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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 1/27/09

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Judge: Do you take this man to be your husband?

Craig: Um -- that's your cue, Sweetheart. Two little words from you and we're as legit as the rest of them.

Carly: I --

[Clears throat]

Carly: I'm sorry -- I donít.

Johnny: Where's the rodeo?

Dusty: The what?

Johnny: You said that you would take me to the rodeo.

Dusty: We didn't come to Reno to go to the rodeo. But next time, how's that sound?

Mr. Jaggers: Ah, Mr. Donovan, are you sure Miss Snyder is coming?

Dusty: She'll be here. She just had to run an errand.

Mr. Jaggers: It's been almost 20 minutes.

Dusty: You in a rush?

Mr. Jaggers: No.

Dusty: Then let's just keep waiting.

Mr. Jaggers: It's your call, Mr. Donovan.

Dusty: She'll be here. Today's very important to Meg. To all of us.

Judge: Is everything okay?

Carly: No --

Craig: Everything's fine. A lot of nerves, big day.

Carly: Craig --

Judge: Should I continue?

Craig: Yes.

Carly: No.

Craig: Tell you what -- everyone just stay where you are. We're just having a momentary hiccup. Something we'll all tell our grandchildren about. Have a drink, relax. My lovely fiancťe and I will be right back. Just keep pouring, the glasses are behind the bar.

Carly: Craig --

Craig: Just think dear -- the next time we make this walk, we'll be as husband and wife. Jack, so nice to see you.

Holden: Nice timing, Jack.

Margo: Just in time for the open bar.

Jack: Thank you.

[Wine glasses clinking]

Craig: I thought the two words I would hear in there would be "I do". Not "I'm sorry".

Carly: I know, but I donít. I canít.

Craig: Of course you can. Now, just tell me what the problem is, and I'll fix it.

Carly: Craig, listen to me. I told you that I would help you get your son back if I can.

Craig: Of course, of course, that's why we're here.

Carly: I know how much this second chance with Johnny means to you, how much you want a clean slate -- and I understand that and I want it for you. I really do.

Craig: I know you do. So, if you want what I want, and we're both here, then --

Carly: The problem is, I'm not in love with you. Aren't you going to say anything?

Craig: I'm not in love with you either. I thought we covered that ground days ago. Now let's just go back in there and --

Carly: No, no! I will not marry you.

Mr. Jaggers: Are you sure Miss Snyder didn't have a change of heart? These things do happen.

Dusty: I'm standing here with two kids. Trust me -- she better be coming.

Mr. Jaggers: You should know that I charge by the quarter hour.

Dusty: Whatever.

Meg: Hey, I'm so sorry I'm late.

Dusty: That's okay.

Meg: How was she?

Dusty: Oh, she's fine.

Meg: And Johnny?

Dusty: He wants to see some horses.

Meg: I think I could make that happen.

Dusty: Did you have any problems?

Meg: Uh, look, I don't know -- come here, Honey. -- Who you had to bribe, and I don't think I want to know. But whatever you did, it worked. My divorce from Paul is official.

Dusty: Congratulations. So -- you ready to tie the knot?

Meg: Absolutely. That's why I'm here.

Lily: Jack.

Jack: Hey.

Lily: How are the kids?

Jack: Completely unfazed. Should I be concerned about that?

Margo: In a few years.

Jack: Ha, ha, ha. Great. In the meantime?

Margo: We drink.

Jack: Amen to that.

Craig: This was never about love, Carly. Our marriage wasn't about the joining of two hearts. This is just a means to a very important end.

Carly: Well, I can't marry you. It wouldn't be right.

Craig: You're choosing now to have an attack of moral conscience?

Carly: Maybe. Maybe you're not the only one who wants to change.

Craig: Okay, now you're over-reacting.

Carly: No, I'm not. I never should have let it get this far. And I'm telling you, I've made up my mind.

Craig: Well then, unmake it. Think about what you're doing.

Carly: I have thought about it. Now I told you that I would try to help you and I meant it. But this -- this goes too far, even for me. Now I will tell those people in there that I'm grateful they came, but that they should all go.

Craig: We had a deal.

Carly: I'm sorry. The wedding's off.

Dusty: You mind giving us a minute?

Mr. Jaggers: Not at all. I'll just go round up Estelle.

Meg: Who's Estelle?

Dusty: I have no idea. Listen, I want to make sure you're okay with this. Divorce, now marriage, a family, you know? You can back out if you want.

Meg: No, I don't want to. You made a really good case. You and Johnny aren't the only ones benefitting. Eliza and I are too. And the way Paulís been acting lately -- he scares me. I want him to finally accept that our marriage is over.

Dusty: This will send him a clear message.

Meg: I hope so. But if anything goes wrong, it's nice to know that you're by my side.

Dusty: Always. Thank you, Meg.

Meg: You don't have to thank me.

Dusty: Yeah, I do. You're really doing something for us --

Meg: Hey, save it for the vows.

Dusty: I never meant to pull you into my problems.

Meg: I know, but if Craig shows up at that custody hearing married to Carly --

Dusty: No, I'm gonna do whatever it takes to show the judge Johnny belongs with me.

Meg: With us.

Carly: Can I have your attention please?

Parker: Mom, is everything okay?

Carly: Yes, everything's fine. Um, obviously, there has been a change in plans --

Craig: What she means is -- there's going to be a minor delay. We're just going to work out a few things.

Carly: No Craig, this is not a delay, there's nothing to work out. It's over.

Craig: You won't even give it a chance.

Carly: Everybody in this room knows exactly what we're doing here. We're not fooling anybody.

Craig: Well, there's no reason to embarrass us like this.

Carly: We ought to be embarrassed. This is embarrassing. You all told me that this was a big mistake. And I refused to listen. Thank you for caring about me. And for coming here. Obviously this is not going to happen.

Sage: Does this mean Mom's not marrying Craig?

Parker: Duh.

Sage: Yes!

Craig: Well, I guess that settles it. For the record -- tremendous job. Appreciate your time. Everyone else, food and drink's been paid for. Please, enjoy. Eat, drink, and be merry. On me.

Carly: Hey, Craig. Please try to understand.

Craig: I thought I could trust you, Carly.

Carly: You can.

Craig: I thought you were gonna help me get my son back.

Carly: I will try.

Craig: Forgive me if I don't believe that anymore.

Margo: Nice job, Carly.

Mr. Jaggers: So, is there gonna be a wedding today?

Dusty: We're ready.

Mr. Jaggers: Fantastic. This is Estelle, my assistant. She'll be your witness.

Estelle: You are about the prettiest bride who's ever been through here.

Meg: Thank you, Estelle.

Dusty: I'm Dusty, the groom.

Estelle: Two kids and you're just now marrying this guy? Come on now.

Dusty: Can we get on with it?

Mr. Jaggers: Mr. Donovan, no offense, but this is your wedding day. There's no reason to rush these things. This is a moment to savor.

Meg: It's okay, really. We don't need to make a big production out of this.

Mr. Jaggers: But a little romance, a few nice touches --

Dusty: Look, we don't really have the time for all that.

Estelle: Don't you worry, Sweetie, I've got you covered.

Jack: I'm going to take the kids home. Do you want a ride?

Carly: No, thank you. I think I should stick around here for a bit.

Jack: Okay, all right. I'll stay with them till you get there.

Carly: Thanks. I love you guys.

Sage: I love you too.

Carly: Be good.

Sage: I will.

Carly: Okay. Oh, thank you. I'll take those.

Lily: Whoa. Take it easy on that.

Carly: Don't you think I've earned it? Jack barely said two words to me, which means he's saving it up for when I get home.

Lily: You're worried about Jack?

Carly: And Craig. You saw his face when he walked out of here.

Lily: Yeah, he was pretty upset.

Carly: Mmm-hmm.

Lily: He saw this marriage as a way of getting custody of his son.

Holden: It's not up to Carly to help Craig get Johnny back.

Lily: I didn't say it was. And she shouldn't have to sacrifice herself for him, either.

Carly: I did the right thing, don't you think?

Lily: Yes, absolutely. It's going to be a long time before Craig sees it that way.

Margo: Craig, you just -- you have to look at this from a different perspective.

Craig: What perspective is that, Margo? That I won't be known as Mr. Carly Tenney?

Margo: Oh, come on, you said that you wanted to be a good father for Johnny, right?

Craig: You know that I do.

Margo: Well, do you think this is really the way to go about it? Marrying someone as a legal strategy?

Craig: It was a start.

Margo: It was a mistake. There's no judge in his right mind who's going to hand a little child off to you and Carly.

Craig: Thank you for the vote of confidence, Sis.

Margo: Please, will you just let the lawyers handle it? That's what they do. That's what they get paid for.

Craig: Ha!

Margo: Look, you're trying to build something permanent based on a lie. You can't just construct a family. It takes time. It takes commitment.

Craig: I was committed.

Margo: It takes love. You don't love Carly. She doesn't love you.

Craig: What does it matter now anyway?

Margo: Look --

Craig: No, you look!

Margo: Craig --

Craig: I'm never going to get my son back. I am what I will always be -- alone.

Margo: You are not alone.

Craig: I don't see anyone standing next to me. Do you?

Dusty: Look at you. Like a real bride.

Mr. Jaggers: Now it's your turn, Mr. Donovan.

Dusty: No veil for me, thanks.


Mr. Jaggers: No, no, just a little something for the groom to give him a little pizzazz.

Dusty: Did you hear that, Johnny? Pizzazz.

Mr. Jaggers: And for your son.

Dusty: Thank you. Listen, buddy, I need a favor. Will you stand up for the old man today? Be my best man? That a boy.

Mr. Jaggers: All right, then, is everybody ready, huh?

Meg: I think so. Johnny, you look handsome.

Dusty: What am I, chopped liver?

Meg: You're not too bad, either. The boutonniere made all the difference.

Mr. Jaggers: Estelle, when you're ready. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in the bonds of holy matrimony.

[Knock on the door]

Craig: Go away, Margo.

Lily: Craig, its Lily. Will you open the door, please? I wanted to see how you were doing.

Craig: I'm fine. Thank you very much. If you don't mind, I'd like to be alone.

Lily: Can you give me two minutes?

Craig: If you're just going to tell me that this was all for the best, I'd rather not hear it.

Lily: That's not why I'm here. I have something for you. Parker had these, he didn't know what to do with them.

Craig: I don't suppose I can return these? It's not like they had a lot of wear and tear.

Lily: I'm sorry, Craig. I -- I know how much you had riding on this.

Craig: Well, I guess it just wasn't meant to be.

Lily: I know you. You'll find a way to prove yourself to the judge.

Craig: Thanks for the pep talk, but I don't see how that's possible.

Lily: You're just going to give up?

Craig: What's going on here?

Lily: What do you mean?

Craig: I mean, I find it hard to believe that in a battle with Dusty, you'd like to see me come out on top.

Lily: I just want what's best for that little boy.

Craig: Oh, well, then you're all going to get your wish. I mean, I've already been declared an unfit parent by the court. I'm just going to show up and prove them right.

Lily: And you think all of that's because you don't have a wife?

Craig: Well, you are the one who said I'd make a better candidate if I did.

Lily: I didn't tell you to make a beeline for Carly. I can't say I'm sorry she backed out of this.

Craig: Why do you care about her at all anyway?

Lily: What?

Craig: The woman slept with your husband. I wouldn't be surprised if you thought her marrying me would be a fit punishment.

Lily: I'm not out to punish anyone, Craig. Not even you.

Craig: Oh, well, that's very magnanimous of you. Look, I'm sorry. I'm obviously not very good company right now. So if you don't mind, thank you for coming by. You can show yourself out.

Lily: You want me to go?

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Lily: So you can end up in a drunken stupor? Who's that going to help?

Craig: Me. With any luck, I'll forget this entire day.

Lily: It's not like you to feel sorry for yourself.

Craig: You know what? Instead of worrying about me, why don't you go look after your husband? That is, unless he's consoling Carly somewhere.

Lily: I know exactly where they are. In fact, when I left them, they were celebrating. I can't wait to join them.

Holden: Hey, there.

Carly: Hey. I'm going to head out soon. I think I owe those kids an explanation.

Holden: Before you go, can I ask you something?

Carly: Anything.

Holden: You know, I was sitting there and um, I was watching you. I really thought you were going to go through with it.

Carly: So did I.

Holden: But it seemed like you changed your mind right when Jack walked in.

Carly: I'm not saving myself for him, if that's what you're getting at.

Holden: Okay.

Carly: But seeing Jack -- did stop me.

Holden: Why was that?

Carly: It made me remember what getting married is supposed to feel like. What it was like for me when I married him. The butterflies in my stomach. The feeling that in one breathless moment, anything is possible.

Holden: I do know what you mean.

Carly: That sensation of being so in love that you could just burst at any moment.

Holden: Didn't feel that with Craig, huh?

Carly: I think that's supposed to be funny. I just don't feel much like laughing.

Holden: I'm sorry.

Carly: Don't be. You know, it's because of you too, that I stopped this insanity.

Holden: Me? What did I do?

Carly: Well, there I was. I was looking at Craig, I could see how much he wanted me to say "I do" and I kept thinking about what you said to me earlier.

Holden: And what was that?

Carly: You told me that I should hold out for love. Hey --

Holden: Did you see Craig?

Lily: Yes, I did.

Carly: How is he?

Lily: What you would expect? Angry, frustrated, looking to lash out.

Carly: It's all aimed in my direction. Lucky me.

Lily: Oh, not just at you. I think anyone that crosses his path will be in his line of fire.

Carly: Swell. Something else I can be blamed for.

Holden: Don't you worry about Craig. Anything that he dishes out, you can handle.

Carly: That's me. The tough one.

Mr. Jaggers: How do I love thee? Let me the count the ways --

Dusty: Sorry, sorry, sorry, not that one.

Mr. Jaggers: Is there something wrong? Do you want a different reading?

Dusty: Well, about a -- no-frills ceremony?

Mr. Jaggers: Well, then if that's what the two of you want -- Dusty, do you take Meg to your lawfully wedded wife? To have --

Dusty: I do.

Mr. Jaggers: Well, I wasn't quite finished, but okay. Meg, do you take Dusty to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Meg: I do.

Dusty: Now for the exchange of rings. Well, don't tell me you forgot the rings.

Meg: No, no, no, we didn't forget the rings. They're being sized for us.

Mr. Jaggers: I'm beginning to wonder why the two of you even showed up today.

Dusty: Can we just finish, please?

Mr. Jaggers: Then, by the power vested in me by the state of Nevada, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

Dusty: We did it.

Meg: Yes, we did.

Dusty: Thank you.

Mr. Jaggers: Well, uh, aren't you forgetting something?

Dusty: No, I paid up front.

Mr. Jaggers: Aren't you going to kiss your bride?

Dusty: Oh, right.

Mr. Jaggers: Now I realize the two of you are in a hurry, but for crying out loud, you got to do better than that. Finally, a little romance. Estelle? The petals, please? There you go, son. Now, you just toss those at your mommy and your daddy, all right? Now you get over there. All right, go on, toss them up in the air.

Johnny: Okay!

Mr. Jaggers: Toss, toss, that's it!

Estelle: Smile and say "Honeymoon!"

Dusty: Honeymoon.

Mr. Jaggers: Now you can download a copy of that on our website. Now, would the two of you like to have our complimentary champagne toast?

Dusty: We can't stay.

Mr. Jaggers: Of course not.

Dusty: We have a plane to catch.

Mr. Jaggers: Yes, well, well, good luck to the both of you. Come along, Estelle. I give them a month.

Dusty: I'll get Eliza ready.

Meg: Okay, I'll get Johnny's coat. Come here, Honey.

Johnny: Are you my mommy now?

Meg: Well, um -- how about you call me Meg? That work for you? Great.

Dusty: You all set?

Meg: Yeah.

Johnny: Is Meg going to live with us now?

Dusty: That's the plan.

Johnny: Where?

Dusty: Well, let's get back to Oakdale first, and then I'll find us a beautiful place.

Meg: I know.

Dusty: I want us to have a real home.

Meg: For Johnny.

Dusty: Yes. For Johnny. Let's do it.

Carly: Why don't you two go upstairs and get out of those clothes, huh?

Parker: Sounds good. I'm done with this suit. Come on, Sage.

Carly: Aren't you going to say it?

Jack: What could I possibly have to say?

Carly: Well I figured you'd start with "I told you so," and move on from there.

Jack: What do you want, Carly? A medal for coming to your senses?

Carly: No. But don't I deserve the tiniest bit of credit for not subjecting everybody to another one of my horrible mistakes?

Jack: Ah, so, getting involved with Craig -- now you're admitting it was a mistake?

Carly: Yes, Jack, it was a mistake. A huge one.

Jack: I told you so.

Carly: Well, you must have been holding that in.

Jack: It was killing me.

Carly: Don't enjoy it too much.

Jack: Don't worry, I wonít.

Carly: So, are the kids as okay as they seem?

Jack: What do you think?

Carly: I think they think their mother's a fool.

Jack: No, nobody thinks that.

Carly: Thank you.

Jack: You're welcome. I should get back to work. Carly?

Carly: Yeah?

Jack: I'm glad you didn't go through with it. He's not worthy of you.

Lily: How's Emma?

Holden: She's resting. Maybe next year she'll listen to me and get that flu shot.

Lily: Well, with your considerable influence, that shouldn't be a problem.

Holden: Why does it sound more like a dig than a compliment?

Lily: Never mind. It didn't matter.

Holden: No, no, no, come on. Tell me.

Lily: You said that you hadn't gotten through to her.

Holden: To who?

Lily: Carly. When you tried to talk her out of marrying Craig, you said it didn't work. That her mind was made up.

Holden: What are you saying? You think she called off this wedding because of me?

Lily: Well, clearly whatever you said, she took it to heart.

Holden: You want to tell me what exactly you mean by that?

Lily: Just that she still cares about you.

Holden: No, no, no, no. Not like that.

Lily: Are you sure?

Holden: Caring about me and caring about what I say are two entirely different things?

Lily: If you say so.

Holden: Lily, would you be happier if she had gone ahead and gotten married? Knowing that it was a stunt to win a custody battle?

Lily: No.

Holden: Well, then I don't see what's going on here. And I don't understand why we're fighting about this.

[Pounding on door]

Craig: Ah. You're here, good. I was afraid I was going to have to huff and puff and blow the house down!

Carly: How much have you had to drink?

Craig: Oh, it's okay. You don't have to feign concern for me. Pretend you care about my welfare.

Carly: I'm sorry about what happened, Craig. I really am.

Craig: Don't worry about it. You're a woman, you changed your mind. Happens all the time.

Carly: It's just, there we were in front of the judge and suddenly I realized what it meant, you know? And -- I couldn't do it.

Craig: Right -- because it was wrong. Right and wrong -- wrong and right. It's always been a tough choice between those two for you, hasn't it?

Carly: Why don't you sit down and I'll get you a cup of coffee?

Craig: No, no, no. No. I don't want anything from you. I should've seen this coming though. But I -- I forgot who I was dealing with. The infamous Carly Tenney. I applaud you.

Carly: I didn't want this to happen.

Craig: No, no, no. Now don't be coy. You're pleased as punch about how all this turned out. You walked me right up to the brink, led me around by the nose, brought me to my knees --

Carly: You think that I did this intentionally?

Craig: You used me and my son.

Carly: What? I was not using you, you were using me!

Craig: I just wanted to know. Who was it you were trying to make jealous? Was it Holden? Or was it Jack? Or was it both?

Carly: They had nothing to do with this.

Craig: So, you flayed me alive just for the hell of it? Wow, you're good. You managed to destroy my life and make sure that I would never be with the one person I care about most. My son. Why would you do that?

Lily: I'm not trying to pick a fight with you.

Holden: Then why are you throwing Carly in my face?

Lily: I kept watching her during the wedding. She was looking at you. Like she was waiting for a sign that she was doing the right thing. A sign from you.

Holden: She already knew how I felt. I told her that she had to do what she thought was right. But that whatever happened, she deserved better than Craig Montgomery. Do you want to know why I said that? Because of you.

Lily: What?

Holden: Yeah, when I went to see Carly, all I could think about was us. And how hard we fought, how lucky we are that we were able to stay together. Because marriage is more than just a piece of paper. It's what keeps our lives together. And I didn't want to see someone that we cared about -- in a marriage that was anything less than that.

Meg: So, is Johnny going to be all right?

Dusty: He's fine.

Meg: Well, Mama's not feeling to well, so I think we could hold off telling her right away.

Dusty: I can be here for that if you liked --

Meg: No, no. I think if you're here when I do tell her, she might grab for her shotgun.

Dusty: I appreciate the heads-up.

Meg: Hey. Hi.

Holden: Hi. We just stopped by to check on Mama. Dusty.

Dusty: Hey, Holden.

Lily: Actually, I'm glad you're here. Dusty, I have to tell you something. Carly and Craig didn't get married.

Dusty: Are you sure?

Lily: Yeah. We were both there -- Carly backed out.

Meg: So, you mean, we did all of this for nothing?

Dusty: No, no it's good. It still works for us.

Holden: What works? What's going on here?

Dusty: It's your call --

Meg: Dusty and I just flew in from Reno.

Holden: Reno?

Meg: We got married this afternoon.

Holden: Please tell me that this is a joke.

Meg: It is not a joke.

Dusty: Meg's my wife.

Holden: How? You're still married to Paul.

Meg: Not anymore. We have the certificate.

Holden: I don't need to see the certificate.

Lily: You two got married?

Dusty: I got to keep Craig from getting his hands on my son.

Holden: So you conned my sister into a marriage just to get a one up on Craig?

Meg: Nobody conned me. I didn't have to say "Yes."

Holden: Well, then why did you?

Meg: Because Dusty is my friend and I want to help him.

Holden: So you just divorce Paul and marry him all in one day?

Meg: Look, it happened so fast because we thought Craig and Carly were getting married too.

Holden: I don't believe this.

Dusty: Your sister's trying to make sure I don't lose my son. She's doing me a big favor.

Holden: Marriage shouldn't be a favor, Dusty.

Lily: We should talk.

Dusty: Where are we going?

Lily: Outside. Let's let Holden and Meg have a chance to talk.

Dusty: Well, he's not going to talk to her. He's going to give her hell.

Lily: Out. Now. I can't believe you did this.

Dusty: Craig forced my hand.

Lily: No, Dusty, you sold yourself short. Now you're no better than he is.

Dusty: Lily, it was a chance to hold onto my son. I had to take it.

Lily: And what about Meg? What happens to Meg after the custody hearing?

Dusty: We're only married as long as we need to be. Then we go our separate ways.

Lily: Holden's right, this is insane.

Dusty: Holden's got to stop coming down so hard on Meg. Get him to back off a bit.

Lily: No, you have enough people doing your dirty work. You don't need me.

Dusty: Yes, I do. I need your help.

Holden: I don't even know what to say to you.

Meg: Well, I just got married. So how about "Congratulations"? Okay, too soon for jokes.

Holden: Is that what this is to you? A joke? You're not going to be laughing when Paul finds out about this.

Meg: I was hoping it would be easier for him to accept the fact that our marriage is over.

Holden: Easier? He's having a hard time with reality as it is. When he finds out that you're Mrs. Dusty Donovan, he's going to completely lose it.

Meg: Well, if he tries anything, Dusty will protect us.

Holden: No, you don't need a bodyguard. You have your family to protect you.

Meg: Holden, you have enough people to look after. I can't ask you to also take on Eliza and me.

Holden: Oh, but Dusty can ask?

Meg: I was helping him hold onto his son.

Holden: You know what? I am so tired of that excuse.

Meg: Okay, so -- so now you're mad at me?

Holden: I wouldn't be mad at you, if you would think about what you're doing here! You know, you get involved with these guys that just mess up your life.

Meg: He's not just some guy. He's a friend of mine. And whatever problem you have with it, it has nothing to do with me.

Holden: You married him --

Meg: And he slept with your wife.

Holden: Oh, okay. You really want to go there, Meg?

Meg: No, I do not. But you are taking this personally, and it's not about you.

Holden: Okay, fine, fine. You're right. You're right. This is about Johnny, right? Okay, what does Johnny get out of this? Johnny gets -- a fake mother, a fake sister, an entire fake family that will end whenever it's convenient. Is that how it's going to work?

Meg: I don't want to talk about this. It's done.

Holden: Why? Because you can't answer the question? You're going to turn that kid's life upside down on a whim.

Meg: Who are you to stand here and judge me? After the things that you've done to your kids. Who the hell do you think you are?

Holden: Oh, that's bull --

Meg: Have you signed up your kids for summer camp yet, Holden? You know what? Johnny will be fine, because Dusty and I will make sure of that.

Holden: Fine, whatever you say, Meg. Good luck with that.

Meg: I think you should go. I need to feed Eliza, and I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Dusty: Nothing's going to happen to your sister, Holden. I'm going to protect her.

Holden: You know what? Between you, Craig, and Paul there is no end to what can go wrong here. And we all know that.

Carly: Craig, I am not the only option on earth for getting your son back.

Craig: But, you were my best chance.

Carly: No, I wasnít. You are Johnny's biological father. That's got to count for something.

Craig: I can tell you, that counts for nothing.

Carly: Come on. You are a smart, resourceful man. You will find. This is a minor setback.

Craig: You planned all this, didn't you?

Carly: Would you stop with that?

Craig: No, it's okay. You played me -- and I let you.

Carly: I did not set out to do any of this, Craig --

Craig: I know the performance had nothing to do with me. You were trying to prove something to Jack.

Carly: Oh, my God!

Craig: You changed your mind about marrying me the moment he walked through those doors. I guess -- that's what you hoped he would do. So, I -- I have to know. Did it work?

Margo: Hey Jack.

Jack: Hey.

Margo: How's Carly?

Jack: I think she'll get over it.

Margo: Yeah. That was fast, huh?

Jack: I saw you with Craig at the Lakeview.

Margo: Yeah, Craig's not taking it quite as well as Carly.

Jack: Oh, come on. Margo, you can't be that surprised that Carly finally came to her senses.

Margo: Oh well, you know, I hate to say this, but I think what she did to him hit him pretty hard. Hey -- he's my brother. I'm sorry, but I worry about him whether I want to or not.

Jack: He doesn't deserve it.

Margo: Yeah, yeah, you're right there. And believe me, I'm as relieved as anyone that this, you know, fell apart.

Jack: You're relieved? Imagine how I feel.

Margo: I got to hand it to you, Jack. Whatever you said to Carly certainly convinced her not to marry my brother.

Jack: No, I don't think I had anything to do with it.

Margo: Be careful.

Jack: Of Craig?

Margo: No, of Carly. Cause she's still out there, floating around, nothing to do -- a single woman.

Jack: Margo, I'm married. I'm not worried about Carly.

Margo: Maybe you should be.  

Carly: Craig, this was not about proving anything to Jack.

Craig: Ah, ah. So it was Holden? But I bet they're both real proud of you, those Snyder boys. I mean, taking the high road, being a good girl. Is that when they like you best?

Carly: Would you like to know why I didn't marry you? Two reasons -- one, I don't love you. And two, my children didn't like the idea. And my family has to come first.

Craig: And what about my family, Carly?

Carly: You will continue to fight for Johnny. You don't need me to do that.

Craig: I don't need you for anything.

Carly: Exactly.

Craig: And by the way, when you fall out of favor with the farmhand and the flatfoot, and you know you will, don't come crying to me. My door is closed to you.

Carly: Craig --

Craig: Oh, by the way -- I'm calling in my loan. You owe me $200,000.

Carly: Craig -- Craig! You should not be driving! Craig! Damn it.

Lily: Holden, I know you're upset about what Meg's done.

Holden: This is exactly what I warned Carly not to do. And then Meg, she goes ahead and --

Lily: Does the same thing and marries Dusty. Your favorite person.

Holden: No, it's not about him. She's very vulnerable right now. She's got this crazy ex-husband, a brand new baby --

Lily: If she had married anybody else, I don't think you'd be this angry.

Holden: If it was anyone else, she wouldn't have done it.

Lily: Because Dusty's not only back in our lives, he's part of our family.

Holden: Oh.

Lily: I understand.

Holden: Do you?

Lily: Yeah, this is exactly how I feel about Carly. She's part of our family. Which makes it so hard for me to erase the past you shared with her.

Holden: I'm sorry.

Lily: You've been telling me that we have to move beyond it, and I'm trying. For Meg's sake, you have to move beyond Dusty. She's going to need us, Holden. You know that.

Holden: All right, I'll try. That's all I can promise right now.

Lily: That's enough.

Meg: You really don't need to hang around. Eliza and I will be fine, I promise.

Dusty: Pretty nasty fight you had with Holden.

Meg: Yeah, well, you don't need to worry. We've had fights before. We'll get over it. I just need to make him understand why we did what we did.

Dusty: All right, I'll come back for you in the morning. And we'll figure out where to live.

Meg: Well, with the small inheritance that you've gotten, it better be someplace nice.

Dusty: I should have known you only married me for the money.

Meg: Sad but true.

Dusty: Thanks for helping me. I won't forget it.

Meg: Good. I don't plan on letting you.

Jack: My concern for Carly extends as far as what's best for the kids.

Margo: Oh, okay.

Jack: You don't believe me?

Margo: I'm just saying that if Carly had gone ahead and married Craig, then you could just walk away. And then Craig would have to deal with her plotting and her scheming and her -- but now you can't do that.

Jack: Okay, news flash, Margo. I'm the one who walked away. I'm happily married now. Janet and I, we're great. What Carly does or doesn't do -- it's not my problem.

Margo: Good. Keep it that way.

Craig: Dusty! I want my son! Give me back my son!

Carly: Craig, stop. Stop.

Craig: If you won't help me get my son back, I'll do it myself. Dusty! Johnny!

Carly: Hey, they're obviously not in there --

Craig: Yes they are! Johnny!

Carly: It's a good thing. You don't want your son to see you like this.

Craig: He may never see me again. He was just starting to get to know me.

Carly: Oh, Craig, it'll be all right. It's going to be all right.

Craig: No. No, just get away. Just get away from me! Don't ever come near me again. Just leave me alone.

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Josie: You let Dusty do your dirty work for you?

Meg: He insisted.

Josie: You're even more of a coward than I thought.

Dusty: Meg's my wife -- get used to it.

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