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As The World Turns Transcript Wednesday 1/14/09

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Casey: Guess who's done for the day?

Alison: I couldn't imagine.

Casey: It's me. I am. That's who.

Alison: Lucky you.

Casey: Um, I think you should check out the east stairwell. Are you going to ask me why?

Alison: I'm assuming you cleaned it.

Casey: That doesn't even begin to describe it. It's a work of art.

Alison: That is great.

Casey: Okay, a little enthusiasm here would be nice.

Alison: It's a stairwell, Casey. And if it means that much to you, I'll try not to use it and mess it up.

Casey: Okay. So what did I do wrong so I can apologize about it, and we can go back to having a real conversation? Why are you so mad?

Alison: I'm not mad at you.

Casey: Really?

Alison: I know, it's hard to believe.

Casey: Is this about the other day?

Alison: The other day?

Casey: When we almost kissed? Are you, I don't know, weirded about it? Because if you are --

Alison: Yeah, I'm really not. In fact, I actually completely forgot about it.

Casey: Okay, that's cool. Whatever.

Alison: And why would I even be weirded by it? I mean, it's not like we haven't kissed before. But we're just friends.

Casey: Yeah, and friends don't kiss friends.

Alison: Right. Besides, we both agreed, we don't want anything more. Right?

Bonnie: Okay, I might be completely overstepping my bounds here. And if I am, just tell me. I won't be offended. Because I know that I keep coming to you with this. It's --

Lily: You want to talk about Derek and Jade. Please, sit.

Bonnie: Yeah. Has she even mentioned Derek to you?

Lily: No, she hasnít.

Bonnie: I tried to talk to her at New Yearís Eve, and it didn't really go over so well.

Lily: I can't say I'm surprised.

Bonnie: Oh, come on, Lily. There has to be something we can do. They can't just keep walking around avoiding each other.

Lily: Jade is one stubborn little girl. I mean, if she doesn't want to do something, good luck convincing her otherwise. She's a lot like my sister that way.

Bonnie: Maybe that stubborn streak isn't all Rose. Derek and Jade, they are a lot alike. And I would just hate for them to miss out on the chance to get to know each other.

Margo: Robby Sanchez was in your custody, Agent Moniz. I mean, how did he manage to escape the federal pen? All right, fine. Fine, fine, you don't know. But the prisoner's not in my jurisdiction. Why aren't you talking to someone in Florida? Chicago? When?

Derek: Bonnie? I got your note. The napkin's cute, but why didn't you just text me? Bonnie? Sanchez.

Robby: What's up, Papi?

Derek: What are you doing here? I thought you're supposed to be in jail.

Robby: Turns out, I had more important things to do.

Derek: Yeah, like what?

Robby: Like making you and that little bitch pay.

Derek: If you're talking about Jade --

Robby: Who else would I be talking about, man? She turned on me. And she's going to be sorry. Just as sorry as you.

Luke: Jade!

Jade: That's why you didn't come home last night.

Luke: Yeah, I spent the night in Noah's dorm room.

Noah: Yeah, my roommate's on extended winter break, so --

Jade: Oh, and you're taking full advantage?

Luke: Yeah, yeah.

Jade: Well, good for you guys.

Noah: Incredibly good.

Luke: Noah!

Noah: What? I'm just agreeing with her.

Luke: But anyways, I just wanted to say thank you. We both wanted to say thank you so much. If you and Casey hadn't pushed us together a couple days ago, who knows where we'd be right now.

Noah: Yeah, probably giving each other the cold shoulder.

Jade: Well, it was actually a fluke, but you're welcome. I'm glad everything worked out for you guys.

Luke: Well, not everything.

Jade: What do you mean?

Luke: Well, my grandmother and I still kind of have issues.

Jade: I thought things were better with her.

Noah: Yeah, so did I.

Luke: Well, we've called a truce. But it's not like before Brian came into the picture. I don't know if she'll ever get over what he did to her. And until she does, I don't know where that leaves us.

Lucinda: What the hell are you doing here?

Brian: I came to collect my things.

Lucinda: Oh. You mean these things? These things? Well all right. Let me help you. Making it easier for you, all right?

Brian: Damn it, Lucinda, why are you doing this?

Lucinda: I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again.

Brian: Kicking me out wasn't enough? Now you gotta resort to destroying my personal property as well?

Lucinda: I am ridding myself of anything that might remind me of you.

Brian: Well, that's just too damn bad, lady. Because I'm not going anywhere. Look, I understand that you hate me.

Lucinda: I never said that.

Brian: But you know that I never set out to hurt you, Lucinda.

Lucinda: No, you wanted to take care of me. You wanted to give me something to live for, someone to love.

Brian: I did love you. I do love you.

Lucinda: No, not really. You couldn't manage that.

Brian: You make it sound like I didn't want to. I did the best I could.

Lucinda: What was I, some kind of a test case?

Brian: What do you need me to say? What will it take to make this better?

Lucinda: You can't make it better. I came into the relationship. I really did. I tried. I came with an open mind and an open heart. But you weren't able to do that.

Brian: I'm sorry.

Lucinda: Well, sorry isn't good enough. You also told me that was beautiful and desirable.

Brian: Lucinda, look at me. Look at me and tell me that you have any doubts that I loved you.

Lucinda: I know you loved me. I just feel terrible that I ever thought about loving you back.

Jade: You guys are finally together and happy. Don't let your grandmother ruin this for you.

Luke: That's not what she's doing.

Noah: I get where Lucinda's coming from. I mean, remember how it was for Maddie when she found out I was gay? It wasn't something she could accept overnight.

Jade: Well, fooling Maddie into thinking you're straight, I can see that happening. I mean, she was on the rebound from Casey, she's not really Miss Sophisticated. But Lucinda's been alive for a long time. How could she not see that? And not only that, then ask him to marry her?

Luke: Because she thought he loved her.

Jade: You only see what you want to see. If you ask me, they were both in denial.

Casey: I know we sort of blurred the lines a little bit on New Yearís Eve.

Alison: You know why that happened, Casey.

Casey: Yes. You were willing to do anything to cover the fact that you were hiding Lucy and Johnny in that room.

Alison: And you were really messed up over Maddie.

Casey: I wasn't exactly messed up.

Alison: Okay, it doesn't matter. Because what happened that night didn't mean anything.

Casey: How can you say that? Speaking for myself, I know --

Mia: Alison, thanks again for those tickets.

Alison: Oh, you're welcome.

Casey: What tickets?

Mia: To Ac/Dc. You missed a great show.

[Pager beeping]

Mia: Gotta love the E.R. thanks again.

Casey: You had tickets to Ac/Dc?

Alison: Yeah, I got them last minute. It's not a big deal.

Casey: And you bailed? Why?

Alison: I didn't have anyone to go with.

Casey: Hello, I love those guys. All those hours playing Rock Star. Any of those songs sound familiar?

Alison: Okay, honestly, Casey? I did think of asking you. But I didn't want you to get the wrong impression.

Casey: Oh, okay, so we're friends, but we can't really go out if we make plans first? Do I have that right? I'm just --

Alison: You know what, Casey? If you really wanted to go, you could've gotten your own tickets and made a real big night of it. I have patients to go check on.

Bonnie: So you haven't asked Jade how she feels about Derek?

Lily: No, I have. She just always finds a way around it.

Bonnie: So, maybe she's not interested in getting to know Derek at all?

Lily: If she does care, I'm not sure she'll admit it. Why is this so important to you?

Bonnie: I really like Derek, Lily. I mean, I really like him. More than I should at this point, and that's --

Lily: Scary?

Bonnie: It's terrifying. It's terrifying. If he's the kind of man who can turn his back on his own flesh and blood, I cannot afford to go on feeling this way.

Lily: Do you want my advice?

Bonnie: It can't be worse than what I'm telling myself, right?

Lily: Don't give up on Derek so easily. This is a difficult situation for everyone. It's going to take awhile to sort through it, no matter what the outcome is.

[Cell phone rings]

Bonnie: Oh, sorry. One second here. Hello?

Margo: Hey, Bonnie. Yeah, it's Margo. Where are you?

Bonnie: I'm at Lily's at the moment.

Margo: Great. Stay there. I'm on my way.

Brian: So, this is it? This is how we're going to end things?

Lucinda: Things ended between us long before this.

Brian: I know I've made terrible mistakes.

Lucinda: Yeah. You tried to bed my grandson. I don't think any woman could call that just an error in judgment.

Brian: It's just that I was floundering for so long. When we found each other, you grounded me, Lucinda. You became the one thing in my life that made any sense.

Lucinda: You just wanted someone to hide behind.

Brian: No. Why are you so determined to act as if nothing we had was real?

Lucinda: Because it wasn't real. I deserve better.

Brian: Yes. Yes, you do. And I wish I could've given that to you. You don't know how much I wish I could've given that to you.

Lucinda: Well, there's no point in talking about this anymore. I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Brian: You want me to beg, is that it? Will that make you feel better?

Lucinda: This isn't about making me feel any better.

Brian: I'm not asking you to forgive me.

Lucinda: No. This is about me helping you to find some closure.

Brian: I really thought that because I cared about you so much, I could make this work. And I'm just asking you to give me the benefit of the doubt.

Lucinda: I can't give you anything. I mean, I can't give you anything. You want this? Okay, let me give this to you. Here it is. That's it. Take it and go. And go now, please, quickly.

Luke: Have you talked to Derek?

Jade: No. And I don't plan on it.

Luke: Aren't you a little bit curious?

Jade: Why, because he knew my mother 20 years ago? Sorry, I'm going to need a little more than that.

Luke: All right, so I guess this is your way of saying this conversation is kaput.

Jade: No, we can talk about whatever you want, but I'm out of coffee.

Luke: All right, I'll get you some.

[Cell phone rings]

Jade: Hello?

Robby: Hey, Peaches.

Jade: Who is this?

Robby: You know who it is.

Jade: Why are you calling me? I didn't think they gave you phone privileges.

Robby: I can get anything I want on the outside.

Jade: You're out?

Robby: That's right. And I want to see you.

Jade: I don't think that's going to happen.

Robby: Why? You don't want to say good-bye to your bodyguard?

Derek: You leave her alone. Jade, stay away!

Robby: Shut up!

Jade: Was that Derek? What did you do to him? Where are you?

Robby: Someplace called Metro. Do you know where it is?

Jade: Yeah.

Robby: Come alone.

Luke: Where are you going?

Casey: Hey, you almost ran me over.

Jade: I have to go to Metro.

Casey: It's the middle of the day, it's not even open.

Noah: Where'd Jade go?

Luke: I don't know. She just bolted.

Noah: Was it something you said?

Luke: No, I think it was your coffee.

Noah: Oh!

[Phone ringing]

Luke: Hi, Grandma.

Lucinda: Hi, Dear. I just wanted to give you the heads-up.

Luke: Oh. About what?

Lucinda: Brian was here at the office.

Luke: Are you all right? Brian was there.

Lucinda: Yes, of course I'm all right. I just -- I'm just calling you, because I didn't want you to be caught off-guard.

Luke: Oh. Okay.

Lucinda: I don't trust him, I don't know why he's resurfaced now.

Luke: He didn't say why he was there?

Lucinda: Darling, who cares? Anyway, the point is, I'm calling you because I just wanted you know. And you and Noah are together, for God's sake. Just be together! Be together and have a lovely day, that's all. Can you do that for me?

Luke: Of course. Easily.

Lucinda: Good. Thank you, Darling. That's the reason I was calling.

Noah: So Brian's back? How is Lucinda doing?

Luke: She says she's fine.

Noah: But you don't believe her?

Luke: How could she be? She was so in love with him. You saw how devastated she was when everything fell apart. For him to show up out of the blue, that must have been really hard.

Noah: Maybe you should go talk to her.

Luke: No, I don't think that's a very good idea.

Noah: Why not? You said yourself it was going to take some work to get things right between you guys.

Luke: Yeah, I don't know.

Noah: You're going to have to start sometime.

Luke: Yeah, right.

Noah: Luke, all I'm saying is, if neither one of you makes a move, it's never going to get better between you two. I mean, think about where we would be right now if we hadn't talked things out.

Luke: Yeah, you're right. I'll go talk to her. Thank you.

Noah: You don't have to thank me.

Luke: Well, trust me -- I will later.

Margo: Good, I'm glad you're both here. Something has happened.

Bonnie: What?

Margo: I got a call from Florida a while ago. Robby Sanchez has escaped.

Lily: How is that possible?

Margo: The details are a little iffy.

Lily: And they don't know where he is?

Bonnie: No, there's more to that. You think he's headed here, don't you?

Margo: I -- I can't say for sure. But -- and I don't want to alarm you. But, he was spotted in a bus station in Chicago.

Lily: Margo, the last time Robby was in town, he was trying to kill Jade.

Margo: I know, I know. That's why I'm here. Do you have any idea where Jade is?

Lily: No, she went out, and I don't know where she is.

Margo: Do you think it's possible that she's heard from Robby?

Lily: No, she would've told me if she had.

Margo: Well, you know, just to be on the safe side, why don't you call Jade, and tell her to come home. And we'll put her under police protection.

Lily: Absolutely, I'll call her right now.

Jade: Oh, my God, Derek. Are you okay?

Robby: I'm fine too. Thanks for asking.

Derek: I told you not to come here.

Robby: Maybe she's got the hots for you, Papi. Enjoy it. I know I sure did.

Jade: Do you know how messed up you are?

Robby: What about you? How messed up are you? Thinking you could jam me up. You're not going to get away with it, you know that!

Jade: No, you know what? They were trying to nail me for helping you. If I didn't the truth, I was going to jail!

Robby: You caved. And now you're going to find out what happens to people who double- cross me.

Jade: No, Robby, please. Calm down, okay? I'll do whatever you want. Just --

Casey: Jade!

Robby: What the hell? I told you to come alone.

Jade: I did. I didn't know he followed me.

Robby: Who else knows you're here?

Jade: No one, I swear.

[Phone ringing]

Robby: You're a liar. And liars die first.

Noah: I have nothing to say to you --

Brian: Just hear me out, Noah. I need your help.

Noah: With what?

Brian: With Luke.

Lucinda: Hi. Hi, Darling. What are you doing here?

Luke: I was worried about you.

Lucinda: Why?

Luke: Brian came by, it must have been hard. What did he want?

Lucinda: Well, we both know it wasn't me. Sorry. That was a joke.

Luke: I guess I just don't really find any of this funny.

Lucinda: No, I'm fine, Hon. I'm really fine. He's out of my life, and I'm just going to forget that he ever was there.

Luke: Are you sure you can do that?

Lucinda: Yeah, I'm gonna give it -- well, I'm gonna give it a real hell of a try.

Luke: Well, I'd like to help you.

Lucinda: Oh, my darling. Everybody's giving me advice, help me how to cope with this.

Luke: I've got a little bit, too. The first thing is, you shouldn't cut me out.

Lucinda: You are over-reacting.

Luke: No, you always do this. You act like everything's fine when it's not. But I can't keep pretending that nothing happened. Look, I've said this over and over. Maybe you'll finally believe it. I am so sorry. I should've told you what happened with Brian immediately. It's just you were dealing with cancer and surgery. And it seemed like Brian was some sort of secret weapon in the battle of your life. So how could I take that away from you?

Lucinda: If it had only happened just once -- but it kept on.

Luke: The second time -- the second time Brian hit on me, he was drunk. And he told me it would never happen again. And then when I kissed him -- he told you that story about the mugger. I just didn't want to lose you.

Lucinda: So you chose silence.

Luke: Yeah. I did. And look at where it got us.

Casey: Look, man, I -- I don't know what's going on in here.

Robby: Then stay out of it.

Casey: But I know you don't want to do this.

Robby: What do you know about anything, man?

Casey: I've been there. I've been locked up.

Robby: Like I care.

Casey: Yeah, and you don't want to go back there!

Robby: I could be going either way, so why not make it worth it?

Derek: Robby, think. If you kill us, there really won't be any going back. There'll be no way out for you.

Robby: I know people. I got connections. And they'll protect me.

Derek: Not from a triple murder rap, they wonít.

Robby: I'll take my chances. Hey, hey!

Derek: Run!


Jade: No! Derek!

Jade: Derek!

Robby: Shut up.

Casey: Look! Look at what you just did here, man. You just shot someone. Have you ever done that before?

Robby: No -- I -- but I hear it gets easier.

Jade: Robby, please put down the gun. I already said I'd do whatever you want.

Robby: You can't make things easier for me!

Jade: Yes, I can. Okay, just -- the gun -- please.

Robby: The begging is sweet. Too bad it's not going to work.

Jade: Casey!

Brian: I know my coming to you may seem strange after what happened on New Yearís Eve --

Noah: Oh, no, it makes perfect sense. You know I've always defended you to Luke. And you're hoping I'll do the same now.

Brian: Yes, I am. I know how fair you can be.

Noah: Fair? No, it's not going to happen. You are on your own.

Brian: Okay, so, you hate me too.

Noah: I don't hate anybody, Brian. I just -- I don't like what you've done. To Luke, to Lucinda, their relationship. Not to mention mine.

Brian: That's why I'm here. I need to put things right. I need to find a way to fix this.

Noah: There's nothing left for you to resolve.

Brian: No, no, no! That's not true, I can fix this. I know it can. And you can help me fix this.

Noah: The only way you can fix it is just stay away from me and Luke.

Brian: You and Luke? You're back together?

Noah: Yeah and that's the way it's going to stay.

Brian: Well, that's good. That's really -- that's really good. And that's what you want, right?

Noah: More than anything.

Brian: That's all I needed to hear. Now I can at least end this knowing you two have worked things out.

Noah: What do you mean, end this?

Brian: I've got to go, Noah. Bye.

Lucinda: I know it wasn't your fault.

Luke: I never led him on.

Lucinda: I -- I know that. But I still feel bad.

Luke: Well, maybe in time --

Lucinda: Yeah, I can learn to accept the whole situation with better grace.

Luke: It's not impossible.

Lucinda: I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Luke: Grandmother -- Grandmother, you can't keep burying your feelings forever. Trust me, if there's anyone who knows how that comes back and bites you, it's me.

Lucinda: I'm in touch with my feelings. I really am. I think I found closure -- whatever it is you want to call it.

Luke: You have?

Lucinda: Yeah. Yes. Brian Wheatley is history. And now I'm going to get on with what's left of my life.



Noah: Brian?

Brian: Go away, Noah.

Noah: Brian, I want to talk to you. Let me in.

Brian: We're finished, Noah. I -- there's nothing more to say.

Noah: Well, I think there is. Open the door.


Robby: It's just you and me now, Mami.

Jade: Robby, please --

Robby: I wish I could say I was going to miss you.

Jade: Oh, God --

Casey: Drop the gun!

Robby: Get off me!

Margo: Freeze, freeze, freeze! Cuff him. I told you to wait outside.

Lily: I heard yelling --

Margo: Are you okay?

Casey: Yeah, I'm fine.

Lily: Jade --

Jade: He shot Derek.

Bonnie: What? Oh, my God. Derek! Baby, talk to me! Talk to me. Open your eyes!

Margo: This is Hughes. I need a bus at Metro. GSW, and alert Memorial to be on stand-by.

Jade: Is he okay? Is he alive?

Bonnie: Just hang on, Derek.

[Phone ringing]

Luke: Hey, what's up?

Noah: Hey, sorry to bother you, I know you're with your grandmother.

Luke: It's cool. What's going on?

Noah: Brian came to Java.

Luke: He did? Why?

Noah: He wanted to see you. But he was acting really weird.

Luke: Weird how?

Noah: He just wasn't himself. He kept saying how glad he was we were back together so he could end things right or something.

Luke: End things? You don't think he meant, like --

Noah: I don't know. But I followed him back to the Lakeview. And now, he won't answer his door. I'm worried he might try to hurt himself. Do you think I should call the police?

Luke: No, no, no, no. Don't do that. I'll be there in a minute. See you. That was Noah -- he's at Brian's hotel room, but Brian won't answer the door.

Lucinda: So?

Luke: So don't you care?

Lucinda: Why, should I?

Luke: Well, Noah thinks that Brian might do something to hurt himself.

Lucinda: That's highly unlikely.

Luke: Well, I'm going to the Lakeview.

Lucinda: Well -- drive carefully.

Luke: Do you want to come?

Lucinda: No.

Luke: Okay. Look, Grandmother -- if Brian does do something, and you're not there -- don't you think you'd feel worse than you do right now?

Luke: Anything?

Noah: No. He's been totally silent.

[Knocking on door]

Luke: Brian, open the door. It's Luke. I know you're in there, and you know my mom's a part owner of this hotel -- Brian, you don't look so good.

Brian: I'm tired. That's what happens when your entire life falls apart. So, if you don't mind --

Luke: I heard you wanted to talk to me. So here I am. Let's talk.

Brian: This really isn't necessary.

Luke: Where are you going?

Brian: Does it matter?

Luke: You're still the head of my foundation. I'd like to know how I can reach you.

Brian: Well, you don't have to. I resigned this morning, effective immediately. Our business is finished.

Luke: Noah called me because he was worried about you.

Brian: There's no reason to be concerned. I'm fine.

Luke: So, you're either fine, or your life is falling apart. Which is it, man?

Brian: Come on. Let's just stop this, okay? You don't really care where I go or what I do, so why are you wasting everybody's time?

Luke: I was just asking a question.

Brian: You think your questions are -- helping me?

Noah: That's why you came to see me? Isn't it, Brian? Because you wanted help?

Brian: Yeah -- well, not like this. So, again, if you don't mind --

Luke: Is this how you planned to solve your problems?

Alison: What's going on?

Casey: There was a shooting at Metro.

Alison: What? Are you all right?

Casey: Yeah, I'm fine. But Derek Coburnís been shot.

Alison: He's a friend of yours, isn't he?

Bonnie: Yeah. He's in surgery right now, is there anyway you could find out how he's doing?

Alison: Sure. Just wait here.

Jade: Do you think I could talk to Casey before you take my statement?

Margo: Sure.

Lily: You holding up okay?

Bonnie: I'm trying. I mean, Derek has always been the strong one. And to see him lying on that floor, with all that of blood -- it's just --

Lily: I know. I know, sweetie. It's going to be all right.

Jade: I don't know why you followed me to Metro.

Casey: Neither do I. It just -- just sort of happened.

Jade: Well, whatever it was, I really want to thank you because --

Casey: No, it's cool. You don't have to thank me.

Jade: Yeah, I do. There's not a lot of people in this town that would've done that for me.

Casey: That's not true.

Jade: You know it is. Thank you.

Casey: You're welcome.

Brian: Oh, don't be absurd. These pills -- they just help me sleep. I have a bad back, that's all.

Noah: Do you?

Brian: What's that supposed to mean?

Noah: Just that you've been talking today like everything's so final. It's not like you.

Brian: Well, what am I like, Noah? I'd be really curious to hear your assessment, considering I don't seem to know who the hell I am at all.

Luke: I think you know. I just think you don't want to admit it to yourself.

Brian: You should go.

Luke: Really, Brian? This is really how you want to live the rest of your life?

Brian: What the hell do you know about my life?

Luke: I know that you're not happy.

Brian: Well, I'm sorry I'm not like you. Luke, we can't all live our lives so openly, the way we'd like to.

Luke: Why not? You're an adult. What's stopping you?

Brian: I wasn't raised that way. The world was a different place. There was a different set of rules, different expectations. And I can't --

Luke: You can't what?

Brian: I can't reconcile the way I was taught to believe, with what -- with the way I feel now. The way I've felt all --

Noah: I know how that feels.

Brian: Oh, you couldn't possibly.

Noah: I do. My father raised me, it was just the two of us. He was a military guy and he always felt that there was a certain order to things. And who I was, how I felt inside, like you do, it didn't fit with how he expected things to be. How he expected me to be. How he wanted me to be. And yeah it took awhile, but I realized I have to live my life, not his.

Brian: Oh, good for you, Noah. And you too, Luke. No, really, I mean that. You two figured out a way to be happy and you went for it. And I applaud you. But that's not really something that I can do at this stage of my life.

Luke: I think you're exactly where you need to be.

Brian: Yeah? And where is that, Luke? Since you seem to have all the answers.

Luke: Look, Brian --

Brian: You have no right coming in here and telling me who you think I am or what I should do about it. Just like I had no business thinking that you'd -- I'm a middle-aged man, Luke. With two failed marriages under my belt.

Luke: And why is that?

Brian: I beg your pardon?

Luke: Why did your marriages fail?

Brian: Oh, come on. Just get out of here!

Luke: No, I'm just asking a question.

Brian: I don't owe you any explanations!

Luke: Brian, I can see how much pain you're in. You think I don't know why?

Brian: What do you know? You come in here and you attack me.

Noah: We are not attacking you.

Brian: What do you -- what do you -- what do you want me to say? You want me to confess that my life has been a big facade? That -- that none of this is what I wanted? That you have everything? Do you know what that would mean?

Luke: I think that it would mean that maybe for once in your life you'd finally be happy. Isn't that what you want? I mean, I might be wrong --

Brian: Okay, you're right! You're right! All right? Is that what you need to hear? That you've been right all along and I'm gay!

Lucinda: Oh, finally, Darling. You allowed yourself to say it. Thank God.

Bonnie: You see what happens when you don't call me every day?

Derek: I'm sorry if I scared you.

Bonnie: Who said I was scared?

Derek: I promise, from now on, every day.

Bonnie: I'm going to hold you to that.

Derek: Are you okay? Did Sanchez hurt you?

Jade: I'm fine. I think I'm just going to stay away from Metro for a little bit.

Derek: I'm sorry.

Jade: It's not your fault.

Derek: I told you to stay away. Didn't you hear me?

Jade: Well, I kind of have a problem doing what people tell me to do.

Derek: I have the same one. Was that the only reason you came? You had to know what you were walking into?

Jade: You know why I came.

Derek: You think I'm your father. Maybe it's time we found out if that's true.

Luke: We're going to go. We'll see you at Java later?

Lucinda: Yep.

Brian: Thanks, Carolyn. I really appreciate this. Uh-huh. Bye-bye. She knows a therapist that I can talk to in Chicago.

Lucinda: I think that's a great idea.

Brian: Yeah, I guess there's a few things I need to work out for myself.

Lucinda: Yeah. Yeah. How you feeling?

Brian: Lighter. Like something that was sitting on my chest just finally got up and walked away. And now I can -- I can breathe.

Lucinda: Well, you've been carrying a heavy burden for quite awhile.

Brian: Yeah, well, just saying those words out loud, it -- it doesn't take away the pain that I've caused you, or Luke and Noah.

Lucinda: No, don't think about us. We're going to be fine. Your job is just to put your life together and set your ways -- you are happy.

Brian: Well, that's pretty big of you to say, considering -- you know, you probably won't believe this, but I was happy with you, Lucinda.

Lucinda: One minute. I have something -- I just wanted you to have it. I was happy with you too, for awhile.

Brian: You're one hell of a woman. You know that?

Lucinda: You always did flatter me!

Brian: I meant every word. Promise me something. That you won't cut yourself off from the possibility of finding someone who can love you the way I couldnít. Because you're right, you do deserve that.

Lucinda: Doesn't mean I'm going to get it.

Brian: Someone will see everything in you that I did. They'd be -- they'd be blind not to.

Lucinda: I know what I saw in you too. And that was real. That's why I know what you have to offer. Yes -- to someone. When you finally find him. I do wish you well. I do.

Margo: Casey, you never should've gotten yourself in the middle of this.

Casey: It just sort of happened.

Margo: Things always just sort of happen to you.

Casey: Yeah, I couldn't have possibly gotten that from you.

Margo: Oh, my little boy. I love you. So much!

Casey: I love you too.

Margo: So, tell me, did you text me before or after Sanchez had the gun to you?

Casey: I don't think you want to know that.

Margo: Come here.

Lily: Jade, how's Derek?

Jade: He seems okay.

Lily: What did he want to say to you?

Jade: He wants to know if he's really my father or not.

Lily: So, you're going to go ahead with the DNA test? I think that's good.

Jade: Yeah, I guess.

Lily: Sweetie, do you have any idea what you're hoping the answer will be?

Jade: I don't know, I just think it's something we both need to know for sure.

Lily: Listen, if Derek turns out not to be your father, I just want you to know that you will always, always be a part of our family. We all love you very much. If anything had happened to you today, we would've been devastated.

Bonnie: So, what made you change your mind about Jade?

Derek: She risked her life for me today. I don't take that lightly.

Bonnie: You did the same for her.

Derek: She's Rose's daughter. I owe her this.

Bonnie: I'm so proud of you. You know what? You've proved me right that I should believe in you even though you made it very hard sometimes.

Derek: You had doubts?

Bonnie: Come on, Derek. You are the good guy.

Derek: I didn't think the good guys were the ones who were supposed to get shot.

Bonnie: Well, just trust me, that will be the very last time that happens on my watch.

Casey: Hey.

Alison: Hey. I overheard Margo talking to Jade. Did you really tackle some guy with a gun?

Casey: Yeah, I know. It was stupid. I already got the lecture from my mom.

Alison: No, I think it was really brave. What you did. I see that you got hit in the face.

Casey: Yeah, yeah. But I can take it.

Alison: Can I take a closer look?

Casey: Sure.

Alison: Well, it looks like you're going to live.

Casey: Lucky me.

Jade: Hey, I was looking for you.

Casey: What's up?

Jade: I have to get some blood drawn, but I was hoping I could take you to lunch.

Casey: Yeah -- you don't have to do that.

Jade: No, I want to. Please.

Casey: Okay.

Jade: Great. I'll come find you when I'm done.

Casey: Do you want to come with us? I'm sure Jade wouldn't mind.

Alison: No. No, thanks. I have to work a double shift. Maybe some other time.

Casey: Ali --

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Dusty: Where's Johnny?

Josie: I was outside with him. And I looked away, and when I looked back, he was gone.

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