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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 2/4/09

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Katie: You up?

Brad: I am now.

Katie: What do you have today?

Brad: The only thing I have on my calendar is to kiss every inch of this beautiful, sexy creature I found in my bed.

Katie: I can make time for that.

Brad: Yeah?

Mac: Guys?

[Katie gasps]

Katie: We should get started. We need to set up.

Brad: Will you get the hell out of here?!

Mac: But the footage --

Brad: Now! Come on! This has got to stop.

Katie: Brad --

Brad: No, I'm serious. This has got to stop.

Vienna: So I told Pepper he's not allowed to eat from your plate.

Henry: He shouldn't be allowed to eat from anyone's plate, Sweetheart.

Vienna: And I said to him, if it happens again, he's not allowed to come down with us for breakfast.

Henry: Honey, he's a dog. I don't think he comprehends cause and effect.

Vienna: He's bright, and he's had extensive training.

Henry: He's had expensive training. I don't know about extensive, judging by how little he knows.

Vienna: What's wrong?

Henry: I'm not hungry.

Vienna: Well, you said you were starving.

Henry: Yeah, that was before the mutt stole my muffin.

Vienna: Oh, don't be mean. That was a very hard training program. I promise -- I promise that he will get it the second time.

Henry: What are you saying, he failed?

Vienna: Yes, they said that they're sure that he'll pass the next time around.

Henry: I'm sure they did. They know a soft touch when they see one.

Vienna: He's a sweet little dog, isn't it?

Henry: I was talking about you, Sweetie!

Vienna: I just think that if you were a little bit more affectionate to him, he would be more obedient.

Henry: Yeah, and we can just throw decades of behavioral science right out the window.

Vienna: I don't care what the experts say. I know my Pepper.

Henry: Well, all I can say is, it is a good thing that we don't want kids because I think they'd be in therapy for the rest of their lives.

Vienna: I think they would be wonderful and gorgeous. But then again, we won't find out, will we?

Henry: No. No, we wonít.

Meg: Eliza?! Eliza, where are you, Baby? Where is she?

Dusty: It's okay. She's not here. It was a dream. It was just a dream. It's okay. We're going to find her.

Holden: Maybe they already left the state. Amber Alerts don't always work. I hope you're right. All right, thanks, Jack.

Lily: Nothing?

Holden: Nothing yet.

Lily: What does he think?

Holden: He's not making any predictions.

Lily: Have you spoken to Meg?

Holden: No, I sent her an e-mail. I left her a voice message -- nothing. You know what? I'm going to try her again.

Lily: Well, I'm sure she's okay. She's with Dusty.

Holden: I'm sorry, but that logic escapes me.

Meg: She just sounded so close.

Dusty: You need sleep.

Meg: I'm trying. But I keep having these dreams that she's right here, and then I wake up, and it hits me all over again. How could Paul take a tiny baby away from her mother? How could he do that to her?

Dusty: We're going to find them.

Meg: When?

Dusty: Soon. Try to sleep.

[Cell phone ringing]

Meg: It's him!

Dusty: Hello?

Holden: Where's Meg?

Dusty: Right here. It's your brother.

Holden: Where are you?

Dusty: At my place. She's trying to rest.

Holden: She can rest at home.

Dusty: She's comfortable here.

Holden: Tell her I'm coming to get her.

Dusty: You don't need to do that. She's okay.

Holden: I'm on my way.

Dusty: I'll tell her.

Holden: And by the way, if I were Paul, and you answered the phone, I'd probably hang up.

Paul: You looking for this?

Holden: Can you tell me why my sister would go within 100 miles of this guy after everything that he's done?

Lily: You think this is Dusty's fault?

Holden: You don't?

Lily: He didn't kidnap Eliza. Paul did.

Holden: Don't you think Dusty knew that Paul would freak out when he found out that Meg was married to him?

Lily: Your sister could have said "No."

Holden: And she should have. But now is not the time for me to tell her off.

Lily: And now is not the time for her to see you tell Dusty off, either.

Holden: I'll do my best.

Lily: Let's remember that the main goal is not to punish Dusty. It's to get that poor baby back, away from Paul.

Paul: I thought you might be tempted to turn me in. Turns out I was right.

Josie: That's not what I was doing.

Paul: It's what I would do.

Josie: Well, I'm not you. I wouldn't abuse my child.

Paul: I'm not abusing my child!

Josie: You stole her from her mother! You made me drive for hours without a decent car seat. And now you have us all living in a dressing room.

Paul: And it's nice here. Look, this --

Josie: Oh, please. Have you even thought about Meg? About what she must be going through?

Paul: Meg brought this on herself the day she married Dusty.

Josie: Even you don't believe that.

Paul: You know what? If you're so worried about Meg, why didn't you turn me in when you had the chance? You could have done that last night. There were plenty of people all over the place.

Josie: Yeah, I was hoping that you would do it.

Paul: Why would I do that?

Josie: Paul, like I said, if you bring her in voluntarily, maybe there's a chance you won't have to go to jail.

Paul: Yeah, well that's a chance I'm just not willing to take.

Josie: Okay, I am done trying to protect you. I don't even know why I expected better from you.

Paul: You really shouldn't have.

Josie: Yeah, you're right. I'm not going to be a part of this for one more second.

Paul: What exactly makes you think that you have a choice?

Brad: As long as you knock next time, then we're cool. All right, they get it.

Katie: Do they?

Brad: You know, they're just -- they're just doing their jobs. You know, they have orders to capture the moment of conception.

Katie: The moment?

Brad: Well, as soon afterwards as possible.

Katie: I don't know if I can do this.

Brad: We can back out of this anytime we want.

Katie: But it's the only way Kim will put you back on the air.

Brad: You know, I'm not sure that it's worth it. Starting a family, it's sacred. You know, I'm not sure that we would be selling it out.

Katie: That's beautiful. I don't think I can get pregnant like this.

Brad: You mean by talking? No, I don't think so.

Katie: My reproductive cells need privacy. They're very shy.

Brad: Yeah, well, mine aren't really enjoying the attention too much, either. I think -- I think they're planning a jailbreak as we speak. That's it.

Katie: What's it?

Brad: I think I have come up with a plan.

Henry: That wasn't necessary.

Vienna: I don't want you to blame Pepper for starving to death.

Henry: And I don't want you to think I'm a hard-hearted pet owner. I just -- the vet told us that he should not eat table food.

Vienna: Have you ever looked at that canned dog food? It's not fit for human consumption!

Henry: It's not supposed to be for human consumption.

Vienna: Well, Pepper has very refined tastes.

Henry: Sweetie, he's a dog. You can't indulge him the way I indulge you.

Vienna: Oh, that's sweet.

Henry: Yeah, and just -- just promise me, okay? No more table food.

Vienna: Okay. Can he sleep in your sweater drawer?

Henry: Fine.

Vienna: Okay, no more table food. Promise.

Henry: Okay.

[Cell phone ringing]

Henry: Hello? Speaking. Yeah, yeah. Hold on for just a second. It's Metro's linen service.

Vienna: No, no, no. It's our day off.

Henry: I know, I know, I know. It'll just take a second. I'll take it outside. Yeah. Uh-huh.

Vienna: Oh. Don't you worry, Pepper. Mommy won't let you starve to death.

Brad: Okay, so we just have to make sure that Liberty is gonna -- is off to school, okay, and then we'll get back to the bedroom.

Katie: Anyone want coffee?

Joe: We're good. We'll just set up inside.

Katie: Okay.

Brad: Okay. We'll be right in.

Katie: You are a genius.

Brad: You inspire me.

Katie: Was it something I said?

Brad: No, it's just the way you look with all your clothes off.

Katie: Well, whatever it was, it was brilliant.

Brad: Well, I got another idea, about how you can thank me for the first one.

Katie: Well let's get out of here before they realize we're gone.

Dusty: Listen. There's no need to argue. She wants to be here. I'm trying to make things comfortable for her.

Meg: Holden, hey. I miss her so much.

Holden: It's going to be okay. Jack, he's got the entire P.D. on it. The FBI is getting in on it. Let me take you home.

Meg: No, I'm okay here.

Holden: Right, but I think you should come with me.

Dusty: She doesn't need you telling her what to do.

Holden: Oh, because you got everything covered?

Meg: Holden.

Holden: I'm not the one who convinced her to do something to turn her crazy husband even crazier.

Meg: Dusty needed help to save Johnny from Craig.

Holden: Yeah, and it's amazing how everyone ends up worse than they were before he decided to save them.

Dusty: Is that true? I don't know if that's true, actually.

Holden: Johnny's with Craig instead of Lucy. Eliza is with Paul instead of Meg. Great job.

Meg: Okay, stop it! My baby is gone, and all you two can do is fight with each other? I'm going with Holden, Dusty.

Dusty: You can stay here if you want to.

Meg: I know. Thank you for everything. I mean that. Let's go.

Josie: How exactly are you planning on keeping me here? Holding another baby bottle to my head?

Paul: Well, that worked the first time.

Josie: Well, maybe they've got some fake guns around here.

Paul: I'm pretty sure I can get my hands on a real gun.

Josie: Okay, so you shoot me. What is your plan then?

Paul: I don't know. After shooting you, I don't really have a plan.

Josie: I find that a little hard to believe.

Paul: Things happened really quickly.

Josie: Well, you should've figured them out before you took her.

Paul: I just wanted to spend a little bit of time with my baby girl without that bastard hanging over. Is that -- is that really too much to ask?

Josie: These are questions for Meg.

Paul: Meg married Dusty! And then she didn't even tell me about it! You know what that's like? I get the worst news of my life from him?

Josie: This isn't about you and him! This is about your daughter!

Paul: Yeah, but I don't get to see my daughter if I go to jail. So if you're thinking about trying to make that happen, you better be ready to go to jail right alongside me.

Josie: There is no need to threaten me.

Paul: I'm not threatening you. I'm just spelling it out for you. If you go to the cops, if you sell me out, I'm just going to tell them that it was all your idea.

Josie: If that's your way of repaying someone who was just trying to help you, then you have even more problems than I thought.

Paul: You're the one that's going to have problems when you're in jail.

Josie: And what are you going to do? Take Eliza on the run?

Paul: If I have to.

Josie: What you have to do is bring her back.

Paul: I canít.

Josie: Yes, you can, Paul. You just take out your phone and call Meg. And then call the police.

Paul: No. That's not going to happen.

Josie: Okay, then I am out of here. I will give you one hour to call the police, and then I am going there myself.

Paul: No, wait --

Josie: What are you going to do, beat me and force me to stay?

Paul: I don't know, I'm thinking about it.

Josie: Then go ahead, or get the hell out of my way!

Paul: Okay, you know what? Stop. Hold on a second. This little spitting contest, it's not getting either one of us anywhere.

Josie: You're right.

Paul: So let's just back up for a second and try and to talk to one --

[Eliza crying]

Paul: Great, you woke her up. Come here, baby girl. Aww, shh. It's okay. I know, she's making a lot of noise. Trying to get her to shut up.

Katie: We did it. We lost them!

Brad: Yes! Hey, guys!

Henry: Hey, you! What happened? It looked like you just robbed a bank.

Brad: Well, better yet, we stole our lives back. You know, and now we need to get a room.

Vienna: Okay. What's wrong with your house?

Brad: We're being stalked.

Vienna: Oh, my God. That's horrible. Have you spoken to the police?

Katie: No, it's of our own doing. Well, mine, actually.

Brad: Well, I cannot let her take the blame -- all the blame. You know, I agreed to it too.

Henry: Agreed to what?

Katie: Oh, to having a video crew shoot us trying to have a baby.

Brad: It was the only way Kim would give me my job back.

Katie: But it's turned into a nightmare. They're everywhere. They're in our house, they're in our bedroom -- everywhere.

Henry: Look, wait, wait -- get back to the point about having a baby.

Katie: Oh, yeah. We're trying.

Vienna: Oh, my God! That's wonderful!

Katie: Thank you!

Henry: Or not.

Vienna: Henry!

Henry: No, with all due respect to the fact that we were all children once, do you guys have any idea what you're getting yourselves into?

Katie: Of course.

Brad: I have a kid, remember?

Henry: Liberty is not exactly a kid.

Brad: Yeah, don't remind me.

Henry: I'm just talking about all the things you missed. Like the sticky fingers, and the food in the hair, and the little sneakers with wheels in them that leave tracks everywhere.

Vienna: Henry, they know what children are like.

Brad: I'm going to go get us a room right now so we can keep trying to make love.

Vienna: Oh, my God. Are you serious about this?

Katie: Yes. We wanted a child for so long. We just figured this was the best time.

Henry: Why? Because you're enjoying your life too much?

Vienna: Will you stop! This is wonderful news. You're turning into a miserable old grouch in your old age.

Henry: Are you calling me old?

Vienna: Yes!

Katie: And she meant it in a good way.

Henry: There is no good way! Fine, have fun at my expense. But don't say I didn't warn you.

Brad: There's not an empty room in the place.

Katie: What? Are you serious?

Brad: Yeah, they've got some sort of convention. We're going to have to find some other place to go.

Katie: Too late. We're busted!

Vienna: What, what?

Brad: That's the crew that's been haunting our dreams.

Vienna: No, it's not too late. Come with us.

Henry: This will not end well.

Meg: You had no right to lay into Dusty like that. He was only trying to help.

Holden: The more he helps, the worse things get.

Meg: Oh, that's not fair. I know you two have history.

Holden: No, that's not what this is about.

Meg: It sure sounded that way.

Holden: I know what he does. He gets you to think that he's looking out for you, and then when something awful happens, he's never the one who gets hurt.

Meg: That's not true.

Holden: He got Lily blamed for his death, and he wasn't even dead! And now he's charmed you into marrying him.

Meg: I'm not married!

Holden: Lucky for you.

Meg: And no one had to charm me into anything. It was my decision. I wanted to help him keep Johnny.

Holden: And look what it's done to you!

Meg: Paul did that to me!

Holden: Because you got involved with Dusty.

Meg: That's not Dusty's fault.

Holden: Oh, he's never -- he's never at fault for anything, is he?

Meg: He's was trying to help me through this.

Holden: All right, you know what? Can we just stop? Can we just take Dusty out of the picture here for a minute, and just focus on getting your daughter back?

Meg: That is what I'm focused on!

Holden: Well then, why don't you let your family help you out? We don't have any agendas here. All we want is to get you through this and get your daughter back. So why don't you let us do that?

[Knocking on door]

Dusty: Your husband's not here. He picked up his sister and left.

Lily: Did he give you a hard time?

Dusty: I deserve it.

Lily: Dusty, this isn't your fault.

Dusty: I dragged his sister into this mess.

Lily: You were trying to hold onto Johnny.

Dusty: That's my problem.

Lily: She must have wanted to help you, or she wouldn't have done it.

Dusty: I should've known how Paul would react. I'm the reason he did this.

Lily: He did this because he's completely unstable.

Dusty: I married the woman he just had a child with. I made a bad situation worse.

Lily: If you hadn't, somebody else would have. We've all known it was just a matter of time with Paul. From the moment Meg got pregnant, we couldn't stop it, and neither could you.

Dusty: Your husband doesn't seem to agree.

Lily: My husband is wrong.


Josie: Hello, is anybody in here? Hello?

[Josie gasps]

Paul: Sorry.

Josie: Paul!

Paul: I didn't mean to scare you.

Josie: Will you please just let me go?

Paul: I thought we should talk.

Josie: Talk? Talk about what? You can't keep running forever.

Paul: Really? I mean, we just got started.

Josie: Okay, how long do you think it's going to be before they track you down?

Paul: Look, one week. One week. Let me spend some time alone with her. Let me be her father, please. And then I'll bring her back, I promise. And no one needs to know that you were involved at all.

Josie: Yeah, how do you figure that?

Paul: I'll tell them -- I'll tell everybody that I just pushed you out of the car in the middle of the highway. They won't find you. They won't even bother to look for you. That's not what I mean, I just -- it's the only way that I'm going to get to know her. Please. Please let me have that chance.

Vienna: You agreed to let them film you trying to get pregnant?

Katie: I know.

Henry: I like it. I mean the filming part, not the pregnancy part.

Brad: Trust me, it gets old really fast.

Henry: The pregnancy part?

Brad: No! Having these guys in our faces 24/7.

Henry: They don't know you're here right now.

Brad: Give them time.

Katie: Yeah, once they find out that we have friends in this building, they'll be at the door.

Brad: Yeah, they're really good at that.

Vienna: Well, Henry can go down and scare them off.

Henry: How, exactly?

Vienna: Just do your gangster. You know, "The showgirl and the mob."

Henry: Oh, yeah, yeah.

Brad: Is that -- what's that, a movie?

Henry: No, just a little game we like to play.

Katie: Okay. Well, anyway, we agreed to do this with Kim, and if we blow it off, we'll be in big trouble.

Henry: Well you know, if they really wanted great ratings, we're the ones that they would be filming.

Vienna: Well of course, if they were filming us, they could never use it on TV.

Henry: Now, maybe late night cable. I don't know.

Vienna: Oh, yeah! Pay-per-view!

Brad: You know what? You guys are really -- you guys are really weird. You know, you wouldn't be laughing, okay? You wouldn't be enjoying this so much if you were the ones being chased.

Henry: That's it! Then, yeah, then -- okay. Perfect, and she and will dress up like you and pretend to be you, and then we'll just lead them right out of the hotel.

Vienna: Yeah.

Henry: I know, I know -- the jock and the cheerleader.

Vienna: Yes!

Katie: What are you talking about?

Vienna: Oh, this.

Brad: Whoa.

Henry: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Brad: What is --?

Vienna: Mm-hmm! So -- what do you think?

Henry: I think you could be Katie's double!

Katie: I don't really think you look like me.

Vienna: Oh, I'm not done yet. Come on.

Henry: Yeah, come here.

Brad: What are you doing?

Henry: Well, if I'm going to play you, I have to look the part.

Brad: Try spending a year in the gym.

Henry: Okay, big guy. You know, I never thought I would say this to anyone, least of all you, but I need you to get out of your clothes.

Dusty: Thanks for trying to make me feel better.

Lily: I'm just telling you what I think.

Dusty: Maybe your husband's right.

Lily: About what?

Dusty: Everybody I try to help ends up worse off than they were before.

Lily: That is not true.

Dusty: All the effort I put into trying to find my son, he ends up with Craig. I try to protect Meg, her child goes missing.

Lily: She's going to get her back.

Dusty: I hope so.

Lily: This isn't like you.

Dusty: Just tell Holden and the rest of your family, you got to take care of Meg.

Lily: You know I'll do that. That doesn't mean you can't be part of it, too.

Dusty: I don't want to be a part of it. She doesn't need me.

Lily: Dusty --

Dusty: Lily, please. Let it go.

Meg: I'm worried about Mama's relapse.

Holden: Mama will be fine.

Meg: She needs to stop and take care of herself.

Holden: And how do you propose that we get her to do that?

Meg: Well, it was one of the reasons why I didn't want to come home.

Holden: You think she felt better when you weren't here?

Meg: I just don't want to see everybody else's grief, or fear, or --

Holden: You know what? Sharing it helps. That's what families do. They take on the burden.

Meg: The only thing that's going to help is me getting my baby back.

Holden: You will.

Meg: Maybe I should call Jack, see if he has any news.

Holden: I already called him.

Meg: So if there was something new, he --

Holden: All right, you know what? We'll -- we'll call him again. I'm sure he won't mind.

[Elevator bell dings]

Henry: Here they come, Baby. Are you ready?

Vienna: I can hardly wait.

Brad: No one's out there. I think it worked.

Katie: Yes.

Brad: Make way for the baby-making machine!

[Katie screams]

Brad: We're alone! We're actually alone!

Katie: And totally unobserved.

Brad: Oh, I love Kim, but she's really driving a hard bargain.

Katie: We're alone in bed. Why are we talking about Kim?

Brad: I don't know. What do you want to talk about?

Katie: I don't want to talk about anything. And I have a feeling you don't, either.

Vienna: Oh, wow. This is fun.

Henry: What? Being chased by the paparazzi?

Vienna: Pretending being Brad and Katie.

Henry: We should add it to the playlist.

Vienna: We should make it more realistic.

Henry: How do you want to do that?

Vienna: I'll be bubbly and you be dumb.

Henry: That's not fair.

Vienna: What, to Brad?

Henry: No, to me. It's easy for you to play bubbly. I don't know how to play dumb.

Vienna: Oh, well, I could think of a few occasions where you've managed very well.

Henry: Like when?

Vienna: Like when you don't listen to me.

Henry: Okay. Okay, I'll give it a try.

Vienna: Okay.

[Vienna laughs]

Henry: You want a beer, Baby? Before I go out and get in trouble because I can't stop myself from doing stupid stuff?

Vienna: Oh, can't you do stupid stuff later? I want you to rip off my clothes right now.

Henry: Yeah, I think I could do that.

Vienna: Just tear off my clothes.

Henry: That's how you like it, Baby. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. They're here!

[Doorbell rings]

Vienna: Should we answer?

Henry: No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. Let's play hard to get. They have a key!

Vienna: Oh, let's go into the bedroom.

Henry: What -- won't they find us?

Vienna: Well, isn't that the idea?

Henry: Yeah!

Vienna: Yeah!

Josie: You're really good with her.

Paul: Yeah, she's my daughter. And despite what Meg or anybody else has to say, I'd never do anything to hurt her.

Josie: Yeah, I can see that. I wish you'd try to make Meg see it.

Paul: I did try. Dusty's got her sealed up like she's in a bubble. Please give the two of us just that week.

Josie: You promise that you'll bring her back at the end of the week?

Paul: I promise.

Josie: I don't -- I don't know why, but I trust you.

Paul: So we have a deal?

Josie: Yeah, we have a deal.

Paul: Great.

Josie: I still think this is a really bad idea.

Paul: Yeah, I know. I know. Hey, why don't we check this out in here? This looks fun. Wow. This is cool, huh? Look at all that! See if we can figure out a way to play some music. What's that?

Josie: Why is this place empty? It was so busy yesterday.

Paul: They're not shooting today. You like that, shooting? Oh, yes. Come dance with me, baby girl. Hello!

Josie: You're pretty light on your feet.

Paul: What, for an outlaw? You want to join us?

Josie: No, I'm fine over here.

Paul: You don't know what you're missing.

Vienna: Oh, oh, Brad! That was the best ever! Let's do it again!

Joe: Guys, I think we got enough. We're just going to pack it in.

Henry: Uh, how about one more take, Dude? Just for me!

Joe: No, we really got to get some lunch.

Henry: They're gone.

Vienna: Ooh, this was fun.

Henry: Yeah, it was fun, and we did a good deed in the process. Although I have to admit, playing -- playing Brad kind of wore me out.

Vienna: Well, it wasn't easy being Katie, either, because I had to keep thinking about getting pregnant.

Henry: That doesn't actually work, does it?

Vienna: You know what? I'm done with this game.

Henry: No, no, no, no, no. What's wrong?

Vienna: I think -- I think Brad and Katie are having the right idea.

Henry: What do you mean? With the form-fitting mattress? I thought it kind of got in the way.

Vienna: No, I'm talking about having babies.

Henry: No. I can't believe they want that.

Vienna: Why don't we want to do it?

Henry: You know why.

Vienna: No, I donít. Tell me the reason.

Henry: You mean, besides the sticky fingers and the wheels on the sneakers?

Vienna: Yes, besides that.

Henry: Because there's -- there's the diner. And Metro. And there is Pepper. We cannot forget about Pepper.

Vienna: Well, people have jobs and dogs and still have children.

Henry: Okay. What about our role-playing?

Vienna: We can still dress up on Halloween.

Henry: That is not quite the same thing.

Vienna: Or maybe we should try to play some other roles?

Henry: Okay, I like -- that sounds fair. What did you have in mind?

Vienna: Mommy and Daddy.

Henry: That's too weird, even for me.

Vienna: I'm serious, Henry. I want to get pregnant.

Katie: What if it worked already? What if I'm pregnant right now?

Brad: Is that possible?

Katie: Yeah. It's amazing, isn't it?

Brad: Wow.

Katie: Cells are dividing like crazy and chromosomes doing their thing. And nine months from now, we could have the whole new person that we made.

Brad: I want a boy.

Katie: Of course you do.

Brad: No, I want a boy. You know, but if it's a girl -- okay, if it's a girl, I want her to look just like you, have your smile, your laugh and your sassy personality.

Katie: Good, because if it's a boy, I want him to be just like you. Just like a little mini you.

Brad: Hey, Kid. Whatever you turn out to be, your mommy and daddy love you.

Katie: Mommy and Daddy.

Brad: I know.

Josie: How long are we going to stay here?

Paul: I don't know. As long it's safe.

Josie: They could be back to work tomorrow.

Paul: Okay, well, we'll deal with that then.

Josie: Planning ahead, as usual.

Paul: You should have some confidence in me.

Josie: Yeah, I should, because I've basically placed my life in your hands.

Paul: Everything's going to be fine. So when this is all over, what's up for you? You going back to painting?

Josie: Yeah, because that was going so well for me when we met.

Paul: You went to school for it.

Josie: Yeah, and I realized that I wasn't very good. Not a whole lot of work for mediocre painters.

Paul: So you heading back home?

Josie: No. No point.

Paul: Friends, family?

Josie: Not that I really want to see. I'll probably just get a cabin in the woods or the desert, and just go there, be by myself for weeks at a time.

Paul: I already told you, I'm going to keep you out of this.

Josie: No, I'm not talking about the cops. I'm talking about the human race in general. People are too much trouble. Particularly the people I've been hanging around with lately.

Paul: You know, I did the whole loner thing for a little while. And it's not so great.

Josie: What are you talking about? You've got tons of people in your life.

Paul: Yeah, but I don't know what to do with any of them.

Josie: Yeah, that's the trouble, isn't it?

Paul: So no one ever got close?

Josie: Yeah, once.

Paul: Right. Donovan.

Josie: Well, that ship has sunk.

Paul: So you can see why it was such an important thing for me to have a real family with Meg and little Eliza. It feels like it was my last chance to a real life like real people. Now all I have is a week.

Lily: Dusty told me he's going to back off.

Holden: You saw him?

Lily: And I believe him. He knows that a lot of people are upset with him, and he gets it. He feels responsible for this.

Holden: That's because he is.

Lily: Holden, he was just trying to help. But he's going to stay away.

Holden: Yeah, well let's hope he means what he says this time.

Lily: Meg, let me do that for you.

Meg: I want to. It distracts me. She must be so hungry.

Lily: I am sure Paul is feeding her.

Meg: Does he even know how many bottles she needs? Or maybe he made the formula too hot?

Lily: If he doesn't know, he will ask someone.

Meg: Will he?

Lily: No matter what he's done, he loves your baby. That's why he did this. I'm sure he's working very hard at taking good care of her.

Meg: I hope so. God, I hope so.

Paul: She's probably just hungry. I'm going to go see if I can make her a bottle.

Josie: How did you learn how to do all this stuff, anyway?

Paul: I was very excited when I found out Meg was pregnant. Read everything I could get my hands on.

[Cell phone ringing]

Dusty: Hello.

Josie: Hi. It's me. I can't talk for long. But tell Meg that the baby's okay. She'll get her back, but she has to be patient.

Dusty: Where are you, Josie?

Josie: I can't tell you that.

Dusty: Are you with Paul?

Josie: Just tell Meg, okay?

Henry: Since when did you want to get pregnant?

Vienna: Since always.

Henry: No -- no, we talked about this. We agreed. Marriage is for other people, not for us!

Vienna: Who's talking about marriage?

Henry: It generally goes with children.

Vienna: Either we love each other, or we donít. We don't need a piece of paper to prove that we're committed.

Henry: You think marriage is a commitment? Vienna, no, having kids is a commitment! You have to raise them, and you have to feed them, and give them a good education. And you have to smile when they inevitably turn on you.

Vienna: Why do you always have to be so negative?

Henry: I'm not, I'm not, I'm not. I'm trying to be realistic. I worked harder at raising my sisters than anything I've ever done in my life, and one of them still ended up being a serial killer, okay?

Vienna: Well, you did your best, and that's all anyone can ask.

Henry: And it wasn't enough, okay? You pour all of your hopes and your dreams into their hands, and they still break your heart.

Vienna: You know what? I'm willing to take that chance.

Henry: Then we have a problem, because I'm not.

Vienna: So you won't give me a baby?

Henry: I'm sorry.

Vienna: Well, then I'll have to find someone who will.

Henry: Wait a second. What are you doing?

Vienna: I think you know.

Henry: No, no. Where are you going?

Vienna: To start my search.

Henry: Now?

Vienna: Mm-hmm, there are so many men, so little time.

Katie: Do you think I'll be a good mother?

Brad: Of course.

Katie: I mean, because you've already proven yourself with Liberty.

Brad: Well, you've been great with her, too.

Katie: I know. That's just because I know that you and Janet have the real responsibility.

Brad: Well, you know what I think? I think all you have to do is just be totally honest and learn from your mistakes. Like -- like I learned with Liberty not to be, you know, overprotective.

Katie: Oh, yeah, right. You really learned that lesson. Our kid's going to be the only one in the park on the swings with a full suit of armor.

Brad: Hey, those are dangerous!

Katie: I can't believe that Henry and Vienna have actually kept those guys busy for this long.

Brad: Oh, oh! Katie, I wish I could see Kim's face when they screen it. I guess somehow I'm going to have to put up with, you know, if I'm going to be bringing home the bacon, I need my job back.

Katie: Well, in the meantime, we do still have this place to ourselves. We should take full advantage. Just in case my cells didn't get their proper instruction.

Brad: Yeah, yeah. I was thinking the same thing. It's amazing. Incredible.

Holden: You should eat, Meg.

Meg: I canít.

Lily: Come on, you need your strength, Sweetie.

Meg: I'm fine. You know, maybe we should call Jack again.

Holden: I just did.

Meg: Right.

Holden: That's what you call backing off?

Dusty: I gotta talk to Meg. It's important. Josie called me. I think she's with Paul.

Meg: Where are they?

Dusty: She wouldn't say. She did say Eliza's safe, and you'll get her back.

Meg: When?

Dusty: She says you've got to be patient.

Meg: You believe her?

Dusty: I do. Your daughter's safe.

Meg: Thank God!

Lily: Did she say anything else?

Dusty: No.

Holden: Did you call the police?

Dusty: Not yet.

Holden: Why not? They could've traced the call!

Dusty: I thought Meg should know first.

Holden: All right, I'll call Jack.

Lily: Dusty, why is Josie with Paul?

Dusty: I don't know, but she wouldn't lie about the baby. Eliza's safe. She'll be home soon.

Josie: You set me up.

Paul: I set you up, how?

Josie: You saw the phone in here. You left me alone to see if I'd use it.

Paul: I needed to know if I could trust you.

Josie: I didn't tell them where we are. I just wanted Meg to know that the baby is safe.

Paul: That's all you said?

Josie: I swear. You've got your week, Paul. I held up my end of the deal. Now you better hold up yours.

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Vienna: These handsome, highly educated and very gorgeous men are all sperm donors. And one of them are going to be the father of my child.

Brad: Katie!

Katie: So, any news?

Brad: Are we pregnant?

Jack: I don't want Craig or Carly to come between us anymore.

Janet: Neither do I.

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