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As The World Turns Transcript Thursday 1/29/09

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Brad: How are you enjoying -- making a baby with me, Mrs. Snyder?

Katie: It's morning already?

Brad: It is. Which means we have all day to keep trying.

Katie: That's quite a challenge, Mr. Snyder.

Brad: Well, you know me. I'm always up for a challenge.

Paul: I don't want to hear any more excuses. You have to give me something I can use. I'm running out of time. What?

Josie: Well, hello to you too.

Paul: Hello. What -- what do you want? What are you doing here?

Josie: I came to check on you. I wanted to make sure you were okay after yesterday --

Paul: I don't want to talk about it.

Josie: Why not?

Paul: How do I know you're not here to spy on me for Dusty?

Josie: Okay, here's an idea. Why don't you try taking my concern for face value?

Paul: Okay. You want to know how I am? I'm great, I'm on top of the world. My wife and child are off right now, playing house with another guy.

Josie: Ex-wife.

Paul: I'm never letting go of Meg.

Josie: Well, you're never going to have a chance to get her back if you don't prove to her that you've changed. And you're not going to change if you keep obsessing about this. Now, if you really want to get better --

Paul: Oh, I'll get better as soon as Dusty gets what's coming to him.

Josie: Dusty didn't put a gun to Meg's head. It's not like he forced her to marry him, you know.

Paul: No, I don't know. And you don't know either. Do you know? Tell me something, why aren't you upset that the man of your dreams got married?

Josie: Because I know the marriage is never going to last.

Carly: Well, looky here. You're alive.

Craig: Yes, and I have the hangover to prove it.

Carly: Well, sometimes that happens when you have way too much to drink.

Craig: Well, I have a good excuse. My bride stood me up at the altar.

Carly: I already apologized for that. I explained to you why I couldn't go through with it.

Craig: I know, I know. I know all of your reasons. And I'm not here to rehash any unpleasantness.

Carly: Okay. Well then, to what do I owe this honor?

Craig: I came to apologize.

Carly: Oh, I get it -- you're still drunk.

Craig: Stone sober. I thought about the other day and I realized that I said some things out of anger that I -- I regret. I'm very sorry.

Carly: Apology accepted.

Craig: Thank you.

Carly: Is there something else you wanted to say?

Craig: Actually, there is. Today is Johnny's custody hearing. And I'm on my way to the courthouse now.

Carly: Well, you seem fairly calm, considering.

Craig: I wish my chances were a little better.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Craig: How sorry?

Carly: No -- no, I changed my mind, I told you. I'm not going to marry you, Craig, I'm not going to do it.

Craig: What if I had something else in mind?

Carly: Do I even want to know?

Craig: How would you like to be a character witness?

Carly: For who?

Craig: For who -- for me!

Carly: Well, what could I say about you, Craig? Without perjuring myself or being struck by lightning?

Craig: Simple. You just tell the judge that I would be a better father than Dusty Donovan.

Dusty: Come on, let's take off your jacket, I'll get you something to eat. I saw your mom in the barn.

Meg: Did she speak to you?

Dusty: She spoke to Johnny. Me, she pretty much ignored.

Meg: Yeah, well, she's not saying that much to me either these days. At least she didn't take a shot at you.

Dusty: Maybe after the hearing, you know, she'll come around. She'll see that you and I got married for the best reason in the world.

Meg: She will come around. I asked her if she could watch Johnny while we're at the courthouse and she said yes. Johnny even charmed her into a pony ride.

Dusty: He gets that from me.

Meg: Yeah, I know. Lily called. She and Faith are going to come by and babysit Eliza.

Dusty: Does Holden know that?

Meg: Just watch. Holden's going to come around eventually.

Dusty: Wow -- really feels like family here.

Meg: We did the right thing, Dusty.

Dusty: And after today, nobody can take away my son.

Carly: Why you would want me to be a character witness?

Craig: You mean, beside the fact that there's no one else I can ask?

Carly: What about one of your sisters? Katie or Margo could say something.

Craig: Come on. They can barely stand to be in the same room with me.

Carly: What makes me any different?

Craig: I don't know. You have a way with words.

Carly: You're insane.

Craig: Right, but, you know me. You know me intimately. I've told you things I've never told anyone else.

Carly: Most of which you probably don't want me saying in a courtroom.

Craig: All right, I understand that we've done things in the past to hurt each other. But, you know me in a way that no one else does.

Carly: Don't say that.

Craig: You understand what makes me human.

Carly: No, I donít.

Craig: Is saying something nice about me in public really that difficult for you?

Carly: Craig, Tom Hughes could have a field day with me. I could destroy any chance you have of getting custody of Johnny.

Craig: I don't have that much chance to begin with, so I'm willing to take the risk. All you have to do is say to the judge that I would be a good father. You've seen me with Parker. You've seen me with Johnny. I'm not asking you to lie.

Carly: Is a statement from me really your best chance?

Craig: No, you took away my best chance when you backed out on marrying me. This is the next best thing. Don't you think you owe me?

Carly: You know, there is something else you could do.

Craig: What?

Carly: You could walk into that hearing room today, Craig, and just be yourself.

Paul: So, where's all this confidence coming from? You say Meg and Dusty's marriage isn't going to last like you got some kind of a money-back guarantee.

Josie: Why do you think they got married?

Paul: To push me out of Meg's life.

Josie: Well, there's a lot more to it than that. Did you know that Johnny's custody hearing is today?

Paul: No.

Josie: They got married to make sure that Dusty could keep Johnny.

Paul: How do you know that?

Josie: Dusty told me.

[Paul laughs]

Josie: What?

Paul: No, I know what you're doing. It's not going to work.

Josie: Okay, what am I doing?

Paul: You're trying to keep me from going after Dusty. You're trying to protect him.

Josie: How?

Paul: You trying to keep me from freaking out. You tell me that their marriage is about Johnny and not about Meg. Because, apparently, you think that I'll behave myself if I have some kind of hope.

Josie: Paul, the last thing I think that you need right now is false hope. So, no, that's not what's I'm doing --

Paul: You are a fool if you believe anything that Dusty has to say to you.

Josie: Okay. Fine, I'm a fool.

[Phone ringing]

Paul: What do you got? Really? I'll be right there.

Josie: Where are you going?

Paul: If Dusty thought I was just going to roll over for him, he was wrong.

Dusty: I just wanted to make sure that you're ready for today.

Meg: Of course I am. Today is the reason we did what we did.

Dusty: Yeah, but even so.

Meg: Dusty, I meant what I said. I'm going to do whatever it takes to help you keep your son.

Dusty: Are you having second thoughts about our marriage?

Meg: Nope. Not one.

Dusty: You can tell me if you want.

Meg: Okay, look, we both had our reasons for doing this. And after the way Paul acted yesterday with Eliza -- it reconfirmed mine. He's proven to me that I can't trust him. And it's not safe for us to be around him anymore.

Carly: Do you love that little boy?

Craig: More than anything.

Carly: Well that's all you need to tell the judge.

Craig: I don't think it's quite that simple.

Carly: You want to make it simple? Speak from your heart. Make the judge understand that Johnny is, and always will be, the most important person in your life.

Craig: That he is.

Carly: You could even tell the judge that you haven't always been the parent that you want to be. That you've made mistakes. But that you've learned from them.

Craig: You see, that's the part I think is best coming from you.

Carly: No. I'm not Johnny's father.

Craig: Can I ask you something? In all seriousness -- do you think I deserve to be raising my son?

Carly: If you can give him everything he needs to grow up happy and secure.

Craig: Not exactly an unqualified "Yes." I see. Maybe you're not the best person to speak on my behalf after all. Thanks anyway.

Carly: Craig.

Dusty: Tom.

Tom: Hi Dusty. Meg, I'm glad you're here. Your support for Dusty may go a long way with the judge. What?

Dusty: There's something you should know. Meg's not here as my friend.

Tom: I don't understand. You're not here for Craig.

Dusty: No, she's my wife now.

Tom: What?

Meg: Dusty and I were married a couple days ago in Reno.

Tom: After your divorce, you jumped into another marriage?

Dusty: Is that a problem?

Tom: I wish you talked to me about it first.

Dusty: Well, what's there to talk about? You know why I did it. To show the court that I have a family to love and support my son.

Tom: You realize Craig tried to do the same thing by marrying Carly.

Dusty: Carly didn't go through with it. Craig got nothing to make himself look like a better parent.

Craig: You do know that you're representing me, right? Now, it's your job to take what happened and paint it in a different picture.

Lawyer: And if I can't?

Craig: Well, I'm not paying you to hear "I canít." In fact, if you won't do what I tell you to do, I won't pay you at all. You're fired. Go.

Carly: You just fired your lawyer? Are you purposely trying to lose this case?

Kim: Hello, hello, you two.

Brad: Just the lovely lady that we were looking for.

Katie: Are you busy?

Kim: No. You caught me between meetings. What can I do for you?

Brad: Well, it's more like what we can do for you?

Katie: We'd like to talk to you about "Oakdale Now."

Kim: Ah -- okay.

Katie: Well, Brad's been off the air for a few months now. And I think it's time he came back.

Brad: Well, February sweeps are coming up -- and what more perfect time for my big return? We can promo the hell out of it --

Kim: Yeah, just a minute --

Katie: We understand why you did what you did. You had to take him off the air after Spencerís crazy accusations against him.

Brad: And you know now, those were all lies.

Katie: Right, he never touched her. It was just big a setup from the beginning.

Kim: Oh, believe me, I know. And I feel so responsible for that. I'm the one who hired her.

Brad: Kim, no one blames you. And fortunately for you, I'm a very forgiving person. And I know the perfect way that you can make it up to me.

Katie: Right, 'cause Brad never did anything wrong. He didn't really deserve to lose his job.

Brad: And I want it back.

Kim: You know, Brad, I am so sorry to have to tell you this. Your job is no longer available.

Carly: You can't fire your lawyer now.

Craig: I think I just did.

Carly: So, you're giving up then?

Craig: On the contrary. I'm taking your advice.

Carly: I didn't tell you to ditch your lawyer. I told you to be yourself, to tell the judge how you feel.

Craig: That you did. Which is what Iím going to do? I mean, besides, who can sell Craig Montgomery better than myself? It's what I was born to do.

Carly: Oh, God help us.

Craig: Why are you here anyway? I thought you couldn't be bothered.

Carly: I -- I just didn't like the way we left things. I guess -- I didn't want you thinking that I don't believe you could be a good father to Johnny.

Craig: You care what I think?

Carly: I'm just here to support you, okay? Silently, from the sidelines.

Dusty: I'm going to get a cup of coffee before we start. Would you want one?

Meg: No, I'm fine. Thank you.

Craig: Tom.

Tom: Craig.

Craig: I just want you to know that I have no hard feelings. I realize you're just doing your job.

Tom: Well, that's big of you to say.

Craig: I understand why you would side with Dusty.

Tom: Other than the fact that he's my client?

Craig: No, you went through something similar with Hal and Adam.

Tom: Well, I don't see how that's relevant.

Craig: You raised another man's son as your own, just as Dusty is trying to do. But then, considering how Adam turned out, I'm not sure he wouldn't have been off with his biological father.

Meg: I didn't expect to see you here.

Carly: Me either. I suppose I feel like I owe Craig. I assume you're here to support Dusty.

Meg: Well, it's a little bit more than that.

Carly: What do you mean?

Meg: Dusty and I are married now. I'm here to support my husband.

Josie: Dusty, thank God I found you.

Dusty: What's wrong?

Josie: I just thought you should know -- I think Paul might do something to disrupt the hearing today.

Dusty: Why do you say that?

Josie: I just saw him and he was talking about teaching you a lesson.

Dusty: There's nothing he can do to me.

Josie: Are you sure?

Dusty: Yeah. I thought you were smarter than this, Josie.

Josie: What?

Dusty: Why do you keep hanging around Paul? He uses you to bother me.

Meg: Dusty?

Dusty: I got to go.

Josie: Right, sure. Good luck.

Meg: What did Josie want?

Dusty: She was just wishing us luck.

Judge #1: Mr. Donovan.

Dusty: Judge Berlin, good morning.

Judge #1: If you two are ready to join us, we can begin.

Kim: I know that this has been a terrible blow. And I understand. I -- I would be the first one to say that your chemistry with Katie has always been a huge draw. But --

Brad: What?

Kim: Well --

Brad: No, I want to know.

Kim: You know, the thing is having you on the air turns out to be more trouble than we can afford.

Brad: Yeah, I've had -- you know, I've made a few mistakes.

Kim: Few mistakes? You're kidding me. It's been much more than that and you know that. And the station can no longer risk being responsible for you.

Brad: You know what -- I don't need this, you know? Katie and I are, you know -- we're trying to start a family, have a baby. I need to stay positive, keep my priorities straight, and this isn't helping. All right?

Katie: Wait, wait, hold on Brad. I'm sorry.

Kim: I'm sorry. You know, we should have talked about this a long time ago, I suppose.

Katie: Well, and I -- I just think we assumed that Brad's job would always be here.

Kim: Is he serious? Are you really thinking about having a baby.

Katie: Well, don't schedule my maternity leave just yet. We're just, you know, in the beginning stages.

Kim: Ah, really?

Katie: Why do you say it like that?

Kim: Well, you know, I've got an idea that might just turn this whole situation around.

Judge #1: Mr. Montgomery, you are without counsel?

Craig: Yes, your honor. I released my attorney this morning.

Judge #1: Very well. Well, you all know why we're here. It's because Mr. Montgomery is challenging the custodial arrangement of the minor child, John Dustin Donovan. Mr. Montgomery, why have you brought this motion?

Craig: Your honor, John -- or Johnny, as we call him -- is my biological son. His mother, Jennifer, was Mr. Donovan's late wife. At the time of her death, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unjustly imprisoned. Now, all the charges against me have since been dropped, and I've been cleared of any wrongdoing. But because of my incarceration, I have missed a significant portion of my son's life.

Dusty: He was better off.

Judge #1: Mr. Donovan.

Craig: Custody was granted to Johnny's stepfather, Mr. Donovan. And I understand why the court made that decision. Upon my release, I was granted visitations right. But another situation occurred not of my doing, and Johnny was taken away from me again. He was taken from all of us. But he's back now. And since his mother is gone, and all my legal troubles are behind me, it is my sincere belief, as his remaining biological parent, that Johnny is better off in my care. Your honor, the only reason I lost custody is because the legal system failed me. Because I was falsely imprisoned. All I'm asking of the court today, is to correct that injustice. For the sake of my son.

Josie: Paul, you shouldn't be here.

Paul: They can't shut me out. Not now.

Josie: Paul, don't do something that you're going to regret.

Paul: I'm not going to regret this.

Tom: Your honor, Jennifer Donovanís dying request was that Dusty Donovan, her husband, adopt and raise her son as his own. She also made it clear at the same time that she did not want Mr. Montgomery involved in Johnny's life.

Judge #1: And why was that?

Tom: She felt his influence on the boy might prove to be destructive. Thus my client is, and should remain, Johnny's legal parent and sole custodian. The only change we wish to make, is to revoke Mr. Montgomery's visitation rights. Given his history, we think he might prove to be a flight risk with the boy.

Craig: Your honor, I am not a flight risk.

Judge #1: Mr. Hughes, to deny the biological parent visitation rights is extreme in any circumstance. What is it that you propose that your client has to offer the child that Mr. Montgomery does not?

Tom: My client can provide a stable, home environment.

Craig: How? Mr. Donovan is a single man, with no family in the area.

Tom: Not so, your honor. A few days ago, Mr. Donovan married Meg Snyder, who comes from a family with significant ties to this community.

Craig: You're his wife?

Paul: No, she's not.

Dusty: Come on, get out of here --

Paul: They're trying to pull a one over on all of you. Dusty and Meg are not legally married.

Judge #1: Excuse me -- who are you?

Paul: I'm Paul Ryan. I'm Meg's husband and I'm Johnny's uncle.

Judge #1: And you're saying you are still married to Mrs. Donovan?

Paul: That's right I am.

Judge #1: So their marriage is --

Paul: Their marriage is a joke.

Dusty: Your honor, with due respect, this guy should be removed from the courtroom immediately. He has a history of mental illness, even violence. It's why his marriage ended.

Paul: Meg is not your wife!

Meg: Paul, you need to stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

Paul: I have proof right here -- that their marriage is not valid.

Tom: Your honor, I must object. My client's marriage is not the subject of these proceedings.

Judge #1: Well, if a stable, two-parent household is what your client claims to have over Mr. Montgomery, biological father, I think the validity of the marriage is very much an issue. Let me see the file.

Paul: This, here is a copy of our divorce papers, signed very sadly on January 19th, here in Oakdale. And this here -- is a marriage certificate for the state of Nevada dated January 26th.

Judge #1: Yes, yes, I can see that. What I can not see is anything here that would nullify the marriage.

Paul: This here is a copy of the divorce agreement Meg filed in the state of Nevada. And you can look at the date.

Judge #1: December 15th, 2008.

Paul: Meg also filed this as a resident of the state of Nevada. Also, not true. But most importantly, on December 15th, Meg was still here in Oakdale, with me, pregnant with my little girl. We were still married. These papers were back dated in order to get around the waiting period. It's the only way that the divorce could be finalized.

Tom: How do we even know that these documents are authentic?

Paul: They're state documents. I hired a private investigator. They're all completely legitimate.

Meg: How could you do this?

Paul: How could you marry him?

Dusty: Your honor, you see what he's doing, don't you? He's using his nephew's custody hearing to strike back at me. He lost his wife to me, and he can't handle it.

Paul: I didn't, that's the whole point, isn't it? These divorce papers, they were filed under false pretense. Which means the divorce is not legal. Meg is not your wife. She's mine.

Katie: So what's this grand plan of yours?

Kim: This is so terrific. Look, you and Brad fell in love on the show. The audience watched you, they took the journey with you, they saw you get married. And now the next logical step in the journey is you're going to have a baby, right?

Katie: Right.

Kim: So, I'm proposing that we document it. You know -- make it its own show. And no script, just, free wheeling.

Katie: Wait, hold on. So, you want to invade our personal lives with cameras.

Kim: No, no, no it's not going to be invasive, you know? It'll be a minimal, minimal crew -- people you know here from the studio. Think about it, I'm giving both of you a wonderful opportunity.

Katie: Okay. You want to do this?

Kim: Yes!

Katie: We'll do it.

Kim: Great --

Katie: On one condition.

Kim: What?

Katie: If it's a success, you give Brad his job back on "Oakdale Now."

Dusty: Your honor, my wife and I thought everything was in order before we got married. If our marriage proves to be invalid, we'll just get married again, as soon as we can.

Judge #1: And Mrs. -- Ms. Snyder -- is this what you'd want? To end your marriage to Mr. Ryan and immediately get married again?

Meg: Yes, your honor.

Paul: No -- I love you.

Meg: I -- I can't remain married to Paul Ryan. It was troubled from the very start. But with Dusty, your honor, I have known him most of my life. He was my first love. And in the few days I've been his wife, I have never been so content or taken care of. And Johnny -- you should see him. He is so happy with us, at my mother's farm with my little girl --

Paul: Our little girl.

Meg: Johnny loves being a big brother.

Paul: Why are you doing this? Why are you saying all of these things? You don't love Dusty. I know you donít.

Tom: Your honor --

Judge #1: That's it, Mr. Ryan, I want you out.

Paul: You only married Dusty to keep Johnny away from Craig!

Judge #1: Mr. Ryan, you are totally out of line.

Paul: You don't believe me, fine. Ask her! She'll tell you.

Tom: Your honor, it seems to me that anything Miss Anderson would have to offer would be hearsay.

Paul: She had a direct conversation with Dusty. Is that still hearsay?

Craig: Your honor, I would like to ask Miss Anderson some questions, if I may.

Dusty: It's not relevant.

Judge #1: Mr. Donovan, Mr. Montgomery is representing himself in this case. He has the court's permission to ask questions of any witnesses who are called. Miss Anderson, would you please take a seat? Please. Mr. Montgomery, when you are ready, you may ask your first question.

Katie: You went shopping?

Brad: Yes, I did. And I paid with it from money in my own account.

Katie: Stop, stop. No, just stop that for a second, really. I want to talk to you about something --

Brad: Well, hey, if this is about me walking out on Kim before --

Katie: No, it wasn't, it's not -- it's -- well, yeah, it sort of is. It's about us having a baby.

Brad: You haven't changed your mind, have you?

Katie: No! No, God, no.

Brad: You scared me.

Katie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Brad: Keep apologizing. You may have inspired me to re-board the baby-making train. Come here baby --

Katie: No, just hold that -- hold that train in the station for a second, okay? That's kind of what I need to talk to you about. I sort of made a decision -- that's going to add an element to our efforts.

Brad: Our efforts to make a baby? Hmm, you know I am down with anything you want to do, or try.

Katie: Well, you might want to listen to what it is before you say that.

Brad: Okay, well, why don't you kiss now, talk later.

[Doorbell rings]

Brad: Ignore that.

Katie: I canít.

Brad: Okay, watch how fast I can get rid of them. Hey, Joe, Mac, what's up? What's with the -- is that on?

Joe: We're here to start taping. Didn't Katie tell you?

Brad: No. But this got a lot more interesting.

Craig: What is your relationship with Mr. Donovan?

Josie: We're friends.

Craig: Friends, is that -- friends with benefits or --

Josie: He's a married man.

Craig: Well, that remains to be seen, apparently. But regardless of Mr. Donovan's marital status -- would you say that your feelings for Mr. Donovan have moved beyond friendship?

Judge #1: Would you answer the question please, Miss Anderson?

Josie: If there are feelings beyond friendship, they are mine, not --

Craig: Thank you. Has Mr. Donovan ever given you any indication that your relationship with him, could become something more than friends?

Josie: He's been a little unclear about that.

Craig: Fair enough. Did he tell you that he was planning to get married?

Josie: He told me that he proposed.

Craig: Were you surprised?

Josie: I think you know the answer to that.

Craig: Well, given that Mr. Donovan was hinting that your relationship with him could be something more than friendship, did he ever explain to you why he was getting married to someone else? I mean, was it what Meg said it was? That it was a love that harkened back to their teenage years? Or was it something else?

Tom: Your honor, he's leading Miss Anderson to answer the question in his favor.

Judge #1: Miss Anderson, do you think you can respond to that question in an impartial manner?

Josie: I can try. Dusty told me that he was marrying Meg to prove to the court that he could provide Johnny with the kind of family that Mr. Montgomery could not.

Craig: He didn't actually marry Meg for love. Instead, it was a brazen attempt to make himself look better in the eyes of the court.

Dusty: What was your marriage to Carly all about?

Craig: Well, we actually didn't seal that deal. So there's not much comparison to make. Unless you want to point out that you're no more married to Meg than I am to Carly.

Dusty: Doesn't matter. We're talking about my son. I am his father, your honor, because that's what his mother wanted. I can provide a life that he canít.

Craig: I can provide for him just as well as you can.

Dusty: You can provide a messed up situation for him, where you screw him up, like you did with your other children. That's why your daughter, Lucy, took off with him, right? So you wouldn't destroy his life, like you did with hers and Bryantís!

Judge #1: Mr. Donovan, sit down. Sit.

Craig: Miss Anderson, how did you find out that Dusty had supposedly married Meg?

Josie: I ran into Meg. She told me.

Craig: Did she explain why they had gotten married so precipitously?

Josie: Yes.

Craig: And were her reasons for getting married any different than the reasons Mr. Donovan gave you?

Josie: No.

 Brad: I don't understand why we need a camera crew in our bedroom when we could of just set up a camera of our own --

Katie: That's not why they're here. What is wrong with you?

Brad: What, me? I'm not the one who invited a camera crew in our house.

Katie: I did it for you.

Brad: Yeah, you see, that's the -- that's the part I'm having a little trouble with.

Katie: Okay, listen. After you left, Kim wanted to talk to me about an idea for a new show that she has.

Brad: About what?

Katie: About us. About what it's like for a couple whose entire relationship started on TV, to try to have a baby. Like a reality show.

Brad: Are you kidding?

Katie: No, why else are there two guys in our living room with a camera rolling?

Brad: Hold on -- you already said "Yes" to this?

Katie: Yes -- but no. But listen, listen, listen. If it works out, you get your job back on "Oakdale Now." All you have to do is say "Yes."

[Loud crashing]

Joe: Sorry.

Meg: Donít. I have nothing to say to you.

Craig: Not bad, huh?

Carly: Well, I guess when someone's been hauled into court as many times as you have, you can't help but learn a few tricks.

Tom: Your honor, I have no questions for Miss Anderson.

Dusty: I'd like to say something.

Tom: Dusty --

Dusty: It doesn't matter why I asked Meg to marry me or why she honored me by saying "Yes." We're here to talk about my son. I love him. I can give him a good home with two parents and a family that loves him as much as I do.

Craig: He already has that, Dusty -- with me. Aunts, cousins, uncles -- one of whom is your own attorney, that can give him a real family. Not just the sense of one.

Dusty: What do you know about family?

Craig: I know you won't have much time for one, with a wife and a mistress to entertain.

Josie: I'm nobody's mistress.

Dusty: And you say you love Johnny?

Craig: I do.

Dusty: What about your daughter, Lucy? You love her too?

Craig: Of course.

Dusty: Then why are you doing this? You promised her you'd stop fighting over Johnny.

Craig: What choice do I have? What options do you leave me?

Dusty: I don't care about your options.

Craig: Then how do I know once I turn my back, you won't fake your own death again? Did you know about that little bit of fraud? How do I know you won't disappear and take my son!

Dusty: Johnny's my son. Mine and Jenniferís. And I'll die before you take him away from me.

Judge #1: All right, that's it! I -- look I have tried to be flexible here, but I have had it. I don't care about your past grievances with each other, okay? What we are here to determine is what is best for the welfare of the child at this moment in time. And thanks to you all, you have made my decision very easy.

Judge #1: Regardless of your intentions, Mr. Donovan, you and Mrs. Ryan have attempted to perpetrate a fraud on this court. Moreover, you did so for the purpose of trying to retain custody of a child to whom you have no biological claim.

Dusty: Sir, raising Johnny as my son is what his mother wanted. I promised her I'd take him into my heart and my home. And at all costs, I've protected him.

Judge #1: Be that as it may, it is the opinion of this court that it would be best in this matter to start from scratch.

Tom: What does that mean, your honor?

Judge #1: That means, I am rescinding the current custodial agreement and awarding full custody to Mr. Montgomery, the child's biological father.

Dusty: You can't do it!

Judge #1: Mr. Hughes, my office will be in contact with you to assign the papers. This case is closed.

Craig: Thank you, your honor.

Dusty: Wait a second.

Cig: Thank you very much.

Dusty: Judge Berlin, wait -- wait a second. Judge! You son of a bitch.

Meg: Hey, hey! Dusty, Dusty!

Craig: I'll pick up my son at the farm in one hour. Have him ready.

Brad: Okay, look, I don't want to do this unless this is something like you really want to do.

Katie: I really, really do. The more I think about it, the more I want to capture every moment of us trying to have our baby.

Brad: All right, all right. Count me in.

Katie: Yeah?

Brad: Yeah.

Katie: Oh!

Brad: She didn't mean that "Every moment" comment literally, you guys. Come on -- out, out, out.

Mac: But what are we going to tell Kim?

Brad: Well, just tell her that this part is private and necessary to have a show at all. Hey, come back tomorrow. Bye.

Dusty: I can't believe this.

Meg: Tom, isn't there anything we can do?

Dusty: I want to appeal.

Tom: Look, we can try. But I have to be honest with you. I don't there's much chance that's going to work.

Dusty: Why not?

Tom: Well, the fact that Craig is Johnny's biological father counts for a lot.

Dusty: What about the fact that he is not fit to raise my son? What about that? Doesn't that count, Tom?

Tom: You know, I'm sorry. But I will keep looking into this and I'll let you know if there's something I can do.

Dusty: Please, find a way for me to keep my son. I've got to go.

Meg: Are you happy now, Paul? Are you pleased with yourself? Because I can't stand to look at you.

Craig: You know, you are one tough lady to catch.

Carly: Are you just figuring that out now?

Craig: Why did you leave so fast?

Carly: The hearing was over.

Craig: You couldn't bring yourself to give me a hug? Say congratulations? I mean, you sat through the whole thing.

Carly: Entertaining as it was.

Craig: You didn't give me a chance to celebrate. Or to say "Thank you."

Carly: I didn't do anything.

Craig: No, you supported me, Carly.

Carly: Well -- you're welcome.

Craig: And you were right -- this whole honesty angle. I didn't think that would work, but it did! I'm so happy right now, could just kiss you.

Carly: Yeah, try it and you won't be smiling for much longer.

Craig: Oh, even you can't ruin my good mood. I've got my son back. Finally. No one's ever going to take him away from me again.

Dusty: What were you thinking? You told Paul why Meg and I got married? Why did you do that?

Josie: I thought that it would calm him down. I thought that if he knew the truth, that it would keep him from doing something crazy.

Dusty: No. You knew he'd -- he'd use it against me. And he did.

Josie: You're wrong. I had no idea that he would barge into that courtroom. I'm sorry.

Dusty: I lost the one thing in my life that's worth living for.

Paul: Just give me a chance to explain.

Meg: I don't want to hear it.

Paul: Give me one chance to explain, please.

Meg: Do you even know what you've done?

Paul: I told the truth, that's what I did.

Meg: No, you betrayed your sister. Again. You took away the one last chance for her to rest in peace.

Paul: Don't say that.

Meg: You handed her son over to Craig. There is no making up for that, Paul.

Paul: I didn't mean to do that.

Meg: But you did. Enjoy telling Barbara that Craig is now raising her grandson. Let's go home.

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