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As The World Turns Transcript Monday 1/12/09

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Johnny: "Hear the lion -- roar!"

Josie: Whoa, that was ferocious!

Dusty: He's the king of the jungle, and a terrific reader!

Johnny: Thanks for the book, Josie.

Josie: You're very welcome. I thought that you might want read about lions in Africa.

Dusty: Try to get some rest now, okay? Josie's going to come back and visit us soon.

Josie: Take care, Sweetheart.

Johnny: Bye, Josie.

Josie: Thanks for letting me come and visit. I thought that I might be banned after I brought Paul by.

Dusty: I'm betting you won't do it again.

Dr. Reed: So, how's our star patient today?

Dusty: Aw, he's great. He can't wait to get out and see some snow.

[Dr. Reed laughs]

Dr. Reed: Yeah, well, if he keeps improving, he'll get his wish. I'll run some tests, see how he's progressing.

Dusty: Thanks. You don't have to stick around.

Josie: Okay. Will I see you later?

Dusty: Definitely. Thanks again.

Josie: For the book?

Dusty: Yeah, and for calling me out, when I gave you such a hard time.

Josie: Well, I knew I was wrong to bring Paul for a visit.

Dusty: Yeah, it was -- but I liked the way you stood up for yourself.

Josie: See anything else you like?

Dusty: Uh, I don't know.

[Josie laughs]

Dusty: I'll have to think about that.

Josie: Okay.

Luke: Look, don't worry. I'll get out of your way. I got to get going anyways.

Lucinda: Hey -- Luke, Darling. Darling, please. This -- it's untenable. This freeze. Shouldn't we just turn the proverbial page? Okay? Brian is gone! This episode is over. I, for one, would like to just forget the whole thing!

Luke: You sound kind of like Brian. Pretending that there wasn't a problem didn't really work out for him.

Lucinda: Hey, we're quits. He hurt both of us.

Luke: I know, but the point is, you can't get over the fact that your husband was attracted to me. And I'm paying for that -- and not just from you. So don't ask me to forget it because I can't, and neither can you.

[Lucinda sighs]

Casey: Cup of coffee. To go -- black.

Noah: So, where's Alison? You guys done playing matchmaker?

Casey: Okay, I admit it. Locking you and Luke out on the roof was lame.

Noah: It was freezing up there.

Casey: I know, but we thought if we cut off all possible exits, then you guys would be forced to figure something out.

Noah: Come on -- you guys really think that would work?

Casey: Well, we didn't think you were going to be that stubborn.

Noah: That I would be that stubborn?

Casey: And Luke, man! You guys are being ridiculous. You belong together and you keep putting up roadblocks. Why can't you just admit you guys are crazy about each other?

Noah: I can say the same thing about you and Alison. You know you've got a thing for her. That's why you blew off Maddie. So why can't you just leave us alone, and start following your own advice?

Alison: Hey there, big guy.

Dusty: He's doing so well. We might be able to get out of here sooner than we thought. Right, pal?

Alison: That's great.

Dusty: Yeah. I guess I have you to thank. You're the one who helped Lucy find a donor.

Alison: Well, I heard Lucy had to leave town. Johnny must miss her.

Dusty: He does. A lot.

Alison: I hated not telling you Johnny was here, but Lucy swore me to secrecy. I hope you can forgive me. Okay, I guess forgiveness is not in the cards.

Dusty: My whole life's been about finding Johnny. You knew that.

Alison: Yes, but Lucy was afraid that if anyone knew, Craig would find out somehow.

Dusty: You could've told me. I thought you were a better friend than that.

Meg: My divorce papers.

Tom: Well, you said you wanted to get the ball rolling on this.

Meg: Yeah -- I know. It's just with Paulís psychiatric condition, it's going to be harder for him to deal with this.

Tom: Well, that's true. But I think it might be best if he understands that the divorce is underway while he'd still in treatment, and he get some help and support.

Meg: Do you really think that'll help?

Tom: Yeah, I do. Perhaps you'd like to give Paul the papers yourself.

Meg: No, I can't do that. I can't be around Paul right now.

Josie: Paul, what are you doing?

Paul: Getting out of here.

Josie: Did the doctor say that's okay?

Paul: Doctor said I'm improving -- I said I want to go home. But don't worry, I'm still going to go to therapy.

Josie: Well, that's good at least.

Paul: I'm really glad you're here. I want to go see my wife and my child, and I want your help.

Lucinda: Now who are you looking at? Hmm?

Jade: I don't understand why people keep putting up with you. You don't care that your grandson's miserable. Okay, it wasn't his fault that your husband was a closet case.

Lucinda: I'm not interested in your analysis or your assumptions.

Jade: But you think you're the only one hurting? Because of what Brian did, Luke lost the one person that means more to him than the world.

Lucinda: That's something about which I can do nothing.

Jade: Luke is my cousin, okay? And my best friend. I care about him, even if you donít.

Lucinda: Okay, let me understand you, Jade, and your philosophy. You seem to think because Noah saw Luke kiss Brian, that's somehow my fault?

Jade: But you don't get it? You're still furious at Luke for not telling you Brian was gay. But he was trying to protect you. He didn't want to ruin your happiness, so he sacrificed his own. And then he got so deep covering for Brian, that it all blew up in his face. And now Noah can't forgive him. And neither can you.

Lucinda: Wow, you're really on a soap box today. What in your infinite wisdom should I be doing about this?

Jade: I don't know. You're supposed to be this brilliant businesswoman that figures out every problem. So why don't you stop feeling sorry for yourself, and find out what you can do for your grandson. Because he loves you, and he deserves it.

Tom: I understand why you're hesitant to see Paul in his condition.

Meg: Well, he's completely delusional. He thinks Jennifer is alive. He sees visions of his father.

Tom: Thank you.

Meg: It's like he's going back in time to revisit all the mistakes he's made in his life.

Tom: I'm really sorry that you have to contend with this, especially with the new baby to worry about.

Meg: It's just heartbreaking to see Paul suffer like that. And that's why I have to keep Eliza away from him when his behavior is so erratic.

Tom: I understand.

Meg: For her sake, I'm trying really hard to separate myself from Paul and his problems. And that's why I can't be around him. I hope that doesn't sound too cold.

Tom: Oh, not at all. It's probably wise. So shall I serve Paul the papers myself?

Meg: No, you know, the timing's a little tricky. Can I think about it?

Tom: Sure. Sure. And if you change your mind, you decide to give your marriage another chance --

Meg: No, I I'm not going to change my mind. I have to do this. For myself, and my baby.

Paul: I just think that Meg will have a much better reaction, if you show up with me.

Josie: I don't know, Paul. The last time that I took you --

Paul: Yeah, I know. Yeah. I was in terrible shape then. I still thought you were Jennifer. But I'm back in the real world now. And in that real world I have a wife and a child. Please, help me show them that I'm getting better.

Josie: Please, Paul, don't ask me to get involved in this again.

Paul: You're already involved in this. Look, I know I have no right to ask you for anything after the way that I treated you. But you of all people know what it's like to need a second chance. I'm begging you. Please, help me get one.

Alison: Lucy and I go back a long way -- to when we were kids.

Dusty: You and I are better friends.

Alison: You've probably done more for me than anyone I know. When you came out to Vegas, brought me home, you saved my life.

Dusty: So why did you forget that when Lucy was asking you to keep me in the dark?

Alison: Okay. I realize this is no excuse, but before Aaron and I split up, I found out I might not be able to have kids of my own. So when Lucy said Johnny needed my help, I don't know -- it's like my hormones kicked in. And because of that, I didn't think the whole thing through very well. Which is the same mistake I always make.

Dusty: You saved my son. I'll always owe you for that.

Alison: I'm glad you got him back.

Dusty: Thanks.

Alison: I just wish Lucy could've stayed around too.

Dusty: Thanks to Craig she couldnít.

Alison: Yeah, good luck with that.

Dusty: Yeah I got to deal with him now. Anyway -- thanks for everything -- saving my boy. And don't be so hard on yourself.

Alison: Yeah, that's another habit I keep trying to break. It's hard. I mean, ever since my marriage fell apart, I keep questioning everything I do. It's like I'm -- I don't know, just stuck and I can't move on.

Dusty: You seeing someone?

Alison: Yes and no. I like a guy a lot. But I'm gun-shy. I'm just afraid I'm going to make the same mistakes all over again.

Tom: So you're telling me that if we hadn't run into each other, you would've skipped lunch?

Casey: Yeah, I guess I forgot I was hungry.

Tom: Yeah? You, huh?

Casey: I'm sorry. Yes. Alert the media!

Tom: So, what's up? Something happen between you and Maddie?

Casey: No. Things didn't work out.

Tom: Oh, I'm sorry.

Casey: You know, I thought I would just let her down easy, but I had to tell her the truth -- that I was interested in someone else.

Tom: Oh, that's news. Who?

Casey: Alison Stewart. Okay, don't have a heart attack, Dad. You know, she says she's just interested in being friends.

Tom: Um, okay, then, that's a good thing.

Casey: You don't have to act so happy about it, Dad.

Tom: Well, I don't think I need to tell you this, but becoming involved with Alison Stewart would be a big mistake.

Noah: And what can I get for you?

Lucinda: Hello, Darling. Just a moment of your time, please.

Noah: Look, I'm really busy. Sorry.

Lucinda: I'm not going to take "No" for an answer. I'm going to talk, and you're going to listen. We have a lot in common. We do.

Noah: Like what?

Lucinda: Like in this episode I think we can both, each of us, honestly say we have been wronged. Now, I -- I believe Luke when he tells me that he didn't let on and tell me because he wanted to protect me. He's a real gentleman. But then things got out of hand with Brian. They got out of hand. Now, neither you nor I can blame Luke for that.

Noah: I really don't have time for this.

Lucinda: Hey! Please. Make time. Because if you don't, you risk losing an absolutely extraordinary, irreplaceable person. Luke, he's good. Go find him. Go talk to him. Work on it. And I certainly won't give you a moment's peace until you do.

Meg: You are such a good girl, Eliza. You know, mommy loves you so much!

Paul: Hey, daddy loves you, too.

Meg: Paul, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in the hospital?

Paul: No, I got my walking papers. I'm all better. Tell her.

Josie: The doctor said he could go home.

Paul: Yeah, I'm not crazy. No, I'm not crazy. Don't -- you don't need to be afraid of me, Meg. I promise.

Josie: I'm going to let you guys catch up.

Meg: I don't understand. What happened? How could you be better all of a sudden?

Paul: Well, I have two really big reasons to get better, you know? Both you and Eliza. And Josie helped. I just was seeing what I wanted to see. I couldn't tell what was real. I wanted my sister to be alive so badly that I'd look at Josie and I'd see Jen. But I don't do that anymore.

Meg: Well, that's good.

Paul: You know who else really helped me out was my nephew Johnny.

Meg: Johnny?

Paul: Yeah. I kept getting all these vibes about him and it turns out I was right. I know how that sounds. Look, it's a really long story. You should ask Dusty. If it's okay with you, I'd really like to see --

Meg: No, don't go near her!

Paul: Hey, you don't really think I'd hurt my own daughter, do you?

Meg: I don't know what to think right now.

Paul: I just want to see her. I won't even pick her up if that freaks you out. I just, I just -- will you let me look at her.

Meg: Go ahead.

Paul: Hey -- your daddy's here. You remember me?

Alison: Say good-bye to Johnny for me, okay?

Dusty: I will.

Alison: And tell him that I'll visit him again soon. And I'm sorry for the detour into my non-existent love life. You have more important things on your mind right now.

Dusty: Do me a favor. Stop second-guessing yourself. Okay? You're strong, you're smart, you're beautiful. Just enjoy yourself.

Alison: Thanks.

Dusty: And I hate giving advice on relationships, but here it goes -- don't over-think it. If you feel something, go with it. See where it leads you. Might surprise you.

Casey: Yes, I know you and Mom hate anyone with the name Stewart. But Alison is not like Emily. They're two different people.

Tom: I'm not saying that Alison is going to hurt you the way that Emily did, but you are a little battle-scarred right now. I don't think you should be involved with anybody.

Casey: So, you say I should become a monk or something?

Tom: Uh, yeah, your mom mentioned that. No, I just think it's time for you to concentrate on you, decide what kind of future you want.

Casey: Yeah, go to school, get a degree -- blah, blah, blah --

Tom: Wait, wait, wait -- let's just face the facts. You're an assistant janitor, a parolee. You're a college dropout. And one of these you're going to have to buckle down and do some real work. I mean, you want a decent life, right?

Casey: Yeah, I thought a decent life involved getting married, having children, a house --

Tom: Well, it does, but not until you're ready for it. I just don't think you need the distraction of a girlfriend right now. So, if Alison is sending you a signal she just wants to be friends then maybe you should respect that, and take "No" for an answer.

[Phone vibrating]

Dusty: Hey, Meg. What's up?

Meg: Hey. Paul's here.

Dusty: They let him out of the hospital?

Meg: Yeah, he says he's better, but I think it's too soon. He's been seeing things. He thinks Johnny is back.

Dusty: He is. I'm with Johnny now.

Meg: What? You're kidding.

Dusty: I would've called you, but I know you have your hands full with the baby.

Meg: Did Paul help you find Johnny?

Dusty: In a way. Yeah. His visions turned out to be correct. Lucy brought Johnny back because he was sick.

Meg: Okay, yeah, Paul said he was in the hospital. Is he all right?

Dusty: Yeah, he had a bone marrow transplant.

Meg: Oh, Dusty.

Dusty: But it was a total success. I should be able to take him home soon.

Meg: Well, that's great. You must be thrilled.

Dusty: I almost can't believe it. How you doing? You okay? How's the baby?

Meg: Eliza's fine.

Dusty: You okay with Paul seeing her?

Meg: Yeah. Now that I know that he's better than I thought. Look, don't worry, okay? Go be with your son. Give Johnny a hug for me.

Dusty: I will. Meg, be careful, okay?

Meg: Don't worry. I'll be fine.

Dusty: Dr. Reed --

Dr. Reed: Still waiting on those test results.

Dusty: Okay, I'm going to ask you to keep an eye on Johnny for a while. I've got to go help a friend.

Paul: I can't stop staring at her.

Meg: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Paul: Look what we did. We did something right. She's perfect.

Meg: Yeah, she is.

Paul: You're really going to give all that up?

Meg: I was going to change her before you got in.

Paul: I could change her. Want me to change her?

Meg: No, I can do it.

Paul: All right.

[Paul sighs]

Josie: Paul. Are you okay?

Paul: Meg's going ahead with the divorce.

Noah: You know, you can pitch a tent here, Ms. Walsh, it's not going to make a difference.

Lucinda: Oh, Darling, you underestimate my tenacity.

Noah: Come on. What happened between me and Luke has nothing to do with you.

Lucinda: On the contrary, Darling, it has everything to do with me. Because I brought Brian into the equation. I introduced him to Luke. I pushed him for the foundation job. And then I married him. And then we had all this kissing business.

Noah: Yeah, well, no one could've seen that coming. And I saw Luke kissing Brian and I just can't -- I can't get that image out of my head.

Lucinda: How many times have you asked Luke to forgive you for something? I mean, come on, that girl! You married that girl! That Iraqi girl.

Noah: That was different. Luke knew about that. And I was doing that to keep her in the country.

Lucinda: Yes, but it was so hard on him! He had -- you demanded that he lie, and he pretend -- he struggled horribly with that!

Noah: I know. So did I.

Lucinda: And then -- I don't know -- you, crazy kid, you wanted to join the army.

Noah: Yeah, well, I didn't go through with that.

Lucinda: Good. And then we have Brian. We have Brian. And he needed you. And you called quits just when he needed you the most!

Noah: You can't blame this breakup totally on me. That's just not -- that's not fair!

Lucinda: Oh, Darling, fair is for kids for heavens' sake. Like isn't fair. Life isn't fair at all. And when you're living it alone it really sucks! Especially when it's you, and it's your damn fault! Oh, my -- are you following me like some kind of predatory bird? Relax! It's all been done! I did what I could! It's out of my hands!

Noah: You sicced Lukeís grandmother on me? Thanks a lot!

Tom: Hey, Luke?

Luke: Hey.

Tom: How are you?

Luke: Good.

[Luke sighs]

Casey: Bad day?

Luke: Oh, yeah.

Casey: Me, too. My dad thinks I'm messing up my life so much, I shouldn't have a girlfriend. And he's probably right.

Luke: Well, Noah thinks that we're so messed up that we shouldn't be together. He's probably right. I'm not exactly a catch right now. Even my grandmother broke up with me.

Casey: I really can't believe you and Noah are really over.

Luke: Well, if we weren't over before, we are now. After you and Alison tried to help us.

Casey: Yeah, I'm sorry that backfired.

Luke: Well, I guess I just have to get used to being single for life.

Casey: No, that is so lame. Come on, we are getting out of here.

Luke: Where we going?

Casey: To Java.

Luke: Ah, no --

Casey: You and Noah are going to settle this once and for all.

Luke: No! No! Come on, Casey!

Casey: Up!

Luke: I'm serious.

Noah: Who asked you to butt into my life?

Jade: Luke's my friend. I'm just trying to help.

Noah: Then maybe you should stop making things worse.

Jade: You know what? I am sick and tired of everyone coming down on me when I'm just trying to help. You want to lose the best thing that ever happened to you? Go ahead. I couldn't care less!

Noah: I don't need your help. Luke and I are finished and there's nothing you or anybody else can do about it!

Luke: Casey, I am sick and tired of people trying to set me and Noah back up together again. It's not going to happen.

Noah: So just leave me alone!

Luke: So just leave me alone!

Noah: Luke, would you mind calling your cousin off?

Luke: What did Jade do?

Noah: She got your grandmother to track me down at work and plead your case. Or was that your idea?

Luke: No, Noah, it wasn't my idea! Trust me -- I've been telling anyone who will listen that you want nothing to do with me. Because that's the truth, right?

Casey: I think we should leave these two guys alone.

Noah: So, what? You think I'm making this up?

Luke: I don't know! But it's kind of hard for me to believe that my grandmother would even cross the street for me right now.

Noah: Well, guess what? She did. And she basically blamed the whole break up on me. Said I was being stubborn and unforgiving -- just like her!

Luke: Well, you know what, Noah? She has a point. You guys are kind of alike.

Noah: Oh, yeah, like you're Mr. Perfect, all of a sudden? You can't stop drinking, you're throwing yourself at men who are twice your age and happen to be married to someone you say you respect!

Luke: Well, at least I apologize. I'm not too stubborn to admit that I'm wrong or too selfish!

Noah: Selfish?

Luke: Yes! You're selfish with your feelings. You push me away over and over again. You have all these stupid excuses, like your father, or your military upbringing, or whatever. But the truth is, you're just too scared to let anyone get close to you! Why are you so scared, Noah?

Noah: I'm not.

Luke: Yes, you are! You can't let somebody love you and just love them back. Why not? Why can't you just go with your feelings and just do it -- just feel what you're feeling and just let it go --

[They kiss]

Alison: Mia, you are not going to believe this? I just scored two tickets to see Ac/Dc in Chicago tonight!

Mia: Awesome! Who are you going to take?

Alison: Oh, a friend of mine is a huge fan. He plays like all their songs on Rock Star. He's going to love this!

Mia: Must be a very good friend.

Jade: Look.

Casey: Whoa!

Jade: I can't believe it!

Casey: I know, it's great. It's just I really don't want to watch it.

Jade: What are you talking about? They're hot! And we did it!

Noah: Let's get out of here.

Casey: High five.

Paul: Your mind is made up?

Meg: Don't act surprised. You knew I was filing for a divorce.

Paul: Don't you think Eliza needs both of her parents?

Meg: I'm asking the judge for full custody. And that doesn't mean that you won't be able to see her, it's just going to be on a restricted basis. We won't be raising Eliza together. I need you to understand that.

Paul: Okay. I understand.

Dusty: So, Paul got you to bring him over here?

Josie: Yeah. He wanted to see his baby. I couldn't say no? What are you doing here?

Dusty: Meg called me.

Josie: And you came running.

Dusty: Yeah. Paul's dangerous.

Paul: I came over without calling first. I won't do that again.

Meg: Paul -- the papers, you need to sign them, and send them back to Tom Hughes.

Noah: Is there anybody home?

Luke: No, I don't think so. You want to go upstairs?

Noah: What do you think?

Casey: This is my second lunch today, but it's free, right?

Jade: Yeah, go for it.

Casey: Awesome. This is kind of weird?

Jade: What? Eating two lunches?

Casey: No, no, no. You and me, sitting together and not snarking at each other.

Jade: It feels kind of good. Maybe we should do it more often.

Casey: Yeah. So what are you going to do next now that you reunited Oakdaleís favorite gay couple.

Jade: I donít. Maybe I'll stick, see if anything interesting happens.

Casey: Alison!

Alison: Hey, you guys. What's up?

Casey: You will not believe what happened. You know how we couldn't get Luke and Noah to even look at each other again?

Alison: Yeah.

Jade: Well, you guys don't have the magic touch. But me and Casey -- we got it going on!

Casey: Yeah, we're hot, girl! Yeah!

Alison: What did you do?

Casey: Well, first, Jade here unleashed Lucinda and pointed her right at Noah.

Jade: And then Casey put Luke at the right place at the right time, and boom! Lightning strikes!

Casey: Boom! Totally! We totally doubled-teamed their face.

Jade: And scored!

Casey: Yes, we did!

Alison: Well, congratulations, you two.

Casey: Yeah, that's why we're celebrating. You want to join us?

Alison: No, thanks. I have to get back to work. But have fun.

Noah: Do I seem scared to you now?

Luke: No, not really.

Dusty: It's not your fault. Paul's not cut out for fatherhood right now.

Meg: I'm just so sorry he had to find the divorce papers so soon after getting out of the hospital.

Dusty: He knew you wanted a divorce. You have a daughter to raise now. And she's depending on you.

Meg: You know he was so sweet with Eliza today. Even after the divorce papers. I thought he was going to flip out, but he didn't even raise his voice. It was like he was a whole different person.

Dusty: Don't be fooled. When Paul gets backed into a corner, he always comes out swinging.

Josie: Do you want to talk about it?

Paul: Nothing really to talk about, is there?

Josie: I know you're upset that Meg filed for divorce.

Paul: Yeah, it doesn't seem right. You know? Seems so quick. Not just for me, you know, for the baby.

Josie: It seems like her mind is made up. When are you going to sign the papers?

Paul: Well, I'm not. I'm not going to sign them.

Josie: Look, I know it's hard, but if someone doesn't want to be in a relationship, there's not a whole lot you can do about it.

Paul: I can't just give up. I just don't have that in me.

 [Noah laughs]

Luke: Don't look at that!

Noah: Is this really you?

Luke: Yes, give it to me. Give it to me.

Noah: What's with this shirt?

Luke: I was a nerd, okay? Come on. Give me that.

Noah: You know? I'm really glad we waited.

Luke: Why? 'Cause I don't look like that anymore?

Noah: No. I know we did wait for a long time, but it was worth it. Are you happy?

Luke: Happy doesn't even begin to cover it.

Jade: Two lunches too many?

Casey: Guess I'm not as hungry as I thought.

Jade: Well, you can take it to go if you want to chase after your girlfriend.

Casey: Alison is not my girlfriend.

Jade: Could've fooled me.

Mia: Ali, I thought you were done for the day.

Alison: No, I have to work 3:00 to 11:00.

Mia: What about the concert?

Alison: I can't use the tickets, so -- you know what? Why don't you take them? Have a great time.

Noah: I am starving.

Luke: Oh, well, I can make you a grilled cheese if you want?

Noah: You always burn them.

Luke: No, I donít.

Noah: I'm in the mood for something sweeter anyway.

Luke: But ain't that too much of a good thing? Huh?

Noah: Can't have too much of a good thing.

Lucinda: Oh, well carry on. Don't let me interrupt?

Noah: I'll get us some ice cream.

Luke: Okay. You're not leaving, are you?

Lucinda: Yeah, it's about time, isn't it? Isn't it about time? The contractor has got something in my house -- you know, I can sleep there. And, you know, gee, it's going to be good to go home.

Luke: But I don't want you to go home.

Lucinda: Sure you do, Darling. I'm a witch.

Luke: No, you're not. You're the one that got me and Noah back together.

Lucinda: Yeah?

Luke: Yeah. And you and I may have some issues that we have to work out still, but aren't you the one that taught me never to run away when the going gets tough.

Lucinda: I don't know what to say to that.

Luke: Well, then just say that you'll stay.

Noah: Double mocha chocolate chip?

Lucinda: Oh, well, ice cream in January, and two lovely young guys, how can anyone possibly pass that up?

Josie: I don't know if Meg is ready to take you back.

Paul: I love her. I know she loves me. And having a baby changes everything.

Josie: It didn't change her mind about the divorce.

Paul: It will. Meg wants a solid family as much as I do. She just needs some time to trust that I'm okay.

Josie: Well, what if that's not enough?

Paul: It's enough. We love each other. That's all that matters, right?

Josie: Well, I should probably get going. Take care of yourself, okay?

Paul: Yeah. Thank you -- for everything.

Josie: Good luck.

Dusty: So, Paul just gets out of the hospital and he comes over to see Eliza without being invited. He's not going to stop.

Meg: Yeah, I know.

Dusty: You got to set boundaries. No matter how much he tells you he's changed. He has not.

Meg: You could be talking about Craig.

Dusty: Same situation.

Meg: Well, thank you for the advice. Now can I give you some?

Dusty: Can I stop you?

Meg: No. You need to take care of yourself just like you're taking care of Johnny.

Dusty: Okay. I promise I'll pick up my toys.

Meg: I am being serious. You and Craig said you'd make peace. I really need you to try to do that.

Dusty: I'll try.

Meg: You also need peace and happiness in other parts of your life. You know, raising a child is a big responsibility. You should take advantage of the people who care about you and get their help.

Dusty: I will. I better go. Take care of your mommy. She's the greatest.

Meg: Thank you. And don't worry about me. Paul has the divorce papers. He knows I won't change my mind.

Dusty: I hope you're right.

Meg: It's just you and me, Eliza.

Josie: Dusty -- we keep running into each other.

Dusty: Yeah, I'm just picking up some things I bought for Johnny.

Josie: Look, I know you were upset that I brought Paul to see Meg.

Dusty: I want you to stay away from him because I don't want to see you get hurt.

Josie: Well, are we still friends?

Dusty: Yeah. I need all the friends I can get right now.

On the next "As the World Turns" --

Jack: What are you guys doing here?

Janet: Uh, well, we're here to see Carly.

Dusty: We're going home.

Josie: Craig was here. He took Johnny!

Craig: To Johnny -- my son, and the joy of my life.

Dusty: I ought to kill you right now!

Craig: Calm down -- calm down --

Dusty: You think you can take my son away from me any time you want!

Craig: Of course not.

Dusty: If you ever! If you ever do this again, I'll kill you!

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