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As The World Turns Transcript Friday 1/9/09

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Parker: Hey, can I get an advance on my allowance?

Carly: Hello, Mom. How's your day going? Oh, gee, Parker, my day's fine. How's yours?

Parker: Hi, Mom.

Carly: Hello, Parker. You dropped your sister off at the Lebos, right?

Parker: Yep. And school was the usual. And finished my homework in study hall. And now can I please get an advance on my allowance?

Carly: No. In fact, Honey, I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm going to give any of you an allowance for the while.

Parker: What happened?

Carly: Nothing for you to get too worried about. Just -- I've had to make some cut backs at the club. I had to let a couple of people go. I have to head over there myself to take out the trash and vacuum.

Parker: Why don't you let me do that?

Carly: Well, it's sweet of you to want to help, but really, it's not appropriate for you to work at a bar.

Parker: It's not like I'm going to be serving drinks. I mean, the club's not even open yet, right?

Carly: Yeah, right. It would really help me actually. I could finish this up, I could call a couple of vendors.

Parker: I'll go over there right now. And don't worry about it, Mom, you don't have to pay me a thing.

Carly: How much do you need, Hon?

Parker: $20?

Carly: Okay. Well, you take out the trash, you sweep and mop the kitchen, you vacuum the lounge, and then you can take $20 out of the register when you go, okay?

Parker: Sweet. Keys?

Carly: Yes.

Parker: I need the keys. Thank you. And can I drive over there?

Carly: Nice try. No, ride your bike. Oh, and Parker, you can't have any of your friends show up with you. You know, there's liquor there, and if anything happens --

Parker: Nothing's going to happen, Mom. All right? See ya.

Jack: What do you want more than anything in the world?

Janet: To be married to you for 100 years.

Jack: Besides that.

Janet: Jack! No, you got it?

Jack: I got it.

Janet: Oh, my God! That's so exciting!

Jack: They gave me the second mortgage in no time, yes.

Janet: Oh, my God, I'm finally going to have my own house and my own kitchen. Oh, Emma's going to be so happy. I got my own garden.

Jack: One step at a time -- one step at a time. I still got to get Carly to sign the papers.

Janet: Okay, okay, okay. Well, don't let her give you a hard time. And make sure she doesn't change her mind!

Jack: She wonít. She wonít. Bye.

Janet: Wait, wait, wait, wait. For luck.

Jack: More luck please. I love you.

Janet: Bye. Yes, whoo-hoo!

Craig: Well, look who's here working her fingers to the bone. The latest Mrs. Jack Snyder.

Josie: Barbara? Is everything okay?

Barbara: I've got to find Paul's doctor. His delusions are getting worse.

Josie: I'm so sorry.

Barbara: He won't stop talking about Johnny. Now he's insisting that Johnny is here.

Josie: Well, he's right. Johnny is here.

Barbara: What? What are you saying?

Josie: He's right in this room. He's recovering from a bone marrow transplant. Dusty is with him.

Dusty: Barbara.

Barbara: Oh, my God. Johnny. Hi, Honey. Oh, you look just like your mommy.

Dusty: Barbara, he doesn't remember us.

Barbara: What is wrong with you? How could you keep my grandson from me, and try and make me think that my son is crazy! How could you be so cruel?

Liberty: So, I'm in the mood for something scary.

Parker: I thought slasher stuff freaked you out.

Liberty: In real life. Not in the movies.

Parker: Well, we'd better hurry because I've got this work thing I've got to do first. Come with me.

Liberty: Why would I want to go to a work thing with you?

Parker: So you can help me.

Liberty: Not interested. Nope.

Parker: And it'll be fun.

Liberty: Fun helping you work, yeah?

Parker: Us, alone, in a bar.

Liberty: Cool. Cool, okay. Let's go. Come on.

Jack: I got the mortgage.

Carly: Congratulations.

Jack: Can you sign it like you said you were going to?

Carly: I'll get a pen.

Jack: Thank you. So how are you doing? On your financial troubles?

Carly: Oh, don't you worry about me. I'll figure it out.

Jack: Yeah. What's this?

Carly: That's a check, Jack. Put it back where you found it.

Jack: $200,000 from Craig Montgomery? This is your way of figuring it out?

Janet: So, what'll you have?

Craig: Well, what I'd love is some of those Italian delicacies you treated me to at Christmas, but they're not on the menu. Aren't you the chef?

Janet: Do you see this pad? Do you see the pen?

Craig: You're a waitress?

Janet: We call ourselves servers nowadays, slick.

Craig: And that's politically appropriate because --

Janet: Are you going order or what? Do you want something? What's going on here?

Craig: Janet, why the hostility?

Janet: You gave Parker your car. And he went out into an ice storm with my daughter.

Craig: I've apologized to Jack and Carly -- apparently, they didn't tell you that.

Janet: You're not very responsible, are you? But then I guess since you're not a father --

Craig: Actually, I've had three children. And I've just been reunited with my youngest.

Janet: No kidding. Well, if you think it's okay to send a teenager into an ice storm when he's had his license all of ten minutes, then I feel really bad for your kid.

Craig: Wow, a server and a parenting expert all in one. Imagine my luck. And in the future, Janet, please, don't sugarcoat it. Just tell me what you think.

Janet: Okay, you know what I think? I think you should leave. I don't need your money.

Craig: There's a lot of that going around.

Carly: You got a loan from the bank. If I want to get a loan from Craig, I think that's really just my business --

Jack: You said Craig wasn't going to be a problem.

Carly: You're the only one with the problem, Jack.

Jack: Why did he give you this money, Carly?

Carly: He didn't give me the money. He loaned me the money to help me out with the club. I haven't even decided if I'm going to cash it yet.

Jack: I told you I don't want Craig anywhere near the kids.

Carly: Okay, look around you. He's nowhere to be seen.

Jack: But he will be. He will be! Helping.

Carly: I don't need Craig's help.

Jack: You took his money. As far as he's concerned, that's an open invitation. You're busy at the club, he'll take Sage to piano practice. You want to go see J.J.? He'll offer to pay for the flight to the boarding school. Hell, he'll probably get a charter so he can go along with you.

Carly: I would never let that happen, Jack.

Jack: You won't have a choice. You owe him. Carly, you've put him front and center in all our lives here!

Carly: You know why you're so quick to assume that Craig will use my kids to get to me? Because that's exactly what you do.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Carly: Whenever I do something that you don't approve of, you say that it's bad for the kids. But that's not it. It's just you trying to control me.

Jack: Like I ever could. But I'm damn well going to protect those kids. Craig is a bad influence. I don't want him anywhere near them.

Carly: So you don't want me to take his money.

Jack: No, no, I donít.

Carly: Then I wonít.

Jack: You won't?

Carly: I wonít. I'll find some other way to pay off the loan, okay?

Jack: Well, that's a good idea.

Carly: And to start me off, you can give me half the money from the second mortgage.

Parker: Do you know anything about vacuum cleaners?

Liberty: Maybe.

Parker: Well, do you think you could maybe help me get this hose on. Because I really can't figure it out.

Liberty: Well, you're the one getting paid to work here. Not me.

Parker: Well, you're the one who wants to go to the movies, right?

Liberty: I don't know. It's a pretty good show watching you struggle with that thing.

Parker: Okay, nobody could do this. It's impossible.

Liberty: Really? Oh, gosh. For a tough guy, you know, you are pretty hopeless. Ta-da! What? You gonna thank me, huh?

Dusty: You've got to calm down. You're scaring my kid.

Barbara: That's my grandson in there! Why didn't you tell me that you had found him?

Dusty: I've been worried about saving his life.

Barbara: And I thought I was never going to see him again.

Dusty: I'm sorry I didn't call you.

Barbara: You should have called.

Dusty: I was going to. Today. I'll take you for coffee right now and fill you in, okay? Josie?

Josie: I'll keep an eye on Johnny.

Dusty: Call me if you need me, okay? I'm just going to let Johnny know.

Josie: You have a beautiful grandson.

Barbara: Yes, I do. Thank you. I shouldn't be leaving Paul alone. I shouldn't be leaving him.

Josie: Well, why don't I keep an ear out?

Barbara: Okay. Thank you.

Dusty: Okay. You ready?

Janet: Why the hell did you give Parker your car?

Craig: Why do you think?

Janet: Are you just using him to get to Carly?

Craig: Hardly. Parker's a friend.

Janet: He's 16. Don't you have any friends your own age?

Craig: Sadly, no. Those who know me tend to keep me at arm's length.

Janet: Imagine that.

Craig: But, dear Janet, you and I have no past baggage. You could be my grown-up friend.

Janet: I'll pass, thank you.

Craig: I think you're being paged over there.

Janet: He's choking.

Carly: The house is half mine, I should get half the money.

Jack: Carly, we discussed this. We both agreed that if we split that mortgage money, then we won't have enough left to do what we want to do with it.

Carly: Right. And that's why I'm letting you keep it all like I promised.

Jack: That is very, very generous of you --

Carly: I want you to be happy.

Jack: And I want you to be happy, too. But hooking up with Craig Montgomery? Carly, no good can come of that.

Carly: Don't you think I can figure that out for myself?

Jack: Then why did you take the check?

Carly: Here you go, Jack. Go get your new wife a new house and leave me alone.

Jack: Don't be stupid about this. I'm not the bad guy here. Craig is.

Craig: You sure you're okay?

Janet: Here, drink some more water.

Teenager: I'm good. Thanks.

Craig: All right. Didn't leave you much of a tip.

Janet: Who cares. At least he didn't die on my watch, okay? That's good enough for me.

Craig: Truly?

Janet: Truly, and truly, lunch is on me.

Craig: An offer of friendship?

Janet: Well, I don't know how to do the Heimlich maneuver. So you really came in handy there. Thank you.

Craig: Well, every waitress -- server -- should know how to do the Heimlich maneuver.

Janet: You're absolutely right. And I have studied the posters back in the kitchen, but I wasn't sure I'd be doing it the right way.

Craig: Tell you what. Why don't I show you how do it right now?

Janet: Yeah?

Craig: Sure, just stand in front of me.

Janet: Where do the arms go?

Craig: Right around the waist.

Janet: Okay.

Craig: Fist in your palm and push up at the belly button.

Jack: Montgomery, get your hands off my wife.

Paul: Mom? Mom? Mom? Hey, Jen.

Josie: Barbara went to get some coffee. She'll be back soon.

Paul: You must be so excited Johnny's back.

Josie: Try to get some rest.

Paul: Hey, Jen?

Josie: Paul, I'm not --

Paul: Can I see him?

Josie: That's not up to me.

Paul: You're his mom.

Josie: I canít.

Paul: Now that he's back, I'd thought you'd forgive me for what I've done.

Josie: Paul, nobody blames you.

Paul: Well, you do, or you'd let me see him. Please, Jennifer? Please?

Josie: We should go.

Paul: Hey. Your mom said I could come say hi.

Johnny: She's not my mom. She just looks like her.

Paul: Why did he say that, Jen?

Josie: We're going to visit more later, Johnny. Try and go back to sleep.

Paul: He just said that you weren't his mom. Why would he say that?

Josie: Because it's true.

Paul: Jennifer --

Josie: I'm not Jennifer. I'm Josie. You hired me to pretend to be your sister. But now everybody knows that now that I'm not her.

Paul: Where's -- where's Jennifer?

Josie: She died, Paul.

Paul: Oh.

Josie: You need to go inside and lie down. And try to get some rest, okay? I'm going to go check on Johnny.

Paul: Okay.

Janet: Listen, there was a kid at the counter sitting here and he starting choking and Craig was just showing me how to give him the Heimlich maneuver in case anything like that ever happens again. Nothing was going on.

Jack: And nothing will. Good-bye, good-bye Craig.

Craig: Well, Janet, thank you for what I did have of my lunch.

Janet: Oh, you don't have to do that.

Craig: I believe in tipping well. And the service was excellent.

Jack: You're a funny man. You're a funny, funny, man.

Janet: Look at me. He's not worth it. He's not worth it. Come here.

[Cell phone rings]

Carly: What do you want, Craig?

Craig: I just had a run-in with your ex.

Carly: Where did you see Jack?

Craig: 'Round and about. You told him about my offer?

Carly: I'm busy, and I have nothing to say to you.

Craig: Well, I think we should talk. You at Metro?

Liberty: Should stop.

Parker: No, do you really want to?

Liberty: Yeah, someone could walk in --

Parker: Yeah, but the door's locked, and I have my mom's keys. We're safe.

Liberty: Okay.

Craig: Carly! Hey --

Barbara: All these years just wanting Johnny to come home. Here he is. He's home. I want to see him again. Can I go in and see him, please?

Dusty: Why don't you come back at dinner time? We'll do introductions.

Barbara: Jennifer would be so happy. Now we just have to get Paul well. But I think this is going to help.

Dusty: Excuse me, I wanted to talk to Dr. Reed about my son. Do you know when he's on rounds?

Nurse: I'll check on that for you.

Barbara: Excuse me, nurse, do you know where my son went? He's not in his room.

Nurse: He was in there a few minutes ago.

Dusty: Maybe he got taken for some tests.

Nurse: Not to my knowledge.

Barbara: My son has had a breakdown. He can't be wandering around the halls. Where is he?

Josie: What's going on?

Barbara: What happened to Paul? Where is he?

Josie: I --

Barbara: You were supposed to be with him. Did you say something to him? Did you so something, Josie?

Dusty: Josie has nothing to do with this. She was taking care of Johnny.

Josie: Dusty --

Dusty: She wasn't anywhere near Paul. Leave her alone. Instead of getting on Josie's case, you should be out looking for your son.

Josie: I'll help you.

Dusty: That's not your responsibility. You want to know why I didn't tell you about Johnny sooner? This is why.

Josie: Barbara has a right to be upset.

Dusty: I'm just glad you were with Johnny. Because if Paul came anywhere near my son --

Barbara: Paul wouldn't do anything to hurt Johnny.

Dusty: Who knows what he's capable of? Josie's not his keeper. Nor should you be.

Barbara: Tell me something, Dusty. It's obvious you think Johnny wouldn't survive without your protection. How long is that going to go on? How long are you going to assume it's your job to keep him safe?

Dusty: For as long as I live.

Barbara: Well, welcome to parenthood. I feel the same way about Paul. And I'm going to go find a search party for him.

Dusty: I'm going to go in and see my son. Do you want to come?

Josie: You guys haven't been alone together all morning.

Dusty: All right.

Josie: I'll come back later.

Dusty: Okay, I'll see you then.

Craig: Did you break in?

Parker: No, I was cleaning the place for my mom.

Craig: Uh-huh. And you were -- helping?

Liberty: Yeah.

Parker: I was supposed to be here alone, all right? So, please don't say anything, because if my mom --

Carly: Deliveries around back, please! Up the ramp and to the left.

Liberty: Parker, oh my God.

Carly: Hi, Sweetheart. Did I hear you talking to somebody?

Parker: No, that was just me getting mad at the vacuum cleaner.

Janet: Craig Montgomery will never ever have his hands on me. Ever.

Jack: That's because you've got good common sense. I wish Carly had some of that. This is how it always starts. He shells out big bucks to get some project going. And God knows where it stops.

Janet: Nobody knows where it stops. But listen, maybe Carly will take his money and make her club a huge success and then she'll dump him.

Jack: Well, like any good leech, Montgomery doesn't let go until every last drop of blood has been drained.

Janet: Come on, Carly's a tough broad. You don't think she could handle the guy?

Jack: That's not what I'm talking about.

Janet: Then what are you talking about? You're divorced from Carly. So you can't stand Craig. What do you care if they're in business together?

Jack: Because you can't trust the guy. You cannot trust Craig Montgomery.

Janet: I know. I got that in the first 15 seconds. So, I think that Carly can figure that out on her own without your help.

Paul: You're here.

Josie: Do you know me? When you hired me, we'd have these training sessions where you'd tell me everything about Dusty and Jennifer.

Paul: I hired you?

Josie: And there was this one phrase that you used. Four or five times, it stuck in my head. You said that, whenever Dusty is upset --

Paul: He goes to Jennifer.

Josie: Yes. He goes to Jennifer. Not he goes to Jennifer's grave. Like she was still alive. Like she could be a comfort.

Paul: You can.

Josie: I can try. But I'm not Jennifer.

Paul: Stop saying that.

Josie: I'm Josie. Paul, you know me. You know me or you would not have come here. You came to say good-bye to Jennifer.

Paul: Jennifer's not dead.

Josie: Paul --

Paul: She's not. I got sick a few days ago, she came to see me. I talked to her.

Josie: That wasn't Jennifer. That was me.

Paul: It hurts to remember.

Josie: Let me take you back.

Paul: I got to stay here. I need to stay with her.

Josie: Why?

Paul: Because she's going to tell me what to do.

Josie: Jennifer forgave you, Paul. Do you remember that? She wanted you to have peace for you to be happy.

Paul: I don't know how.

Josie: You still have a mother and a brother who love you. And now you have a little girl, too.

Paul: Eliza.

Josie: These are all people who need you, Paul.

Paul: It's cold.

Josie: Yeah, yeah, it is.

Paul: Thanks.

Josie: Let's go back, okay?

Craig: Well, if it isn't my two of my favorite people! Being industrious. Living the American dream.

Carly: What do I have to do? Put up an electric fence?

Craig: I'm a paying customer, Carly. Why is everyone turning their nose up at my money today?

Carly: Don't start.

Craig: I won't if you donít. Parker, how are you?

Parker: I'm fine. Mom, I'm done. I'm going to go.

Carly: Oh, no, wait. I'll get you the money I owe you.

Parker: Oh, no, no, no. You don't have to pay me. It's fine.

Carly: Parker, a deal's a deal.

Parker: Thank you.

Carly: Here you go, Sweetie. Craig, I hung up on you. Don't you know what that means?

Craig: You've developed a nervous phone twitch from too much texting?

Carly: It means I don't want to talk to you.

Craig: As you wish.

Carly: What?

Craig: Oh, now we are talking? Okay. Do you still have that check I gave you? So, you didn't cash it.

Carly: I never intended to.

Craig: It's just as well. Jack let me know how clearly disapproving he was.

Carly: This has nothing to do with Jack.

Craig: Right, right. But then you don't want to make him upset. I mean, love of your life, father of your children and all that. So, I just want you to know I understand. If you want to tear it up, go ahead.

Carly: You think that I live in fear of upsetting Jack?

Craig: Well, you didn't cash it, Carly.

Carly: Well, maybe I'm just mulling it over. On my own.

Craig: How long does it take to decide to save your livelihood?

Carly: I don't trust you, Craig.

Craig: Carly, your loan's been called on this bar which you've poured heart, your soul, countless hours of work into. And instead of taking my money to give the place a fighting chance, well, I understand. Jack's been a guiding force in your life for a long time --

Carly: He's not anymore.

Craig: And you just can't stop trying to live up to his expectations. So, go ahead, make him happy. Tear it up. Well done.

Carly: I'm not talking to you.

Jack: Okay, I know it seems like I'm throwing myself in the middle of Carly's problems -- I can assure you that is not the case.

Janet: Are you afraid of him?

Jack: Scared of Craig Montgomery? Why would I be scared of him?

Janet: I'm just asking.

Jack: You're asking me -- a detective in the Oakdale Police Department, a former FBI agent, a guy who's been shot more times than --

Janet: Would you just answer the question?

Jack: I'm not scared of Craig. Why would I be scared of Craig?

Janet: Because every time he walks into a room, you go ballistic.

Jack: Well, when I walked in this room, he had his hands all over you.

Janet: I told you what that was all about --

Jack: When I walked into the room where my children abide, there was a $200,000 check laying there, Janet. You know what? I am -- I am scared of him in this way. If we're ever left alone in a room together, I might pull out my gun and I might shoot him. And it might feel good.

Janet: You won't do that. You want to know why?

Jack: I'd lose my pension.

Janet: Because you're a good guy. You are smart. And tough.

Jack: I smell a conjunction coming on.

Janet: And your kids know that about you. You've done a beautiful job raising them. And you've set a fabulous example of how to always do the right thing.

Jack: Always -- mostly -- mostly do the right thing.

Janet: Yeah, well, so you got one up on Craig Montgomery. So, no matter how many checks he writes, your kids aren't going to get spoiled and they aren't going to get jaded. Because you won't let that happen.

Jack: I can't stop what I don't see though. If I hadn't had to go see Carly's today -- I don't live there anymore. There's a huge chunk of my kids' lives that I'm not up to speed on. And if Craig Montgomery gets to spend a second with my children, that's a second too long. In my opinion. Especially when I don't know what's happening.

Janet: This is what we're going to do. We're going to buy our own house. With plenty of room for the kids. And you are going to get a huge chunk of time that belongs to you and the kids and only you and the kids.

Jack: I'd better get to the bank before it closes.

Janet: Yay!

Jack: Good-bye.

Janet: Good-bye. Okay.

Jack: Hey! We're going to buy a house.

Liberty: Bye.

Jack: We're going to buy a house.

Liberty: That's great! Do you think it has a media room and a Jacuzzi and really big lock for my door.

Jack: I'm working on it.

Liberty: Awesome. Hey.

Janet: Hi.

Liberty: Mom, can I please have some hot chocolate because it's really cold outside.

Janet: I know. It's freezing outside.

Liberty: Disturbingly cold. What? Oh my --

Janet: Go to the bathroom, please. Go to the bathroom, please and look at yourself.

Liberty: What, Mom? Did a bird poop on my head?

Janet: No. Your sweater is completely misbuttoned. So, I want you to go in there and fix it and you come right back out here and you tell me what happened.

Dusty: Any word on Paul?

Barbara: Nothing yet. If the hospital staff doesn't find him, I'm going to call the police. Paul!

Paul: I'm sorry.

Barbara: Honey, I was scared.

Paul: I'm okay.

Barbara: Thank you. Where was he?

Josie: At Jennifer's grave. He was a little confused, but he's okay now.

Paul: Josie's right.

Barbara: What did you call her?

Paul: Josie. Barbara. I just need a little rest, that's all.

Barbara: I'm going to help him to bed.

Dusty: How did you know?

Josie: Lucky guess.

Dusty: You guessed out of all the places that he was at my wife's grave?

Josie: He was talking about Jennifer before.

Dusty: He was talking about Jennifer with you?

Josie: Yeah.

Dusty: What aren't you telling me, Josie?

Josie: He was talking about Jennifer with me -- and with Johnny. While you were out with Barbara, I took Paul in to see Johnny.

Dusty: You had no right.

Josie: If you could have heard him.

Dusty: You had no right to bring that lunatic anywhere near my son.

Josie: Paul was upset. He was worried about Johnny. I just wanted him to --

Dusty: You had no right!

Josie: Okay. They were never alone. I was with them the whole time. Johnny was fine.

Dusty: Yeah, no thanks to you.

Josie: Okay, what am I, Donovan? Saint or sinner? Because one minute you're defending me. And the next, you're laying into me for --

Dusty: You put my son in danger!

Josie: That's a flat-out lie! Paul would never hurt Johnny.

Dusty: Oh, what are you talking about? You don't know. He's crazy.

Josie: I know that if anybody tried to hurt that little boy, they'd have to come through me.

Dusty: I don't want that guy within ten feet of my son. Ever. No matter what.

Josie: Yeah, got that. And what about me? You want me to stay away from Johnny, too?

Dusty: I need time to think.

Josie: And I need to know where you stand, Dusty.

Dusty: Stop beating it, would you? Not now.

Josie: I cannot live my life according to your minute-by-minute approval rating. So if you want me around, say so. But if not, then you have to let me know.

Dusty: I don't have an answer for you.

Josie: I hurt for you, Dusty. But I also hurt for Barbara. And Paul. And Johnny. I can't help it. That is just who I am. But you wouldn't know that because you never took the time to get to know the real me.

Dusty: All right. Let's talk.

Josie: You don't have any answers for me, remember? But some cold, lonely, winter night, you are going to miss me, Donovan. Count on it.

Barbara: The doctor said he'd be in in a minute. How are you feeling?

Paul: I'm feeling like you're hovering a little bit. I'm fine.

Barbara: You've been through so much, Paul.

Paul: Okay, I'm not completely fine. But I'm getting there. I understand things. I know that Jen's dead. And I know that you're a grandmother. And I'm an uncle. And I'm a father.

Barbara: Yes, you are.

Paul: Do you think we can do it, Mom? Do you think we can raise a generation of kids and not make them nuts?

Barbara: I think we can try.

Paul: Okay, let's do that.

Josie: Donovan, what are you doing here?

Dusty: I'm not letting you walk out of my life.

Josie: Well, I just did. And I was classy about it. And I didn't cry. And now you're going to ruin that. Since when do you carry around tissues in your pocket?

Dusty: Since my kid got home. He gets a little sloppy sometimes. I know you, Josie. I know you like chocolate. I know you like calling me Donovan just to be different. You like being different.

Josie: What else?

Dusty: I have Johnny because of you.

Josie: So it's gratitude? Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse.

Dusty: Yeah, I'm grateful. I'm grateful that you're so hot.

Josie: Yeah?

Dusty: And I'm sorry.

Josie: Sorry that I'm hot?

Dusty: For being so hard on you. I've been fighting to find my kid for so long, I don't know what it's like to stop.

Josie: Maybe I can help you remember.

Liberty: Mother?

Janet: Yes, that's better. Where were you earlier?

Liberty: Well --

Parker: Hi, Janet.

Liberty: Hi!

Janet: Parker.

Parker: I've been looking for you all day. Want to go see a movie?

Liberty: Yes, I do.

Janet: Have you finished your homework?

Liberty: Finished it.

Janet: You better come straight home afterwards.

Liberty: Okay, I will. Bye.

Parker: Let's go.

Janet: Wait, come here. Come here. I'm choosing to trust you.

Liberty: I know.

Janet: All right. And I want you to make good choices, also.

Liberty: Good choices, yep. I will. Bye.

Liberty: Oh, my God.

Parker: I thought we were so dead.

Liberty: I can't believe that Craig guy covered for us.

Parker: He's a pretty cool guy.

Liberty: Parker -- seriously, though, I think my mom is onto us. And I know nothing like really happened, but that Craig guy saw me and like half my clothes off -- it was so embarrassing.

Parker: Yeah, it was embarrassing. I know. For me, too. And it will never happen again. Next time we'll go somewhere where no one can walk in on us.

Liberty: If there is a next time.

Parker: Don't you want there to be?

Liberty: Only if you can promise me that we're not going to get into any trouble.

Parker: I promise.

Carly: Get out from behind my bar.

Craig: Oh, forgive me. But since we're not talking, I feared I'd die of thirst.

Carly: You better pay for that drink. And don't think I didn't notice that you poured a double.

Craig: Now that's Carly. Ever-vigilant. You know, since you've decided to take my money, I thought we should discuss terms of your loan.

Carly: You said no strings.

Craig: Actually, there are two things I want.

Carly: I knew it.

Craig: First of all, a thank you would be nice. I mean, if that's not too much trouble.

Carly: There are a lot of ways a gal can say thank you, Craig. Which were you hoping for?

Craig: Two words. Eight letters total -- thank you. Can you manage?

Carly: Thanks.

Craig: Now that's efficient. Why use two words when one will suffice?

Carly: Bye, bye. There's two words for you. Hey Craig, when do I have to pay back this loan?

Craig: When you can.

Carly: What was the second thing?

Craig: I just wanted to say -- I've got my son back.

Carly: Yes, I know. You told me.

Craig: I know, yeah, but it just really hit me. Just now. I get to see him. I get to watch him grow up. Isn't that wonderful?

Carly: Yes, it is.

Craig: I've been wanting to say that to someone all day. Thank you.

Next week on "As the World Turns" --

Katie: You're making it sound like I chose Craig over you and I would never do that.

Brad: You already have.

Meg: And don't worry about me. Paul has the divorce papers. He knows I won't change my mind.

Dusty: I hope you're right.

[Casey grunts]

Jade: Casey!

Brian: You're right! All right? Is that what you need to hear? That you've been right all along? I'm gay!

Josie: And I looked away and when I looked back, he was gone.

Dusty: What? You lost him? You lost my son?

Johnny: See the train?

Liberty: Parker, look out! Parker!

Craig: How would you like to marry me?

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