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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 2/26/09

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Carly: Midnight Sun is the designer vodka that everybody will be drinking this summer. Now here's a little preview. We are, of course, still refining the taste. But this should get you in the mood!

Stan: Aren't you going to join us, Carly?

Carly: Uh -- well -- if you insist. Whew! That's good, isn't it? And for those of you who were asking how many bottles will be in our first shipment? That's really a question for my partner. Craig is responsible for production.

Stan: So where is Montgomery, anyway?

Carly: He'll be here. He'll be here very soon, I'm sure. So in the meantime, drink up. Okay?

Craig: Your timing leaves a lot to be desired, Sweetheart. Why are you really here, Lucy? You have to know, you're facing arrest.

Lucy: I missed Johnny so much. I had to see him. Is he here?

Craig: Thankfully, no. And if he were, I wouldn't even let you spend ten seconds with him.

Lucy: I didn't come back to take him away.

Craig: Oh, pardon me, if I don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth.

Lucy: I don't blame you. But can you please just tell me, is he okay?

Craig: He's fine. In fact, he's thriving.

Lucy: Good, I'm glad. I was worried.

Craig: Thank you for your concern. Let me ask you, where was that same concern when you decided to keep Johnny from his biological father for how many years?

Lucy: I did what I thought was best.

Craig: I assume you know the court granted me custody. Johnny's back where he belongs now.

Lucy: Yes, I heard. Congratulations.

Craig: Gee, thanks. Can we cut to the chase now? Why are you really here? Did Dusty contact you?

Lucy: No. I haven't heard from Dusty at all. I swear.

Craig: Again, I don't believe you.

Lucy: Okay. The truth is that, I came back because I want to make peace with you. I don't know if it's possible for us to still be a family. But I'm willing to try if you are.

Craig: That's very sweet. And it's tempting. But how am I supposed to deal with the fact that you stole my son? In fact, what's keeping me from picking up the phone and turning you in to the police right now?

Janet: Okay, are we set?

Jack: That depends. Can we do this at the movies?

Janet: Not with Sage sitting between us.

Jack: That's right, I forgot.

Janet: Oh, I'm so glad the three of us are doing this tonight. I think she's finally getting used to having a stepmother. Well, at least she hasn't locked me in any closets lately.

Jack: Yes. You two do seem to be getting along.

Janet: I know. You know, she's the one who suggested this movie.

Jack: Well maybe if we send her for popcorn, we can make out in the back row?

Janet: Oh, wait, wait -- I'll have to ask my husband.

Jack: Well, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. He's fine with it.

Sage: Oh, gross! You better not do that at the movies.

Jack: What are you talking about? Never crossed our minds.

Liberty: Hey, guys. What's up?

Parker: Hey, Liberty. Craig asked me to watch Johnny for a few hours so we are gonna get a bite to eat.

Liberty: Very cool.

Parker: Have a seat.

Liberty: Okay.

Parker: How's Katie doing?

Liberty: She's okay, I guess. She had some kind of surgery. But my dad picked her up from the hospital earlier, so --

Parker: So everything's fine?

Liberty: Yeah. I don't think they'd let her home if it wasn't, right?

Parker: Yeah, right.

Liberty: So what kind of fun things are you guys doing?

Parker: Well, coloring mostly.

Liberty: Ooh, coloring!

Parker: Trying to stay out of trouble.

Liberty: Oh, yeah. Hey, I have an idea. How about we go see a movie?

Parker: I don't think there's anything playing that Johnny would like. He's a little young.

Liberty: No. No way. There's that Dakota Fanning movie, with the ESP, spy thing. I think he'd really dig the special effects.

Parker: I think we need to stick to the movies with talking cars and trains.

Johnny: My train!

Parker: Your train, uh-oh.

Liberty: Is it there?

Parker: It's not in here, Buddy. We must have left his favorite train at the Lakeview.

Dusty: Are you looking for this? Twice in one day! How lucky can I get, right kid?

Parker: Thanks for bringing that over.

Liberty: Wow. Johnny looks really happy to see you.

Dusty: Our reunion got cut short the last time we were together. Parker, I need you to do me a favor. I need some time alone with my son.

Lucy: You're right. There's nothing keeping you from having me arrested. Except that I'm your daughter. Despite all the bad blood between us, you still love me, I hope.

Craig: Even love has its limitations, Sweetheart.

Lucy: The last time we saw each other, you said you wanted your family together again. I'm finally ready to make that happen.

Craig: You make it sound so simple.

Lucy: It can be. It's up to us.

Craig: And I'm just supposed to forget that you kidnapped my child.

Lucy: You had me kidnapped once. I could've sent you to prison for life. But I didnít. I forgave you. Why can't you at least return the favor?

Craig: All right. I'll tell you what -- I'll take you to the police station myself. I can't guarantee what will happen. But you can ask if the charges against you can be dropped.

Lucy: Seriously? You'll take me down there?

Craig: I'll do what I can. But we have to do it right now. I really have to be somewhere.

Lucy: Thank you, Daddy.

Craig: Don't thank me. I haven't done anything.

Parker: I'm sorry, Dusty. But I cannot just leave Johnny alone with you. Craig will have a fit.

Dusty: Do you miss Jennifer?

Parker: Yeah, of course I do.

Dusty: Me too. I promised her that I'd protect Johnny for as long as I live.

Parker: But she had no idea what would happen. She never knew that Craig would get custody.

Dusty: I just want to spend some time with my boy. Let him know that I'm still his dad, you know? It's what your sister would've wanted. You know that, right?

Parker: Yeah. Yeah, I guess.

Dusty: Craig doesn't have to know. He's gone for a couple hours.

Parker: Yeah. But what if someone sees you with Johnny?

Dusty: No, no, no, no. I'll be discreet.

Parker: It doesn't even matter. Johnny will probably tell Craig himself.

Dusty: If Craig finds out, I'll take total responsibility. Parker, please. I know how much you cared about Jennifer.

Parker: Okay. Okay, fine. You can have a couple of hours with him. And then you'll bring him back here. Okay?

Dusty: Thank you.

Parker: Please don't make me regret this.

Dusty: Hey, Buddy, you want to have some ice cream?

Parker: Let's get out of here.

Liberty: Parker -- Dude, what are you doing? Craig is going to kill you when he finds out.

Parker: I know, I know. But Dusty kept on saying it's what my sister would have wanted.

Liberty: Is that true?

Parker: Definitely. I mean, Jennifer always thought of Dusty as Johnny's dad. And you can see how Johnny feels about him. How could I have said no?

Liberty: Yeah. I guess you couldnít.

Parker: Well, at least we have some free time.

Liberty: Do you want to go see a movie?

Parker: Yeah, sure. Why not?

Janet: Jack, we ready?

Jack: Guys, I'm sorry. That was the station. They need me on a case.

Janet: Bummer.

Sage: You can't miss the movie, Dad.

Jack: Honey, I'm sorry. I have no choice.

Sage: This is a total rip off!

Janet: Yeah, totally. Can't you have some other cop cover for you, and take care of whatever it is? By the way, what is it?

Jack: Apparently, it has something to do with your buddy Craig Montgomery.

Janet: He is not my buddy.

Jack: Do you mind taking Sage to the movies?

Janet: No, of course not. We'll have a nice little girls' night, just the two of us.

Jack: Great, great. Sage, Janet is still going to take you, okay?

Sage: Okay. But I still wish you were coming.

Janet: We'll miss you.

Jack: Me, too.

Sage: I'm gonna go wait in the car.

Jack: Okay. Honey, listen -- I'm going to make it up to you, okay? I swear.

Janet: How are you gonna make it up to me?

Jack: I could think of a few ideas.

Janet: I love you.

Jack: I love you, too.

Janet: Don't work too hard.

Jack: Well, that's easier said than done if Craig's involved.

Janet: Yeah, what is this thing with Craig? I thought he had -- he was hosting some party with Carly or something.

Jack: Carly's better off if Craig's a no-show.

Carly: All right, gentlemen. Have as much as you like. I'm going to attempt to track down my elusive business partner. Excuse me. Oh, Craig, pick up, pick up, pick up.

[Phone ringing]

Craig: This is Craig Montgomery, please leave your message.

Carly: Craig, where the heck are you? Everybody's waiting for you here. You were supposed to be here a half an hour ago. They're all waiting for your big sales pitch. And in the meantime, they're doing some serious drinking here. And I'm not sure I can keep up. So get here quickly, before I make a monstrous fool of myself!

Stan: Your turn, Carly.

Carly: Oh! Na strovia!

Jack: Lucy, you're back? What's going on here, Craig?

Craig: You know, I had the same reaction, when my daughter showed up this evening, out of the blue.

Jack: Well, you know there are still -- there are still pending charges against you?

Craig: Yes, but now that Johnny is back with me, and the court awarded me custody -- Lucy feels we should let bygones be bygones.

Jack: And how do you feel about that, Craig?

Craig: In all fairness, I think that Lucy should face the consequences of her actions. So I'm turning her in.

Lucy: What?

Craig: I want you to arrest her for kidnapping my son.

Lucy: You deliberately lied to me!

Craig: I said I would bring you to the police station, and that I couldn't guarantee what would happen.

Lucy: You said we'd find out if the charges could be dropped.

Craig: No, I said you'd find out. And now you have. I'm sorry you didn't get the answer you were hoping for.

Lucy: I should've known you would sell me out.

Craig: And now you know what it felt like when you disappeared with my son. Do what you have to do, Jack.

Lucy: You can't do this to me!

Craig: I believe I just did.

Jack: Wait a second, Craig. Just a minute.

Craig: You know, I would. But I -- I have a very pressing engagement.

Jack: Well Carly's just going to have to wait.

Craig: She won't like that at all.

Jack: You'll need to make a statement.

Craig: I would. But I don't have the time right now.

Jack: Okay, just think -- just take the time to think about what you're doing, then.

Craig: I'm not going to change my mind. Now I really do have to get going.

Jack: You're just going to leave your daughter to the mercy -- to the mercy of the criminal justice system? Is that it? That's pretty cold, even for you.

Craig: She earned it -- kids today! I'll come make a statement tomorrow -- if I have time. You know where to reach me.

Jack: Your dad's a real piece of work.

Lucy: He lied to me. He told me he'd have the charges dropped, if I came in with him.

Jack: Listen, I know Craig gave you a raw deal. But at this point, the best thing you can do is to give us a full confession, tell us everything you've done.

Lucy: Forget it, Jack. I'm not confessing to anything.

Stan: Looks like your partner stood you up.

Carly: No! No! Craig -- Craig wouldn't do something like that. I'm sure he's on his way. All right, gentlemen -- drink up. Excuse me. Cheers!

Stan: Hey, are you okay?

Carly: What's Russian for "I think I'm going to vomit"? Excuse me.

Liberty: We're missing the movie.

Janet: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Liberty: Mom, what are you doing here?

Janet: And Parker, if you want to keep the hand that is attached to your arm, I would remove it from my daughter right away!

Sage: Parker's in big trouble, huh?

Janet: Liberty, what the heck are you doing?

Liberty: Nothing. Mom, we were watching a movie.

Janet: No, you're not. You're watching the inside of each other's tonsils.

Sage: That's disgusting.

Parker: Sage, shut up!

Janet: Hey, don't speak to your sister that way. I will handle this Sage, okay? You two should be ashamed of yourselves!

Liberty: Mom, sssh! People are watching.

Janet: No, people are watching you two make out. That's what they're watching! What happened to Johnny? I thought you were supposed to be babysitting Johnny.

Sage: Johnny can't see this movie. It's pg-13.

Janet: What? I thought this was an animated movie.

Sage: That's the other Dakota Fanning movie. We came to the wrong one.

Janet: Well, it's a good thing we did, otherwise we wouldn't have known what these two jokers were up to!

Parker: Let's get out of here.

Liberty: Yeah, definitely.

Janet: Hey, not so fast. What about Johnny?

Parker: I'm going to go pick him up right now.

Janet: All right. You go pick him up. But if you two get into any more trouble on the way there, you are grounded until you're 40!

Sage: Janet, can we stay and watch this movie?

Janet: Definitely not!

Carly: Woo! Midnight Sun, anybody? Where did everybody go? Did we drink all that? Oh, boy. I guess we did. Oh Carly, you are going to hate yourself in the morning! But not as much as you're going to hate Craig! How could he do this to you?

Dusty: I'm getting you the check. Yeah.

Craig: What do you think you're doing?

Dusty: Just having ice cream. Don't freak out in front of Johnny.

Craig: Why are you with my son? And where's Parker?

Dusty: Don't blame Parker. It was my fault.

Craig: You two planned this all along, didn't you?

Dusty: Parker had nothing to do with it. It was my idea.

Craig: I mean you and your other partner-in-crime.

Dusty: What are you talking about?

Craig: This whole thing was a setup. You brought Lucy back here so the two of you could run away with Johnny again!

Dusty: Lucy's back? Since when? I never expected to see Lucy again.

Craig: Save it, Donovan. You don't have to lie for Lucy anymore.

Dusty: What are you talking about?

Craig: Right now?

Dusty: Yeah.

Craig: She's at the police station, as we speak, being charged with kidnapping. You're lucky I don't have you arrested, too.

Dusty: She's really at the police station? Have you seen her?

Craig: I took her there.

Dusty: How could you do that to your own daughter?

Craig: Well how could she do what she did to her own father?

Dusty: This is why Johnny doesn't belong with you.

Craig: Good thing the law is on my side.

Dusty: Not for long. Hey, Buddy, I've got to get going, okay? See you soon. I love you.

Craig: Hey, Buddy! Oh, look at that! What a great drawing. That's your favorite train.

Johnny: Can I show it to my other daddy?

Craig: Well, Dusty had to leave. And now, I have to find someone to look after you for just a little while longer. So just give me a second, okay?

[Cell phone ringing]

Carly: Hello?

Craig: Is that you? Everything okay?

Carly: Not exactly. No.

Craig: I can't hear you. How's the party going?

Carly: Craig? You go to hell, Craig! And don't come back!

Craig: Um -- Car -- Carly? Okay, Buddy, we -- we gotta go. I think we got a little cleaning up to do. Come on, get your coat on.

Carly: Barbara was right about you. Everybody was right about you! Everything you touch, Craig, you ruin. And I'm not going to let you drag me down with you again! Ugh -- ugh!

Liberty: Johnny? Where's -- where's Johnny?

Parker: I dunno. Dusty's not here, either.

Liberty: Oh, I thought Dusty said they were just going to get ice cream.

Parker: Yeah, but they were supposed to meet us back here. This isn't good.

Liberty: Yeah. Oh -- well maybe -- maybe Johnny wanted to show Dusty his train set, so Dusty brought him home.

Parker: That sounds like a reach to me.

Liberty: Yeah, but it's worth a shot.

Parker: Yeah. Let's just hope we find Johnny before Craig does.

Liberty: Okay.

Jack: You realize, by not cooperating, you're increasing your chances of spending time in a federal institution?

Lucy: No, my father won't send me to prison. How would he explain it to Johnny?

Jack: I wouldn't put anything past Craig at this point.

Lucy: No, he acted on impulse tonight. But when he's had time to think, about it, when push comes to shove -- he won't be the one to send me to jail.

Jack: You leave me no choice. You know that? Sit tight. I'll be right back.

Dusty: Why did you come back to Oakdale?

Lucy: I couldn't stand it anymore. I missed Johnny so much.

Dusty: Well I doubt Craig will bring him to visit you if you end up in jail.

Lucy: Dusty, please. I know I have no right to ask, but, I need your help. You may be the only chance I have left.

Carly: Oh, God! No! Is it morning already?

Janet: Are you drunk?

Carly: No. No, I'm not --


Carly: Maybe a little.

Janet: A little? How about a lot? You can't let Sage see you like this.

Carly: Sage is here?

Janet: Yes! Hey!

Sage: What's wrong with Mom?

Janet: Nothing's wrong with Mom. She's fine. She's just a little tired. She needs some rest. But she's fine. Why don't you go upstairs and get ready for bed, okay?

Sage: Okay.

Janet: Okay.

Sage: Feel better, Mom.

Janet: Carly, come on, snap out of it. Snap out of it! Oh, this is really bad. I gotta sober you up before you have a monster hangover. Carly? Carly?

Jack: Dusty, what are you doing here?

Dusty: What's going on with Lucy?

Jack: Well, I'm about to arrest her for kidnapping.

Dusty: Forget it. She's innocent. There was no kidnapping.

Craig: You know, I'm sorry, Johnny. I'll get you home as soon as we check up on our friend Carly -- Carly? Where is everybody?

Janet: Carly! Come on! Oh man, this is bad. Carly, snap out of it! You leave me no choice.

Carly: Ow! Ow! That hurt!

Janet: You asked for it.

Carly: Do it again. I dare you to do it again. I'll take you! You know I can!

Janet: All right, come on, this is not a catfight, Carly. Put the claws back in. What the hell happened tonight?

Carly: I think I got the flu.

Janet: The flu, my butt! You are three sheets to the wind. What have you been drinking?

Carly: Oh -- vodka. Way too much vodka.

Janet: Oh, gosh. Did things get out of hand?

Carly: The future of our company at stake -- Craig was a no-show!

Janet: He stood you up?

Carly: Mm-hmm! He left me there to crash and burn. All these bar owners were there doing shots. They insisted that I keep up with them. Which, clearly, I tried to do. I turned a little green and cleared the place out.

Janet: Oh, my God. Did you puke on anybody?

Carly: Not that I remember. Other than myself.

Janet: Oh, c'mon, we've got to sober you up. Let's go. Hang on.

Carly: No, no, no, no, no. Can't move. Room is spinning round.

Janet: Okay. Don't look down. Look up, straight ahead, focus. Come on, let's go. Oh, God. I gotta get some water into you. I don't want you to get dehydrated. Stay right there. Stay!

Carly: Look at me. Would you look at me? I am a disgusting, drunken mess. And how am I going to explain to my children that their mother is a big, fat loser?

Janet: Honey, you're not a big, fat loser. You just had a bad night, that's all. So you're gonna go upstairs, you're gonna brush your teeth, and take a shower. And then, I'm going to make you my very famous hangover concoction. It'll fix you right up, okay?

Carly: You, Janet, are the salt of the earth. You really are. Come here. Oh, I am so glad that you came here tonight. I really am. You're a true friend, you know that? A true blue pal.

Janet: Okay, Carly that's --you're hurting me. A little too tight.

Carly: Okay, I'm sorry.

Janet: A little too tight. Okay, thanks.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Janet: There you go.

Carly: I'm off to the shower.

Janet: Okay. That's the sink. Shower's upstairs.

Carly: Yes.

Janet: Yes. Kitchen, sink. Shower, upstairs.

Carly: Uh-huh!

Janet: Oh, Holy Mary -- what's next?

Dusty: I meant what I said, Jack.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, that there is no kidnapping. That's kinda odd, 'cause Lucy admits she took Johnny. She was M.I.A. for years.

Dusty: Yeah, that's true. No denying that. Lucy's not denying it, either.

Jack: And that's why I'm arresting her. You have the right to remain silent --

Dusty: Hold on, hold on, Jack. Johnny was legally in my custody when she took him. So she didn't kidnap my son. She had my permission.

Jack: What -- what are you talking about?

Dusty: You heard me. I wanted her to take Johnny away, to keep him away from Craig. Yeah, we had it all planned in advance.

Jack: So you were in on this from the beginning. Is that it? Well, in that case, you deserve an academy award. Because when Johnny was kidnapped, you were a mess.

Dusty: Convincing, wasn't I?

Jack: If she didn't take Johnny, then why the did you go to the trouble of faking your own death?

Dusty: I had reasons to disappear, Jack -- that had nothing to do with my son.

Jack: I know what you're doing. It's not going to hold up in court.

Lucy: I don't see why not. Everything he says is true.

Jack: This is never going to work.

Dusty: Bottom line, I'm not going to testify against Lucy. You've got no case.

Jack: Get out. Get -- get out. Get out of the station. Now. Go. Lucy, don't leave town. It's not over.

Craig: Charles, could you arrange for a sitter to come up to my room and stay with my son?

Clerk: Right away, Mr. Montgomery.

Craig: Thank you, very much. C'mon, Johnny. Well you must be tired, huh? No? But it's so far past your bedtime.

Johnny: Hi, Parker!

Parker: Hey, Johnny. Good to see you're okay.

Liberty: Yeah, man. We were looking for you.

Craig: Parker. I was just thinking about you. You want to know what I was thinking? About how I defended you to your mother. "Oh, Parker will be fine taking care of Johnny. Parker's so responsible." Remember when I said that?

Parker: Craig, I can explain.

Craig: Johnny, I bet Charles has some of those lollipops that you like so much. And if you ask him really nicely, he'll give you another one. I'll be right here, okay? The fact that you left, Johnny at all is bad enough. But that you left him Dusty Donovan is inexcusable! How could you possibly defend that?

Parker: Dusty loves Johnny.

Craig: He has no rights where Johnny is concerned. None.

Parker: Well, maybe he should. He was married to my sister and Jennifer wanted him to be Johnny's father. He would never do anything to hurt his own son.

Craig: That's not up for you to decide. That's up to the courts. And the courts determined that Johnny is better off with me. He's not to be handed off to whoever shows up to stake a claim!

Liberty: Okay, nothing happened. They were just having ice cream together.

Parker: Liberty's right. We did nothing wrong.

Craig: I beg to differ. Get out of my sight. Now!

Lucy: I don't know how I'm ever going to thank you, Dusty.

Dusty: It'll be thanks enough to see the look on Craig's face when he finds out you're free.

Lucy: You know, after everything I've done, I really didn't deserve your help.

Dusty: Why'd you come back? Your knew your father would have you arrested.

Lucy: I didn't care. I had to see Johnny no matter what. I didn't realize how empty my life would be without him.

Dusty: I know what you mean.

Lucy: I'm sorry that my father got custody. It wasn't fair.

Dusty: I'm trying to accept the fact that Johnny's not in my life. But I canít.

Lucy: I know how much you love him. But you don't care about me. So why did you do it? Why did you lie to the police?

Carly: Shower felt good. I needed that.

Janet: Drink this.

Carly: I'm sorry about whining like that before. It's just if this vodka deal goes south, I honestly don't know what I'm going to do. How many times can I pick myself up and start over? How many second chances does one person get?

Janet: Well hey, I've been there. I've had more jobs than I could count. And it wasn't too long ago, I thought my life was going down the tubes. But then I met Jack, and everything turned around.

Carly: Well, I don't have Jack to ride to my rescue anymore, do I? And he was right about Craig. And I hate it when he's right.

Janet: Things will look better in the morning.

Carly: Oh, I can't believe I drank that. That's gross.

Janet: Well, you're going to have another one.

Carly: No.

Janet: Yes, you are. One for the hangover, one to help you sleep. Go make yourself another one. Go on.

Carly: All right.

Janet: And make sure and drink the whole thing.

Carly: Okay!

Janet: All of it. Hurry, go! Hi!

Jack: Hey!

Janet: Hi!

Jack: I saw your car out front. What are you still doing here?

Janet: Oh well, you know, I just dropped Sage off, and you know --

Jack: Yeah, I wanted to see how the movie went. Did you have a good time?

Janet: Well, it was memorable.

Jack: Yeah?

Janet: Yeah.

Jack: What are you still doing here? And where is Carly?

Janet: Carly?

Jack: Yeah. Janet, what's really going on here?

Janet: What can I say? I'm a bit of a clean freak.

Jack: Janet, is something going on that I should know about?

Janet: No. No, not really. Well, maybe -- yeah. Yeah, I was just going to drop Sage off and then go straight back to the farm. But there is a problem. With Carly.

Jack: What now?

Janet: She wasn't feeling well. So she went upstairs to bed.

Jack: She went upstairs. Is she okay? Maybe we should call a doctor?

Janet: No, no, no. We don't need to call -- no, no, it's fine. She's just -- she's had a very stressful day. I think she got the wind knocked out of her sails.

Jack: Because of Craig?

Janet: Who knows? Maybe.

Jack: Well, should I go check on her?

Janet: No. She's fine. She's asleep. I would leave her alone.

Jack: Okay. Then I'm just going to go kiss Sage good-night, then.

Janet: No, Sage is fine too, man. I tucked everybody in. They're all nice and cozy. Everybody's asleep upstairs. And I'm exhausted. Can we please go home?

Jack: Yes, of course. All right, come on. Let's go.

Jack: So let me get this straight. You and Sage walked in on Parker and Liberty?

Janet: Oh, it was no big deal. He was just unbuttoning her blouse.

Jack: What? Oh, man. Did Sage see this?

Janet: Oh, I sure hope not. But when she saw the look on my face, she started laughing, because I was the one having a coronary!

Jack: What was Parker even doing there? Wasn't he supposed to be with Johnny.

Janet: I don't know. Maybe Craig had other plans.

Jack: Yeah, he had an unexpected visitor tonight.

Janet: Who?

Jack: You don't -- you don't know her. But she definitely threw a wrench into his plans for the evening. And while she's around, he's going to be keeping a close eye out on Johnny, I'll tell you that.

Janet: Yeah, well I'll you something -- I wish I could keep a protective custody watch on my kid 24/7, that's what I wish.

Jack: Me too.

Janet: That is why I pray to St. Margaret every night.

Jack: Am I supposed to know who St. Margaret is?

Janet: St. Margaret, my dear, is the patron saint of single mothers. And for the last certain amount of years, she and I have gotten very, very close. So close, that I've come to call her St. we have a deal -- Liberty doesn't get pregnant until after she's married, and I say a whole lot of novenas and volunteer at the women's shelter downtown.

Jack: You -- you are one of a kind, Janet Ciccone.

Janet: Hey -- that is Mrs. Jack Snyder to you.

Jack: Oh, so sorry.

Janet: And if you say a lot of novenas, St. Peggy will send you a husband. And she's good.

Jack: Our kids are good, too. Rest assured. Hey, they don't do drugs. They weren't drinking tonight, right?

Janet: Not this time. Not them.

Jack: What -- what is going on with you? Are you okay?

Janet: Yeah, I'm just tired.

Jack: Carly wore you out, huh? It was good of you to help.

Janet: Yeah, well, that's me. St. Janet.

Jack: It kind of amazing, you and Carly getting so cozy all of a sudden.

Janet: Well, we're both single mothers. I can identify.

Jack: I love you so much. You've got a great heart.

Craig: Hi.

Carly: What the hell happened to you? On second thought -- you know something? I don't even want to know.

Craig: No, no, no. Please, Carly, let me in.

Carly: No. Thanks to you, I had way too much to drink, and I totally screwed up the party. And it wasn't even my fault. You abandoned me!

Craig: I know. I know I did.

Carly: What's the matter with you? You talk me into this big launching party with zero preparation, and then you don't even show up? What the hell happened?

Craig: Lucy's back.

Dusty: I lied to the cops for one reason -- my son. He misses you. After you left, he cried himself to sleep every night.

Lucy: After all those years, all we had was each other. And now -- well, I can't live without him, it's as simple as that.

Dusty: I need to see my son on a regular basis. I want you to make that happen for me.

Lucy: How am I supposed to do that?

Dusty: Figure it out. I can still put you behind bars. Understand?

Lucy: Yes.

Dusty: I want to see my son. Make it happen.

Craig: Seeing Lucy again brought everything back -- losing Johnny. Not knowing where to find him, even where to start looking. I got scared.

Carly: So you had her arrested?

Craig: Isn't that the best way to make sure she doesn't run off with my kid again?

Carly: I don't think she'd do that.

Craig: Well, with Dusty's help, she could.

Carly: She's still your daughter.

Craig: I know. That's why it hurts so much now. She'll always be my child. Just like Johnny. How complicated is that?

Carly: I know.

Craig: Well -- I am sorry about tonight. And if that's a deal-breaker for you, you don't want to be in business with me anymore, I'll understand.

Carly: I'll stick with you.

Craig: Good. And don't worry. I'll fix everything tomorrow. I promise

Carly: Famous last words.

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Alison: Yes.

Matt: Do you ever think that maybe you're just believing what you want to believe, because you still have feelings for him?

Craig: Why aren't you in jail?

Lucy: They released me. Dusty had the charges dropped.

Meg: I can't believe you're letting her off the hook, after everything she put you through!

Craig: She suggested that you said some nice things about me -- that you might even care about me.

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