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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 2/23/09

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Oh, you better be my husband or you're in big trouble. I'm so happy to see you.

I should go away more often.

Yeah, i didn't expect you home until this afternoon.

Only so much shopping you can do in one week. Besides, when I got the message you were taking lucinda to her radiation, I figured you could use the moral support.

You're a good husband, holden snyder. But mother actually sent me packing. Said I had better things to do with my time than hold her hand.

I guess she's back to her usual self, huh?

She did say she expected to be in a foul mood and would rather take it out on her driver than me.

That's considerate.

After the week I've had, I'm actually grateful she decided to spare me.

Wait a minute. You said everything was fine.

I lied. I had to. I didn't want to distract you from business, especially when there isn't anything you can do.

About what?

Luke. He's in trouble again.

You're the R.A. On elwood hoffman's floor? Yes, this is his probation officer. I need to stay informed of any frequent visitors to his room. Do you, by any chance, keep a visitor's log? Clearance from where? The resident association. Okay. Can I call them or do I have to see someone in person? Thanks. I'll give them a call. Damn.

Who were you talking to?

Reg's old roommate. He had some things from the film festival that belonged to reg. He thought I might want to have them.

I still can't believe he's gone.

I can't believe the guy that did it to him is running away free. I was really hoping casey would find out who the "m" on that note was.

There's a chance that guy might have nothing to do with elwood's doing drugs. If he's dealing.

What else could got you covered mean?

It could be a million things.

I don't think so. If we can't nail elwood for giving reg drugs, at least we can go after his supplier.

I can't believe you're making me say this again, but we shouldn't be doing anything. The cops should.

But the caps haven't done anything. Except arrest me for breaking and entering!

You did break into elwood's room. And you're lucky he didn't press charges.

Of course he didn't press charges. The last thing he wants is for the cops to keep digging into his business. What is it going to take for you to let this go? He almost went to jail, luke. You have to give it up before you get into something you can't talk your way out of.

Our friend died, noah, and he didn't have to.

I know that.

Maybe you think it's okay for the person responsible to get away with murder. But I'm not.

Matt, it's me. I'm at al'S. Where are you?

Boyfriend stand you up?

If you're talking about matt, I'm sure there's a good reason he's late.

So he is your boyfriend?

I didn't call him that. You did. That your girlfriend?


It was jade, wasn't it?

She's not my girlfriend.

Right. You just sleep with her.

I hope you weren't waiting long.

Not really.

I'm sorry.

Don't sweat it.

Too late. What's up, dude?

What's up with you? You look a little out of it.

I'm good.

Hope you weren't doing anything I wouldn't do.

Casey, it's me. Again. If you'd answer, I'd stop calling. I mean, it's not like we didn't have a good time together the other night. So stop blowing me off, okay? Answer your damned phone. Excuse me.

You okay?

Are you talking to me?

I heard you on the phone --

You think one little dna test gives you the right to eavesdrop on me?

No, no, you just sounded upset.

What do you care?

What's your problem?

Right now, you.

Look, I know you don't like me but I'm trying to be nice.

Don't bother.

Do you try to turn off everyone you meet, or is all that rudeness just saved for me?

So spill. What's got you all hot and bothered, and late to boot?

I had to run an errand.

An errand?

It took longer than expected. I didn't want alison to think I forgot about her so I ran all the way here.

It's totally fine.

It was never totally fine if I ever showed up late to meet you.

That's because matt would never leave me hanging without a good reason.

So what was this good reason? Doing a little business on the side?

What are you talking about?

You know what I'm talking about.

No. I don'T.

Come on, matt. Stop dodging --

What are you on his case for? He didn't do anything to you.

I was asking a simple question --

No you weren't, you were harassing him. So why don't you stop being so nosy and leave us alone?!

I wasn't even talking to you, alison. I was talking to matt.

Yeah. Talking to him in a way you knew would get a rise out of me. And i wish you would quit it.

News flash, ali. Not everything is about you. Later.

Whoa. What was that?

That was casey being more of a jerk than usual.

I thought you guys were at least still friends.

Casey doesn't know how to be a friend. If he did, he'd stop trying to dig up dirt on you in some pathetic attempt to scare me off.

That explains the attitude the last time I saw him.


When I came to pick you up at the hospital, casey started giving me the third degree. Acting like I was trespassing or whatever. I felt like I was back in statesville.

See, that's what I mean! He's trying to make something out of nothing!

It doesn't bother me.

How could it not?

I know why he's doing it.

Because he's mad at me.

No. He's mad at himself, for blowing it with you.

I doubt it.

I don'T. It's so obvious he isn't as cool with us hanging out together as he said he was. Not that I blame him. If I messed up the chance to be with you, I'd be kicking myself too.

You had your chance to play daddy. You weren't interested.

Give me a break, okay? I was a little overwhelmed.

Give you a break? I'm the one who grew up thinking her parents wanted nothing to do with her. Turns out I was right.

That's not fair. You know I had no idea rose was pregnant.

And when you found out you still didn't step up. So don't pretend you suddenly care about me now --

Damn it, jade. I do --

Hey, stranger.

Hey, jade.

I've been calling you --

I can't talk now. There's something I've got to do.

Want some company?


I could go with you.

No. Thanks.

What are you looking at?

Someone who's worth too much to let herself be blown off by some clueless punk.

I can't believe luke put himself in a position to be arrested after all that's happened.

If elwood hadn't agreed to drop the charges and margo hadn't decided to go easy on him, he'd be in jail right now.

But why did he do it? What did elwood have that was so valuable luke had to break into his room to get it?

I told you about what happened to luke's friend reg addington.

The guy who overdosed.

Luke is convinced that elwood gave reg the drugs that killed him.

Is that possible? Or is luke just looking for someone to blame?

Margo is no fan of elwood's but she says in this case, there's no evidence that he did anything wrong.

But luke thinks there is.

He's like a dog with a bone. If it hadn't been for noah, I don't know if luke would've agreed to apologize to elwood. Which is the only way he was going to be released. Thank god noah convinced him to stop being stubborn, say he was sorry and get the hell out of there.

What's going on with luke? Does he have too much time on his hands because he's not in school?

He's very upset over the loss of his friend.

How does getting thrown in jail make that any better?

Do you see now why I didn't want to tell you?

It's like he's hell bent on messing things up for himself. And if he doesn't stop trying to take matters into his own hands, he's going to succeed.

I agree with you. And so does noah. But I get the feeling that even he can't get luke to listen to reason.

Well, someone better get through to him. Because this insanity has got to stop.

You said yourself we owed it to reg to get the guy who was responsible for his death.

I'm just as upset about it than you are. But there are better ways to honor his memory.

Just because we don't see a S.W.A.T. Team on the roof of the dorm, doesn't mean they're not looking into it.

If elwood fits goointo the category -- noah he was stand gt right next to me.

We saw something, luke. We don't know exactly what it was. So let's give the police a chance to go at this from their angle. And in the meantime, we find a way to do something constructive.

Like what? Stage a peaceful protest outside elwood's room?

We could use the foundation to do something in reg's name -- a drug outreach program, or a crisis-hotline. God knows how many other kids are out there are falling into the same trap he did.

Sounds good.

So let's do it. We could call a meeting with the board of directors and brainstorm ideas.

Fine. Let me know when and where and I'll be there.

Will you? Will you give up trying to get elwood and focus on something positive? You've already followed every lead you had and you've come up with nothing but a threat of jail time. Do you really want to spend the next year behind bars?

You know I don'T.

Then accept there's nothing more you can do. Please.

What's going on?

I finally figured it out.


Elwood's potential supplier. "M" -- I know who it is.

Luke and I have decided to let the police handle things from now on.

It wouldn't hurt to hear who casey thinks it is.


I think it's matt.


Your friend?

I'm not sure he is a friend.

What happened?

Nothing. It's just, we don't hang out much anymore.

Why do you think it's him? I mean, obviously, the name starts with m, but besides that --

I saw him snooping around the med supply room in the hospital.

Seriously? Did he see you?

Yeah, and he made up some lame story about waiting for alison.

Wait, are matt and alison going out?

I don't know. And I don't care.

You don't care?


That's a little sudden, isn't it? You liked her, casey. A lot.

Ancient history.

So do you have any other reason to think it might be him?

I saw him this morning at al'S. He was late to meet alison.

Alison again?

And when I asked him where he'd been, he totally dodged the question.

That proves it. He's a drug dealer.

Look, I know it's not a lot to go on.

It's nothing.

Except that the guy was in prison. He could've easily connected with other dealers in there.

He did hang out with a pretty sketchy crowd.

But even if it's true and matt is the guy, there's no way we can prove it.

Actually, there is. We could set him up in a fake drug deal.

Because that approach worked so well with elwood.

The setup with elwood went bust because we had history. He knew from the get-go that I wanted to nail him so he had his guard up the whole time.

What makes you think matt'll be any different now that you're not friends anymore?

I wouldn't be the setup man this time.

Well, I'm not doing it. And I sure as hell hope you don't either.

I was thinking more someone he doesn't know. Someone he could believe really wanted to score some drugs.

Got anyone in mind?

How did you guess?

Stop following me.

Listen, you don't know me. And you made it pretty clear you don't want to.

I'm sorry if I hurt you.

Don't flatter yourself. I don't want to know you either. I went twenty years without a dad --

And you can go another twenty, I know. But maybe if you'd had one he would've set you straight on a few things, like how to get a guy to respect you.

And you're such an expert?

No. But I'm a guy.

I don't need this.

Look, I know you don't want my advice but if you let a guy treat you like dirt when you're 20 you're setting yourself up to

Like you took advantage of my mom?

That's not what I --

What do you call knocking her

Think what you want about how I treated rose. This is about how you let people treat you, which should be a whole lot better than what I just witnessed.


I'm serious, jade. You're a beautiful, intelligent young woman. You don't need someone like casey hughes making you doubt that.

Hey, jade.

What's up?

Look, I'm sorry about before. I just had a lot on my mind.

No kidding.

I'd like to see you.

That's a switch.

I'm at your aunt'S. I can wait here for you if you want.

Why not? I was on my way home anyway.

That was casey, wasn't it?

I have to go.

Don't do this.

Do what?

Jump when he says jump.

Not that you deserve to know this, but I'm only going to give him a piece of my mind.

How does our sweet little boy get expelled from college? When does he start breaking into dorm rooms and acting in ways that i don't understand?

I wish i knew.

I keep thinking of him as a little boy. Always smiling. Always ready to give me a hug. It's like something shifted and I don't even recognize him anymore. What could've triggered all this? Was it losing the election? Or did it start before that?

Maybe way before.

What do you mean?

Maybe this anger is something that's always been with luke, like it was with his father.

I've never seen much of damian in luke. I mean, they're biologically connected, of course. But you're the one he calls dad. You're the one he loves and trusts.

And I consider him as much my son as ethan. But we can't ignore the role genetics could be playing in luke's troubles.

Are you saying he could be predisposed to irrational behavior the way damian was?

It happens. Which means we're going to have to work extra hard to counteract it.


They need to stay.

Your cousin needs your help.

Why didn't you ask me yourself?

Because it was casey's ideas to bring you into this.

Into what?

Get ready.

Casey thinks that matt is the dealer behind the drug that elwood gave to reg?


Yes, the guy is hiding something.

How do you know? He doesn't know. You're in way over your head, luke. The last thing you need to do is get involved with drug dealers.

All we need is proof that matt is dealing.

How are we going to do that?

Whoa, you want me to play junkie to his dealer? Why me?

Matt doesn't really know you. Something tells me you can be really convincing when you want to be.

Jade, if you don't want to do this --

Of course, she does.

You should get going. I know for a fact matt has the early shift.

You want me to do this now? He'll more likely make the deal when there's no witnesses.


What's wrong?

That's why they're doing this. Is it? Or just to settle a score with some guy dating alison?

Jade, I want to thank you for doing this. If we can get matt to implicate himself we'll be that much closer to making this right.

Are you sure that's what this is about?

Matt and ali have been hanging out alone.

I don't give a damn about that.

I thought ali was clean now.

Who cares.

Right. Who cares?

Hey, you guys coming or going?

You can drop me off on the way. Way.

Is something going on with those two?

Don't ask.

Dad, you're home.

Yeah, and from the sound of things in the nick of time.

Mom told you?

You knew I would.

I hope things are finally under control now.

They are.

No, they're not.

I didn't know you worked here.

I'm the relief guy. Jade, right?

Good memory. Matt?

What can I get you?

A beer. And hold the I told you so'S.

How's that?

First time we met, you warned me to stay away from casey hughes. I didn't listen.

What happened?

We did finally hook up. Then he dumped me flat.

I don't think casey's a good bet for anything long-term.

I don't seem to be either. What is wrong with me?!

Don't beat yourself up. I'm sure it's him, not you.

Bet you say that to all the dumpees who come in to cry on your shoulder.

In this case, it's true. Casey's a hard guy to pin down. I mean, we've been friends and everything, but I never really know where I stand with him.

Well, thanks for trying to make me feel better but casey's not the only bad boy I've hooked up with. I really thought this time would be different.

You also probably didn't catch casey at the best time.

What, you think he was on the rebound or something?


But he and alison weren't even dating.

No, they weren'T.

And from what I hear, she's

Great. Alison's moved on and casey still doesn't want me. You wouldn't have anything stronger that could help lift my spirits, would you?

Like what?

Something in a non-liquid form.

We don't serve food this early.

I wasn't talking about food.

Look, I'm sorry I know it's none of my business --

If it's about me, you're right, it's not.

It's not just about you. And since I know you and matt are dating --

Again, I never said we were dating.

Are you with him or not?

Why do you care?

I just want to give you a heads-up. Matt might not be the guy you think he is.

You know, I thought you were just jealous. Now I'm starting to wonder.

I'm trying to help you.

Funny, it feels more like sabotage, and for the life of me I can't understand why. Are you making it easier

I don't know. But you keep going out of your way to make me doubt my own judgment. Why is that?

I'm just worried about you.


Obviously, we're not friends anymore. But that doesn't mean I want you to get hurt.

That's funny.


You not wanting me to get hurt.

I know I messed things up with us.

There was nothing to mess up.

Right. But I still feel like I owe it to you to warn you about matt.

What now?

I hate to say it, but I think he's doing some business on the side and it ain't pretty.

What are you talking about?


That's crazy. He wouldn't risk going back to prison.

You'd be surprised what enough money will make you do.

What proof do you have?

The other night at the hospital, he was hanging just a little too close to the med supply room.

He was looking for me!

That's what he told me. Only I didn't buy it. Is that what he told you too?

That's what I know. What else do you have on him?

You were there when he was dodging my questions earlier.

Are you kidding?

If he had nothing to hide, why would be avoid answering me?

Maybe because he agreed with me that what he does is none of your business!

Whatever. We'll find out soon enough what he's really up to.

What does that mean? What have you done? Did you rig something up to make matt look bad?

That's not what I'm doing at all.

You're not trying to help. You're trying to turn me off matt because you're jealous. Well, give it up. It's not going to work.

This is worse than I thought.

Why did you have to tell them?!

They needed to know!

Let me get this straight. You found pills in reg's pocket after he died and instead of going to the police, you tried to plant them on elwood --

Because he's the one who gave reg the drugs in the first place.

Only when the cops searched him, he didn't have anything illegal on him?

We think he was on to casey and must've gotten rid of them. There'd been some bad blood between them.

And then you broke into elwood's room?

To try and find the drugs casey planted.

What were you thinking?!

Maybe it wasn't the smartest move.


Someone who meant a lot to me lost his life, dad. How could I let elwood get away with that?

Are you hearing this?

I told you he was in trouble.

I'm not in trouble. I'm just trying to get justice for my friend.

You were trying. You're done now.

What do you mean?

As of this moment, you're out of it.

But I can't just --

What people?

Don't worry, I'm not going to say anything.

There's nothing to say. I don't use drugs and I sure as hell don't sell them. I don't know who gave you the idea that I did --

Casey. He put her up to this, didn't he?

What are you talking about?

Jade doesn't want drugs for herself. She wants you to sell them to her so casey can prove his point.

Which is?

You're a bad guy, who's no good for me.

You really think this is about you?

Isn't it?

I'm not even talking to casey.


He dumped me, okay? And I'm a little down about it. So I was just trying to score a little pick-me-up. But you know all about that, don't you, alison? Was it crack or something else? I forget your drug of choice.

You don't even know me.

I've had enough lectures for one day.

That's too bad. You're about to get one more.

You're saying casey was in possession of drugs you found on the victim?

Yes. But he put them in elwood's backpack.

And again, why did he do that?

We wanted to prove elwood was the one who sold them to reg.

Only there was nothing in the backpack. I checked it out, remember?

We figured elwood got suspicious when he ran into casey. Found the drugs and got rid of them.

They should never have left the victim's pocket in the first place!

I get that now.

You're a little late.

We tried to get the pills and give them back to you. That's why we broke into elwood's room.

Whose brilliant idea was that? Yours or casey's? I forgot. You guys work together. Fixing elections, destroying criminal evidence --

Someone had to try to get the guy responsible for reg's death!

Not you, luke. That's not your job! Is this as disturbing for you as it is for me?

I'm completely at a loss.

But we're hoping, now that you've heard the whole story, you'll be able to let the boys off with a warning.

Even if I did, there's still one thing missing.


The drugs. If you don't have them and they're not with elwood, where are stha?


I have no idea where the drugs are.

Last thing you knew, casey had them, right? And then he allegedly put them in elwood's backpack.


You sure about that?

Why wouldn't he?

I don't know! Maybe he decided to sell them and make a few bucks himself.

Casey wouldn't do that.

I'm beginning to think there's nothing my son wouldn't do these days.

I know the feeling.

Right now I need your word, both of you, that you'll stop playing cowboy and let this go.

Fine by me.

But what if we get access the police can't get, to something or someone who might be involved? Don't we owe it to reg to check it out?

Are you trying to get thrown in jail?

I'm just saying --

And I'm saying, right now you're looking at obstruction of justice, as well as a reinstatement of the breaking and entering charge. I could probably slap you with aiding and abetting because, by taking that evidence in the first place, you actually helped the person responsible go free. I'm willing to let you two off the hook for all of it, on one condition. You walk away

Now. If you get access to something or someone you think might be involved, you are to call me immediately, then let it go. Is that clear?




Get them out of here before i change my mind.

Thank you, margo.

Thank you, for insisting they come down here. Now I have to deal with my own son.

You're not my father. You're a technicality.

Forget the dad stuff, okay?

As a man i can't standby and watch you mess yourself up over some jerk who isn't worth it.

When you hook up with guys twho treat you like dirt or dump you, it's a cycle. It makes you feel worse.

You don't know how how I feel or what i think.

You can't feel good if you're turning to drugs.

Like i said, none of your business.

Jade I care about you.

About me?

Yes, I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.

I'm fine on my own.

You going to arrest me?

Not this time.

Thanks, you're the best dad.

Casey? You home? Damn it, casey. What the hell are you doing?

Hey, mom, what's -- where did you get that?

From your backpack.

But I didn't --

Don't pretend you don't know about it. Just tell me what it's doing here!

I swear, I don't know! But I'll bet she does.

What do I know?

Am I supposed to believe you dropped by to talk?

I did.

Stop lying. I know you're here to make sure matt's setup worked.

The only setup I know about is the one you and jade had going against matt.

All right, enough! I don't know what's going on between you two, but right now i need to talk to my son. If you don't mind, alison --

No. She can't leave. She knows more about this than i do.

What are you talking about?

Come off it. You went straight to matt after I told you to watch out for him, didn't you?

You're right. I did. I thought he had a right to know the guy he thought was his friend was trying to get him thrown back in prison.


So what, you told him I was on to him and he decided to plant these pills on me? Or did get you to sneak in here and do it for him?

Do you really think I'd do that?

Yeah, I do.

Would anyone like something to drink?

I'm fine.

I don't want anything.

You're pretty negative for a guy who should be down on his knees in gratitude. Margo didn't have to go easy on you, luke. And it's the second time she's done it in as many days.

I am very grateful to margo. And to you. But I'm not going to jump up and down about it when a murder's been committed and we're no closer to nailing the person responsible!

We may never be.

So -- what? We're supposed to just give up? I can't do that.

You don't have a choice. You've wasted enough time messing up this investigation.

I didn't mess it up.

What do you call tampering with evidence?

I was trying to help.

You didn'T. If anything, you crippled the chances of ever solving this case.

Thanks for your support, dad.

That's all you've ever had from both me and your mother, for all the good it did.

Holden --

I'm sorry. I'm not going to sugarcoat it. Ever since you got expelled you've done nothing but waste time. When you should've been figuring out what the hell you're going to do with the rest of your life!

I can't just pretend my friend didn't die so I can focus on my career path.

That's not what your father's saying.

Is that what you think? My life is a waste?

What I think is you're desperate for some kind of focus. But it needs to be the right focus, luke. Forget finding the killer. Find a school that'll take you. Or get a job. Just get on with your life and stop this nonsense.

Yes, sir.

I want you to promise me you'll give this up. No more cops and robbers. Got it?

Got it.

Sure that coffee's strong enough?

Aren't you supposed to be working?

I told you. I'm the relief bartender. I'm done relieving.

Good for you. But I'd kind of like to be alone --

Where's casey? Or did he dump you for real this time after you blew his little scam?

What do you want?

I want you to give a message to your boyfriend.

He's not my boyfriend.

Whatever he is, just tell him payback's a two-way street.

What's that supposed to mean?

He tried to set me up. He should expect the same in return.

Is that a threat?

See it any way you want. Just make sure he gets the message. Oh, and just so you know, when a guy uses a girl to do his dirty work, or even just for sex, he's not interested in anything else. So I hope you're not expecting a ring any time soon.

You okay?

I remember when damian wanted to take him away from us, I was so sure I'd be a better father if only I had the chance.

You have been, holden. The best father luke could ever hope for.

I don't know. After the hell the poor kid had been through, I wanted his life to be as drama- free as possible. So I went easy on him. Tried to be his friend. Overlooked problems instead of meeting them head-on. I never wanted him to regret choosing me over his own father.

He doesn't regret it.

After today, I wouldn't be so sure. I hated being so hard on him earlier. But I'm scared.

Me too. But hopefully, laying down the law is the push he needed to get his life back on track.

I hope you're right.

Are you ever going to talk to me?

I just can't believe you did it to me again. First the dean. Now my parents.

I was trying to --

Help me? Funny how whenever you do that, things always seem to get worse.

Maybe they have to get worse before they get better.

Straight from the holden snyder guidebook for kids.

Your dad cares about you a lot.

I know he does. But even if he thinks I'm wasting my time, I can't just shrug off a murder and start filling out applications for schools!

But if there's nothing more you can do --

I don't believe there is nothing more. I don't think you do either.

I told you before I don't want to lose you.

Don't you get it? This could've been me.

You never took drugs.

I drank. There's not much difference. And I remember what it was like when I did, how all I wanted to do was forget. Someone could've promised me a way out just like they promised reg and I would've taken it.

Reg wouldn't want you to sacrifice your life for him.

That's not what I'm doing. Not going to act like his life never but I'm happened.

So that promise you just made to your dad, you're not going to keep it?

I can't! If you don't understand that, you don't know me at all.

I can't believe, after all we've been through, you'd think --

Oh, I know matt's behind it. If I had any doubts before, I don't anymore.

Matt's not dealing drugs and I'm not helping him.

No. Maybe you're just busy being psyched that you have your own personal supplier now.

Are you really that mad at me for going out with matt?

I'm not jealous, okay?

Forgive me, but I don't give a damn who's jealous of who. All I know is that casey is facing serious jail time if someone doesn't come up with a valid reason why these drugs were in his backpack. In other words, stop sniping at each other and start telling me what the hell's really going on here!

Announcer: On the next "as the world turns" --

What did i do?

This, this.

Oh, that.

Oh my god!

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