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As The World Turns Transcript Tuesday 1/6/09

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Craig: If this is some kind of a joke, it's not funny.

Katie: It's not a joke. I know where Johnny is.

Craig: I see right through you, Katie. You're trying to punish me for forcing you into giving me that alibi. So you dangle Johnny in front of me? Expecting me to bite?

Katie: I'm telling you this for one reason and one reason only. Because you're Johnny's biological father, and you deserve to know.

Craig: Oh, I deserve something? Me? The brother you've spent how many of the last years trying to disown?

Katie: I must be out of my mind to feel sorry for you. But I do. Because I know how much you love Johnny, and he's in trouble.

Craig: Now you have my attention. Where is he?

Katie: Here.

Craig: Here? In the United States? The western hemisphere?

Katie: Here in Oakdale! With Lucy. Dusty's planning on taking off with them to keep Johnny away from you.

Lucinda: Ha ha, watch out, I'm coming to get you.

Brian: Oh.

Lucinda: I still think we should've called the police, I really do. They should arrest the hooligan that did this to you.

Brian: I keep telling you, I didn't get a good look at the guy. So if I can't give a description, what's the point?

Lucinda: Oakdale's finest should know that the Old Town is unsafe at night.

Brian: Well, I just, you know -- I just -- it was New Yearís, people do crazy things. I'd rather just forget about the whole thing.

Lucinda: Hi, Darling. Why don't you talk some sense into this guy? I'm gonna go and get the sufferer's meds.

Luke: Look, I'm really sorry.

Brian: Are you?

Luke: Yeah, I am. Kissing you was way out of line. And as far as Noah -- Noah's not like that. He doesn't go around punching people, so if you think that he's not upset --

Brian: No, here's what I think. I think we need to just put this whole sorry mess behind us right now.

Craig: Oh, my God. How long has he been sick?

Katie: It's a recurrence of the blood cancer he had when he was a baby. He needs a bone marrow transplant, and it turns out I'm a match.

Craig: Then we have to do it right away.

Katie: Lucy and Dusty are taking him to a hospital in Chicago. I'm supposed to meet them there.

Craig: I don't believe it. They think they can make life-and-death decisions about my flesh and blood without even consulting me?

Katie: That's why I thought you should know.

Craig: Thank you. Where are they now?

Katie: Upstairs in room 1020. They're getting ready to check out.

[Elevator bell dings]

[Elevator bell dings]

Dusty: What were you saying to Craig?

Lucy: Here's Leroy. You guys ready to go on a new adventure?

[Knocking on door]

Lucy: That must be Dusty.

[Lucy gasps]

Craig: Hello, Lullaby. How's Johnny?

Dusty: What did you tell Craig?

Katie: I told him that his son has a life-threatening condition. He has the right to know.

Dusty: No, he lost his rights years ago. He's an unfit father.

Katie: Johnny shouldn't be on the run for the rest of his life while you and Craig fight over him. It's wrong.

Dusty: You know what's be wrong? If Craig hurts my son and my son ends up like Bryant. Then it's on your head.

[Cell phone ringing]

Brad: Katie, what's up?

Katie: Hey, um, can you meet me at the Lakeview? It's kind of an emergency.

Brad: You sound upset. Are you okay?

Katie: Not really. Hurry.

Brad: I'll be right there.

Lucy: How did you find us?

Craig: A little birdie told me. How are you, Lucy? You look beautiful.

[Lucy sighs]

Craig: That's all right. I have no hard feelings. But where's Johnny?

Lucy: No! Please -- stop! Wait -- stop!

Craig: Look at you. You've gotten so big -- [Laughs] Oh my gosh -- and you're so handsome. You don't remember me, do you? That's all right. We'll just give it a little time. I've missed you so much. Hey, I used to love trains when I was your age. Does this one have a name?

Johnny: Thomas.

Craig: Thomas. I hear you're not feeling well. It's okay. We're gonna get you fixed right up. Your Aunt Katie's all ready to help. So why don't we get you over to the hospital? It's right nearby. You don't need to go to Chicago. The important thing is that we get this done. The sooner, the better.

Lucy: You're right.

Craig: I'm sure you'll agree, Dusty. The most important thing is Johnny's health. We can put aside our petty differences for awhile.

Lucy: We don't have a choice.

Brad: Hey, hey. Hey. You okay? What happened?

Katie: Uh, I have a feeling we're not going to Chicago. I ran into Craig and he knows about Johnny.

Brad: He knows how?

Katie: I told him.

Brad: Are you crazy?

Katie: I had to, Brad. Johnny's his biological son. He loves him. You tell me how it's right that he has no idea, no clue, that his son is in trouble. You really think what I did was wrong?

Brad: No. No, Honey. No, I don't think it was wrong. I'm just afraid you might end up regretting it.

Brian: Luke, can we keep this between us?

Luke: I haven't told my grandmother about any of this before. You think I'm gonna start now?

Brian: I take full responsibility for what happened on New Yearís Eve.

Luke: Why? I was the one that kissed you.

Brian: Yeah, but I was -- I was the one who put this whole thing in motion. It was my fault for coming on to you in the first place.

Luke: Well, I was out of line this time. So I guess we're even.

Brian: And I got what was coming to me. Your boyfriend packs quite a punch by the way.

Luke: Yeah, who knew?

Brian: Is everything okay between you two?

Luke: No, not really. You know I thought that New Yearís Eve was gonna be a new beginning but it turned out to be a big disaster.

Brian: Oh, is there anything I can do? You want me to talk to him?

Luke: No. No, I don't think that's a good idea. I think we should just try -- try to forget this ever happened.

Brian: Okay. I hope that means we can be friends. Deal?

Luke: Yeah, deal.

[Bottle of pills shaking]

Lucinda: Hey, why do I continually get the feeling that there's something going on between you two that I'm not privy to?

Brian: What would give you that idea?

Lucinda: Don't patronize me, Darling. What are you hiding from me? I want to know right now.

Brian: Oh, listen, this should really help. Thanks a lot. You know what? I think what I really need right now is to lie down for a few minutes.

Lucinda: No, no, no, no, no. Not until you answer my simple question.

Lily: Hello!

Lucinda: Hi.

Lily: We may have gone a little overboard, but there were so many great sales.

Jade: It was awesome.

Lily: Wait until you see Jade in all these amazing clothes. She's gonna turn every head in town.

Jade: Your mom was unbelievably generous.

Lucinda: It surely was unbelievable.

Lily: Mother --

Lucinda: Oh well, Darling, I'm sorry. But really, I would have thought you'd learned your lesson by now. This girl is a user. My heavens, buying her all this stuff -- it's like throwing good money at the bad.

Jade: Yeah, well, at least I don't have a gay husband.

Brad: You are so brave. And you need to be rewarded.

Katie: That sounds good. What do you have in mind?

Brad: Okay, well, here's a little preview.

Katie: Wow. That's worth taking a foot long needle any day.

Brad: It's not that big, is it?

Katie: I'm kidding. I hope.

Brad: Could we have a little privacy, please?

Craig: This won't take long. Katie, I can't thank you enough for what you're doing for Johnny. And for telling me the truth about my son. I mean, it really was above and beyond.

Brad: And no way do you deserve it.

Craig: I was hoping that this could mean a new start for all of us. To make peace. When the life of a young innocent boy hangs in the balance, it really puts everything into perspective.

Katie: Okay, I can't think about that right now. Please, can we just focus on getting Johnny better?

Craig: Of course. I'll be grateful to you for the rest of my life.

Nurse: Okay, time to go.

Brad: Okay. You take care. I love you. I swear to God, if anything happens to my wife --

Dusty: I know you're gonna be fine. I was there when you were born. You came too soon. That's how I know you're a fighter. You're a champion, you hear me? Never give up.

Craig: How's our little trooper doing?

Dusty: You shouldn't be here.

Craig: They're about to take him in for the procedure. I'd like to wish him well. Good luck, young man. You're going to make us all proud, aren't you? I'll see you soon. You can tell me all about your trains.

Lucy: Take care, Sweetie, okay?

Nurse: I'll keep you posted.

Lucy: Thank you.

Dusty: Let's get some coffee.

Craig: I -- I need to speak to my daughter alone.

Dusty: No. No way.

Craig: She owes me that much. Don't you, Lucy?

Lucy: I need to do this. I'll be okay.

Luke: Jade, how about you and me get out of here?

Lucinda: Young lady, young lady, just a moment please. Repeat what you said. Louder please.

Jade: No, chill out, okay? I just was trying to say I wish everyone could be as perfect as you and your husband.

Lucinda: If you have problems with me, that's just fine. But why are you casting aspersions on Brian?

Jade: Casting aspersions? Is that what we're calling it?

Luke: Okay, you know what, Jade, just knock it off.

Lucinda: Okay. You know what you said and we know what you said. I want to know why.

Luke: Grandmother, this is not a big deal. Just let it go.

Luke: Come on Jade, let's go.

Jade: Chill out, I was just mouthing off.

Lucinda: Do you think you have the right to mouth off? Do you think you have the right to --?

Brian: You're supposed to be resting. Lucinda, why don't you go upstairs and get comfortable.

Lucinda: I don't want to rest. I'm not going anywhere.

Lily: I don't understand what's going on. Mother, I can understand why you're upset, but you're making it worse. And, Jade, what has gotten into you? Are you deliberately trying to stir things up?

Luke: Mom, you know how she is. She just says stuff to rile people up.

Jade: I do not!

Luke: Yes, you do!

Lucinda: All right, Luke Darling. You know exactly what she meant. So, why don't you just come right out and tell all of us here what this is all about.

Brian: Stop it! Just everybody stop it!

Lucy: We should get back to the hospital.

Craig: We just got here. Please. Please.

Lucy: I can't stand being this far away from Johnny.

Craig: That makes two of us. You know when I saw him today, after all this time, I couldn't believe how much he'd grown. I missed two years of my son's life. That's time I'll never get back.

Lucy: How much time would you have had? You don't have custody of him, you never did.

Craig: You don't have custody, either, Lucy. You kidnapped him.

Lucy: I couldn't stand by and watch my baby brother being used as a pawn in a sick, endless war between you and Dusty.

Craig: All right. I don't want to argue with you, especially now. We have plenty of time for recriminations later.

Lucy: I can't wait.

Craig: What's important now is that Johnny is sick and we need to help him get well, right?

Lucy: That's all I want.

Craig: But I can't help but wonder if there was a reason why he relapsed now.

Lucy: A reason?

Craig: Maybe it's time for all the wrongs to be made right. To bring him back where he belongs.

Lucy: Oh, God, don't get all mystical on me. Not you, of all people. Johnny's cancer didn't recur just so that you could be reunited with your son.

Craig: I'm not the same man I was. I've changed.

Lucy: I've heard that before.

Craig: I don't expect you to take it on faith. But at least give yourself the time to get to know me again. To see that I've changed. Come on, Lucy, can't we start over?

Brad: I thought this would be over by now. I hope that's not a bad sign.

Dusty: We should know something soon. I know you're worried. But your wife's doing a great thing. She's saving my kid's life.

Brad: Yeah, well, that's why she didn't think twice. She was ready to do whatever it took.

Dusty: Thank God. If anything ever -- bad happened to my kid, I don't know what I'd do.

Brad: Yeah, being a dad, you know, it gives you a whole new outlook, you know?

Dusty: Last two years were hell for me. I worried about my boy every single second.

Brad: I don't blame you. You know I didn't find out until -- I had a daughter until she was 16. If I'd known liberty was out there all this time -- and I couldn't find her, you know, that would've driven me nuts.

Dusty: Makes you do some crazy things.

Brad: Like pretending to be dead. Yeah, that was pretty extreme, Dusty.

Dusty: Well, I'd do it again if I thought it'd keep my kid safe.

Brad: You mean keep him away from Craig.

Dusty: Yeah. Katie should not have told Craig about Johnny. That was a big mistake.

Brad: I completely agree with you. Look, I don't want that dude anywhere near her. I don't even care if he's her brother.

Dusty: I didn't know you knew him that well.

Brad: Well, you know, we don't have a lot of history. But I have my reasons.

Dusty: Why? What did Craig do this time?

Brad: He blackmailed Katie.

Lily: Okay, time out. Everybody take a deep breath.

Jade: Maybe I should just go.

Lily: You're not leaving, Jade.

Jade: No, I wouldn't give her the satisfaction. I'm just gonna bring these clothes upstairs. You want to come, Luke?

Luke: Yeah, I do.

Lucinda: Uh, Luke. Can I have a word with you privately?

Jade: Good luck with that!

Brian: Lucinda, please --

Lucinda: You have insight into this I think.

Brian: Lucinda, please.

Lucinda: Why don't you just tell me what this is all about?

Luke: I have nothing to tell you. I think you should talk to your husband. I'm going to go outside for some air.

Lily: I'll go with you.

Lucinda: Okay. It's your turn.

Brian: I love you, Lucinda. That's all you need to know.

Lucinda: No, it isnít. I need to know everything.

Brian: Okay. I made a pass at your grandson.

Lucinda: What do you exactly mean when you say that?

Brian: I kissed him.

Dusty: What do you mean blackmail?

Brad: Never mind, never mind.

Dusty: What did Craig do to Katie?

Brad: I'm serious. Just forget it. Katie would kill me if she knew I opened my big mouth.

Dusty: So Craig put his sister right in the line of fire.

Brad: I shouldn't have told you anything.

Dusty: You didn't tell me anything.

Brad: Then, maybe its best we keep it that way.

Dusty: So Craig blackmailed Katie, and you're gonna let him get away with it?

Brad: Listen, Dusty, I hate this guy. And if I could stop him, I would. But he's got us over a barrel.

Dusty: All right, well, you've got a back-up. I might be able to help you, but I need to know the whole story.

Brad: That's not gonna work.

Dusty: Why won't it?

Brad: You know it's not that easy. Like I said, you know it's not that easy. He's slippery. He always finds a way to get himself out of a jam.

Dusty: Well, he won't get out of this jam. Let's make it happen.

Brad: Not if it puts Katie in danger.

Dusty: Katie's already in danger. Are you gonna stop it?

Brad: Hell yeah, I want to stop it. All right. It all started when Spencer McKay was killed. Craig was behind it. He was in cahoots with Spencer and framed me for a fake murder.

Dusty: Why would Craig do that?

Brad: To get Katie desperate enough to do whatever he wanted. Once he had me going to jail for murder, and Henry charged with stealing the evidence, it could make Katie desperate enough and to sacrifice anything to save us.

Dusty: How'd he go about it?

Brad: Okay, well, he contacted Katie anonymously on her computer. Said that he had the power to clear me and Henry. But first, she had to, you know, promise to do something for him in return. Which he made that promise, and all our problems would go away. It's not funny.

Dusty: No, but what did you have to do for him?

Brad: She had to give him an alibi. You know, so he could beat the charge that he tried to blow up Paul Ryan.

Dusty: I was wondering how he did that.

Brad: Listen, man, she didn't want to do -- I don't see what's so freakin' funny about this, man. She didn't want to do it. She didn't want to go through this, you know? If she refused, he would have found another way to land me back in jail.

Dusty: He had a gun to your head.

Brad: I hate this guy. But he's got us in a box.

Dusty: Not necessarily. There's gotta be a way to put this dude in jail.

Brad: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait, wait, wait. You gotta -- you cannot go to the cops and tell them what I just told you.

Dusty: No, no, no. Don't worry, I'm not going to go to the cops. I'll handle it myself.

Craig: I love you, Lucy. You're my daughter. And I want nothing more than to restore my family.

Lucy: I don't know if that's possible.

Craig: I know I haven't earned much trust over the years. But can't you see a way to give your father another chance? Let me try to make up for all the times that I've hurt you.

Lucy: I still hold you responsible for Bryantís death. That's why I took Johnny. Because I didn't want the same thing to happen to him, too.

Craig: Don't you understand? I blame myself for Bryantís death as much as you do. That's why I would rather die than put Johnny in harm's way. And that's why it's so important for us to work this out.

Lucy: Do you promise to stop fighting with Dusty over who's going to raise Johnny?

Craig: I promise that I can try. It's not going to be easy. But I promise you that I will work with Dusty to find an equitable solution.

Lucy: I'm willing to try. But I have no idea what Dusty's gonna do. He's focused on one thing right now. And that's Johnny's health -- making sure he gets better.

Craig: Then we'll start there. Doing what's best for Johnny. And once he gets better, God willing -- well, he just has to get better. I'm sorry. I promised myself I wouldn't do this.

Lucy: You love him. You're scared. I know the feeling.

Craig: I can't imagine what it's been like for you the last few months. Since he was diagnosed. And I'm so glad that you brought him back here.

Lucy: I hope I made the right call.

Craig: Can't we try to make this right? I know we can work this out. If we put Johnny first.

Lucy: All right.

Craig: Good. That's all I can ask. One step at a time.

Lily: I have to ask. Is this what's been eating you up the past few weeks? Do you know something about Brian?

Luke: My problems didn't start with him, but --

Lily: But what?

Luke: He didn't make it any easier.

Lily: What do you mean?

Luke: This one night -- a while ago, he -- he kissed me.

Lily: And you didn't say anything?

Luke: What was I gonna say, you know? At first I was like, "Oh my God, is this even really happening?" I didn't know what to do. Then it happened again.

Lily: Oh my God.

Luke: I know. I know. But the second time, it was on New Yearís and that was all my fault.

Lily: What do you mean?

Luke: I had been drinking. Mom, I know, I know, I know. It was a mistake. I was out of control. I kissed Brian, Noah saw, Noah went after Brian. It wasn't a mugging. It was Noah.

Lily: I can't believe this. Why were you drinking, Luke? You know how dangerous that --

Luke: I know, I know, I know. I made a mistake.

Lily: When did all this start happening between you and Brian?

Luke: Before Thanksgiving.

Lily: Sweetie, you should've told me. You should've told someone.

Luke: Yeah, but Grandmother was so happy. What was I supposed to do? Drop a bomb and ruin her life? And I tried to get Brian to tell her the truth. But he said he didn't want to hurt her.

Lily: Well, that's exactly what he did. He was the one person she could count on. How could he do this to her?

Luke: Mom, he really cares about her. He helped her through the surgery. He was doing everything he could to help her get well.

Lily: I'm just so angry at all the lies he's told us.

Luke: I know. I know. And I was, too. But the more I got to know him, the more I realized that he's really not a bad guy. He's a very good person. It's just when it comes to sexuality, he's just really messed up.

Lily: My poor mother.

Brian: The truth is -- I've had these feelings all my life. It's part of who I am.

Lucinda: So you're telling me that you are bisexual? You're telling me you're homosexual?

Brian: I don't like to use labels.

Lucinda: You have misrepresented yourself to me.

Brian: I never meant to hurt you, Lucinda.

Lucinda: That's what you've done.

Brian: I know. I know. And I'm sorry. I thought I had it under control -- that I could deal with it.

Lucinda: It? It? What? How?

Brian: By acknowledging that I made a mistake. That Luke and I agreed to put it behind us. And maybe now you and I can, too.

Lucinda: What are you saying? That I'm supposed to enter into this pact of denial that you have?

Brian: No, no, no, no, no. No, I'm not suggesting that at all. In fact, I think it's better if everything is out in the open.

Lucinda: But our marriage -- it's a lie. It's a lie, predicated on a lie. And all the times I wanted sex -- you were avoiding sex because you told me that, you know, it isn't good for my health, good for my recovery. And all the while it's because I'm a woman! And you're not physically attracted to me.

Brian: That's not true!

Lucinda: Of course it's true! It's true. So that all the while that I was dreaming and thinking about having sex with my new husband, my new husband was thinking about having sex with my grandson!

Brian: It's a lot more complicated than that.

Lucinda: Yes! I bet it is! Let's uncomplicate it in true Harvard business school style. Or should I say Princeton? Are you, right now, still physically attracted to Luke? Yes or no?

Brian: Yes, I am.

Lucinda: At least we're getting at the truth now.

Brian: But it doesn't have to be an either/or situation, Lucinda. It doesn't mean that I don't love you. I do. And I hope we can get past this.

Lucinda: Not on your life. No, go upstairs, pack your stuff, get out and go.

Katie: I'm so glad it's over.

Brad: I'm so proud of you. Can I get you anything? Some, I don't know, ginger ale, ice? A lollipop?

Katie: Water's fine.

Brad: Okay. I'll be right back. Listen, don't go anywhere.

Katie: Oh, I wonít. That was fast.

Dusty: You were great. You did a great thing for your nephew.

Katie: It was my pleasure. How's he doing?

Dusty: We should know soon.

Katie: Well, fingers crossed.

Dusty: There's one more thing I'd like you to do for me.

Katie: What's that?

Dusty: I know you gave a fake alibi to Craig.

Katie: Are you serious? Who told you?

Dusty: Doesn't matter. But I want you to tell Margo that it was Craig who tried to blow up Paul. And that he pressured you to lie for him.

Katie: Are you insane? No, I'm not going to dare Margo to arrest me.

Dusty: She's not gonna arrest you. She'll arrest Craig. He committed a crime.

Katie: That may be true, but I did, too. I lied for Craig. I don't want to end up in a cell next to him!

Dusty: It's okay. I'll protect you.

Katie: Why are you doing this now, Dusty? You just got Johnny back, finally. And Craig says he wants to make peace.

Dusty: He doesnít. As soon as Johnny gets better, he's gonna want him back. And I can't let that happen. I want Craig in jail, where he belongs.

Katie: I just saved your son's life. Can you think about that and stop fixating on getting revenge on Craig?

Dusty: Long as that guy's walking around.

Katie: You're obsessed! And I want you out of here right now. I don't owe you anything.

Dusty: Yes, you do. You told Craig that Johnny was back in town. He wouldn't have known about the transplant or that I was even here with my son.

Katie: And then what? You and Lucy would take Johnny on the run again? What kind of life is that for a little boy?

Dusty: It's better than growing up with a psychopath. You brought Craig back into Johnny's life. It's up to you to get him out.

Jade: So, everybody's not talking to me here including you, right?

Luke: You made this really hard, Jade.

Jade: I'm sorry, but Lucinda really pushes my buttons.

Luke: You made this all blow up and now everybody hates me.

Jade: No one hates you. They hate me. They love you.

Luke: Well, it doesn't really feel that way.

Jade: At least we still have each other, right?

Luke: Right.

Brian: Can I say something before I go?

Lucinda: Can I stop you?

Brian: Despite what happened, I still believe we belong together. We are so right for each other in so many ways. We have so much that we can share -- love, companionship, compatibility.

Lucinda: You wanted to bed my grandson.

Brian: Can I just say --

Lucinda: Please. No, just say good-bye.

Brian: I never meant to hurt you, Lucinda.

Lily: Mother, I saw Brian leave. Are you all right?

Lucinda: How could I be all right?

Lily: I don't know what to say. It was such a shock.

Lucinda: Oh, shock? It was a catastrophe! Too bad I didn't see it coming.

Lily: How could you have known?

Lucinda: 'Cause there were signs. I ignored them.

Lily: Don't blame yourself.

Lucinda: We're adults. If it had been another woman -- could have been there and done that. And it was another man -- a man. In the past -- but -- a boy? Your son, my grandson. I can't -- oh, Honey. Oh, God, I thought it was too good to be true and it was.

Dusty: They're giving Johnny the bone marrow now.

Lucy: God, please let it work.

Craig: I'm sure it will. I feel very optimistic. And after this dark period in our lives, I hope we can make peace. I love you, Lullaby. I'm going to go check on Katie.

Lucy: Okay.

Dusty: So, you and Craig made peace? What does that mean?

Lucy: Nothing. I'm just humoring him. As soon as Johnny gets better, I want us to go back to our original plan. I want us to leave together with Johnny and I want to make sure my father never sees him again.

Craig: You don't look happy. What's wrong?

Katie: Dusty. He's onto us.

Craig: What do you mean?

Katie: He knows the alibi I gave you was fake -- at least he suspects that much. What if he goes to Margo?

Craig: Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

Katie: How? What are you going to do? Blow him up and make me give you an alibi again? I knew this would be a disaster!

Craig: No, I'll talk to Dusty. I'll get him to see reason.

Katie: Really? Good luck with that.

Lucy: I have a good source for passports. We'll take off as soon as Johnny's better.

Dusty: I don't care where we go, as long as your father never sees my son again.

Brad: Hey, I'm sorry I took so long. I did get you a surprise.

Katie: Get those away from me!

Brad: What's wrong?

Katie: You! How could you tell Dusty I gave Craig an alibi?

Brad: Boy, that didn't take him long, did it?

Katie: What if Dusty uses this against Craig? It will turn into an all-out war and it's your fault.

Brad: Listen, don't worry. I made him promise not to go to the cops.

Katie: Oh, please. You really think that's going to stop him?

Brad: Katie --

Katie: This is such a mess --

Brad: Katie, come on --

Katie: Don't -- just get out of here.

Craig: Margo, its Craig. I have news. Lucy's back and she's brought Johnny with her. I want you to arrest her for kidnapping my son.

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