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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 1/26/09

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Margo: Are you bribing a police officer?

Craig: No, it's what I want my sister to wear at my wedding today.

Margo: I can't believe --

Craig: Why do you look so surprised? You knew this was coming.

Margo: I never thought it would.

Craig: Oh, ye of little faith. I've booked the Lakeview. The champagne is chilling. All you have to do is show up, be my best man, or best person, if you must be politically correct --

Margo: No, no, no -- I never said that I would stand up for you.

Craig: Yes, yes, you did. We discussed it, and you agreed.

Margo: Well, I changed my mind. And Carly would be out of her mind to say "I do". I mean, I can't stand there and pretend that I agree by standing up for you.

Craig: All right, fine. I'll get another best man. But I still expect you and Tom to show up.

Margo: Tom and I both think that you're pulling a fast one here and -- and we think it's wrong.

Craig: Tom thinks everything I do is wrong. He can stay at home. But you're still my sister. You're family. I want you to be there.

Margo: Oh, Craig, you're just not making this easy.

Craig: Well, I'm not going to leave until you promise that you'll come.

[Margo sighs]

Craig: Come on, Margo. Make me happy -- for once --

Margo: Oh, fine. Fine. I'll come to your wedding.

Craig: Thank you. Uh, and one more thing. I haven't been able to reach Katie, and I really would like both of my sisters there.

Margo: Oh, well I'll see what I can do, Princess.

Craig: You are the best. I'll see you at noon at the Lakeview.

Katie: Hi, you've reached Brad and Katie. We're otherwise engaged so leave a message.


Margo: Hey, Katie, it's me. Will you call me back? I've got news, and you're not going to like it.

[Katie yells]

[Katie giggles]

Brad: Gotcha!

Katie: What if that was Liberty calling?

Brad: About what?

Katie: I don't know. She had that sleepover last night. Maybe she forgot something for school and wanted us to bring it to her.

Brad: She would've come over and grabbed it herself.

Katie: Oh, that would not have been good.

Brad: We had quite a night ourselves, didn't we? It's not over!

Katie: Oh, no! Where are you taking me?

Brad: Well, you don't want to stop?

Katie: No, I just -- I need to take a breather for a second. Oh, if you keep doing that, you're going to make it hard.

[Brad laughs]

Brad: You said it.

Katie: Wait, what about the message?

Brad: Oh, not right now. We've got better things to do.

Holden: Hey, there you are. You were up and out early.

Lily: Yeah, I had an early meeting at the Lakeview. Last minute wedding and reception.

Holden: Couldn't your banquet manager take care of it?

Lily: Uh, this was a special case.

Holden: In what way?

Lily: Holden, I know that I should have told you before.

Holden: What do you mean?

Lily: I'm doing this as a favor to Craig and Carly. They're getting married today and we're invited.

Holden: You have got to be kidding me.

Lily: I wish.

Holden: When did this happen and how is he forcing her into it?

Lily: No, no, no, this is mutual. He says this is what she wants.

Holden: Well, you can believe what you want, but I'm not buying one word.

Carly: Parker, would you slow down?

Parker: I can't find my skate guards.

Carly: Check under the couch. There's something that I want to ask you.

Parker: Is it about Craig?

Carly: How do you really feel about me marrying him?

Parker: Do you really care what I think? I mean, you're going to do what you want anyway.

Carly: Of course I care. This is a very big decision. I want my children to weigh in.

Parker: Okay, well, Sage moved in with Dad, so I guess you know where she stands.

Carly: I wish she hadn't done that.

Parker: Yeah, it's kind of weird around here without her.

Carly: Well, I don't think she'll stay away for long.

Parker: You don't?

Carly: Well, I don't think she realizes how much she's going to miss her routine. I bet she's back before the week is out.

Parker: I don't know about that.

Carly: She's not being very realistic, is she? She still thinks that her mother and her father should be together, and that's just not going to happen.

Parker: Well, maybe you should talk to her. Because I think she's the one you need to convince.

Carly: Does that mean I have your support?

Parker: Look, I've got to get to hockey practice before school. So, I'm going to go.

Carly: We'll talk about it later then.

Parker: Whatever, all right? All yours.

Jack: Sage, you're going to be late. You've got to get dressed so I can drive you to school.

Sage: I'm not going.

Jack: How come?

Sage: I'm sick.

Jack: What's wrong, Honey?

Sage: My head hurts. I had a really bad dream.

Jack: Tell me about it.

Sage: I dreamed that I went back to Mom's and Craig was there. He wouldn't let me in. He also gave my room away to Johnny.

Jack: That's never going to happen.

Sage: But it felt so real.

Jack: Listen to me. Your mommy loves you very much. She would never do anything to hurt you.

Sage: If she marries Craig, she will.

Carly: Craig, what are you doing?

Craig: We have a big day ahead of us. Where's that coffee I bought you?

Carly: In the freezer.

Craig: I had a meeting with Lily at the Lakeview. All the arrangements have been made.

Carly: What arrangements?

Craig: As if you didn't know. We're having a simple civil ceremony with a judge presiding. And a small reception with a champagne toast, and a wedding cake. Oh, I do love wedding cake --

Carly: Wait -- what -- what are you talking about? When exactly is this happening?

Craig: Today.

Carly: You can't be serious!

Craig: Don't worry. I've only invited close friends and family --  

Carly: The last time we talked about this, I said that things were moving too fast and that's when I thought that I had weeks --

Craig: And I told you Johnny's custody hearing has already been set. So, if I have any hope of getting him back, you and I have to be married as soon as possible. It's now or never, Carly.

Carly: Well then how about never? Does never work for you?

Carly: I can't rush into getting married, Craig.

Craig: And I can't postpone. I have my son to think about.

Carly: Well, I have my children to deal with. And they can't handle this right now.

Craig: Don't worry about your kids. They will come around.

Carly: You said that before, and 10 minutes later, Sage moved in with Jack and Janet. She doesn't want me to marry you, and it's crazy to hope that she's going to change her mind. I'm sorry. I just can't be with you, okay? Not unless my children are behind it 100%.

[Craig sighs]

Craig: I understand completely. This has to work out for all of us. But I promise you it will.

Carly: You can't make promises like that. And you can't perform miracles.

Craig: Well, I can fix this, if you trust me.

Carly: That's a very tall order.

Craig: I love a challenge. Why do you think I'm marrying you? Now all you have to do is go upstairs, put on a beautiful dress, and leave the rest to me.

Carly: What about my kids?

Craig: I told you. I'll handle it. You're just going to have to get used to the idea that I can take care of everything for you. I'm going to solve all your problems.

Carly: Yeah, right.

Craig: I told you marrying me comes with perks. Now just get ready for this and leave the rest to me.

Holden: This -- it doesn't make any sense. Why would Carly ever even think about marrying Craig?

Lily: I knew you'd react like this. That's why I didn't tell you.

Holden: How long have you known this?

Lily: A while.

Holden: Whatever Craig's agenda is, I can't believe that Carly would go along with it. When did he come up with this idea?

Lily: Actually, I may have had something to do with it.

Holden: What does that mean?

Lily: I may have planted a seed in his mind.

Holden: You're not serious?

Lily: There's a hearing coming up for the custody of Johnny. And I just suggested that if he had a wife and a stable home, his chances might be better.

Holden: So you sicced him on Carly?

Lily: No! No -- that was Craig's idea. Carly just happened to be available.

Holden: Why would Carly ever even consider marrying this guy? That's insane.

Lily: Based on the wedding plans, I'd say they're both taking it seriously.

Holden: Did you talk to Carly about this?

Lily: Yes.

Holden: Did you ask her if Craig was holding something over her head? There's got to be something.

Lily: No, I think that Carly just wants to start a new chapter in her life.

Holden: With Craig Montgomery? That's ridiculous. Somebody has to put a stop to this.

Jack: Hello!

Margo: Hello. Hey, Sage! You here to help us catch the bad guys?

Sage: I'm just hanging out with Dad today.

Jack: Yeah, I know it's not bring your daughter to work day, but Sage is off from school. She needed a break.

Margo: Yeah, don't we all? Hey, are you any good at drawing?

Sage: Pretty good.

Margo: Well, I have here the official Oakdale sketch book. You know, it's got all these faces in there. You just add noses and eyes and mouth. You can do a sketch of your dad there. Except he's too ugly. Why don't you do a self-portrait? And then if you're any good at it, when you grow up, you can be the official Oakdale Pd artist. Hmm?

Sage: Cool.

Jack: Honey, you can hang out in there if you want. There's some water. Thank you. She's had a lot of adjustments lately.

Margo: Yeah, I can imagine. Especially with Carly marrying my brother.

Jack: I told her not to worry about that.

Margo: Yeah, could you tell me? Has it worked? Can you tell me not to worry?

Jack: I just -- I just don't think she's going to go through with it. No way she's going to break her little girl's heart.

Margo: I wish not, but unfortunately, I have evidence to prove you wrong.

Jack: What? What do you mean?

Margo: Well, I'm on my way to go tell Katie. But Craig stopped by here earlier and he and Carly are tying the knot today at the Lakeview.

Craig: Hey, Parker. Score any goals today?

Parker: Yeah, a few. What's up? Is everything all right with my mom?

Craig: Couldn't be better.

Parker: Great. Uh, I got class.

Craig: Well, you know what? I spoke to your principal and you don't have to go to school.

Parker: Really? Why not?

Craig: Because your mother and I are getting married today.

Parker: No kidding? And she's okay with that?

Craig: She said she'd definitely be there -- on one condition.

Parker: Oh, I knew there would be a catch. So what's the deal?

Craig: I have to convince you and your sister to say you approve and come to the wedding. Can you do that?

Parker: This is all been happening really fast. I don't know. And Sage is going to be a real problem.

Craig: I was really hoping you could help me out here, Buddy.

Parker: What can I do?

Craig: Just hear me out. Let me explain why I think this is the right thing for all of us. And then if you don't approve, I promise I'll walk away. No hard feelings.

Brad: Are you hungry by the way? Because I am starving.

Katie: I don't know what we have in the fridge. We definitely used up all the whipped cream and strawberries last night.

Brad: I remember. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Katie: Swedish meatball from Al's?

Brad: Yeah. Extra cheese.

Katie: Oh, yes, you're turning me on. I will get ready.

Brad: No, no, no way. Okay, you stay here, I'll go get it. Okay, you just have to promise me you're not going to get dressed.

Katie: Eating heroes in bed.

Brad: Okay.

[Brad laughs]

Katie: So excited.

Brad: I'll be back in a flash. Okay. All right.

Katie: Hurry.

Brad: All right, got my wallet. Got keys. Missing anything?

Katie: Kissing me.

Brad: Kissing you. Yeah. That's right. Okay.

Katie: Hurry. All right.

Brad: All right. Love you.

Katie: I love you, too.

[Knock on the door]

Katie: Why are you knocking? I thought you took your keys.

Margo: Oh, la, la. I guess that explains why you and Brad weren't answering the phone.

Katie: Yeah, we've been kind of busy.

Margo: Yeah, I can see that.

Katie: What's going on?

Margo: Oh, you haven't heard the news.

Katie: What news?

Margo: Craig is marrying Carly today.

Katie: Oh my God!

Margo: My sentiments exactly.

Katie: I didn't think she would actually go through with it.

Margo: You're not the only one.

Katie: Is Carly out of her mind?

Holden: Carly, are you out of your mind? You cannot marry Craig!

Carly: Why is it any of your business?

Holden: I cannot let you do this!

Carly: Well, it's not up to you.

Holden: No, it's up to you, right. So what's going on here? Is he threatening you? Don't let him force you into something you'll regret --

Carly: Nobody's forcing me to do anything. The only person who is trying to tell me what to do is you.

Holden: I'm trying to help you.

Carly: How?

Holden: You know that I want what's best for you.

Carly: And what's best for me is dumping Craig? Who gave you the right to control my life?

Holden: That's not what I'm doing.

Carly: But you just can't seem to leave me alone, can you? Why is that, Holden? Could it be that deep down in your heart you just don't want to see me with any other man?

Holden: Now that couldn't be any further from the truth.

Carly: Then why are you trying to make sure I spend the rest of my life alone?

Holden: Carly, I don't want you to be alone.

Carly: Are you sure about that?

Holden: I want you to have a great life. I want you to be happy. And you can't have any of that with Craig.

Carly: You still haven't answered my question. How is this your business? What has it got to do with you?

Holden: Last time I checked, we were still friends. And I still think that we can be honest with each other here. We should be honest with each other. Marrying Craig is a terrible idea!

Carly: All right, Holden, you've had your say. But I'm not going to debate it with you. I refuse to apologize for everything I do.

Holden: Look, I'm not trying to give you a hard time. I'm trying to support you. But Craig? I mean, come on, Carly. How can you defend hanging out with the guy, never mind marrying him?

Carly: All right, I admit at the start, I had the same reaction.

Holden: What changed?

Carly: I started to see a different side of him.

Holden: Oh, come on.

Carly: He's very supportive of me. He doesn't question every decision I make. He wants my help raising his son. He's good to my kids. He saved Parker's life.

Holden: You make him sound like a saint.

Carly: No. I know he's no saint. And you know what, neither am I.

Holden: How could you compare yourself to Craig?

Carly: Well, for one thing, we both want what's best for our children.

Holden: Look, I see what's going on here. It's all a ploy to get custody, that's it.

Carly: I don't begrudge him wanting to be with his son.

Holden: And you don't care that he's using you to do that?

Carly: No, I don't care. I'm using him, too. The only thing you have to know is that I'm going into this with my eyes wide open. I know that Craig has a track record. So have I. But we deserve another chance. And if we can help each other, and do what's best for our children, how can that be bad?

Craig: I don't know how much your mother's told you about why we're getting married.

Parker: It wasn't very hard to figure out. You want to get custody of Johnny.

Craig: You're right. I want Johnny to be raised in a real family, with brothers and a sister he could look up to.

Parker: Yeah, well, our family isn't perfect.

Craig: No one's is. But Carly's done a great job raising you kids. And we agreed that if she helped me with Johnny, then I would support her and all you kids for as long as I live.

Parker: Okay, well, you don't need to convince me. Because it doesn't matter anyway. She does what she wants.

Craig: No, actually it does matter. She won't marry me unless you and Sage and J.J. are all onboard.

Parker: Yeah, well, um, J.J. is away at boarding school. So, he's not going to stop you.

Craig: Then I have to convince your sister.

Parker: Yeah, Sage is going to be a tough sell.

Craig: Well maybe you can help me win her over.

Parker: I wouldn't count on that.

Craig: I could really use your help here, Buddy. Do you remember my son, Bryant?

Parker: Yeah, he was killed in a car accident.

Craig: Yeah. And not a day goes by that I don't regret that I wasn't the father that he deserved. But Johnny gives me another chance. A chance to be a better father. But not just to Johnny, but also to you, to Sage, and to your other brother.

Parker: You mean, like a do-over?

Craig: Exactly. You know, every time I look at you, I think of Bryant when he was about your age...and I also think of all the mistakes that I've made. So, yeah, I want a do-over. I just want to get things right this time, Parker. It would really mean a lot to me, if you gave me this chance.

Margo: You know, I don't approve of this wedding any more than you do, but Craig really wants us both there.

Katie: Why? So we can smile and pretend that Craig and Carly are some match made in heaven when they're obviously not? Why would she put herself through that?

Margo: I have no idea, after what he did to Gwen and Rosanna -- I guess at a certain point you have to just put it all behind you, right?

Katie: Uh, I think I did that. I donated bone marrow to Johnny.

Margo: Yes, you did. You're a better man than I. I don't think I can give Craig a free pass.

Katie: Well, we can't turn our backs on him, either.

Margo: But he makes it so tempting.

Katie: I know. But maybe he has really learned his lesson. Maybe marrying Carly will be a good thing for Johnny.

Margo: I hope so. How many second chances can you give a guy?

Katie: The thing is, it's not just about Craig. There's an innocent little boy involved.

Margo: I know, I know, I know. I hope he doesn't mess up Johnny like he did his other kids.

Katie: The important thing is though, if we stay involved, we can keep an eye on Johnny.

Margo: You're right. Okay. I'm going to go back to the station and finish up my work, then I'm going to change into something really dark. I'll see you at the wedding.

Katie: Oh, I wonder if I can convince Brad to go.

Margo: Good luck with that and thanks for the coffee. Bye.

Katie: Bye.

Parker: Hey, Dad.

Jack: Parker, why aren't you in school?

Parker: Mom and Craig are supposed to get married today.

Jack: Yeah, I heard.

Parker: And I need to talk to Sage about it. Any idea where she is?

Jack: Come with me.

Sage: Hey, Parker. Want me to draw you a mug shot?

Parker: Not right now. Um, I need to talk to you about Mom marrying Craig.

Sage: That wedding is not happening. Right, Dad?

Jack: Let's listen to what Parker has to say.

Parker: Look, I know it's not what you want to hear, but it's Mom's choice. And I really don't think that we have the right to stop her.

Holden: You can rationalize all you want, Carly, but you will never convince me that marrying Craig is a good idea.

Carly: Maybe he's what I need right now. I'm really tired of being alone.

Holden: You're not alone. You've got family, you've got friends.

Carly: Friends like you and Lily? Let's not kid ourselves, okay? Lily is trying, but she doesn't trust me like she used to. And I don't blame her. And I can't really call you when I need a shoulder to cry on, can I?

Holden: That doesn't mean I've stopped caring about what happens to you.

Carly: I appreciate that. But we need to keep our distance. And as far as family goes, who do I have? Gwen left town, Rosannaís gone, all I have are my children. And raising them by myself is getting harder and harder every day. The bills are piling up, I'm about to lose my business. I don't know how much longer I can hang on.

Holden: Carly, I know. I know how difficult it is to do it all alone, but -- marrying Craig is not the answer. You deserve someone better.

Carly: Hmm? Who might that be? I don't see any volunteers.

Holden: He can't give you what you need.

Carly: He can give me support and security. What else is there?

Holden: Love. And you shouldn't settle for anything less than that.

[Carly laughing]

Holden: What? What's so funny?

Carly: It's just -- sort of ironic, isn't it? You telling me to hold out for love? I lost Jack for good after my affair with you. Now he's got Janet, you've got Lily. So where does that leave me love-wise?

Holden: Can't give up.

Carly: That's easy for you to say. You and Lily got another chance. It's not going to happen for me and Jack.

Holden: You'll find someone else.

Carly: No, I wonít. I'm too tired to even look.

Holden: You don't have to. He'll find you. You're not exactly the kind of person who's easy to overlook.

Carly: I'm the kind of person who's got three kids. I don't have many options.

Holden: Craig will not make you happy.

Carly: Look, I know that Craig and I don't love each other. But I have had lousy luck with love in the past. Maybe it's time to try something different.

Holden: Okay, different is one thing, but marrying Craig, come on.

Carly: I just don't want to struggle anymore. I don't want to scrape by, day after day. I want security and peace.

Holden: It won't be enough. You will feel lonelier than ever.

Carly: You don't know that.

Holden: I wish you would reconsider.

Carly: Well, if it helps, I won't marry Craig if my kids don't along with it. And right now, that doesn't seem very likely.

Sage: I don't like him. He's a bad man.

Parker: Yeah, but he's been pretty good to me. And I think if you give him a chance, you might like him, too. And you want Mom to be happy, right?

Sage: Yeah.

Parker: Then you got to let her do what she wants to do, and you have to support that. That's why I'm going to the wedding today. You coming with me?

Jack: I think Parker's right. If this is what your mother wants, then you should be there for her. So why don't you let Parker take you home so you can get dressed for the wedding?

Sage: You really think I should?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Sage: Okay. I love you, Daddy.

Jack: I love you, too, Honey.

Brad: Honey, I'm home. I'm sorry it took me so long. The traffic was killer. So come on out here and -- hey, come on, you promised you were going to stay naked.

Katie: Margo came by while you were gone.

Brad: Okay. All right. I mean, you didn't have to get so dressed up. I mean, you look -- you look beautiful. But I think it is time to show some skin.

Katie: Margo came by to tell me that --

Brad: Mm-hmm.

Katie: -- Craig is marrying Carly today.

Brad: So?

Katie: So we have to go to the wedding. I put out one of your suits and a tie on the bed --

Brad: No way. No way!

Katie: Okay, listen, I know how you feel about Craig. I do.

Brad: Yeah, yeah, I hate the guy. We had an agreement. You and me, that we were going to keep this guy out of our lives.

Katie: All right, fine, you don't want to go? You don't have to go. But I have to go, he's my brother!

Brad: Katie, Katie, Katie. Katie, the guy blackmailed you into giving him a phony alibi. I almost spent the rest of my life in jail because of him. And we almost broke up because of him.

Katie: I know, but we didnít. We're fine. We have to put this behind us.

Brad: By cozying up to Craig? No, that's not going to happen.

Katie: He's only marrying Carly for Johnny. He's trying to do the right thing for his son.

Brad: Yeah, Craig doing the right thing -- do you know how insane that sounds?

Katie: Can you just give him the benefit of the doubt, just this once?

Brad: No, no, I canít. And you can't afford to either.

Katie: I'm never going to trust him again.

Brad: And you shouldnít. I mean, he's always up to something. I don't know how he hoodwinked Carly, but you can't let him do it to you.

Katie: I'm not marrying the guy, Brad. I'm going to the wedding. I need you to be behind me on this and support me, even if we disagree.

Brad: Okay, all right, we promised that we weren't going to fight about Craig. But this is just -- this is too much.

Katie: He can only come between us if we let him.

Brad: I'm not drawing a line in the sand here, Katie. But I really -- I really don't want you to go. Stay here, get naked, eat Swedish meatballs with me.

Katie: Don't tempt me. You know I would love nothing more than to tell Craig to take a flying leap. But then I think about Johnny. That poor little boy has been going through the ringer ever since he was a little baby. And I can't -- I need to do this for him.

Brad: What about our baby?

Katie: What are you talking about?

Brad: That's what we should be doing right now instead worrying about Craig and his kid. You know, we should be trying to have a baby of our own.

Craig: You're not wearing that to our wedding, are you?

Carly: Why should I assume we're getting married? I told you, my kids don't approve.

Parker: Hey, Mom. Craig.

Craig: Nice to see you two.

Carly: Uh, what is going on here?

Parker: Well, we decided to take the day off to go to your wedding.

Carly: Are you sure?

Sage: Yeah, if you want to marry Craig, we won't stop you.

Carly: Are you sure it's okay, Sweetheart?

Sage: Yeah, I guess.

Carly: It's okay with you?

Parker: Yeah. And I was texting J.J. last night after you talked to him. And he said you should go for it.

Sage: But only if you're sure you want to get married.

Carly: Okay, well, since its okay with everybody, um, we may as well go ahead with the wedding.

Craig: Excellent. I knew this would all come together. But now we have to hurry. We can't keep the judge waiting.

Carly: Right, okay, well, maybe those new dresses we bought last week -- let's go get them.

Parker: Does this mean I have to wear a tie?

Craig: I'm afraid so. But you know what? After the way you came through for me today, I'd say you're about the best friend I've ever had.

Parker: No way.

Craig: Way. In fact, I'd be honored if you were my best man.

Parker: Seriously?

Craig: Mm-hmm.

Parker: Wow, yeah. Yeah, sure.

Craig: Great. Of course, that means you're in charge of the rings.

Parker: No problem.

Craig: Thank you. Parker has just agreed to be my best man.

Sage: Whoa.

Parker: It's no big deal.

Carly: It is. That's very sweet.

Craig: We're all going to be family. Well, I guess you three better get ready. And I'll go to the Lakeview and try to stall the guests. I'll see you there, darling.

Carly: Oh, okay.

Sage: Isn't it bad luck to kiss the bride before the wedding?

Carly: Oh, boy, I hope not.

Parker: I'm going to go hit the showers.

Carly: Okay. You know, you could be my maid of honor.

Sage: Really? Not just a flower girl?

Carly: It would make me really happy.

Sage: I still wish you and Daddy could get married.

Carly: I know. But this is the way that it has to be, okay? I'm so glad you're home. Well, you know something, if you're going to be my maid of honor, we'd better get ready. Come on.

Brad: You're quiet. Should I be worried?

Katie: No. It's just that right after we got married, Liberty showed up and we became this instant family. It's been long time since we talked about having a baby.

Brad: Well, I know you've always wanted one.

Katie: I don't even know if I can get pregnant.

Brad: We'll keep trying until it happens.

Katie: Why is this such a big deal to you all of a sudden?

Brad: Because I know it'll make you happy. And I think -- I mean, I think that I'm doing a pretty good job with Liberty right now. And I would like to be a dad from scratch. And I think the scratch part is the fun part.

Katie: Oh, really? Well, remind me of that fun part when I'm in labor.

Brad: So is that a yes?

Katie: You know I love Liberty. But when I see how close she and Janet are, I do get a little jealous.

Brad: That's because you want to be a mom.

Katie: I guess.

Craig: Keep the service short and sweet. Just say what it takes to make it legal.

Judge: Well, that's fine. The sooner I get back to court, the better.

Craig: Then we're on the same page. Uh, excuse me, your honor. I'm so glad you two could make it. You know, this is all due to Lily. If she hadn't suggested that I get married to spend more time with my son.

Holden: Yeah, Lily told me she got the ball rolling.

Lily: I never dreamed that you'd marry Carly.

Craig: Well, for me, it's a dream come true. And I hope our two families can share happy occasions in the future.

Holden: I need a drink.

Lily: Could you try to be a little bit more sensitive with Holden?

Craig: Sorry. I thought you two were past all that unpleasantness.

Lily: Well, it hasn't been easy. Don't expect the four of us to double date anytime soon.

Craig: I didn't really hold out much hope. Holden has never been too fond of me.

Lily: He hates you, Craig. He tried to talk Carly out of marrying you.

Craig: And I'm glad he didn't succeed. And I do think the four of us could be friends, once you and Holden see how well I treat Carly.

Lily: Where is the blushing bride? I hope she didn't get cold feet.

Craig: Carly did not get cold feet. She just needed a little more time to get ready.

Judge: This must be the beautiful bride.

Lily: No, no, not guilty.

Holden: She's already married to me.

Lily: I'll drink to that.

Craig: I'm sure Carly will be here any minute. All right, fine, I'll double your fee. So, why don't you get a drink and pretend to enjoy yourself.

Margo: Oh, Craig, bribing judges, again?

Craig: That was a gratuity. Margo, you look beautiful. I'm so glad you didn't wear your uniform.

Margo: Oh, I got my cuffs in my purse just in case.

Craig: And let's make sure they stay there.

Margo: I'm sorry Tom couldn't make it. He got stuck in court.

Craig: No need to make excuses. I figured Tom wouldn't be able to stomach this. But I'm content to know that both my sisters will be here, if Katie ever makes it.

Margo: Well, I delivered the news. She said she was coming.

Craig: Then the most important people will be attendance. Except for Johnny. I phoned Dusty, but he didn't pick up.

Margo: Oh, I wonder why?

Craig: It doesn't really matter. Once I'm married, I'll be spending a lot more time with my son.

Margo: You're going to need something more -- a valid license.

Craig: Which I have. And by the way, Parker's going to be my best man, so eat your heart out.

Margo: Well, here's the thing about best men. You don't need a best man if you don't have a bride and I don't see one. Do you think Carly is going to stand you up?

Craig: Trust me. I don't think so. And there you are. You look breathtaking. So, are you ready for me to make an honest woman out of you?

Brad: Okay, you can look.

Katie: Oh, I was wondering what you were up to.

Brad: Well, we're all set for operation "New baby".

Katie: Uh, except for one thing. Can you help me with my dress?

Brad: Allow me. I'll never get used to it.

Katie: What?

Brad: Just how beautiful you are.

Katie: Let's make a baby.

Carly: I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

Craig: Excellent. Do you have the rings, Buddy?

Parker: Yeah. I left them at home --

Craig: Very funny. By the way, I have a gift for the bride.

Carly: Oh, it's beautiful.

Craig: It belonged to my mother. So it's something borrowed, something blue, definitely old, but new to you.

Carly: Wow, you've thought of everything.

Craig: That's just one of my many talents. This may be an unconventional marriage, but a little tradition never hurt anyone. Which reminds me.

Carly: Oh, thank you. Lovely.

Craig: And these are for you, Sage.

Carly: What do you say?

Sage: Thank you.

Craig: Well, shall we?

Carly: I don't see why not. Are you ready, Sweetheart?

Sage: I guess.

Craig: Okay then, places, everybody. It's showtime. Did you ever hear from Katie?

Margo: No, do you want me to drive to her house --

Craig: No, never mind. I can't keep my bride waiting. Your honor, whenever you're ready. Okay, I'd just like to say a few words first. Um, thank you all for coming. You are some of the most important people in our lives. You'll be there to share in the good times and to support us when times get tough. But I've already promised my bride, only good times from now on.

Holden: Yeah, right.

Craig: Do you have anything you'd like to add, Carly?

Carly: Uh, no. Not really, no.

Craig: Okay, then. Let's do this.

Judge: We are gathered today to join Craig and Carly in --


Judge: Matrimony -- marriage is a partnership, not to be entered into lightly.

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