barely stand to be in the same room with me.

Craig: That'll pass.

Carly: You think? You saw how he was at the police station.

Craig: No, he shut down because he felt cornered.

Carly: And scared. And what he really needs is his mother. But he just sees me as the enemy now. I've lost him. He's finally turned his back on me.

Craig: No. Look, no matter how it feels right now, Parker loves you. And he always will.

[Telephone rings]

Parker: Hello? Yeah, this is Parker. Now? Okay. I'll -- I'll be there.

Liberty: Who was that?

Parker: That was the D.A.'s office.

Liberty: God, what do they want?

Parker: They want me to come down to the station and answer some questions.

Liberty: About the money you took from the diner?

Parker: Yeah. My dad is really serious about this.

Liberty: Parker, do you think that they would actually charge you for robbery?

Parker: Yeah, they really are.

Liberty: Oh, God.

Jack: You did? That's great. No, I'm not surprised. I really appreciate this, Erika. All right, I'll see you soon. Um, that was the D.A. she wanted to let me know that she's booked Parker.

Janet: Why did she speak to Parker?

Jack: Because she's gonna question him for the preliminary hearing on the robbery charge. What?

Janet: Henry and Vienna told you they were not going to press charges.

Jack: He still took $150, Janet, that you would have been held accountable for had I not stopped him.

Janet: Yeah, but you did, and I got all the money back.

Jack: That doesn't change what happened.

Janet: Honey, he was panicked. He wasn't thinking.

Jack: He hasn't been doing a lot of thinking lately.

Janet: So what? Are you gonna put him on Americaís "Ten most wanted" list?

Jack: As long as he realizes that there are consequences to his actions.

Janet: Like what? Jail time? Is that really what you want for your son?

Damian: I've had so much time to think, Luciano. Time to hate myself for the terrible mistakes I made with you.

Luke: You thought there was something wrong with me because I was gay.

Damian: You have no idea how much I regret that. But, Luke, you have to understand the way I was raised. I mean, it wasn't easy for me to accept the way you've chosen to live your life.

Luke: It's not a choice, Damian. It's how I was born.

Damian: And I would love to get to know the man you've become.

Luke: Is that why you did it?

Damian: Did what?

Luke: It's about my inheritance. Was it some sort of bribe?

Damian: No. Luke, that money is yours. It's part of your birthright.

Luke: Yeah, but I told you, I didn't want it.

Damian: Well, I was hoping you'd change your mind, and you did. And look what you've done with it. You started a foundation, you were doing --

Luke: Damian, Damian. What do you want from me?

Damian: Just a chance, Luke. To get to know my son again. That's all.

Luke: That's never gonna happen.

Noah: Have you heard any more about Luke's accident from the police?

Holden: Margo says they're still searching for evidence.

Lily: And we still don't know if it was a random accident or something else, do we?

Holden: They're trying to find out if there's a connection between this, the calls they got at the studio after the interview, and that hate letter that came to the house.

Noah: Well, if there is, that means somebody was targeting Luke on purpose.

Luke: I told you, get out of my room!

Lily: Damian!

Damian: Lily.

Holden: Get away from us!

Damian: I don't want any trouble.

Holden: Then get out, now.

Lily: Luke.

Luke: Mom, its -- its fine.

Noah: You sure you're okay?

Luke: Yeah, I'm better now that you're here.

Noah: Did I just hear your mom say "Damian"?

Luke: Yeah. As in Damian Grimaldi. My father.

Holden: What are you doing here?

Damian: I wanted to see Luciano.

Holden: How did you know he was here?

Lily: It was you, wasn't it? You're the one that found Luke in the parking lot. You saved his life.

Damian: I'm just glad I was in the right place at the right time, that's all.

Holden: What I'd like to know is what you were doing there to begin with.

Lily: Holden, can we just find out if Damian knows anything? Did you see what happened, how Luke got hurt?

Damian: It was a hit-and-run.

Lily: Did you see the driver? The license plate of the car? Anything?

Damian: No, I was focused on Luke, making sure he was all right.

Lily: Why didn't you call me?

Damian: My main concern was Luke. I did not want to waste any time, so I brought him here, wrote that note with your name and address on it so the doctor would know who to call, and then I left.

Holden: Well, you didn't get very far, did you? What were you doing in his room?

Damian: When I brought my son here, he was unconscious.

Holden: You know what, you really shouldn't call him that.

Damian: He is my son, Holden. There's nothing you can do about that.

Holden: There isn't anyone here who has forgotten how you treated your son when he first came out. Do you realize the pain that you caused him?

Damian: That's why I'm in Oakdale. To make amends. To rebuild my relationship with my son.

Holden: He doesn't want anything to do with you. He's happy now. He has a life of his own, and there's no place for you in it.

Damian: I know all about the man Luke has become. The foundation he started, the rally he organized this afternoon.

Holden: What are you doing? Following him?

Damian: No. I was there to support him.

Holden: Support him? Tell me this, Damian. Why should we believe you?

Noah: I can't believe that was the infamous Damian Grimaldi.

Luke: Why? It's not what you expected?

Noah: To be honest, I don't know what I was expecting. I never thought I'd actually meet him.

Luke: And you wonít.

Noah: What do you mean?

Luke: I don't want anything to do with him, Noah.

Noah: Luke, he's your father.

Luke: No, he's not. Not in any way that counts.

Noah: But all the money you put towards the foundation that came from him.

Luke: But, Noah, I told you, I didn't want that money.

Noah: I know, I'm just -- there's a connection, like it or not.

Luke: Do you think that's why he came back?

Noah: I don't know. You know him better than I do. What do you think?

Luke: He said he wanted to make peace with me.

Noah: Do you believe him?

Luke: No. No. No matter what Damian says, I know that he'll never accept me for who I am.

Craig: It can hurt like hell, seeing yourself through your child's eyes.

Carly: Yes, it can.

Craig: But on the other hand, it doesn't mean they're right, or that they won't change their opinion. Kids are fickle.

Carly: Parker's mad at things that I didn't even know he knew about.

Craig: It doesn't matter. There is an unbreakable bond between a parent and child. And once the smoke clears and cooler heads prevail, you'll get your son back. You don't believe me.

Carly: It's not that. It's just -- it's shocking that you dare to dole out parenting advice.

Craig: Well, why not? I learned from the best. Aren't you the one who encouraged me not to give up on Lucy? And here we are, still trying to work out our relationship. You see, I've discovered something that they don't want us to know. Our kids want to love us as much as we want to love them. Parker is no different.

Carly: Well, thank you. I almost feel better.

Liberty: Parker, your dad's not gonna put you in jail.

Parker: You're right. He'll just send me to court so someone else can do the job for him.

Liberty: No, he wonít.

Parker: Liberty, you saw how mad he was.

Liberty: Because you took the money. Would you please hand me my shoes?

Parker: And I know what that means to him. I broke the law, and I need to be punished.

Liberty: Why don't you try apologizing? You know, saying you're sorry, you didn't mean to do it.

Parker: That's not gonna work. Don't you get it? This is what they want. It's the only way they can keep us apart now.

Liberty: You think they would put you in jail to keep us apart? What are we gonna do, Parker? I don't think we can handle this on our own.

Parker: I don't know. I'll talk to Craig. Maybe he can get that lawyer that bailed me out to do something for me.

Liberty: Okay, you talk to him, because I think I might know somebody else that can help us.

Parker: Really? Who?

Liberty: I -- just don't worry about it. Come on, let's go.

Craig: Don't be nervous.

Carly: No more advice, okay? I know I can't mess this up.

Craig: And you wonít.

Carly: I just need Parker to see that I want what's best for him.

Craig: Could I make a suggestion?

Carly: Isn't that the same as advice?

Craig: Well, splitting hairs. It seems that Jack's way of dealing with Parker is to come down with both feet, and maybe what Parker needs from you is to go a little easier on him.

Carly: Parker, hi.

Liberty: Hi. Hey, call me before you leave, okay?

Carly: You going somewhere?

Craig: Yeah, I hope not. We were just coming to find you.

Parker: Good, 'cause I really need to talk to you.

Carly: Oh, Sweetheart, you don't know how relieved I am to hear you say that.

Parker: I meant Craig. I need to talk to him.

Carly: Okay. Well, I'll leave you two alone then, to talk.

Craig: No, no. Parker, this is your mother. You realize that.

Parker: Look, I just --

Craig: No, you look. If there's something you want to say to me that you can't say in front of your own mother, then I don't want to hear it. Understand?

Jack: Listen, between you and me, I already spoke with the D.A. We're just gonna put Parker through the motions.

Janet: So, what? Are you gonna scare him straight?

Jack: I'm gonna try. I want him to know how it feels to be held accountable.

Janet: What if it backfires?

Jack: How? All he has to do is admit what he did was wrong, act genuinely remorseful, and the D.A. will drop the charges. I got to go, okay? I'll see you later.

Janet: Bye.

Jack: Don't worry.

Janet: What, me worry?

Jack: This is all gonna work out fine. Bye.

Janet: Bye.

Liberty: Mom?

Janet: Honey! Oh, hi! Oh, I missed you so much.

Liberty: Listen, I need your help. Okay? I need you to get Jack to stop going after Parker.

Lily: What do you want from us?

Damian: Time with Luke to rectify the mistakes I made with him.

Holden: After the way you treated him, do you really think that's possible?

Damian: I make no excuses for my behavior, except to say that I have so little understanding of what it meant for Luke to be gay, that I reacted only out of fear and ignorance. And I want Luke to know that I'm deeply sorry for that.

Holden: You weren't scared. You were ashamed, embarrassed.

Damian: Yes, that too. And confused. But I love my son.

Holden: Is that why you tried to fix him? That's not love. That's possession. That's what you Grimaldis do best.

Nurse: Mr. Snyder?

Holden: Yes.

Nurse: I have your son's discharge papers. We'll just need a signature.

Lily: It's okay.

Holden: You sure?

Lily: Yeah, the sooner you sign them, the sooner we take Luke home.

Damian: Cara --

Lily: No.

Damian: Lily, you know me. Please, you know how much I love my son.

Lily: I am not going to let you use me to get close to Luke again, not after what happened last time.

Damian: I made a mistake.

Lily: So did I, by turning to you, trusting you. It almost cost me everything.

Damian: Lily, I'm sorry. I am.

Lily: Just stop, Damian. I don't know why you've come back, but I wish you hadn't, because you are not welcome here.

Damian: Lily, please.

Lily: No. I know better now. This is what you do best. You capitalize on people when they're the most vulnerable.

Damian: That was never my intention.

Lily: No? You knew how upset and confused I was with Luke coming out, and you used that. You used me. The pain I caused Holden and Luke by going along with you, that lead to some of the worst times in my life. But we are finally in a good place now, and I will be damned if I'm gonna let you threaten that!

Damian: Lily, I'm glad you're in a good place. I want that for you, for all of us. I want a fresh start so we can all break free from the past. Don't you understand?

Holden: We're not interested. Now get lost. Come on. All set?

Luke: Yeah, just about. Can't find my watch.

Holden: You know what, we'll check the nurses' station on the way out.

Lily: Luke, Honey, how are you feeling?

Luke: I'm fine, I'm fine. I just have, like, a bump on the back of my head.

Lily: No, no, Baby, I don't mean physically. Seeing Damian like that out of the blue after so long. It couldn't have been easy for you.

Luke: Damian can do whatever the hell he wants. I really don't care.

Lily: Luke.

Luke: Mom, I'm not gonna let Damian get to me. If he tries to mess with the foundation --

Holden: He's not gonna be around long enough to do anything, I promise.

Luke: Maybe it fell off in the parking lot?

Holden: You know what, I'll check with Margo. Can we take you home now?

Noah: Okay, I am gonna go to Java, and I'm gonna get someone to cover my shift, and I'm gonna be over to your place as soon as I can, okay?

Luke: Yeah, will you hurry? I'm afraid they're gonna smother me to death.

Noah: Hey. Don't talk about death.

Luke: What? I just got hit by a car.

Noah: Yeah, and thankfully, you've got a head that's hard enough to take it.

Luke: Ow.

Noah: I love you.

Luke: I love you, too.

Parker: The D.A. wants me to come down to the police station.

Carly: That doesn't make any sense.

Parker: She wants me to answer some questions before the preliminary hearing.

Carly: Is your father gonna be there?

Parker: I don't know.

Carly: Well, he's got to know. I can't believe that he let this happen.

Parker: What are you doing?

Carly: I'm calling him.

Parker: Donít. You're just gonna make things worse.

Carly: Parker, you're not gonna go anywhere or answer any questions at all without a lawyer -- do you understand?

Parker: I have a lawyer. Look, I was hoping you could get that guy to help me out again.

Craig: You're not gonna need him.

Carly: Well, he needs somebody. I'm not gonna sit back and watch my son go to jail.

Craig: And that's why he has me. We're gonna go down to the station with Parker, and I'm gonna handle it.

Liberty: Mom, Parker's not a thief, okay? He got really scared because we didn't have any money -- no money.

Janet: I thought that was the whole reason you two got married, so that he could get a hold of his trust fund and y'all could live high off the hoggie.

Liberty: Mom, you know that's not the reason we got married, okay? That's not the only reason. We were really in love, okay? And once he gets his trust fund, Mom, everything is gonna be okay.

Janet: Honey, do you really believe that?

Liberty: Yes, I do, Mom. He is gonna have a lot of money. Hey, look at me. And I promise, we're not just gonna use it to take care of ourselves.

Janet: Uh, really? What else do you plan on using it for?

Liberty: Well, I want to use some of it to take care of you, too.

Janet: Oh, Liberty, no.

Liberty: No, Mom, please. I want to pay you back for everything you've done for me, and all the sacrifices that you've had to make.

Janet: Sweetheart, I'm your mother. That's my job, okay? You don't have to take care of me.

Liberty: Mom, I know. But once he gets his trust fund, we could buy you a house.

Liberty: Sweetie, I don't need a house. I don't want a house.

Liberty: You've always wanted a house, Mom.

Janet: Okay, and maybe someday, I'll get one. Just not like this.

Liberty: Why won't you let me do this for you? Huh?

Janet: You know what I want you to do for me? I want you to be 17, huh? I don't want you to grow up too fast. I want you to have a mind of your own. I want you to be independent and make good, strong choices and not rely on somebody else to make your dreams come true for you.

Liberty: Parker's my dream, Mom.

Janet: Okay. Today, maybe. But later on.

Liberty: There won't be a later on if he goes to jail, Mom. Because I'll be sitting here waiting for him to get out.

Janet: Libby.

Liberty: I don't care how long it takes, Mom. He's my husband.

Janet: I can't believe I'm doing this.

Liberty: What?

Janet: I can't -- just --

Liberty: Where are we going?

Janet: Come on. I'm going to show you that Jack is not the enemy.

Jack: You can't pull any punches with him, Erika. I want you to be tough on him. Parker's grown up around cops, so he'll know if you're not being real with him.

Erika: I have no problem doing that, Jack. As long as you think it'll work.

Jack: It's got to. Because honestly, I'm running out of options. I just hope the idea of real jail time will be enough to wake Parker up.

Erika: How does restitution and a six-month sentence sound?

Jack: That sounds good, provided he does the right thing once he gets in here. I just don't like the idea of breaking my own son. What -- what is going on?

Parker: The D.A. wanted to see me?

Jack: Yes, Parker, she wanted to see you. Alone.

Carly: How could you call him down here and not tell me?

Jack: It's procedure, Carly. I don't need to clear it with you.

Carly: Yeah, you do. I'm his mother.

Jack: What's his excuse?

Parker: I asked him to come.

Jack: Why?

Parker: Why not?

Jack: Come here for a second. You think acting like this is helping you?

Parker: It doesn't matter what you say. You just want to close the case.

Jack: Okay, you got me. Yeah, that's what this is all about. The fastest way for me to do that is to get you to talk. So you're gonna answer the D.A.'s questions. You'll admit to what you've done. You'll accept the consequences, like an adult.

Craig: We don't need to go overboard, Jack.

Jack: Nobody asked you to chime in, Montgomery.

Craig: Actually, your son did, and I think I can clear up this entire misunderstanding.

Jack: There is no misunderstanding. Parker took the cash out of the register at Al's, and he's gonna answer for that.

Craig: And I couldn't agree more. That is what he should do. If he had, in fact, taken the money.

Jack: He had $150 on him when I found him. Where else would he get that?

Craig: From me. I gave it to him.  

Jack: You gave Parker the money. Why is this the first time I'm hearing it?

Craig: You know, that is a good question.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I bet the answer is just as good.

Craig: Well, there's no need to be hostile, Jack.

Jack: So when -- why, exactly, did you give Parker this handout?

Craig: Well, you had kicked him and his new bride out of the house. They had nowhere to go. They had nothing to live on. I'm sure, as his father, you wouldn't begrudge your son that.

Jack: You really are a piece of work. Are you hearing this?

Craig: Jack, when I found them in Old Town, Parker had barely $30 on him.

Jack: I guess I just don't understand why you didn't tell me this anyway. You saw that I was taking steps to make sure that Parker was punished for stealing, yet you didn't say anything, did you?

Craig: Well, frankly, I was hoping that all this would blow over. And -- well, I didn't think that you'd like the fact that I gave your son a helping hand.

Jack: You know what, I like lying even less. And why aren't you saying anything?

Carly: Jack.

Jack: No, Parker's so quick to open his mouth, yet you're being so silent now.

Parker: What do you want me to say?

Jack: I want you to tell me the truth. We all know that Craig didn't give you that money.

Craig: You don't have any proof that I didn't, Jack.

Jack: Parker, if you want me to treat you like an adult, I'm willing to do that. But you've got --

Janet: What's going on?

Liberty: Hey, Parker.

Jack: Thank God you're here.

Liberty: Are you okay? I thought you were getting a lawyer.

Craig: He doesn't need one.

Jack: Please, please. I know I'm putting you on the spot, but will you please tell the D.A. how Parker got that money?

Janet: What? Why?

Jack: Janet, just tell her the truth, okay? That's all you have to do is tell the truth. The money that Parker had on him he got out of the register, right?

Janet: Um, I guess he did. I think he did.

Jack: What do you mean, you guess, you think he did?

Janet: Well, the register was open, and there was no money. But I didn't actually see him take it.

Jack: Yeah, but, Janet, you know what happened, right?

Janet: I'm sorry.

Erika: I think I've heard enough. A word, Detective?

Noah: Hello?

Damian: I'm sorry. You must be Noah, right? I'm --

Noah: I know who you are.

Damian: Do you have a minute?

Noah: I'm actually sort of trying to get out of here right now, so maybe now is not the best --

Damian: Please. I won't take much of your time, I promise. Thank you.

Noah: That's -- that's Luke's watch. He was looking all over the hospital for it.

Damian: Yeah, they took it off him in the E.R. one of the nurses gave it to me.

Noah: To you? You're the one who brought him in.

Damian: Yes, and I just forgot to give this back to him. Would you mind?

Noah: No. I gave this to Luke for Christmas.

Damian: I saw the inscription. It must mean a great deal to him.

Noah: You didn't want to return this yourself?

Damian: I wouldn't be welcome at the house, and I thought since you two are friends --

Noah: We're more than friends, Mr. Grimaldi. I think you know that.

Damian: Luke told me you two are very happy together.

Noah: We are.

Damian: It was nice meeting you, Noah.

Noah: It was nice meeting you, too.

Jack: Thanks again, Erika.

Parker: So, are you arresting me?

Jack: No, Parker, I'm not.

Parker: Why not?

Jack: Because you got away with it, that's why. Smart, having Craig do all the talking for you.

Parker: You wanted me to incriminate myself.

Jack: No, I wanted you to tell me the truth. We all know Craig didn't give you a dime, just an alibi, and a phony one at that.

Parker: I'm not going to apologize.

Jack: Why am I not surprised to hear that?

Parker: I'm not gonna say I'm sorry that you're not sending me to jail.

Jack: I was never sending you to jail. I cut a deal with the D.A.

Carly: Wait, what kind of deal did you cut?

Jack: A suspended sentence and the arrest expunged from his record in exchange for the truth and an apology.

Carly: Why didn't you say anything about this before?

Jack: Because I wanted to make a point, Carly, that stealing and lying about it and having someone cover it up is wrong, much like getting married at 16 is, or lying to a judge about your mother is, or, I don't know, just about anything you've done in the past few months and gotten away with it. But you know what, Parker? You win. I can't fight you anymore.

Carly: Jack.

Liberty: Mom, thank you so much for helping Parker.

Janet: That wasn't my intention. I just told the truth.

Liberty: It was enough.

Janet: Listen to me. You and I both know that Parker took that money, and nothing Craig said is gonna help that.

Liberty: I know. But he's not gonna have to go to jail.

Janet: Honey, he was never going to jail. Jack just wanted him to be honest about what he had done.

Liberty: I know, but how were we supposed to know that?

Janet: You're just supposed to know it's the right thing to do.

Parker: Come on. Let's get out of here.

Liberty: Yeah.

Janet: You're not helping things.

Craig: Oh, I think your new son-in-law would disagree.

Janet: He doesn't know any better.

Craig: He knows I'm on his side.

Janet: We are family, Craig. There are no sides.

Craig: Really? Well, then why aren't you in there?

Jack: Parker stole that money, Carly. And instead of taking responsibility, he had Craig cover for him, and it worked.

Carly: So I suppose Janet saying she didn't actually see Parker take the money from the cash register, that that didn't do anything at all?

Jack: Janet told the truth. But what did Craig do? He showed him that if you got a good enough lie and enough money, you can get away with anything. That's a great lesson for Parker, by the way, when he's got his eyes on his trust fund.

Carly: Are you attempting to blame me for this?

Jack: You're the one that brought Craig here, Sweetheart, not me.

Carly: You know something, Jack, it's not my hard line that Parker's rebelling against.

Jack: Yeah, I took a hard line. Maybe if your lines weren't so damn fluid, I wouldn't have had to.

Carly: If this is how you make Parker feel, it's no wonder he doesn't want to be around you.

Jack: Excuse me?

Carly: You heard me.

Holden: Hey, Noah. Come on in.

Noah: Hey. How's the patient doing?

Luke: Is there such a thing as "Couch arrest"?

Noah: Well, if there is, count me in.

Holden: Luke, where did your mom go?

Luke: She said something about running an errand.

Holden: Okay. I'm heading to the farm. If you need anything, call me.

Noah: I've got something for you.

Luke: My watch! Where did you find it?

Noah: Damian gave it to me. He stopped off at Java.

Luke: What, like he was following you or something?

Noah: No, I think he just wanted to make sure you got it.

Luke: Yeah, well, where did he find it?

Noah: You mean you don't know? Luke, he's the one who brought you to the hospital.

Luke: What?

Noah: Maybe Damian isn't as bad as you think he is.

Damian: I must admit, your call surprised me.

Lily: I needed to talk to you. You said that you wanted to make things right.

Damian: More than anything, yes.

Lily: Then leave town. Stay away from me, from Luke. Forget that you ever saw him today.

Damian: I can't do that.

Lily: Why not? Luke doesn't want anything to do with you, Damian.

Damian: I'm hoping to change that.

Lily: Like you wanted to change him before?

Damian: No.

Lily: You still don't understand how much you hurt him the last time you were here.

Damian: I do understand. When your own son says that he hates you, and you know that he means it --

Lily: Can you blame him?

Damian: No. No, but I never imagined you'd be the one encouraging him to go on feeling that way. I'm his father, Lily. I love him more than my life. There was a time that meant something to you.

Lily: I can't forget what happened. You told me it was okay to want to make him straight, okay to push him in that direction.

Damian: Let's be honest, Lily -- you felt that way long before I came into the picture.

Lily: And you made the most of it, didn't you? You got me to agree to send him to that hideous camp.

Damian: You're right. It was hideous. I know that now. When I think of what I was willing to do to my own son, it makes me sick.

Lily: Damian, you gave up the right to call Luke your son a long time ago.

Damian: Don't you say that. Don't you ever say that to me? Luciano is my flesh and blood. Nothing's gonna change that.

Noah: He knows about us, Luke -- that we're together, that we're happy. He actually even seemed okay with it. It didn't seem to bother him at all.

Luke: Well, I don't think he'd let you know if it did.

Noah: So you think it's all a lie, that he hasn't accepted you?

Luke: He tried to convince my mother that the best place for me was some camp where they practice mind control. And what's worse, he tried to convince her that I actually wanted to go there. Trust me, if Damian wants something from you, he'll fake whatever he has to, to get it. And to think I thought I'd got the last laugh by using my inheritance from him for gay rights.

Noah: Wait, but see, he hasn't objected to that. I mean, don't you think that's maybe a sign that he's changed?

Luke: No, Noah, it's not a sign. It's a ploy. When I gave my inheritance back to Damian, he knew what it meant -- it meant that I was disowning him and the entire Grimaldi family. Everything he stood for, I rejected. I didn't want him in my life then, and I don't want it now.

Lily: So, you gonna force your way back into Luke's life again?

Damian: I have no intention of doing that.

Lily: You have no intention of leaving, either, do you?

Damian: Look, Lily, I mean you and your family no harm. And contrary to what you believe, I am not a threat. I can see how happy you are now, how happy Luke is.

Lily: He's found himself. He's grown up. He's in love.

Damian: With Noah, yes. He told me.

Lily: And he has his foundation.

Damian: Yes, he does.

Lily: Is that why you came back? You don't want Luke using Grimaldi money to champion gay rights.

Damian: Not at all. I'm proud of the work he's doing.

Lily: Then please don't undermine him. If Luke needed or wanted you for anything, he would have come looking for you on his own.

Damian: What about what I want, huh, what I need?

Lily: What is that?

Damian: Just the chance to prove to you and to Luke that I've changed. Please, Lily. You believed in me once. Believe in me again.

Janet: Are you all right?

Jack: Not really, no.

Janet: I didn't think so. That was quite a scene in there.

Jack: Yeah, I should be getting used to those about now, don't you think?

Janet: Well, you certainly had some help.

Jack: I would like to bounce Craig off of every wall in this room.

Janet: No, I meant me. I opened my big mouth.

Jack: No, Craig is the one who lied, not you.

Janet: Yeah, but if I hadn't told everybody that I didn't see Parker --

Jack: I asked you to tell the truth. That's what you did.

Janet: So you're not mad at me?

Jack: No.

Janet: Good. 'Cause I was afraid you were gonna think that I didn't want Parker to get into trouble.

Jack: No, it's gonna take a lot more than that, believe me. This thing is such a mess.

Janet: We are just gonna have to pray that they come to their senses and call this thing off before it's too late.

Jack: I'm afraid it already is.

Liberty: Do you want to talk about it?

Parker: What is there to talk about?

Liberty: Your dad, maybe.

Parker: What about him?

Liberty: Do you think he was telling the truth, that he really worked things out with the D.A.?

Parker: Well, my dad doesn't lie, so probably.

Liberty: Well, did you know -- I mean, maybe that means he's coming around.

Parker: No, what it means is he wanted me to confess to stealing that money.

Liberty: Hey, did you know that Craig was gonna cover for you? Why didn't you say anything?

Parker: What was I supposed to do? I didn't want to get him into trouble.

Liberty: Yeah, no, I guess. That's right.

Parker: You know what, once I get my trust fund, none of this is gonna matter.

Liberty: What do you mean?

Parker: Well, we won't have to rely on anyone for anything ever again.

Craig: You shouldn't let Jack get to you like this.

Carly: Why not?

Craig: Because it's bordering on mental abuse, that's why.

Carly: Maybe I enjoy being a masochist.

Craig: Fine. I just don't enjoy watching it.

Carly: You know where the door is.

Craig: You're a good mother, Carly.

Carly: Oh, please don't do that.

Craig: It's true. And all you have to do is look at your own children to know it. You know, eventually, Parker is going to realize just how much you love him. And how much you've done for him.

Carly: Well, all I've done, as far as Jack's concerned, is corrupt him.

Craig: Well, Jack Snyder is wrong. Oh, there! I said it! Jack Snyder is wrong! Oh, look. The walls are still standing. Did it ever occur to you that Jack just might be undermining you?

Carly: Why would he do that?

Craig: Because in his own way, he still needs to keep you where you are, believing that you still need him. To keep you from moving on.

Carly: Move on to what? To you? I don't think so.

Craig: No, from moving on with your life. Without him.

Carly: You're right. The hell with Jack. I don't need him.

Noah: You don't think it's possible that maybe you're being a little too hard on Damian?

Luke: How would you like it if I tried to tell you how to feel about your father?

Noah: Whoa, whoa, that -- that's different.

Luke: Why, 'cause he's dead?

Noah: No, because he's a murderer. He tried to kill you, Luke.

Luke: Yeah, and why is he dead?

Noah: Come on, donít.

Luke: Because he didn't want me getting into your pants, because I'm a disgusting little pervert.

Noah: Stop it.

Luke: You know what? I think that the colonel and Damian would have been really good drinking buddies.

Noah: Okay, okay. Okay, you've made your point.

Luke: So you're gonna stay away from Damian?

Noah: I will stay away from Damian.

Luke: I just don't know why he's come back. If he wants something from me. I almost lost everyone I love because of him.

Noah: Hey. You're never gonna lose me. Ever.

Lily: If you love Luke as much as you claim you do, you leave him alone.

Damian: What if I can't?

Lily: Then you're gonna hurt him again.

Holden: I had a feeling you might be here. You okay?

Lily: I came to ask Damian to leave.

Holden: I think we've all made our feelings pretty clear, Damian. I'm sure there's a flight back to Malta tonight. You should be on it.

Damian: Sorry, Holden. I'm not going anywhere until I get what I want.

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