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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 2/20/09

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Katie: Okay. After the shot. No, no. It is okay. If I end up getting pregnant, then it is all worth it. You want me to come in today? Yeah. I can be there in ten minutes. Okay. Bye.

Katie: Hey. What's going on?

Brad: I was hoping to take my wife out for a late lunch. But sounds like you have other plans.

Katie: I don't know if you heard.

Brad: You have to be somewhere in ten minutes.

Katie: I won't be long. I will call you as soon as I'm done.

Brad: Done with when?

Katie: I didn't tell you?

Brad: Not unless missed something.

Katie: I have to shoot some promos today for sweeps.

Brad: I thought the studio was dark today.

Katie: It is. But Kim just wanted to take advantage of the time off to get them out of the way. I shouldn't keep everyone waiting. I will call you when I'm done.

Craig: Hey.

Carly: Hi.

Craig: Bad time?

Carly: Actually, it is.

Craig: This won't take long. Come on, Johnny. Follow me.

Carly: Hi. Craig!

Craig: These are samples.

Carly: What are you doing?

Craig: We may want to include it in our line. Hey, Buddy, you want to put those right over there?

Carly: What's the matter, you couldnít afford an assistant?

Craig: School is out. The sitter called in sick. Guess. This is your take-your-kid-to-workday.

Carly: Oh, well welcome to parenthood.

Craig: Iím not complaining. Johnnyís a lifesaver when it comes to lending a hand. The labels are blank. You can run like a blind taste test on these things. See what you like. Think about labels.

Carly: No. I'm sorry. I can't do this now. I have to meet Jack. We have a meeting with Sageís teacher.

Craig: Isn't it early on the semester to be thinking about parent/teacher conferences?

Carly: Not at this age. She's having some problems.

Craig: I had nothing but problems in school. Look at me. What?

Carly: I have to go. Put them in the fridge. Okay? I will do it later. I have to find my missing key.

Craig: Oh, hey. Johnny is great at finding things. Help her find the keys and I will put this stuff away.

Johnny: Here they are!

Carly: Terrific. Your dad is right. You really are a lifesaver.

Craig: What did I tell you? My kid is like a walking GPS.

Carly: Okay. Well, are you coming?

Craig: Wouldn't want to keep Jack waiting. Come on, let's go.

Janet: Want something sweet to wash that down?

Jack: The only something sweet that won't come out of the kitchen. I have to go. Got to go. I have a meeting with Sage's teacher.

Janet: Maybe you should bring her a piece of pie.

Jack: I think she rather we show up on time. Carly probably won't show up at all.

Janet: Just because she didn't show up for Sage's play doesn't mean she will miss that.

Jack: Sheís missed more than an occasional play over the years. Now she teamed up --

Janet: I thought you were going to try to stick --

Jack: Iím sorry. It is just that Craig doesn't inspire a first kid's first approach.

Janet: I donít know heís crazy about his little one.

Jack: Time will show how long it lasts.

Janet: Whatever. In the meantime, it is not going to do anybody any if you get upset about Carly and Craig at this meeting. Least of all Sage.

Jack: Youíre right. Youíre right.

Janet: Yes, I am. You know what they say. If you cannot change the situation, change your reaction to it.

Jack: Meaning?

Janet: Meaning give her a break this time.

Jack: Even if she's late?

Janet: Even if she is late. Right. Now listen, if you are in that meeting and feel your head is about to spin around, do the old-fashioned thing. Count to ten.

Jack: Does that even work?

Janet: Got me through puberty with Liberty.

Jack: You better save me a piece of pie just in case.

Janet: Iíll save you a piece of something.

Parker: Mom? Mom? Mom. I guess she already left for her meeting with Sageís teacher.

Liberty: Is she in trouble?

Parker: She's probably just acting up to get attention.

Liberty: Hey, it always worked for me.

Parker: Are you thirsty?

Liberty: Yeah. I want a soda. Thanks.

Parker: See if we have any.

Liberty: Do you think have you any?

Parker: Usually if my mom remembered to go shopping as long as they don't walk in on us naked in my bed she will be okay. Looks like she forgot to go shopping.

Liberty: What about these things?

Parker: There's no label.

Liberty: Maybe she's trying to safe money and go generic land yes.

Parker: Cheer.

Liberty: That makes sense.

Parker: Cheers.

Liberty: Whoa.

Parker: I have never tasted soda like that before.

Jack: One, two, three, four, five, six. Seven. I can't -- it is not working. Eight. Nine. Forget it. I'm going in.

Carly: Jack! Wait. I had to park so far away. I may as well walked from home.

Jack: You may have got a spot.

Carly: I wasn't always running late.

Jack: Actually, you are right on time. After you.

Janet: Well, is school out for the day?

Craig: It sure is. Johnny would like a nice tall chocolate milk shake.

Janet: That sounds fantastic. What can I get for you, Daddy?

Craig: What I want from you doesn't come from a kitchen.

Janet: Youíre the second man that said that the me today. First one was my husband. So I certainly hope you don't think you are going to --

Craig: I would never expect something like that.

Janet: Very smart man. What can I do for you?

Craig: Something that can save my new business and youíre new marriage.

Janet: Here you go, Sweetie.

Craig: Enjoy that. I'll be right back.

Janet: If you want coffee or something, sit down. I will get it for you.

Craig: I told you, that's not what I have in mind. It's not a scheme. A mission. To keep my life and Johnnyís on track.

Janet: So this is about Johnny too?

Craig: You were a single parent. You understand the juggling act it is. Surely, to try and reinvent yourself while raising a child on your own.

Janet: Somehow I don't think our situations are that similar.

Craig: Perhaps not. But we both know what it is like to finally get what you want. Only to live in fear it will be taken away.

Janet: What's your point?

Craig: There's only one thing that can derail that for both of us and that's your husband.

Janet: My husband has nothing to do with you keeping Johnny and less to do with your business with Carly. Other than the kids, Carly is not his concern anymore.

Craig: You don't strike me as a woman that lives in denial.

Janet: I'm not.

Craig: Why do you ignore the fact that Jack feels compelled to pass judgment on every one of Carlyís decisions?

Janet: It is a habit he's trying to break. I think he is doing a good job.

Craig: Until he does break it, he's not doing our business or your marriage any favors. Carly is a strong woman. But one withering look from Jack and she loses all faith in her herself.

Janet: What do you want from me?

Craig: I want you to get him to back off before we both lose everything.

Jack: Wouldn't you know it? The one time you're not late, the teacher is.

Carly: You act like I'm never on time. I may have been late once or twice. Maybe morning once or twice.

Jack: That doesn't include the time you didn't show up at all.

Carly: You know I didn't miss Sage's performance on purpose.

Jack: I guess it was the vodka taste test that made you lose track of mind.

Carly: I'm already tense enough. Wondering what Sage's teacher is going to tell us.

Jack: You're right. I shouldn't have brought it up. I'm sorry.

Carly: Excuse me?

Jack: We're here to help our daughter. That should be our focus. Nothing else.

Teacher: Ms. Tenney, Mr. Snyder, you can come in.

Janet: If Jack us doesn't want you doing business with Carly. Itís because he's worried about his kids.

Craig: This isn't about Jack's kids and we both know it. The guy simply hates me.

Janet: Or maybe he can't help but wonder if all you're doing with Carly is business. Could you be using this vodka thing to get something more out of her?

Craig: I won't lie. There's always been a spark between me and Carly. If it gets re-ignited in the course of this because wire doing work together, it wouldn't be the worst thing to happen for me or you.

Janet: Why me?

Craig: Because Jack would finally see Carly is finally moving on and could put all his focus on you.

Janet: Well, I actually had a conversation with Jack this morning. Telling him to give Carly a break and agreed with me 100%.

Craig: So we are all on the same page.

Janet: Hi. Gosh, you want another one? Already? For goodness sake. That's a healthy kid you got there. Oh, no.

Craig: What? What's wrong?

Janet: There's no more milk. I left Henry a note this morning telling him we needed more. I think he forgot to pick it up. I wonder if that store down the street delivers.

Craig: That can take forever. I will tell you what. You look after Johnny and I will run down and get you --

Janet: No. You don't have do that.

Craig: I want to. You just stay here with her.

Janet: Why?

Craig: Because one good turn deserves another.

Liberty: There must be extra caffeine, sugar or something.

Parker: Or something. Uh-oh.

Liberty: Uh-oh? Why are we uh-oh'ing?

Parker: Because we have to get out of here. If my mom finds out we drank these.

Liberty: Oh, come on sheís not going to miss these. Besides itís better than finding us naked in bed.

Parker: That sounds pretty good right now.

Liberty: Shut up. Seriously. Yeah, we should probably go. Yeah. We should go.

Parker: Where are you going?

Liberty: Your mom wonít miss four, two more wonít hurt, right?

Katie: Am I going to be queasy every time I get a shot?

Doctor: Maybe not. We have to see. It is possible the negative side effects will continue.

Katie: As long as I wind up pregnant.

Doctor: You still may want to tell your husband.

Katie: I don't want to get his hopes up before we know the treatment has chance to work. Once that happens, he will be just as happy as I will.

Brad: Katie? Hey, Maggie. Have you seen Katie? I guess they are taping those promos outside, right?

Maggie: What promos?

Brad: The ones Katieís taping today.

Maggie: There's no taping today. I'm just here collecting the dry cleaning.

Brad: Right. Must've gotten my days mixed up.

Maggie: Good to see you, Brad. We miss you around here.

Brad: I miss you guys. Where are you, Katie? And why did you lie to me?

Henry: Okay. I'll be home as soon as possible.

Henry: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Brad: What are you so happy about?

Henry: Good news. Great news. Great news. Celebrate.

Brad: Are you and Vienna --?

Henry: Not pregnant.

Brad: How's Vienna handling it?

Henry: Not thrilled. After the stunt she pulled with the condoms she owes me one. How about you? Did you find out what happened to Katieís diaphragm?

Brad: She supposedly needed a new one.

Henry: Sounds like have your doubts.

Brad: If she lies about promo, she will probably lie about diaphragms. She's probably not going to answer if she is keeping something from me.

[Cell phone rings]

Katie: Brad?

Brad: Katie. Where are you?

Katie: I'm at studio. Where else?

Brad: I was just there.

Katie: You were?

Brad: And you weren't. Nobody was.

Katie: I must have been with Maggie.

Brad: Costume designer Maggie?

Katie: Do you know another Maggie?

Brad: Sure donít. Stay where you are. I'm coming over.

Katie: To the studio?

Brad: Where else?

Brad: She lied. I never thought it would happen.

Henry: What?

Brad; I lied to a million women and most never found out but the ones that didóI had a good reason.

Henry: I'm sure Katie has a very good reason.

Brad: She'd better.

Parker: God, you are beautiful.

Liberty: It's the fruit punch.

Parker: It's you.

Craig: Ahem.

Liberty: Hi.

Craig: What's wrong with you two?

Parker: Not a thing. We're great.

Liberty: Actually weíre better than great.

Craig: Is this yours?

Parker: Well not if it's empty.

Craig: Where did you get it?

Liberty: His mom has like a refrigerator packed full of them. We can get you one.

Parker: It's a secret. Remember?

Craig: How many have these have you had?

Parker: Two? Three.

Liberty: Four. We had four.

Parker: Four.

Liberty: They are so good.

Craig: And you are so drunk. All right. Get up. Get up! You, too. Let's go. In the diner.

Carly: Go ahead and say it.

Jack: What?

Carly: I know you think it is my fault Sage hasn't been handing in her homework.

Jack: Stop, stop. I wasn't thinking that at all.

Carly: You weren't?

Jack: No. If anyone is to blame here, Carly, it is obviously me.

Carly: What did you do?

Jack: I married Janet. We know that Sage hasn't fully accepted that. She never had trouble in school before.

Carly: Now you are supposed to put your life on hold because Sage wanted something that was never going to be

Jack: Janet and I could've waited until she was more used to the idea that you and I were over for good. What?

Carly: Nothing. Still weird to hear you say it out loud. Anyway, it wouldn't have been fair to you, or Sage. She shouldn't think she has a right to decide her father's fate.

Jack: Or her motherís. She might not like it that you're not on call twenty four seven. But she needs to understand you need your work to feel like a whole person.

Carly: I used to think you didn't understand that.

Jack: I didn't, until I lost my job and I realized how much a part of me it was. Bottom line, without our work, we'd both be pretty miserable. That wouldn't be good for Sage either. We just have to figure out what's good for Sage together.

Carly: I agree.

Jack: Great.

Carly: Wow. I didn't expect this today.

Jack: What?

Carly: You and me, ending on a good note, let alone the same page.

Jack: Kind of nice for a change, huh?

Carly: Yeah, it is.

Jack: Maybe we should make a point of doing that more often.

Liberty: Thank you.

Craig: Get in here.

Liberty: Hi. Hey! Johnny.

Parker: Johnny, boy. How is it going? High-five.

Johnny: Why are you talking so funny?

Janet: I would like to know the same thing.

Liberty: Mom, hey.

Janet: Oh. Liberty. Have you been drinking?

Liberty: No. No. Why?

Parker: It's my fault.

Liberty: No. I Ė said get two more.

Janet: Whoa. Two more what?

Liberty: These little fruit punch cans.

Janet: Parker, did you give her those?

Craig: Actually -- she got them from me.

Janet: What? You were supposed to be getting milk.

Craig: And here it is.

Janet: Sit down. Both of you. Go sit down! What?

Craig: Earlier today I dropped off some cans of flavored vodka to Carlyís.

Janet: Whoa.

Craig: I left them in the refrigerator.

Janet: Carly has a house full of children and you think it is okay to stock her fridge with booze?

Craig: It is not that I intended to corrupt anyone.

Janet: No, you never do. Car keys, concert tickets. Now vodka.

Craig: Now you sound like Jack.

Janet: Jack was right. You have no right to be around children. Not even your own.

Katie: Brad! Are you here? Hey. I was just looking over a script for next week. You'll never guess what Kim wants me to do.

Brad: What's going on?

Katie: What do you mean?

Brad: I was here before and they weren't shooting any promos.

Katie: You're right. We werenít.

Brad: Go on.

Katie: The cameraman Kim hired called in sick and we decided to reschedule.

Brad: But you decided to stick around?

Katie: Well, I had to see Maggie for a sitting for my costume.

Brad: Funny. She didn't mention that to me.

Katie: You saw Maggie?

Brad: Sure did. She said the studio was dark. They weren't shooting promos and that she hadnít seen you at all.

Craig: The drinks were samples. They were supposed to be tested for business purposes only.

Janet: What the hell were they doing in Carlyís fridge?

Craig: She told me to put them in there. I didn't think --

Janet: No, you don't think. You and Carly don't think about anybody but yourself.

Craig: I admit it, I made a mistake.

Janet: You are damned right you did.

Craig: We should focus on getting kids home and into bed. Obviously you can't leave I will be happy to take Liberty home.

Janet: You are not touching my daughter.

Craig: Wow. I heard about this but I didn't think it was true.

Janet: What?

Craig: When people get married, they are supposed to take on traits of their spouse  and here you are as hyper-critical as Jack.

Janet: Under the circumstances I'm entitled.

Craig: Really? You never made a mistake with your child. Never left out anything she wasn't supposed to try. Exposed her to something she wasn't supposed to see.

Craig: Come on, Johnny. Get your coat on. We have to take Uncle Parker home.

[Cell phone rings]

Henry: All quiet on the diner front?

Janet: No. I have a situation with my daughter. Can you cover for me?

Henry: I'm covering for Carly because she has a daughter situation.

Janet: I think I get first dibs unless you want me to call Vienna.

Henry: No, no, no, no. Last thing she needs to hear is a mother rushing to the aid of her defenseless child. I will be there in five minutes.

Janet: Will you get him out of here, please?

Craig: Time to go. Come on, Johnny.

Katie: You are right.

Brad: No kidding.

Katie: I went to see Henry.

Brad: Really? How was he? No. Don't tell me because I already know. I just came from seeing him. He didn't say anything about getting a visit from you.

Katie: Did you? Maybe because I asked him not to tell you.

Brad: Come on, Katie. Come on. If you are going the lie to me, at least put a little more thought into it so I'm not completely insulted.

Katie: Sorry.

Brad: You lied about Henry.

Katie: You just said you came from seeing him.

Brad: I hoped he was covering for you but he wasn't, was he?

Katie: No.

Brad: So what's all this about? I hope there's no deep dark secret you don't want me to know about.

Katie: Actually, there is.

Craig: Right there. Don't move. Still with me, Buddy? Okay. There you go. Have a seat. Let's get you set up.

Craig: How's that, good? Great. You stay here. I got to get Parker to bed. All right. All right.

Parker: No. I used to watch this show every day after kindergarten. Right before my bed.

Craig: Really? Say good night to the furry little puppets. Come on.

Parker: Good night, puppets.

Carly: So Sage should be home from her friend's house in about 15 minutes.

Jack: I won't stay long. I just want to let her know we're together on this.

Carly: Stay as long as you like. That's weird.

Jack: What?

Carly: I know I locked the door when you left.

Jack: Do you mind? Johnny?

Carly: Johnny. Don't look at me. The place was empty when I left.

Craig: Oh. Look who is here. Johnny, did you say hello to Carly and Jack? Good boy.

Craig: Craig, why are you here? How did you get in here?

Craig: Parker's key.

Carly: Parker is home?

Craig: Yeah. He's just totally wiped out. I can't believe what they put those kids through these days. I'm sure once he had a little bit of shut eye --

Jack: Enough, Craig, what -- what's going on here?

Brad: I am waiting.

Katie: Didn't you say you wanted to take me out for late lunch?

Brad: Are you kidding me?

Katie: I haven't really eaten all day.

Brad; You don't tell me why you lie. You said you were here when you werenít. You want me to buy you lunch.

Katie: You offered.

Brad: You know what? If you don't want to tell me, fine.

Katie: I can't.

Brad: Fine. Is it that bad?

Katie: No. It is that good. When you find out you are going to be so happy.

Brad: Don't tell me this is about some surprise bash for my birthday or something. That's what this is about. That's the -- that's the big secret?

Katie: I'm not going to say another word. Please let me do what I have to do and trust the end result will thrill you down to your toes.

Brad: I feel like a total jerk.

Katie: Why?

Brad: Because here you are planning on something nice for me and I come to these bad conclusions.

Katie: It is okay.

Brad: No, no. It is not. It is not. I mean I should have known you wouldn't keep something from me unless it was for my own good.

Katie: I wouldnít, Brad. Itís okay.

[Katie gasps and doubles over in pain]

Brad: What? Are you okay?

Brad: Katie.

Craig: We ran into Parker in Old Town and he invited Johnny over. You know, he's so great with him.

Jack: Let me get this straight. My 16-year-old played with a 5-year-old and decided to sleep through it.

Craig: Like I said, he's totally wiped out. Said he had been up all night studying.

Carly: Yeah. He did say he had a test Trig test today.

Craig: There you go. If anything leaves you drained, it is Trig functions.

Jack: I will go check on him.

Craig: No. I just did. I mean, he's really just down for the count.

Carly: Is he all right?

Craig: He's fine. Wake him up if you don't believe me.

Jack: Tell him I'll call him. I want to see how he did on the test.

Carly: Okay. I thought you were going to wait here for Sage.

Jack: It is getting crowded in here.

Carly: Hey. Hey. Thanks for not starting anything.

Jack: As long as you think Parker is okay.

Carly: I'm sure he would tell us if he wasnít.

Jack: All right then. I will talk to you later.

Craig: I used to watch this show. The squirrel he's so clever. Iíll be right back.

Carly: Could I have a word with you, please?

Craig: Sure. I will be right back.

Carly: What are you trying to do to me?

Craig: I don't know what you mean.

Carly: It is obvious you are hiding something. Why didn't you want Jack to look in on Parker.

Craig: No, no. You don't want to do that.

Carly: Is he all right? Or isn't he?

Craig: He is fine. Well, he will be. Once he sleeps it off.

Carly: I don't know what you mean. What do you mean by that?

Craig: Do you remember those unmarked cans of vodka I dropped off earlier?

Carly: Okay, no. He drank them.

Craig: Well, not all of them.

Carly: How many?

Craig: Between the two of them, I think about six.

Carly: Between two of them. Please donít tell me Liberty was here?

Craig: Okay. I won't.

Carly: Oh, God.

Craig: Look, in their defense, I don't think they had the vaguest idea how much alcohol they were consuming.

Carly: If Parkerís upstairs. Where's Liberty?

Craig: I left her at the diner with Janet.

Carly: Are you crazy?

Craig: She is her mother.

Carly: She's also Jack's wife.

Craig: Where are you going?

Carly: I'm going to stop Janet before she ruins everything.

Henry: How's Liberty?

Janet: She'll live.

Henry: You said earlier Carly was partially responsible for the mess she's in.

Janet: Oh, let me tell you.

Jack: Mark this day down on the calendar.

Janet: Why?

Jack: First time in months Carly and I dealt with an issue involving the kids with no bloodshed.

Henry: Weíll catch up later. I have to get back to the club.

Janet: Thanks for covering for me.

Jack: Why did he have to cover for you?

Janet: There was a situation.

Jack: Really? What happened?

Janet: Why don't you tell me about your day first? How did the teacher conference go?

Jack: Not bad. Sage is having trouble getting her homework in on time. But Carly and I agreed to stay on top of it.

Janet: I'm glad you are on such a united front when it comes to the kids. Because what I have to tell you -- what happened --

Jack: Hey.

Carly: Hi.

Jack: What are you doing here? Howís Parker?

Janet: You saw Parker?

Jack: Parker was asleep. Craig told me he was wiped out from pulling an all-nighter.

Janet: Is that so?

Carly: Actually, I'm here for Sage. She can't find her social studies book and thinks she may have left it in the car last time you picked her up.

Jack: I don't remember seeing it.

Carly: Could it be in the back under the seat?

Jack: I will go check.

Carly: You didn't tell. Tell me you didn't tell him.

Janet: You mean that Parker and Liberty got smashed off the booze from your refrigerator? No. But I was about to.

Carly: Don't. Don't tell him, Janet. It will ruin everything.

Katie: I will be right out.

Katie: Fine, fine. I will tell him. I promise. So once the eggs are release Iíll be more comfortable?

Doctor: And more likely to get pregnant.

Katie: That's good to know.

Brad: Are you okay? Are you okay?

Katie: Yes. I'm fine. There's absolutely nothing to worry about.

Brad: Thank God. Hey, Doc --

Katie: Come on.

Brad: I just want to know what happened.

Katie: I just had really bad cramps.

Brad: Cramps?

Katie: Yeah. I haven't had them since high school. Usually that's because I take something beforehand. I forgot this morning. I ended up paying for it. I'm fine. I'm really fine. I don't want you to worry.

Brad: No. I mean, that's okay as long as you are all right. That's all I care about.

Janet: You know how irresponsible it is to keep stuff like that in the fridge when you have kids.

Carly: Janet, I feel just as bad about this as you do. Especially since it happened under my roof.

Janet: Good, Iím glad you are taking some responsibility in this. Because when Jack finds out --

Carly: I'm hoping maybe he doesn't have to find out. Especially not now.

Janet: The teacher conference thing.

Carly: Yeah. First time in months Jack and I spent ten minutes together without biting each other's heads off.

Janet: He told me.

Carly: He did? Then if you know if he finds out high will blame me, of course, then start ranting about a horrible mother I am and I don't want --

Jack: Wasn't in the car.

Carly: She must have left it at school. Thanks for looking.

Jack: No problem. Did you need something else?

Carly: Yeah. A pint of chocolate and chocolate chip for Sage and butter crunch for Parker.

Jack: Only her mother knows her kids. That situation, you never told me what happened. What happened? Janet? Did something happen I should know about?

Janet: Liberty and I got our signals crossed, that's all. No, no, really. Put your money away.

Carly: Don't be silly.

Janet: No, really. It's my gift.

Carly: Thank you. Okay. I'll have Sage call you.

Jack: Parker too. I want to hear about the monster test that took so much out of him. Think it's possible, after everything's that's happened, Carly and I might actually end up friends?

Janet: Well, anythingís possible.

Jack: If we do, I'll owe all to you.

Janet: Me?

Jack: You're the one who told me cutting her some slack would be good for both of us. And you were right. You're a wise woman.

Brad: Come here and sit down.

Katie: Brad, I'm fine.

Brad: You almost collapsed. It freaked me out. It freaked me out.

Katie: You can stop worrying now.

Brad; I wish I could. Seeing you in pain like that, I guess it -- that's why I have been so paranoid about getting you pregnant. Just the thought of losing you.

Katie: You are not going to lose me.

Brad: You promise?

Katie: Yes. We are going to live a long life together with tons of kids running around driving us crazy.

Brad: Sounds like a plan. As long as you remember one thing.

Katie: What?

Brad: We have all the time in the world to make that happen.

Parker: I messed up and Iím sorry.

Carly: You most certainly did. I'm glad you are all right.

Parker: Are you gonna tell Dad?

Carly: No, but if you ever do anything like this again, I actually might Ėkill you.

Parker: I wonít. I promise.

Carly: I will hold you to that.

Parker: Since you are not killing me today, my head feels like it is going to explode, can I please go upstairs?

Carly: Yes. You deserve the headache, by the way.

Craig: Keep drinking the water. You'll feel better. Okay. There you go. The house is now safe. I will take all these down to Metro and you can sample them there.

Carly: No. You know what. I'm too sure going into a liquor business is really the best thing after all.

Craig: You are not serious.

Carly: I am. The fact that Parker even had access to this stuff because of me is terrifying.

Craig: Heís a teenager. It is his job to get access to this stuff. Besides, it is not like anything bad happened. Aside from the hangover he is going to have. No one got hurt.

Carly: This time.

Craig: One little slipup shouldn't should have shutting down an entire project.

Carly: It is not just Parker. My father was an alcoholic. I spent most of my childhood terrorized by him. It did a number on me.

Craig: I can imagine.

Carly: I donít want to see Parker making those same mistakes.

Craig: You can't compare one mistake a lapse in judgment to a lifetime of addiction.

Carly: That's how it starts. One lapse in judgment because of habit which becomes a sickness which becomes a nightmare.

Craig: Everyone makes mistakes. Try to learn from them and move on.

Carly: Not always easy.

Craig: Okay. You just say the word and Midnight Sun is history.

Carly: No. I don't -- I don't want it to be history. We are still partners.

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Carly: What the hell happened?

Craig: Lucy is back.

Jack: Well, I'm about to arrest her for kidnap.

Dusty: It wasn't kidnapping.

Paul: If I can make Meg jealous itíll be clear sailing.

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