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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 1/23/09

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Carly: Hi.

 Jack: Hey, is Sage ready?

 Carly: Yeah, just about. Come in. Well, thanks for doing this with her. You know I know zip about building volcanoes.

 Jack: Me too. But it'll be fun to do this project together. You said she was ready?

 Carly: Right. Sage! Come on down, your dad's here.

 Sage: Okay!

 Carly: Oh, you know, I have a pan of Janet's from when she sent a lasagna over for the kids. Would you bring it back to her for me?

 Jack: Sure.

 Carly: So you're going to get the supplies for Sage, and then you're going to bring her back here for supper, right?

 Jack: Well, I figured I'd take her out for a burger.

 Carly: Here's the thing -- I haven't told her -- about Craig and me. And you know how Sage, how much she hates change.

 Jack: Well, you can say that again.

 Carly: And Parker's over at Ty's tonight, and I don't have to work. And I thought, since it was just be Sage and me, I would break the news to her.

 Jack: I won't say anything.

 Carly: Thank you for understanding. I know --

 Jack: You said you had something for me to bring back to Janet?

 Carly: Right.

 Craig: Sage! Well, don't you look all grown up?

 Sage: Thanks. I've got to go. My dad's waiting for me.

 Craig: Are you excited?

 Sage: About what?

 Craig: Being your mom's maid of honor at our wedding.

 Sage: Mom! Mom!

 Jack: What'd you do to her?

 Sage: Are you marrying him?

 Carly: Craig!

 Craig: Seems I spoiled a surprise.

 Dusty: If you married me, we both have a lot to gain.

 Meg: I can't believe you're even saying that. Marry you?

 Dusty: Yeah -- Craig's marrying Carly.

 Meg: What does that have to do with us?

 Dusty: To make himself look more stable in the eyes of a judge. He's the biological father, I'm the adoptive one. Things aren't looking good for me.

 Meg: That's not the only thing a judge is going to look at.

 Dusty: I live in a hotel. For dinner, I order my kid room service.

 Meg: Oh, come on Dusty, but getting married just to win a court case?

 Dusty: I can't lose him, Meg! I just canít. And if you're with me, legally with me, you and Eliza would be totally safe from Paul.

 Meg: This is crazy.

 Dusty: Not really. Think about Eliza.

 Meg: I am thinking about her. That's why I divorced her father. I'm not going to make the same mistake with you.

 Barbara: What are you doing?

 Paul: Looking for a little gift for Eliza.

 Barbara: I've been calling you all day long. Why have you not answered your phone?

 Paul: So far, all I have is the stuffed monkey.

 Barbara: Look at me.

 Paul: I'm fine, don't do that. It's not like I've gone off the deep end.

 Barbara: And this sudden need to purchase?

 Paul: Okay, so Meg finally comes over, you know, she brings Eliza. And it just feels so right. The three of us here in our home.

 Barbara: Well, that's wonderful.

 Paul: I pushed a little far.

 Barbara: What did you do?

 Paul: It's no big deal.

 Barbara: And Meg didn't see it that way?

 Paul: Well for Meg, I think it clarified her feelings. I mean, she can deny it, but Meg loves me now as much as she ever has.

 Carly: Would you let me handle this, Craig?

 Craig: Well, Sweetheart, we're about -to be married. Shouldn't we be handling family matters together?

 Sage: It's true? It's really true?

 Carly: Sweetheart, Craig and I have been talking, and we think it might be a good idea --

 Sage: It's not a good idea. Is it, Dad?

 Jack: It's your mom's decision, Honey.

 Sage: You didn't even ask me!

 Carly: Jack -- could you help her understand --

 Jack: It's kind of a tall order since I -- I'll try to make Sage feel better.

 Carly: Thank you. How could you do that?

 Craig: Well, I assumed since we've already officially announced our engagement --

 Carly: Oh, so that little ambush for Jack and Dusty -- that was an official announcement?

 Craig: It's a small town. They'll tell someone, then they'll tell someone, and they'll tell someone --

 Carly: The look on her face --

 Craig: Have you told Parker yet?

 Carly: I haven't told anybody. You seem to be the one who's doing all the talking!

 Craig: That's a good thing, otherwise no one would know. No wonder someone decided to invent these.

 Carly: Wow!

 Craig: Yes, now that is what I call an announcement. Something about it just says, I'm going to marry a really rich guy. Shall we?

 Meg: You need to stop trying to convince me, Dusty. I canít. I am not going to marry you.

 Dusty: Why not?

 Meg: Because I don't love you.

 Dusty: I don't love you, either. See, we're already compatible. And I make you laugh. That's a plus.

 Meg: Only because I'm -- I'm imagining my mother's reaction. She warned me over and over again not to marry Paul.

 Dusty: Your mother likes me. And if it keeps Paul away, she'll definitely approve.

 Meg: My mother is an honest woman. This isn't honest. It's a scheme.

 Dusty: No worse a scheme than when you and Paul kept Johnny away from me and Jennifer.

 Meg: That was one of the lowest points in my life. I'm ashamed of that to this day.

 Dusty: I'm not trying to make you feel guilty.

 Meg: You know, I think you are.

 Dusty: No, I'm a desperate man, Meg.

 Meg: Yeah, I can see that.

 Dusty: You're a mother now. Imagine if someone kept you away from Eliza. And worse, told you she was dead.

 Meg: I can't imagine that. I am so sorry what I did to Jennifer. And to you.

 Dusty: My wife's gone. So, you can't make it up to her. And I forgave you a long time ago. But please, I'm begging you -- do this for my son.

 Meg: I care about you, Dusty. I want what's best for Johnny. But you're not being realistic. If I marry you, I'm going to be one more temporary person in his life.

 Dusty: You're looking at it the wrong way.

 Meg: Am I? This poor little boy has been dragged from place to place. He needs permanence, Dusty.

 Dusty: He'll have it -- with me. I'll never leave his side. If you marry me, I'll be that for him.

 Meg: This is wrong.

 Dusty: No, letting Craig raise him is wrong. He'll destroy his life just like he did with all his other kids.

 Meg: Why me?

 Dusty: Because we can help each other. I'll protect you and your daughter.

 Meg: Why not Josie?

 Dusty: That's not an option.

 Meg: Why not? You have feelings for her. She could be Johnny's mother. And then you'd have a real marriage instead of a merger.

 Dusty: I can't marry Josie.

 Meg: Why not?  

 Dusty: She's not trustworthy. She's not aware of what guys like Craig and Paul can do.

 Meg: I guess she's not, no.

 Dusty: I mean, you understand. It cost you, but you get it. You had a miscarriage because these guys were fighting over you. Do you think that was a coincidence?

 Meg: Why are you doing this to me?

 Dusty: You couldn't save your son. But you can definitely save your daughter. I'll help you -- marry me.

 Meg: It's not that simple.

 Dusty: I love my son. It's as simple as that. And I love Eliza too. I was there when she was born.

 Meg: Thank God you were.

 Dusty: I can give you a good life. I'm lucky enough to have plenty of money --

 Meg: I don't need your money, Dusty.

 Dusty: Enough money so that you can stay home with Eliza if that's what you choose to do.

 Meg: I'll be getting child support from Paul. That's going to be more than enough --

 Dusty: Do you think Paul's going to send you monthly checks? Do you think Paul's going to abide by your rules when it comes to seeing Eliza?

 Meg: He's not a monster.

 Dusty: I beg to differ. He can be.

 Meg: I want Eliza to know her father.

 Dusty: It might work for now. But later, you're going to want options.

 Meg: Yeah, but I'll be married to you.

 Dusty: Not forever. Once everything is settled with Johnny's custody, we can annul the marriage, and you'll have your freedom -- from me and from Paul. Say yes.

 Meg: I'll think about it.

 Dusty: I don't believe it. You're going to give that guy another chance.

 Craig: You don't like the color? The clarity? The shape?

 Carly: It's the size, Craig. It's too big.

 Craig: Is it? Well, let's try it on just to make sure. Hmm, perfect fit.

 Carly: Well -- it's insured, I'm assuming.

 Craig: If you lose it, I'll simply buy you another.

 Carly: Okay. Okay, well, I have to get supper started, because Sage is going to be back and I have to talk to her --

 Craig: Certainly. One more note about the wedding date.

 Carly: Right, a couple of weeks from now --

 Craig: More like -- a couple of days.

 Carly: No! Craig, you told me I had at least --

 Craig: The hearing date has been set. Which means our wedding has to happen pretty much right away.

 Carly: Okay. Well, when the license comes through, we'll trot over to city hall and get it over with.

 Craig: City hall? For our special day? Not on your life!

 Sage: Why is she marrying Craig? She doesn't love him, does she?

 Jack: I don't know. But your mother's got her reasons.

 Sage: But he's done so many bad things, hasn't he?

 Jack: Sage --

 Sage: Hasn't he?

 Jack: Sage, you're putting me in a really tough position. Your mother's marrying the guy. I'm not going to talk trash about him.

 Sage: It's not trash if it's true. I remember you and Mom talked about him when he was married to Aunt Rosanna. She got in a car accident and you said it was his fault.

 Jack: Well, it wasn't --

 Sage: And he lied about Aunt Gwenís baby, didn't he?

 Jack: Yes, he did.

 Sage: He's not going to get Mom into trouble, is he?

 Jack: No, I hope not. Listen, I don't want you worrying about that. Janet and I are getting our own place. Whenever you want, you guys can move in with us.

 Sage: I know, but I like being at Mom's. All my stuff is there and I don't want to move out. I just don't want Craig to move in.

 Jack: Yeah, I know how you feel.

 Sage: Isn't there something you can do to make it not happen?

 Jack: Honey, my hands are tied here.

 Sage: Then I'll do something myself.

 Barbara: Isn't it possible that you have misread Meg's feelings?

 Paul: No, no, she wanted me to kiss her.

 Barbara: And, so, you did?

 Paul: It seemed like a really good idea.

 Barbara: And she didn't have the reaction you were hoping for?

 Paul: She couldn't get out of here fast enough.

 Barbara: Oh, Honey, you've got to stop rushing her.

 Paul: Okay, fine, I'll wait. How long do I wait? What, like a week? A month --

 Barbara: As long as it takes.

 Paul: Maybe you could kind of -- move things along for me. Will you go talk to Meg?

 Barbara: And what, try to convince her to move back in here with you?

 Paul: Yeah -- well, no. I mean, you could apologize for me though, maybe. Say I'm sorry.

 Barbara: Send a note.

 Paul: I don't know what to do next, Mom. I don't know how much is too much. And Meg will talk to you.

 Barbara: She will think that I'm interfering. And she will be right.

 Paul: No, you can find a way around that, I know you can.

 Barbara: And so, what if I tell her that you're sorry and she says she wants nothing more to do with you?

 Paul: She won't say that, because you will plead so eloquently on my behalf, that she'll be falling all over herself to give me another shot.

 Barbara: It's not going to happen overnight.

 Paul: Mom -- if I have something to hope for, then maybe I could be patient.

 Barbara: Okay. Okay. I'll go talk to her.

 Dusty: At least promise me that you won't go to see Paul alone.

 Meg: I'll be fine.

 Dusty: And keep an open mind. Marriage might be the best thing that's for both of us.

 Meg: Your back is up against the wall. Mine isnít. Not yet.

 Dusty: You have my number. Bye, Eliza. Keep her safe.

 Meg: I will.

 Josie: Hey.

 Dusty: Hey, you look happy.

 Josie: Yeah, well, I've been doing some shopping for Johnny. I got him some new cars and trucks.

 Dusty: I don't want you spending your money on Johnny.

 Josie: Relax Donovan, I didn't break the bank. They were two for a dollar. Hey, look -- this one, it makes the weirdest noise.

 Dusty: He'll love it. Are you sure you got to give him this one?

 Josie: It was really fun shopping for him. It felt like I was -- shopping for my own child.

 Dusty: Maybe that's not a good idea.

 Josie: Well, what do you mean?

 Dusty: Sometimes it's easy to get too invested in a relationship.

 Josie: Well, what have you heard? Is he dumping me for another babysitter? Or maybe that's what you're doing.

 Dusty: I was going to tell you this later. I proposed to Meg. And I think she's going to say yes.

 Josie: Proposed? Isn't that a little bit -- extreme? Shouldn't you maybe try, I don't know, dating first? Going steady?

 Dusty: We used to live together, years ago.

 Josie: And when Paul signed the divorce papers, all those feelings just came flooding back? Just like that?

 Dusty: I need to get married. So Johnny can have a real home. And so can Meg's daughter.

 Josie: And that leaves me -- where, exactly?

 Dusty: I know this is the last thing you expected to hear.

 Josie: So you're just going to write off everything that we had? Ignore it?

 Dusty: Josie, try to understand.

 Josie: I thought that we were building something.

 Dusty: We were. But I got to put my son first.

 Josie: And -- you think that I'm not good enough for Johnny or for you?

 Dusty: Josie -- a court hearing has been set, and Craig is going to show up married. A family man. I've got to show the judge that I have something better to offer.

 Josie: And that's Meg?

 Dusty: Yeah.

 Josie: Well, I see.

 Carly: What difference does it make where we get married?

 Craig: It makes a difference! If we throw some half baked, slipshod ceremony, it'll take Dusty about two minutes to call it into question. And he'll try to prove that we're just putting on a show for the court. So whatever we do, we have to do it with conviction.

 Carly: I'm not marrying you in a church.

 Craig: Good call. If I'm not struck down by lightning, then you probably would be. Let's have it here.

 Carly: Not here.

 Craig: Why not? There's plenty of room for my sisters and their husbands. Of course, your children should be involved. In fact, doing it on home turf would make them believe that I have a sense of belonging here.

 Carly: You donít.

 Craig: Well, not yet. But once I'm living here.

 Carly: What?

 Craig: Well, I assumed you would prefer not to uproot your children from the place they feel most comfortable. Why? What were you thinking?

 Carly: I don't know, I guess I wasn't thinking that far ahead. It's not a very big house. Where were you planning on sleeping?

 Craig: With you, of course.

 Carly: Oh, no --

 Craig: Oh, Carly, don't be coy. I remember some stellar moments in our past.

 Carly: I don't care what happened in the past. I said I'd marry you, I never said I'd sleep with you! Hi, Sweetheart. Did you get everything you needed for your project?

 Craig: She seems upset. Why don't you go talk to her? And I'll pour us some wine.

 Carly: Go away, Craig.

 Craig: But we haven't finished discussing our wedding plans.

 Carly: No, I've have to deal with Sage before I can plan anything.

 Craig: Well, maybe I can help. I'm very good with children.

 Carly: Yes, yes, you're absolutely brilliant. If you hadn't opened your big mouth, my daughter wouldn't be having a meltdown right now.

 Craig: Maybe I could buy her a dollhouse or something.

 Carly: Go!

 Craig: Do you think she'd like a diamond ring --

 Carly: Get out!

 Meg: Barbara! Hey, I was just about to call you. Come on in.

 Barbara: Thank you.

 Meg: You know, I just put Eliza down. But if you'd like to go upstairs and take a peek at her --

 Barbara: Well, I'd love that, but why can't I have a little visit first. You were going to call me?

 Meg: Yeah, I even went by your place earlier.

 Barbara: Well, I was over at Fairwinds with Paul. He's doing much better, don't you think?

 Meg: I'm not so sure about that.

 Barbara: I thought the two of you were bonding over the baby.

 Meg: Is that what he said?

 Barbara: Honey, what's going on? Talk to me, Meg.

 Meg: I love him so much.

 Barbara: Well that's really good news, because he loves you, too.

 Meg: But I can't be with him, Barbara. I canít. And I keep trying to get him to understand that, to believe him. I divorced him!

 Barbara: But if you love him, don't you think he's picking up on that?

 Meg: That's why I need you to talk to him, Barbara. I need you to get him to understand that our marriage is really over.

 Josie: What's wrong with your wife?

 Paul: There is nothing wrong with my wife. She is perfect. What's wrong with you?

 Josie: I thought you said Meg was a nice person.

 Paul: She is a nice person. What's the matter with you?

 Josie: When Dusty first told me, I was hurt. But then, I realized he was ruining his own life, not just mine. And if Meg is supposed to be this perfect person, then why can't she realize that marrying her is the worst thing he could possibly do right now?

 Paul: What are you talking about?

 Josie: It's like he's trying to punish himself. That he doesn't want himself to be happy. I could make him happy.

 Paul: Josie, back up for a second.

 Josie: I love him, and I think if he just, would let himself, he would love me too.

 Paul: What are you talking about, Meg marrying Dusty?

 Josie: He proposed to her.

 Paul: No. I just talked to Meg. She didn't say anything about that.

 Josie: Well, I was just with Dusty a few minutes ago. And he told me himself.

 Paul: He's lying.

 Josie: Why would he do that?

 Paul: Because -- Meg is not going to be with Dusty. She's -- she's coming back to me. We're finally going to be a family!

 Josie: Well, I just saw them hugging. She had the baby with her.

 Paul: Well, Dusty proposed, but that doesn't mean that Meg said yes.

 Josie: Not yet. But he thinks she's going to.

 Paul: No, you're wrong! Meg is my wife! She'll never belong to anyone else!

 Craig: I thought I'd find you here, canoodling with the missus.

 Jack: My wife is off tonight.

 Craig: Hmm, too bad. Lovely woman. I wanted you to know -- Carly and I are moving forward with the wedding. She's making nice with Sage now. And I know I'll never receive your blessing, but I want you to know that I will be a good husband to Carly. And I will do everything I can to be a good stepfather to your children. Well, I'm glad we had this conversation. I felt it was important because you obviously object to this.

 Jack: I don't object.

 Craig: No?

 Jack: No, I'm not married to Carly anymore, Craig. I've have no right to tell her anything. Besides, everybody knows Carly does what she wants.

 Carly: Hey, Honey. I've got some food here -- what are you doing with your suitcase?

 Sage: I decided that if you're going to marry Craig, I'm going to move in with Daddy and Janet.

 Carly: Sweetie, I know I should have discussed Craig's proposal with you. I meant to. It's just, everything was moving so fast. I understand that you're mad at me.

 Sage: No, Mom. I love you.

 Carly: Then why would you leave?

 Sage: Craig Montgomery is a bad man.

 Carly: Well, Sage, you felt the same way about Janet at first. I know it's tough to watch your dad and me moving on with our lives --

 Sage: Daddy loves Janet. Do you love Craig?

 Carly: It isn't about that.

 Sage: Isn't that what marriage is supposed to be about? Being in love?

 Carly: Yes. Normally, yes. But there are special circumstances, and I think that this is one of them.

[Car horn honking]

 Sage: That's my cab.

 Carly: You called a cab?

 Sage: Well, I knew you wouldn't want me to go. And I didn't want to call Daddy, because I didn't want you guys to get into a fight.

 Carly: We're not going to fight, Honey.

 Sage: I have my own money for the cab.

 Carly: Honey, you're too young to be in a cab by yourself. It's not safe.

 Sage: You think it's safe for me to stay here with Craig?

 Carly: Yes, absolutely, or I wouldn't marry him.

 Sage: Don't you remember what he did to Aunt Gwen and Aunt Rosanna? You even said you hated him.

 Carly: Yes, I did say that, I know.

 Sage: Then why are you doing this? Why are you marrying him?

 Carly: Okay, you stay right here, all right? Don't move.

 Sage: Where are you going?

 Carly: I'm going to pay for this cab, and I'm going to come back and we are going to talk.

 Sage: You can't make me stay here.

 Carly: Sage, just wait here. Let me pay for the cab, I'll come back, we'll call your father -- we'll settle this, okay?

 Barbara: You need to go to Paul --

 Meg: I can't do that.

 Barbara: Yes you can. Go to him, talk to him. He will listen to you. He'll do anything that you want. I'll stay here with Eliza.

 Meg: I can't!

 Barbara: Why not, because you're afraid that he's going to convince you to move back in?

 Meg: I'm afraid of what I'll see. He hasn't recovered, Barbara. Not completely.

 Barbara: Yes he has. All of his doctors concur on that.

 Meg: He's my husband! I don't need anyone to tell me how he is. You know, sometimes he gets this look. Like he'll do anything to keep me with him. Anything.

 Barbara: Honey, what you're feeling is not anger or aggression. It's fear. He knows that he pushed things with you today. He's very sorry about that.

 Meg: He told you that?

 Barbara: Yes, he did. And also that he respects the fact that you need distance and time.

 Meg: I just can never go back to him, Barbara.

 Barbara: And you can't blame him for hoping that that's not true. I understand that Paul has frightened you in the past. But what else do you feel for him?

 Meg: Love. I feel love.

 Barbara: You have Paul's love. So it's only a matter of time before he can earn your trust. Think it over, okay?

 Josie: What are you doing?

 Paul: I'm going to talk to Dusty.

 Josie: No, you can't do that.

 Paul: The hell I can! Tell him to stay the hell away from my wife!

 Josie: Paul, she's not your wife anymore.

 Paul: Will you mind your own business.

 Josie: And what do you think is going to happen if you go get into a fight with Dusty? That Meg's going to come back to you? She's going to go running into Dusty's arms.

 Paul: She loves me.

 Josie: Then work with that. And get it right, or you're going to lose her.

 Carly: Did you put Sage up to this?

 Jack: This was her choice, not mine.

 Carly: So you talked to her about moving out? And you didn't think to call me and warn me --

 Jack: No, I told her you had a right to do what makes you happy, and that she should talk to you.

 Carly: And?

 Jack: And if she wasn't comfortable living here while you're married to Craig, she could move in with me.

 Carly: She brought up what Craig did to Gwen and Rosanna. Did you mention that to her, Jack?

 Jack: I didn't have to. Do you remember how much you cried when you found out Rosanna had been hurt? And how angry you were at Craig for shipping her off to Switzerland, and living off her money? Nice ring, by the way.

 Carly: I know that for some reason you refuse to believe this, but Craig has changed. People can change.

 Jack: Not that much.

 Carly: You used to love me. So yeah, people can change a lot. I'm not letting her go.

 Jack: I'm not going to force her to live here while you're married to someone everyone hates.

 Carly: Jack, she's just a little girl! She would hate anybody that I marry if it wasn't you. Well, it's our job to help her understand.

 Jack: Give her a couple months. Maybe she'll come around.

 Carly: Don't take her out of here, Jack. Don't do it.

 Jack: I'm done making concessions. Sage, you ready?

 Barbara: Paul! Josie, what are you doing here? Where's Paul?

 Josie: He went to see Meg.

 Barbara: What? I just came from there.

 Josie: Why?

 Barbara: Because I was trying to undo the damage that he did. I thought he understood that he had to be patient. Paul, Paul -- don't speak to Meg until you talk to me. Please call me back, I mean it. This is your mother. Just when I thought that I convinced Meg to give Paul another chance.

 Josie: Well, while you were convincing Meg, did she mention that she's thinking about marrying Dusty?

 Barbara: What?

 Josie: I'm thinking patience might not be the way for Paul to go this time.

 Meg: Well, this is a surprise. Barbara was just here. Did she call you?

 Paul: She works fast, I'll give her that.

 Meg: Ahh, so you knew she was coming to plead your case?

 Paul: Yeah, I asked her to. I felt bad. I shouldn't have kissed you, I just, I thought -- look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I misread the signals.

 Meg: Maybe you didnít.

 Paul: So you still have feelings for me?

 Meg: We're attracted to each other, Paul. And even though I can't be married to you, I can't change what I feel for you. I don't blame you for picking up on that.

 Paul: Okay. I'm just wondering where we go from here.

 Meg: Yeah, me too.

 Paul: I'd really like for you to think about moving back into Fairwinds. You could have your own wing if you want. Your own staff. Whatever you want. And that way, we can share our love together with our child. And at this point, that's all I'm asking you for.

 Meg: That sounds wonderful.

 Paul: Okay.

 Meg: But we both know that won't work.

 Paul: Why not?

 Meg: Because -- every time I give in my feelings to you, things fall apart. And you won't be able to honor an arrangement like that.

 Paul: Of course, I could. I would do anything for you.

 Meg: It would be too difficult, for both of us. I mean, we'd have a weak moment, then we'd both give in, and then all the complications would start all over again. I can't do that.

 Paul: Okay. Is Eliza sleeping?

 Meg: Yeah. You can go up and see her if you want.

 Paul: So you can't have an arrangement like that with me. But you can have one like that with Dusty?

 Meg: What are you talking about?

 Paul: You can move in with Dusty, you can share my daughter's life with Dusty, you can marry him!

 Meg: Who told you --?

 Paul: And what happens when you have a weak moment with him, huh? Are you going to control yourself, then? Or will you just give in?

 Craig: One step closer to walking down the aisle.

 Carly: This is a really bad time --

 Craig: I've got the marriage license, and a solution to the venue dilemma. If you don't want to have the wedding here, we'll just do it at the Lakeview. Now let's talk about a date.

 Carly: Slow down, all right? I have some issues that I have to take care of.

 Craig: Already taken care of.

 Carly: It is?

 Craig: You're worried about Sage, right? I took a few steps to smooth those waters.

 Carly: What steps?

 Craig: I had a little chat with Jack. Set things straight.

 Carly: How?

 Craig: Well basically, he's taking a more laissez-faire attitude about your life. He won't interfere.

 Carly: He said that?

 Craig: More or less. Jack, what are you doing here?

 Jack: I'll come by and get the rest of Sage's stuff later.

 Carly: You're sure this is what you want? Okay. Well, maybe just for now then, all right? You have fun with your dad tonight and we'll talk tomorrow. Okay?

 Sage: Love you, Mom.

 Carly: I love you too.

 Jack: Let me know when the wedding is. I'll make sure she's there.

 Carly: Now tell me again about how there's not going to be a problem.

 Meg: You have to leave right now.

 Paul: I'm going to go see Eliza.

 Meg: I changed my mind. I don't want you to wake her.

 Paul: I thought you were never going to keep me from my child.

 Meg: And I thought you meant that sincere speech about being together as a family --

 Paul: I did.

 Meg: And giving me my space, and being patient.

 Paul: I meant every word.

 Meg: You just don't want me to end up with Dusty.

 Paul: You don't belong with Dusty. You belong with me! You and Eliza belong with me!

 Meg: You need to leave.

 Paul: You love me!

 Meg: Right now.

 Paul: You can't deny that!

 Meg: I never denied that. You just keep proving to me that I can't live with you.

 Paul: Yeah, well you can't live without me either. And that's never going to change.

 Craig: So Sage packed her bag and ran off with her daddy. It's not the end of the world.

 Carly: To you. To me, it's huge.

 Craig: Well, you still have one kid left. Actually, two. J.J.'s just off at school. And Parker's not going to want to leave. He likes me. He won't mind that we're getting married.

 Carly: Sage wants to stay with her father because you and I are together. Well, I can't let that happen. I cannot be with you.

 Craig: She's an adolescent, Carly. They're notoriously quixotic. Besides, how long do you think she'll last sharing the bathroom with aunts, uncles, cousins and whatnot? She'll be back from that farm by the end of the week. Don't make this more than what it is.

 Carly: My child can't stand you. And she's left me because of it.

 Craig: That's because Jack has talked her into it --

 Carly: I can't do this. You know, I absolutely cannot marry you.

 Craig: Will you calm down for just a minute?

 Carly: I agreed to do this so you wouldn't lose your son! I am not going to lose my daughter in the process!

 Craig: Just give it a couple of days.

 Carly: She's gone! Don't you get it?

 Craig: Yes, I do. I get it, better than you. I get exactly what this is. Do you really believe that Sage's little mini-rebellion was her idea? This is Jack trying to control you!

 Carly: No. No, he's not!

 Craig: Yes, it is. And now you get to decide just how long you're going to take that.

 Craig: Well, I have to hand it to Jack, he is good. He knows exactly how to stick it to you.

 Carly: This was Sage's decision.

 Craig: Carly, don't be naive. Jack did this.

 Carly: He didnít. It's like you said. He doesn't care what I do anymore.

 Craig: Sage left with Jack, a little upset. But she returns ready to pack a bag and move out. Jack had to do something to egg her on.

 Carly: He tried to get her to stay.

 Craig: Is that what he told you?

 Carly: Yeah.

 Craig: And you believed it, why?

 Carly: Because he doesn't lie to me. And he doesn't manipulate our children. And I'm not going to discuss this with you, Craig. You need to go.

 Craig: How to manipulate a child 101. Sit quietly. Stare into space. Wait for loving child to ask you what's wrong. Tell the loving child. And loving child offers to help. It's that simple, Carly. And that's exactly what Jack did.

 Carly: He wouldn't do that.

 Craig: He may claim not to care about you anymore, and that might even be true. But he hates me. Now tell me again that he wouldn't lie to you or coerce his daughter to get rid of me.

 Carly: Maybe you're right.

 Craig: I know I am.

 Carly: Then he wins.

 Craig: What?

 Carly: He wins. If I have to end this engagement in order to get my daughter back, then you're gone, Craig.

 Jack: Don't get used to having ice cream for dinner every night. I only got this for you because of the day you had today.

 Sage: Dad, do you think it worked?

 Jack: Time will tell, Sage. Time will tell. But I think we've got your mother right where we want her.

 Craig: Are you really going to let him get away with this?

 Carly: I don't have a choice.

 Craig: Would you like a plan?

 Carly: You've got one?

 Craig: I've got a brilliant one.

 Carly: What do I have to do?

 Craig: Nothing.

 Carly: That's your brilliant plan? Nothing?

 Craig: Think this through. Jack is expecting you to make a big fuss, "You're right Jack, I won't marry Craig, I'll be a good girl, blah, blah, blah." Don't buy into it. Ignore him.

 Carly: And that will work how?

 Craig: Because Jack's bluffing and he's using Sage to do it. He doesn't even have a home. Now, I'm telling you, given the choice between sharing a house with 50 people and a dozen animals, or a room of her own in her own home --

 Carly: Sage loves the farm.

 Craig: More than the things money can buy? Remember something, I don't come empty-handed. And once she figures out I can buy her a new outfit every week, she'll come around.

 Carly: I don't want my kids spoiled.

 Craig: Of course not. But indulged just enough to never want to leave again. I have a few more arrangements to make for our wedding. Trust me. This is all going to work out just fine.

 Barbara: I sent Josie home. But I want to know what happened with Meg.

 Paul: Mom, I almost had her. I was so close, I could feel it. And then I said something stupid, and you know, everything kind of fell apart. The walls went right back up.

 Barbara: You need to back off.

 Paul: Oh, no, no, Mom. The fact that I got so close just proves my point. Meg says we're done, but she will never be done with me.

 Dusty: Are you okay? Meg?

 Meg: If you still want to do this, I'll marry you.

 Next week on "As the World Turns" --

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 Allison: Come on, Case.

 Casey: It's Emily, isn't it?

 Jade: You're going to hire me to go after Casey?

 Emily: No, not go after him, to catch him.

 Craig: Are you ready for me to make an honest woman out of you?

 Dusty: We got married. Meg's my wife.

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