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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 2/17/09

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Henry: Ooh. This is going to be the best-looking bottle in the joint. All the other bottles will weep with shame and embarrassment.

Carly: That's a nice thought.

Henry: When do we get to put this baby up on the shelves?

Carly: Never.

Henry: Why not? I don't understand. I thought you and moneybags Montgomery were going into the designer vodka business. Ah, I see. You had a spat?

Carly: You could call it that. Or you could say we had a major parting of the ways.

Henry: Oh, don't say that. No, think of the vodka. Isn't there some way you can work it out?

Carly: Not in this lifetime.

Craig: Well, I think it's a shame that the co-owner of this fine establishment doesn't have her own office space.

Lily: Hello, Craig.

Craig: Should I have a word with Lisa about it?

Lily: Oh, I don't think that'd be fair to Lisa, do you?

Craig: I've been known to practice the art of gentle persuasion. Some may say I even invented it.

Lily: Some may say you're coarse and manipulative.

Craig: Well, this was fun. Let's do it again soon. Leaving already?

Lily: I had a meeting with my revenue manager. We're setting our rates for the new quarter. By the way, your suite has gone up by 3%.

Craig: Ouch. Well, you know what you're doing.

Lily: Yes, I do.

Craig: I've always admired your business acumen.

Lily: That respect was front and center when you used me to steal my mother's company.

Craig: Oh, we can hold a grudge, can't we?

Lily: That's right.

Craig: I guess that would be one of the reasons why you turned down Carly's offer to go into business with her?

Lily: How did you know I turned down Carly's offer?

Craig: Suffice to say, it was a wise decision. You avoided a big mess.

Lily: How so? Come on, Craig, you've got my attention. Out with it.

Craig: Well, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Carly was lying to you again.

Dusty: Hi.

Meg: Sure, just walk right in.

Dusty: I guess with your mom's shotgun security system, I should be more careful.

Meg: Well, whatever you do, just keep quiet. I just put Eliza down for a nap.

Dusty: Don't mess with the mommy of a sleeping baby?

Meg: That's right.

Dusty: How is she?

Meg: Great.

Dusty: And you?

Meg: Well, I can't help but wonder if she knows what she's been through.

Dusty: She's home now, that's all that matters.

Meg: Thank God.

Dusty: I have something to tell you. I just got off the phone with Derek. Paul's sentencing is today.

Meg: Sentencing? How is that possible? He hasn't even gone to trial yet.

Dusty: And he wonít.

Meg: Why not?

Dusty: He plead guilty to all the charges against him.

Meg: I don't believe that.

Dusty: I can barely believe it myself, but it's true. Now you can put him away for good.

Barbara: I spoke to your attorney.

Paul: Yeah?

Barbara: He said you plead guilty?

Paul: Don't be so surprised.

Barbara: Why are you doing this to yourself?

Paul: Because I'm guilty. I am guilty. I kidnapped Eliza. I put Meg through hell. And I swore to Meg that I would plead guilty, and I'm going to keep my word with her for once.

Barbara: Okay, okay. She's angry. She has a right to be angry. But I don't believe for a second that she will really want you in jail.

Paul: Why not? I deserve it. Look, I've already put my affairs in order. I made all of the necessary arrangements.

Barbara: Why are you talking like this, Paul?

Paul: Because I need to be prepared, and so do you. Whatever sentence the judge hands down today, I'm not going to fight it.

Henry: Okay, talk to me.

Carly: What do you like me to say?

Henry: I would like to know what happened with you and Craig. Why everything just fell apart.

Carly: It's just not going to work out, all right?

Henry: No, no, no. You were so excited about this.

Carly: I know, I was, I was. I thought it was a really great opportunity, but it's just not going to happen. That's all.

Henry: There has to be more to it than that. Craig is a smart man. He wouldn't just let you get away.

Carly: Well, he made it perfectly clear that he's prepared to move on without me.

Henry: Oh, that's a negotiating ploy. You're money in the bank. He needs you.

Carly: Then why did he say that designers like me are "A dime a dozen"?

Henry: He said that?

Carly: Uh-huh.

Henry: Oi.

Carly: And he wasn't opening talks, either. He was slamming the door right in my face.

Henry: You listen to me. You are Carly Tenney Snyder Snyder -- that's who I'm looking at right now. You are a powerhouse.

Carly: Henry, that's the sweetest thing anybody's ever said to me.

Henry: I am not just saying it to be sweet. When I'm behind the bar, I have to tell the truth. It is a sacred place.

Carly: Okay, I'll try to keep that in mind.

Henry: Listen, there has to be some way that you and Craig can work this out. I mean, for crying out loud, you almost married the guy!

Carly: Ew! That is exactly why I cannot work with him.

Henry: No, no, no, no! Ah-ha! Sit! Now we are getting somewhere. Has something else been going on? Have you been crunching something more than just numbers?

Carly: No!

Henry: Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh -- bar, sacred place, no lies.

Carly: Henry, there is nothing going on between me and Craig, and there never will be.

Henry: Never say never.

Carly: He has this way of destroying everything that he touches.

Henry: He touched you?

Carly: No! No, Henry. I'm just not going to let him destroy what pathetic bit of life I have left.

Lily: What exactly did you mean when you said Carly was lying to me again?

Craig: Are you sure you want to hear this?

Lily: Why wouldn't I?

Craig: Because I know you and Carly have been trying to rebuild your friendship, which can't be an easy process, giving that she slept with your husband.

Lily: Oh, stop baiting me, Craig. Spit it out.

Craig: Fine. Midnight Sun, the designer vodka she pitched to you? It was my idea, not hers.

Lily: Yours?

Craig: That's right.

Lily: My God, you're so desperate for attention.

Craig: Then how would I know that you'd been talking to her, just because I saw you with her sketch? Because she'd already shown it to me, and I'd signed off on it.

Lily: Go on.

Craig: The idea to market a designer vodka did not come from sitting around drinking cosmos with her girlfriend.

Lily: Where did it come from?

Craig: Carly and I had been brainstorming on potential ways to bring business into Metro.

Lily: And you came up with a designer vodka?

Craig: And I asked her to design the label.

Lily: But she said that she found a distributor.

Craig: Siegler? No, he's my contact, not hers.

Lily: Well, why would she ask me for financial backing?

Craig: Because she wanted to get out of our deal, and she wanted to make an end-run around me by using your money to do it.

Lily: That is just --

Craig: Like Carly? I know. I really am sorry, Lily.

Lily: Oh, I'm sure you are.

Craig: Oh, listen. Turning her down was the best thing. Besides, I'm not sure how well this partnership would go over with Holden.

Lily: My reasons are none of your business.

Craig: Look at it this way. You avoided getting into another messy situation. Consider yourself lucky.

Meg: Okay, so, what should we do?

Dusty: Not we. You.

Meg: Dusty.

Dusty: You need to go down to the sentencing today and tell the judge that Paul has to be punished for what he did.

Meg: I can't do that.

Dusty: Do you want Paul to go free? Do you?

Meg: No.

Dusty: Then you gotta tell the judge that.

Meg: You think I could just walk into the courtroom and tell a judge to send Paul to prison?

Dusty: To protect your daughter, yeah. That's the way it's got to be.

Barbara: I have lost too many people that I love. I am not going to lose you, too. Okay, fine. You don't want to talk to me? You'll talk to Meg. I'll go find Meg.

Paul: You talk -- you? I don't want you talking to Meg.

Barbara: You know what? I stand by what I said. She's not going to allow the father of her child to go to prison.

Paul: You don't understand. I'm doing all of this for her.

Barbara: What are you doing? Turning yourself into a martyr? I'm not going to stand by and support this. And if you're not going to fight for yourself, I'll fight for you.

Paul: I don't want you doing anything for me.

Barbara: What are you going to do to stop me?

Paul: Mother, if you talk to Meg or the judge or anybody else, I will never forgive you. And prison or no prison, you will lose me, because I will never speak to you again.

Carly: Oh, hi, Lily. I wasn't expecting you.

Lily: Why's that? Now that you don't need anything from me, we have no reason to get together?

Carly: What's wrong?

Lily: You must think I am the world's biggest fool.

Carly: What?

Lily: I'm talking about your little business proposal, the one that you said was your idea.

Carly: You spoke to Craig.

Lily: Yes, I did.

Carly: Lily, I can explain.

Lily: Oh, I'm sure you can. You always do. I'm just not sure I want to hear it.

Carly: I'm sure that Craig made it sound --

Lily: What? Worse than it is? I doubt it. So you know what? Next time you want to launch into a song and dance about how much our friendship means to you, just put a sock in it.

Carly: Listen to me. Our friendship means the world to me. It does. It always will.

Lily: Then why did you lie to me?

Carly: Okay, Lily. You're right, I did lie to you.

Lily: At least you're not going to deny it.

Carly: But I didn't mean to.

Lily: You didn't mean to? Like you didn't mean to hurt me when you slept with my husband?

Carly: Oh, Lily, no. This is nothing like that.

Lily: What's it like? What's your big excuse this time?

Carly: It wasn't deliberate.

Lily: You told me that Midnight Sun was your idea. Not once did you attempt to correct that. So don't tell me it's not deliberate.

Carly: There was a reason that I let you believe the idea was mine.

Lily: Were you just angling for my money?

Carly: No, no! Money had nothing to do with it.

Lily: Then what was this about?

Carly: It's Craig. It's all because of Craig.

Lily: So, Midnight Sun really was his idea?

Carly: Yeah. He came up with the idea to market this designer vodka, and he asked me to come up with a label.

Lily: That was the sketch that you showed me?

Carly: Yeah. The thought of going into business with Craig was pretty scary, but he convinced me that it would be completely business. So I thought, why not?

Lily: And then?

Carly: And then something happened, and I realized I was insane to think that I could work with him.

Lily: Then you came to me.

Carly: Yes. Because the idea was so good, I didn't want to lose it.

Lily: What was the something?

Carly: What?

Lily: You said something happened with Craig?

Carly: Yeah. He kissed me. It really freaked me out.

Lily: Enough to have you back out of a mega-dollar deal?

Carly: Yes, absolutely. I did not want to put myself in a position to be made vulnerable to his mind games again.

Lily: Well, you made the right decision. It would've been a mistake. You are much better off without him.

Dusty: The judge needs to hear from you.

Meg: Well, I don't want to relive that. I want to put it behind me.

Dusty: Well, to make sure it really is behind you, you've got to make sure Paul won't go free. He could do it again.

Meg: He wonít. He knows how much it hurt me, and he won't put me through that again.

Dusty: I don't believe that, and you shouldn't, either.

Meg: He said he would plead guilty, and he has. So I really don't see the need to testify against him.

Dusty: 'Cause your daughter's counting on you to keep her safe. Don't let her down.

 Josie: Barbara?

Barbara: Josie. What are you doing here?

Josie: I came to speak to someone in the D.A.'s office. I thought I would have been contacted by now about testifying at Paul's trial.

Barbara: There isn't going to be a trial. Paul plead guilty.

Josie: You know, I really thought he would change his mind.

Barbara: I thought so, too, given enough time. But he said no. He told me that if I tried to help him, he would cut me out of his life.

Josie: What about Meg? Is she going to be here?

Barbara: No. He wouldn't let me call her, either.

Josie: Well, maybe she'll show up on her own.

Barbara: I hope you're right. Because Paul's never needed Meg more than he needs her now.

Henry: You're in my seat.

Craig: Am I? Oh, well, let me make it up to you. Perhaps with a martini of your choice?

Henry: You want to buy me a drink?

Craig: Unless you have some objection.

Henry: Just the cold fear of what you might want from me in return.

Craig: Only your company.

Henry: I'll pass.

Craig: Your loss.

Henry: Yes, loss. Speaking of loss, I hear from Carly that you are out of the booze biz.

Craig: On the contrary. I'm just not in it with her.

Henry: She's the label's designer.

Craig: No, she was the label's designer. In fact, that's why I'm here.

Henry: What, trolling the Lakeview, hoping that some other beautiful, talented artist will stumble into your barstool?

Craig: I don't need to hope, Henry. Here she is now. Edie! Thank you so much for meeting me. This is my friend, Henry Coleman.

Henry: Hello.

Edie: Hello.

Craig: Edie and I are going to discuss the possibility of her taking over the design for Midnight Sun. Edie, would you mind having a seat right over here? I'll be with you in a moment.

Edie: Sure.

Craig: She really is something, isn't she? Already has me saying, "Carly who?" I'm sure Mr. Siegler, our distributor, will think the same thing. We're meeting with him this afternoon. Well, have fun, Henry. See you around.

Carly: I know it was a mistake to lie to you, Lily. I just felt like I saw everything slipping away, and I had to act fast.

Lily: But to have a meltdown over a kiss that didn't mean anything? Unless it did.

Carly: What?

Lily: Do you have feelings for Craig?

Carly: Beyond contempt and disgust? No.

Lily: It's not like you to lose your cool over something like this.

Carly: It wasn't just the kiss, it's what it threatened. The idea of creating this product, it was really exciting to me.

Lily: And you didn't want to have to give it up because of Craig?

Carly: Exactly. And I would have told you about his involvement before you signed any papers.

Lily: We'll never know that now, will we?

Carly: You know, the idea of working with you again was exciting for me. And I think it was a bit exciting for you, too. Do you think you can forgive me?

Lily: I want to. I don't know if I can trust you again.

Carly: You can. And I will do whatever I have to do to prove that to you. Our friendship is much more important to me than any business deal.

Lily: Even this deal?

Carly: Especially this deal.

[Cell phone ringing]

Carly: Excuse me. Hello?

Henry: Carly, it's Henry.

Carly: What's up?

Henry: Remember how I told you that Craig needed you? That Midnight Sun would never go anywhere without you?

Carly: Amazingly, I do remember. It was 20 minutes ago.

Henry: Yeah well, I may have spoken too soon, because I just ran into Craig, and he is meeting with your potential replacement right now.

Paul: I told you not to do anything. Why did you call her?

Barbara: I didnít.

Officer: This way, Mr. Ryan.

Barbara: Oh.

Josie: I'll talk to him. I'll tell him that my being here had nothing to do with you.

Barbara: If he doesn't believe you?

Josie: I'll make him believe me. Paul?

Paul: She shouldn't have called you.

Josie: She didnít. I was here, and I ran into her.

Paul: Yeah, well, you should keep running, 'cause I don't want you here.

Josie: Too bad.

Barbara: Meg. Oh, I'm so glad you're here. I knew that you wouldn't send Paul to jail.

Meg: That's not why I'm here, Barbara.

Barbara: Oh, Meg. Please. Please. You're his last hope.

Dusty: He needs to be put away, Barbara.

Barbara: And you tell me why you are leading the charge to destroy what's left of my family.

Dusty: It's not about you. It's about what's best for Eliza.

Barbara: And so you think its better that my granddaughter be raised without a father?

Dusty: Yes.

Barbara: You better think about this. You think about the stigma that Eliza will have the rest of her life, being raised by a mother who put her father in prison. You know what it did to Paul with James. Is that what you want for Eliza?

Dusty: She'll be better off without him.

Barbara: Why is he doing all the talking for you, huh? Why? Now look, I know that Paul has done some truly unforgivable things. But sometimes, as a parent, we have to make sacrifices, no matter how painful it might be for us personally.

Paul: I fired my lawyer this morning right after we entered a plea of guilty, and I won't be asking for any leniency in regards to sentencing.

Judge: That said, will anyone be speaking on your behalf?

Meg: I'm sorry for the interruption, your honor. I'm Meg Snyder. I'm the defendant's ex-wife and Eliza's mother.

Judge: The court appreciates you being here. Again, would anyone like to speak on the defendant's behalf?

Josie: I have something I'd like to say.

Carly: You're sure Craig was meeting with another designer?

Lily: You saw him with her?

Henry: I got a real good look at her.

Carly: You think maybe it was just a ploy, you know, to get under my skin?

Henry: I don't think so.

Carly: Why not?

Henry: They mentioned something about meeting a distributor?

Carly: Siegler?

Henry: Yeah, yeah, that's the name.

Carly: Oh! He wouldn't dare. Hello, this is Carly Tenney calling. Is Mr. Siegler available? I see. Yeah, you know, we must have gotten our signals crossed. Thanks, anyway. Bye. Oh! His assistant said that Siegler is on his way to Oakdale to have a meeting with Craig. Damn him.

Henry: Who? Craig or Siegler?

Carly: Craig. How could he do this to me?

Henry: Carly, you can't be that surprised. I mean, you said yourself there could be no reconciliation between you two.

Carly: Yeah, you said he needed me.

Henry: I was wrong. It happens to the best of us sometimes.

Carly: I can't believe this is happening. You know, this is really my chance to turn things around for myself.

Lily: Wait, you're just going to give up?

Carly: What do you suggest I do, Lily?

Lily: Well, for starters, don't let him take this away from you. Fight back. Come on, Carly, if anybody can out-Craig Craig, it's you.

Henry: Wow, Lily, that's so underhanded. One might even say cutthroat. I'm shocked and yet, very impressed.

Carly: How exactly am I supposed to stop him?

Henry: Well, I would say the first thing you do is put yourself in his moccasins and think like he does, as repulsive as that may sound.

Carly: I already know what he's thinking. He's thinking he's got me right where he wants me, and he's enjoying the hell out of it.

Lily: Then quit letting him call all the shots. Show him that nobody handles Carly Tenney.

Henry: Sing it, sister!

Carly: Well, maybe I could do that. With a little help from my friends.

Paul: Please don't do this.

Josie: Your honor, I understand that Paul has plead guilty. Nobody here can say that he's innocent, myself included, but I am the only person who was with Paul when he had Eliza.

Dusty: Yeah, because you were helping him.

Paul: She didn't have anything to do with it.

Josie: Your honor, I don't agree with what Paul did. I can't imagine what Meg must have been going through, being separated from her child like that, but I think that I understand why he did it.

Dusty: 'Cause he's sick.

Josie: No. Because he was afraid of losing his child. Eliza is the one thing in the world that keeps him grounded. You see, late last year, Paul suffered a nervous breakdown. He was confused about a lot of things, but the one thing that he was clear on through all of it was that Eliza was his daughter. He picked out her cry without ever having laid eyes on her. That is how deep his connection to her runs. The whole time that Paul had Eliza, her safety and well being was his number one concern.

Dusty: Number one concern by kidnapping her and letting a carjacker drive off with her? My God.

Josie: That was not his fault. Your honor, I honestly believe that Paul is getting better, and it's because of the love he has for his daughter. I know that he has a long way to go, but sending him to prison is not going to help him. Separating him from his daughter is the worst thing that you could do for his recovery. Yes, he needs to be punished. But not like this.

Carly: Hi, it's me. Are you ready?

Lily: All set.

Craig: Well, I told you on the phone, the feel I'm going for for Midnight Sun, so let's see what you came up with.

Edie: Okay.

[Cell phone ringing]

Craig: Excuse me. Hello?

[With British accent]

Lily: Oh, Mr. Montgomery, so sorry to bother you, Sir, but Johnny's got a wee bit of a fever.

Craig: Is he all right?

Lily: Oh, he's just a bit fussy. I was hoping you could pop up and check on him?

Craig: I'll be right up. I'm sorry, my son's not feeling well. Can you wait a moment? I'll be right back.

Carly: Okay, you're on. Don't blow it.

[With Russian accent]

Henry: Hello. I am Aleksandr Siegler. You are Edie, no?

Edie: Mr. Siegler.

[Speaking Russian]

Edie: I'm fluent in the language.

Henry: Ah. But we are in United States. And in states, I speak English. It makes me feel like -- patriot. Now you come with me. Up, up. We go to farm. A farm what is growing potatoes. Good for vodka, no? You must see.

Edie: What about Mr. Montgomery?

Henry: Later. Now, your company with me.

Edie: Oh, well, I am very excited about this project. You know, vodka's in my blood.

Henry: Da. Mine, too. This very moment.

Carly: Mr. Siegler.

Siegler: Carly. Hello.

Carly: Hello, it's so nice to see you again.

Siegler: The pleasure's all mine. Though, I must admit, I'm a little surprised.

Carly: Why is that?

Siegler: I was under the impression I was here to meet with Mr. Montgomery, and well, to be honest, your potential replacement.

Carly: Ah, yes, well, there's been a bit of a misunderstanding, I think.

Siegler: There've been more than a few of those lately. First I'm told I'm to deal only with you. Then I'm told I'm dealing strictly with Craig, because you're no longer on the project. The only reason I agreed to this meeting was to figure out what the heck's going on here.

Carly: Well, I would love to help you with that. Why don't you come with me? We could go to my club, and I'll straighten everything out for you.

Siegler: Without Craig? Where is he?

Carly: Well, I don't have any idea. He didn't tell you he'd be delayed?

Siegler: No, he didnít.

Carly: I'm so sorry he has so little respect for your time.

Siegler: This club of yours, how far is it from here?

Carly: Not far at all. After you.

Dusty: You might want to say something. She just made Paul look like a victim.

Judge: If that's all, I'm prepared to render sentencing. I am not sending you to prison.

Dusty: Meg.

Meg: No, no. How could the judge do that? A suspended sentence? Paul kidnapped Eliza. He took her to New York.

Dusty: It's going to be all right.

Meg: No, it wonít. Paul's been basically given a pass.

Dusty: I won't let him near you and Eliza, I wonít.

Meg: Weren't you listening? The judge gave Paul supervised visitation.

Dusty: It doesn't matter what the judge said.

Meg: I should have said something, done something. I need to get out.

Paul: I don't know what to say.

Meg: There's nothing to say.

Paul: I did everything you asked. I turned myself in. I plead guilty. I was prepared to go to jail.

Meg: And yet here you are.

Paul: I know. I'm not sure how. I promise things will be different from now on.

Meg: I'm tired of your promises, Paul.

Paul: I've learned a lot. The last couple of weeks, I figured a lot out.

Meg: It's a little too late for that.

Paul: Is it? You showed up today. You could have told the judge to lock me up forever.

Meg: And because I didn't, you think that means something?

Paul: Does it?

Meg: No, it doesnít. I wish you were in prison. I wish you were sitting in that cell right now.

Paul: Well, you had your chance to say that in there. Why didn't you say it?

Meg: Because I didn't want to be the one to put you there.

Barbara: Judge, I just want to thank you so much for everything you've done for my son today.

Judge: Good luck with that young man.

Barbara: Thank you. Honey, this is so wonderful. What?

Paul: This is not how it was supposed to go.

Barbara: Look, you have a second chance. A second chance in your life.

Paul: I don't want a second chance.

Barbara: With your daughter as a father. Paul, listen, you'll be on probation. You'll do some community service, and you're going to get the help that you need. And then you're going to be able to watch your daughter grow up.

Paul: Yeah, you know what she'll get to watch? She'll get to see how much her mother hates me.

Carly: The fact is, with or without Craig, I still want to work with you on this project.

Siegler: Midnight Sun?

Carly: Yes.

Siegler: Why?

Carly: I think it's an idea with unique marketing potential. I think it could be very profitable for us both.

Siegler: I agree with you.

Carly: You do?

Siegler: That's why I said yes to this deal in the first place.

Carly: That's fantastic.

Siegler: But, that's also when you were partnered with Craig. And if I understand your former arrangement, he provided the financial backing to cover the cost of startup.

Carly: Yes, yes, that's right.

Siegler: I'm just curious where you stand now, without his money? Can you put up the capital we'd need?

Lily: Does the money need to come from Craig?

Siegler: I don't really care where it comes from, so long as we have it.

Lily: How much do you need?

Siegler: Are you asking because you're curious, or because you're interested in backing this venture?

Lily: Well, that depends. Do you have a problem working with two strong, opinionated women?

Siegler: Not at all. They happen to be my favorite kind.

Carly: Would you excuse us for a moment, please? What are you doing?

Lily: You heard what he said, you need to come up with the money on your own. I can help you.

Carly: Yes, but when I pitched this idea to you the other day, you said no, and rightly so.

Lily: At the time, it seemed like the right decision.

Carly: What is going on here? Just a little while ago, you were furious with me that I lied to you. And now you want to help? I just don't want you to do something that you're going to regret.

Lily: What are you saying? You don't want my help?

Carly: I think for the sake of our friendship, I have to turn you down.

Lily: Carly, this could be the biggest break for you, couldn't it?

Carly: Yeah.

Lily: So if I can help you, and we get out from under Craig's thumb, it's worth it to me. Let me do this for you. What do you say? Will you take my money?

Craig: Hello, this is Craig Montgomery. I have an appointment with Mr. Siegler this afternoon. He's not running late, is he? He's where? Thank you very much. Nicely played, Carly.

Meg: I was so naive. I thought just because Paul pleaded guilty, that it would be enough. That he would go to jail, and all this would be over. I would finally be free of him. And Eliza -- she would be safe.

Dusty: It's going to be all right.

Meg: Will you stop saying that.

Dusty: We're gonna figure this out.

Meg: Stop coddling me! I'm going to go check on Eliza. I think you should go.

[Knock at the door]

Dusty: You've got some nerve showing up here.

Siegler: So, what have you two decided?

Carly: Well, Lily here has decided to give the money that we needed for the start-up.

Craig: So sorry I'm late.

Carly: Damn.

Siegler: I didn't know you'd be joining us.

Craig: You weren't the only one surprised by today's guest list. You almost pulled that one off, Carly.

Siegler: Pulled what off?

Craig: She played you, Mr. Siegler, to get you alone, away from me.

Siegler: That wasn't too difficult, considering you didn't show up for a meeting that you arranged.

Craig: Yes, well, I can tell you that whatever deal you were about to make with Carly, I strongly advise you against it.

Carly: Go away, Craig.

Siegler: Why do you say that?

Craig: Well, for starters, Midnight Sun is my idea.

Siegler: True, but you didn't patent the idea for designer vodka. And we both know that, as the designer, Carly would be the true force behind this project.

Craig: Well, you can't design anything if you can't afford the pencils.

Siegler: A talent like Carly could secure the money from anyone she chooses to work with on this.

Craig: I'm sorry, anyone Carly chooses?

Siegler: That's right. You see, Craig, a lot of people can come up with cash, but not everyone has her innate creativity.

Craig: She is something, isn't she?

Siegler: So if you'd like to continue to work with us on this project, you'll find a way to work with Carly, and this time, you won't chase her off. We'll be in touch.

Carly: Absolutely.

Dusty: What are you doing here?

Josie: I wanted to see Meg.

Dusty: Why?

Josie: To explain.

Dusty: You explained everything at the hearing.

Josie: Well, I wanted her to know why I decided to stand up for Paul today.

Dusty: What does it matter? Paul's a free man thanks to you. His daughter's going to grow up in chaos.

Josie: That's not true. Paul is a wonderful father.

Dusty: Paul's a terrible father.

Josie: Okay, what's your problem?

Dusty: What do you mean?

Josie: Meg has full custody of Eliza. Paul can only see her on supervised visits. That's punishment in itself, but it's not enough for you. You won't be happy until the guy is stripped of everything.

Dusty: Why are you defending him?

Josie: Because I don't believe he's the monster that you say he is.

Dusty: I don't know how much he's paying you, but I hope it's a lot.

Josie: Oh, what, so you're just going to walk away?

Dusty: Meg needs me. I don't have time.

Josie: Oh, right, right, of course. Because somebody always does. Can we just be honest here for a minute, Dusty? This is the real reason that you turned your back on me, right? Not because I sided with Paul, but because I don't need to be rescued anymore.

Dusty: If you keep hanging around Paul, that'll change. You'll need to be rescued, all right, and it won't be me.

Craig: You must be so pleased with yourself right about now.

Carly: You have no idea.

Craig: Well, I guess we're just going to have to find a way to work together.

Carly: Do you think you can handle that? If I'm the one calling the shots?

Craig: I can already feel the rush.

Carly: That's all you're gonna be feeling.

Craig: Well, let's hope I find the strength to carry on. So what do you say, strategy session tomorrow, 10:00, at the Lakeview?

Carly: Noon, here.

Craig: As you wish, boss.

Dusty: I guess you heard that.

Meg: Yeah, I did.

Dusty: I didn't want Josie bothering you.

Meg: I could've handled it, Dusty.

Dusty: Well, you shouldn't have to. Although Paul's a free man, we'll figure out a way to keep him away from you and Eliza.

Meg: We will?

Dusty: Yeah. I promised I'd protect you, and I'd take care of you.

Meg: And what if it's not what I want?

Barbara: Paul, please, let me help you. When was the last time you ate? When was the last time you slept?

Paul: Stop it. Don't talk to me like that. You are not my wife. I don't have a wife anymore.

Barbara: You need to stop thinking about Meg. You need to take care of yourself. You need to get better so you can be a good father to Eliza.

Paul: Will you stop it? Why do you not understand this? I do not want you here! You are not helping me! You are making everything worse! That's what you always do!

Barbara: You talk to him. I can't get through to him. Maybe you can.

Paul: Why did you do it?

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Meg: No.

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