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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 2/3/09

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Meg: Where is she? Where's Eliza? She was right here!

Dusty: Meg, it's all right. We're going to find her.

Meg: How?

Dusty: By going straight to the source. Where is he?

Barbara: Who?

Dusty: Your son, Paul. He took Eliza -- where?

Barbara: No, Dusty, no!

Dusty: Don't give me this! You helped him!

Barbara: No, I didn't!

Dusty: Where is he, Barbara? Where did he take Eliza?

Barbara: Listen to me, would you? I was sitting right there with Meg, when the lights went out. I'm as confused as anybody else. I don't know what's happening here.

Meg: Yes, you do. So just stop lying to us and give me back my baby!

Josie: What's going on?

Clerk: We lost power for a minute. The lights went out. But everything's okay now.

[Phone ringing]

Clerk: Lakeview hotel.

Josie: Donovan -- maybe saying this in a letter is the easy way out, but I just couldn't face you again. I've decided it's time for me to move on. There's obviously no place for me in your life or in Oakdale. Just know, I will always wish you the best.

Josie. Could you put this in Dusty Donovanís mailbox for me? Thank you.

Carly: You are in for a treat. Chicken fingers and French fries.

Parker: Wow, you're going all out.

Carly: You want to set the table?

Parker: I'm not eating here tonight.

Carly: Oh, no?

Parker: I'm going to go over to Chase's. We have this science project to finish, and I thought I'd just stay there tonight.

Carly: Oh, you thought so, did you? Would you like to ask me, perhaps, rather than tell me?

Parker: May I please spend the night at Chase's?

Carly: Yes, you may.

Parker: Great.

Carly: You're welcome.

Parker: Thank you.

Carly: And you may hug me, while you're at it. I love you.

Parker: Love you.

Carly: This is good, Carly. No kids, no man, no appetite. You've got to do something to snap out of this.

[Cell phone ringing]

Liberty: Yellow?

Parker: You coming?

Liberty: Hey, where are you?

Parker: In Old Town.

Liberty: Okay, just -- just give me a minute. I've got to make my escape.

Parker: You know your cover story?

Liberty: What do you think I am, 14? I'll be right there. Hey, Mumsie.

Janet: Hey, Sugar Pop. What's up?

Liberty: Do you think it's okay if I go spend the night at my friend Sashaís house?

Janet: Who's Sasha?

Liberty: She's just this girl from my English class. Actually, I think you met her mom for, like, five minutes at that car wash thing?

Janet: The car -- yeah! Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Right, right, right, right.

Liberty: Yeah, and I mean, she just called me and invited me. And I really don't want to sit here and watch you work while Brad and Katie are out of town. So --

Janet: Oh, fine, fine. Just abandon me, go have fun.

Liberty: Thanks! I love you, you're the best.

Janet: All right, don't forget to do your homework.

Liberty: You were so perfect for, like, one second.

Janet: Liberty!

Liberty: I will do my homework, okay? Bye.

Liberty: Okay, I'm all set.

Parker: Excellent.

Liberty: Okay, how are we getting to Chicago?

Parker: Well you remember Jeremy?

Liberty: Yeah?

Parker: Got us a limo.

Liberty: Are you serious? That is so classy, I'm so excited.

Parker: I know, right? Well, it's waiting for us around the corner. So come on, let's go.

Liberty: Yes!

Parker: Metallica awaits.

Craig: Well, look who's here, Johnny. The fairest lady in all of Oakdale.

Carly: Where? Is your daddy talking to me? Is that what he's doing?

Craig: Wow, you have a magic touch. That's the first time he's smiled since we got here.

Carly: Well, that's because little boys don't typically like shopping in high-end boutiques, Craig. There's nothing fun or shiny in there.

Craig: You haven't met Courtney. Lisa's new sales clerk. Very shiny.

Johnny: Can we go to your house?

Craig: Sorry. Clearly, the thrill of picking new school clothes has worn off. Hey, Buddy, not tonight. We can't go to Carly's every day. She's a very busy woman.

Johnny: Please?

Carly: Well, you know what? I'm really not that busy. And I have lots of French fries at my house. Would you like that?

Johnny: Yes!

Craig: Are you sure you can stand my company again?

Carly: Oh, Craig. It's not your company I desire. It's Johnnyís. Come on, Buddy.

Dusty: The police are on the way.

Meg: Where is she? Where is my baby?

Barbara: I don't know. I don't know, I swear I don't know! I don't know how she disappeared!

Meg: She didn't disappear! Paul took her! Okay, listen, if she's upstairs in your suite, you can just tell us, okay? We'll call off the police, we'll do this quietly.

Barbara: My God, what do you think of me, Meg?

Dusty: Where was Paul the last time you saw him?

Barbara: At Fairwinds.

Dusty: What did he say to you? What did he say to you, Barbara?

Barbara: He wanted me to meet with Meg and see Eliza.

Meg: Why?

Barbara: He wanted me to see her, to make sure that she was okay.

Meg: He knew she's okay. He knows I would never let anything happen to her.

Barbara: He was scared because you had just told him that he couldn't see her anymore.

Meg: And why should I? He's crazy! Look at what's he done!

Barbara: We don't know that he did this!

Dusty: Wake up! Who else would it be?

Barbara: Okay, look -- if he planned this -- if he planned this, I would've stopped him. I swear to you, I would have stopped him.

Meg: No, you helped him. You helped him steal my baby.

[Baby crying]

Josie: Paul -- what are you --

Paul: Shut up. Keep driving.

Josie: What are you doing? Is Eliza okay? Does she need to go to a doctor? Is she sick?

Paul: Eliza is fine. She's sleeping.

Josie: Well, does Meg know that you have her? Paul? Does Meg know that you have the baby?

Paul: Oh, what do you think?

Josie: Oh, my God. Oh, my God. No, you canít. You can't do this. This isn't right.

Paul: She's my baby girl. Nobody's going to keep her from me, not even Meg.

Josie: Meg would never do that. This is dangerous. She's not even in a car seat.

Paul: I'm wearing a seat belt. You just keep driving.

Josie: What do you want from me?

Paul: Well, you're leaving town, right?

Josie: How did you know that?

Paul: Well, I saw you putting stuff in the trunk. Wasn't hard to figure out.

Josie: Okay, where are you planning on going?

Paul: Wherever you're planning on taking me.

Josie: Well, that's good. Because I'm planning on turning this car around, and I'm taking you back.

Paul: Oh, no, no, no, no. You do that, and you're as good as dead.

Jack: Meg?

Meg: Jack, hey, hey. You have to find her. You have to help me find Eliza. Please, promise me.

Jack: What the hell happened?

Dusty: Paul kidnapped her.

Jack: Paul?

Barbara: We don't know that.

Dusty: Yes, we do. Your son's a psychopath.

Jack: Can we calm down, please? Start from the beginning.

Meg: Barbara called me. She asked to meet down here so she could see Eliza.

Jack: So you were here when it happened?

Dusty: She was following orders from Paul.

Barbara: He just wanted me to make sure that Eliza was okay.

Dusty: Yeah, so he could grab her when the lights went out.

Jack: The lights went out?

Dusty: That's right.

Meg: And when they came back on, I turned around to check on Eliza and she'd been taken out of her stroller.

Jack: Do you know where Paul is now?

Barbara: He was at Fairwinds the last time I saw him.

Jack: Has anyone tried to call him? Do it now.

Barbara: It went straight to voicemail.

Dusty: Paul's responsible for this, Jack. You don't need to look at anyone else.

Jack: Reynolds -- I want you to pull Paul Ryanís plates from the DMV and put out an Amber Alert. Also, I want statements from everybody who was in the lounge or the lobby at the time the lights went out. Someone had to have seen something.

Dusty: Pull the security tapes too, would you?

Meg: Jack, Eliza's still a baby. Paul could've walked out of here with her under his jacket, and nobody would've known.

Jack: Its okay, it's okay. I'm going to do everything I can to find her, okay?

Meg: But you will find her, right? Promise me nothing will happen to her.

Josie: You're not going to shoot me.

Paul: No?

Josie: No, because if you do, then the car will go off the road and we'll crash.

Paul: Well, I've survived worse.

Josie: You would do that to your little girl? I don't think so.

Paul: If I'm as crazy as everybody thinks I am, what's to stop me?

Josie: You're her father, Paul. That trumps everything.

Paul: You're no shrink. Your job is to keep driving.

Josie: And your job is to protect your daughter.

Paul: I'd rather die with Eliza than live without her.

Josie: You would really do that to Meg? You would take away her little girl that way?

Paul: You shut up about Meg. What do you know about Meg?

Josie: I don't think you're crazy, Paul. I think that you're hurting right now. But things are going to get better. I know that they will.

Paul: Yeah, well, you thought you had a shot with Dusty, too. Turns out you've been wrong about a lot of things.

Jack: Any luck reaching Paul?

Barbara: I keep trying, he won't pick up.

Jack: Stay on it. If Paul did send you here on purpose --

Dusty: Of course he did.

Jack: You're the one person he's going to try to contact, Barbara.

Barbara: Okay.

Jack: Any idea where he might've gone with Eliza?

Meg: No. If he's not in Barbara's suite, I don't know where he'd go.

Dusty: You searched the house?

Jack: And the grounds. No sign of him. One thing we know for sure is that the cars are accounted for.

Meg: So, he's on foot?

Jack: Looks that way. I've sent units to the bus station, train station, airport --

Meg: Airport? So he might try to leave the country with her?

Dusty: No, we'll find them before that happens.

Meg: Okay, what can I do? What can I do to help find my child?

Jack: Keep your phone on. Keep your phone on, and try to get some rest. It could be a long night.

Sasha's mom: I called in a takeout order for Carter.

Janet: Carter -- right, right, right. Are you Sashaís mom? Right, right, I'm Liberty Ciccone's mother, Janet. I met you at the car wash a long time ago.

Sasha's mom: Oh, yes, Liberty is such a doll.

Janet: Well, she takes after me. So, cheeseburger and fries? Cheeseburger and fries, that's it? What are you going to feed the rest of the family?

Sasha's mom: Oh, it's just me tonight, I'm afraid. Sasha's in with her father in Indiana. His mother isn't feeling well.

Janet: Sasha's in Indiana? I am so sorry to hear that.

Carly: Well, Johnny conked out in Parker's room before I could even start that video.

Craig: Chip off the old block.

[Door bell rings]

Carly: Hello.

Janet: Hi. Is Liberty here?

Carly: No.

Janet: Is Parker?

Carly: No, he's spending the night --

Both: At a friend's house.

Janet: Mm-hmm.

Carly: How did you know that?

Janet: Because that's the exact same story that Liberty gave me. Only, guess what? It ain't true.

Carly: Oh. Come in.

Craig: Mrs. Snyder, hello.

Janet: Hi. Could you call Parker, please? Because I keep trying to call Liberty, and she is not picking up.

Carly: Sure. Oh, straight to voicemail. But you know what? I'll call Chase's house. That's the boy he's with.

Janet: Well, I can pretty much guarantee you that he's not there. No, no, he and Liberty are together somewhere. I don't know where. And since it's an overnight thing, I can pretty much guess what they might be doing.

Carly: Okay. Let's not panic, though. Let me call Chase's mom and we'll be sure.

Craig: I think you can save the phone call.

Carly: Why?

Craig: She's right. Liberty and Parker are probably together.

Carly: Well, how would you know that, Craig? You didn't give him your car again, did you?

Craig: No, no, no. Nothing like that.

Janet: Well, what is it like, then?

[Clears throat]

Craig: Remember how I asked Parker to buy Johnny some toys yesterday?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Craig: Well, I gave him some money to spend on himself as a thank you. And when I did, he said something about tickets to --

Janet: Oh, my God. Metallica.

Craig: That's it.

Janet: In Chicago.

Carly: Chicago? Craig, I'm going to kill you.

Janet: Oh, no. Not if I kill him first.

Carly: Exactly how much money did you give Parker?

Craig: I'm not exactly sure.

Janet: Oh, great. You hand him a fistful of cash. And now, the kids are in Chicago with who knows how much money. You know, Jack and I told them that they couldn't go to that concert. You completely undermined us.

Craig: Well, I wasn't trying to undermine anyone. I didn't know I was doing anything wrong.

Carly: Yes, you did. That's why we're hearing about this now. Because you got caught.

Craig: You're acting like I did this on purpose.

Carly: Didn't you?

Craig: Of course not! Parker did me a favor, I just wanted to pay him back.

Carly: Since when do you ask a 16-year-old for favors, anyway?

Craig: I thought he would know better than I what a boy Johnny's age would like to play with. So I asked him to go to a toy store for me.

Carly: And what did you think he was going to do when you handed him all that money?

Craig: Certainly nothing bad. I assumed since he'd mentioned the concert to me, he'd already cleared it with you.

Carly: Well, he hadnít. And now, we don't know where our children are, or when they'll be home.

Janet: I'm going to call Jack.

Craig: No, there's no point in calling Jack.

Carly: Why not?

Craig: Because I'm going to go to Chicago. I'm going to find Liberty and Parker, and I'll bring them both home for you.

Janet: How do you expect to find them?

Craig: You said they went to see Metallica. I'll start there.

Janet: In a sea full of people? You really think you can find them?

Craig: When I want something, I have ways of getting it.

Janet: Carly?

Carly: Well, I guess I would feel a little better knowing that they're at least with one adult.

Craig: You're absolutely right. Excuse me. Would you like to ride shotgun?

Carly: Wait, aren't you forgetting something?

Craig: What?

Carly: Your son -- little boy, sleeping upstairs, real cute, little? You can't just leave him here.

Janet: I'll watch him.

Craig: Are you sure?

Janet: Yes. I'm fine. I already skipped out on my shift. I might as well go for broke.

Craig: Thank you very much.

Janet: Don't thank me. Just bring those kids home safely.

Craig: I will.

Jack: No one matching Paul's description's been seen at the airport, either. What have you got off the Amber Alert?

Cop: We haven't gotten a single call yet.

Jack: Damn it. Well, I don't think we're going to get anything new until morning.

[Cell phone ringing]

Jack: Excuse me for a second, would you? Hey, Janet.

Janet: Hi, how ya doing?

Jack: Oh, it's been a rough night. I'm happy to hear from you.

Janet: Well, I think you might change your mind after you hear what I have to say.

Jack: What now?

Janet: Well, don't get mad, but I'm at Carly's.

Jack: I thought you were working.

Janet: Yeah, I was. But now, I am babysitting Johnny, while Craig and Carly go to Chicago.

Jack: What? How'd you get roped into that?

Janet: They went to go find Liberty and Parker.

Jack: Parker and Liberty are in Chicago? Since when?

Janet: Well, do you remember when Craig asked Parker to buy those toys for Johnny?

Jack: Yeah.

Janet: Well, as a thank you, Craig gave him a little extra cash. And he went and bought Metallica tickets with that cash.

Jack: We told them they couldn't do that.

Janet: No, Honey. We told him that we couldn't afford it. Liberty and Parker found a way around that.

Jack: I cannot believe this.

Janet: Well, you know what? They'll probably be home by the time you're finished with your shift, so --

Jack: I think I want to be there when they walk in the door.

Janet: Jack, you don't have to do this.

Jack: Yes, I do. I'll see you soon. Hey, Reynolds, I've got to take care of something. If anybody calls in with a new lead on Ryan, I've got my cell.

Meg: This is all my fault.

Dusty: No. Paul set this in motion.

Meg: I was the one that threatened to keep Eliza from him. And now, I used her to hurt him. And he's using her to hurt me.

Dusty: What can I do?

Meg: Just keep me from falling apart. I need to be strong for my little girl. And I don't think I can do it on my own.

Dusty: You're not alone.

Jack: What is Parker thinking? We tell him he can't go, right? We were very clear about that. Craig swoops in with a handout, and that's all it takes?

Janet: Well, with any luck, they will be finding them any minute now.

Jack: Yeah, and if they don't?

Janet: I refuse to believe that.

Jack: I've got no other way to think right now. Parker takes us saying "No" as a challenge. He has no idea how lucky he is to have parents who actually give a damn about him. Who care enough to put him first.

Janet: What's going on with you?

Jack: It's been a long night.

Janet: That's not it. I know you. It's more than that.

Jack: You're right. You're right. Something did happen.

Johnny: Where's my dad?

Janet: Hi, Johnny. Remember me? I'm the lady from the diner, with the bendy straw? Yeah, I thought you'd remember that. And this is -- you remember Mr. Snyder.

Jack: How you doing, Johnny?

Johnny: Good.

Jack: Good.

Janet: Your dad had a very important task to take care of. And so, he left us with the very important task of taking care of you until he gets back.

Johnny: When is he going to come back?

Janet: Well, I'll tell you what. Why don't you lay your head down right here on this pillow, close your eyes, and when you open 'em up again, he'll be here. Safe and sound.

[Cell phone ringing]

Josie: Who is that? Is that Meg?

Paul: It's my mother. She keeps calling me.

[Ringing continues]

Josie: Well, maybe you should answer.

Paul: Why?

Josie: If you can tell her that Eliza is with you and that she's okay, maybe she'll stop calling. Maybe she won't be so worried.

Paul: Hello, Mother.

Barbara: Paul? Paul, are you all right? Is Eliza with you?

Paul: Eliza's fine.

Barbara: Honey, listen to me. You have got to bring her back here right now. I'm still at the Lakeview, and the police have gone. Bring her back, Paul. I can protect you.

Paul: No. That's not gonna happen.

Barbara: Honey, you can't just take her away.

Paul: She's my little girl. Meg threatened to take her away from me.

Barbara: Eliza is an innocent little baby. She doesn't deserve to be caught in the middle of this.

Paul: She's my baby. She belongs with me. Meg can go have other babies with Dusty.

Barbara: Oh, Paul, you are not thinking clearly. Now, come on. We can work this out.

Paul: There's nothing to work out. Don't call me anymore. And if you go to the police, you will never see me or Eliza ever again.

Barbara: You wouldn't do that.

Paul: I wouldn't? You forget -- I am James Stenbeck's son.

Barbara: Paul? Paul, answer me. Paul.

Dusty: You should sit down.

Meg: I can't sit down. I canít help but wonder, is she scared? Does she even know I'm not with her?

Dusty: You're going to wear yourself out.

Meg: I don't care.

Dusty: You gotta rest. Come here. Come on.

Meg: No, no, no. I don't want to lie down.

Dusty: I'll lie down with you. It's okay.

Meg: Do you think Eliza's all right?

Dusty: I do.

Meg: Really?

Dusty: You know how I feel about Paul. But I've seen him with Eliza. He loves her. He would never hurt her.

Meg: I pray to God you're right.

Parker: Mom, that money was a gift.

Carly: I don't care. You are going to pay back every single cent that Craig gave to you.

Craig: That's really not necessary, Carly.

Carly: Thank you, Craig. I will decide that.

Liberty: Oh, no.

Jack: Oh, look who's home.

Parker: Great.

Jack: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Would you like something to really complain about, Parker? Because I'd be glad to give that to you.

Parker: No.

Jack: I didn't think so.

Janet: You are in big trouble, missy.

Liberty: Oh, I know.

Jack: What's your excuse this time, Craig?

Craig: I don't have one, Jack.

Jack: No, you just make a habit of tossing your money around like some kind of big shot?

Craig: It wasn't like that.

Jack: I don't care what it was like. Parker is my son, not yours. You cross the line one more time, I'll slap you with a restraining order.

Parker: Dad!

Jack: Not another word, Parker. Have you had enough yet, Carly? How many times do I got to warn you about this guy?

Carly: I didn't know anything about this.

Jack: Yeah? And whose fault is that?

Craig: All right, that's enough.

Jack: Excuse me?

Craig: No, I've already apologized to Carly and to Janet. Now I'm apologizing to you. I am sorry. Nothing like this will ever happen again.

Jack: See that it doesn't, Craig. Because I really don't have time for this. Or you. I should be out there finding Eliza.

Carly: She's missing?

Craig: Meg's daughter?

Jack: Paul took her from her stroller last night at the Lakeview, yes. I've got to get to the station. We are not done here.

Janet: And you, my dear, are coming home with me. Say good-bye to Parker, because you won't be seeing him again for a very long time.

Liberty: Oh, Mom, come on.

Janet: Say good-bye, Liberty.

Liberty: Okay, Parker, I'll talk to you later. See you later.

Parker: Yeah. Hopefully. Can I go upstairs now?

Carly: Yes, Parker, you may. And make yourself very comfortable, because you will not be coming down for quite some time.

Craig: I really am sorry, Carly. I can't believe Johnny slept through all this. I really should take him home.

Carly: No, you -- no. There's no point in waking him just to take him out of here.

Craig: Does that mean I can stay, too?

Carly: Doesn't mean I've forgiven you.

Craig: I guess asking you to tuck me in would be out of the question.

Carly: Craig.

Craig: Yeah?

Carly: Tuck yourself in.

Craig: Sleep tight, Johnny boy.

Waiter: Is there anything else I can bring you?

Dusty: No, that's fine.

Waiter: Okay. The desk clerk sent this up. It was left for you last night.

Dusty: Thank you. How are you doing?

Meg: I splashed some cold water on my face.

Dusty: I got you some coffee. You sleep much?

Meg: I'm fine. I'm sorry, I kept you up.

Dusty: No, it's okay.

Meg: You know, I can't believe we haven't heard anything.

Dusty: Jack said it would be awhile.

Meg: It's been all night. They should have found them by now. You know, I can't wait around here anymore. I'm --

Dusty: Where are you going?

Meg: I'm going to the police station. If something's happened, they probably just haven't told me.

Dusty: All right, all right. I'm going with you.

Paul: Hey, what are you doing? Why are you stopping?

Josie: Because I am exhausted. I've been driving all night. I can't do this anymore.

Paul: Do you want me to shoot you? Is that what you want?

Josie: You know what? Go ahead.

Paul: What do you think you're doing? Hold on!

Josie: You want to shoot me so badly? Do it!

Paul: No, I canít.

Josie: Why not? You've been threatening to all night.

Paul: No, I can't because it's -- it's a baby bottle.

Josie: You got me to drive all of this way using that?

Paul: Yeah. Come on, you didn't really think I was going to hurt you?

Josie: You are out of your mind! And I am out of mine for believing it!

Paul: I just needed for us to get out of town without anybody seeing us. But we can stop now. You know, we can stop if you want. We can get a little rest.

Josie: Wait, wait, do you think that I'm going to help you get away with this? No, you're nuts. I'm calling the police, and I am telling them everything.

Paul: No, no, no, no. Stop. Look, I'm Eliza's father. I would never do anything to hurt her. But please, I know this is a little extreme.

Josie: It's kidnapping!

Paul: But stop. Just listen to me for a second. Let me give you my perspective before you call the police. Okay? Please.

Jack: So you're telling me we're no closer to finding Ryan than we were before? Meg, hey. What's going on? Did you hear from Paul?

Meg: No. I thought you would know where they are by now.

Dusty: No trace?

Jack: Nothing.

Meg: That's impossible. How could he have just disappeared?

Jack: Listen, I know you're frustrated. But we're doing everything we can.

Meg: It's not enough. He couldn't have gotten away.

Dusty: Maybe he didnít.

Jack: What do you mean?

Dusty: When Fairwinds was searched, did they go underground?

Jack: The tunnels.

Meg: That's right. Some of them run all the way to the farm.

Jack: Let's go. Come on.

Paul: I thought they were going to stop.

Josie: They should have.

Paul: You know, you could've flagged them down. And you didnít. Why's that?

Josie: Because you need to be the one to turn yourself in.

Paul: You know what they're going to do me if I do that?

Josie: Well, at least you'll have the opportunity to tell them your side of the story. They might go easy on you.

Paul: Oh, yeah, they always go easy on kidnappers. I'll never see my little girl again.

Stage manager: Are you the extras with the baby?

Paul: Why, yes, we are.

Stage manager: Great, come with me. You can wait in here until we're ready for you.

Paul: Okay, thanks. You hungry?

Josie: Starving.

Cop actor #1: How'd you get here?

Josie: I was forced.

Cop actor #2: Jay Rusoff's your agent too? Man, he casts a lot of people on this show.

Cop actor: #1: Makes big bucks doing it, too.

Paul: Yeah, that Jay -- I don't know what he does all day, except sit around and spend our hard-earned money, you know?

[Baby crying]

Paul: Go, eat.

Josie: What about Eliza? She hasn't eaten since last night.

Paul: I've got a bottle. It's in my pocket. Here's the formula, you can mix it. Here's hot water.

Josie: You'll need to cool it some.

Paul: Well then, put in the ice in. There's ice.

Stage manager: They need you on set.

Paul: Keep your back to the camera and keep your mouth shut.

Craig: You should try to get some sleep. I don't think coffee is what you need right now.

Carly: Do you really want to know what I need, Craig?

Craig: Hmm?

Carly: I need to not be so afraid that every time my son walks out that door, that I'm never going to see him again because you've given him the keys to your car, or money for a night out on the town.

Parker: I didn't know everyone would still be up.

Carly: I didn't think you'd be up at all, after your wild adventure.

Parker: I was thirsty. I wanted a glass of water. I'm really sorry. I did not mean to make you worry.

Carly: Of course not, because you didn't mean for me to find out at all.

Parker: It was just a concert, Mom.

Carly: It was not just a concert, Parker. You took money from Craig, you lied about where you were going, and you sneaked off to Chicago. You hit the Trifecta.

Craig: Okay, go a little easy on him, Carly.

Carly: Please don't tell me how to parent my child.

Craig: It's really my fault for giving him money without checking with you first.

Carly: Yes, it is. But that does not excuse what he did. He knew it was wrong. Didn't you?

Parker: Yeah.

Carly: Get your water and take it upstairs. We'll talk later.

Craig: Hey, how was it?

Parker: It ruled.

Carly: That's it. I want you out.

Craig: Me, why?

Carly: Jack is right. You just don't get it.

Craig: What don't I get?

Carly: The way that you keep egging Parker on like that.

Craig: He's a teenager. A few acts of rebellion are par for the course.

Carly: Maybe. But you're not a teenager, so what's your excuse? I have enough kids to take care of. I don't need another one. So Craig, just get out. And this time, don't come back.

Meg: I know it was a long shot, but I really thought Paul would be in one of those tunnels down there with Eliza.

Dusty: You sure we went through all of them?

Meg: There might be other tunnels, I don't know.

Dusty: It's all right. It's all right.

Meg: I am so sorry I wasted your time, Jack.

Jack: No, this wasn't a waste of time. We can rule out Fairwinds. That's a good thing.

Meg: How? We still don't know where they are. And if they're not here, they could be anywhere. Oh, God, I'm so scared for my little girl.

Dusty: I'm going to get her out of here. Its okay, Meg. Come on.

Stage manager: You guys are done for today.

Paul: Thanks. We should get back on the road.

Josie: If you want to go -- go. But I'm not driving you anywhere.

Paul: Look I know you're exhausted, but I need your help.

Josie: I'm not helping you, Paul. You need to turn yourself in. That is the only way for this to end. You cannot go on the run with a baby.

Paul: You need some food or something. You didn't get a chance before here. Why don't you make yourself a plate?

Josie: No, I'm too tired to eat.

Paul: Here, hold Eliza, I'll make you a little something. Come on. All right? Wow. Big shot TV studio, you think they'd have more food. Like an omelet station or something. Maybe a cappuccino cart. You're asleep.

Craig: So you're kicking me out? For how long this time?

Carly: For good. Jack is right, you shouldn't be anywhere near my children.

Craig: And what about Jack? What about the way he's got you constantly questioning your own judgment?

Carly: He always finds you here, doesn't he? Maybe my judgment deserves to be questioned.

Craig: All right, look, I've gotten you in a little trouble lately. But none of it was intentional. Did I cross the line with Parker? Yes. Accidentally. Have I done it before? Yes. Should I exercise more due diligence? Absolutely. But in case you hadn't noticed, your kid is walking around with one big chip on his shoulder.

Carly: Are you saying that's my fault?

Craig: Absolutely not. I'm just pointing out that it's there. And maybe I was making myself available in a way that his parents can't right now.

Carly: Oh, and if you can get yourself under Jack's skin in the process, all the better.

Craig: I couldn't care less about Jack.

Carly: Just. Get. Out.

Craig: Trust me, I'm leaving. But for the record? I would never use Parker to get under anyone's skin. You don't want to believe it? Fine. But I care about him. Maybe too much. But then again, I guess he just reminds me of his damn mother. Come on, Johnny. Up you go. Time to go home. Oh, my gosh. You're getting so heavy. I'll return the blanket.

Carly: Don't bother. It'll be one less reason for you to darken my doorstep.

Craig: Anything you want, Carly. But you're going to miss me.

Dusty: You should get some rest.

Meg: I don't want to rest, I want to find my daughter.

Dusty: Soon. I promise.

Meg: I just don't know how much longer I can believe that.

Dusty: You've got to be strong. For your daughter.

Meg: How did you do it? When Johnny was missing and you didn't know where he was?

Dusty: It's not the same. Trust me, we're going to get her back. Why don't you go in the other room and lie down?

Meg: No, no, if Jack calls --

Dusty: If he calls, I'll wake you up. I promise.

Meg: Okay. Okay.

[Cell phone vibrating]

Josie: Hi, you've reached Josie. Please leave a message.

Dusty: Josie, I read your note. I'm sorry, too, for the way things turned out. Look, you might be miles away by now. But Paul took Eliza. If you know anything, call me.

Dusty: If you know anything, call me.

Paul: Delete. Josie -- hey, wake up. Here, come with me. We can stay here.

Josie: This is a dressing room.

Paul: Yeah, you can lie down and get some rest. When you wake up, we'll figure out what to do. Okay?

Josie: Okay.

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